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Awareness HOSPICE

February 2014

3888 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204-1953 • 24-hour main-line: (209) 957-3888 • 3888 Pacific Avenue Stockton, CA 95204-1953

Tree of Lights

A Quarter Century Honoring loved ones By Gene Acevedo Community Outreach Dir. s we celebrated the arrival of 201 4 , Ho spic e of S a n Joaquin closed the 25th Anniversary celebration of Tree of Lights. Few weeks into the year, Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) volunteer team arrived at the site to bring down the more than half mile of silver garland and lights that hug the tree during the holiday season. Annually the Tree of Lights Program offers hope and help to those str uggling w ith the transitions coping with the loss of a loved one. “One of life’s most difficult transitions anyone has to make after the death of a loved one is the journey f rom gr ief and sorrow to remembrance and honoring,” said Hospice of San Joaquin’s Board Member Leandro Vicuña, E xe c ut ive D i re c tor of the Downtown Business Alliance. Dur ing t he 25 yea rs of Tree of Lights nearly 100,000 lights have been l it . T he c elebr at ion s star ted in Stock ton; however, Hospice of San Joaquin now has Trees throughout San Joaquin county and neighboring counties. “We are here to serve our community; we are doing everything we can to serve them closer to home,” explained Gene A c e v e d o, C om mu n i t y Outreach Director. In 2013, seven Tree of Lights were lit in the cities of Rio Vista, Lodi, Lockeford, Stockton, Manteca, Ripon, Tracy. A chronological look into tree of lights looks as follows.



Permit N 557 Stock ton, CA

The Mission of Hospice of San Joaquin, a not-for-profit organization, is to provide comprehensive and compassionate medical care, counseling and support to terminally ill patients and their families, regardless of ability to pay, and to educate and collaborate with health care providers and the public in promoting quality end-of-life care.

A nonprofit agency serving the community since 1980 Hospice of San Joaquin is governed by a community Board of Directors and is recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. Hospice of San Joaquin is licensed by the State of California as a Hospice Agency and is certified by the Centers for MediCare and MediCal Services to provide the Hospice Medicare / Medi-Cal Benefit. The Joint Commission has accredited Hospice of San Joaquin. For more information or referrals, call (209) 957-3888. Joint Comission Accredited

1988 — San Joaquin Delta College and Hospice of San Joaquin partner to make the First Tree of




Stockton, CA Permit Nº 385

ere at Hospic e of San Joaquin, while our momentum bui ld s for t he ma ny challenges and exciting events that lie ahead in 2014, it would be a good time to briefly look back at the Holiday Season. We a re gratef u l to the donors, volunteers, communit y par tners and staff and all who worked on ou r 25t h A nniversa r y Tree of Lights event. Our annual Tree of Lights event gives our communities an opportunity to honor and remember our loved ones. The event raised a record $225,000 to benef it pat ients and their families this year. This is no small part due to the efforts of our own Development Staff Team.

President GAYLE RILEY, RN, MPH Healthcare Administrator, Retired

Treasurer LOU MEYER Retired, EMS Executive Secretary LEANDRO VICUNA, JD CEO, Downtown Stockton Business Alliance

Members: JACQUELINE BAGATTA, RN Deputy Director - SJGH SCOTT G. BEATTIE JD, LL.M (Tax) Beattie & Aghazarian, LLP SABRINA SCHNEWEISCOE, Esq. Downey Brand, LLP REV. DAVID BENNETT Retired United Methodist Pastor

Top: Former Hospice of San Joaquin, Executive Director, Barbara Tognoli and Mark Rasmussen, first Pacific Gas & Electric Volunteer set up Tree of Lights at San Joaquin Delta College, November 17, 1992

PAT COLLIER, RN, MS Retired Nurse Administrator BARBARA GALGIANI, CPCU, CIC, CRM Insurance Broker & Risk Mgr.

Right: 2013 Tree of Lights, Lighting ceremony with 25th Anniversary silver garland decorating Tree.

Lights in San Joaquin County. 1991 — Doctor’s Hospital of Manteca partners with Hospice of San Joaquin lighting up the second Tree of Lights in San Joaquin County. 1992 — The City of Lodi Lights-up its first tree at City Hall. 2004 — The Prime Outlets that became the Tracy Outlets and today we have a wonderful home at the Tracy West Valley Mall. 2004 — the R io Vista Chamber of Commerce also found the benefits of having Tree of Lights. The Tree inaugurates the city’s boat parade of lights every year. 20 05 — T he C it y of L o c ke for d’s Ch r ist ma s C owboy Cra f t Fa ire welcomes Hospice of San Joaquin Tree of Lights. Originally Tree of Lights was a partnership with Lockeford / Clements Chamber of Commerce and now it is hosted by the Lockeford / Clements Community Business Group: a subsidiary of the Lodi Chamber of Commerce. 2012 — The City of Ripon’s Mistlin Fountain Park hosts tree of Lights for the first time.

GARY GIANNINI, CPA Principal - Schwartz, Giannini, Lantsberger & Adamson JACK GILLILAND, MD Retired Physician STEPHEN L. GUASCO Chief Executive Officer Hospice of San Joaquin MARGO KOZINA Teacher - St. Mary’s High School EVIA BRIGGS MOORE, Ed.D. Retired, College Administrator

Every year Hospice of San Joaquin honors everyone who contributes and their honorees by memorializing their names in the agencies newsletter. The following pages include the names of the donors and honorees in alphabetical order by honoree. “We thank everyone who have partner with us to make Tree of Light a success for 25-years,” remarked Stephen L. Guasco, Chief Executive Director at Hospice of San Joaquin. “We look forward to reciprocate our community’s support by helping individuals and families when hospice care needs arise.”

Fund Development Outlook By Sandy Stoddard Development Director


Vice-President CHRIS McCAFFREY Vice President - Morgan Stanley


Our Mission

Board of Directors

Thank you to Donna, Denise and Caroly n for you r out st a nd i ng ef for ts in making our 25th Anniversary Tree of Lights a success. Thank you also to our interns w h o s up p o r t e d d a t a entr y: Ryan, MiKayla, Je s s i e a n d He a t h e r. Fina lly, t hank you to our exempla r y PG& E employee volunteers who make the Tree of Lights “shine”. March will come upon u s s h o r t l y a nd w i t h the promise of a new spring season our annual Membership Dr ive reaches full bloom. We encourage you to confirm your support of Hospice of S a n Joaqu i n w it h your new membership or membership renewal. It is through your generous giving that many in our community will receive comprehensive and compassionate medical

c a re, c ou n sel i ng a nd support with state-ofthe-art pain control and symptom management. Hospice of San Joaquin is grateful and thankful for t he m a ny p e ople and organizations who support our mission. Speak ing of Spr ing, there are several events coming up soon. The Tracy Butterfly Auxiliary w i l l pr e s ent t he 6t h annual Spring Tea at the American Legion Hall on Saturday, April 5th. The Tea party being planned includes a wonderful raffle and is a delightful way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. The 13th Annual Champagne a nd Eng lish Te a w i l l be held on April 12th at Presentation Church presented by the Stockton Butterfly Auxiliary. This event is always a sell -out. The traditional English tea menu is enhanced by

being served on beautiful c h i n a . T he But ter f ly Auxiliar y in Stockton pleases their guests with a beautiful and creative selection of raffle prizes. On May 3rd the L odi Butter f ly Auxiliar y presents the first annual “Kentucky Derby West” at the Sargent Equestrian Center in Lockeford. You will experience southern hospitality, the live action of the Kentucky Derby, b o t h l i v e a nd s i le nt auctions and of course, the signature refreshment at the Kentucky Derby, a Mint Julep. Be sure to mark your calendars a nd sig n up to enjoy sout her n food w it h a “California” f lavor. For ticket prices and more information regarding t he s e e v e nt s , ple a s e call the Hospice of San Joaquin’s Development Department at 957-3888. Happy New Year.

KELLY STUMP, RN, MSN Hospital Supervisor St. Joseph’s Med. Center KATHY ARNAUDO VAZ Homemaker / Real Estate Broker MARK WALLACE Director of HR, Lodi Memorial Hospital

Professional Staff: Robert T. Browne, MD Medical Director Emeritus James Saffier, MD On-Site Medical Director Mobin Ghavami, MD Staff Physician Rebecca Burnett, RN, BSN, CHPN Chief Clinical Officer Kerrie Biddle, MBA, CNAP Chief Financial Officer Sandy Stoddard Dir. of Development Gene Acevedo, MBA Dir. of Comm. Outreach Pam Byrne, Ph.D, RN Transitions Prog. Mgr. Hilary Miller, MSN-Ed, RN, PHN, CHPN Education Director Carolyn Gomes Events Coordinator Cheryl Berglund, RN Hospice House Mngr Becky Freeman Volunteer Manager Carrie Lane, M.Div., CT Bereavement Manager Patty A. Rieber Human Resource Mgr Leo Ronquillo Information Systems Mgr Allan Sullivan Chaplain Ulmer Photo (Tim Ulmer) Volunteer Photographer

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Message from the CEO T

he celebration of our 25t h annual Tree of Lights has come to a close. We have once again put away the lights f rom our seven trees. However, the cherished memories of those for whom a light was dedicated, will continue to glow within us. The Spirit of our Tree of Lights Celebrations was eloquently expressed by Monsignor Harmon Skillin during his Invocation delivered at our Stockton Tree Lighting Ceremony. With his permission, I have excerpted sections of the Invocation. “Tonight we are going to bring light into darkness. This huge, beautiful tree before us, in all its darkness, will suddenly shine and be dazzled in the cover of hundreds of colored lights. Pay attention. The darkness won’t stop the light from shining and dressing the tree in brilliance and warmth. The darkness will continue, but it will be trumped by the light. As the darkness of this tree receives the gift of the richness of these lights, go back into that house in your head, that home where so many people, dear, loved and cherished people still live. Go stand next to and take the hand of the ones you are thinking of this evening. Those people are the lights of your life. Their memory is the glow of the life they brought to you, the laughter they brought to you, the love they warmed you with, the richness they poured into your life. They may well stand now in the darkness and sadness of death. But believe it, children, they still shine on in your life. They may be gone, but, mystery of mysteries, they are not gone. They move you. They touch you. They stir you. You remember, no, you hear their words, the sound of their voice. You see the look in their eye, and the warmth of their smile. And so, put your arms around the lights, the memories of the loved ones lost. Don’t let them go. Don’t resist the warmth and color and life they bring. Don’t let the darkness turn out the lights. Remember, lights dance in the dark. Tonight lights will dance with the darkness in this tree. Let it be. Embrace the lights with love and peace as they dance in the darkness.” The Tree lights no longer glow, but the light that shines in our hearts – the light that holds those precious memories – it is that light which will always trump the dark. There is a poster at the end of our main hall in the Stockton office that reads, “Hospice workers are not hired. They are called.” Hospice of San Joaquin’s Nurse, Juan Pomida, RN epitomized the hospice worker who was called and not hired. Juan passed away on May 7, 2013, while under our care. Juan was always there to help. When a nurse called in sick or a patient needed an extra visit, Juan was there to lend a hand – always with a smile and his familiar refrain, “Get ‘er done.” Juan insisted on seeing his patients throughout his illness – not letting on to anyone his own health issues. I cannot say enough about Juan. He was loved by our staff, his patients and their families – as evidenced by the many cards and letters I received that extolled his virtues. The accolades continued long after Juan discovered his own health issues. Juan was a very private individual. We were instructed as to whom his illness could be made known and who, at Hospice of San Joaquin, would provide his care. He clearly was in charge of his own Plan of Care. It is out of respect for Juan’s privacy that I waited this long to acknowledge and pay tribute to Juan’s life. Juan, I miss your infectious smile and your morning greeting, “How’s it going boss?” Till the end, you continued to “Get ‘er done.” Sincerely,

Stephen L. Guasco Chief Executive Director Hosice of san Joauqin

Honoree / Memorial Name All Family and Friends All the Ladies (Members) that have Passed All U.S. Veterans All Veterans All Veterans Camillus 128, YLI Deceased Sister Daughters of Penelope Sparta #18 Family and Friends Hospice House Staff Hospice Volunteers Ladies of the Trinity Church Ladies Guild Loved Ones Pre-peeled Products, Inc “The Survivors” Carmen Abbott George and Daisy Abdallah Michel Abdallah Michel Abdallah Michel Abdallah Arno Abe Loretta Abel Loretta Abel Peter Abelar Frani Aberle Barbara Abernathy Carmen and Dave Abood Carmen Abood Dave Abood Joy M. Abrahamson (My Mom) Reuben E. Abrahamson (My Dad) Juneto Acoba Loretta Magno Acosta Miguel Acosta Amber Acremant Butch Acremant Ernie Acremant Ernest Acremant Leon Acremant Lorraine Acremant Ida Adam Wilbert Adam Barbara Jean Adami Judy Pitts Adams Judy Adams Teresa Adams Tony Adams Bruce and Marie Addington Gordon Addis Helen Addis Lisa Agawa Peggy Agnew Amelia Aguayo “Grandma” Olive Aguiar Frank Aguilar Mary Aguilar Ralph J. Aguilar Ralph J. Aguilar Liz Aguire Martin L. Aguirre Stephanie Aguirre Stephanie Aguirre Stephanie Aguirre Stephanie Aguirre Robert Albert Ferdinand Alberti Ferdinand Alberti Josephine Alberti Josephine Alberti Guido Albertoni Mary Albertoni Laura Albin Helen C. Alegre Helen Alegre Joe Alegre Vera Alegre Alma Alexander Shane & Dirk Alexson Zelda Alford Zelda Alford Mary Al-Khouri Ed Allan Albert Allard Dora Allard Clara E. Allen Clara E. Allen Eloise Allen Eloise Allen Eloise Allen Hank and Loretta Allen Jason Allen Margaret Allen Robert R. Allen Roselie Allen Thelma Jean Allen Virginia Allen Robert E. Allen, Jr. Robert Allert Elsie Alley Roque Almadrigo Pat Almeida Armando M. Alonzo, Sr. Armando Alonzo, Sr. Armando Alonzo, Sr. Armando M. Alonzo, Sr. Armando Alonzo, Sr. Jim Altheide Mike Alvarado Michael Alvarado Esther Alvarez Margarita Alvarez Margarita Alvarez Diana Alves Richard S. Amador Elmer Aman Elmer Aman Frances Amantea Alene Amaral Alene Amaral Ben Amaral Peggy & John Amaral Manuel Amaral Pauline and Frank Amarillas Tony Amata Angelica “Haley” Amaya Patricia Amen Sharon Amestoy Pam Andersen Adeline Anderson & Robert Anderson Alfred S. Anderson Alma Anderson Alma Anderson Ashley McKinney Bonnie Anderson C. Robert (Bob) Anderson Charles Landon Anderson Clarese Anderson Dayle Anderson Dewey Anderson Dewey Anderson Harriett Anderson Hildegard Anderson Jim Anderson Jo-Etta Anderson M. Joyce Anderson Marlon Virgil Anderson Martin Anderson Terry Sayoko Anderson Thomas L. Anderson Anderson Family


Honoree / Memorial Name

Nina and Ashok Daftary The Woman’s Club of Lodi, Inc.

Irene Andes Jane Andor Norman Andor Holly Andree Richard Andresen Steve Andrews Virginia Andrews Robert Angele (Papa Bob) Mary Angerstein Gregorio Aninag Thelma Gleason Janet Gleason Selma Roser Beth Anthony Loren Anthony Edith Antonini Elio Antoniolli Elsie Antonucci Elsie Antonucci William Anttila Josephine Antuna William & Josephine Antuna Gracy Anway Maria Anzaldo Maria Anzaldo Maria Anzaldo George Apple Stephanie Aquino Buzz Aragon Susie Aragon Rosie Arana Robert Araquistain Daisy Arata Jackie Arata Kathy Arata Ray Arata Anita Arbios Louis Arbios Harry Arbios, Jr. Sylvia Arellano Oralia (Margie) Areola Joe Arias Joey Arias John Arias John Arias John Arko John Arko Laurie Arko Patricia Armendariz Tomas Armenta Ruth Armijo Irene Armitage William Armitage Jr. Bob Armstrong Julia DeLano Armstrong Joseph Armus Eugene Arnaiz Gene Arnaiz Eugene Arnaiz Ismael Arnaiz Ismael Arnaiz Ruby Arnaiz Rudy Arnaiz Rudolph Arnaiz Edward Arnaudo Soledad Arredondo Margaret Arrol Margaret Arrol Charlie Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann Artozqui Georgeann L. Artozqui Kevin Paul Arucan, Jr. Marina R. Arucan Marina Arucan Adelaide Arwine Edith Asborno Fern Asborno Joe and Palmyra Asborno Louise Asborno Jewell F. Asche Bill Aschenbrener Bill Aschenbrener Vicki Aschenbrener Aschenbrener Family Cheri AschenbrennerMiddlekauff Mac Ashcraft Hon. Don I. Asher Chester Ashford Ruby Ashford Basim Asker Dick Asman Horace Atchison Lora Atchison Hubert Athayde Phyllis Atilano Jenny Attaway Jennifer Attaway Jenny Attaway Leslie Olson Atterbury Jodi Atwood Charles Auer Esther Auman Robert Auman William Auman Auntie Jean John Austin Ruth Autrey John and Letizia Avagliano Blake Avalos Maria De La Luz Avalos Yepez Peggy Avalos Wood Peggy Avalos John Avey Albert Avilla David Ayers

Golden State Lumber, Inc. American Legion - James McDermott Post 172 Susan Kelly Camillus #128 Daughters of Penelope Ms. Cindy Cepeda Kasper Family Linda Wingett Trinity Lutheran Ladies Guild Barbara Monk Marit Mortenson-Bird Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Audrey Norling Kathleen Abdallah May Abdallah Ken Ruffin, Jr. Ken and Michelle Ruffin Ben and Patti Gintjee Rich Abel Barbara Delgado Colleen Linan Steven Aberle Sandy Mazzuola Dianne Lesh Linda Nichols Linda Nichols Jill M Chagnon Jill M Chagnon Marion M. Wold Agustin M. Acosta and Family Delia, Devon, Samantha Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Bernice Weisz Bernice Weisz James Adami Jessica Rose & Family Joanne Wood Family Maddogger’s Danelle and Jeff Marla Thomas & Gina Casjens The Petitt Family Joesph & Louise Petitt Mr. & Mrs. Don Hensley David and Mary Comer Mrs. Victoria Azevedo Virginia and Leonard Mello Rose Marie Shanley Rose Marie Shanley Martin & Kimberly Juarez Lorraine Phillips Inez Kiriu Daniela Aguirre Alberta Aguirre Reina Aguirre Isabel Aguirre Matthew Aguirre Judie Albert Frank and Linda Alberti Peggy James Frank and Linda Alberti Peggy James Virginia and Mario Milani Virginia and Mario Milani Judy Gatti Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Dianne Wheeler Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Alfred C. Alexander, Jr. (Ret) Dad & Mum Jo Anne Garcia & Barry Jones Bonnie Jones Tifa Bill and Brenda Norris Mr. & Mrs. Don Hensley Mr. & Mrs. Don Hensley Laura J. Rouse Darba Schlepp John Allen Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Allen, Sr. Kit and Susan Oase Bob and Mary Leonard Bette Allen Miyasaki Laurie Szwed Anne Allen Ms. Anna Ramirez Western Pacific Truck School Lori Armstrong John Allen Erika Popuch Bob and Ruby Zanoni Marilou Almadrigo Mrs. Linda Engrav-Clarke Beverly Alonzo Armando Alonzo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Arucan Joe and Renee Delgado Maryann Hernandez Diane and Art Allen Maria Garcia-Alvarez Cathy Stewart Carol Palmer Richard Alvarez, Sr. Mrs. Lisa Vidaure Linda Hansen Cecilia G. Alvarez Freda Aman Sandy Ratcliff Jennifer J. Silva Ken Amaral Family Robert and Paula Amaral Robert and Paula Amaral Gerry Schook Donna Amaral Helen Haro Biff and Dolores Baffoni Heather, Casandra & Clarissa Webster Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Amen Mother Phyllis Skip and Linda Barbara Rodriguez Judy Craig Donovan Deets Brock and Ginger Hatley Michael and Donna Lecuyer Carol Ashcraft Carol and Scott Dietrich Lori Ann and Geoff Galtere Manteca Federated Women’s Club Bill and Nadine Coleman Norma Dawes Dorothy Edens Judy Craig Nick & Fran Duren Joyce Aschenbrener Bertrand W. Anderson Judy Craig Ralph & Lucita Anderson-Smith Karla Fox Ralph D. Anderson Lucille Anderson Joyce Aschenbrener

Leila Ayers Ronnie D. Ayers Ron Ayers Sandy Ayers Sandra Ayers Wilson Ayers Sonny Ayers Cora Marie Ayres Norma Azevedo Carol Baba Mrs. EE Babcook Mr. EE Babcook Mark Babineau Mark Babineau Mark Babineau Fedele Baccelli Delia Baccelli Carol Ann Bacchetti Cristoforo & Maria Bacchetti Frances Bacchetti Frances V. Bacchetti Gerda Bacchetti Lino Bacchetti Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Alma Bachman Karen Bacon Gordon and Mary Alice Bader Faye Badgley Alfred Baerwald Selma Baerwald J. Jesus & Martina Baez

Donor The Coronado Family Dan Andor Dan Andor Tessa Liberato Diana Andresen The Engelmans G. Bull Annette J. Stone, J.D. Karen Angerstein Nicholas and Lillian Aninag Audrey Bohannon Audrey Bohannon Audrey Bohannon Jim & Shirley & Family Steven and Kathy Walton Anthony Pezzi Adriana Antoniolli Bonnie Weisz Don Barrows Sisko Anttila Priscilla and Armando Garcia Lorretta Ybarra Harry and Kay Williams Ignacio Anzaldo Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Katheryn Guzman His Family Grandma Dolores Rod and Brenna McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Robert Arana Donna and Larry Gary and Virginia Poggi Mrs. Kazumi Nishioka Mrs. Kazumi Nishioka Gary and Virginia Poggi David and Judy Canclini Dolores Arbios David and Judy Canclini Pat Metz Her Loving Family Cheryl Arias Kim Schene Cheryl Arias Kim Schene Betty L. Arko Steve and Wendy Arko Betty L. Arko Yolanda Basilio Peter Armenta Chip and Kerrie Biddle Patricia Morgan Patricia Morgan Lori Armstrong Donna Hunt Elizabeth Ginn Dolores Herzick Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner LaVerne Stevens Dolores Herzick Lisa Herzick Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner LaVerne Stevens Kathy & Paul Vaz Family Arredondo Family James Arrol Keith Arrol Yolanda Hamlow Jennifer and Gary Giannini Bob & Sharon Grimm Ralph and Denene Lucchetti Renzo and Evelyn Menconi Mel and Wanda Ramstead Phyllis Roche Tony Torlai Kevin, Arica & Ava Arucan Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Arucan Dave and Pam Dias Barbara Brocchini Don and Liz Phyllis Clayton Philip and Kathleen Asborno Cynthia Haynes Roider Family Joyce Aschenbrener Jerry and Cyndi Sharp Joyce Aschenbrener Joyce Aschenbrener Jerry and Cyndi Sharp Carol Ashcraft George Abdallah Harlin and Nancy Watts Harlin and Nancy Watts Tifa Katherine Quinones Shanda and Mark Wallace Shanda and Mark Wallace Anne Athayde Barbara Henry Anne Braden Randall and Karen Harrison Nancy J. Hoskins Her Family Susie Livesey Miss Megan Peterson Larry and Susan Johannaber Larry and Susan Johannaber Larry and Susan Johannaber Carol Nakashima Leslie Blair Betty Racer Mary Avagliano Alicia Serpico and Tony Avalos Augustin Avalos Jessica Rose & Family Joanne Wood Family Connie Avey Denise Dyer Pacific Gas and Electric Corporation Foundation David and Lisa Ayers David and Lisa Ayers Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos David and Lisa Ayers Susie and Gary Ayers David and Lisa Ayers David and Lisa Ayers Mary Teachout James and Angela Fisk Jan Schuh LaVerne Ghiorzo LaVerne Ghiorzo Drake Babineau Tyler Babineau Glenda and Jerry Babineau James and Angela Fisk James and Angela Fisk Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Rebecca Kuga Ann Silva Rebecca Kuga Ann Silva Carol Louise Silva Donna Oswald Shelby Wilder Richard and Martha Bader Richard and Janie Williams Hartnett Family Hartnett Family Salvador and Irene Cortes

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Rusty Baffoni Geraldine Bagby Charlie Bagnasco Jerry Bahm Marcia Baier Marcia Baier Marcia Baier Robert Bainbridge Carrol Baird Arthur “Lee” Bais Ann Baker Bob & Alice Baker Darlene Baker Donald C. Baker Frank Cole Baker Jim Baker James Z. Baker Justin Baker Kay Baker R.D. Baker Ray Baker Simi Bal Tejnder Bal Virginia (Ginny) Balbi Rose Balcao Victoria (Toya) Balderama Mando Balderas Ciriaco G. Baldonado Albert Balkwill Albert Balkwill The Balkwill Family Roberta Ball Bertha Ballejos Frank Balogh Frank Balogh, Jr Frank and Isabele Balogh Ed Banchero Thomas Bandelin Julia Bang Elleana “Ma” Banks Joseph Steven Banks Mary (Pogie) L. Banks Mary Banks Mike Banks Victoria Bannert Mark Barawed Alex Barba Donna Barbara Ribi Barbara Ruth Barber John Buzz Barbieri Frances Barbieri Dorothy Barbour Fred and Dorothy Barbour Casey Barcus Janet Bard Milton Barde Donnie Re Barenchi Mario Baretta Rita Baretta Peggy Bargagliotti Peggy Bargagliotti Mary Bargagliotti Peggy Bargagliotti Ruth and Clark Barker Eleanor Barkett Jack Barkley Ira Barkman Agatha Barkovsky John Barkovsky Our New Granddaughter, Brynn Barlet Marjorie Barnard Helen Barnes Matthew Barnes Beth Barnett Bud Barnett Dolly Baroni Armando Barosso Armando Barosso Louis and Bernice Barosso Julia and Tony Barroca David and Elizabeth Bartell Douglas Barth Alice Bartholomew Shirley Bartlett Shirley Bartlett Shirley Bartlett Gladys Bartosh Fred Basalto John Basalto Sr. John Basalto Charles Basey Eileen Basey Joe L. Basilio Jose L. Basilio III Gayle Bastear Ernest Bates Bill Bates E. Scott Baughman Earl Baughman “RedHatter “ Rhonda Baumgartner Dr. Macario Bautista Verdella Bautista Verdella Bautista Ella Bava Ella Bava Erma Bava John and Minnie Bava Joe Bava Joseph Bava Julian Bava Ray Bava Maybel Bay Mr. David Bayer George D. Baynard Olin R. & Alva A. Baysinger Cleve Beach Joan Beach William Beach, Sr. Joan Beach William Beach Adele Beahm Arnold and Eunice Beal Carl & Thelma Beam Ruth Beardshear Roy Becerra Lydia Bechthold Barbara Beck Bert Beck Jackie Becker Nancy Becker Kenneth H. Beckman Kenneth Beckman Kenneth Beckman Clayton Beckman Vernon P. Beckman Kenneth Z. Beckwith Kenneth Beckwith Bruce Bedig Lucille Bednarz Walter Bednarz Kirk E. Beebe Doris Beeber James Beeber Dale and Marion Beecher Anne Beeson David H. Beeson Diane Beeson


Honoree / Memorial Name

Biff and Dolores Baffoni Michelle and Lee Bethea Mary McCleary Clutch Burners Car Club Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Eleanor Ennis Carol Louise Silva Sarah Armstrong & Roger Barnes Baird and Brenda Beeson Julie and Ray Wetteland Karin Van Diemen Colleen, Mike, Chris & Alan Lodi Funeral Home Pat McDonnell Baker Catherine Baker Lytle Faye Farris Allen and Karen Martin Karin Van Diemen Peter and Lynne Lynch Ron Baker Marie and Stephen Guasco Surrender and Girja Raina Kathy Schick Kelly, Kevin and Toni Joe & Helen Balcao Mr & Mrs Winces and Sina Balderama Robert Balderas Virginia Baldonado Wife Sara Chuck & Bonnie Forbes Sara Balkwill Therese Matusek Eva Alimbini Susan Balogh Sharon Mendonca Sharon Mendonca Tirapelle Family Betty Bandelin Edward and Maria Castellanos Jennifer Hernandez (Brother) Will Banks (Son) Will Banks The Coronado Family (Brother) Will Banks Graydon & Jackie Bannert Susan Gorospe and Family Kathy Franco Don, Corrie, Madison & McKenzie Barbara Jim and Shirley Luke Susan Crosby Madeline Torres Madeline Torres Sandy, Tink, Matt, Kiley, Aiden, Scott, Becky, Keegan Karen Weiland Lance and Patty Rieber Susie Livesey Peggy Barde Ms. Debra Re Rita Baretta and Family Carol Louise Silva Dennis and Laurie Faselli Flora Giannini Alba Klemin Mark and Nancy Lucas Joan Barker Glenda Ghio Your Family Felix and Paulie Torlai Cal and Betty Rodway Cal and Betty Rodway Peggy and Ron Barlet

James Begg Mom Dad Nether Behrends Cheryl Behrns Robert & Alma Bell Alma Nave Bell & Henrietta Riley Bell Fred & Rose Nave & Alma Bell Gail “Grandma” Bell John Charles Bell, Jr. Peter J. Bell Bella Anthony Bellomo Rose V. Bellomo Raymond L. Beltran Florence Bemis Calvin Bender Erna Bender Martha Bender Mia Benedetti Nick Benedetti Nina Benedetti Sara Benedetti Gladys Benedict Arlene Bennett Barbra Bennett Ben Bennett Bill Bennett Carolyn Bennett Jerry L. Bennett Jerry Bennett LaVern Bennett Lerone Bennett III Lloyd Bennett Lorraine Bennett Warren Bennett William Bennett Johnnie Lee Benright Jr. & Sr. Doug & Irene Bennington Wayne Bennington Rebecca Bensman-Hersom Mary Ann Benson Roberta Benson Andrea Berberich Andrea Berberich Marie Berce Louis Berce Joe and Marie Berchtold Otto Berchtold Bev Berg Dorothy Berg Gail Berg Harold Berg Jeffrey Berg Jon Berg Laurie Berg Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berg Susan Berg Ted Berg Jean Bergen Edna P. Berglund Gary J. Berglund Harold Berkman Randy Berkman Barry Berman Bonnie Bernasconi Yvonne Bernier Floyd and Dorathea Beroldo

Helen McCormick Charles Barnes Karen Miller Darlene and Jim Barnett Darlene and Jim Barnett David and Denise Rubiaco Marjorie Barosso Norma & Loving Family Patrick, Judith and Patrick Jr. O’Rourke Miller Family Robert and Bonnie Moore Nancy Barth Marty and Bernadette Laura Catherine Hourcade Judy King Carol Ashcraft Marge, John and Jeff Basalto Marge, John and Jeff Basalto Phyllis Clayton Holly Renfro Holly Renfro Yolanda Basilio - Wife Yolonda Basilio Dick Bastear Joan Bates Sandie - Wife Barbara J. Baughman Mrs. Melinda Baughman Pat Slauson Joseph and Vidal Bautista Gene Acevedo Joseph and Vidal Bautista Susan Hinds David and Laura Johnson Chuck and Carol Bloch Dan and Mary Bava Susan Hinds David and Laura Johnson Lilllian Bava Chuck and Carol Bloch Harry and Kay Williams Nellie M. Smith Baynard Family Richard and Sherlie Briggs Jeff and Suzy Bill and Rhonda Beach Bill and Rhonda Beach Anonymous Anonymous Barbara Braddick Lawrence and Georgia Mills Bob and Sharon Miller-Dunn Kelli Page Miss Tabitha Heraty Dolores Formento Darlene and Dewey Hines Licia Beck Linda Babbino Anne and Ron Braden Janet and Ells Beckman Kyle & Donna Mary Ellen Beckman & Family Virginia Beckman Janet and Ells Rosemary D. Beckwith Beverly Hightower Susan Caulfield Peter and Lynne Lynch Peter and Lynne Lynch Caroline S. Beebe Barry and Irene Gill Barry and Irene Gill Carol and Norman Gorley Jane Thro Geraldine M. Beeson Geraldine M. Beeson

Floyd & Dorothy Beroldo Charles Berolzheimer Alan Berry Nick Bertocchini Susan Bertocchini D.J. Bertolotti Liliana Bertolucci Lorene Bertsch Walter Bertsch David Bess Anna Bethards Ann Bethards Nicole Marie Bethea Sarah Nicole Betha John Betschart John Bettencourt John Bettencourt Harvey Bettenhausen Harvey Bettenhausen Don Betz Don Betz Doug Betz Ronald Betz Violet Bevilaqua Marilyn Bewley Ken Beyer Jack Beyer Mary E. Bhend Robert J. Bhend Jin Bian Emma Biancalana Ezzio Bianchi Robert Bianchi Santa Bianchi Giovanni Biasetti & Caterina Ernest Biddle Charlie Bidondo Charles Bidondo Charles Bidondo, Sr. Larry Bidondo Bob Biederman Uncle Bill Buddy and Lucille Billingsley (Bro.) James Billo Rosalinda Revillar Bills Rosalinda Revillar Bills Helen Billy Ole Bingen Florence Bingham Phil and Thelma Bingham Mindy Birkett Mindy Michelle Birkett Pauline Bisaccio Sister Mary Ann Bisallon John Bisbikis, Jr. Freda “Tiny” Bise Ruby Louise Bish Carol and John Bitcon Olivia Stagi Bitz Camille Bjork Camille Bjork Camille Bjork Dennis M. Bjorneboe Larry Bjornstad Bernice Black Lula I. Blackbern Bob L. Blackmore Irma M. Blackmore Mary K. Blackmore Wanza and Roy Blackwell Dianna Johnson Blain Sandy Blair Carl W. Blake Barbara William Harold Blalock Isabelle “Izzy” Blanchard George Blanke Anna Blasewitz Loren E. Blasingame Earl & Gladys Blasingame Jr. Duane Blasl Glen H. Blehm Glen H. Blehm

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Donor Robert J. Gray Susan Kelly Susan Kelly Larry & Jan Cooper Mel and Wanda Ramstead Janet Bell Lyndle Bell & Family Lyndle Bell & Family Danelle and Jeff Ms. Laura Dwyer-Bell Janet Karen Miller Gail M. Lopez Gail M. Lopez Maria G. Beltran Laurel Bemis Sylvia Bender Sylvia Bender Mike & Diana Ritchie Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Mark Low Dave & Jackie Bennett Betsy and Lee Gardiner Helen Hubble Felix and Paulie Torlai Delores Soderfelt Judy Bennett Boni & Mike Bob Joan & Jean Richard K LeGrande The Family of Lorraine Bennett Betsy and Lee Gardiner Darlene Bennett Cindy Bennight Smith Daughter Norah Sister Norah Rose & David Bensman Drew Pyeatt & The Waters Fam. Randall and Karen Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Christopher & Jennifer Fetherlin Bud & Lee Raynor Bud & Lee Raynor Oswald & Nancy Berchtold Oswald & Nancy Berchtold Don & Joyce Berg Don & Joyce Berg Paula M. Frago Don & Joyce Berg Don & Joyce Berg Jerry & Vicki Colombini Dino and Sharon Cunial Don & Joyce Berg The Kennard Family Jerry & Vicki Colombini Roider Family Charlotte Berglund Charlotte Berglund Geri Berkman Geri Berkman Antoinette Berman Joanne Joseph Jacques Bernier Shirley Hamilton, Florene & Dick Mesa Chet and Renee O’Brien Grace Fedor Lee & Al Furr Irene Bertocchini Paula M. Frago Karen West Tony and Adrienne Bertolucci Mike and Norene Bertsch Mike and Norene Bertsch Barbara E. Bess-Borelli Linda and Ron Faria Andrea Violett Michelle and Lee Bethea Michelle and Lee Bethea Antoinette (Toni) Betschart Don & Tootie Allee Gen Bettencourt & Family Theresa Bettenhausen Love, Sandy Wife Ardel Larry & Jan Cooper Mary Rede Larry & Jan Cooper Carmel Breakfield Lori Brewer Don & Joyce Berg Cheryl and Richard Beyer John F. Marble John F. Marble Emily Yu Barbara Bidondo Alex and Mariela Bianchi Gary and Virginia Poggi Gary and Virginia Poggi Clara and Luciano Biasetti Don and Nancy Biddle Barbara Bidondo Dolores Bidondo Chuck & Peggy Bidondo Barbara Bidondo Louise Keser Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Bob & Beverly Prof & Mrs. Ted Takaya Melanie Bills Manuel and Donna Revillar Andrew Billy Nick and Penny Meyers Carol Olivero Jim and Carole Kiefer Barry and Barbara McCandless Lana Stone Mirko & Margo Kozina Helen Haro Campos Marjorie Bisbikis Ray and Julie Wetteland Eugene M. Bish Bobbie Wallinger Loving Husband Jean Deal Tim & Connie McCarthy Jack S. Dorris Mom, Dad & Brother Doug Marie Redding Barbara Roek Georgia Conner Jodi Garcia Jodi Garcia Jodi Garcia Dave and Pam Dias Tom Long and Linda CastanonLong Cal and Betty Rodway Laurie A. Blake Don and Carol Kirkendall Modine B. Blalock Your son Steve Cindy and Austin Erdman Elaine Gumaer Edith & Jerry Johnson & Fam. Edith & Jerry Johnson & Fam. Claudene Blasl Denny, Christofer & Kyle Helen L. Blehm

Honoree / Memorial Name Glen H. Blehm Blevins Family Dr. Robert Bley Elda Blicharz Elda A. Blicharz Walter Blicharz Walter F. Blicharz Felecie and John Blinn Dr Jeanne Blinn Jeanne Blinn Celestine Bloch Charles Bloch Bruce Bloom Carolyn Bloom Gary Bloom Ron Bloom Ed Blow Marilyn Blum De Blunt Grace Blunt Steve Blunt John Bo Lena Bo Hazel Boccoli John Boccoli Richard Boccoli Brigitta Bock Mary O. Bodenhamer Rosamond Boecher Ernie Boesch Elaine Leveroni Elmer Boger Tilyo Boggiano Joseph P. Boggs Bill Bohannon Bill Bohannon Noris Bohannon’s 90th Birthday Daisy Bohnak Carl G. Boitano Ruth Boitano Boitano Family Georgia Bokides Barbara J. Bolan Richard Bollinger Gian Bolognini Paola Bolognini Federico Bolosan Verna Bolosan Loretta Bona J.D. Bonds Martha Bonetti Martha Bonetti Martha Bonetti Melvin Bongi Rosa Bonilla Ardys and Teofil Bonkowski Peggy Bonkowski Alfred Bonner Marian Bonnet Helen Bontscho Helen Bontscho Helen Bontscho Helen Bontscho Helen Bontscho William Booher Boompa Beverly O. Booth Beverly O. Booth Beverly O. Booth Verma Booth “GeeGee” Florence Boquist Florence Boquist James Boquist Jim Boquist Albert Borelli Susan Borelli Dan Borelli Maria F. Borges Ray Borgett Zoe Borgett Penny Borras Lynn Bosche Quinto Boschetti Donna Bossert Donna Bossert Velma Bostic Bertha Bostwick Ann Bosworth Opal Botto Jason Boulware Thomas Bowe John Bowe Clara Bowen Helen Bowen Les Bowen Les Bowen Sr. Mildred Bowen Carol Bowers Michael Bowers Earl Bowie Earl Bowie Eric Bowker Jean Bowlby Michael E. Bowler My husband Don Boyd Edward J. Boyle Edward J. Boyle Jr. Frank Boyle, Sr. Frank Boyle, Sr. Marie Boyle Marie Boyle Rosemary Boyle William Boyle Deanna Boyles Lynette Boynton Evangelyn Bozeny Jack Bozzini Maria Bozzini Silvio J. Bozzini Beverly Brabec Beverly Brabec Beverly Brabec Donald Brabec Donald Brabec Don Brabec Gordon E. Brackett Sr. & Gordon E. Brackett Jr. Sue Braddock Scott Braden Robbie Brandt Robbie Brandt Kenneth L. Brant Kenneth Brant Joseph Branum Doris Brassesco Guido Brassesco Guido & Doris Brassesco - My Grandparents Guido and Doris Brassesco Louise Brazeau Betty Brazil Betty S. Brazil Mary C. and Manuel A. Brazil Mary C. and Manuel A. Brazil Susan Brazil Reggie Breakfield Grace Breed

Donor Jeff Blehm Al and Bonnie Blevins Janet Lewis Nina Chandler Blicharz Family Nina Chandler Blicharz Family Peter and Nicole Rosado Eleanor Ennis Peter and Nicole Rosado Chuck and Carol Bloch Chuck and Carol Bloch Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Charlotte Berglund Wally Blum Rochelle Blunt, Betty Smith, Yvonne Brennan, Rebecca Paseman & Joe Blunt Rochelle, Betty, Rebecca & Joe Rochelle Blunt, Betty Smith, Yvonne Brennan, Rebecca Paseman & Joe Blunt Patricia Richards Patricia Richards Ray and Betty Boccoli Ray and Betty Boccoli Ray and Betty Boccoli Doris Meyer Toni and George Jaquith Hartnett Family Anonymous Toni and Rudy Mussi & Family Anonymous Lillian Boggiano Barbara Boggs Wife Noris Christina Giannini Christina Giannini Annette and Mario Silveira William L. Marre William L. Marre Al and Bonnie Blevins Nick Bokides Paul and Bonnie Bolan Siggie, Irene, & Arnie Janet Bolognini Irene Bertocchini Sandra and Jeanette Bolosan Sandra and Jeanette Bolosan Barton Bona His Grandkids Susan and Carlton Gilbert Tom and Sandy Melden Ed & Patricia Karen Bongi R. Mildred Orimo Dianne La Rue Dianne La Rue Janet Bonner Nan & Dan Steven and Valerie Andersen John D. Bontscho Paul and Analiese MartinRichard Mr. & Mrs. Earl Moehring Riley and Dee Wells Shirley Booher R.J. and Cameron Peter Martin Kathleen Martin Margie Selser Jerry and Angela Harp John and Sue Errecart Josephine Errecart John and Sue Errecart Josephine Errecart Choate Family Barbara E. Bess-Borelli Karen, Bob & Emilia Dan and Marie Vieira The Borgett Family Bob and Donna Ms. Debra Re Pat & Jim Pickering Joyce Boschetti Gaynl Allec Dean Bossert Elaine Fisse Bonnie & Ronnie Eddie and Patty Lucchesi Cindy and Austin Erdman Constance Boulware Joan Bowe Joan Bowe Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Janice Lindsey Marcel & Jan Foucher Bonnie Weisz Wife Daughter Mom - Linda Bowker Wendy Hubbard Gail Bowler Laurel Place Donna K. Nail Donna K. Nail Frank Boyle, Jr. Kathleen Long Frank Boyle, Jr. Kathleen Long Donna K. Nail Sue Carey Merv and Marilyn Girsh Joanne Diana Landmann Kellen and Jackie Murphy Dell’ Aringa Family Dell’ Aringa Family Anne Hines Debby, Michael & Ashley Kavarian Allan Simpson Debby, Michael & Ashley Kavarian Sarah Lucille Rodriguez Ruth J. Brackett Peter and Cindy Morelli Sheryl Pelt JoAnn Lanz The Vasquez Family Helen Brant Virginia Kranz Thomas M. Vidulich Daughter - Donna Faith Daughter - Donna Faith Jaret Blinn Peter and Nicole Rosado Lori and Glen Hicks Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Carol Louise Silva Carol Louise Silva Betty S. Brazil Phyllis Carmel Breakfield Jim Chapple

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Ellen Bregante Sgt. Dale G. M. Brehm, U.S. Army George & Amelia Brehm Boris Breiger Mimi Breiger Steven Breitenbucher Kari Brenneise Emil J. Brenner Jeanette Brenner Jeanette E. Brenner Jeanette Brenner Victor and Albina Brentt Norma Breshears Norma “Connie” Breshears

Art Bregante Ron and Carol Miller Ron and Carol Miller Florence Breiger Florence Breiger Clements Vol. Firefighters Assoc. Chet and Sharon Brenneise Gary and Lynette Pierson Joy Gittere Gary and Lynette Pierson Joanne Stack James Brentt Jay Breshears Heather, Casandra & Clarissa Webster Annette and Mario Silveira Betty McDonald Dale B. Engelhart Floyd and Katherine Norling, Jr. Floyd and Katherine Norling, Jr. Larry Brewer Nancy Whitaker Verona Bridges Richard and Sherlie Briggs Ruth and George Briggs Michael Brink Mary Teachout Mary Teachout Mary Natteford Karen Miller Don & Diane Vigil Barbara Brocchini Baird and Brenda Beeson Lyle Brockney Vickie Hale Wetherell Gail Brodie Jacqueline Brodie Gail Brodie Mom Dorothy Broin Wanda Pardini Dorothy Broin Gene Bromme’ Kathleen Equinoa Carolyn and Lesley Sakai Ms. Laura Brooke Mr. & Mrs. Mike Comstock Chris Comstock Andrene & Dominick Mazzanti Tom and Pat Wilson Tom and Pat Wilson Vanadeane C. Brooks Grace Bull Jim and Marcia Jordan Floyd and Lace Rosemarie Kennedy (Cookie) Pauline Meyer Tom and Pat Wilson Tom and Pat Wilson Karen Cambra Grace Bull Family Jane Gloria Brosnikoff Ann Carmona Betsy Brotby Craig and Judi Sanders Bob and Anna Broughton Toni Broughton Pam Peters & Slim Ms. Blanche Brouillard Jeri T. Ross Donna M. Peters Shellie, Robert, Michael, Jeff & Kristi Brown Ruth Brown Edna Wrbicky Edna Wrbicky Tamara Smith Dorothy J. Brown Hank and Evelyn Pereira Lisa Goodwin

Odas D. Breshears Jim & Alma Brewer Charlotte Brewer Colson Brewer Geneva Brewer James Brewer Avis W. Brewster Thomas Michael Bridges Hubert & Estelle Briggs Jim Briggs Lee Brink Lee Brink Rick Brink Jerry Briscoe Martin Briseno Ben Franklin Aldo & Mabel Brocchini Margie Brockman Al Brockney Dorothy Brodehl Doug Brodie Harry Brodie Scott Brodie Steve R. Brodie John Broin John Broin Kristi Broin Grete Bromme’ Grete Bromme Grete Bromme Roberta Brooke Roberta Brooke Roberta Brooke George D. Brooks Callie Clark Brooks George W. Brooks Jack A. Brooks Jack Brooks Jack Brooks Jack Brooks Jesse A. Brooks Patti Brooks Richard Clark Brooks Sammy G. Brooks Sherid Brooks Vanadeane Brooks Brooks Family Cloyce L. Brooksher Lloyd Brosnikoff Esther Brosseau Oliver Brotby Ira Brott Chuck Broughton Chuck Broughton Charlie Broughton Dustin Brouillard Agnes Brown Amelia Brown Mom - Arlene Marie Brown William L. Brown Chuckie Brown Ed Brown Eleanore Brown Elmer R. Brown Jamie Brown Jim C. Brown, Husband, Father, Grandpa Joe William Brown Juanita Brown Kenneth D. Brown Maybelle Brown Marianne Brown Norma Brown Dad-Robert “Budge” Brown Rolla Brown S.W. Brown Tom Brown Twyla & Bill Brown Walter Brown Elmer Brown Alma M. Brownfield Bud Brownfield Helen Brownfield William E. Brownfield William L. Brownfield Franklin and Valerie Browning Franklin Browning Jim Brum George Brumm George Brumm Barbara Bruna George H. Brundage Moon-Ja Bruner Delbert G. Brungardt Delbert Brungardt Delbert Brungardt Eleanor and Bob Bruno Charles F. Bruns III Dorothy Brunson Dorothy Brunson Andrew Bryant Edgar Bryant Virginia Bryant Winifred Bryant George Bryer Mae Bryer George and Billie Bryovich Elbert Buchanan James G. Buchanan James G. Buchanan Jimmie Buchanan Robert Buchman Carolyn Buck Leroy Buck Michael Buck Frank Budesa, Sr. Bernice Buessing Paul Buessing James and Elaine Buettner Eucharistic Buhagiar Lisette Buhagiar Grace S. Bull Richard Bullard Maryann Bullen My Sister, Ke’eta Bullough Aunt Ke’eta Bullough Lloyd Bumpus John S. Bunch Sandra Bunda Dick Bunnell Billy Burch Don M. Burcham Dorothy Burg Ray Burg Bill Burgess Connie Burgess

Jennifer Jo Brown Ed & Peggy Larimer Florene and Dick Mesa Ed & Peggy Larimer Carol Louise Silva Patricia Jones Shellie, Robert, Michael, Jeff & Kristi Brown Yvonne Brown Jeri T. Ross Denice Flynn Edna Wrbicky Patricia Jones Leon Snyder Rebecca Brownfield Sue Brownfield Sue Brownfield Bob, Shirley, Rick & Becky Rebecca Brownfield Bob, Emilia & Karen Jud Smith Rinehart and Mairlyn Heinitz Mrs. George Brumm (Ellie Brumm) Jim & Anita Davy Melanie Eggett Millie Brundage Micaela, Tim and Reid Sandra Brungardt & Daughters Patricia Leary, Scooby & Jingles Lauren Bonnie Ritchie Barbara Bruns Melanie Brunson Mauro Katie Zeigler Dolores Vanni Jean and John Bryant Mary Celentano Jean and John Bryant Art and Sharon Money Art and Sharon Money Nancy and Donovan Deets Miggie Wheat Celeste Buchanan Miggie Wheat The Relva’s Betty Buchman Cam, Kelli, Alexis Buck Velma Scarborough Velma Scarborough Frank & Kim Cliff and Ann Johnston Cliff and Ann Johnston Steven Buettner Rose Buhagiar Rose Buhagiar Vanadeane Brooks Mary Bullard Bill and Brenda Norris Sharon Pombo Zachary, Ashlee & Jake Mason Miss Megan Peterson Debbie Bunch - Wife Milton and Ann Ziemann Doe Mr. & Mrs. Scott Emigh Greg and Shelley Burcham Susie Livesey Susie Livesey Nick and Penny Meyers Gary Jefferson Family

Honoree / Memorial Name Paula Burgess Paula Burgess Paula Burgess Ed and Lillian Burke Leo P. Burke Sr. Patrick Burke Patrick Burke William Burke Jewel Burleson Earl Burlington, Jr. Ralph Burlington William Burnett Eileen Burnside Irl E. Burnside Jr. Phyllis Burnside Robert N. Burnside Robert Neal Burnside William Burnside Mary Burruel Mary Lou Burruel Tammy Burton Vella Burzloff Barbara Buscaglia Wendy Buscaglia Wendy Buscaglia Wendy Buscaglia Wendy Buscaglia Gayle C. Bush Mayre Busick Eileen M. Butler Jack Butler Kenneth Butler Sandra Butler Smith Sandra Smith Ruth Allen Buttell Adaline Cabral Gussie Cabral Bob Cabral Robert Cabral Emil Cabral Emil and Adaline Cabral Emil and Lena Cabral Emil Cabral Terri Cabral Toni Cabral Toni Cabral Douglas Cabreana Adriano Cabreros (Andy) George Cachero Louise Cademartori Mary Anne Cademartori Frank & Anna Caetano Darren Cahoon Alberta Cain Catherine Cain Ernie Cain Ilene M. Cain Jack Cain Kenneth Cain Gene Calcagno John A. Calcagno Marguerite Calcagno Calcaterra Family Frank Calderon Lottie Calegari Joe Callegari Alma Call Eleanor Callaway Eleanor Calloway Frank Calvelli Frank Calvelli Bill and Beverly Calvert Ernest Camara Helen Camara Paula Galvan John Cambra John Joseph Cambra The Don Cameron Family Anthony Caminata Dorothy L. Caminata Bill and Dorothy Caminata Kathleen Flynn Caminata Mary Caminata Arlene Muzio Sylvia Camp Rev. Pere Campanya Adelene Campbell Charles Campbell Charles Campbell Joyce Campbell Katie Campbell Robert & Elizabeth Campbell William Campbell Dorothy Campilongo Marlene Campilongo Sal Campilongo Rena M. Campodonico Mr. & Mrs. Pete Campora Ronald D. Campora Mary Campoy Dave Canclini Dave & Lydia Canclini Lydia Canclini Buster Canepa Patty A. Canepa Silvio M. Canepa Jim Cansler Norma Cansler Osvaldo Cantieri Lily Canton Petronilo B. Canton Nicasiano Capili Della Caporusso Marie Caporusso Paul Caporusso Inez Capurro Grace Caputo John Cardinale John Cardinale Johnny Cardinale Carol Carey Leland Carey Mary Curtis Carey Gina Cariati Gina Cariati Joe Cariati Jesse Allen Carlile Dominica “Nonie” Carloni Pat “Gramps” Carloni Anna Carlow Ralph Carlow Mike Carlson Michael R. Carlson Pete & Marie Carlson Vivian Carlston Dorothy Carmona Michael F. Carney Sheila Carney Pearl Carothers Demarest Gloria Carpenter Shirley Carpenter Frank Carr Frank Carr Mary Carr Thomas Carr Tony W. Carr Tony L. Carr Elizabeth Carrillo Frances R. Carrillo Frances Carrillo Fred Carrillo

Donor Lyle Burgess Jean Tom Tom and Pat Wilson Ellen Sidney Stockman Linda Burke Melissa Burke Ruth Burke Forrest and Julie Gelbke Bruce & Norma Burlington Bruce & Norma Burlington Jim and Gretchen Louden Dave and Pam Dias Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Abinanti Dave and Pam Dias Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Abinanti Dave and Pam Dias Dave and Pam Dias Burruel and Sharpnack Family Amy Sharpnack Debbie Lawson (Thomas) Beth Lawson Jess and Sandy Kerekes Jim and Penny Burke Carol French Millie Gilkey Kitsy Smith Gay Matthews Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Bill Butler Denise Dyer David and Denise Rubiaco Margaret Mary & Patrick Johnston Robert B. Smith Shawn and Lori Allen Pat McCaw Art and Celeste Cabral Jean Cabral - Wife Brad, Kathleen, Emerson and Evan Klump Antoinette Betschart Jean Cabral Brad, Kathleen, Emerson and Evan Klump Pat McCaw Phyllis Sypnieski Teresa Cabral Phyllis Sypnieski Judy and Doug Cabreana Lorretta Ybarra Brad and Gail Jones Arden and Barbara Cademartori Jenna Cademartori Laura Barrett Gary & Judy David and Susan Pyle Virginia Wagers Donna Dutton Catherine Heighes David and Susan Pyle Viola Del Hierro Dorothy Boccadoro Robert Calcagno Robert Calcagno Ken & LC Genecco Manuel Umbalin Anonymous Anonymous Alfred Trindade Forrest and Julie Gelbke Craig and Fern Prosser Pat Calvelli Farnsworth Family Michael and Donna Lecuyer Karen & Sam King & Erin McDonough Tony Camara The Grandkids Phyllis Brooks & Family Karen Cambra Anonymous Letty Heininger Daniel Caminata Carolyn Sakai Nancy Nakaoka Letty Heininger Letty Heininger Bob and Ruby Zanoni Bertha Miquel Mike and Joy Panzer Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Christopher & Jennifer Fetherlin Melissa Mariscal & Family Dennis and Chris Olin Janet Campbell Mike and Joy Panzer Gary & Judy Gary & Judy Gary & Judy Yolanda Hamlow Lillian Boggiano Carole, Greg & Zachary Huber Madres Del Camino David and Judy Canclini Janice Wagner David and Judy Canclini Patricia Richards Norma Canepa Norma Canepa Terasa & Steve Dannecker Terasa & Steve Dannecker Franca Guidi Linda Mireles His Children and Families Maxima Sangil Rocky Caporusso Judy Lossin Judy Lossin Gary and Virginia Poggi Joe and Diane Falcone Cameron Family Tom and Carolyn Ficcadenti Tom and Carolyn Ficcadenti Joe & Caryle Tubbs Joe & Caryle Tubbs Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fernandes Jan Cariati Prilla McGregor Jan Cariati Rita Osborn Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Manuel and Donna Revillar Manuel and Donna Revillar Mary Anne Carlson Jan Larry and Ann Duncan Frank and Claudia Prather Ann Carmona Sherry Carney Sherry Carney All of your Family Linda Salazar Edith Uhrich Dayle Daniels Susan Donahue Randy and Rosemary Hawley Charleszetta Pruitt Randy and Rosemary Hawley Randy and Rosemary Hawley Alex and Mariela Bianchi Frank Carrillo Shirley Cole His sister Joanne

Honoree / Memorial Name Fred Carrillo Fred Carrillo Fred Carrillo Clara Carroll Manuel Carruesco Ross Carruesco Aldine Carsner Fred Carstens Allen Carter Del Carter Gloria Carter Gloria M. Carter Jack Carter Robert (Bob) Carter Gisela Cartia Tony Caruso Tony Caruso Marcie Carver Marilyn Carver Mary Carver Ida Cary Mary A. Cascio Vedah Casella John Casenave Tom & Claracie Casey Lois Casper Uncle Nick Cassesi Eva Castaneda Gonzalez Chet and Dolores Castanon Chet and Dolores Castanon Helen Castanon Helen Castanon Helen M. Castanon Juanita & Epaticio Castanon Rito and Laura Castanon Samuel Casteline & Josephine Casteline Esther Castellanos Alma Castiglione Bud Castiglione Elmer R. & Adeline D. Castillo Priscilla F. Castillo Priscilla Frances Castillo Bill Castles Henry Castles Tom Castles The Worlds Oldest Musician, Tom Castles Casey Castleton John D Castleton Josephine Castro Josephine and John Castro Josephine Castror Manuel and Mary Castro Alfred J. Castro Florence Catalan Florence Catalan Florence Catalan John W. Catanzaro Agapito C. Catolico Elaine Caulfield Peter Caulfield Sr Rita Caulfield John Cavagnaro Raymond & Rosemarie Cavagnaro Lawrence Cavallo Margaret Cavallo Georgina Caviglia Al Cayere Jose Cazares Monica Cazares Rosa Martha Cazarez Julia Cazares A. Jerry C. Cearley, Sr. Colleen J. Cecchetti Meredyth Cecchetti Nick Cecchetti Catherine “Kay” Cecchini Nonno & Nonna Cecchini Betty Cedergren Joe Cefalu Pete Cefalu Vickie Cefalu Jenni Ceja (Juana) Tamra J. Celis Gene Celli Josie Celli Perry Centeno Wanda Centers Alice Thompson Cerling Reid Cerney Bruno M. Cerri Bruno Leo Cerri Emma Cerri Joe G. Cerri Rosi Cerri George and Janice Cervantes Gloria Cervantes Silvio & Lupe Cervantes Walda L. Chaban Ignacio Chacon Ignacio M. Chacon Karen Chacon Elayne Chaffin John Chaffin Harold Chaffins John Champion Chee O. Chan Christina Chan Christina Chan Christina Chan Donald Chan Donald Chan Donald Chan Violet Chan Ruth Chance Ruth Chance Kathleen Chapman Cathy Chapman David Evans Chapman David Evans Chapman Diana Chapman Alex and Lydia Chappuis Lydia Chappuis Louis Chappuis Louis Chappuis Louis Chappuis Diane G. Chard James A. Chard Robert N. Chargin La Verne Charles Charlie “The Truck Driver” Doris Chase Ken and Doris Chase Kenneth Chase Ralph Chase Leslie B. Chasteen Lorene Chasteen Rose Chattin Robert Chattin James Chavers James Roman Chavez Todd Chavis Bill and Hazel Cheang Cheryl Cheney Timothy Lee Cherry William Franklin Cherry, Sr. John & Sandy Chiappe Reno F. Chiarello Emma and Clemente Chiari

Donor Diane Gray George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Vickie Hale Wetherell Dennis and Shari Neroda Francine Thompson Francine Thompson Ron and Jeanne Lubin Beverly Hightower Joanne Foster Van & Kay Sweet Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fernandes The Carter Girls Carol Carter Sandy Ratcliff James Cartia Catherine Caruso Jack and Tina Leach Edwin E. Carver Edwin E. Carver Edwin E. Carver Jim and Jackie Floyd Angela and Rudy Serna Tracy Thorpe Bill and Sheri Casenave Betty & Howard Casey Karen Miller Tammy Finch Ms. Jessica Orozco Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Pam & Richard Yescas Tink, Sandy, Matt, Kiley, Aiden, Scott, Becky, Keegan Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Pam & Rich Yescas Richard and Pamela Yescas Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Betty Ann Dal Porto Edward and Maria Castellanos Janet Castiglione Janet Castiglione Chip and Kerrie Biddle Chip and Kerrie Biddle Mrs. Kimberlee Yee Max and Kathy Haro Max and Kathy Haro Max and Kathy Haro Heather L. Webster JoAnne Garrett Tatiana Castleton Bruce and Linda Dodge Carol Louise Silva Uncle Frank & Aunt Josie Carol Louise Silva Brenda D. Castro Florence Hernandez Norma Neal Sandy Thompson & Susan Borges Mrs. J. Catanzaro Connie Catolico Susan Caulfield Susan Caulfield Susan Caulfield Mrs. Bertha Speegle Ed and Beverly Kermgard Edie DiPiero Edie DiPiero Gail Marganelli Bob and Linda Salvador Cazares Connie Murphy Salvador Cazares Connie Murphy Bonnie Cearley-Bolan Herb and Kathy Goularte Julio Cecchetti & Julie O’Brien Julio Cecchetti & Julie O’Brien Anita Wolfe Janet Elisa Parises Joan Cefalu Joan Cefalu Joan Cefalu Valadez & Ceja Mr. & Mrs. Sid Mireles Melissa Celli Melissa & Anthony Celli Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos Taylor Centers The McClure Family Ann Cerney Bruno J. Cerri Angela Cerri Stephanie Cerri Angela Cerri Joe Filipelli Tracy & Jackie Ms Audelia Sanchez Tracy & George Valentine A. Chaban Chacon Family Mr. Jose Chacon Helen Willis Mom Lu Chaffin Wife Lu Chaffin Janet and Gary Chaffins Carole and John Champion Chee and Chun Chan Lori Chan Joanne & Jamie Kho Walt & Nora Wager Lori Chan Joanne & Jamie Kho Walt & Nora Wager Shirley Ng Ida Mae Lobb The Lucy Munoz Family Becky Freeman Carrie Lane Mrs Antoinette Bolthouse Kim (Chapman) Dickson Sylvia Connelly Jackie Chappuis Andy and Pam Focacci Jackie Chappuis Andy and Pam Focacci Dorothy Snyde Cindi Forkum Tim Forkum Ann M. Chargin Peter and Dena Piccardo Steve Stevenson Kolleen Ostgaard Kara Halligan Kolleen Ostgaard Linda Newhall Gary and Linda Klipfel Gary and Linda Klipfel Ginger Root Ginger Root Bernice Haynes Western Pacific Truck School Florence Hernandez Shirley Ng Susan and Hal Emerson Ms Patricia Cherry Ms Patricia Cherry Jeanne Rich Georgena M. Chiarello - Wife Mr. & Mrs. Everett & Stacey Rey

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Maggie Childs Roxanne Childs Jason Chin Bud Chinchiolo Jim Chinchiolo Mr. & Mrs. Chipman Mike Choffin Mom & Pop Choffin Mardonio Cholula-Sanchez Edmond S. Chow Edmond S. Chow Edmond S. Chow Edmond S. Chow Edmond Chow Marilyn Christen Dorothy Christensen Jerry and Maxine Christesen Bill Christian Noel Christian Norma Christian Betty Christiansen Leys Christie Loretta Christie Larry Chun Lawrence “Larry” K. Chun Cleo Church Robert Churchill Verne Churchill Peggie Churchill Arthur Chute Edythe Chute Jean Chute Mike Ciccone Frank Ciesla C/MSGT Benjamin Cimoli Alice Ciucci Alice Ciucci Mario and Alice Ciucci Mario and Alice Ciucci Bobby J. Clark Barbara M. Clark Mike Clark, Loving Husband Mike Clark Mike Clark Francis Clark Francis Clark Frieda Clark Gary James Clark Gary James Clark Helen C. Clark James Clark Pamela Clark Pat Clark Pat Clark Richard Clark Richard D. Clark Ron Clark Barbara Clarke Lois Sahagun Mr. Clayton Brad Clayton Brad Clayton Jack Clayton Jack Clayton Laurene & Steve Clements Sam Clemings Dorothy Clemons Irene & Bud Clemons Judy Clemons Tony Clemons Derral Clemons Katherine Hill Walter G. Cleveland Walter Cleveland Leone Close Ann Louise Englert Cloud Britani Coberly Robert Cochran Mary Jo Codoni-Condit Nellie Cody Sylvia Cohen Ernestine D. Cohen Tina R. Cohen Danny E. Coker Ben Cole Betty Cole Betty Rice Cole Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cole Elizabeth Cole Lloyd Cole Mr. & Mrs. Loyd M. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Cole Daniel Coleman Daniel Coleman John Coleman Kathleen Coleman Kevin Coleman Virginia Coleman Victoria Coll Jay Collier James Collins Lily Collins Shadow Collins John J. Colombini Zita A. Colombini Tom Colson Connie Colvin Shirley and Rueall Colyer Lois Combs Jack J. Comer Andy Compton Baby Margaret Condit Baby Margaret Condit Judy Conklin Kelly Conner Mary Ellen Conrad Art Conradt Bonnie Conradt Roland Consie Ramon Constancio Catherine Constantine Anthony V. Conyers Anthony Conyers Anthony V. Conyers Anthony V. Conyers Dennis M. Conyers Dennis M. Conyers Dennis M. Conyers Joseph J. Conyers Joseph C. Conyers Joseph C. Conyers Joseph J. Conyers Joseph C. Conyers Joseph J. Conyers Lavada Dunn Conyers Lavada Dunn Conyers Lavada Dunn Conyers Clarence Cook Cyril Cook Jerry Cook Jerry Cook June Cook Opal Cook Michael Cooke Charles Coomes Art Cooper Cheryl L. Cooper Dorothy Cooper Jim and Joel Cooper

Donor Mike & Diana Ritchie Roy Childs Sylvia Minnick Bruce and Miriam Bradley Charles and Jonnie Sullivan Loretta Creel Gale R. Choffin Gale R. Choffin Sylvia Cholula Diane Chow Dorothy Chow Danny Chow Vickie Chow Dora Rutledge Jennifer and Scott Emigh Manteca Federated Women’s Club Dick, Janie, Lindsey & Allison Williams Mike Granlees & Family Carol Christian Carol Christian Marvel Nancy Ballot Mrs. Diana Farano Mrs. Diana Farano Sonia Chun Conrad F. Mar Hannah Ketcherside Bill and Audrey Churchill Bill and Audrey Churchill Bill and Audrey Churchill Syndey White Syndey White Syndey White Janis and Ron Nichols Your wife Margie Nadine Cimoli Don, Corrie, Madison & McKenzie Barbara Boots Sharon Stokes Tom and Sandy Stokes and Family James and Susan Newell Husband & Family Jeannette Clark Catherine Hourcade Debbie Hourcade Virginia Clark Anne Sheldon Margaret-Wayne Castle Melissa Renee Clark Katie Marie Clark-Jacobs Gail Cummings David & Linda Clark Virginia Clark Jean & Susan Clark Jean Clark Diane Gray Ruby H. Shields Your Family Marge Basalto Marge Basalto Nick and Penny Meyers Greg and Shelley Burcham Phyllis Clayton Greg and Shelley Burcham Phyllis Clayton Susan Caulfield Pacific Bell Pioneers Evelyn Glaze Robert and Judy Clemons Jim and Cheryl LaRoe 5 H2O+ 5 H2O+ 5 H2O+ Ofelia L. Cleveland Kathy Moran Barbara Boggs William and Darlene Talbott O’Toole Family Virginia Cochran Judy Stein Louise Della Santa Barbara Knibbe Alexander R. Cohen Eleanor R. Gonzales Coker and Sakata Darlene and Jim Barnett Darlene and Jim Barnett Rod and Brenna McCleary Don & Joyce Berg Mary Natteford Rod and Brenna McCleary Don & Joyce Berg Don & Joyce Berg Carol Coleman Debbie & Doug Maciel, Sarah, Sacha & Gia Simoes Anita Coleman Bill and Nadine Coleman Anita Coleman Anita Coleman Bertha Miquel Cindy Ketcherside Lodi Funeral Home Jenny Collins Deborah Cousyn Jerry & Vicki Colombini Jerry & Vicki Colombini Dennis and Chris Olin Richard Angulo Ken and Jane Colyer Bob and Jean Combs David and Mary Comer Karen Weiland Nana & Papa Heny Barbara Henry Hale Conklin Ron Conner Jim & Kate Garvey Dick & Sue Dick & Sue Butch & Meredith McCormack Ron, Mona & Alexis Amador Dennis and Chris Olin Rose M. Conyers Lara, Briana & Hailey Barbara, Lawrence & Desiree Cook The Laster Family Rose M. Conyers Barbara, Lawrence & Desiree Cook The Laster Family Rose M. Conyers Rose M. Conyers Barbara, Lawrence & Desiree Cook Barbara, Lawrence & Desiree Cook The Laster Family The Laster Family Rose M. Conyers The Cook Family (Barbara, Lawrence & Desiree) The Laster Family Patricia A. Santos Debbie Lawson Dean Bossert Colleen and Jerry Evans Debbie Lawson Patricia A. Santos Dave and Pam Dias Danny and Wendy Andris Irene Jackson Roger and Joyce Bennett Bill and Sue Giffen Ed and Beverly Kermgard

Honoree / Memorial Name Joan Cooper Joan Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John Cooper Nathaniel Cooper Steve Cooper James D. Cooper Jr. Sandrea Cope Marilyn G. Corbett Marilyn Corbett Margaret Corda Jamie Corder Arthur L. Cordero Francisco L. Cordero Maria Jesus Cordero Gene Cordone Pat Corlett Pat Corlett Olga Cornelison Richard Cornelius Peggy Cornell Angie Cornwell Marcia Corpe Ignacio & Clemencia Corrales Mary Lou Corralez Tomas V. Corralez Libby Corren Leona Corrington Grace Corry Grace Echandi Corry Grace Corry Grace Corry Grace Corry Grace Corry Tony Corsaro Louis Corsiglia Jim Corso Pat Corso & Janet Corso Sam Corso Tony Corso Tony Corso & Mary Corso Salvador & Lucy Cortes Frank Cortez Luis L. Cortez Luis Cortez Melanie Cortez-Barnwell Teresa and Amerigo Cortopassi Bob Cosgrove Mary Lou Coss Raymundo Coss Albert Costa Albert Costa David Costa David Costa Mrs. Eileen Costa Gary Costa & Kim Costa Beck Jeramie Costa Joseph Costa & Edwin Baker Louis Costa Luiz and Christina Costa Mary P. Costa Raymond B. Costa Rena and Babe Costa Babe & Rena Costa Tony L. Costa Tony and Mary Costa Anna-Rosa Costamagna Bert Costamagna Dorothy Costamagna Joe and Dorothy Costamagna Joe Costamagna Mrs. Katie Costello Simon V. Costilla Jr. Donald Couch John and Kathleen Coughlan Jack Coughran Jack Coughran Juanita Coustaut Charles Cowger Della Lee Cowles Andrew Cox Andrew Cox Andrew Cox Bertie Cox Carol Cox Dee Dee M. Cox Dorinda “Dee Dee” Cox Dee Dee Cox Duane Cox J. Duane Cox Shirley Cox Shirley Cox Robert and Jane Coyle Kathey Cozad L.D. Crabtrey Opal Crabtrey Barbara Craig Buzz Craig Edward Craig Edward Craig Zelda A. Craig Dick Crandall Richard Crandall Mrs. Barbara Crane Joe Crane Charles Crane, Sr Danny Craven Maryann Crawford Kayden Wesley Bill Crecelius Bill Crecelius Chris Crecelius Doris Crecelius Larry Creel Kimberly Ann Crespi Bonita Crespo Tracey Criner John Croce John Croce Paula Croce Rodney Crocker Rodney Crocker Alice Crosby Charles C. Crosby Sister Gerry Crosby, S.H.F. Michael Wayne Crow William Crow Hal Crowden Laura Crowley Melodie Ashlock Crump Ernie Crusos Mary Crutchfield Frank Cucco Thelma L. Cudmore Vickie Culbertson Fred Culpepper Patti Cumming Patti Cumming Patti Cumming Patti Cumming Patti Cumming Alan Cummings Bill Cummings George Cummings Helen S. Cummings Kala Cummings Marlene Cummings Cathy Cundiff Gerald Cundiff Gerald Cundiff Kay Cundiff Frank and Jennie Cuneo Dario Cunial

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Honoree / Memorial Name

Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Joanne Judy Cooper Alice D. Cooper Judy Cooper Fredrica M. Cooper Daughter Ruth & Son-in-law Mike Richard Collins Roberta Uecker Pam and Larry Howen Judy Crosby Yolanda Cordero-Niblock Yolanda Cordero-Niblock Yolanda Cordero-Niblock Steven and Christina Cordone Larry & Jan Cooper Holt Family Josephine Errecart Bonnie Cornelius Keith Cornell Susan, David, and Jake Farr Judy Crosby Lex & Joyce Corrales Tom & Vanessa Tom & Vanessa Hillard Corren & Florence Arnold Vickie Wolff Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Glenda Tower Duyst Christopher and Tola Eley Christopher & Jennifer Fetherlin Pat Hunter Jim and Marilyn Menasco Frank and Josephine Silva Andy and Louse Mangile Frank & Josie Silva Uncle Frank & Aunt Josie Uncle Frank & Aunt Josie Uncle Frank & Aunt Josephine Silva Josephine Silva Salvador and Irene Cortes Cathy Cortez Olivia Cortez Diane Salas Rivera-Cortez Family Doris & Alvin Cortopassi Bruce and Linda Dodge Belia Garcia Belia Garcia Lydia Costa Arlind and Jean Fontes Carmen J. Costa Florence Hernandez Elena Vasti Mike and Gloria Costa Grandma Costa Susan Caulfield Carol and Larry Carol and Larry Minner Doug & Joey Bock Betty Costa Mike and Gloria Costa Bill and Loretta Munger Doug & Joey Bock Mary Pennini Michael Costamagna Michael Costamagna Michael Costamagna Catherine Costamagna Booth Michael Costamagna Louie and Louise Rubino Carmen Costilla Jeff Couch Catherine Coughlan His Family John and Like Coughran Stephanie Rangel Ron & JoAnn Jacobs Leonard and Wilma Wolfe Aunts, Sandi, Sherri, Frani Aiden Cox (Son) Mom, Alan, Faith Hazel Haley Lewis Cal and Betty Rodway Buddy J. Cox and Kids Monica Cox Theresa Rubianes The Heinze Family Gary and Nancy Krahmer The Heinze Family Gary and Nancy Krahmer Richard and Martha Bader Amber and Lawrence Mora Ledbetter Family Ledbetter Family Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Nancy Scott Judy Craig Marles Finos Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Nancy Scott Judy Craig Mrs. Vivien Crandall Mrs. Victoria Sibayan Joel and Lynn Harris Helen Crane & Family Charleszetta Pruitt Linda Salazar John and Gail Tucker Grandma Kay Betty Crecelius Mary Laurel Filice Mary Laurel Filice Mary Laurel Filice Loretta Creel and Angelo Gutierrez Robert and Donna Hoffman Bill and Nadine Coleman Michelle Bethea Debra and Todd Cameron Diana Miller Debby Celle Barbara Crocker Felix and Paulie Torlai Judy Crosby Judy Crosby Judy Crosby Bill and Joyce Crow & Family Patricia Crow Your Wife Don & Joyce Berg Dad and Mom, Bill and Tami Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Chuck and Dianna Crutchfield Delta Lions Club The Robertsons Jack and Tina Leach Joan Inge Frank Boyle, Jr. Dr. Barbara Davis Susie Livesey Kathleen Long Annette Schmitz Robert and Dana Lapp Jerry and Nancy Golz Gail Cummings Gail Cummings Roy Damilano Jerry and Nancy Golz Liz Gilmore Loving Wife Joan Liz Gilmore Liz Gilmore Ron & Anita Sue Carey

Norma Cunningham Thomas Cunningham David E. Cureton Gertrude M. Cureton Rosaura Padilla Curiel Agnes and Bill Curtin Janice Curtin Mary S. Curtin Bob and Flo Cutter Joseph S. Da Rosa Vicki L. Dabbs Vicki Dabbs Caroline D’Albora Gaetano D’Albora Orville Dahl James Dahlhauser James Dahlhauser Albert Dal Porto & Mary Dal Porto Allen Ray Dal Porto Delmer N. Dale Warren Dale Warren & Mary Dale Linda Dalonzo Linda Dalonzo Gail Dalton Frances Daly Helen Daly Jim Daly John Daly, Jr John Daly, Sr. Walda Dambacher Mike Bambrosio & brothers Mario, John and Elmer & Families Mario and Verna Dambrosio Joyce Damilano Joyce Damilano Louise Dana Retha Holland Dana Alfred Danelenko Evelyn S. Danelenko Kenneth Daniel Frank & Terry Daniels J.H. “Dan” Danielson Karen A. Danielson The Dapson’s and The Lovotti’s Ned Darby Martha Darden Joy Dariz Adelaide Darling Don M. Darling Leroy Darling Eul and Lois Darneal Harold Darnell Adeline Darnell Tony Darone Eleanor Darrow Eleanor Darrow Catherine Dasso Joy Daugherty Joy Daugherty Joy Daugherty Robert Dauler Marion Dauler Robert Davenport - Vietnam Veteran Stanley Davenport Davey Family Jane David Jeff Davidson Marge Davies Almetrica Davis David Davis Deanna Davis Deven Davis Diana Davis Donald C. Davis Ginger Davis Ginger Davis Harold Davis Jean Davis Jean Davis Mary Lou Davis Mary Lou Davis Maxine Davis Neil Davis Nelson E. Davis Nelson Davis Nelson Davis Patricia Davis Patricia Davis Stacey Davis Stacey Davis Stacy Davis Stacey Davis Stacey Davis Stacey Davis Stacy Davis Stacey Davis Virginia Davis Jim Davisson Jim Davy Lauren Dawes Laveta Dawes Woody Dawes Laveta Dawes Woodrow Dawes August “Ben” Day John De Amicis Rose De Benedetti Rose De Benedetti Bud De Candia John De Cicco Betty de Flores Val de Flores Greg De George Junior De Hoyos Theresa De Lorenzo Lawrence De Ricco Larry De Ricco Mezzetta Family De Ricco Family Casta de Romero All my loved ones Paul Deal Frank DeBenedetti Joyce DeBenedetti Zana DeBenedetti Lloyd A. DeBock Lloyd DeBock John Borba John M. DeBorba John DeBow John M. DeBow Emblem Club Ernest DeCicco Virginia DeCicco Hazel DeFerrari Pete DeFerrari Dan Defoe Kay DeGeest-Kelly Shelly Shelly (Michelle) Dehn Dominic Deiro Dominic Markham Deiro Carol Del Cima Dale Del Hierro Dale Del Hierro Adelaide S. & Adolfo Del Prete Adolph Del Prete Mary and Victor Del Prete David Del Rey

Donor Frank Louella Cunningham Mike and Patricia Cureton Michael and Patricia Cureton Gene Acevedo Nick and Pam Curtin Nick and Pam Mom and Dad Jerry and Mary Charlie and Sandy Mello Charlie Dabbs Lu Anne Lewis Catherine Turney Catherine Turney Patrick and Christina Doran Esther Dahlhauser Carol J. Duncan Betty Ann Dal Porto Betty Ann Dal Porto Georgia Conner Charlie and Sandy Mello Judy Pacheco John and Sue Errecart Josephine Errecart Coralita Rathhaus Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Aleck Dambacher Rose Dambrosio Cathi Dambrosio Melendez Gary, Kala & Christine Cummings Roy Damilano Walter C. Dana Walter C. Dana Sue Beyer Sue Beyer Judith Cabral Donna Aarons Debby Danielson Cotta Debby Danielson Cotta Ron and Suzie Williamson Robert and Sue Ornelas Esther and Greg Fuson Audrey Norling Frances Darling Frances Darling Frances Darling Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fernandes James and Shirley Lira James and Shirley Lira Joyce Darone Kermit Darrow Leonore Krueger Andrew and Margaret Dasso Mary Laurel Filice Dennis and Chris Olin the Waters (5H2O+) Tena Carr Tena Carr Grace Kelley - Aunt Dave and Pat Ellis Lori Davey David, Christine, Michelle Corrall Joann Dunn Dorsey Melton Al, Son Judith Davis Aunt Nancy Jennifer and Scott Emigh Sarah and John Azevedo Vicki Horn Mel Davis Anonymous Sarah and John Azevedo Judith Davis Pam Needham Gloria Berlanga (Daughter) Joe Davis (Husband) Hubert and Sandy Schultz Oscar and Betty Francis Larry & Jan Cooper Carolyn Sakai Don & Diane Vigil Darwin Davis Joe & Caryle Tubbs Virginia, Amie, Vanessa Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Leslie Oliver and Rich Kinzey Carol Olivero Vickie Hale Wetherell Ann and Art Woodruff Brenda Yates Bruce, Sher, Roy and Sam Linda Kronemann Shelby Wilder Jim & Anita Davy Dorothy Edens Norma Dawes Norma Dawes Dorothy Edens Dorothy Edens Janet Bonner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Mrs. Ann Schmitz Helen Willis Nishka Yudnich Jack, Grace & Danielle de Flores Jack, Grace & Danielle de Flores Dad and Gay Jean De Hoyos Mike and Emily Paige Alma De Ricco Barbara Pombo Alma De Ricco Alma De Ricco Vilma E. Burns & Frank Orello Maria De Russo Jean Deal Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Lisa Clemons Lisa Clemons Mrs. Pat DeBock Butch & Meredith McCormack Teena Borba Teena DeBorba Steve and Linda Stocking Steve and Linda Stocking Stockton Emblem Club No. 226 Judy & Walt Ghio Judy & Walt Ghio Chip and Joy Vignolo Chip and Joy Vignolo Barbara Bidondo Mom and Dad George and Carol Benkie Mom & Dad Robert Deiro Mrs. Mia Douglass Mrs. Mia Douglass Your loving Wife & Son Viola Del Hierro Adelaide Del Prete Adelaide Del Prete Adelaide Del Prete Barbara Pombo

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Honoree / Memorial Name Silvano Del Signore Vince Del Signore Angela DeLa Riva Frank Dela Riva, Sr Carlos Edward DeLano Judy DeLeon Stephen Delia Blake Dell Aringa Joseph Della Santa Joe Della Santa Elsie Dellamandola Elsie Dellamandola Jordan and Dorothy Dell’Era Ann Delmore Nevore Deloney Karin Delong Alex Delu Alex Delu Jr. Alex Delu Jr. Alex Delu Alex and Amalia Delu Emil and Mabel Delucchi Erma and Roy Delucchi Lionel L. Delucchi Mabel Delucchi Madelyn Delucchi Paul Delucchi Ray Delucchi Rick Delucchi Virginia A. Delucchi Barbara & Joe Deluchi Joe & Peggy Deluchi Peggy Deluchi Rose Delva Rose Delva Mary DeMartini Carl DeMent A.J. Denk David M. Denner Shirley Dennett Doris Dennis Kay Dennis Ray Denniston William N. Denson Marian M. Dentone Mark Dentoni Elizabeth DePauli Gary DePauli Gary DePauli Gary DePauli Gary DePauli Irving DePauli Irving DePauli Ed Derby George DeRoos Sylvia DeRoos Donalee Derry Herbert Derwent Dick DeSart Dee DeSelms Dee DeSelms Elvin DeSelms Lynda DeShields Cookie DeSilva Jamie Dessert Benita and Joseph Devencenzi Julia Devincenzi Lawrence Devincenzi Verne Devincenzi Ronald Devlin Ronald Devlin Kim DeVorss Kim DeVorss John N. DeWitt John N. DeWitt John DeWitt John N. DeWitt John DeWitt Gurmit K. Dhaliwal Tirath S.Dhaliwal Vince Di Maggio Robert Di Piero Gina and Gino Di Puccio Henry Dias Manuel and Eldora Dias Manuel Dias Mildred and Joseph Dias Eldora Diaz Tomassa Diaz Bill Dibble Jo Ann Dibble Mrs. Merle Dick Darrell Dickey George Dickey Pamela Dickey Emma Dicks Gust Dicks Mamie Dickson Noble A. Dickson Beverly DiDonato Joseph W. Diehl Sister Carol Diemunsch Eugene Dietrich Marge Dietrich Marge Dietrich Marge Dietrich (Gigi)

Donor Licia Beck Licia Beck Ben and Lucy Valverde Ben and Lucy Valverde Donna Hunt Mr Daniel Gomez The Delia Family Jolene Dell Aringa Wife Louise Della Santa Richard and Janet Ron & Nancy Simmons Diana Swan Midge Dobbins Mrs. Krissy Delmore-Davis Bernice Haynes Phyllis Sypnieski Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Angie Ferrero Susan Ferrero Elisa Parises Angie Ferrero Ron & Anita Anonymous Judy Gatti Marilyn Peters Ruth Burke Paula and Jan Ruth Burke Paula and Jan Judy Gatti Dee O’Donnell Richard and Leslie Deluchi Randee Walshe Cheryl and Michael Delva Michele Delva Fay Family Yvonne Sharp Martha Denk Virginia, Amie, Vanessa Linda Enos Susan, Claudia & Pam Diane and Art Allen Audrey Norling Irene Denson Cleta E. Young Francine Thompson Marjorie Barosso Marjorie Barosso Norma DePauli Judy & Walt Ghio Donna Goyette Marjorie Barosso Norma & Loving Family Steven and Kathy Walton Colleen Swift Colleen Swift Dorinda and Walt Givens Shirley Pavon and Family Brocchini Family Pat DeSelms Sharon DeSelms Rasmussen Dennis Thomas DeWayne DeShields - Husband Don R. DeSilva Grandma & Grandpa T. Susan J. Ghio Gerry Gerry Gerry Devincenzi Tony and Betty Martin William Vukovich Judie & Marshall Woodward Opal Gay & Alexis Johnson Toni & Wally Taylor and Teri & Steve Hennecke Nathen, Natalie, Avry, Reece, Ayzen Shirley S. Dewitt Tiffany, Trisha & Laci Susan Dole The Dhaliwal Family The Dhaliwal Family Sharon Myers Edie DiPiero Mike and Gloria Costa Alfred and Judith Dias Andrew and Elizabeth Erdman Felix and Paulie Torlai Dave and Pam Dias Felix and Paulie Torlai Xavier Contreras & Kathy Franco Allana Laybourne Allana Laybourne Prof & Mrs. Ted Takaya Myrna & Peter Debbie, Craig, Micheal & Haley Debbie, Craig, Micheal & Haley Marjorie L. Putnam & Family Marjorie L. Putnam & Family Lorraine Katzakian Lorraine Katzakian Myra Lindsey John & Peggy Takahashi Elizabeth Lynch Carol and Scott Dietrich Liz Ustick Jane Gillam Cadie

San Joaquin Delta College’s Delta Singes sang holiday carols during the 25th Anniversary Stockton Tree of Lights Ceremony on Tuesday November 26, 2013. The Choir was under directed by German Aguilar

Honoree / Memorial Name Virginia Dietrich Bryan Ross Dilley Phil Dillon Wm. A. Dingle Irene Dingman Angelo Dini Dino Dini Marina Dini Paolo Dini Paul Dini Peter Paul Dini Saulle Dini Gina DiPuccio Gino DiPuccio Gino and Gina DiPuccio Christine DiRosa John DiRosa Lorraine Ditz George Ditz, Jr. Russell Dix Bill & Billie Dixon Nancy L. Dixon Pat Dixon Smith Dobson III Tracy Dockery Bob Docter Andria Dodge Robert Dodge Don Dodson Bill Dole Susan Dominquez Casillas Angelina Dona John Dona John J. Dona John J. Dona Joe Donahue Joseph Donahue Edna Donaldson Jack M. Donaldson Frank Donally Frank E. Donally Joe Donati Joe Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati Joseph Donati My Dad, Joe Donati Sam Donato Frank Donato Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Donato Alfred Charles Dondero Jr. Don Dondero Fred and Celesta Dondero Walt and Marie Donis Marie Donis Walt Donis Virginia Donnelly John E. Donovan Carol Dooley Alma Doran Ed Doran Mary Dorris Mary Dorris Ed Dos Reis Sr. Jackie Dos Reis Richard Doscher Richard E. Doscher John Doucette John Doucette Bill Dougherty Craig Douglas Elia Dovichi Gloria Dovichi “RedHatter” Raquel Dow Amos Dowdy Helen Dowdy Brent Dowhower June Downer Edna Downing Orville Downing Beverly Jean Doyle Beverly J. Doyle James P. Doyle Richard Dragavon Bill Drake Bill Drake David Drew Joanne Drew Don Driver Patty Droivold Evan Dromgoole Glenn Dromgoole Marta Dron Marta Yorg Dron Kyle Drul Dolores R. Drullard Elda F. Drummond Margaret DuBart Stanley DuBart Don DuBois Katie DuBois

Donor Carol and Scott Dietrich Irene Trudel Bonnie Weisz Mr. & Mrs. Sh Rose Jennifer J. Silva Teresa Dini Teresa Dini Teresa Dini Luciana Flocchini Teresa Dini Benny Dini Teresa Dini Greg and Sally DiPuccio Greg and Sally DiPuccio Bill and Loretta Munger Antoinette Berman Antoinette Berman Diane Ditz Stauffer Diane Ditz Stauffer Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Ken and Linda Lockard Ronald Dixon Yolanda Hamlow Norma Neal Lodi Sunrise Rotary Club Bobbie Wallinger David & Linda Clark Bruce and Linda Dodge Koreen Freitas Don & Tootie Allee Gerri Casillas Nunez Patrick and Christina Doran Patrick and Christina Doran Patrick and Christina Doran Antoinette Walker Dayle Daniels Susan Donahue The Donaldson Family Jane E. Donaldson Viola & Glenn Del Hierro Mrs. Rachel J. Donally Steve and Wendy Arko Your loving Wife Christopher Clow Nolan Stevens Kali Zollar Sheldon Stevens Carson Stevens Jeff & Jerri Donati Eric & Tracy Stevens Casey & Heather Zoller Peter Washington Admiral John Donati Cathy McAlister Cathy McAlister Cathy McAlister George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Mrs. Betty Dondero Family Rae Charos Terri L. Beltis Terri L. Beltis James Cartia Donovan Family Bonnie Ritchie Patrick and Christina Doran Patrick and Christina Doran Norma Dawes Dorothy Edens Frank & Ramona Lozano Frank & Ramona Lozano Friend Patricia Paulin-Doscher Anne and Ron Braden Mary Anthony Pezzi Thelma Douglas Steve Curtis Edward and Judi Oliveria Pat Slauson Wyman and Andrea Osborn Wyman and Andrea Osborn Billie Corder Susie Livesey Karen & Gary Rose Karen & Gary Rose Dan & Carrie Doyle Lila and Tony Joan Doyle His Wife - Tania Dragavon Leslie Blair Jack and Cathy Gulden Marlene Drew and Otis Kelley Dianne Butler Roger and Joyce Bennett J.R. Droivold Barbara Buchanan Barbara Buchanan Shane & Shelley Linda Silva Lori Anderson & Darla Oliver Ray Drullard Charlie Hartje III Nance Lichter Nance Lichter Kay Martin Ed and Beverly Kermgard

Honoree / Memorial Name Melba L. DuBois Joesph M. Ducato Dave Duckworth David M. Duckworth Kenneth Duclo David Dudley Lon Dudley Barbara Due James M. Duff Sheri Duff Janet Dugger Art Duivenvoorde LaVerne and Milo Dungan Waldo and Annie Dunham Waldo Dunham Annie Dunham Allen H. Dunn Emma J. Dunn Horace G. Dunn Phil Dunn Alfonso Duran Heidi Durfey Sam Durrett Dennis Durston Arnold Dutra Consuelo Dutra Diann Dutra Edward Dutra Frank Dutra Jennifer Dutra Nelda Dutra Raymond Dutra Viola Dutra Wayne Dutra Madge Dutschke Bob Dutschke Kenneth Dutton Ken Dutton Josephine S. Duval Kathy Dyck Ted Dye Melba Dye Don Dyer Dr & Mrs L.H. Dyke, Jr Eleanor Dyke Eleanor Dyke Eleanor M. Dyke Eleanor Dyke Eleanor Dyke Eleanor Dyke Eleanor Dyke Donald L. Dynes Alice Eaddie Leon Eakes Weedie Eakes Jada Ealy Ms. Nicki Eastabrooks Ms. Nicki Eastabrooks Milton Eaton Dave Eavenson Price Allen Eaves Pete Ebenhack Richard Ebert Steve Ebert Tony Echaniz Jose Luis Echaniz, Sr. Donald Echelard Virginia & Tom Echols Anna Ecker William Earl Ecker Lawanna Eckert (Sherry) Lawanna Sherry Eckert Gene Edaburn Danene Edalgo Cathy & Sol Edelman Robert Edelman Arnold “Pappy” Edens Beulah Edgell Winifred Edmonson Daniel and Jo Ann Edward Kathy Egan Melissa Egan Melissa Egan Tom Egan Merle & Ethel Egeland Wally Egeland Don Eggers Arnold Eggett Evelyn Eggett Ray Eggman Ray Eggman Ray Eggman Shirley “Ray” Talamantes Bryan Ehlers Loren Ehlers Charles I. Eibling Charles I. Eibling Charles Eibling Albert Eichele Sally Eichele Carl and Mildred Eklund Lugean Eleazar Robert (Bob) Eley Elinor Eley Doreen Elhard Della and Dom Elia Manuel Elias Victor Elias Ida Elliot James Elliot James & Ida Elliott Irene Elliott Kathleen L. Elliott Kathy Elliott Ernie Ellis Grace Ellis Norman Ellis Vincent Ellis Herbert Ellwanger Olga Ellwanger Frances Elmore Stoney Elmore Jean Elsey Jean Elsey Mary J. Elwood Mary Elwood Darce Emerson John Emigh Maxine Emory Chelsie Encinas Angie Encinas Fred Carillo & Rose Encizo Jim Endicott Edwin Endow Judy Eng Francis M. Engelhart Ruth Maxine Engelhart Harriet Lowe Englert Thorval Engrav Gloria Ennes Gloria Ennes Bob Enos George Enos John R. Enos, Jr. Howard Ensele Howard Ensele Jeanne Ensele Jeanne Ensele Paul Epperson Gary Epple Gerald Epple

Donor Jud Smith Jo Delaney Cam, Kelli, Alexis Buck Becky Duckworth Bruno J. & Stephanie Cerri Ardath Flynn Sue Carey Manteca Federated Women’s Club Edith M. Duff Her Boys Thelma Stewart Ria Duivenvoorde Sharyn Dungan Chip and Kerrie Biddle Don and Nancy Biddle Don and Nancy Biddle Dorothy and Stan Sandelius Dorothy and Stan Sandelius Dorothy and Stan Sandelius Marji and Patrick Patrick and Christina Doran Mom & Dad Reed Rinehart and Marilyn Heinitz Robert and Kathleen Elliott Patricia’s Rose Terra - Daughter Joe & Helen Balcao Joyce Darone Rose Terra - Daughter Anonymous Joyce Darone Patricia’s Patricia’s Patricia’s Debbie Brockney Debbie Brockney Donna Dutton Bob, Emilia & Karen Steven Aberle Cal and Betty Rodway James Maguire James Maguire Evelyn Dyer Jack and Mary Stirton Dick & Barbara Fichtner Dr. and Mrs. Victor Macko Barry and Barbara McCandless Butch & Meredith McCormack Anne Sheldon Paul and Suzanne Waters the Waters (5H2O+) Wife Barbara J. Dynes John W. Williamson Wendy & Gary Wendy & Gary Marie Gilbert & Denise Upshaw Katy Conley Darlynn from CVLIHC Louis and Janice Thanas Wanda Eavenson and Family Eaves Family Helen Brant Ann, Rachel & Becky Ann Ebert Gloria Echaniz and Jose Echaniz Jr. Gloria Echaniz and Jose Echaniz Jr. Fred and Nancy Rosanna Wiebe Brien and Kay Ecker Brien and Kay Ecker Richard Eckert Richard Eckert Dorothy Edaburn Anonymous Jon and Pat Gustorf Jon and Pat Gustorf Dorothy Edens Betty & Howard Casey Ceppi Family Clarke and Judy Egan Family Foundation Egan Family Foundation Elaine Sandman Egan Family Foundation Adrienne Egeland Adrienne Egeland Gloria Macey Melanie Eggett Melanie Eggett Tino & Mary Adame Pat Bowhen Colleen Foster & Donna Brown Joan Topp Mercedes J. Ehlers Mercedes J. Ehlers Diane Eibling Betty Eibling Craig and Judi Sanders Lee and Ruth Ann Eichele Lee and Ruth Ann Eichele Lani Swann Eklund Joan Inge Christopher and Tola Eley Christopher and Tola Eley Mrs. Maureen Freeman Florence Hernandez Jean List Stephanie Elias Nadine Cimoli Nadine Cimoli Adabelle and Mike Reynolds Kathy Harden Nadyne Sessions Susie Valterza Ledbetter Family Ledbetter Family Ron & Tracy Alex and Cheryl Zanini Martha Ellwanger Martha Ellwanger Donna McCready Donna McCready Madres Del Camino Joe Elsey Lee J Elwood Scott and Janice Kyles Debbie Vasquez Joy Vaughan Glen Emory Donna Bennett Donna Bennett Lorretta Ybarra Ann Endicott & Children Jill Hatanaka Diane Huey Bill Engelhart & Frances Ford Bill Engelhart & Frances Ford William and Darlene Talbott Mrs. Linda Engrav-Clarke Russ and Mabel Martin Sharon Myers Ben and Patti Gintjee Debbie Phippen Alice Smith Donna Ensele Jeanann McCoy Donna Ensele Jeanann McCoy Jan Heiman Barbara Henry Barbara Henry

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Lucille Epple Clara Epstein David Epstein Katie and Tony Erceg George Erdman George Erdman Jack Erdman Mrs. Louise Erdman Louise Erdman Louise Erdman Mr. Glenn S. Erickson Mrs. Rosemary T. Erickson Donna Erlenbusch Jessie Eros Anna Errecart Dominic Errecart Dominic Errecart Hazel Ervin Ilene Ervin Victor Escalante Magdelena Escalera Gerald Escher Jesus Escobedo Jesus Escobedo Gerard C. Esker James P. Esker Dolph Esparcia Ann Espinoza Guadalupe Espinoza Danilo E. Esquivel Mickie Esser Felimon L. Estioco Bernarda Estrada Tina Estrada Debra Estrada Eleanor Estrada Joe Estrada Lucio Estrada Lucio Estrada Sr. Margaret R. Estrada Peter Estrada Rev. Jeff Etcheverry Orien K. Etcheverry Orien K. Etcheverry Mrs. Pat Etcheverry Terry Ettenhiemer Bob Eustis Bob Eustis Robert (Bob) Eustis Sara-Jane Johnson Alan Eutsler Alan Eutsler Alan and Gary Eutsler Alan Eutsler Gary Eutsler Gary Eutsler Mr. Gary Eutsler Betty B. Evans Bubba Evans Don Evans Nanny Evans John C. Evans Thomas Evans Sibyl Irene Evans William Everett Evans Viola Evans-Hoyler Joe Eversole Joe & May Eversole May Eversole May Eversole May Eversole May Eversole Neal Eversole Bernice Evinger Merle Evinger Harry & Vera Eybs Richard Ezell Wayland Ezell Peggy Faddis Al Fagler Frances Fagler Frances Fagler Merry Fagler Eleanor Fagundes Wally Fagundes Nancy Fair Jeannette Fairbairn Lester Faires Robert E. Falkner Beatrice Fallon Robert Fallon Linda Fallon Sandy Fallon Faltersack Family Celle Family Angelo Fanos Angelo Fanos Angelo Fanos Agnes and Luigi Fanucchi Andrew Fanucchi Lawrence and Jean Fanucchi Richard Farago Charles Farano Lily Farano Maloree Farano Primo Farano Jerry “Jay” Farley Jr. Nadine Farley Nadine Farley Andrew R. Farmer Clara Farmer Clara Farmer Leon Farmer Ray Farmer Ray Farmer Farnsworth Family Nancy Farnum Julia Farr Curtis Farrar Minna Farrar Evelyn Farrell Evelyn Farrell Bill Farrell Bill Farrell Bill and Evelyn Farrell William Donald Farrell Chet Farris Elvera Farros Charles J. Faszer Donald Faszer Jerome Faszer Father Fayhe Father Flavio James Faught Edward Fay Ed Fay Ed Fay Ed Fay Ed Fay Rose Feakes Edythe Feary Edythe Feary Arthur Clarence Feather Rosemary Feather Dexter Fedor Johnny Fegett Kenneth Felchle Jr. (BJ) Larry Felchle Larry Felchle Helen O. Felix Steve Felkins Steve Felkins

Donor Barbara Henry Linda Radin Linda Radin Den, Shine, Bryan & Kevin Andrew & Elizabeth Cindy and Austin Erdman Glenn & Betty McDonald Andrew & Elizabeth Cindy and Austin Erdman Felix and Paulie Torlai Kathy Erickson and Family Kathy Erickson and Family Arlue M. Uhlich Teresa Martinez Josephine Errecart John and Sue Errecart Josephine Errecart Harlan and Barbara Hayes Donna Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Abelardo Escalante Gene Acevedo Richard and Janet Wanner Louie the Plumber Ms Jessica Escobedo Steer Family Steer Family Sheila Esparcia Henry and Maura Tovar Jerome & Linda Fernandez Yolanda Esquivel Bob & Marlene Kinser Vera Estioco-Felix Emilia Estrada Dolly French Esther M. Rodriguez Esther M. Rodriguez Dolly French Ms JoAnn Estrada Elisa Munoz Eleanor R. Gonzales Emilia Estrada Mrs. Kim Etcheverry Jean Etcheverry Ray Etcheverry Mrs. Kim Etcheverry Bob, Emilia & Karen Dorsey Melton Anonymous Mark & Denise Rasmussen Anonymous Joan Geraldine Eutsler Susan Gorospe and Family Lori and Glen Hicks Geraldine Eutsler Lori and Glen Hicks Louie and Louise Rubino Mrs. Sandra Rivera Nancy L. Mardis Ella Evans Joan Fiske Wife, Children & Grandchildren Sylvia Evans Galen and Darlene Gribaudo Galen and Darlene Gribaudo Patricia Paulin-Doscher Kathy Hart Bob and Mary Leonard Sharon Boblitt Kathy Hart Joyce Mudge Lysa and Bob Neitzke Kathy Hart Yvonne and Clifford Marshall Yvonne and Clifford Marshall Donnie Hernandez Elaine and Larry McGuire Elaine and Larry McGuire Susan, David, and Jake Farr Joy Fagler Joy Fagler Anne Sheldon Joy Fagler Fagundes Family Warren and Shirley White Joanne Gift of Love Knitters Bill & Mina Ashlock & Family Elisebeth Falkner Rayna Mahlman Rayna Mahlman Rayna Mahlman Amy Roberts Family Patricia Seifert Dennis & Roberta Alexander Larry & Jan Cooper Sheri L. Williams Adelaide Del Prete Adelaide Del Prete Adelaide Del Prete Farago and Heffernan Family Mrs. Diana Farano Mrs. Diana Farano Mrs. Diana Farano Mrs. Diana Farano LaTonia Farley Carl and Michele Manitta Marie C. Shane Joe & Kay Farmer & Family Mary McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Mary McCleary Bess Farmer Linda Wilson daughter of O. Farnsworth Audrey Bohannon Ed and Laverne Farr Dorothy Harmon Dorothy Harmon Joan Barone William D. Farrell Ann Endicott & Family LeslieAnn Gomes Mei Ling Hunter Margie & Ron Jory Wife Carmel Breakfield Annette Faszer Annette Faszer Carol and Frank Whittaker Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Wanda Faught Fay Family Beverly Hightower Van & Kay Sweet Frances Voyer 5 H2O+, Rich and Joanne Waters and Fam Peggy and Abigail Coraleta Feary Rogers Bobbie Wallinger Georgette and John Feather Georgette and John Feather Grace Fedor The Fegett Family Your Loved Ones Who Miss You Mark & Sandy Driscoll Your Loved Ones Who Miss You Vera Estioco-Felix The Felkins Family Love, Sandy

Honoree / Memorial Name Ty Felkins Connie Ferguson Dana Ferguson Dana Ferguson Dana Ferguson Dana Ferguson Connie Fernandes David S. Fernandez Deanna Fernandez Nancy Fernandez Jack Ferneau Fortunato (Joe) Ferraiolo Joe Ferraiolo Julia Ferraiolo Beast and Belle Ferrari George (Grandpa) Ferrari Italia (Grandma Tal) Ferrari Richie Ferrell Donna Ferrera John L. Ferrero John L. Ferrero Johnny Ferrero Johnny Ferrero Johnny Ferrero Steve Ferry John & Marcia Fervia Wilma Fessler William D. Fetherlin Papoo Donald Fetherlin William D. Fetherlin Mike Fetherlin Grandpa Michael Fetherlin Michael Fetherlin Olga Fey Pascual & Connie Fidel Lee Gorley H.J. Fidler Herb Fidler Edward Field Ed Field Steve Field Steve Field Barbara A. Fields Barbara Fields Ginny Fields Laura Filbert Barney Filbin Patrick Filbin Virginia Filbin Carmen Filice Emma Filice Emma M. Filipelli Joe L. Filipelli Paula E. Filipelli Ethel Finch Daniel “Papa” Finck Cinch and Rowdy Finck Kudor Finck Lickey & Lucky & Hula Finck Todd Finck Violet “Mimi” Finck Irene Findley Patricia Fink Thomas E. Finnegan Frank Finney Mel Finos Honey Fiori Joyce Fiori Modesto Fiori Ione Fiorito Jim Fiorito Vince Fiorito Lucille & Robert Firth Richard Firth Mary Fischer Clyde Fish Jack and Mary Ellen Fisher Mary Fisher Virginia Fisher Virginia T. Fisher Ginny Fisher Maria Fisicaro Harold Fisk James E. Fiske (Jim) Jim Fiske James E (Chubbs) Fiske Helen Fitzpatrick Lev Fitzpatrick Ruth and Mike Flaherty Stacy, Chris, Taylor, Keegan & Lauren Flaherty Mary Flanagan Edwin Flato Basil (Buzz) A. Fleming, Jr. Brian K. Fleming James S. Fleming Sr. Esther Flemister Esther Flemister Bonnett Flemmer Bonnie Flemmer Beverlee Fletcher Norm Fletcher Andrea Flocchini Andrea Flocchini Andrew Flocchini Jim and Elsie Flocchini Emanuel Flocchini Emanuel Flocchini Rosina Flocchini Rosina Flocchini Steven Flocchini Violet Flolo Peggy Flom Charles M. Flores, Jr. Joseph & Juanita Flores Juni (Gilbert) Flores Lynnette Flores Philip P. Flores Ruby Flores George A. Floyd Mike Fluetsch Michael Fluetsch Michael Fluetsch Michael Fluetsch Mike Fluetsch Mike Fluetsch Suzie Fluetsch Donald Flynn Tom Flynn Charles Focacci Orin Focacci Rose Focacci Roberta Focht Otto & Margarite Foehringer Colleen Foley Harriet L. Foley Nadine Foley Anna Fong Thomas Fong Jeannine Fonseca Eurico and Rosa Fontes Andrew Foppiano Andrew Foppiano Olga Foppiano Olga Foppiano Rev. Steven Foppiano Mary Lou Forbes-Gouveia Don Ford Linda Ford Robert Ford

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Donor Gerry Henderson Lois Getschow Christopher and Tola Eley Laura Iacopi George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon The Waters (5H2O+) Ed and LaVerne Haskin Martha Guzman Jeannie Rosaz Linda and Jerome Fernandez Sara Balkwill - Grandmother Mary J. Fornaciari Mary J. Fornaciari Mary J. Fornaciari Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Dr. T Mike, Cathy, Nicole & Justin Angie Ferrero Susan Ferrero California Concentrate Co. Dr. and Mrs. Victor Macko Arlene Morast Joann Phar Ms. Blanche Brouillard Martha Santiago Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo The Fetherlin Family Christopher and Jennifer Fetherlin Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Olivia Michael Fetherlin Christopher and Jennifer Fetherlin Jeannie Douglas Dr. Jose T. Fidel Frances Voyer Sue Chewning Sue Chewning Nancy Field Carol Roseberry Jim Garrett JoAnne Garrett Catherine Esker Nancee L. Volpi, M.F.T. Florence and Hillard Sandy Hibler Kelly Filbin Kelly Filbin Kelly Filbin Mary Laurel Filice Mary Laurel Filice Joe Filipelli Joe Filipelli Joe Filipelli Jim & Lois Finch Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Danielle and Jeff Ferrari Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Danelle and Jeff Cindy Smith - Granddaughter Renee Fink Darcy & Margaret Sylvia Orsi Marles Finos Robert and Vickie Schulz Jack and Delores Fiori Robert and Vickie Schulz Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Don & Joyce Berg Don & Joyce Berg Rita Jackson Lois Fish Carol Louise Silva Harold and Patricia Barone Kimberly Fisher Rod Fisher Sherry Schroeder Norah James and Angela Fisk Joan Fiske John Kosta Julie and Ray Wetteland Bob & Susan Musick Bob & Susan Musick Herb and Joyce Speckman Herb and Joyce Speckman Lori Anderson Doug and Erica Hall Roider Family Patricia and Michael Cureton Patricia and Mike Cureton Elizabeth Ginn Elizabeth Ginn Paul Rankin & Sue Whitfield Jo Rerich Sharon Mendonca Beverly Fletcher Teresa Dini Agnes Nieddu Betty & Joe Joe & Betty Teresa Dini Agnes Nieddu Teresa Dini Agnes Nieddu Betty & Joe Kenneth Flolo Jan Foucher Charles Flores, Sr. Zanini Family - your children John and Rosa Solis Fernando Flores Herman P. Flores Harold and Nancy Flores- Rouse Jim and Jackie Floyd Mrs. Pat Fluetsch Sarah and Ed Gehrke Edward and Keegan Gehrke Betty Harrison Toni and George Jaquith Richard and Janie Williams Mrs. Pat Fluetsch Barbara Mekeel Daniel Caminata Gerry Focacci Gerry Focacci Gerry Focacci Gary Jefferson Family Glenda Herrera Tony and Carmen Silva Noeleen Tyrrell Susie Livesey Lani, Makana, Momi and Travis Lani, Makana, Momi and Travis Mrs. Robert Frediani Arlind and Jean Fontes Edie DiPiero Daughter Andrea and Family Edie DiPiero Daughter Andrea and Family Ralph and Denene Lucchetti Chuck & Bonnie Forbes Bob and Mary Leonard Tracy Ford Tracy Ford

Honoree / Memorial Name Ronald Ford Virginia Ford Claude Fore Ruth Fore Michael David Foreman Michael Foreman Jim Formento Lori Formento Lori Formento Lori Formento Vaughn D. Formway Vaughn Formway Alicia Fornaciari Gia Fornaciari Josephine Fornaciari Phil Fornaciari Tom Fornaciari Bobbi Forsberg Donna Forsch Bobby Fortes Esperanza Fortes Cecil W. Foster Jeffrey Alan Foster Keith R. Foster Morton Foster Son: Roy Bob Foster Eleanor Fountain Robert Fountain Renee Fournier Louise Foutch Carl Fowler John M. Fowler Leila Fowler Marion J. Fowler Don Fox Donald Fox Donald Fox “RedHatter” Norma Fox Rose Frago Jose Fraire Inez E. Fraker Walter Fraker Anne Franceschi Lori Franchini Oscar Francis Ruth Francis Ruthie A. Francis Manny Franco Bruce Franse Bill Franz Charlotte Franzia Molly Ginger Fraser Marilyn Donna Fraser Mary Lee Fraser Richard E. Fraser Rosie Fraser Jack Frates Phyllis Frates Guadalupe Frausto Curtis Frazier Larry R. Frazier Robert J. Frazier William Frech Austin C. Frederick Allison Prather Freeman Allison Irene Prather-Freeman Allison Irene Prather Allison Prather Freeman Allison Prather Freeman Gladys Bill Freeman Jerry Freeman Jerry Freeman Grace Freeman Alfred Freggiaro Rose Freggiaro Rose and Alfred Freggiaro Floyd Freitas Frances Freitas Marc Freitas Marc Freitas William Freitas David French David French David French David French David French David French Hertha French Judy French Linda French John Frerichs Marlene Stone Richmond Frey John Friar Lori Fried Lori Fried Lori Fried Lori Parker Fried Rita Friedman Mary Friedrichsen Ray Friedrichsen Virginia and Phillip Friermuth Brenda & Alan Friis Alan Friis Brenda Friis Duraine Frisk Bea Frost Graham Frost Kenneth Frost Sr. and Kenneth Frost Jr. Ronald (Ronnie) Frost Mary Fruchey Richard Frush “RedHatter” Carol Fuchigami Doris Fudge Doris Fudge Cecilia & Louis Fugazi Ben Fujii and Glen Fujii Kevin Fulgham Ralph Fuller Hardin (Boo Boo) Fultcher lll Hardin Fultcher Sr. Viola Fulton Albert Fung Phyllis Fung Lillian Furchner Lillian Furchner Lillian Furchner Lillian Furchner Lillian Furchner Lillian Furchner Frank Furtado Jim Gabbard Jim Gabbard Jim Gabbard Claude Gabriel Lucille Gaddis Charles A. Gaff Charles A. Gaff Bobby Gagnon Bobby Gagnon Robert “Uncle Bobby” Gagnon Genie Gagnon Robert “Bobby” Gagnon Caesar L. Gaia Audrey J. Gail John L. Gail (Papa) Shirley Gaines Paul Galbraith Cruz Loya Galindo Martin Galindo Virginia Galindo Floyd Gall

Donor Shirley Nies Charles D. Ford Claudette Gaydon Joyce Berlin Mom & Dad Bev and Bob McColl Dolores Formento Mrs. Diana Farano Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Wanda Pardini Pearl Formway Bruce and Judy Mary J. Fornaciari Cheri & Glenn Burgin Mary J. Fornaciari Mary J. Fornaciari Mary Fornaciari Harry Rieber Mom Betty Crecelius Betty Crecelius Wife Mary A. Foster Mama Foster Family Joanne Foster Mother Roberta Alvarez Roberta Alvarez Ann Ioppini Carol Martinelli Rudy and Karen Bilawski Elizabeth Soeth Grandpa Ken & Grandma Sue Rudy and Karen Bilawski Connie Fox Ron & Suzi Fox Diana Costa - Daughter Pat Slauson Paula M. Frago Alma Palmer Darleen Fraker Darleen Fraker Dennis & Roberta Alexander Cindy and Austin Erdman Oscar and Betty Francis Florence Breiger Mom and Tom Kathy Franco Jackie Fleming Felix and Paulie Torlai George & Tresa Lozano & Family Marlene Fraser Lyle Fraser Marlene Fraser Marlene Fraser Amber and Lawrence Mora Jim and Mae Hamm Dolly E. Sonne Gutierrez Family Judy Giovannoni Charlotte Frazier Betty Finamore - Sister Mary Frech Wife Mary Gay King Gay King Gay King Ms. Leslie Mattesich Frank and Claudia Prather Carrie Lane Nan & Dan Mrs. Maureen Freeman His sister, Joan Keller Nan & Dan Mike and Diana Machado Diana and Mike Machado William and Grace Machado Joyce King Edward Freitas Koreen Freitas Roberta Unger Bill & Shelley Freitas Dolly French John & Terri Williams Beverly Hood Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Felix and Paulie Torlai Frances Voyer Jim and Pat Easterbrook Floyd and Lace John & Terri Williams Richard and Leslie Deluchi Don and Gayle Duckworth Jo Ann and Gary Eggert Sera Baysinger Sandra Bukovec Virginia Wayne and Paulette Parker Joan Briscoe Ann Wolford Ann Wolford Ray and Arela Jean Ring Ellen & Greg McKeegan Neva Wilder Neva Wilder Judy Vasquez Lori and Harry Olson Linda, Candace, Kourtney & Wes Lori and Harry Olson Louis and Carol Norley John and Edna Fruchey Wendy & Gary Pat Slauson Dan and Kathy Caminata Barbara Pombo Joe & Betty Kay Fujii Hartley Family Mark Fuller Susie Gray & Family Susie Gray & Family Nancy and Jerry Golz Frank & Pat Kim Frank & Pat Kim Yolanda Hamlow Mike & Shirley Rego Ben and Kim Sabbatino Breanne Sabbatino Kyle Sabbatino Lorraine Yancy Carolyn (Furtado) Mora Denise Saffels Sharon DeCicco Pete and Veronica Pezzi Claudette Gaydon Anne Athayde Margaret-Wayne Castle Margaret-Wayne Castle Vicki Braun Krista Hamby Kimberly,Marissa & John Bob and Lana King Lana and Bob King Jeanne Gaia & Hugh Lilly Annette J. Stone, J.D. Annette J. Stone, J.D. Diane Gray Linda Galbraith Richard and Catherine Sartain Ronnie and Kathleen Galindo Ronnie and Kathleen Galindo Ada Gall

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Dee Dee Alberta Gallagher James Gallagher Bernadette Gallaven Glenn Gallaven Harold Gallaway Alfonso Gallego Mary L. Gallego Ernest F. Gallegos Mary Rose Gallegos Richard Richard Galletta James Galli James Galli Marie P. Galligan Danny Gallo Sophie Susie Galvez Susie Galvez Nick Galvez, Jr. Nick Galvez, Jr. Elsie Galvin John Galvin Linda Galvin Melissa Galvin Stan and Marie Gambetti Elena Gamble Frederic Gamboni Refugio Gamino James Ganzer Xue Yi Gao Antonia Garcia Antonia Garcia Donnie Garcia Elsie Garcia Joe Garcia Juanita & Aurora Garcia Macario Garcia Soledad Garcia Phyllis Gardenhire Irene Gardiner Lester Gardiner Shari Gardiner Lani Gardner Esther Garduno Jeri Garibaldi Lema and John Garibaldi John Garibaldi Lema Garibaldi Lois Garibaldi Melvin Garibaldi Melvin Garibaldi Melvin Garibaldi Melvin Garibaldi Mel Garibaldi Melvin A. Garibaldi Robert Garibaldi Bob Garner Joshua Garner Joshua Garner Viva Garner Bill Garner Jim Garrett Norma Garrett Thomas J. Garrett Ryan Charles Garrette Susannah Kelley Clifford Garrison Cora Garrison John Vincent Garrison Robert Garry Joe Garsino Vern Garten Gary and Jack Judith Ann Garza Judy Garza Gene Gaston Ruth Gaston Cathy Gates Ruth Gatto Eleanor Gauss Richard T. Gauss, Sr Richard Gauthier Harry Gay Harry Gay Alice Gaydosh P.J. Gayles Robert Gearing Shane Gearing Neil Gedda Betty Gehman Carl Geib Richard Geigle Shirley Geil Dorothy “Tara” Geiszler Leonard Geiszler Maxine & John Gemelos Rico Gemignani Rico Gemignani Joseph Genecco Genecco Family Dan George Dan George Danny George Katy George Laura George Marian George Jim Gerard Joseph & Amelia Germino Benjamin J. Gersoni Henrietta Gersoni Patricia A. Gesler Patricia Ann Gesler Herbert Gevedon Ron and Laura Ghiglieri Mary Ghilotti Robert Ghilotti Ruth Ghilotti Albert E. Ghio Angela and Guiseppi Ghio Angeline Ghio Annie Ghio Delia Ghio Delia Ghio Delia Ghio Henry Ghio Henry Ghio John Ghio Joseph D. Ghio Mr. JB Ghiorzo Mrs. Mary Ghiorzo Vernon Ghiorzo Clint Giacomini Karl Giacomini John Giambastiani John Giambastiani Albert J. Giambruno Inez J. Giambruno Richard A. Giambruno Giacomo and Cornelia Gianelli and Family Ben and Nell Giannecchini Carlo Giannecchini Eddie Giannecchini Fred and Virginia Giannecchini Giovanni and Mary Giannecchini Ralph and Zelda Giannecchini Anita Giannini Armando Giannini Anita Giannini Armando and Anita Giannini Armando Giannini Rudy and Connie Giannini Rudy Giannini

Patrick Gallagher Mary Gallagher Dennis and Gayle Miller Dennis and Gayle Miller Dorothy Gallaway Anita Barboza David G. Gallego Rosemarie Jauch Rosemarie Jauch George and Carol Benkie Hong Chiang Me Bernard Gray Andy Galligan Jack and Delores Fiori Carrie Lane Eve Galvez & Family Nick Galvez, Sr Nick Galvez Jr.’s Family Nick Galvez, Sr Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Tom Galvin Thomas Galvin Debbie Rickard Carl and Vi Martin Rae Charos Diane Mary Stewart Anne and Ron Braden Tony Gao Alexandria Olguin Ronald Alcon Karen Bongi Karen Bongi Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Meraz Family Belia Garcia Kelli Page Her Family Betsy and Lee Gardiner Betsy and Lee Gardiner Betsy and Lee Gardiner Grace Fedor Kathy Franco Bob and Lysa Neitzke Larry & Jan Cooper Chris & Lisa Pudwell Chris & Lisa Pudwell Darrell and Patty Phillips Sue Carey Janet Conti Yvette Maragliano Yvette Maragliano Nancy L. Mardis Jeff and Kathy White Al & Teresa Garibaldi & Family Debbie Brockney Linda and David Jeffers Nick and Penny Meyers Debbie Brockney Richard and Frances Jim & Pat Pickering Marie and Stephen Guasco Nita Powell Family Dennis and Diane Moresco JoAnne Garrett Mary Garrison Frank and Josephine Silva Georgianna Garrison Susan Donahue Wife Phyllis Family Cal & Kathy Lee Laurie Michel Janis and Ron Nichols Diana Flynn Diana Flynn Christy Reinold Mary McCleary William and Judith Kenney William and Judith Kenney Mrs. Sandra Wade Family Mills Family Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Joan Inge Dale and Donna Gearing Dale and Donna Gearing Donna Gedda Stephen Gehman Ken and Gayle Riley Cindy & Family Lee, Mary Geil & Family Sharon L. Bearg Tom and Lynelle Williams Elaine and John Kluve Jr. Lois Sbragia Don & Diane Vigil Cheryl Genecco Ken & LC Genecco Mom & Dad Dennis and Chris Olin Peter and Judith Tirapelle Audrey and Philip George Greg and Shelley Burcham Chuck and Carol Bloch His Family Donna Smith Tony and Adrienne Bertolucci Tony and Adrienne Bertolucci Cam, Kelli, and Alexis Buck Norm & Betty Shannon-Gesler Elizabeth Lynch Jeff and Danelle Ferrari Judi Howell Rose Grant Rose Grant Susan J. Ghio Susan J. Ghio Walt & Judy Ghio Evelyn and Renzo Menconi Louise Della Santa Glenda Ghio Richard and Janet Ghio Glenda Ghio Richard and Janet Ghio Walt & Judy Ghio Evelyn and Renzo Menconi LaVerne Ghiorzo LaVerne Ghiorzo LaVerne Ghiorzo Megan and Ryan Dyk Megan and Ryan Dyk Lois Giambastiani Felix and Paulie Torlai Lena Giambruno Lena Giambruno Lena Giambruno Jennifer Meraz & Family Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Margaret Heinz James and Angela Fisk James and Angela Fisk Jennifer and Gary Giannini Margaret Heinz Anne, Jacob & Chris Allyn Noris

Honoree / Memorial Name Papa and Grammie Giannini Rudy and Connie Giannini Rudy and Connie Giannini Rudy and Connie Giannini Rudy and Connie Giannini Sirio Giannini Vasco Giannini Connie Giannini Eugene Gibson Fred N. Gibson Mark Gibson Richard J. Gibson, Sr. Bertha Gienger Betty Gienger Jerry Gifford John J. Gifford Lisa Gifford Clarence Gilbeau Don R. Gilbeau Donald R. Gilbeau Donald M. Gilbeau James Gilbeau Mary Gilbeau Rita M. Gilbeau Mrs. Rita M. Gilbeau A. Carlton Gilbert Harmon Gilbow Lauren Gile Barbara Gilgert Earl Gilgert Peggy (Margaret) Gill Peggy Gill Tarsem Gill Jim Gillen Bobby, Bob and June Gillespie Paul A. Gillespie Cleo Gilliland Liz Gini Elizabeth Gini Lisa Gini Joseph J. Giometti Josephine Giometti Jo Giometti Gene Giordano Gene Giordano Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giordano Albino and Mary Giovando Albino Giovando George Giovando George Giovando George Giovando George Giovando George Giovando Mary Giovando Adolph Giovannoni Eileen Giovannoni Ernestine Giovannoni Gene Giovannoni Eva and Lado Giovannoni Gino Giovannoni Sandy and Alan Giovannoni Teeny and Dolphie Giovannoni Louis Girardi Louie Girardi Abner Girsh Gordon R. Gittere Gordon R. Gittere Gordon Gittere Esther Giuliani Anthony Giurato Fred Giurato Gene Giurato Rose Giurato Francis Giusto Rose Giusto Dan Given Phyllis Given Emmitt Givens Patrica Lee Givens Givens Family Miss Megan Gleason Anna Glenn Delmar Glover Ernesto Godoy Marlene “Marty” Spaid Godsey Marty Godsey Lyle Goehring Marilyn Goehring Nellie Goehring Otto Goehring Otto Goehring Armando Gogna Armando Gogna Elva Gogna Johanna Gogna Joe Gogna Lodovico Gogna Mary Gogna Margaret Golden Arlan Goldsmith Mr. & Mrs. A. Golia Martin and Blanche Gollop Marjorie Golz Gene F. Gomas Adele Gomes Adele Gomes Adele Gomes Monet Gomes Frank P. Gomes Gilbert Gomes John Gomes Tony and Elsie Gomes Anita C. Gomez David Gomez Gloria Gomez Julian Gomez Jeff Gonsalez Frank Gonsalves, Sr. John Gonsalves Anthony Gonzales Frank Gonzales Nancy Gonzales Nancy Gonzales Rose Gonzales Esther Gonzalez George Gonzalez Isaura Gonzalez Jack Ferneau Gooch Jack Good Carol Goodell Nolan Goodman (Noe) William (Bill) Goodman Allen Goodrich Barry Goodwin JoElla Goodwin Josh Goonan Josh Goonan Kortney and Sophy Gordon Kortney Blythe Gordon Kortney and Sophy Gordon Frank Gorham Olive Gorham Kenneth E. Gorley Loren and Lorraine Gorley Sean Gorley Gladys Gorman John Gorman Shirley Gorman Betty Gormley Betty Gormley James R. Gorospe Winston Gosser

Donor Jannie, Julia & Jovie Ford Jannie, Julia & Jovie Ford Ed and Mary Ford Ms. Christina Fugazi Christina Giannini Wife Flora Giannini Mrs. Robert Frediani Noris Joanne Gibson Marilyn & Pam Dave and Pam Dias Barbara Gibson Russell and Mabel Martin The Ballards Linda Larsen Cynthia Gifford Jesse Gifford Susan and Bob North Mary Anne Carlson Jan Mary Anne Carlson Susan and Bob North Susan and Bob North Mary Anne Carlson Jan Susan and Carlton Gilbert The Ruhstaller Family Nick and Penny Meyers Laurence & Joey Laurence & Joey Aunt Phyllis William Gill Ranjit Kaur Barbara Pombo Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Emileine Gillespie Jaquilyn and Jack Gilliland Genevieve Galli Robert D. Gini Gene and Dianne Gini Josephine Giometti Alba Klemin Isela Ruiz Lawrence Lois Giordano Scott, Renee, Andrew and Sarah Grafius Debbie and Donna Nadine Giovando Gail Marganelli Nadine Giovando Debbie Lawson Gail Marganelli Clark & Joanne Sueyres Felix and Paulie Torlai Gail Marganelli Nick and Penny Meyers John Giovannoni Nick and Penny Meyers John Giovannoni Doris & Alvin Cortopassi Leanna Marraccini Herb and Joyce Speckman Larry & Jan Cooper Loving Wife Elena Girardi Susie Livesey John and Bertie Lee Linda Perry Joy Gittere Joanne Stack Bob and LaVerne Bezemer Ms. Laura Dwyer-Bell Laura Dwyer Ms. Laura Dwyer-Bell Laura Dwyer Michael Giusto Alma Huff Lino and Linda Giovacchini Lino and Linda Giovacchini Dorinda and Walt Givens Dorinda and Walt Givens Lori Davey Mrs. Kim Etcheverry 5 H2O+, Rich and Joanne Waters Tillaine Glover Alex and Mariela Bianchi Foppiano Family The Godsey Family Fran and Ron Goehring Mike and Norene Bertsch Diane and Art Allen Kristen Bertsch Mike and Norene Bertsch Alex, Diana & Camille Krueger Sister - Theresa Randolph Ernest Gogna Alex, Diana & Camille Krueger The Basalto’s Daughter - Theresa Randolph Daughter - Theresa Randolph Yvonne Brown Jean Goldsmith Susan Golia Jeannette Saporito Jerry and Nancy Golz Lib Gomas and Family Larry and Joan Barone Helen Murphy Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Waters James and Shirley Lira Gene and Carolyn Gomes Dolores Gomes Lori Anderson Gene and Carolyn Gomes Mrs. Norma Halstead Anna Wilson Steven and Christina Cordone Steven and Christina Cordone Alice Smith Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Greg and Phyllis Kiester Jeannie Rosaz Michael Gonzales Keven and Kelly Steiger Greg and Phyllis Kiester Claudia Ochoa Louise Gonzalez Salvador Cazares Chuck & Bonnie Forbes Helen Willis Charles Goodell Karen Olson Karen Olson Carol Palmer Kathy & Cory Judy Goodwin Nick & Jesslyn Farros Laura Farros and Joseph Curtis Shirley Hamilton Florene and Dick Mesa Chet and Renee O’Brien Larry Gorham Larry Gorham Evelyn L. Gorley Norman and Carol Gorley Norman and Carol Gorley Gene Gorman James and Kay Nicholas James and Kay Nicholas Husband Charley Donny & Judy Tucker Susan Gorospe and Family Dave & Jakcie Bennett

Honoree / Memorial Name Anthony D. Gotelli Ruby C. Gotelli Ruby Goth Ted Goth Caecilie Gottschalk Shirley Gottschalk Izilda Goulart Izilda Goulart Joe and Carmen Goularte Herb Goularte, Jr. David Gould Leslie Gourvitch Richard Goyette Richard Goyette Richard Goyette Jared Graber Jared Graber Herman Grabow John Graef Louise Graffigna Ralph Graffigna Nellie Graffis Bernard Grafius Hypatia Grafius Edgar Graham Ed Graham Dennis Gramm Don Gramm Bob Gramm Melissa Granados Linda Grand Grandpa Lappe Philip Granicy Jeanne Granlees Eunice Grant Robert Grant Adolph Grasshorn Marta A. Grasshorn Geraldine Grath Hugo Grau Janola Grau Ralph Grau Edward & Frances Graviel Donna Gray Donna Gray Francine Gray John Gray and Dianna Blain John Gray Lavenna Gray Millie Gray (Mother) Robert James Gray Theresa Grebert Larry Grebil, Jr. Larry Grebil, Sr. Charles Green Dennis James Green Dennis Green Dennis, Jim and Julia Green Paddy Green Robert “Elwood” Green Jr. Robert Green Virginia Green Carmel Greene Olympia Greene Ronald J. Greene Florence Irene Greenlee Florence I. Greenlee William R. Greenwood Frances Gregorio Warren Gregory Mary Greiner Rosella Gremillion Mary Grenz Walter C. Grewatz Darrell Griek Arlene Griess Gloria Griffen La Doska “Dot” Griffin Ruth Griffin Irene Amen Griffith Larry Griffith Margie Griffith Tom Griffith Richard and Marcella Griffiths Jowell Griggs Phillip Griggs Ruth Grimes (Mom) Bea Grimm Ben F. Grimshaw Sam Grimsley Frances I. Groom Frances Groom Wanda Grose Irene Gross Irene Gross Doug Grotemeyer Evelyn Grotemeyer Cork Grotemeyer Georgia Grove Chandler Groves Bruce Grunow Doug Grunow Ed Grunow Marilyn Guasco Jennifer Gucho Fred and Alice Gudel Isabel Gudino Maria L. Gudino Ramona Gudino Brewster & Gugenheim Family Mindy Guichard Carole Lee Guidera David Guidi Larry Guidi Renzo Guidi Frank Guilelmino Frank Guilelmino Ellen Guilfoyle Ellen Guilfoyle Ginger Guin Sandra Gulden Donald Gulick Carmela Gulino James Gulino David Gumaer Borghild Gundersen Cathy Gunderson Gladys Gunderson Ray Gunderson Andy A. Gurule Andy A. Gurule Andy A. Gurule Clorinda Gustafson Florence and Fred Gustorf Pat & Jon Gustorf Rudy and Louise Gustus Connie Guth Sarah Guth Anna Guthmiller Fred Guthmiller Al Gutierrez Al Gutierrez Betty and Coe Gutierrez Frank V. Gutierrez Joe Gutierrez Lupe A. Gutierrez Mary Castanon Gutierrez and Theresa Gutierrez Guizar Frank A. Gutierrez Amaya E Lopez-Guzman Fausto H. Guzman Harry Guzman Harry Guzman

Donor June K. Gotelli June K. Gotelli Ross and Susan Schmiedt Ross and Susan Schmiedt Herbert H. Gottschalk Herbert Gottschalk Sheilah & Manny Goulart Richard F. Limas & Shelly Ott Herb and Kathy Goularte Herb and Kathy Goularte Randall and Karen Harrison Cathie Heighes Norma & Loving Family Donna Goyette Carole Huber Izaiah and Sarah Graber Christopher Gallegos and Carla Graber Richard and Janet Wanner Veva Graef Marilyn Graffigna Marilyn Graffigna Dorothy Broin Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Joan Bates Fred Selin Deb Garcia (Gramm) Linda Gramm Your daughter Deb, Marc, & Rob Derrol and Linda Hammer Caryl Toth Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Delayn Granicy-Gehman Mike Granlees & Family Daughter Mary and Jerry Rose Grant and Family Margret Rose Margret Rose Lockey Kjelson The Grau Family Greg and Janice Grau Barbara & Mike Henry Tony and Dorothy Martin Genevieve Galli Bernard Gray Susie Gray Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Kathy Franco Robert J. Gray Robert J. Gray Lisa Garcia Bruce and Linda Dodge Bruce and Linda Dodge Glenn & Betty McDonald Jo Ann & Don Marsau Butch & Meredith McCormack Florence Hernandez Sandra Martin Deanna Green Gail Wardell Anne and Ron Braden Virginia Cochran Shirley, Cara and Alissa Grandma Karl W. Greenlee Karl Greenlee Todd and Claire Greenwood Ed and Laverne Farr Barbara Gregory Susan Caulfield Vickie Hale Wetherell Darlene Fuso Vicki Ramirez Roider Family Jerry and Debbie Horst Aasha and Sabina Griffen Frank and Patti Griffin Frank and Patti Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Amen Betty Daniels John Allen Betty Daniels Debbie Scrimsher - Daughter Pete & Doris Ludwigsen Bob and Mary Ann Bulawit Barbara Forbes Irene James The Tibbedeaux’ Pastor Ron and Kathi Martens Tom and Terry Machado Chuck and Nancy Selman Sharon McGarrah Darlene and Dewey Hines Tracy & Kyle May Bobbie Wallinger Bill Grotemeyer Jill K. Hatanaka Boots Glenda Tower Duyst Henry and JoAnne Talbot Henry and JoAnne Talbot Henry and JoAnne Talbot Marie and Stephen Guasco Susan Cullom Mary Ann Fena Gloria and Joseph Huerta Claudia Ochoa Gloria and Joseph Huerta Marta Whiteside Family Anne Braden Gale R. Choffin Butch & Meredith McCormack Norma & Loving Family Franca Guidi Janet Guilelmino Patricia Judge Megan & Merissa Helen Salisbury Lanette C. Snow Jack and Cathy Gulden Reba Veenstra Farago and Heffernan Family Farago and Heffernan Family Elaine Gumaer Berit & Kirsten Carl and Michele Manitta Carl and Michele Manitta Carl and Michele Manitta Landon Adams Aubrey Adams Noemi GuRule Richard and Mattie Lou Ratliff Jon and Pat Gustorf Susan Caulfield Gayle Riley Sarah and John Azevedo Sarah and John Azevedo Ed Clark Ed Clark Al and Jennifer Gutierrez Cora Gutierrez Angelo Gutierrez Cecilia G. Alvarez Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Cecilia G. Alvarez Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Cecilia G. Alvarez Martha Guzman Martha Guzman Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Barbara and Ken Bohi

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name


Harry Guzman Grandpa Harry Guzman Harry Guzman Harry Guzman Humberto G. Guzman Ignacio Z. Guzman Mary & Augusto Guzman-Parents Lante “Buggs” Guzman, Jr. Lante Guzman Sr. “Papa” Els Gyermek Vivian Haack Collins & Helyne T. Haan Debra Habben Clair Haberman Grant and Carol Hafelfinger Ed Haffner Hugh Hagan, Sr. Jim Hagan Owen Hagan Buddy Hagans Bud Hagans Ervin Hageness Myrtle Hageness Bill Hagicos Ruth Hagicos Charles Haight Richard Haines Virginia Boyd Hale Virginia Hale Virginia Boyd Hale Jean Haley Jeanette Haley Christine Louise Haley Ted Halkyard Angeline Gribaudo Hall Barry Hall Clair Hall Connor Hall Kevin Hall Marlene Hall Sam Hall Willie L. Hall Michael Halley Lydia Halliday Wayne Halliday Glen Halligan Richard Hallum James Halverson Craig Halvorsen Martin Halvorsen Dora C. Halvorson E.I. “Hal” Halvorson Eiko Hamamoto Nancy Hamblin Nancy Rossi Hamblin Dola Hamer Dola Hamer Carol Hamilton Harold Hamilton Juanita Hamilton Richard Hamilton Thomas B. Hamilton Tom Hamilton Margery Hamlet Earl and Edith Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Ivan E. Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Ivan Hamlow Jessie Hammer Kathy Hammerson Virginia Hammett Richard Hammon Anna Laura Hammond Gregory A. Hammond Pearl A. Hammond Ted Hammons, Jr. Theodore Hammons, Sr. Arthur A. Hampton Jerry Hamrick Ruth, Lynn, Joanie & Jerry Hamrick Jerry Hanagan Jerry Hanagan Teresa Hanagan George & Teresa Hanagan Teresa Hanagan Barbara Handel “Babe” Handel Letha N. Hansen Earl “Great Grandpa” Hanson Gert “Great Grandma” Hanson Leone Hanson Terry Hanson William Hao Jim K. Harada Marie Harb James D. Harbin Sr. James D. Harbin Sr. Bill Hardcastle Bob Hardeman Barbara Harden Chris Harden Jerry Harden Glynn Hardy Lula Hardy Musetta Hardy Sybil Hardy W. J. Hardy Jimmy Harjo Stan and Thelma Harkness Dan Harkov Dan and Geneva Harkov Bill Harmening Lula Irene Harmon Cletus Harmon John Harmon John Harmon Juanita Harmon Les Harmon My Mother, Loretta Harmon Loretta Harmon Velma Harmon Eileen Ulm Hildegard Harmsen Hilde Harmsen Mary Haro Onecimo Haro Freddie Harper Ruth Harper Vince Harper Frank S. Harrigan Peggy Harriman Robert L. Harrington Allen Harris Arthur O. Harris Diane Harris Edna Harris Greta Harris Helen C. Harris James Harris Louis C. Harris Marie Grant Harris Marla Harris Virginia Harris Al Harrison Bill Harrison Janet Harrison John W. Harrison June Harrison Richard Harry

Rita Boyd The Fetherlin Family Christopher & Jennifer Fetherlin Wife Martha Guzman Dolores Guzman Olivia Andor Jerry and Linda Rose Jerry and Linda Rose Mary Ann Ware Kathy Barton Steve and Gayle Roscelli Family Jan, Jay and Marie Redding Mary McCleary John & Linda Carlson David & Marianne Kolko Dave and Pam Dias Dave and Pam Dias Barb Hagans Holly Renfro Bill and Audrey Churchill Bill and Audrey Churchill Ronnie and Kathleen Galindo Ronnie and Kathleen Galindo Donna Haight and Ron Hansen Liz Haines West Wind Mobile Home Park, Inc. John and Like Coughran Mike and Kristine Weber Dorothy Gallaway Hazel Haley Lewis Steven Haley Jane Halkyard Galen and Darlene Gribaudo Nick and Penny Meyers Galen and Darlene Gribaudo Nick and Penny Meyers Golden State Lumber, Inc. Sharon Lagrimas-Hall Doug and Erica Hall Ronald Hall Frances Halley DJ and Janet Johnson DJ and Janet Johnson Linda, Candace, Kourtney & Wes Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schmierer Virginia Wagers Joyce Halvorsen Joyce Halvorsen William & Lorraine Halvorson William & Lorraine Halvorson Alice Ochi Carol Hemmer Mom Don & Joyce Berg Robert Hamer Dick & Sue Dick & Sue Kay Martin Dorothy Gallaway Shirley Hamilton Chet and Renee O’Brien Harry and Kay Williams Yolanda Hamlow Larry and Ann Duncan Christopher and Tola Eley Yolanda Hamlow Margie Harrison Marge Hermance Marjorie Solari Mrs. Bertha Speegle Derrol and Linda Hammer Shirley Hammerson Carol Hammett Leonard and Wilma Wolfe Alden P. Hammond Alden P. Hammond Alden P. Hammond Jean Deal Jean Deal Irene A. Hampton Mary Rede Loren and Kathye Sheridan Kathleen Equinoa Terri, Gabriela & Nico Kathleen Equinoa Jennifer and Gary Giannini Terri, Gabriela & Nico Rich and Marje Handel Rich and Marje Handel Patricia Leitch Michelle and Lee Bethea Michelle and Lee Bethea Martha Ellwanger Judith Gaal Elizabeth Hao Korinne & Michael Ponder Lee Furr Patricia and Mike Cureton Michael, David & Jason Harbin Vonda Hardcastle Sandra McPherson Jacqueline F. Russell Glenda Herrera Kathy Harden Harry and Kay Williams Nadyne Sessions Harry and Kay Williams Vickie Hale Wetherell Naydene Donny & Judy Tucker Stan and Maurine Harkness Marcel & Jan Foucher Chuck and Deb Giordano Jeannie Rosaz William Vukovich William Vukovich Dorothy Harmon Jan & Jay Redding & Marie Redding Bob & Sherry Harmon Bob & Sherry Harmon Ms. Patricia Muldrew Catherine Walker Hammond Family William Vukovich Kevin and Sandra Lewis BS Helen Haro Helen Haro Carolyn Collins Madres Del Camino Egan Family Foundation Richard K LeGrande Pamela J. Fagundes Rebecca Brownfield Family Betty Campora David Harris Martha Ellwanger Diane Mendosa - Daughter Betty Campora Ethel Harris Emily J. Harris Jaynie Pastor Ron and Kathi Martens Mary Hamilton Pat Fluetsch Yolanda Hamlow Karin Van Diemen Daughter, Son-in-law & Grandson Daughter, Son-in-law & Grandson Diane Pelletier

Honoree / Memorial Name Bruce Hart Edward Hart Miriam R. Hart Kathryn “Katie” Soria Esther Hartje James Hartley Jack Hartnett Shirley Hartsick Hans J. Hartwig Josephine Hartz Betty Harvey Keith Harvey Patricia A. Harvey Betty A. Hasart Edwin “Grandpa” Hasart Jewell Haskins Ann Hassler Vic Hassler Jan Hastings Janice Hastings Janice Ann Hastings Emily “Lee” Hasty-Dagan Ben Hatanaka Ben Hatanaka Ben Hatanaka Jo Ann Hatley Dick Hawkins Ellen Hawkins Gerald Hawley Lorraine Hawley Rick Hawley Kathryn Hay Tokiyo Hayashino Cody Hayden Edna Hayes Dr. Ivan Hayes Mayme Hayes Pilar Hayes Jack and Lorraine Haynes Dennis Haynie Bea Hays Debra Hazelet Gene Hazelet Peggy Hazlip Peggy Jean Hazlip Joe and Grace Head Alexander Heard Ronald J. Heath JoAnn Heathington Mr. Heckenlaible Evelyn N. Heefner Wilson Heefner J. Wilson Heefner Dr. Wilson Heefner Jay Heefner Jay Heefner Margie Heer Marjorie Heer Minnie and Victor Heer Don Robert Hegg Don Hegg Cora Hegwer Mike Heidinger Catherine Heighes Elmer Heilbrun Robert F. Heiman Agnes Hein Robert Heininger Jim Heinitz Ken and Mae Heinitz Barbara Heino Barbara Heino Barbara Heino Carol Heinrich Carol Heinrich Louis and Katie Heinrich Jim Heinz Jim Heinz Dan Heinze Ernie Heinze Dad-Ernie Heinze Albert Heiser Laura B. Heiser Melvin Heiser Roberta Heiser Frank Heisler LaVerne Held Augustina Hellam Jody Hellmer Vicie Helmholtz Steve Helms Joann Helpap Sophie Hempel Bill Henderson Blackie Henderson Carl Henderson Don Henderson Doris Henderson George Henderson George Henderson Mary Henderson Maryanna Henderson Robert L. Henderson Viola I. Henderson Buck Hendricks Jana Henry Johnnie “Granny” Henry Mary Louise Henry Don Hensel Chastine Henson Geneva Henson Jim Henson Orlan Henson Shirley Henson Herbert Hentschel Marilyn Herberger Mr. Arthur Herbert Jeff Herbert “RedHatter” Terry Herink Clarence Hermance Clarence Hermance Clarence J. Hermance William & Ruth Hermance Ava Hernandez Beatrice Hernandez Beatrice Hernandez Betty Hernandez BJ Hernandez Felipe Hernandez Guadalupe Hernandez Irma Hernandez Jack Hernandez Jesus Hernandez Joe Hernandez Larry Hernandez Larry Hernandez Larry Hernandez Laura Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Myrna Hernandez Nicholas Hernandez Nieves Hernandez Peter Hernandez Raul Hernandez Sammy Hernandez Soledad Hernandez

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Donor Adrienne Egeland Debi Hart Debi Hart Bryan and Pete Soria Charlie Hartje III Hartley Family Hartnett Family Janice Orrock Alice J. Hartwig Jay Hartz - Son Arline G. Drais Thomasina Harvey Vernon R. Claeys Larry & Jan Cooper Larry & Jan Cooper Helen Hubble Dennis and Chris Olin Dennis and Chris Olin Johnna Flood Mary and Willie Luntao Jessica Soderberg Janet Guilelmino Bill Grotemeyer Jill K. Hatanaka Lilly Hatanaka, Ann & Ross Norman, Brock & Ginger Hatley, Jackie Kruse Jennifer and Jim Hawkins Teri Salaices Randy and Rosemary Hawley Michael and Pamela Gitzen and Mel Hawley Randy and Rosemary Hawley Don & Joyce Berg Alpine Apartments Dan and Marion Flores Ralph Hayes & Son, Inc. Judy Hayes Craig and Caryl McClure Barbara E. Bess-Borelli Cynthia Haynes Kathryn Haynie Cathy McAlister Gloria Brosnikoff Anonymous Lee, Mary Geil & Family J. Randall Mary McCleary GMA Dolly Judy Crosby Ray & Toni Heathington Mike & Shirley Rego Randy and Annette Rigato Patricia Heefner Randy and Annette Rigato Randy and Annette Rigato Patricia Heefner Randy and Annette Rigato Bill and Crissy Corell Mrs. Collette Treiber Suzanne Heer Diana Costa Connie Fox Fernando Ruiz, Jr. Esther Sowers Catherine Heighes Ms Brenda Heinrich Ms. Janet C. Heiman Daughter Janice & Family Letty Heininger Rinehart and Mairlyn Heinitz Jim and Carole Kiefer Phyllis Linda Bowker Pat Metz Ms Brenda Heinrich Ted Heinrich Ms Brenda Heinrich Jennifer and Gary Giannini Margaret Heinz Cal & Kathy Lee Gary and Nancy Krahmer Cal & Kathy Lee Jeff and Linda Heiser Andrew & Elizabeth Vernon and Yvonne Lucchetti Vernon and Yvonne Lucchetti Lynne & Michael Cary George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Mary Klevan Julie & Steve Hellmer Patti and Frank Griffin Steve, Barb, Jake & Haley Boynton Kristine & Richard Thornton Gerda H. Foxworth Carol Henderson - Wife Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos Juliana Homan Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos David and Lisa Ayers Kendra Cardiasmenos and P.J. Cardiasmenos Elaine Sandman Geraldine Eutsler Debbie Bunch - Mother Christy Peterson Sue Hendricks Norma & Loving Family Jerry and Linda Rose Terry & Noreen Williams Phyllis D. Hensel Sue Carey Sue Carey Sue Carey Sue Carey Evelyn Glaze Mrs. Hentschel 5 H2O+ Prof & Mrs. Ted Takaya Nancy Herbert Pat Slauson Yolanda Hamlow Doris Moore Marge H. Hermance Doris Moore Pat Reeder Linda Fernandez & Jerome Tony Hernandez Richard and Carla Hiatt Nancy Hernandez Angela Khan Bob and Shirley Hernandez Manuel and Donna Revillar Florence Hernandez Margarita Hernandez Sandra and Jeanette Bolosan Donnie Hernandez Wayne and Joanne Hernandez Clifford Marshall & Yvonne Carmen Costa Florence Hernandez Dan and Marion Flores Margarita Hernandez Angela Khan Margarita Hernandez Sharon Lagrimas-Hall Charlie and Sandy Mello Martha Estrada

Honoree / Memorial Name Deciderio Herrera Deciderio Herrera Deciderio Herrera Deciderio Herrera Felipe L. Herrera Felipe A. Herrera Jr. Felipe Herrera Felipe & Lupi Herrera Guadalupe A. Herrera Juan Jose Herrera Juan Jose Herrera Juan Jose Herrera Metztli Herrera Charles Wayne Herring Georgia Gene Herring Bill Hershman Betty Hershman Ann Hersom Becky Hersom Liz Herzick Felix Herzick Loren Herzog Mrs. Marie Heskin Stephanie Hessler Marlene Heupel Clive Hewett Naomi & Allen Hewitt John Hiatt Papa & Mom Hiatt Bob Hibbard Robert Hibbard Agnes Hickey Teresa Hickey Lucy Hickinbothom Boyd Hicks Edna Hicks Glen Hicks Sr. Glen Hicks Darlene Hieb Darlene Hieb Darlene Hieb Susie Hieb Susie Hieb Susie E. Hieb Thelma Hieb Sheila Hiers Ben Higa Sr. Elva Higgins Arleen Higham Alice Hightower Bob Hightower William Alfred Hightower William Robert Hightower Marie Hildebrandt Reuben & Marlys Hildenbrand Jeannette Hildreth Albert Hill Charlotte Hill Dennis Hill Dennis Hill Doris Anne Hill Ingrid Hill John Hill Lewis Hill Ruth Hill Lester Hillman Dave Hines David Hines (Son) Sylvia Hinkley Helen Hinkley Emil Hinojosa Tony Hinojosa Tony Hinojosa Tyler Hinton George & Virginia Hintz Ellena Price Hipsley Lori Hirata Lori Hirata Lori Hirata Mark Hirtzel Julie Hisaka Julie Hisaka Shirley Ann Hiser Shirley Ann Hiser Susan Hitt Susan Hitt Kathleen Hjelmstad Coleman Bernie Hoag Beverly J. Hoag Phyllis Hoag Justin Hoak John Hobbs & 12 Members of my Family Bob Hobbs Steven Hobbs Wheeler and Mary Hobbs Emile Hobeika Georges Hobeika Julia Hobeika Marion L. Hobin John P. Hobin Ethel Hobson Ann Hodgkins Tom & Mary Hodgkins Brett Hodson Tyler Hodson Terri & Stub Hoellwarth The Henry Hoff Family Barbara Hoffman Charles C. Hoffman Dutch Hoffman Leona Hoffman Kimberly Ann Crespi Kimberly Bill Hofsommer Bud Hogan David Hogan II David A. Hogan II Catherine “Kay” Holbrook Kay Holbrook Dan L. Holcomb Don W. Holcomb John K. Holcomb Lee J. Holcomb Janet Holden Janet Holden Angel Holguin Angel Holguin Richard Marjorie Holiman Lisa Hollander Patricia Holley Pat Holley Les Hollingsworth Melva Swagerty Holly Pat Holman Esther Holmes Neal Holmes Larry R. Holt Waldo Holt Helma Holthaus Kathleen Homer Harukichi Mikayo Honda Roy Honda Roy Tamo Honda Dick Honeychurch Richard Honeychurch Richard Honeychurch Shee Ng Hong Joe Hood Joe Hood Matthew J. Hooten

Donor Eufemia Herrera - Wife Estella Herrera - Daughter Angelita Lucas Ms. Judy Winkler Pita Sis Pita Corine Herrera Glenda Herrera Pita Eufemia Herrera - Mother Estella Herrera - Sister Angelita Lucas Gene Acevedo Jeff & Chris Johnson & Family Jeff & Chris Johnson & Family Pam Wood Pam Wood Jay, Sarah, Jason Hersom Jay, Sarah, Jason Hersom Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Leona Murray Ms. Toshi Kanemoto Rick & Peggy Coppa Heupel Family Sis Robert and Dana Lapp Sue Carey Cal & Kathy Lee Tom and Avis Barnes Cathy Hibbard Rosemarie Kennedy (Cookie) Rosemarie Kennedy Debbie Brockney Ken and Sue Walters Ken and Sue Walters Geraldine Eutsler Lori and Glen Hicks Madres Del Camino Sandra Brungardt Wallace and Connie Parsons Betty Casey Chuck & Bonnie Forbes Wallace and Connie Parsons April Rifenburg Shanda and Mark Wallace Family Heupel Family Geoff and Lori Ann Galtere Beverly Hightower Rosemary D. Beckwith Beverly Hightower Beverly Hightower Nettie Pezzi Dex and Sharon Vollbrecht Donna Amaral Lisa Gallegos Lisa Gallegos David Lagomarsino Gloria Maes Barbara Pombo John W. Williamson Lisa Gallegos Carol Ashcraft Don & Joyce Berg Shirley Starling Cathie Hines Don & Jeanne Hines Bob and Emilia Estella Caccamo Joe and Marie Marroquin Virginia Hinojosa Jose and Marie Marroquin Gina Hinton - Mother Milton and Ann Ziemann Peggy Price-Hartz Henry and Alice Hirata Joan Inge Andrea and Larry Violett Bruce and Linda Dodge Debbie Sakakihara Lex & Joyce Corrales Robert W. Hiser Rance Stone Nan Chavez Alan Hitt Margaret-Wayne Castle Carol Jolly Son- Daniel A. Hoag Carol Jolly Kim Nix Mabel Hobbs Jim & Shirley Anthony Nick and Pam Curtin Nick and Pam Curtin Georgette and John Feather Georgette and John Feather Georgette and John Feather Frederica Hobin Frederica Hobin Beverly Hightower George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Michael and Donna Lecuyer Michael and Donna Lecuyer Toni and George Jaquith Anonymous Patti Swansick Ray and Betty Boccoli Patti Swansick Ray and Betty Boccoli Lauren and Kathleen Crespi Barbara J. Jones Nancy Hennefer John & Shelby White Ms Kelly Hogan David and Mary Hogan Miss Pamela Barnes Jackie Fleming James and Ardith Holcomb James and Ardith Holcomb James and Ardith Holcomb James and Ardith Holcomb Susan Caulfield Craig and Laura Norris Lexi Harris Steve Stevenson Steve Stevenson Fred and Nancy Carol Henderson - Mother Dianna Henson Katherine Songer Michele and Troy Hollingsworth Donna Shreve Liz Lopez James Holmes, M.D. Bernice Holmes Wife and Kids Steve and Linda Stocking Gary Holthaus The Belasco’s Harumi & Jim Tanaka Helen Honda Harumi & Jim Tanaka Hank and Evelyn Pereira Theresa Honeychurch Tony and Carmen Silva Alice Hong Beverly Hood Brian Hood & Jen Hood Mrs Sandra Rivera

Page 10 Honoree / Memorial Name Larry Hoover Nancy Hope-Gillaspy Walt & Mary Lou Hopper Virginia Horak Gina Horn Patricia Horn Bill Horning Baby Dawn Horst Brian Horst Ted Horst Thelma Horst Vera Horst Jakob Horst Jr. John Horton Tibor Horvath Robert Hose Noreen Hosie Delbert Hoskins Eldon Hoskins John F. Hosmer Kent F. Hosmer Kent Hosmer Anna Hourcade, Special Mom Anna Hourcade Anna Hourcade Charlie House Roger Houston G. David Houtsma Katherine Houtsma Donna Howard Leonard and Marie Howard Roger Howard Larry Dean Howe Richard Howell Cecil Howell Gerry Howen Walt Howen Nev Howse Christine Hoyt Kris Hoyt George Hubbard Marie Hubbard Wilbur Hubbel Sharon Hubble Inez Huber Larry E. Huber Peggy Huber Anne Huber Lawrence Huck Marilyn Hudelson David Huecksteadt Ramona Huerta Ramona Huerta Edward Huey Brenda Huff Bud Huff Evelyn Huffington Neal Huffman Pat Huffman Edna Hughes Hannah Hughes Janine C. Hughes Linda Hughes Mrs. Margaret A. Hughes Melba Hughes Rev. William C.Hughes Lee M. Hughley William Hull Pat Hulse Esther Hulsman Paul Hulsman Maribeth Hungerford Maribeth Hungerford Our Son Eddie Hunt Eddie Hunt Our Daughter Marsha Hunt Marsha Hunt Ann Hunter Larry Orr Hunter Charles, Marie and Bill Hushaw Caroline Hust Earl Hutchens Sandy Hutchens Cleo Hutchings Stan Hutchison & Other Family & Friends Stan Hutchison Joshua Hyde Gary Hyman John and Laura Iacopi Charlene Imbrunetti Illario Imbrunetti Illario Imbrunetti Illario Imbrunetti Ralph Imfeld Henry P. Impinna Henry Paul Impinna Frank Inamasu Frank Inamasu Frank Indelicato Frank Indelicato Charles Inderbitzen Christian Inghog Miles Ingraham Edward Ingram Phyllis Ingram Dan Inouye George & Elva Inouye Henry J. and Frances C. Iorio Adele Ireland Alvin Lee Irion Elmer Irion, Sr. Fred Irwin Helen Irwin Larry Isbell Hurb and Alma Isetti and Doug Irene Ishida “RedHatter” Irene Ishida Kazuyo Ishimaru Jake Isler Ken Isreal Italia Ivie Alonzo Ivy Bianca Jacklich Ivan Jackman, Jr. Derris Jackson Derris Jackson Eddy Jackson Eddy Jackson Steve Jackson Steve (Virgil) Jackson Steve Jackson Kathryn Ann Jacob Kathryn Jacob Vernal J. Jacob, Sr Vernal Jacob, Sr. Donald Jacobs Eleanor Jacobs Eleanor Jacobs Joey Jacobs Joseph Jacobs Sadie Jacobs Arlene Naser Jahn Clyde James Clyde H. James Clyde James David S. James Frances LouAnn James Karen Jang Violet Jann Violet Jann Tony Jaques George & Pearl Jaquith

Donor Richard A. Massa Sandy Beglau Terri and Dave Sorgent Dave and Linda Mack Vicki Horn Lawrence Horn Alan Hitt Julie Horst Forrest and Janis Richardson Forrest and Janis Richardson Connie Rice Clifford Marshmall & Yvonne Margaret Horst Ken and Linda Lockard Katalin Horvath Janice Hose William C. Hosie Frances Darling Nancy J. Hoskins Wife Mom the Waters (5H2O+) Jeannette Clark Catherine Hourcade Debbie Hourcade Susie Livesey Family Mom and Dad Mom and Dad Sue Chewning Ed and Mary Ford Lois and Sean Howard Darci, Robert & Kids Judi Howell Howell Family Pam and Larry Howen Pam and Larry Howen Cathy McAlister Mom Shrope Catriona Linn Denise Saffels Oscar and Betty Francis Christie Kelley Bill and Helen Hubble Your Daughters Steve Curtis Susan Whaley Susan Whaley Maxine Huck Bill and Judy Hudelson Thomas and Elizabeth Yeagley Amber Couch Angie Lopez Sara Huey and Nancy Huey Charles and Sharon Jones Alma Huff John Huffington Dorinda and Walt Givens Sue Carey Lisa Herzick Gina Zbikowski Thomas De Bord Charlotte Berglund Tim & Elaine Fleming Twin Sister Bertha Miquel Michelle and Lee Bethea Amber and Lawrence Mora Greg and Shelley Burcham Paula Cazale Paula Cazale Karl and Debra May Jody Swinney Arden and Lila Hunt Carole Scott Arden and Lila Hunt Carole Scott Peggy & Rick Coppa Anne Allen Jim and Glenda Hushaw Ken and Jan Wright Gerry Schook - Dear Friend Gerry Schook Mary Hutchings Spouse Steve & RaeAnne Richey Nick and Penny Meyers Clutch Burners Car Club Aileen Maderos Bette Allen Miyasaki Employees of DLA Installation Support San Joaquin The Matt Allen Family Bette Allen Miyasaki Cameron Family Aurora M. Impinna Laurie Turpin Laura Inamasu R. Leona Inamasu Don & Joyce Berg Gerry Devincenzi Donna Bennett Michelle and Lee Bethea Sharon Briggs Dick Bastear The Kennard Family Andrew Inouye Martha Denk Maria Flumiani Andrea Kellor Elmer and Janet Irion Elmer and Janet Irion Shirley Starling Shirley Starling Don & Diane Vigil Florence Hernandez Phyllis Pat Slauson Gary and Janice Ishimaru Ahdah John & Shelby White Joe Filipelli Bernice Haynes Charlie and Sandy Mello Richard and Martha Bader Harold and Patricia Barone Rita Jackson Al and Jennifer Gutierrez Irene Jackson Al and Jennifer Gutierrez Cora Gutierrez Irene Jackson Janet Guilelmino Patty Judge Janet Guilelmino Patty Judge Dorinda and Walt Givens LeslieAnn Gomes Carrie Hake and Kelly Jensen Barbara Gregory Barbara Gregory Barbara Gregory Larry & Jan Cooper Stan and Maurine Harkness Irene James Brenda O’Reilly Irene James Mrs Courtnie Maryatt Roy and Cheryl Nagata Doug Jann Mia Seitelman Frank and Josephine Silva Toni and George Jaquith

Honoree / Memorial Name Barbara Jara Gonzalo Jara Jerry Jara Tracy Jara Anthony Jardim John Jarvie Susan Jarvis Susan Jarvis Virginia Jarvis David Jaurequi Steve Javete Theron Javete Donald Jelley Lucy Jelley Ruby Jenkins John Jenkins Mike Jenkins William Jenkins Harold and Opal Jenner James B. Jennings, Sr. James B. Jennings, Sr. Kathy Jennings Barry Jensen Bruce Jensen Chickie Jenson Mike Jerrome Donald and Rita A. Jessee Lillian Hope Jessee Wing Jew, Ed. Albert Jimenez Norman Joachim Rita Dwyer Joannides Manuel Joaquin Manuel Joaquin Hilda Johannaber Raymond Johannaber Earl (Joe) Johansen Ellen Johansen Ellen Johansen Ellen Johansen Eve Johnsen Gil Johnsen Aubrey & Virginia Johnson Carl M. Johnson, Jr. Carl Johnson Carl Johnson David Johnson Dorothy H. Johnson Edith Johnson Eileen Johnson Eileen Johnson Gail L. Johnson Glenn Johnson H. Dale Johnson Jeff Johnson Kevin Johnson Lisa Johnson Lisa Renee Johnson Lisa Renee Johnson Lisa Johnson Lorraine Johnson Pauline Johnson Phyllis Johnson Ruth Johnson Ruth H. Johnson Thelma Johnson Verne Johnson Verne T. Johnson Lola Johnston Norman Johnston Bob Jones Robert E. Jones Bob Jones Bob Jones Cora Jones Dick Jones Faye Jones James Jones Jeannie Mary Bellomo-Jones Kevin E. Jones Lee Jones Lucille Jones Madeline Jones Patricia Jones Roberta Jones Shelvie Jones Thomas Jones Tom Jones Verl Jones Verl Jones Verl O. Jones Wesley Jones Michelle Jones-Guillermo Michelle Jones Guillermo Carol Jordan Carol J. Jordan Jack Jordan Jack Jordan Verna Jordan Alvaro Jorge Ernest Jorgensen Andrew Jorgesen Carl Journagan Carl Journagan Gerald Ray Journagan Lorene Journagan Velma Journagan Sandra Joyce Mrs Lyen Chin Ju Jorge Guzman Manuel Juarez Rosie Juarez Merced Juarez, Sr. Richard Juelch Lucille Jump Virgil Jundt Lorraine Junius Joann Jurado Diane Juran Raymond Just Joan Justice Brown Joan Justice Brown Carol Justyn Carol & Abe Justyn Mike Kagoshima Myrtle Kahlow Mildred R. Kaiser Ernest J. and Bessie Kaiser Ruth Kakara Gloria Kalbfleisch Elvira Kalin Elvira Kalin Elvira Kalin Vera Kalin Trisha Kalin Larry Kammerer Larry Kammerer Marie Kaneko Marie Kaneko Mary Donovan Kansora Bill Kapheim Edna Kapheim Fred Kapheim Richard Kapheim Basa Lea Karabelnik Thomas Karabelnik Evelyn Karmann Jeanne Karmann Robert Karmann Trulen Karnes

Donor Michael Jara Mr. Matthew Jara Michael Jara Michael Jara Melera Family Myrna Jarvie CVSC California Valley Jeff and Bonnie Hillstrom Donna Teresa Martinez Susie Livesey Susie Livesey Darrel Jelley Darrel Jelley Jinx Staniec Jinx Staniec Janet Jenkins Jinx Staniec Peggy Moos James, Jr., Kerry, James First Darlene P. Jennings Mr. Jay Jennings Kerry Heckman (Gordon T & Melissa A. Egan Family Foundation) Robert & Margot Jensen Yolanda Hamlow Toni and George Jaquith George & Gail Perry George & Gail Perry Conrad F. Mar Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stoffel Carol Wolsak Margaret Dwyer Dan & Wendy Andris Katherine Quinones Larry and Susan Johannaber Larry and Susan Johannaber Barry and Irene Gill Susan Donahue Barry and Irene Gill Frances Voyer Sue Johnsen Sue Johnsen Edith & Jerry Johnson & Family Sharon Johnson Prilla & Bill McGregor Jud Smith Mom Jeff and Kathy White Judy Pacheco David and Laura Johnson Marla D. Johnson Carole, Greg & Zachary Huber DJ and Janet Johnson Boni & Mike Tiffany Tirapelle and Sons Debra A. Johnson Irene James Erika Popuch Grandma & Grandpa Popuch Mark & Jolinda Weeks Margaret McEnerney Carol Bauman Mother DJ and Janet Johnson Janice A. Jordan Elmer’s Heating & Air David and Laura Johnson Marla D. Johnson Cliff and Ann Johnston Joyce Johnston Betsy and Lee Gardiner David and Laura Johnson Nick and Penny Meyers Richard and Janie Williams Rose Mary Williams Mary Natteford David and Laura Johnson Rose Mary Williams Gail M. Lopez Vernon and Anne Jones Patricia Jones The Family Carmel Breakfield Mother Alice D. Cooper Jamie Jones Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Barbara J. Jones Barry & Jo Anne Jones Bonnie Jones Butch and Patti Jones Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Barry & Jo Anne Jones Bonnie L. Jones Robert Jordan Robert Jordan Janice A. Jordan Nancy Watkins Jean and Bob Combs Frank & Pat Kim Joyce King Joyce King Carol Ann - Daughter Lawrence Powell, Sr. Carol Ann - Sister Carol Ann - Daughter Lawrence Powell, Sr. Alvin Joyce Tsingtao Restaurant Loretta Guzman Martin & Kimberly Jaurez Juan & Felicia Harris Shirley Hamilton Homer and Sally Maloy Manteca Federated Women’s Club John Huffington Cindy Martin Sue Miller Mr. Curtis Juran Marilyn Just Gail Marganelli Sachi Harada Ponder, Michael & Korrine Michael and Jean Wagner Allan and Anne Wells Brad and Gail Jones Terri and Dave Sorgent Herb and Kathy Goularte Herb and Kathy Goularte Ellie & Elena Gary and Nancy Krahmer Billie Corder Edward and Judi Oliveria Debbie Prato-Gadbut Beverly Williams Billie Corder Karen Angerstein Sandy Ruiz Carolyn Sakai David, Stephanie and Miya Cheng Donovan Family Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Marsha Segarini Marsha Segarini Terri L. Beltis Terri L. Beltis Terri L. Beltis Craig and Laura Norris

Honoree / Memorial Name Elia Kasir Lois Kasper Elmer W. Kasten Ruby Kasten Bill Kates Susan Kates Virginia Katnich Walter Katnich Mr. Walter Katnich Wally Katnich Elisabeth Katuszonek Elisabeth Katuszonek Paul Katuszonek Paul Katuszonek Bo Katzakian Bozant Katzakian George and Lydia Kautz Robert & Ginger Kautz Shizuye Kawada Patricia Ann Kearns Lee Keddie Lee Keddie Warren Keddie Warren Keddie Cherie Keeler Dorothy Keener Henry John Keener Henry Keener Jeanne Keener Patty Keener Randy Keener George B. Keith John W. Kellar, M.D. John Kellar, M.D. Dr. John W. Kellar Barbara Kelley Diane Kelley Ellen L. Kelley Ellen Kelley Harvey Kelley Helen and Bob Kelley Mary Lee Kelley Florence Kellor Barbara Kelly Ellsworth Kelly Roy and Helen Kelly Lorie Ann Kelly Mary Kelly Tim Kelly Tim Kelly Aaron Kelly, Jr Glen “Special K” Kendall Bernice Kendrick Gilbert Kenitzer Mabel Kenitzer Grace Kenmotsu Carolyn Kennard Katherine Kennard Lloyd Kennard John Kennon John and Charlotte Kenyon JoAnn Keplinger JoAnn Keplinger Edward Kermgard Paul Kermgard Paul M. Kermgard Paul Kermgard Ernest Kernodle Frank Keser Harvey Kessel Suzanne Kessler Harry E. Kester Harry E. Kester Rose Kesterson Carol Kezar Dr. Michel Khoury Michel Khoury, M.D. Leah Kidwell Lea Kidwell Jim and Carole Kiefer Sandy, Kent and Brianna Kiefer Mary Kiemele Edwin Kiemele Allen Kietzke Allen P. Kietzke John Kiger John Kiger Wallace Kilgore Pauline Killelea Daniel Kim Jack Kim Carol Kindschuh Clarence King Clintena King Geri King Lynn King Richard King Ted King Kirchubel-Delgado Family Rick Kiriu Tom Kiriu Jay Kirksey Fred Kirsch Martha Kirsch Kirsten Kite Mason Kite Anne Kizer Carol Kjelson Agatha Klein & Alys Tracewell Ava Klein Dick Klein Bill Klein Adolph Kleinert Alphonse Kleinert Dora Kleinert Florence Kleinert Alba Klemin Alba Klemin Alba Klemin Stan Klevan Stan Klevan Stanley Klevan Todd Kline Todd Kline Paul Kline Marvin Klipfel Roy Klock N. Harrison and T. Klosowski Betty Kluve Betty & John Kluve, Sr. John Kluve, Sr. Fritz Knief Kay Knief Juanita Knight Hillard Knoll Hillard Knoll LaValle Knoll LaValle Knoll Deane Knox Marjorie Knox Roger Knox Anna Koenig Gilbert Koepplin Laura Dorothy Koide Irvin John Kolb Irvin Kolb Charles Koliha Christine Komarek Virgil B. Komarek

Donor Tifa Craig and Judi Sanders Gary & Judy Gary & Judy Dolly Casale Dolly Casale Gena Brentt Gena Brentt Ms. Pauline Mack Connie Rice Rita Becker John & Barbara Galgiani Rita Becker John & Barbara Galgiani Lorraine Katzakian Edna Mae and Ron Knecht Mr. and Mrs. Bill Simoni Dave and Jill Rich Nancy Shimasaki William Kearns Kandice Love, Sandy Kandice Love, Sandy Ron and Jeanne Lubin Hammond Family Roger, Melinda, Everett & Brooklyn Joan Morrison Graydon & Jackie Bannert Floyd and Katherine Norling, Jr. Hammond Family Lavina Keith Joan L. Kellar Karen Miller Dolly E. Sonne Pam Rocha Grace Kelley A.D. Kelley Sandy Ratcliff Grace Kelley - Wife Christie Kelley Marlene Drew and Otis Kelley Kathy Harden Judy Vasquez Leslie Oliver Mr. & Mrs. John & Sherene Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hieb Leslie Oliver Judy, Erin, Alexis & Chris Susie Livesey Joe and Pat Lemos Steve Stevenson Cindy Woolwine Floyd and Patricia Buttke, Sr. Floyd and Patricia Buttke, Sr. Lillian Wada Christine and Larry Kennard Christine and Larry Kennard Christine and Larry Kennard Ingredion George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Miller “Kep” Keplinger Lou and Jan Beverly Kermgard Ed and Beverly Kermgard Betty Kermgard Betty Kermgard Bob & Sherry Harmon Keser Family Ruth Kessel Marjorie Maciel Mary Ann Kester and Family Mary Ann Kester & Jeff Kester and Family Jamie Jones Ethel Corbari Ida Bozzini & Family Steve & Julie Hellmer Catherine Costamagna Booth Michael Costamagna Herb and Joyce Speckman Herb and Joyce Speckman James Maguire James Maguire Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School Wilt Wielenga Christine D. Kiger Lynn Lyon Barbara Churchill Mary Ellen Beckman & Family Frank & Pat Kim Frank & Pat Kim Kathy Harden Don & Patty Ceppi Lynn and Jan King Alan Hansen Hubert and Sandy Schultz Betty King Lynn and Jan King Anonymous Inez Kiriu Inez Kiriu Dan and Jo Ann Edward Edward and Mary Jo Bordenave Edward and Mary Jo Bordenave Lilly and Al Kite Lilly and Al Kite Diane and Art Allen Marty and Lockey Kjelson Ralph and Linda Yasin Bette Allen Miyasaki Steve Werner Bette Allen Miyasaki Linda Graham Linda Graham Linda Graham Linda Graham Jo G. Isela Ruiz Lawrence Mayrina Jan Klevan Mary Klevan Kathy Rohrer Christopher and Janet Ford Mike and Betty Kline Jud Smith Gary and Linda Klipfel Theresa Honeychurch Helen Harrison Janet Kluve Baniewich Elaine and John Kluve Jr. Janet Kluve Baniewich Felix and Paulie Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Family Konde & Jem (Jeremiah) Moore Family Konde and Jem Moore Neil and Liz Lark Neil and Liz Lark Neil and Liz Lark Theresa Honeychurch Darlene Koepplin Jim and Cheryl LaRoe Tom and Mayko Horita John & Linda Kolb Craig and Laura Norris Jean Koliha Jean and Jack Wiltz Jean and Jack Wiltz

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Mits and Tek Komure Mrs. Mitsue Komure Teruko Komure Teruko Komure Paul Konakis Margaret Kondziela Sanann Kong Sonissay Kong Yau W. Kong Ed Konrad Florence Konrad Jack & Maxine Kooken Joe A. Koopman Joe Koopman Gene Kooser Wanda Kooser Marilyn B. Kooy Hans Kopes Maria Kopes Jackie Korbholz Jackie and Phil Korbholz Jackie Korbholz Judith M. Korinek Heather Korschot Bart Kort Lloyd Korth Pam Korth Howard Kosier Tom Kosinski Barbara G. Kosta (BGK) Eugenia Kouchis Mary Kozina Ray Kraft James Kramer Mrs. Roberta Kramer Richard Kranz Dick Kranz J. Robert Kraus Bette “Boots” Krein Marvin “Clay” Krein George Krenecki Fred Kreth Fred Kreth Cousin Kristy Bergliot Krogstad Palmer Krogstad Arden Krug Elmer Krug Dorothy Krueger Dorothy Krueger Eddie Kuest Erika Kuga Frank Kuga Charlie Kuhl Kurt Kuhlmann Sandy Kuiper Sandy Kuiper George A. Kulis Tony Kulisch Our family members who have passed on Michelle Kundert Lela Kuntz Debbie Arnaiz Kuqua Cal Kusler Gayle Kyker Lorene Kyles Tom La Faver Marshall La Fever Marshall La Fever Jack La’Prath Larry Laack Alice Laam Orson Laam Sr. Orson Laam Jr. Orson Laam Jr. Bessie Laccoarce Leonard Lachendro Henry Lachenmeier Henry Lachenmeier Curtis R. Lacy Judith Ladd Tim Lagier Linda Lagomarsino Nick Lagomarsino Ray Lagomarsino Frances Lagorio Frances Mangili Lagorio Frances Lagorio Alta LaHaye Joshua Lair Rebecca Lake Betty Lakin Buzz Lally Pam Lamb Ralph and Laura Lambdin Tom Lambdin Cap Lambert Carl Lambert C. Linda Lambert Evelyn Lamond Evelyn Lamond Claudia Landeen Forrest Landeen Gary Landeen D.W. Landingham Robert Landmann Ed Landon “RedHatter” Lucille Landucci Bess (Stoddard) Robert Lane Robert R. Lane Carolyn Lanning Gene & Jane Lanthier Faye Lanzafame Lisa LaPenta David K. Lapera David Lapera Norman Lapera Ernie and Rachel Lara Ronnie Largin Lenore Lark Tina Lark Vernon Lark Margaret LaRossa Claudia Larsen Gary Larsen Paul Larsen Paul Joseph Larsen Gail Larson Gail Larson Velma LaRue Dr. William E. Latham Dr. William Latham Bill Latham Dr. Bill Latham Bill Latham William Latham, MD Bill Latham Bill Latham Bill Latham, M.D. Bert LaTurner Walter Latz Lorraine Lau Cliff Lauchland Clifford Lauchland Erylene Laughlin Harold Laughlin Rich Laughlin Bob Laughlin Bill Laughlin David Lauter

Donor Debbie Sakakihara Frank and Betsy Shinoda John and Jennifer Fukano Tomi Ohta Aunt Diane Ed Clark Mr. Lor Kong Mr. Lor Kong Ken and Amy Kong Charlotte & Don Konrad Charlotte & Don Konrad Steve Stevenson Esther Koopman Fran and Angela Silva Felix and Paulie Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Clarence G. Kooy Gerti Kopes and Gary E. Ratto Gerti Kopes and Gary E. Ratto Karen and Randall Ron and Joan Klafer David, Stephanie & Miya Cheng Korinek Family Kathy Harden Felix and Paulie Torlai Kip and Linda Korth Kip and Linda Korth Kathy Huerta Don & Rose (Tootie) Allee Julie and Ray Wetteland Scotty & Paula Mirko & Margo Kozina Clutch Burners Car Club Larry & Jan Cooper Dennis and Gail Johnson Helen Brant Virginia Kranz Nila Kraus Daughter Daughter Don Desilva Esther F. Kreth David & Denise Schamber Carol Nakashima Alfred and Judith Dias Alfred and Judith Dias Miss Darlene Krug Miss Darlene Krug John Kruger Robert McLachlan Anna Kuest Rebecca Kuga Rebecca Kuga Cindy and Les Martin Ken and Judy Kuhlmann Richard Kidd Douglas Pederson Carol A. Kulis Marti Kulisch The Kulm Family Ron and Linda Fugazi Max and Kathy Haro Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Mel Davis Steve Stevenson Scott and Janice Kyles M. La Faver Arden and Lila Hunt David and Barbara Rosensteel Dolly E. Sonne Pat Sorini Bev Phelps Bev Phelps Helen Laam Bev Phelps Jane and Dale Harman Barbara Lachendro Jerry and Sharon Lachenmeier Mike and Angie Reiswig Dad & Bev Nancy and Donovan Anonymous David Lagomarsino Steve, Cathy, Brian, Jennifer & Bob Steve, Cathy, Brian, Jennifer & Bob Andy and Louise Mangili Angie Mangili Marilyn, Pete, Matt and Jill Danielle and Jessica O’Toole Terry Hickman - Grandmother K.T. McCarthy Albert Lakin Barbara Boggs Sylvia Bender Gary and Louise Lambdin Eilene Lambdin Sister Ledbetter Family Sister-in-Law Lori Brewer Paul and Suzanne Waters Jean Landeen Jean Landeen Jean Landeen Your Fans Diana Landmann Patrick and Christina Doran Pat Slauson Mary Doucette Doug and Kim Lane Joyce Lane - Wife Elizabeth Lynch Renee Fink Syd & Mary Lois Thompson Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Elena Girardi Selma Lapera Selma Lapera Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Warren and Family Neil and Liz Lark Mom & Dad Neil and Liz Lark Marilyn Togninali Bob & Marlene Kinser Linda Larsen Tim & Kim Martinsdias Carol Pollom Sylvia Bocchiaro Macy’s Retirees & Friends Donna M. Peters Karen McKee Don & Joyce Berg Lori Brewer Mike & Dianne Butler Liz Haines Jill Hatanaka Dr. and Mrs. Victor Macko Kay & Van Sweet Paul and Suzanne Waters Kathy Jenkins Alex, Diana and Camille Krueger Antoinette Walker Larry & Jan Cooper SherAnn Lauchland Helen & Evie Crane Helen & Evie Crane Helen & Evie Crane Helen & Evie Crane Helen & Evie Crane Bertha Miquel & Sr. Theresa Spittle

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Honoree / Memorial Name


Robert D. Law Isela Lawrence Isela Lawrence Mary Ann Lawrence Antone P. Lawrence, Jr. Antone and MaryAnn Lawrence Jimmie R. Lawson Doris Layson J. Don Layson Charlie Layton Toni Layton Toni Layton Gail Lazar John M. Lea Arline Leach Don Leach Frank Leach Mary Leal Alice Leandro Paul Leary Robert Leary Bob Leary Robert Leary (Husband) Dena Lease Chauncey “Pat” Lease Lourdes Lebrilla Butch and Rita LeCuyer Grace LeCuyer Barbara Ledbetter Persis Ledbetter Clarence W. Lee “RedHatter” Debbie Lee Elna M. Lee Gary Lee Grace Lee Jean Lee Jim Chun Yick Lee Josephine E. Lee Susan Leffler Jeffrey Lehr Lucille Lein Catherine Diane Lekas Ronnie LeMay Betty Lemos Evelyn Lemos Henry A. Lemos Mary Lemos Bob Lemos LENA Marie Leners R. Leland Leners Wilke Leners Florence Lenz Val Leo Carrie Leon Ethel Leonard Ethel Leonard Jim Leonard Carla Leonardini Carla Manetti Sil Leonardini Merle Lerch John Lesch Michael Lescisin Violet Leventini Anna Leveroni Annabelle Leveroni Floyd Leveroni Floyd Leveroni Bob Lewelling Betty Lewis Carol Lewis Curtis Lewis Edward Lewis Father Frank Lewis Frank Lewis Gary Lewis Gary (Grandpa) Lewis Gary Lewis James “Tom” Lewis Bud and Josephine Lewis Laura Lewis Lorraine and Woody Lewis Manuel Lewis Mother Marie Lewis Michael Lewis Ron Lewis Ruth Lewis “RedHatter” Sharon Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Lewis Norman Ley Dahlia Becerra Leyva Hilda Lezand Mary Ann Libbey Mary Ann Libbey William Libbey Jack Libhart Lenora Liebelt Susan Liebelt Ron Liles Richard Lillard Carolos Lima John P. Lima, Jr. John Lima, Jr. Fran Limas Frances E. Limas Bill Limbaugh Aimee Lina Rudy Linarez Davy Lind Lester and Esther Lind Peter Lindberg Peter Lindberg Peter Lindberg Cynthia Linde Mats Lindegren Irma & LaFay Lindeman Karen Lindeman Loreen Lindholm Mrs. Loreen Lindholm Loreen Lindholm Ed Lindsey Edward Lindsey my son Matthew S. Link Matthew S. Link Dorothy L. Linka Robert H. Linka Peggy Linker Gerald W. Linn Marie Lipowsky Clyde R. Lisk Wayne List Elizabeth Little Lyle Little Pierce Little Ruth Little Tennille Littleton Tenille Littleton Frank Livingston Jackie Livingston Terry Livingston Barbara Lizarraga Sharon LLewellyn Addie R. Lloyd Arthur I. Lloyd Carl H. Lloyd Joe G. Lloyd William D. Lloyd Mr. & Mrs. Wing Lo Joe Lobb Mary Mitchell Lobenberg Clint Lock, Sr. (Rusty) Mila Lock Mary Ann Lockard

Billie E. Law Jo G. Alba Klemin Carmel Breakfield Judy Lawrence Denise Saffels The Robertsons Your Daughter Your Daughter Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Laverne Stevens Geoff and Lori Ann Galtere Bernice Lea Jack and Tina Leach Jack and Tina Leach Yvonne Leach Donna Bennett Charlie and Sandy Mello Patricia Leary - Mother Sandra Brungardt Ken and Jane Colyer Patricia Leary Jim and Diane McKinley Mark & Denise Rasmussen Bob and Sharon Miller-Dunn Michael and Donna Lecuyer Michael and Donna Lecuyer Ledbetter Family Ledbetter Family John and Bertie Lee Pat Slauson John and Bertie Lee Debbie Mochan Donna Thomas Shirley Ng Judiana Montgomery Don & Charmaine Lazzareschi Anonymous Kris Wojdylak Roberta Navone Christopher and Tola Eley Kathy Rodriguez Joe and Pat Lemos Marlene Reeves Marlene Reeves Bill and Judy Hudelson Pat Sorini Steve Stevenson Joyce M. Cates Joyce M. Cates Joyce M. Cates Alice Lenz & Family Gail Marganelli Diane Leffler Kathleen Kollars Anonymous Kent Smith Mary Frech Josephine Manetti Biff and Dolores Baffoni Helen Willis Eleanor Lesch Wife Barbara Frank and Linda Alberti Toni and Rudy Mussi & Family Boots Toni and Rudy Mussi, & Family Boots Mike and Emily Paige Mike and Betty Kline Larry & Jan Cooper Janet Lewis Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Kandy Duns Love, Daniel Love, Sandy Leslie Walton Ms. Debra Re Carmen Costa Lu Anne Lewis Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Gina & Dominic Lewis Debbie Re Mary McCleary Pat Slauson Pat Metz Elaine L. Mendiola The Family Carmen Costa Sister Marilyn Rickard Marilyn Rickard Your Loving Family Gruber & Liebelt Families Edie Houston Kathy Liles Darlene Lillard Virginia and Leonard Mello Lima Ranch Joe & Helen Balcao Sheilah & Manny Goulart Richard F. Limas & Shelly Ott Beverly Limbaugh Dennis and Chris Olin Diana Ritchie Mom and Dad Leonard and Arlene Lind Greg and Shelley Burcham Shirley Cole Lois Sbragia and Pat Dean and Carmen Coleman Patrick & Ingela Piggott Toni and George Jaquith Brad and Gail Jones Ardath Flynn Ray and Arela Jean Ring Billy Wykert Bess Farmer Linda Wilson Ms. Margaret Dwyer Ms. Erin Link John F. Marble John F. Marble Bob and Sharon Miller-Dunn Martha Dias-Linn Lisa Herzick Joan K. Lisk List Family Kathryn Kimball Kathryn Kimball Harry Welte Kathryn Kimball Tennille’s Fan Club Margaret Littleton Geoff and Lori Ann Galtere Sandie - Daughter Sandie - Sister Lisa Dentoni Terry & Judy Klimko John and Bertie Lee John and Bertie Lee John and Bertie Lee John and Bertie Lee John and Bertie Lee Mr. & Mrs. Wing Lo Ida Mae Lobb Dennis and Angela Lobenberg Yvonne and Clifford Marshall Marit Mortenson-Bird Marles Finos

Honoree / Memorial Name Mary Ann Lockard Mckayla Lockwood Grandma Carmen LoCoco Papa Frank LoCoco Byron and Janice Loek Barney and Janice Loek Bud Logan Bud Logan Debra Logan Debra Logan H. & M. Logan Morgan & Betty Logan James M. Lomasney Marie B. Lomasney Erminia “Nin” Avansino Lombardo Mrs. Ann Loney Adele Long Jo Ann Long Kathy Long Mary Long Randy Long William Long Rab Longacre Blanche Longoria Rudy Longoria Arlene Lopez Ella R. Lopez Irene Godina-Lopez Irene Lopez Irene Lopez Israel Lopez Israel Lopez Joseph T. Lopez Lee and Tillie Lopez Lucas and Geraldine Lopez Marie Lopez Nanci Ann Kennedy Lopez Rachel D. Lopez Rosendo C. Lopez Bill Lord Arlene Lott Bobby Lott William Lott Bryce Louden William Lounsbury Dee Lovato Dee Lovato Dee Lovato Earl Loveday Earl Loveday Earl R. Loveday James Lovelace Louise Lovell Loren Low Marion Sonny Lowe Robert H. Lowe, Jr. Sonny Lowe Jackie Lowney Karin Lowrie Gary Lozano Myron (Mike) Lubin Cyc & Alice Lucas Elsie M. Lucas John M. Lucas John H. Lucas Aurelia Lucchesi Eddie P. Lucchesi Janet Lucchesi Jan Lucchesi John Lucchesi John Lucchesi Josephine Lucchesi Della Lucchetti Louie Lucchetti Honorata Lucero Jerry Luck Claud V. Ludwig Elaine Ludwig Cathy Ludwig Julia and Norma Luevano Barbara Luis Claudia Luis Connie Luis Frank Luis Frank Luis Barbara K. Luiz Claudia Luiz Marianne Luiz Marianne Luiz Frank C. Luiz, Jr. Betty Luke Lyall Luke Robert D. Lunde Elmer and Shirley Lundgren Betty L. Lunsford Betty Lunsford Joe W. Lunsford Irene Stapf Lutz Michael Luxford Paddy B Lynch “RedHatter” Shirley Lynch Terry Lynch Family Members (Lynch) Bernice Lynn Nina Lynn Randy Lynn Warren Lynn Warren Lynn Melvin G. Lyons Mabel Lyons Ruth & George Lyons Joe Lysoger Jeanne Lytle Mauricia A. Macadangdang Manuel G. Macadangdang, Sr. Billie Macchia Stewart Macey Oscar D. MacFerren Charles S. MacFerren George E. MacFerren Christopher Machado Christopher Machado Christopher Machado Clarence Machado Joe Machado Lisa L. Machado Jera Machuca Tony Maciel Rudolf Mackenroth Franziska Mackenroth Eva Mackey Theodore R. Madden Aileen Maderos Melvin Maderos Julius Madsen Mildred Madsen Bernard Madzier Michael Madzier Roseanne Madzier Stephanie Madzier Annamarie Maes Bruce Maffei Frank Maffei Lorraine Maffei Josephine Magdich Major Vernon Magee Lydia Maggio Lydia Maggio Roy Maggio Robert Maghy Renate Magne Alfred & Kathryn Magro Leta J. Magud

Donor Steve Lockard Lanette Snow Carmen Rutz Carmen Rutz Joan Atkisson Emily Loek May Logan John & Shelby White Harold and Patricia Barone Rita Jackson May Logan & Family John & Shelby White Carol Thomas Carol Thomas Ralph and Denene Lucchetti Mrs. Kim Etcheverry Diane Oren John Long Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Larry & Jan Cooper Carla Long Scott Long Jac Longacre Karen Longoria Karen Longoria Frank Lopez Mr. Joseph Lopez Trini Godina Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Lucy Munoz Family Wife Liz Lopez Marilyn and Ryan Peters Mr. Joseph Lopez Leonard and Arlene Lind David and Alice Lopez R. Mildred Orimo Dan & Frann Struve Tino & Mary Adame Mr. Jose Chacon Bob Patrica Patterson Patrica Patterson Patrica Patterson Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Geraldine Lounsbury James & Patti Brice Randy and Eyda Hergenreder Casilda Lovato Freda Aman Sandy Ratcliff Reba Veenstra Doug and Kim Lane Elizabeth Toms All the Kids Tom and Barbara Walker Darcy & Margaret Delores Soderfelt Manteca Federated Women’s Club Robert & Margot Jensen Richard and Janet Wanner Shirlee Lubin Norm & Betty Shannon-Gesler Daughter Mary Sister- Mary Daughter Mary Eddie and Patty Lucchesi Eddie and Patty Lucchesi Lorraine Rugani Diane & Alvin Smith Ann Ramsey Diane & Alvin Smith Ann Ramsey Vernon and Yvonne Lucchetti Vernon and Yvonne Lucchetti Esther Dahlhauser Linda Luck Clint and Claudia McCarty Peter and Judith Tirapelle Dave and Pam Dias Cynthia D. Diaz Mary McCleary Mary McCleary Joe & Helen Balcao Debbie Gonsalves & Kim Jordan Mary McCleary Frank A. Luiz Frank A. Luiz Robert Faymonville Frank A. Luiz Frank A. Luiz Gregory and Rhonda Olvera Jeff and Linda Heiser Marjorie Werner Jim & Betty Russow Sandra Sanut - Daughter Steven and Kathy Walton Sandra Sanut - Daughter Mr Vernon Ladner Phyllis Luxford Peter and Lynne Lynch Pat Slauson Kathy Lynch Madeleine Lynch Lori Ann Lynn Lori Lynn Anderson Warren and Family Lori Lynn Norma and Annette & Girls Bill and Pat Mazzera Bill and Pat Mazzera Jim and Dianne Ruggles Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Catherine Baker Lytle Mila A. Macadangdang Mila A. Macadangdang Janet Bonner Gloria Macey Debbie Davis Debbie Davis Debbie Davis Mike and Diana Machado William and Grace Machado Pam Needham Dave and Pam Dias Tom and Terry Machado Mr. & Mrs David & Kayleigh Merin Grandma Diane Michael Maciel - Mayor Pro Tem Klaus Mackenroth Klaus Mackenroth Peggy James Rayna Mahlman John & Laurie John & Laurie Sonja and Harry Janice A. Jordan Mrs. Paula Hewitt Mrs. Paula Hewitt Mrs. Paula Hewitt Mrs. Paula Hewitt John Denigris Annie Karen Solari Karen Solari Kelli Page Gina K. Bloom Larry & Jan Cooper The Felkins Family The Felkins Family His Loving Family Klaus Mackenroth Ron & Jaque Magro John Magud

Page 12 Honoree / Memorial Name Karen Maguire Phillip Maguire Margerite Maguire James B. Maguire, Jr. William Mah William Mah Joseph E. Mahan Joseph Mahan Joseph E. Mahan Joe Mahan Sallie Mahan Angie Maher Tom Maher Terry D. Mahlman James K. Mahoney Jim Mahoney Raymond Main Raymond O. Main Elizabeth Maisonneuve Fai Mak Ella Makin Carolyn Mallet Margaret and Rick Mallett Orin Mallett Marian Malloy Marian Malloy Carla Malone Clarence Malsam Jocelyn Mancebo Jocelyn Mancebo Jocelyn Mancebo Jocelyn #24 Delta W.B.B. Bernice Mancuso James Mandella Albert Mandolini Al Mandolini Albert Mandolini Richard Mandolini Violet Mandolini Angelo Manetti Angelo Manetti Angelo and Luisa Manetti Costante Manetti Luisa Manetti Rachele Roccucci Rachele Roccucci Rachele Roccucci Michael Mangali Enrico Mangili Enrico Mangili John & Flora Mangili Michael Mangili Michael Mangili Michael Mangili Art Mankin Arthur Mankin Doug Mankin Earlene Mankin Earlene Mankin Bill & Jeanne Manley Jeanne Manley Jerry Mann Pearl Mann Chris & Elda Manna Ronna Manzanares Mary Manzella Billy E. Maples Milton Maral Mary Marble William L. Marble Marlene Marchesotti Marlene Marchesotti Mary Marchesotti Edilio Dick Marchetti Maria Alessio Marchetti Ronnie Marchetti Ron Marchetti Theresa Alice Marchetti Fred Marciano Anthony Mardesich Berna Mardis Woody Mardis Theresa Marengo Diana Margand Diana Margand Esther Marganelli John Marganelli Danny Margosis George Maria Irene Maria Raffaello Mariani Raffaello Mariani Raffaello Mariani Ugo Mariani Madge Marino Mary Gutierrez Mariscal Paula Marks Paula Marks Brent F. Marley Mary H. Marlowe Mary H. Marlowe Mary Herrera Marlowe Louie & Mary Marquez Arturo Marquez Bruno D. Marraccini Mae Marraccini Grace Marre Grace S. Marre Pilar Marroquin Pilar Marroquin Archie Marsh (Aunt) Betty Marsh Helen Marsh Clint Marshall Clint Marshall Clinton Marshall Lara Marshall and Vera Horst Lara Marshall Lara Marshall Lawina Marshall Silvio Marsiano Edward Marszalek Joe Martel Reuben Martel Jerry Martens Tony Martin, Sr. Carlton Martin (Senior) Don Martin Edna Martin Elton F. Martin Gussie Vukovich Martin Eric Martin Gene Martin Gene H. Martin Gene Martin Gina Martin Joe Martin & Tony Martin, Jr. Linnie Martin Lucille Martin Patsy Martin Wade & Marian Martin Rose Marie Martin Terri Ramirez Martin Terri Lynn Martin Tina Martin William & Nola Martin John and Mamie Martin Adam Martinez Adriana Martinez Amador R. Martinez Amador Martinez Jr. Ava Martinez Catalina Martinez

Donor James Maguire James Maguire James Maguire James Maguire Patti Mah Carolyn Sakai Bruce Mahan Marlene Mahan Steven Mahan Dudley A. Miller Bruce Mahan Jim & Shirley & Family Jim & Shirley & Family Rayna Mahlman Sandra Mahoney Denise Saffels Sheila Esparcia Sheila Main Susan Thomas Kathleen Mark Annette Faszer Susan Caulfield Susan Caulfield Carolyn Mallett Ed Malloy Jane Thornton Christa Malone Lodi Pattern & Mfg. Co. Jolene Dell Aringa Jennifer and Gary Giannini Mark & Denise Rasmussen Steve Stevenson Pete and Charlene Reece Jean Mandella Bill and Marge Davidson Mandy Gerlack Ron and Janette Mencarini Mandy Gerlack Mandy Gerlack Massima Mariani Felix and Paulie Torlai Veronica Torlai Josephine Manetti Massima Mariani Clara and Luciano Biasetti Donna Pioli Monique Pioli Susie Livesey Andrew and Louise Mangili Marilyn and Pete Winston Carole, Greg & Zachary Huber Bethany Mangili & Family Bob & Evie Burns Rick and Katherine Mangili Dorothy Casenave Bill and Sheri Casenave Bill and Sheri Casenave Dorothy Casenave Bill and Sheri Casenave Steve and Wendy Arko Ann Donati Nancy Mann Nancy Mann Judy Hayes Bob Manzanares Tom and Carolyn Ficcadenti Carole and John Champion Maral Family John F. Marble John F. Marble Steve Marchesotti Francine Thompson Steve Marchesotti Delia L. Lopez Josephine Manetti Delia L. Lopez Janet Marchetti Delia L. Lopez Paula Marciano Steve and Gay Marino Nancy L. Mardis Nancy L. Mardis Rodney and Raetta Schatz Peter Margand Craig and Judi Sanders Gail Marganelli Gail Marganelli Gary McNamara Bernadine and Bob Rutledge Bernadine and Bob Rutledge Clara and Luciano Biasetti Mr. Carlo Mariani Massima Mariani Teresa Dini Mary J. Fornaciari Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Hillard Corren & Florence Arnold Joseph and Dora Rangel Laurie A. Blake Eufemia Herrera - Mother Estella Herrera - Sister Angelita Lucas Betty & Howard Casey Martha Guzman Leanna Marraccini Pam Needham Bill and Nadine Coleman William L. Marre Joe and Marie Marroquin Marie Marroquin Joanne Marsh Souchek Sandra Martin Joanne Marsh Souchek Bob & Susan Benedetti Sue Carey Kathleen Marshall Florence Hernandez Florence Hernandez Clifford Marshall & Yvonne Ella Buffington Florence Hernandez and Frank Frances Voyer Katherine Quinones Ina Moreno Pastor Ron Martens Mary Martin Carl and Vi Martin Gayl Wilson Carl and Vi Martin William Vukovich William Vukovich Allen and Karen Martin Phyllis Clayton Alma Martin Lois Sbragia and Pat Jo Ann and Gary Eggert Mary Martin Wife Francine Mendenhall Albert and Jane Thurman Tola & Christopher Eley Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Guido and Gloria Mazza Geraldine Ramirez Cindy Martin Douglas and Chris Martin Joseph H. Martin Lupe Mazuka Anna Wilson Minerva E. Martinez & Family Minerva E. Martinez & Family Mr. & Mrs. Abelardo Escalante Your Loving Family

Honoree / Memorial Name Eleanore Martinez Felix & Sarah Martinez Florence Frausto Martinez Francisca Martinez Gabino Martinez Gabino Martinez Gloria Martinez Gustavo Martinez Ignacio Martinez Jesus Arcadio Martinez John Martinez Nicholas Martinez Paul Martinez Ruth Martinez Sharon Martinez Joseph B. Martinez, III Richard Martinez Bernice Martini Bernice Martini Linda Martins Linda Martins Virginia Borges Martins Luis Martinsdias Curtis Maryatt Christopher MasDonati Elaine Mason Gertrude Mason Judy Mason Ron Mason Alvin and Fern Massa Alvin Massa Fern Massa Rod Mastel Virgil, Maxine & Karen Mastelotto Vivian M. Masterman Melvia Masterson Nancy Masterson Marie Arlene (White) Mastramico Yaeko Masuda Flora Mata Flora Mata Chino Matamoros Jean Mateo Reetha Mathews Donna Mathiowetz Minnie R. Matlock Tamaye Matsumoto Les Matsune Les Matsune Les Matsune Toshio Matsuoka Frank & Yukie Matsuura Iris Mattes Michele Matteucci Michael Mattioli Michael Mattioli Mr. & Mrs. Tony Mattioli Sr Vickie Mattison Allan Mattock Irene Mattock Randall Mattock Daniel Mattos Jane Matwiejczyk Mildred Matwiejczyk Howard Mauser H. & L. Mauser Loraine Mauser Debbie Maxey Fred May Alfred and Agnes Mayer Edwin Mayer Esther Mary Mayer Helen Mayer Jacob Mayer Jan Mayer Jan Mayer Jan Mayer Jan Mayer Janice Mayer Jan Mayer Jewell Mayer Lester Mayer David Maynard Eloisa Mazuka Pedro Mazuka Eleanore Mazzera William L. Mazzera Dennis “Buzz” Mazzuola Walter McAdams (Police Officer) & Friend Brittany McAlister Ira and Mico McAtee Barbara McBrian John McBrian Bill McCain Dorothy McCain Jeffrey McCann Ona McCann Erin McCarthy Erin McCarthy John McCarthy Margaret McCarthy Prudence McCarthy Cyril McCarty Kathy McCarty Margaret McCarty Alta McClary Ed McClary Robert McClary Robert McClary William T. McClean Rod and Brenna McCleary Judy McCleary Judy McCleary Judy McCleary Judy McCleary Mary McCleary Mary McCleary Mary McCleary Ruby McCleary Ruby McCleary Bill McCleary, Jr Billy McCleary Homer McCleary Homer McCleary, Jr. Bill McCleary Beverly J. McClellan Sharon McClelland Thomas McClure John E. McColl Jeremy McConlogue George W. McCormick Sarah E. McCormick Frank McCoy Grace Elizabeth McCoy Terri McCoy Anita McCracken Lula McCreary Judy McCullough Robert McCullough Larry McCurdy Helen (Azevedo) McCurry Al McDonald Bill McDonald Eileen McDonald Mac and Liz McDonald Marguerite McDonald

Donor May Cooper Gloria Mendoza & Charles Self Dorothy Martinez Teresa Martinez Gary and Nancy Krahmer Teresa Martinez Carmen Costilla Minerva E. Martinez & Family Maria Barroso Teresa Martinez Annette Casillas Nana May Cooper Carmen Costilla Carmen Costilla Dorothy Martinez Carmen Costilla Janice and Byron DeBenedettiSmith Adelaide Del Prete Joe & Carolyn Mora Paul Rankin & Sue Whitfield Virginia Martins Tim & Kim Martinsdias Mrs Courtnie Maryatt Darlene Koepplin Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Mrs. Jacqueline Mason Dave and Pam Dias Dave and Pam Dias Son and Daughter Richard A. Massa Richard A. Massa Debbie Scott & Brianna Nelson Ms. Susan Leonard Jo Delaney Joyce Defenbaugh Mary Jane Reynolds Malcolm White Karen Saito Takahashi Family Lorretta Rubio Ybarra Ina Moreno Ms. Annie Mateo Patty & Dale Summers Sarah and John Azevedo Beth and Sidney Grace Stockman Tom and Mayko Horita Dr. Lance M. Matsune Joan Matsune Linda Vieira Lillian Matsuoka Steven Takahashi Lisa Garcia Dell’ Aringa Family Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Tony and Karla Mattioli Tony and Karla Mattioli Donna Bennett Michael & Rosemary Mattock & Family Michael & Rosemary Mattock & Family Michael Mattock & Family Barbara Pombo Stanley & Gay Matthews Stanley & Gay Matthews Charles and Sharon Jones May Logan Charles and Sharon Jones The Korth Family Kyle and Tracy May Craig Mayer Lon and Valerie Mayer Curt & Suzanne Pitts Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Madres Del Camino Marge Basalto Shirley Cole Alma Martin Raylene Mayer Lois Sbragia and Pat Lon and Valerie Mayer Raylene Mayer Bill & Shelley Freitas Lupe Mazuka Lupe Mazuka Bill and Pat Mazzera Bill and Pat Mazzera Ms. Tiffany Tirapelle Jo Schleicher Cathy McAlister Bonnie McAtee Helen Underhill Helen Underhill Your daughter Tracy The Kennard Family Judy & Walt Ghio Graydon & Jackie Bannert Zeiter Eye Medical Group Stephen Costa Rod and Brenna McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary K.T. McCarthy Clint and Claudia McCarty Clint and Claudia McCarty Clint and Claudia McCarty Carol McClary Carol McClary Roger and Carolyn Hushour Carol McClary Sally J. Williams Mary McCleary Elaine Gumaer Mary McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Mark & Cheryl Carol Hafelfinger Rod and Brenna McCleary Mark & Cheryl Mary McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Mary McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Mary McCleary Rod and Brenna McCleary Mary McCleary Michelle and Lee Bethea Bill Grotemeyer The McClure Family Mom & Dad Donna Bennett - Mom Helen McCormick Helen McCormick Linda McCoy Barbara, Nancy, Mary Jo & Grandbabies Diane Gray Councilmember Jim McCracken Love, Sandy Caryl Toth Caryl Toth His Family Daughter Carol Palmer Carol Palmer Kathy Franco Glenn McDonald Carol Palmer

Honoree / Memorial Name Almajane McDonnell Jerry McDonnell Michael J. McDonough Doris and John McDougal John A. McDougal Kendra McEnerney Tom & Elsie McEnerney Jason McEntire Bill McFall Dan McFarland Billye McGarrah Gerald McGary Carl W. McGee Alberta M. McGinnis William C. McGinnis Dale McGowan Cathy & Tim McGrath Ann McGraw Mac McGraw Bill McGregor III Bob McGuire Fern McGuire Henry McGuire Joyce McGuire Kevin McGuire Patti Stubbs McGuire Robert McGuire Robert McGuire Roger McGuire Ross McGuire Dorothy McIntosh Sam McIntosh Peter J. McIsaac Pete McIsaac Tom McKeegan Tom McKeegan Judy McKelvey Tom McKenzie Tom McKenzie Betty and Jim McKim Daniel R. McKinley Alice McKinney Kathy McKinney-Tovar Donna McKinnon Lessie McLachlan Robert W. McLachlan Babs McLaughlin Balbina McLaughlin Betty Kerns McLaughlin Larry “WSF” McLean Larry McLean Troy McManus Betty McMartin Thelma McMillen Walter McMillen Keith McMullin Norm McNally Maryland McNamara Ann McNeer Jimmy McPherson Betty McQuillian Doug & Frances McSwain Duwan McTeer Duane P. Meacham, Sr. Mary C. Meacham Ardath Meader Antonio Medeiros Egedio Medeiros Gene S. Medeiros Raymond Medeiros Raymond Medeiros Teofilo Medeiros Alvena Mederios Genevieve J. Medina “Mother” Genevieve J. Medina “Grandmother” Genevieve Medina Genevieve Medina Jess C. Medina “Grandfather” Jess C. Medina “Father” Jess Medina Jess C. Medina Gordon Medlin Peregrino Medrano Trish Meeken Harry Meeks Ervin Mehlhaff Ervin Mehlhaff Florence Mehlhaff Florence Mehlhaff Isabel Mehlhaff Tyler Pattingale-Mehlhaff Bill and Hilda Meidinger Ella Meidinger Marie Meidinger Todd Meidinger Todd Lee Meidinger Christine Meier Angelina Meisch Aunt Millie Uncle Paul Sharon Meitrott Victoria Garcia Campos Victoria Mejia Neil Mekeel Roger Melby Theresa Mellelo Jule R. Mellen Dorothy Mellencamp John Dale Mellencamp Maurice Mellencamp John and Mary Mello C.P. and Margaret Mello Priscilla Mello Havens Bette Melton Alessio Menconi Eni Menconi Marie Mendaro Lillian Mendenhall Dorothy Mendes Frances Mendes Frank Mendes Laura Mendes Gabriel Mendez Martha Mendez de Mendoza Jerry Mendoes Edward Mendonca Edward Mendonca Edward Mendonca Larry Mendosa Lisa Renee Mendoza Howard J. Menking Sr. Mary Mercer Robert Mercer Sr. Barbara Merjil Barbara Merjil Barbara Merjil Barbara B. Merjil Alice Merkel Ceaser and Edith Merlo Frank and Rose Merrick, Carol Merrick Booher Doug Messer Georgia Metaxas Joe Paul Metcalf Joe Metcalf Joe Metcalf Joe Metcalf John Metrovich Patricia Metrovich Thelma Metrovich

Donor Richard Michael McDonnell Pat McDonnell Karen King & Erin McDonough Mary S. Sievers Mary S. Sievers Ms Linda McEnerney Ms. Linda McEnerney Carolyn and Lesley Sakai Chuck and Nancy Selman Michael Halloran Sharon McGarrah Donalee McGary Gerry McGee Jill M. Seibert Jill M. Seibert Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Susan Caulfield Connie Avey Connie Avey Mom & Dad Jan Schuh Anna Graham Lois Giordano Paula Marciano Elaine and Larry McGuire Albert and Jane Thurman Lois Giordano Jim & Rosemarie McGuire Esther Sowers Anna Graham Valerie Smith Valerie Smith Judith McIsaac Lynn, Steph & Nate Truman Marsha and Doug Haydel The Haydel Family John & Shelby White Joan Briscoe Frederica Hobin Patty Van Oss Jim and Diane McKinley Christina Abacherli Henry and Maura Tovar Mr. and Mrs. Michael and LeeAnn Pastor Robert McLachlan Robert McLachlan Lilllian Bava Kathy Edwards Ben and Patti Gintjee The Farragher’s Margaret McLean Chuck & Bonnie Forbes Sharon Odle Larry and Jeanne McMillen Larry and Jeanne McMillen Dorinda and Walt Givens Norman, Brock & Ginger Hatley, Jackie Kruse Gary McNamara Berny Sheen Sandra McPherson Charlotte Berglund Hank and Evelyn Pereira Bob McTeer Colleen Meacham Colleen Meacham Ardath Flynn Elsie Medeiros & Family Grace Neurath Lawrence Powell, Sr. Gene and Carolyn Gomes Mrs. Evelyn Gomes Elsie Medeiros & Family Bill and Judy Hudelson John and Genevieve Aires Jess R. Aires Son Margie Medina - Daughter Jess R. Aires John and Genevieve Aires Son Margie Medina - Daughter Barbara Bidondo Emma Medrano Joann Dunn Betty Meeks Family Ms. Stacey Pattingale Family Ms Stacey Pattingale Mrs. Janice Mehlhaff Family Jeff and Suzy Beach Russ and Mabel Martin Karen Clark Hartley Family Lee and Beverly Meidinger Velma Peterson Georgianna Garrison 5 H2O+ 5 H2O+ Sharon Myers Susan Campos Josie Ontiveros Barbara Mekeel Elizabeth Aguire Warren and Shirley White Patty Roek Linda Morris Mellencamp Linda Lei Morris Mellencamp Linda Morris Mellencamp Virginia and Leonard Mello Charlie and Sandy Mello Charlie and Sandy Mello Dorsey Melton Renzo and Evelyn Menconi Renzo and Evelyn Menconi Lena Giambruno Francine Mendenhall - Daughter Jim and Diane McKinley Doris Perez Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Melessa Mendez Jesus Mendez de Mendoza Colleen Swift Susan Balogh Larry & Kathy Mendonca Sharon Mendonca Diane Mendosa - Wife Gloria Mendoza & Charles Self Vernon & Denice McKenzie & Taylor Vincelet Robert Mercer, Jr. Robert Mercer, Jr. Pat Merjil Jr. Beverly Nielsen Gussie Owen D.M. Taylor Rick and Andria Merkel Walt and Barbara Wolterstorff Jim and Glenda Hushaw Jason & Kristen Messer Steven and Kathy Walton American Technologies, INC. Nick & Jesslyn Farros Marty and Peggy Jones Malen and Beverly Stroh Marlene Drew and Otis Kelley Marlene Drew and Otis Kelley Marlene Drew and Otis Kelley

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Hilda Mettler Janet Mettler Marguerite C. Mettler Marguerite C. Mettler Marguerite Mettler Patricia Mettner Elmer Meyer Hertha Meyer Lloyd Meyer Ralph Meyer Ursula Meyer Joe Meyers Joe Meyers Linda Meyers Michael G. Miatovich Christine Miccio Jeanne Michael Joe Michael Mary Michael Shirley Michaeloff Tony and Bernice Michaels Bernice Michaels Bernice Michaels Joseph Michaels Joe Michaels Tony Michaels Tony Michaels Richard Michels Cheri Middlekauff Ronnie Mierdiericks Armando Mignacco Laura Mignacco Laura Mignacco Laura Mignacco Pam Mignacco Joaquina Miquel-Francisco Miquel Dieter Mikan Dieter Mikan Harry “Babe” Milani Roberta Miles Roberta Miles Warren Milldrum Al and Madge Miller Augie Miller August Miller Barbara Miller Barbara Miller Brian Miller Corinne Miller Floyd Miller James Miller Jan Miller Kristina Miller Marianne Miller May Miller Penny Miller Victor & Marian Miller Jim Millett William Milligan Fred Mills Fred Mills Fred Mills Fred Mills Marjorie R. Mills Wilburn Millsaps Samuel Milojevich George K. MIlton Kenneth (Kim) Milton Mimi Elvin Minatre Fred Minazzoli Sr. Dorothy Mindt Ollie Mindt Steve Mindt Josephine Minella Peter Minella Janet Miner Betty Lou Miniaci Isabel Miniaci James Miniaci Ruby Minner Richard Minnick Patricia Ann Minor Yolanda Miranda Starr Paul Mireles, Jr. Paul Mireles, Jr. Violet R. Mireles Violet Mireles Liz Mirko Tony Mirko Karen Broin Anna Mitchell Bonnie Mitchell Bonnie Mitchell Helen Mitchell Katherine Mitchell Larry Mitchell Kenneth Miyasaki Raymond Mizener Fred & Ana Mlejnek Don Moberg Kirby, Snickers and Casey Mocanu Aunt Louise Modesto Lois Moe Norman Moe Charles Moe Kathy Moffett Emily Mohr Deacon Denis Monbureau Robert N. Moncrief Leland Money Gregory Monk Gregory Monk Fred and Anne Monotti Fred and Anne Monotti Agnes Monroe Forrest Monroe Irma Montes Stella Montez Thomas Montez Gerry Montgomery Josephine Montoya Monty Barbara Moon, R.N. James Moon Larry Moon Ramona Mooney Ella Lorene Moore Earl and Elsie Moore Glenda Rose Moore Haskell Moore Jamie Moore Peggy & Frank Moore Kenneth E. Moppin Connie Mora Aunt Marie George Alfredo Juan Sr. Jyonn Greg Morales Greg Paul Morales Greg Morales Greg Morales Salvador Morales Sarah A. Morales Toni Moran Antoinette Moran Manuel and Jenny Moran Robert Mordaunt

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Donor Kathryn Haynie Amy Roberts Bill and Crissy Corell Mrs Janice Luiz Amy Roberts Judy Maire and Marla Thomas Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Cindy Tohlen Cindy Tohlen Doris Meyer Deborah Westler Dave & Linda Jeffers Nick and Penny Meyers Anonymous Miatovich Family Juliana Homan Joe Michael Ida Bozzini Delta Lions Club Rose Terra - a friend Renee Malcoun Jeanette Michaels Nina Michaels Jeanette Michaels Nina Michaels Jeanette Michaels Nina Michaels Kathy Harden Joyce Aschenbrener Mary McCleary Steven Mahan Bruce Mahan Marlene Mahan Steven Mahan Janice Lindsey Bertha Miquel Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Susie & DJ Mikan Trina Minella Lana Wagoner Hannah and Hailey Wagoner Wife Michael & Mary Lou Monnich Theresa Bettenhausen Darlene & Duane Hines Marlene Mahan Dudley A. Miller Debbie Lawson Dolly E. Sonne Fran and Brian Eastep Mrs. M. Miller Nunez Family Diana Miller Mary Slikker Mary Ann Nayer Mr. & Mrs. Don Hensley Ron and Carol Miller Susan Balogh Linnea Milligan Friend Maria Mills Heather Mills Helen Mills Lawrence and Georgia Mills William and Jeannie Millsaps Ofelia L. Cleveland Marge Mom Nishka Yudnich H. LeRoy Minatre Virginia and Mario Milani Love, Sandy Love, Sandy Love, Sandy Trina Minella Trina Minella Lon and Valerie Mayer Manteca Federated Women’s Club Patty and Lance Rieber Patty and Lance Rieber Carol and Larry Minner Sylvia Minnick Pamela Middleton Melvin Terra Pete and Jackie Fanucchi Linda Mireles Pete and Jackie Fanucchi Linda Mireles Pam and Larry Howen Pam and Larry Howen Dorothy Broin James and Sharon Patton Ginni and Traci Isler Anonymous Nona Mitchell Nancy Mann Bill and Susie Giffen Bette Allen Miyasaki Margaret Mizener Maria Garcia Irene Moberg and Family Cathy McAlister Cindy & Michael Guindon Donna Moe Tjomsland Stella Moe and Children Donna Moe Tjomsland Eilene Lambdin Carol Martinelli Mrs Linda Monbureau Irene G. Moncrief & Family Art and Sharon Money Amanda Monk & David Ensey Christine and Larry Kennard Relina Monotti Patrick, Judith and Patrick Jr. O’Rourke Ann and Art Woodruff Paula Monroe Liz Lopez George and Stella Visgilio George and Stella Visgilio Bob Montgomery Josephine Errecart Joan Cal and Betty Rodway Jud Smith Phyllis Clayton Hugo and Earlene Wiessner Donna & Cindy Smith Robert and Bonnie Moore Kathy Husted - Her Daughter Frances O. Moore Mother Susan Caulfield Pauline Moppin Joe Mora Lori Ann Galtere Lori Ann Galtere Lori Ann Lori Ann Lori Ann Sister Teresa Mom Sister Bernadette, Brothers Steve & Mike Bobbie Wallinger Ortencia and David Perez Ortencia and David Perez Las and Connie Fodor Chris & Stan Chan Earl Soto Family Mike and Margie Mordaunt

Retiree from Diocese of Stockton, Msgn. Harmon Skillin and founding Board Member of Hospice of San Joaquin offers the invocation at the 25th Anniversary of Tree of Lights. Tree of Lights Ceremony was Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Honoree / Memorial Name


Rosemary Mordaunt Bob Morehouse Avie Moreira Virginia Moreira Paul Morell Marie Morelli Pete Morelli Rita and Tony Morelli Amy Moreno Bob Moreno Brandi Moreno Brandi Moreno Chad Moreno Chad Moreno Dolores Moreno Frances Moreno Joe Moreno Joseph Moreno Richard Moreno Uncle Ross Moreno Ross Moreno Gloria, Ruben & David Moreno

Mike and Margie Mordaunt Susie Livesey Tony Moreira Tony Moreira Stan and Marty Hopper Peter and Cindy Morelli Peter and Cindy Morelli Florence Hernandez Arnie and Sylvia Toso Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Amber Moreno & Becky Brown Carlos Moreno Amber Moreno & Becky Brown Carlos Moreno Mr. & Mrs. Abelardo Escalante Carlos Moreno Mr. & Mrs. Abelardo Escalante Tom Moreno and Shirley Ng Shirley Ng Cindy & Michael Guindon Ina Moreno Loving Children: Reuben J. & Lori C. Moreno, Yolanda & Ed Burrows Rosemarie Kennedy Carlos Moreno Claudene Blasl Thelma Stewart Susie Livesey Mike & Jill Twitty Sheila Morgan Francis and Barbara Wernette Dave and Pam Dias Dave and Pam Dias Jean Claude & Norma Laterreur Elena Girardi Elena Girardi Roger and Carolyn Hushour Beverly Yoneshige Masako Morita Roy and Beverly Yoneshige John, Peggy & Steve Takahashi The Coronado Family Ms. Kara Maguire Cal and Betty Rodway Vickie Hale Wetherell Marjory Morris Roger and Linda Barker Roger and Linda Barker Karen Azevedo Miss Megan Peterson Harry and Kay Williams Wife and Daughters Roger and Linda Barker Geri Berkman John Wallinger Janet Morrow Jerry and Mary Suzy & Olga Glen H. Mortensen Marit Mortenson-Bird Manteca Federated Women’s Club Tola & Christopher Eley April Rifenburg Angela Mosqueda Gail Marganelli Grace R. Tolentino Colleen, Mike, Chris & Alan Marilyn Peters Liz Lopez Marilyn and Ryan Peters Maureen Moya Brocchini Family Joan Inge Beverly Nielsen Debra A. Johnson Phil, Chris, Colin & Lauren Katzakain Sharon Fortner Felix and Paulie Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai W. Gregory Mullally Carol Reeve Lilly and Al Kite Margaret Mulrooney Martin and Katie Ronayne Shannon Puryear Mary Ann Ware Mary Ann Ware Sarita Lippincott Dave and Pat Ellis Dave and Pat Ellis Lucy Munoz and Family Craig & Judi Sanders Christine Soto Yvonne Sharp Sonoye Muraoka Alfredo and Ruth Leon Alfredo and Ruth Leon Alfredo and Ruth Leon Mother Margo and Chester Murphy George and Christine Soto Vera Torres George and Christine Soto Vera Torres Gloria Nomura

Stephanie Herrera-Moreno Carlos Moreno, Sr Claude & Esther Moresco Evelyn Moresco Ray Moresco Joan Morgan Michael Morgan Virginia Morgan Bernie Morgenstern Mabel Morgenstern John C. Mori Londina Mori Nick Mori Nobuo Morimoto Hideo Morinaka Henry Morita Henry Morita John Morita Rose Morones John Morotti John I. Morozumi Sharon Morphew Frank Morris Howard Morris Juanita Morris Juanita Pruitt Morris Leon Morris Marckita Morris Michael J. Morris Paul Morris Ronna Berkman Morris Lee Morrison Sheri Morrow Bob and Maggie Morse Carolyn Mortensen Carolyn J. Mortensen Carolyn Mortensen Dora Mortenson Bruce & Jean Morton Ruth Moseley Tomas Mosqueda Mary Moss Your Mother Richard & Bertha Motz David Mount Lota Mount Lota Mount Rodolfo G. Moya Mike Mraovich Vodie MucCular Mrs. Dorothy Mueller Leanne Mueller Leanne Pezzi Mueller Raymond Mueller Jo Mulkins Winfield Mulkins Marie P. Mullally Frank and Zola Muller Fred Mullins Michael Mulrooney Michael Mulrooney Barbara Mundy Hilaria Mungaray Michael Angel Mungaray Andres Munoz John Munoz Lillie Munoz Manny Munoz Ruben Munoz Ruben Munoz Dolores Munro Shogo Muraoka Anna Muraskevics John Muraskevics John Muraskevics, Jr. Steven Murawski Barbara & William Murdock Eucebio (CB) Murillo (Dad) Eucebio Murillo Eusebio Murillo Jr. (Brother) Eusebio Murillo, Jr. Mary Ellen Murillo

Honoree / Memorial Name Jo Ann Murphy John & Martha Murphy John Murphy & Mable Leslie William Murrah William Murrah Betty Jean Murray Margaret Murray Abib Musallam W A Musallam W A Musallam Wardeh Musallam Robert H. Musfelt “Shorty” and Mae Evelyn Musick Rodolfo Mussi Angelo Musso Marie Musso Cecil Myers Ida Myers Mary Myers Nancy Myers Richard R. Myers Bill Myers James Nadotti Lillian and Norman Nadotti Masaaki Nagata F M Nahhas Billie D. Nails Ted Nakamura Isao Nakaoka Isao Nakaoka Jane H. Nakaue Cathy Namahoe Elsie Antonucci Nance Elsie Nance Elsie Nance Marion Nash Marion Nash Algea Natali Natali Family Raul Chico Natera Jr. John Nathe Native Daughters #5 Gerald Natsuhara Andrew Navarrete Bruno Navarrete Anselmo Navarrete Ramona Navarrette Theresa M. Nave Emil Navone Jack Nayer Jack Nayer Jack Nayer Jack Nayer Jack Nayer Richard Neadeau Christina Neal Bill Neal Arthur Needham Arthur Needham Arthur Needham Arthur Needham Arthur Needham Art Needham Barbara J. Nehme Clara Neil George Neil Bob and Lysa Neitzke Alma Nelson Bob Nelson Carey Nelson Cordner and Mary Nelson Donald A. Nelson Donald Nelson Frank E. Nelson Judy Lorenzo Nelson Mary D. Nelson Sally Nelson Nona Nemie Nona Hoffman Nemie Diane Neri - My Mother Diane B. Neri Diane Neri Donald Neroda Irene Neroda Samuel Neroda Marsha Neu Gary Neuer Elli M. Neurath Ella & Alex Neuvert Jacklyn Neuvert Joyce Neves Virginia Neves Josephine Inez Newby Jessica Newlin Jessica Newlin Nancy Newton Cheryl Newton Gene W. Ng Gene Ng Clifford “Nick” Nichols Jeff Nichols

Donor Kellen and Jackie Murphy Jerre and Susan Murphy Sylvia Pennock Sue Carey Amanda Pantaleoni Her Daughter Michael Murray Georgette Nahhas Rena Meier Georgette Nahhas Georgette Nahhas Doris E. Musfelt Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Toni and Rudy Mussi & Family Biff and Dolores Baffoni Biff and Dolores Baffoni Bernice Holmes Bernice Holmes Lynne and Roger Ver Mulm Dad Sharon Myers Lynne and Roger Ver Mulm Louise Della Santa Louise Della Santa Roy and Cheryl Nagata Rena Meier Mary L. Nails Hisako Nakamura Nancy Nakaoka Beverly Yoneshige John S. Nakaue Lynn and Sharlyn Bedford Janice & Byron DeBenedettiSmith Annie Podesto Edward L. Weeks Ted and Myrna Cooper Sharon Fortner Barbara Boggs Pat Seifert Natera Family Mary Natteford NDGW Joaquin Parlor Kenneth and Karen Natsuhara Virginia Navarette Virginia Navarette Virginia Navarette Virginia Navarette Max and Kathy Haro (Godmother) Roberta Navone Doran Berg Kimm Berry Bob & Marlene Kinser Mary Ann Nayer Blake Nayer Loving Daughter and Husband: Lori C. & Reuben J. Moreno Ron and Jo Ann Stock Norma Neal Judy Davis Patrick and Christina Doran Mike and Diana Machado Mr. & Mrs. Mike Needham Pam Needham Joey & Marie Sam Nehme Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Jeri Garibaldi Janice Orrock Barbara J. Jones Larry & Jan Cooper George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Lynn Nelson Daughter Fidel and Patricia Palomino Larry & Jan Cooper Fidel and Patricia Palomino Peggy Nelson Judy Davis Pam Needham Jaret Blinn Donna Faith - Sister Peter and Nicole Rosado Dennis and Shari Neroda Dennis and Shari Neroda Dennis and Shari Neroda Harry Trovinger Richard and Janet Wanner Grace Neurath Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Lori San Julian Madeline Torres Robert Faymonville Virginia and Leonard Mello Gina Zbikowski The Keithley Family Dad & Mom Jim and Carole Kiefer Ted & Bev Shirley Ng Jeanie Quan Janis and Ron Nichols Colleen and Jerry Evans

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Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nichols Ruth Nichols Romeo G. Nicolas Bonifacio Nieddu Bonifacio Nieddu Catherine Nielsen Deirdre Niemeyer Janet Niemeyer Hilde Niford Hilde Niford Nicole Nino-Cortez Hito and Ivy Nishi Aiko & Grace & Ann Robert Nissen Bill Niswonger Barbara Nitta Barbara Nitta Warren Nitta Kathy Nixon Glenn Nobmann Henry Noel Michael Nojiri James Nolan Dr. Noori Dorothy “Dolly” Nord Bob Norling Floyd Norling, Sr. Craig Norman Donald Norred Ann Norris John and Evelyne Norris Pauline K. North Oliver J. Northup, Jr. Claudia Maupin Northup Alice Norton Don Norton Emmett Norton Priscilla Norton Frances Novetzke Patty Novenger Arthur Novotny Eleanor Novotny Karen Jo Nowak Karen Nowak Douglas Null Doug Null Americo J. Nunes Louise Nunes Amos Nunes Angie Nunes Cortney Nunes Felicia Nunes John and Mary Nunez Sr. Mary Nunes & Frances Teixeira Susan Dave Nunez Lupe Nunez Larry Nunley Larry Nunley Walter Nuss Nystrom Family Vern Oase Vernon Oase George L. Obert Daniel O’Brien Dan O’Brien Marie and Jim C. O’Brien Jim O’Brien Joseph O’Brien Marie O’Brien Mary O’Brien Voteau O’Brien Mary O’Brion Antonio & Rosa Occhiena Hector Manuel Ocegueda Jr. Doris O’Connell Joyce O’Connor Joyce E. O’Connor Frances Oddo Frances Oddo Pat O’Dell Edith & Arthur O’Donnell Bill O’Donnell Eloise O’Donnell Bettie J. Odor Maggie Oechsner Adoracion Offemaria William Offermann Kathleen (Haynes) Oglesby Teik B. Oh Bobby (Teik) Oh Teik Boon Oh Marty O’Hara Evelyn Ohm Herman Ohm Robert Ohm Roy Ohta Roy Ohta Roy Ohta Roy Ohta Tom and Frances Okamoto Tom Okamoto

Cathy McAlister Janis and Ron Nichols Josephine Nicolas Luciana Flocchini Agnes Nieddu Dave & Jackie Bennett Barbara Katen The Kennard Family Nick & Fran Duren Dominique Rivera-Cortez Family Anne Sheldon Harumi & Jim Tanaka Clair Trujillo Mildred J. Niswonger Brooke Nitta Lindsey Nitta Hiroko Nitta Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Golden State Lumber, Inc. Charlotte Berglund Kay Fujii Valerie Nolan Anonymous Danelle and Jeff Audrey Norling Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Norling, Jr. Karen & Fred Cherryl Norred Bill and Brenda Norris Noelle Delore Susan and Bob North Kathy Schick Kathy Schick Kenneth Norton Ina Moreno Michael and Donna Lecuyer Melanie Eggett Gloria Nomura Richard and Janet Wanner Margie Palermo Margie Palermo Thomas Nowak Richard and Janie Williams Ernestine Null Roberta Uecker J & V Nunes Mary Jane Walsh Mary Jane Walsh Ray & June Gerlomes The Kennard Family Elsie Humphreys Mary Augusto Barbara Pombo Don and Carol Kirkendall Nunez Family Gloria and Joseph Huerta Clifford & Theresa Clark Richard and Jean Staas Carlette Schnell Hartnett Family John Allen Kit and Susan Oase Louise Obert Margaret O’Brien Tom and Barbara Walker Shirley Hamilton Chet and Renee O’Brien Marie and Stephen Guasco Chet and Renee O’Brien Bob and Kathy Wallace Marie and Stephen Guasco Manteca Federated Women’s Club Rosanna Wiebe Potosme Family Marilyn Togninali Doug Jann Mia Seitelman Blanche & Stan Scott and Janice Kyles Joseph and Susanne O’Dell Dee O’Donnell Dee O’Donnell Clarence O’Donnell & Family Raymond Odor Kathy Harden Grace Tolentino Mae Offermann Dad and Mom Eunice Oh Delores Soderfelt Grace R. Tolentino Bob and Mary Leonard Ron & Dolores Ohm Ron & Dolores Ohm Barbara Ohm John and Jennifer Fukano Tomi Ohta Debbie Sakakihara Felix and Paulie Torlai Kent and Patti Yep Ruth Tucker and Rich and Joanne Waters Mike & Margie Haney Mike & Margie Haney Leonard and Arlene Lind Teresa Olasolo Dennis and Chris Olin Mary A. Celentano John and Edna Fruchey Dennis and Chris Olin Dennis and Chris Olin Tino & Mary Adame John and Irene Leandro John and Irene Leandro Marion Oliver Marion Oliver Carol Olivero Toni and George Jaquith Mrs. Linda Engrav-Clarke Carole Delmanowski Warren and Shirley White Sandy & Jeri Sandy & Jeri Lori and Harry Olson Annette, Trena & Kenneth Galen Olson Ron & Nancy Simmons Karen Olson Karen Olson Karen Olson Galen Olson Galen Olson Ron & Nancy Simmons Diana Swan Beverly Olson Gregory and Rhonda Olvera Kathleen Siebler Gregory and Rhonda Olvera Carol Nakashima Luz Elena Penilla Don and Sally Felkins The Oneto-Galbreath Family The Oneto-Galbreath Family Khloanna R. Onweiler Xavier & Cheryl Ordez Xavier & Cheryl Ordez R. Mildred Orimo Anthony Celli Robert and Sue Ornelas Robert and Sue Ornelas Nick and Pam Curtin Patrick, Judith and Patrick Jr. O’Rourke

Horace & Margaret O’Keefe Mirium O’Keefe “Corny” Olaso Jose Olasolo Annie Olin Dorothy Olin Dorothy Olin Dorothy Olin Matt Olin Irene Lee Oliva John Oliveira Mary Oliveira John F. Oliver, Jr. John F. Oliver, Sr. Robert Olivero Carin Olivet Liz Ollar Mary Helen Olmsted Bill Olsen Margaret Olsen Norman Olsen Allen Olson Delores Olson Eleanor Olson Langley Olson Margaret M. Olson Margaret Ann Olson (Baby) Norman M. Olson Skip Olson Warren Olson Warren Olson Warren Olson William Olson, Father Carmen Olvera Joseph Olvera Lillian Olvera Grandpa Peter Julia Guzman Oñate Loved Ones Mary L. Oneto John G. Oneto, Sr. Allen S. Onweiler, Jr Maria Isabel Ordez Pete Ordez Kaz Orimo Nino Orlando Manuel Ornelas Ricardo Ornelas Elizabeth Orosco Robert E. O’Rourke, Sr.

Honoree / Memorial Name Linda Orozco Jesus Orozco-Reyes Dennis Orrock Dennis Orrock Dennis Orrock Dennis Orrock Dennis Orrock Jacobo Ortega Jake Ortega Jake Ortega Jake D. Ortega Mary Ortega Raymond Ortega, Sr. Ray Ortega Ray Ortega Raymond Richard Ortega, Jr. Alisha Ortiz (daughter) Leonard N. Ortiz Blanche Osborn Charles Osborn Jr Dad, Grandpa & Great-Grandpa Donald Osborn Doris Osborn Floyd Osborn Gloria Osborn Duane Ostgaard Duane Ostgaard Duane Ostgaard Ellen Ostgaard Bob O’Sullivan Mary Gutierrez Mariscal and Martin Alva Anita Oswald Anita Oswald Emanuel Oswald Emanuel Oswald Allen Ott Angelita Ott Marjorie Ott Gene Otte Gene Otte Donna Otto Donna Otto Nancy Ough Emma Owen Florence Owen Reg and Betty Owen Arthur Paul Owens Lila Owens Pamela Oxford Diane Pacini Bill Packett Leon Padayhag Jack Paden Indalecia Padilla Ruben Padilla, Jr. Piedad Paez Matt Pagano Ramona Pagano Virgie Pagano Dwayne Paioni Dwayne Paioni Felix Palermo Luis Javier Palma Delbert Palmer Leah Palmquist Marcella M. Palomino Savino Panella Jennie Panelli Maryann Pangburn Maryann Wallace-Pangburn Ramon Paniagua Jerry Pankratz Alice Panzer Robert Panzer Mom Judge Chris Papas Bessie Pappas Bessie Pappas George M. Pappas George Pappas Cory Paradiso Gene Paradiso Genevieve Paradiso Steven Paradiso Tony Paradiso Tony and Angie Paradiso Jessie Paras Maya Paratore Brad Parchment Mary Parchment George Pardini Gwen Pardini Vera Pardini Deputy Robert L. Paris, Jr. Robert L. Paris, Jr. (Deputy) Dan Parises Dick Park Susan Park A.J. Parker Dave Parker David V. Parker Gary Parker Jeff Parker Michael Parker Becky Parker Rodney Parker Tammy Parkinson Grandma Phyllis Chris Parsons Christopher Parsons Debbie Louise Parsons Joesph Pasaak Steve Pasinsky Paul Pasquet Frances Pass Richard Pass Shirley Passama Shirley Passama Vonnee & Gil Passeggi Julie Paston Joseph Pastorello Don Pate Hew and Lindsey Pate Caroline S. Patino Cody Patla Cody Patla Cody T. Patla Thomas Patla Rosemary Patla Charles Gordon Patmon, Jr. Dorothy A. Patmon Antolin Patricio Jane Patterson William Patterson Tyler James Mehlhaff Pattingale Anna Patton Ralph E. Patton, Sr. Veronica Patzer Stan Pauff Joanne Paul Laurie Paul Laurie Paul Laurie Kolko-Paul Geneva Paulson Glenn Paulson Julie Paulson Laura Paulson Thomas Paulson Suzanne Paval

Donor Amy Roberts Ms. Jessica Orozco Darlene Benning Lois and Sean Howard & Joe Harsche Bill and Joyce Crow & Family Janice Orrock Patti and Mike Schneider James & Patti Brice Randy and Eyda Hergenreder Casilda Lovato Judy Ortega Elizabeth Ginn Theresa and Cliff Clark Lupe Ortega Mark, Patricia, & Sam Ramorino Theresa and Cliff Clark Robert and Sandra Ortiz Loving Wife Ida Sharon Maragliano Sharon Maragliano Your Family Rita Osborn Wyman and Andrea Osborn Wyman and Andrea Osborn Rita Osborn Lois & Jim Finch Kara and John Halligan & Children Kolleen Ostgaard Kara & John Halligan & Children Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Betty Oswald Donna Oswald Betty Oswald Donna Oswald Patty Terry & Terry Ruttman Jim & Shirley Anthony Patty Terry & Terry Ruttman Mike and Cathy Otte Mrs. Jennifer Tress Jim, Carrie, Eric & Greta Diane Russell Pam Rocha Erlinda Zelaya Gussie Owen Patty & Don Ceppi Steve and Kathy Owens Estella Caccamo Marla Kendrick Patti Swansick Colleen Linan Susie Padayhag Norma W. Yeoman Luz Maria Padilla Liz Rodriguez Joey, Shirley and Roy Cathy McAlister Florence Hernandez Florence Hernandez Wally and Betty Boring Darrell and Denise Paioni John & Shelby White Palma Family Roseanna Swanberg and Roxanna Buck Larry & Jan Cooper Fidel and Patricia Palomino Peggy Hupp Pauline & Ernest Simoni Michael Pangburn Bob and Kathy Wallace Luz Paniagua Marie & Bill Mike and Joy Panzer Mike and Joy Panzer Fran and Ron Goehring Ellie & Elena Michael Pappas Maryanne Sievers Michael Pappas Maryanne Sievers Dorene Paradiso Dorene Paradiso Dorene Paradiso Theresa Honeychurch Dorene Paradiso Theresa Honeychurch Mary Ann Perez Dennis and Chris Olin Antoinette Berman Antoinette Berman Fred and Georgia Risso Wanda Pardini Fred and Georgia Risso Robert L. Paris & Jane Paris Robert & Jane Paris, Sr. Mrs. Dan Parises Diane Park The Oneto-Galbreath Family Susan Thomas The Factor Family Terry Parker Bob and Emilia Lord Paulette Parker Marian Parker Virginia Parker Virginia Parker Corry Weidman-Sibell Delores Soderfelt Karen Longoria Wilma Parsons Eugene M. Bish Ben & Gina Zbikowski Janice Orrock Paulette Parker Pat Reeder Pat Reeder Larry and Jeanne McMillen Eugene Passama Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Lori San Julian Jim and Sally Tsunekawa Tony and Dawn Troncale Donna Rivera - Daughter Mimi Mrs. Stella Hernandez Carla and Gary Airola Jennifer and Gary Giannini Grammy Lila and Pops Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Anne Patmon Marsella Anne Patmon Marsella Esther Dahlhauser Gerald and Karen West Sherry Carney Ms Stacey Pattingale Mike and Gayle Harrell Mike and Gayle Harrell Norene V. Tafuri Mike, Cathy, Nicole & Justin Delta Lions Club Debbie Buck Debbie Christine King Lisa Buhk Jim and Nanci Paulson Jim and Nanci Paulson Jim and Nanci Paulson Lisa Buhk Karl and Debra May

Honoree / Memorial Name Patricia Pavon Robert T. Pavon Sr. Bob Payne Bob Payne Don Payne Edward Paszek Bob Pearce Doug Pearse Eva Pearse Steven Pearse Alvin Pecchenino Robert Peccole Pete and Lenore Peccole Charlotte Pedersen Jim Pedigo Arturo Pedraza Alfred C. Pedroli Frank Pedroncelli Frank and Angela Pedroncelli Perky Peling Roger Peling Billie Pellegri Dan Pellegri Michael Pellizze Helen Pelton Alexis Pemberton Delma Pena Braden Penberthy Luz Maria Penilla Charlotte Penner Larry Pennini Larry Pennini Larry Pennini Steve Peoples Franco Pera Rita D. Peralta Rita Peralta Aaron Perdue Esther Perdue Hank Pereira Henry Pereira Jr. Bob Perez E. R. Perez Fernando and Otila Perez Frank R. Perez Gabriel R. Perez Gabriel Perez Gabriel Perez Gabriel Perez John Perez Julia Perez Martin Perez Robert Perez Ferninando Perino Don Perkins Pauline Perkins Dennis Perry Dorothy Perry Ida D. Perry Joe R. Perry John Perry Latheta W. Perry Latheta W. Perry Larry Perry Laurence Perry Margie Perry Robert Person Jeanne Person Anthony Pessino Pollock Grandpa Pete Betty Peterman Alice Pezzi Peters Alice Darrigo Pezzi Peters Fred A. Peters, Jr. Fred A. Peters, Jr. Lena Peters Lucille Peters Manuel Peters Rick R. Peters Derek Petersen Jack Petersen Tom Petersen Carla Peterson Cheri Peterson Dave Peterson Ella Peterson Esther Peterson Margaret Jean Peterson Ralph Peterson Vivian Peterson Jim Petray Al and Yvonne Petrig Lloyd Pettis Vera Pettis Bob Petty Sharon Petzold Leonard Pew Mildred Pezzi Tony Pezzi Lee A. Pezzola Aldon Pfeifer Leo Pfeifer Rose Pfeifer Rose Pfeifer Floyd Pfeifle Gertrude Pfeifle Jeff Pfeifle Jerry Pfeifle David Phillips Marian Phillips Melvin Phillips Dick Phipps Celia Piazza Joseph Piazza Annie Picatto Catherine Piccardo Patricia Piccardo Wardell Piccardo Enrico Picchi Fred Picchi Fred Picchi Julia Picchi Roseadele Picchi Paul Piccione Antonio and Josephine Piccoli Charles Pierce John & Bena Pierucci Raymond R. Pierucci Robert J. Pierucci Suzie Pietz Tilia J. Piffero Bert Pike Lynn Marie Pilcher Eleanor Pimental Frank V. Pimental Velma Pimentel Armando Pina Joey Pinasco Gerry Pinder Everett Pinkham Everett Pinkham James Pinkham James Pinkham Domenico Pioli Elizabeth Pirkle Fran Piscitelli Frances Piscitelli Nat Piscitelli Nat Piscitelli Anna Piszek Virginia Pitta

Donor Shirley Pavon and Family Shirley Pavon and Family Yolanda Hamlow Marge Hermance Dudley A. Miller Nance Lichter Laverne Pearce Tracy Pearse Tracy Pearse Tracy Pearse Charlie & Mamie Yolanda Hamlow Yolanda Hamlow Frances Voyer Rick and Andria Merkel Connie Pedraza Donna Gerry Gerry Don Peling Don Peling William and Jeanne Urbani William and Jeanne Urbani Farago and Heffernan Family Liz Lopez Jackie Chappuis Natera Family Rip, Rob, and Randy Waters Luz Elena Penilla Lois Getschow Doug & Joey Bock Kelli Page Mary Pennini Peter and Judith Tirapelle Charlie and Sandy Mello Larry Peralta Larry Peralta Nancy McCorkell Nancy McCorkell Tony and Carmen Silva Theresa Honeychurch Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Doris Perez Mr. Tomas Perez Leatrice Perez Robert and Myra Lang Sepulveda and Niceler Families Laura and Xavier Mikko, Joseph & Isabela James Maguire Nancy and Jerry Golz Ortencia M. Perez & David Perez Ortencia and David Perez Jose Casillas Susie Livesey Lori Lynn Sharla Perry Dennis & Roberta Alexander Barbara J. Scott Barbara J. Scott Mary Pennini Daughter Corky & Grandsons Gene and Robert Ford & Great Grandson Zachary Ford Pat Gurno Viola Del Hierro Cindy Smith - Daughter Viola Del Hierro Julie & Steve Hellmer Julie & Steve Hellmer Annie Steve Stevenson Marla Kendrick Debra A. Johnson Phil, Chris, Colin & Lauren Katzakian Rosemarie & Nat Bacchetti Bruce and Linda Dodge NaVonne Ida Ortiz Ida Ortiz Mom & Dad Larry and Ann Duncan Mary Hamilton Mary Hamilton Elmer’s Heating & Air Keser Family Nancy Watkins Hartnett Family Annette and Mario Silveira Miss Megan Peterson Christy Peterson Nancy Watkins Wife Carol and Daughter Dina Carol Louise Silva Lauren and Patricia Pettis Lauren and Patricia Pettis Myron and Linda Rulofson Guy Petzold Maria Elithorp-Pew Anthony Pezzi Anthony Pezzi Sally J. Williams Patty & Girls Angela Cerri Catherine Caruso Deborah & Jack Pfeifer Bruce Pfeifle Love, Sandy Shannon Pfeifle Betty Pfeifle Sue Phillips Linda Thomas Eleonore Phillips Hugo & Earlene Wiessner Joe and Diane Falcone Joe and Diane Falcone Carol Olivero Lynette Norman Peter and Dena Piccardo Lynette Norman Jo Picchi Jo Picchi Pete and Marilyn Winston Jo Picchi Jo Picchi Tena Carr Yolanda Hamlow Susan White Ronald L. Pierucci Ronald L. Pierucci Ronald L. Pierucci Richard Pietz Steven Aberle Lynn and Charles Rhodes Johnna & Danyelle Garrison Lorraine Yancy Lorraine Yancy Joe & Sheryl Pimentel & Family Zachary Huber Tony & Delores Moreira David and Donna Lind William and Jeannie Millsaps Frances G. Pinkham William and Jeannie Millsaps Frances G. Pinkham Donna & Monique Pioli Ann Carmona Darlene and Jim Barnett Chuck & Peggy Bidondo Darlene and Jim Barnett Chuck & Peggy Bidondo Marjorie Werner Ed and LaVerne Haskin

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Leanne Pizzi Angelina and Carmen Pizzo Frank and Viola Pizzo Carmen Plasencia Solis Paul Placencia Jr. Paul Placencia Sr and Paul Placencia Jr. Alvin Plantz Dollie Plantz Donald Plantz Helen Plantz Tad Platt Larry Plemmons Dorothy Plotz John “Bud” Plotz Jim Plumb Tom and Jan Podany Adeline Podesta J. Ernest Podesta Georgia Podesto Georgia Podesto Georgia Podesto Tony Podesto Gertrude Poetker (Nana) Caterina Poggi Caterina Poggi Joseph Mario Poggi Mario Poggi Vivian Polk Jim Pollard Olivo Polloni Rosa Polloni Alfred Pombo Damon Pombo Damon Pombo Damon Pombo David Pombo David Pombo Ella Pombo Ella Pombo Mabel Pombo Alfred & Mabel Pombo Ernest Pombo Juan A. Pomida Juan A. Pomida Angelina Ponte Manuel Ponte Charles Pontes Dr. James Popplewell Bernice Pores Kay and LeRoy Porte Helen Porter Jim Porter Rick Porter Neil B. Porterfield Gilbert Portillo Mahealani Posada Mahealani J.M. Posada Dennis Potter Dennis Potter Marie Potter Ole Potter Pat Potts Thelma Poulos Doris Powell Holly Frack Powell Isaac Powell James F. Powell Joe Powell Jr. Jordan Powell Micah Powell Rusty Powell Thomas M. Powell Virginia Powell Jack Powers Tom Praegitzer Treva Prather Enrichetta Prato Walter Prato Walter Prato, Sr. Richard Pratt Harry Pratton Ruth Pratton Vern Pratton Adriana Precissi Kate Precissi Lou Precissi Jake Presto Theresa Presto Evelyn Preston Darren Preszler Catherine & Joe Previtali Donna Price Vernon Price M. Pricolas Frances Priebe Karl Priebe Bruce Primeux Karen & Steve Prochnow Marie Proctor Shelly Proctor Elma Heinrich Proper Bud Proulx Sharon Provost Helen Prowse Jack Prowse John A. Prowse Arthur Prudhel David Prudhel David Prudhel David Prudhel Justin Prudhel Donald Prueitt Fredia Prueitt Thomas J. Pruitt Helen Walter Prunchak Marilyn Pudwell Marilyn Pudwell Robert P. Puga Mark Pumford Josephine Punta David Purcell Ronald Purcell Rockwell and Francis Purdy Linda Riche-Purkey Trudy Purse Robert Purse Robert Purse Trudy Purse Mary Pyle Mike Qualheim Bob Quedens Lee Queen Bernardo Quesada Frances Quesada Mendrado Quidolit Remedios Quidolit Daren Quigel Ann Marie Quigley Ann Marie Quigley Betty Quilenderino Jean Quinn Art Quinones Art Quinones Art Quinones Benny Quinones Benny Quinones Pat Quint Emma Quirico Clem Quirico Laura Raatz Jimboy Rabanal Thomas Radin Evelyn & Ralph Radke

Donor Ron and JoAnn Jacobs Florence Hernandez Florence Hernandez John and Rosa Solis Ms JoAnn Estrada Elisa Munoz Donna and Jon Plantz Family Donna and Jon Plantz Family Donna and Jon Plantz Family Donna & the Jon Plantz Family His Family Diane Schultz Debbie Lawson Debbie Lawson Carol and Frank Whittaker Renee Fink Mr. & Mrs. Al Dal Porto & Family Ellen Cademartori Max and Kathy Haro Anthony Pessino Annie Annie Vickie Hale Wetherell David M. Poggi Gary and Virginia Poggi David M. Poggi Gary and Virginia Poggi Sherrie Silva Arilee Pollard Jo Picchi Jo Picchi Louie the Plumber Louie the Plumber Jennifer and Gary Giannini Barbara Pombo Louie the Plumber Barbara Pombo Betty S. Brazil Carol Louise Silva Louie the Plumber Barbara Pombo Louie the Plumber Stephen and Marie Guasco Hospice of San Joaquin Mary Vasconcellos Mary Vasconcellos Miller Family Phyllis Clayton Ron and Jeanne Lubin Kathy Rodriguez Sherrie Silva Sherrie Silva Sherrie Silva Maryann Porterfield Clutch Burners Car Club Aunties Sandra & Jeanette Bolosan NaNa and Family Bob & Dorothy Potter Cindy Woolwine Laura Melissa Walters Lee, Mary Geil & Family Nick Bokides Lawrence Powell, Sr. Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Lawrence Powell, Sr. Lawrence Powell, Sr. Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Peter and Nicole Rosado Nita Powell Family Milton and Dawn Uyeda Muriel DeSelm Jennifer and Gary Giannini Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Tom and Barbara Prato Edward and Judi Oliveria Debbie Prato-Gadbut Donovan & Diane Vigil Joan Canepa Joan Canepa Joan Canepa Yvonne Sharp Grandma & Les Grandma & Les Shanda and Mark Wallace Shanda and Mark Wallace Virginia and Gerald Andrea and Larry Violett Dave and Pam Dias Agnes Nieddu & Family John and Marlene Dyer M & J Weeks The Fegett Family The Fegett Family Mary Primeux Susan Caulfield Gayle Ishii Nancy Lewis Ms Brenda Heinrich Jim & Anita Davy Lisa Garcia Burruel and Sharpnack Family Burruel and Sharpnack Family Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Waters Victoria Ward Dolores and Kristen Prudhel Frances Prudhel Richard and Janie Williams Frances Prudhel Dorinda and Walt Givens Dorinda and Walt Givens Charleszetta Pruitt Richard and Pam Hughes Larry & Jan Cooper Chris & Lisa Pudwell Rita Puga The Richards Family Gerry Devincenzi Bob & Sharon Grimm Bob & Sharon Grimm K.T. McCarthy Wyman and Andrea Osborn Connie & Tom Lockwood Connie & Tom Lockwood Ron and Candace Ruelas Ron and Candace Ruelas David and Susan Pyle Wife, Children & Family The Quedens Family Jane Queen Emma Quesada Emma Quesada Medita Quidolit Medita Quidolit Felix and Paulie Torlai John Quigley Karen A. Ratto Frances Voyer Bill and Rena Quinn April Ibarra Oscar Martinez Jr. Israel Quinones Alice Quinones Gilbert and Martina Quinones Felix and Paulie Torlai Barbara Delgado Barbara Delgado Darlene Bennett Susie Livesey Linda Radin Joe & Betty

Honoree / Memorial Name Patty Radotic Robert Radschuk Stella Radschuk Paul M. Rafalski Larry J. Rafert Raymond Raffo Virgil Raggi Virgil Raggi Derald Raggio Esther Raiche Avinash Raina Bimla Raina Fr. Randy Rainwater Dorothy Raley Ralph Sr., Ralph Jr., Bernice, Marie Tracie Ram Bernice Ramacher Henry Ramacher Leslie Ramacher Ruby Ramacher Jeff Ramage Alberta G. Ramirez Bea Ramirez Edward Ramirez Edward Ramirez Johnny C. Ramirez Louis C. Ramirez Louis C. Ramirez Manuel G. Ramirez My Great Papa Nick Ramirez Paul Ramirez Neieda Ramos Joseph Ramsey Treburn B. Ramsey (My Grandpa) Mary E. Ramsey (My Grandma) Elsie Randall Tom Randall James and Mary Randazzo Harper Randolph Lando Randolph Lando Randolph Lando Randolph Lando Randolph Lando Randolph Wanda Randolph Wanda Randolph Dayton B. Raney Dorothy M. Raney Eloisa Rangel Manuel A. Rangel Rogelio H. Rangel Tom Rangel James Rankin Charles Ransom Grandpa Bill Ransted Vicki Rapaport Anne C. Rasmussen Anne Rasmussen Anne C. Rasmussen Anne Rasmussen Catherine A. Rasmussen Catherine A. Rasmussen Catherine A. Rasmussen Donald J. Rasmussen JoAnn Rasmussen Terry Rasmussen Sandra Raso Natera Erlene Raspo Kenneth Ratcliff Ken R. Ratcliff Walter Rathhaus Angie Ratto Harley Ratto, Sr. Henry Ratto Joseph P. Ratto Joe Ratto Joe and Angie Ratto Joe and Angie Ratto Joe and Angie Ratto Lloyd Ratto Lloyd and Marie Ratto Minnie Ratto Minnie Ratto Betty Stafford Raynor George Raynor Alfred Razo Phil and Marie Re Hosea Rea Jim Rea John H. Rea, Sr John H. Rea Jr. Linda Rea Marijean V. Rea Eddie Rebalia Cathy Rebuck Rose and Virgil Rebuffo Joseph Redding Joseph Redding Linda Ann Reed Linda Reed Linda Head Reed Sam Reed Sr. Vera Reed Charles Reeder Bob Reeves Richard Reeves Tony Refuerzo Eddie Regalia Eddie Regalia Madelyn G. Rehn Roger Reichert Terri Reichmuth Terri Reichmuth Clifford and Lillian Reid Dave Reid Jim Reid Bill Reinold “RedHatter” Christy Reinold Thelma Reinold Robert Reising Dr. Walter Reiss Walter Reiss Audra Reiswig Mary Mae Relva Archie and Irene Remboldt Harvey Rempert Dave E.W. Renfro Roxanne Renfro Shannon Renfro Chuck Rennie Jack Rennie John D. Rennie Marie Rennie Gina Reno John & Marie Reno Johnny Renteria Eunice Renwick Lynn Renwick Robert L. Renwick Mike Renzi Elma Repka Wm Repka Jerome Rerich Robin Retzleff A.C. Reuscher Bertha Reuscher Cassondra Rose Rexius

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Donor Phyllis Richard A. Massa Richard A. Massa Grace Bueno Peter J. Rafert Anonymous Sam & Denise Bennet Dorothy Raggi Judith Cabral Dave and Pam Dias Girja Raina Girja Raina First Grade Class Annunciation School Mr. James A. Raley Dave and Elizabeth Rea Mr. & Mrs. David Frame Anne Ramacher Anne Ramacher Anne Ramacher Anne Ramacher Michael & Cindy Guindon Michael & Rosemary Mattock & Family Annette Casillas Guido and Gloria Mazza Geraldine Ramirez Ramirez Family Lydia M. Ramirez Susan Ramirez Michael & Rosemary Mattock & Family Miss Kayla Corbin Daughter Samantha Catherine Walker Ann Ramsey Jill M Chagnon Jill M Chagnon Marty and Karla Woodard Lee, Mary Geil & Family Dr. Joseph Randazzo Shirley Pellegri, Cara and Alissa Lacey & Howard Arnaiz Dolores Herzick Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Barbara Lachendro Gwen Mertz and Robert Stan Randolph Elaine Sandman Diana Raney Curson Diana Raney Curson Ron and Candace Ruelas Ms. Candace Anderson Ron and Candace Ruelas Glicerio & Jessie Yniguez Lynne Rankin Viola Ransom Miatovich Family Linda Rapaport Mark & Denise Rasmussen Ken Marie Rasmussen Kenny Rasmussen Mark & Denise Rasmussen Marie Rasmussen Mark Rasmussen Mary Rasmussen Dana Strmiska Dana Strmiska Natera Family Susan Ellis Freda Aman Sandy Ratcliff Coralita Rathhaus Wayne and Joanne Hernandez Warren and Shirley White Jack and Cathy Gulden Janet Ratto Giffen Wayne and Joanne Hernandez Nadine Giovando Donnie Hernandez Florence Hernandez Steve Stevenson Kathy & Manuel Villarreal Janet Ratto Giffen Mark & Denise Rasmussen Bud & Lee Raynor Bud & Lee Raynor Mr & Mrs Jeremy & Peggy Holden Ms. Debra Re Susie Valterza Susie Valterza The Tabak Family The Tabak Family Alice Smith The Tabak Family Rockholt Family Barbara Carpenter Cynthia Haynes Dave and Pam Dias Mrs. Joseph Redding, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe Head Mary McCleary Robert and Jean Phillips Karen Solari Sylvia Orsi Pat Reeder Pat Reeves Marlene Reeves Don & Diane Vigil Debbie Hourcade Doris Moore Jim and Cindy Rehn Jeane, Muggs, and Larry Frank A. Luiz Mary McCleary Keser Family Clint & Kathy Marshall Mom Christy Reinold Pat Slauson Christy Reinold Richard A. Massa Carol Reiss Carol Reiss Judy Hayes The Relva’s Jim Larson Family Amy Roberts Sandy Ratcliff Sandy Ratcliff Holly Renfro Judith Gaal Judith Gaal Judith Gaal Judith Gaal Steven Fortney Janet Bell Ms. Anna Ramirez Elaine A. Loker Diane Vigil Linda Torlai Tony & Christine Steinmetz & Emily Renzi Starlett Jelley Starlett Jelley Mrs. Josephine Rerich Sara Huey and Nancy Huey Velma Peterson Velma Peterson Ms. Lisa Rexius

Honoree / Memorial Name Blasita G. Rey Catalina C. Rey Everett and Joy Rey Patricia L. Rey Patricia Rey Raymond Rey Bette Reyburn Aurelio Reyes Daniel Reyes Edgar Reyes Josephina Reyes Segunda Reyes Virgilio Reyes, MD Chloia Reynolds Edward F. Reynolds Jim Reynolds Valerie Reynolds Maurice Reynon Pilar Reynon Bimla Rhinehart Esther Rhiner Chris Rhodes Doris Ricci Dorean Rice Eddie Rice James A. Rice Jr. Jean Rice Rod Rice Barbara Richards James Richards (Jim) Linda Richards Patricia Richards (Pat) Richard E. Richards Sid Richards Sirius Black Richards Diane Richardson June Richardson Robert E. Richardson Virginia Richardson Mill Richichi and Silvio Marsiano Tom Richmond Charles Rickard Charles Rickard John Rickman Juana Rico Angie Ridolfi Casey Rieber and John Gray Casey Rieber Nona Rieber Bess Riegel Beatrice Ries Helen and Larry Ries Lawrence M. Ries Margaret Ries Dr. Michael Ries Stanley Ries Rudy Rigato, Jr. Rudy Rigato, Sr. Don and Kate Riggio Edith Riggle Genevie Riggle Marshell Riggle Marvin Riggle Pete Riggle Danny Riggs Daniel Riggs Sgt. Eric Riggs Jerry Riggs Joseph H. Rihn Lolita Rilcopico Gayle Riley Gayle Riley William Colin Riley Frank Rincon Mallie Auo Rincon Gust Ring Lydia Ring Albert Rios Lucy Rios Valera Ann Rippey Ed Rishwain Jeannie Rishwain Joe C. Rishwain Aurelia Risso Fred Risso, Sr. Lino G. Risso Richard Risso Elizabeth Ritter Sandy Ritter Armida Rivera Aurelio Joe Rivera Lynn Rivera Manuela Rivera Manuela “Mama” Rivera Guadalupe Rivera Philip Rivera Charles Rivers Rose Lee Rivers Willie Lee Rivers Maria Rizzi Stella Rizzo Clara A. Robb Roy Robb Ethel Robba Richard Robello Allene Roberts Clare Roberts Jacki S. Roberts Pearl Roberts Samuel Roberts Ginny Roberts Colleen Robertson Gerald Robertson Angelina Robinson Gordon Robinson Janet Robinson Naomi L. Robles Bill and Nellie Rocha John W. Roche Carl Rockholt Derrell Rockholt Frances Y. Rodarte Frank H. Rodgers Rose V. Rodgers George Rodillas Evelyn Rodoani Hazel Rodrigues John Rodrigues Yvonne Rodrigues Agnes Rodriguez David Rodriguez Delfina Rodriguez Delfina C. Rodriguez Fredric J Rodriguez John O. Rodriguez Jose & Eugenia Joseph Rodriguez Miguel Rodriguez Milagros Rodriguez Nancy Rodriguez Nieves Rodriguez Olga & Andres Rodriguez Paulette Rodriguez Pauline Rodriguez Pete Rodriguez Robert M. Rodriguez Rodney Rodriguez Romaldo G. Rodriguez Betty Rodway Irene Rodway Oscar Rodway

Donor Eleanor R. Gonzales Josie R. Ontiveros Mr. & Mrs. Everett and Stacey Rey Eleanor R. Gonzales Mike & Sandy Josie R. Ontiveros Steven and Kathy Walton Nicholas and Lillian Aninag Reyes Family Nicholas and Lillian Aninag Nicholas and Lillian Aninag George and Joan Reyes Nicholas and Lillian Aninag Bonnie Cornelius Mary Jane Reynolds Belle Reynolds Boni & Mike & Mom Takahashi Family Takahashi Family Bob and Cherie Sivell Manteca Federated Women’s Club Donny & Judy Tucker Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Cynthia Bolin Dean and Linda Newhall Albert and Jane Thurman Rod and Brenna McCleary Albert and Jane Thurman Albert and Jane Thurman Nan Phipps Patti and Frank Griffin Patricia Richards Patti and Frank Griffin Florence Richards and Dick Richards Patricia Richards Patricia Richards Susie Livesey Forrest and Janis Richardson John F. Marble Ken and Linda Lockard Florence Hernandez Patrick and Christina Doran “Annie” Marilyn Rickard Joan Rickman Maria Lupe Acevedo Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Lance and Patty Rieber Harry Rieber Gary and Linda Spaugh Kathy Harden Ken and Jane Colyer Peter J. Rafert Kathy Harden Kathy Harden Kathy Harden Randy and Annette Rigato Randy and Annette Rigato Jeri Garibaldi Nina Michaels Nina Michaels Nina Michaels Nina Michaels Nina Michaels Joe & Carolyn Mora Paul Rankin & Sue Whitfield Debbie Jones Mrs. Sharleen Riggs Frances Voyer Mary McCleary Ken and Gayle Riley Andrea and Larry Heather L. Webster Ciao Bella Ciao Bella Vivian and Wendell Rostomily Vivian and Wendell Rostomily Tom Long & Linda Castanon-Long Kyle and Tracy May Darcy & Margaret Susie Livesey Dave and Pam Dias Dave and Pam Dias Fred and Georgia Risso Fred and Georgia Risso Anonymous Syd & Mary Kass Vanadeane C. Brooks Char Richardson Veronica Macias Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kishi Michele and Troy Hollingsworth Rosalind Fernandez Your Daughter Michele and Troy Hollingsworth Veronica Macias Pheon R. Davison Pheon R. Davison Pheon R. Davison Flora Rosek Monique Pioli & Lauri Nicolosi Linda & Jack Lowry Linda & Jack Lowry Hubert and Sandy Schultz Frank Robello Paul and Suzanne Waters Debra Wilson Archie Shields Harry and Kay Williams Debra Wilson Doug & Teresa Roberts James and Alberta Thompson Guy and Susan Rochette Edward and Shirley Newland Gail Wardell Genevieve Conine Paul, Cynthia & Juliane Diaz Pam Rocha Phyllis Roche Bryan Rockholt and Melba List Rockholt Family Sandy Hibler William & Lorraine Halvorson William & Lorraine Halvorson Judy and Doug Cabreana Kathleen Bowley Anonymous Anonymous Leandro’s Florence Hernandez Barbara Rodriguez Joe and Marie Marroquin Marie Marroquin D.M. Taylor D.M. Taylor Kathy Rodriguez Donald and JoAnn Romero Rodriguez Family Rose Mildred Orimo Donald and JoAnn Romero Adele Rodriguez Marina Stanley and Barbara Rodriguez Adele Rodriguez Natera Family Lucille Rodriguez Barbara Rodriguez Marie Marroquin Cal Rodway Cal and Betty Rodway Cal and Betty Rodway

Page 16 Honoree / Memorial Name Anna Roe Joan Roe Jerry Roek Jay Roek Evenyl Roemmich Erwin Roeser Bill Rogan, Sr. Gerald Rogero Carolyne Rogers Danny Rogers Jeff Rogers Joannie Rogers Joan Rogers Jonathan Rogers Ronald Rogers Anthony Rogers Tone Rogers Trista Rose Angel Rohleder Betsey Rohner Billy Rohner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rohrer Ruby J. Roider Jose Rojo Mary Rokos Joseph Rokoszewski June and John Roland John and June Roland Albina Rolleri John Rolleri Mary Rolleri Mary Jane Rolleri Joshua Rollins Charline Rollman Vincent Rollman Cynthia Ann Romero Mae T. Romero Mariam and Ray Romero Frank Rometti Michael Rometti Vivian Rometti Agnes Romo Felix Romo Felix Romo Gary Raatz Jo Ann Rosato Grandpa and Grandma Rosaz Zeke and Dolores Rosaz Mario Rosaz, Sr. Mario Rosaz, Sr. Monique Rosaz Monique Marie Rosaz John and Yolanda Roscelli Yolanda Roscelli Erika Rose George Rose George Rose George Rose George Rose Heinrich Rose George S. Rose, Jr. John Roseberry John Roseberry John Roseberry Lillian (Peach) Roseberry Mae Rosebrock John E. Rosek Mother (Undine) and Dad (Frank) Rosen Papa and Ma Honey Rosen Papa and Ma Honey Rosen Papa and Ma Honey Rosen Theodore Rosen Vernetta Rosen A.F. Rosencutter Larry Rosenlund Elizabeth Rosenquist Charles Ross Dean Ross Mr. & Mrs. E. Ross Juanita Ross Karl D. Ross Jim Rossi Lewis James Rossi Linda Rossi Linda Rossi Elaine Rosso Josie Rotert Irma Roth Robert Roughton James C. Rouse James C. Rouse Arnold M. Rouzer Davey Rowe Nat Rowe Alice McKee Rowland Dave Rubianes David Rubianes Mr. and Mrs. Louie Rubino Diego Rubio Raymond Rubio Raymond Rubio Lorraine Rudolph Patti Rueb Betty Ruffin Betty Ruffin Betty Ruffin Betty Ruffin Betty Ruffin Betty J. Ruffin Betty J. Ruffin Betty J. Ruffin George Rugani Frank Ruggirello Frank Ruggirello Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ruggirello Ila & Ralph Ruggles Annette and Frank Ruhstaller Antonia Ruiz Antonia O. Ruiz Manuel Ruiz Maria Ruiz Pat Ruiz Pat Ruiz Patricia A. Ruiz Patricia Ruiz Fernando Ruiz Fernando Ruiz, Sr. David H. Rule Donald Runyan Loren Rupert Willie Ruse Mary Jo Rush Jeff Russell Jeff Russell Lucy Russell Bill Russell Rev. Howard Russow & Lillian Russow Col. Joe L. Ruten Michael Rutherford W.R. Rutledge Earl J. Ryan Kevin Ryan Sunny Saarloos Jeanne Saavedra Jeanne (Mom) Saavedra Jeanne M. Saavedra Valerie Saberniak Valerie Jean Phillips Saberniak Diego B. Sabiniano Frank and Florence Sablotny Bev Sabo

Donor Manteca Federated Women’s Club Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Patty Roek Susie Livesey Nishka Yudnich Becky Freeman Lois Rogan Rita Rogero Karly, Katie, Taitum Mom and Chuck Steve Stevenson Barbara Boggs Grandchildren Adam, Nick & Jac - Miss you mom!! Ms. Johnna Garrison Lorena Knox Carol Bauman Mom and Chuck Agnes Nieddu James and Alberta Thompson James and Alberta Thompson Kathy Rohrer Roider Family Belia Garcia Susan Cullom Marie Redding Butch and Meredith McCormack Carol Reeve Lori and John Rolleri Dave and Pam Dias Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Abinanti Dave and Pam Dias Stanley and Barbara Rodriguez Kathleen Goble Kathleen Goble Gerald and Karen West Donald and JoAnn Romero Matt Romero Melissa & Rick Melissa & Rick Rick & Melissa Lisa Herzick Delta Lions Club Frank & Ramona Lozano Darlene Bennett Susan Caulfield Jeannie Rosaz Patricia Rosaz Jeannie Rosaz Pat Rosaz Jeannie Rosaz Pat Rosaz Steve and Gayle Roscelli Elena Girardi Margret Rose Mike & Barbara Henry Mary McCleary Joe & Carolyn Mora Joanne Wood Family Margret Rose Jessica Rose & Family Nancy Field Mark & Denise Rasmussen Carol Roseberry Kelly, Kevin and Toni John & Shelby White Flora Rosek The Girls - Sandra, Sharon, Frances Jim, Chris, Robert, Ryan, Byrne Tamie, Shelbie, Gina, Faith, Rico Alan, James, Aiden, Kalleigh, Katie Jovon Cadieux Jovon Cadieux Beverly Rosencutter Sharon Johnson Belle Reynolds Richard Van Slyke Miss Megan Peterson Elaine L. Mendiola Richard Van Slyke Jeri T. Ross Bunny Rossi (Giz) Carol Hemmer Carole Kavanagh Lucy Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Everett and Stacey Rey Larry & Jan Cooper NaVonne Mary Natteford Laura J. Rouse Darba Schlepp Sharon Padlo Eng L. Rowe Eng L. Rowe Karen McKee Buddy J. Cox Theresa Rubianes Louie and Louise Rubino Lorretta Ybarra Priscilla Rubio Garcia Lorretta Ybarra Brandon and Jamie Jones Boni & Mike Jim and Penny Burke Choate Family Jan and Ed Estes Ken Ruffin, Jr. Ken and Michelle Ruffin Robert S. Ruffin Christina J. Ruffin Robert S. Ruffin Lorraine Rugani Cathy McAlister Dolly E. Sonne Cathy McAlister Jim and Dianne Ruggles The Ruhstaller Family Gloria Maes Fernando Ruiz, Jr. Denise Saffels Diane Mary Stewart Noah Van Dyke Gloria Maes Fernando Ruiz, Jr. Julie Santos Gloria Maes Fernando Ruiz, Jr. Kelly, Kevin and Toni Elmer and Janet Irion Gail Brodie Gussie Owen Fred and Nancy Lee Barbara & Ben George Andy Rapacz Estella Caccamo Dorothy Edens Jim & Betty Russow Betty Rutan Mrs. Linda Engrav-Clarke Bernadine and Bob Rutledge Ofelia L. Cleveland Mom and Dad Chuck Saarloos Deborah & Jack Pfeifer Jim & Steffany Rohn Soares Tony Saavedra Mr. & Mrs. Joe Head Dad & Mom Dwayne B. Sabiniano Gary and Linda Spaugh Nick and Penny Meyers

Honoree / Memorial Name Beverly K Sabo Joseph Sabo Oma Sachs Joe Saculla Anthony Sadek Peter Sadek Gordon Saffels Henry M. Sagara Mr. Isamu Sagara Kiyoe Sagara Kiyoe Sagara Yoshiye Sagara Yoshie Sagara Miss Yoshie Sagara Lillie Sage Lillie Sage Mark Sager Koti Sagireddy Angela Sahyoun Mason Sahyoun Kelly Said Deborah Saiki Elsie Sailer Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Saiz Hideo & Yoshiko Sakai Tom Sakai Tom Sakai Tom Sakai Ted Sakakuchi Ted Sakakuchi Aiko Sakata Tom Sakoda Tom T. Sakoda Anna Salazar Helen Salazar Helen Salazar Joe Salazar Joe Salazar Karyn Salazar Rosalio A. Salazar, Jr. Rosalio A. Salazar, Sr. Sylvia Salchow Don Salisbury Don Salisbury Pat Salisbury Anna Sallaberry Carl & Elvera Salo Lucienne Saltet Roger Saltet Charles “Charlie” Salvetti Frank (Dad) Salvetti Norma “Mom” Salvetti Ruby Salvetti Ruby Anne Salvetti Brianne Salvi Suzanne Salzenstein Suzanne Salzenstein Counts Lisa Marie Samaniego Bill Sampson Billy Sampson Marion Samski, loving mother and wife Estelle Samuelson Ann San Julian Pete San Julian Jennie Sanborn Walter E. Sanborn, Sr. Papa Crisanto (Sanchez) Harry Sanchez Henry Sanchez Jesse Sanchez Jess Sanchez John Sanchez Joseph A. Sanchez Michael Sanchez Noreen Sanchez Noreen Sanchez Noreen Sanchez Noreen Sanchez Noreen Sanchez Ruben Sanchez Victoria Sanchez “Mama Vito” Manuel Sanchez, Jr. Manuel Sanchez, Sr. Marge (G-Ma) Sandeen William Sandeen Bill (Papa) Sandeen Julie Sanders Sandy Sandman Art “ Sandy” Sandman Frances Sandor Ben & Nati Sandoval Joey F. Sandoval III Marie and Sal Sanfilippo Lora Sanford Arsenio Sangil Sr Albert Sanguinetti F. John Sanguinetti Joe Sanguinetti Joe Sanguinetti, Sr. Joseph H. Sanguinetti Ronald J. Sanguinetti Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Santa Cruz John Santa Maria Joseph Santella Joseph & Margaret Santella Margaret Santella Theresa Santella Albina Santos Armando L. Santos Eva Santos Eva Santos Maria N. Santos Raulino Santos Thelma Santos Mrs. Edna Sapata Anita Lobato Anthony Saporito Charles & Rose Saporito & Nick Sue Sarale Bernice Sarina Bernice Sarina Kyle Sarina Mark A. Sarraraz Homer Sasenbery Louise Sasenbery Carmen M. Sato Grandma Carmen Moran Sato Carmen M. Sato Jack Sato Paul and Kyo Sato Paul E. Sato & Gabe Sato Jane Saul Bob Saunders Bob Saunders Bob Saunders Bob Saunders Mary Savio Ivan Sawdey Ben Saxon Sally Saxton Allen Sayler Antoinette Agnes Scales Bertram Clay Scales

Donor John Sabo Mr & Mrs Patrick Sabo Cindy and Austin Erdman Dolly E. Sonne Bill and Joan Topp Bill and Joan Topp Denise Saffels Edith Norris Frank and Betsy Shinoda Edith Norris C. Shingu John and Jennifer Fukano Tomi Ohta Frank and Betsy Shinoda Linda M. Smith Opal Starkey Carol Bauman David, Stephanie & Miya Cheng Lois Sahyoun and Family Lois M. Sahyoun Harry Rieber Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Saiki Mike & Margie Haney Kathy Rohrer Nancy Nakaoka Dan & Kathleen Patti Mah Nancy Nakaoka Terry & Judy Klimko Yoneko Sakata and Coker Richard and Sydney Curtin Lillian M. Wada Audrey Bohannon Garnica Family & Ambriz Family Felix and Paulie Torlai Lucca, Lucianna and Joey Salazar The Family Joyce Johnston Gloria A. Salazar Gloria A. Salazar Karen Angerstein The Melendrez Family Helen Salisbury Bonnie Weisz Mike Granlees & Family Charles & Bonnie Forbes Paulette Parker Paulette Parker Gene & Dianne Gini Janet Salvetti Janet Salvetti Gene and Dianne Gini Gene & Dianne Gini Marie Taylor The Duarte Family The Duarte Family Amanda Ennis Nancy Barth Bob and Mary Leonard Ms. Karen Samski Bernadine and Bob Rutledge Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Lori San Julian Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Lori San Julian Kerie Rishwain Catherine Sanborn Mrs. Victoria Azevedo Eleanor Sanchez Ms. Sharon Sanchez Virginia Hinojosa Jose and Marie Marroquin Debbie Phippen Melera Family Virginia Hinojosa Dennis and Laurie Faselli Alma Huff Butch and Patti Jones Jesse M. Sanchez - Husband Frances Voyer Lorina, Ruben Jr. & Anthony and Rosa Sanchez Mrs. Victoria Azevedo Marie Sanchez Marie Sanchez Tanen, Jodi, Tonya & Justin Steiger Margaret Sandeen Tanen, Jodi, Tonya & Justin Steiger Manuel Umbalin Christy Peterson Lora Sandman - Wife Newhall and Ruffin for Shirley Zirkel Pam & Richard Yescas Sylvia Sarraraz Carmen Costa Dennis Sanford Maxima Sangil Carolyn Sanguinetti Tony and Joan Lombardi Michael Needham Pam Needham Genevieve Sanguinetti Genevieve Sanguinetti M. Miller Elmer and Angela Molini Carmel Breakfield Terry & Noreen Williams Carmel Breakfield Carmel Breakfield Teresa Martinez Grace Neurath Al Santos Vivian and Wendell Rostomily Grace Neurath Grace Neurath Sharon McGarrah The Raymond Soria Family The Raymond Soria Family Jeannette Saporito Jeannette Gollop-Saporito Merv and Marilyn Girsh Frances Lober Karen and Dino Ratto Karen A. Ratto Sylvia Sarraraz Ken and Gayle Riley Ken and Gayle Riley Sato and Ochoa Family Great Grand Kid & Grand Kids P.J, Ariana, Juli and Ryan Ochoa Sato David, Stephanie and Miya Cheng Earl Soto Family P.J, Ariana, Juli and Ryan Ochoa Sato Harry and Kay Williams Christopher Fowler Dominick Fowler Gabriel Walters Loretta Saunders Randy and Annette Rigato Kit and Susan Oase Chuck and Dianna Crutchfield Bertha Miquel & Sr. Theresa Spittle Colleen & Jerry Best Grandma Ever - Love You To Our Best Grandpa Ever

Honoree / Memorial Name Helen Scanavino John Scanavino Gary Scannavino Verlyn Scantlebury Tim Scardino Bruno Scatena Connie Elaine Schaefer Ben Schaffer Henry Schalk Sandy Schallenberger Arnold Schamber Marjorie Schapiro - In Honor of her 100th Birthday Joe Schatz Mark Schatz Emelia Schauer Mama Lena Mae Jim & Shirley Schene Jim Schene Shirley Schene Shirley Schene Anna Schenker Ruby Schenker Carme Schenone Louis Schenone Edie Scheurer Ralph Scheurer Opal Schiaffini Tony and Sara Schiaffino John Charles Schick Tom Schlepp Thomas E. Schlepp Thomas E. Schlepp Dolores Schlothan William Schlothan Olga Schmeer Eleanor Jane Schmidt Enoch Schmidt Harold Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schmidt Ross Schmiedt James Schmitt, M.D. Raymond A. Schmitz Joe Schneider Arthur “Joe” Schneider Margie Schneider Regis Joseph Schneider Regis J. Schneider Regis Schneider Timothy Patrick Schneider Joey Schneitman Alex Schnell Anna Schnell David Schnell Floyd Schnell Floyd Schnell Gertrude M. Schnell Verlin L. Schnell Mavis Schnyder David Schock Don Schock Emil Schock Fred Schock Helen Schock Helen (Granny) Schock Joan Schoenfeld Howard and Dorothy Schofield John Schook, Jr. Karen Schopf Roger L. Schopp Emily Schreck Henry Schreck Gregory K. Schreppel Vuong Schreyer The Rev. E. H. Schroeder Helene Schroeder Ervin Schrum Duane S. Schueler Wilma Schulenberg Herbert Schultz Rose Schultz Jill Schulz Norma Schumacher Mabel Schurtz Joland Schut Kathy Schuter Dorvella Schweitzer Dorvella Schweitzer Gladys Schwerer Sam Sciortino Bonnie Ruth Scott David Scott Dave Scott Fred O. Scott Joseph J. Scott William H. Scott John Scotton Jerry Ann Scriven Elsie Seatralis Richard Seekatz Earl W. Seely Shelly Parsons Segale Margaret Segovia Margarita Segovia Gilbert and Santos Segoviano Lynette Seibel Lynette Seibel Virginia Seibel Virginia Seibel Virginia Seibel Virginia Seibel Virginia D. Seibel Charles “Chuck” Seifert Lawrence Seifert, Jr. Mark Seifert Lisa Seifert-Williams Murray Seitelman Fay Self Gerald W. Self Syble Self Carl T. Self, Jr. Fred Selga Norma Lee Selin Norma Lee Selin Francine Selman Francine Selman Pat Selna Patricia “Pat” Selna Aylene Semana Arnold Semm Birdie Semm Rev. Father Thomas A. Sequeira Barbara Sergi Dolly Serpa Eric John Serpa Janelle Serpico Odilon Serrano Ricardo Servando Kathryn Sessa Tony Sessa La Vor Sessions Rosemarie Setterlund Rosemarie Setterlund Rosemarie Setterlund Clifford Severson Eljean Severson Robert Severson Diana Seward Harry Sexton Charles Seymour Jerry Shaffer Glen Shaljean

Donor Jean and John Bryant Jean and John Bryant Richard and Carla Hiatt Linda and Steve Rapaport Kathy Rodriguez Elvira Scatena Edward Schaefer Geri Schaffer Grace Neurath The Vincelets, Vern & Denice, Taylor McKenzie David & Denise Schamber Annie Podesto Shelly and Glen Schatz Rodney and Raetta Schatz Kathy Jenkins Andrea and Larry Jennifer and Gary Giannini Margaret Heinz Margaret Heinz Taylor & Anna Grace Son Husband Ray & June Gerlomes Ray & June Gerlomes Peter and Lynne Lynch Peter and Lynne Lynch Ms. Susan Schiaffini Diana Andresen Kathy Schick Christopher and Tola Eley Laura J. Rouse Darba Schlepp Joseph and Deborah Burlin Joseph and Deborah Burlin Don & Joyce Berg Jane Shields and James Schmidt Dan and Jaci and Family Helen Schmidt Tony and Karla Mattioli Ross and Susan Schmiedt Susan Gorospe and Family Ann C. Schmitz Leslie Blair Ms. Shirley Schneider Wanda Pardini Keith and Karen Green The Messer Family Elouise Schneider Mike and Patti Schneider Marilyn Togninali Alden P. Hammond Alden P. Hammond Carlette Schnell Jim and Dorene Busser Mrs. Janice Mehlhaff Mary L. Nails Mary L. Nails Adrienne Egeland Theresa Bettenhausen Theresa Bettenhausen Verna Schock Theresa Bettenhausen Theresa Bettenhausen Love, Sandy Audrey Bohannon Ron & Anita Wife Gerry Schook Kim and Michael Bacchetti Idella M. Reed Noris Noris George and Gladys Schreppel Eugene G. Schreyer Ed & Patricia Schroeder Ed & Patricia Georgia Schrum Kay Farmer Margaret Rose and Klaus His Daughter Diane Hubert and Sandy Schultz Janet Jenkins Virginia Putman Rich and Marje Handel Kirk and Shara Stangeland Christina Abacherli Cindy and Austin Erdman Max and Kathy Haro Jane Thro Catherine Caruso Jinx Staniec Arden and Lila Hunt Carole Scott Mr. James A. Raley Martha Denk Becky Freeman Richard A. Massa Lois Sbragia and Pat Bob and Dorothy Henning F. Neil & Virginia Bauer Julie & Rick Seely Julie and Ray Wetteland Eve Galvez & Family Antonio M. Segovia- Husband David and Alice Lopez Mark & Denise Rasmussen Anonymous Mel Davis Liz Lopez Mark & Denise Rasmussen Carol Roseberry Anonymous Frances Voyer Pat Seifert Mercy and Minnie Pat Seifert Doug Jann Children & Grandchildren Charles Self Charles Self Charles Self Doris Perez Kirsti Graham Fred - Husband Tom and Terry Machado Chuck and Nancy Selman Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Carol Louise Silva Maxima Sangil Felix and Paulie Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Carol Louise Silva Georgette and John Feather Arthur J. Serpa Caryl Toth Alicia Serpico Marie and Stephen Guasco Richard and Carla Hiatt Mr. & Mrs Gary Waters Mr. & Mrs. Gary Waters Naydene Oscar and Pamela Anzaldo Barbara and Ken Bohi Kathy Guzman The Kennard Family Christine and Larry Kennard Christine and Larry Kennard Velma Scarborough Denise Sexton Wilma Parsons Kim & Doug Lane Janet Conti

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Glen Shaljean Laura Shaljean Laura Shaljean Jerry Shanks Brian Shanley Kelly Shanley Stanley R. Shannon Barney Sharp Mary Sharp John Shaul Gary Shealor Thomas Shearer Jack Sheehan Minnie and Ed Sheehan, Angela Lacatena Mary Sheely Ralph Sheely Donna Sheen Anne Sheldon Ethel B. Shelton General Whitfield P. Shepard Al & Donna Shephard Alfred Shephard Donna Shephard Kenneth Shephard Laurence Shephard Paul Shephard Larry Shepherd Barbara Sherwood Dolly Sheth Hiralal Sheth Pauline Shewmaker Madeleine Shideler Lance D. Shields Merry Jo Shields Rita S. Shields Edgar L. Shiffrin Patricia Shilling Kyser Shimasaki Charlie Shimozaki Doris Shinoda Bob Shinoda Stephen Shirk George Shiromizu Harold Shoeffler Harold Shoeffler Charlie Shoemaker Bill Shoneff Jerry Short Kelly Short Lorraine Short Leon Shultz Orrie Steve Sibayan, Sr. Cisella Sibell Toots Sibell Jack Siegrist Allen Sievers Scott C. Sievert Christy Stedman Sihota John Sikeotis Kenneth Sikes Ruth Sikes Carol Louise Silva Carol Louise Silva Casey Silva Conrad Silva David Silva David Silva David L. Silva Dee Silva Denise Silva Isabelle Silva Isabelle Silva Isabelle “Belle” Silva Joe W. Silva Joe and Mamie Silva Joe R. and Maria J. Silva Johnnie J. and Mary C. Silva Jorge D. Silva Frank Silva Frank & Josie Silva Lawrence Silva Manuel Silva Mario Silva Mario Silva Mary C. and Johnnie J. Silva John & Mary Silva Nina Silva Tony R. and Pauline Silva Rosemarie “Rosie” Silva Rosemarie “Rosie” Silva Theresa Silva Theresa “Tree” Silva Thomas B. Silva Anne & Mary Rose Silveira Gloria J. Silveira Joseph P. Silveira Joseph M. Silveira Rachel A. Silveira Richard Silver June Silveria Carmen Silviera Frank Simas Lena Simas Barbara Simmons Emilia Rose Simmons Millie Simmons Millie Simmons Ron Simon Joseph Simonaro Nettie Simonaro Shirley Simonaro Tony Simonaro John Simonds & Jeanne Simonds Ernest Simoni Nettie Simoni Bernard Simons Jeannette Simons Leonora and VIrginia Simpao Lorenzo and Paulina Simpao Miguel and Emiliano Simpao David Simpson David Simpson-Brother Floyd Simpson-Father Tony Simpson--Brother William Simpson Phyllis Sims Darlene Gibson-Singer Dara Singh Joanne Sinnock Eleanor Sinogui Florencio A. Sinogui Sr. Jessie Sinogui Margaret Sinogui Rita Castro Michael Siote, Jr. Cecil L. Sirmans Cecil C. Sirmans Marjorie Sisting Burl Sites David Sitkin Elmer Sitkin Bob Sivell, Sr Mary Sizuela Steve Sizuela Mabel Skinner Bonnie Skogstad Joann Slaten Dr. Robert Slauson Bob Slauson Steven Slauson Nicholas Slavas

Felix and Paulie Torlai Janet Conti Felix and Paulie Torlai Members of Epsilon Kappa Master Rose Marie Shanley Floyd and Katherine Norling, Jr. Norm & Betty Shannon-Gesler Yvonne Sharp Melissa Walters Dolly E. Sonne The Kennard Family Steven and Kathy Walton Linda Harkins Mary Sheehan Barbara and Matt Golden Barbara and Matt Golden Berny Sheen Joy Fagler Lamar and Lu Parrish Frank & Pat Kim Joan Shephard Frank and Susan Tindell Frank and Susan Tindell Frank and Susan Tindell Frank and Susan Tindell Frank and Susan Tindell Joan Shephard Edward and Mary Jo Bordenave Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Robert and Dana Lapp Suzanne Robinson Archie Shields Rebecca and Mark Kalar Archie Shields Millie Shiffrin Anne Athayde Nancy Shimasaki Ellie and Steve Sanguinetti Peter Shinoda Peter Shinoda Glen W. Shirk Helen Honda Leslie Shoeffler-Deluchi Rod and Brenna McCleary John and Dee Pulver Jim and Penny Burke Nonnie Joan Cefalu Bonnie Ritchie Barbara Pombo Don and Carol Kirkendall Mrs. Victoria Sibayan Alvin Sibell Corry Weidman-Sibell William Vukovich Felix and Paulie Torlai His Aunt Karen & Gary Rose George and Loretta Solari Sylvia Bocchiaro Sylvia Bocchiaro Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Betty S. Brazil Kathy & Cory Yvonne Sharp Theresa Honeychurch Hank and Evelyn Pereira Tony and Carmen Silva Joyce Darone Tony and Carmen Silva Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Bruce and Linda Dodge Carol Louise Silva Bob and Shirley Hernandez Carol Louise Silva Carol Louise Silva Carol Louise Silva Leonor Silva and Luiza Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Carol Louise Silva Audrey Norling Carmen Costa Pete and Charlene Reece Ann Silva Betty S. Brazil Frank & Josephine Silva Bob and Shirley Hernandez Carol Louise Silva Betty S. Brazil Carol Louise Silva Bruce and Linda Dodge Carol Louise Silva Sherrie Silva Mary Martin Leslie Walton Annette and Mario Silveira Annette and Mario Silveira Annette and Mario Silveira Felix and Paulie Torlai Clint & Kathy Marshall Carol Louise Silva Jim and Diane Oliveira Jim and Diane Oliveira Fernando Ruiz, Jr. Katherine Quinones Jim & Steffany Soares Edna Soares Ida Bozzini Karen Longoria Karen Longoria Karen Longoria Karen Longoria Sally Simonds Pauline Simoni Cleta E. Young Jeff and Linda Heiser Jeff and Linda Heiser Teresita Simpao Miguelino Teresita S. and Jesse Miguelino Teresita Simpao Miguelino Luiza Watkins Lanny Simpson Lanny Simpson Lanny Simpson Jacqueline F. Russell Stacy & Matthew Dan and Mary Bava Ranjit Kaur Yvonne Brown Florencio Sinogui, Jr. Florencio Sinogui, Jr. Florencio Sinogui, Jr. Florencio Sinogui, Jr. Florencio Sinogui, Jr. Elizabeth Ginn Hammond Family Hammond Family Darrell and Patty Phillips Mary Sites Mom Patty Bob Sivell Jr. & Cherie Sivell Alfred and Judith Dias Alfred and Judith Dias Jerry and Mary Belle Reynolds Melanie Eggett Irene Ishida Pat Slauson Pat Slauson Judy Canright

Honoree / Memorial Name Judi Slayton Virgil Small Kate Smalley Rubye Smalley Dr. Leroy J. Smallie Audrey Smedley Clara and Gene Smerker Alice Smiley Don Smiley, Sr. Alan E. Smith Ann K. Smith Anna Mae Smith Audrey Nesossi-Smith Ben and Bessie Smith Bob and Jackie Smith Bobby R. Smith Brigitte Smith (Burtis) Jack Smith Byron Smith Carl & Olive Smith Clint Smith Clint Smith Comfort Smith Craig Alan Smith Danny & Courtney Smith Donna Smith Donna Smith Donna Smith Dorothy C. Smith Eddie Smith Eddie Smith Edward & Frances Smith Edwin Allen Smith Edwin “Skip” Smith Elmer Smith Ernie Smith Ernie Smith Georgia Smith Hubert & Dorothy Smith James Smith Papa Jim Smith Joann Smith Joanne ‘Jody’ Smith John A. Smith LaVerne Smith Dale and Lea Smith Lennice Reese Smith Madeline Smith Mary C. Smith Mary Lou Smith Mattie Smith, George Smith and Bobby Smith Jr. Pat Smith Peggy Smith Penny Smith Peter W. Smith Raymond Smith Ray Smith Richard “Dick” Smith Richard Smith Robert J. Smith Romayne Smith Russell Smith Tom Smith Tom Smith Val Smith Viola Smith Willard Smith Willard Smith Winnie Smith Arthur P. Smith, Sr. Dan Smoak Ernestine & Bob Smutny Ernestine Smutny Arthur Snell Arthur Snell Edith Snell H. E. “Stoney” Snell Glen Snider Bud and Dorothy Snipes Daisy M. Snow Marlene K. Snow Sky Snow Fred & Addine Snyde Judy Snyder Kenneth G. Snyder Kenneth G. Snyder Mabel Snyder Paul Snyder Paul C. Snyder Paul Snyder Raymond Snypes Morris Soares Merle Soderfelt George Solari Joe Solari Famer Lou. Louis Solari Louie Solari Louis Solari Louis (Farmer Lou) Solari Louie Solari Louie Solari Louie Solari Louis Stephen Solari Louis Stephen Solari Louie Solari Louie Solari Louie Solari Mario Solari Mary Solari Mary Solari Richard Solari William and Rita Solari Shirley Solari Tina Solis Ernestina Solis Helen Holguin Solis Dolores Solyntjes Tony Somera Gina Sommers Juan A. Songcayauon Louisa Songcayauon Lee Sonne Lee Sonne Lee Sonne Joe and Scott Sorgent Irene Soria Irene Soria Laurence Sorini Anthony Sotelo Dr. Richard W. Souchek Frances Sousa Alvin Souza Betty J. Souza Dan P. Souza Francis Souza Gloria Souza Linda Souza Bud Sowers Leona McConnel-Sowers Orville Sowers Mike Spadafore Tom and Louise Spadafore John Spaletta Ernie Spangenberg Virginia Sparrowe Pat and Vern and Bob Spaugh Doris Spears

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Honoree / Memorial Name


Mark & Denise Rasmussen Maddogger’s Don, Corrie, Madison & McKenzie Barbara Charlie and Sandy Mello Bob Smallie Tania Dragavon - Aunt Mary McCleary Josephine Errecart Josephine Errecart Bill and Susie Giffen Sandy Ruiz Denise Smith Family Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Patrick Smith Karen Weiland Marianne Smith Dennis and Chris Olin LaVerne Mazzilli Your Loving Family Jayne Ann Parmele Lorraine Rugani Diane & Alvin Smith Debra A. Johnson Denise Smith Family Donna & Cindy Smith Elmer’s Heating & Air Mark & Denise Rasmussen Dolores Vanni Julie Smith Herb and Kathy Goularte Alice Smith Jerre and Susan Murphy Denise Smith Family Tamara Smith Mark & Denise Rasmussen Bob and Mary Leonard Susan White Phil & Julie Smith Donna & Cindy Smith Noreen W. Smith 5 H2O+, Rich & Joanne Waters Scott and Janice Kyles Jud Smith Betty Smith, Rochelle Blunt, Yvonne Brennan, Rebecca Paseman & Joe Blunt Janis and Ron Nichols Isela Ruiz Lawrence Larry & Jan Cooper Don & Patty Ceppi Jerre and Susan Murphy Ann and Art Woodruff Kelly Nelson

Lyla Spears Joseph Speck Herb and Joyce Speckman John Speegle John I. Speegle Johnny L. Speegle James Speer Terry Speer Marian Spence George Sperry Walter Ray Spoon Mary F. Spooner Millard E. Spooner Sr. Penny M. Spooner Teresa Spradling Mrs. Taffy Spray Taffy Spray Elaine Sprifke Todd Springborn Todd Springborn Eugenie Springer George A. Springer Gertrude Sprinkle Alvina Sprowl Doris Spurlock Mickey Stack Clement Stack, Jr. Marilyn Staderoli Teddy Stadtner Orlando Stagno Irwin Staller Jack Stallings John Stamm Myrtle Money Bill & Yvonne Standridge Bobbie Standridge William Standridge Bill Standridge Bill Standridge William R. Standridge Bill Standridge Daisy Stanfield Ronny Stange Richard Staniec Tina Stanz Joseph Starita Marilyn Stark Carl Starkey Carl Starkey Liem Starkey Marie Starkey Marie Starkey LeRoy Starling Carl and Elsie Starns Bill Statham Helen Nash Staton Helen Nash Staton Diane Stauffer James Steffensen Wayne Stegmann Elmer Steingraber Karen L. Steinmetz Helen Stene Jim Stephens Jim Stephens Nell Stephens Theodore Stephens Bill Stephenson Joe and Mary Stephenson Glen and Lela Sterling Janet Sternfels John Stevano Ernest Stevens Isabel Stevens Larry Stevens Milton Stevens Janice and Richard Stevens Richard G. Stevens Josephine Anderson Josephine Anderson Mom - Millie Stevenson Frank Steves Dick Stewart Don and Irene Stewart Edna Gerre and Mel Stewart Jack Stewart Joan Stewart Patty Stewart Patty Mangili Stewart Patty Mangili Stewart Patty Mangili Stewart Patty Mangili Stewart Thelma Stewart & Donnie Stewart Wes Steyer Fred Stift Jr. Mavis J. Stirm Mavis J. Stirm Dr. & Mrs. R.A. Stirton Glenn and Martha Stockton Stockton Singles, Inc. Deceased Members “RedHatter” Sunnye Stoehr Mary Stoermer Jessica Herzog Stoker Bill & Ramona Stokes Bill & Ramona Stokes Tom Stokes Birthday Anthony Stone Roger Storey Roger Storey Wally Storm Ambie Stover Leland Stover Darla Strader Esther Rempfer Strangler Virginia Strauman Denese Straus Linda Stribley Ian Strmiska Scott Strobel Scott Strobel Scott Strobel Scott Strobel Bonnie Strohmaier Marilyn Strohmeyer Gene Edward Stroing Mrs. May Stroing Walter Ted Stroing Verner Strombom Alfred Sturla Jeanne Sturla Lionel (Lon) Sturman Terry Stuva Ella Suazo Fred & Mary Sueyres Sumi Sugi Betty J. Sullivan Lena Sullivan Helena R. Sullivan Janet M. Sullivan Frank Sumares Mary Summers Phillip Summers Noah Sung Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sustanich Ryan N. Sutters Georgia Sutton

Genevieve Galli Gloria Macey Jim and Carole Kiefer Yolanda Hamlow Mrs. Bertha Speegle Mrs. Bertha Speegle Nancy Kimball Nancy Kimball Randall and Karen Delores Soderfelt Sandra Sanut - Granddaughter Ron and Sabrina Spooner Ron and Sabrina Spooner Ron and Sabrina Spooner Jeanne Rich Ms. Toshi Kanemoto Richard and Linda Zeiszler Linda Martin Mary Natteford Jessie Springborn Erika Popuch Dan & Frann Struve Wayne, Randy, April & Family Beverly Hightower Toni & George Jaquith Kathleen Equinoa & Gene Bromme Joanne Stack Bev Phelps Rae Charos Kathy Stagno Gloria Nomura The Rede Family Art and Sharon Money Art and Sharon Money Ron & Jaque Magro Lanette Snow Mark Goldstein Brock and Ginger Hatley Irene Ishida Ron & Jaque Magro Sharie Ralston Don & Joyce Berg Jim and Shirley Luke Jinx Staniec Dennis and Angela Lobenberg Gloria Macey Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kishi Linda M. Smith Opal Starkey Therese Matusek Linda M. Smith Opal Starkey Shirley Starling Susan Gorospe and Family Shirley Statham Ted and Myrna Cooper Sharon Fortner Susan Caulfield Mary Frech & Margaret Gallup Lynn and Jan King Sharie Ralston Carolyn Steinmetz Charlie Hartje III Kathleen Stephens Jonnie and Chuck Sullivan Kathleen Stephens Kathleen Stephens Norma Dawes Florence Hernandez Susan Gorospe and Family Sarah Armstrong & Roger Barnes Jolene Stevano Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Lisa Herzick & Gene Gardner Chuck and Dianna Crutchfield Betty Stevens The Stevens Family The Stevens Family Mary Capurro Carole Scott Steve Stevenson Rod and Brenna McCleary Peter and Lynne Lynch Robert and Gae Stewart Don and Carol Kirkendall Butch & Meredith McCormack Jessica O’Toole and Family Jessica O’Toole and Family Choate Family Jennifer and Gary Giannini Andy and Louise Mangili Angie Mangili The Winstons Pete and Veronica Pezzi Delores Soderfelt Stift Family Roxanna Hilliard Norma Stirm Family Jack and Mary Stirton Suzy and Jeff Beach Stockton Singles, Inc.

Judy Vasquez Dianne and Laurence Smith Melissa Walters Bob and Linda Thorpe Judy & Walt Ghio Janet and Gary Chaffins Janis and Ron Nichols Noreen Smith Smith Family Elliott Family Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Carole Scott Linda Smith Janet and Gary Chaffins Martha Ellwanger Linda M. Smith Opal Starkey Bonnie Cornelius Alice Smith Warren and Family Marina Tarala Deborah Westler Frank and Claudia Prather Anonymous Anonymous John and Edna Fruchey Kala Cummings Jim Larson Family Lanette C. Snow Lanette Snow Lanette Snow Andy and Pam Focacci Mark & Sandy Driscoll Ralph and Denene Lucchetti Hank and Mitzi Metzler Pamela & Richard FagundesHarriman Dr. Edward & Nancy Schneider Irene B. Snyder Dolly E. Sonne Diane Gray Edna Soares & Family Delores Soderfelt Marilyn Solari Cathy, Steve, Brian, Jennifer and Bob Arden and Barbara Cademartori The Clary Family Gene and Marianne Cogorno Jerry & Vicki Colombini Doris & Alvin Cortopassi Genevieve Galli Alan Hansen Ralph and Denene Lucchetti William and Grace Machado Joey & Marie Sanguinetti William and Karen Solari Marilyn Togninali Yolanda Hamlow George and Loretta Solari Thelma Stewart Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Susan Quinn Cathy, Steve, Brian, Jennifer and Bob Inez Kiriu Virginia Valdez Juan & Felicia Harris Bill and Nadine Coleman Lois Sbragia Jeri Garibaldi Songcayauon Family Songcayauon Family Patricia A. LaPrath Cathy McAlister Dolly E. Sonne Terri and Dave Sorgent Peter Soria Donny & Judy Tucker Pat Sorini Michael Pappas Joanne Marsh Souchek Michael Needham Joan Tony and Carmen Silva Tony and Carmen Silva Pam Needham Genevieve Conine Vicki Ramirez Esther Sowers Edwin E. Carver Esther Sowers Theresa Honeychurch Theresa Honeychurch Bonnie McAtee Dave & Debbie Phippen Gina Zbikowski Gary and Linda Spaugh Darrell and Patty Phillips

Juanita Sutton Loyal Sutton Pat Sutton Virginia Sutton Warren Sutton

Pat Slauson Ms. Susan Drawve Leona Murray Sharon Stokes Tom & Sandy Stokes & Family Bettye Be Wright Grandmother Bob & Susan Benedetti Trishia and Tom Wood Kathy Franco Betty and Bob Stover Betty and Bob Stover Barbara Cademartori Daughter Ardel Ernie Strauman Bob & Judy Lees Donna Haight and Ron Hansen Dana Strmiska Marji Dunn and Patrick Mike and Emily Paige Lora Sandman Cindy Straub Bob Strohmaier Tony and Carmen Silva Irene A. Hampton Mrs. Irene A. Hampton Mrs. Irene A. Hampton Ruth Strombom Richard and Janet Wanner Richard and Janet Wanner Penny Sturman Manuel & Kathy Villarreal Nancy and Jerry Golz Joanne & Clark Harold and Aiko Aoyama Charles Self Dr. Barbara Davis Michael K. Sullivan Michael K. Sullivan Ben and Patti Gintjee Bradford Summers - Family Debora Jett Maria Garcia Mike and Ruth Flaherty Sandra Sanut - Mother George, Gayle, Kyle and Kendall Kenyon Barbara Pombo Susan McCann Linda Enos Susan McCann LeRoy and Mary Cardoza

Page 18 Honoree / Memorial Name Warren F. Sutton Warren Sutton Floyd Swagerty Grant Swagerty Craig Swann Eugene and Audrey Swann Barbara Swanson Eric Swanson Rose J. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. George Sweat Sr. Max Swegle William Swensen Ron Swenson Sandy Swenson Natalie Swieringa Janice Swiney Gerald Swinney Sam Swofford Jeanne Symons Jeanne Symons Chris Tabaldo Henry Tacderan Henry Tacderan Hipolito Tacderan Mardi Tacheira Dorothy Taddei Dorothy Taddei John Taddei Wilhelmina Taggart Carmie Talluto Louis & Christine Talton Hisako Yo Tanaka James H. Tanaka William J. Tancik Mary Tangry Ralph Tangry Thomas Tangry Frank J. Taormina Izzy Tapia Peggy Tapp Peggy Tapp Peggy Tapp Helen Tappan Keith Tappan Angelo Tarditi Eddie Tarditi Mary Tarditi Rudy Tarditi George (Bud) Tarter Shirley Tarter Faye Tarvin William Tarvin Louie A. Tassano Luisa Tassano Nick Tassano Umeko Tateyama Consolacion Tayag Mr. & Mrs. Don Taylor Doug Taylor Elsie Taylor Eugene Taylor Harry M. Taylor Mark D. Taylor MD Michael Taylor Sharon Taylor Charles Teague Sr. Walter Tecklenburg Edward (brother) and Albertina (sister) Teixeira Edward and Frances Teixeira John A. Teixeira John Teixeira Mary A. Teixeira Sally Pollino Teixeira Walter Telega Walter Telega June Tella Thelma Teller Virginia Temme Walter Temme Rosemary M. Tempel Jeri Templeton Della Tennant Conchita Tereso Frank Teribile Barbara Jean Terra Jose S. & Evelyn F. Terra Evelyn F. Terra Evelyn and Jose Terra Evelyn F. Terra Jose S. Terra Jose S. Terra Larry J. Terra Linda Lou Terra Susie Terra Roland W. Terry Mildred Terzich Jerry D. Tessaro Charlotte Tevasi Helen Thanas Jan Thanas Betty Ann Tholborn Roy and Mildred Tholke Betty Thomas William & Frieda Thomas William A. Thomas Frieda Thomas William “Bill” Thomas Mabel Thomas Bink Thomas Christie Rond Thomas Karyn Thomas Loretta (Doe) Thomas Mary Thomas Mike Thomas Mildred Thomas Yukie Thomasson Alvin Thompson Anna Thompson Carl Thompson Sr. Don Thompson, Jr. Don and Charlotte Thompson Don Thompson Dorothy E. Thompson James Thompson Jim Thompson Jess Thompson Jess M. Thompson Jess Thompson Lee & Phyllis Thompson Lori Thompson John & Margaret Thompson Marylou Thompson Noreen Thompson Robert T. Thompson Jerry Thorn Steven Thorn Chuck Thornton Clarence E. Thornton Douglas Thornton Douglas Thornton William Thornton Cambria & Taylor Thrash Guy Thro Stephen Thumlert Mary Tierney John Tighe Kenneth “John” Tighe II Grandma Jan Tilbury

Donor Laura and Chuck Keyes Sharon Sutton Donna Shreve Donna Shreve Lani Swann Eklund Lani Swann Eklund Lynne and Jan Swanson Lynne and Jan Swanson Jo Delaney Rick and Debbie Sweat Emilia, Bob & Karen Sharon Swensen Susie Livesey Sister Ardel Sue Hendricks Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Donna Swinney Diane Swofford Tanya Bredehoft Pat Debbie Re Aidan - Grandson Veronica Tacderan Jason Tacderan Christine and Larry Kennard Virginia A. Hawes Fran Scott Fran Scott Dennis and Shari Neroda Dolly E. Sonne Brien and Kay Ecker Harumi & Jim Tanaka Fusae Tanaka and Sons Vernice Tancik Miatovich Family Miatovich Family Miatovich Family Emily Taormina - Wife Bill and Nadine Coleman Lila and Tony Betty Tapp Donny & Judy Tucker Wanda Eavenson and Family Wanda Eavenson and Family Susan, David, and Jake Farr Susan, David, and Jake Farr Susan, David, and Jake Farr Susan, David, and Jake Farr The Borgett Family The Borgett Family Fran Wirtz Fran Wirtz Janice and Byron DeBenedettiSmith Janice and Byron DeBenedettiSmith Janice and Byron DeBenedettiSmith Alpine Apartments Lamberto Tayag, Sr. Dayle Daniels Roberta Taylor Vernon and Anne Jones Anne Athayde Vernon and Anne Jones Roberta Taylor Diana Araquistain - Aunt Felix and Paulie Torlai Lynn Nelson Gwendolyn Tecklenburg Mary Augusto Mary Augusto Gene and Carolyn Gomes Evelyn T. Gomes Gene and Carolyn Gomes Mr. George Teixeira Chris and Lyn Rudnicki Cecilia and Glenn Telega Frank and Joanne Alford Anna Graham Lynne Temme Lynne Temme Wallace and Connie Parsons Cicinato’s Nancy Tennant Potts Grace Neurath Floyd and Lace Melvin Terra Nat & Rosemarie Bacchetti Bruce and Linda Dodge Carol Louise Silva Mary Ann Simas Bruce and Linda Dodge Mary Ann Simas Melvin Terra Melvin Terra Melvin Terra Corinne Terry Sister Dorothy Terzich Rita Tessaro Don Peling and Idamary Smith Louis and Janice Thanas Betsy Laurie Michel Geraldine Nathan and Angel Galloway Nadine Giovando Debbie Lawson Debbie Lawson Debbie Lawson Debbie Lawson Pat DeSelms Bob and Ruby Zanoni Marilyn Togninali Daughter Judy Ida Mae Lobb The Gehrke Family Pat DeSelms Susan Gorospe and Family Maddogger’s Dennis, Marilyn, Bryan & Kevin Carl and Francine Thompson Charlie and Sandy Mello Charlie and Sandy Mello Shelby Wilder David and Sandra Thompson Leroy and Belinda Rickman Family Peggy Barde Dee Thompson Felix and Paulie Torlai Kathy Stiner Kathy Jenkins Dennis & Marilyn, Bryan & Kevin Patti and Mike Schneider Carl and Francine Thompson David and Sandra Thompson Virginia Thorn Virginia Thorn Tracy Jackie Fleming Ken and Gladys Hammond Jana Thornton Harriet, Richard, Kris & Kids Dad & Sue Jane Thro Diana Landmann Ed and LaVerne Haskin Sandy Mazzuola Alisha and Jason Reynoso Tilbury Family WA

Honoree / Memorial Name Grandma Jan Tilbury Jan Tilbury Janie Tilbury Barbara Jan Timmons Roberta Tinnin Joe & Rita Tinsley Kathleen M. Tippett Kathleen Tippett Kathleen M. Tippett Kathleen Tippett Ernie and Pat Tirapelle Josephine Tirapelle Eugene W. Tobias, DVM Lydia L. Tobias Beverly Toccoli Aldo Togninali Ron Tognoli Mary Toher Paul V. Toher Shirley & Tim Tohlen Olaf and Lorraine Tokheim Delphine Tolbert Renee Kirschenman Toledo Melchor Tolentino Melchor Tolentino Melchor Tolentino Melchor Tolentino Hope Tomba Jarret Tomlinson Leo Tomlinson Eleanor Toms Gerry Toms Paul Toms Carol Torlai Carol Torlai Felice Torlai Felice Torlai Felice and Giovanna Torlai Fiorina Torlai Giovanna Torlai Giovanna Torlai Leonard Torlai Leonard Torlai Leonard Torlai Louisa Torlai Olga and Peter Torpegaard Ernest Torre Patricia Torre Alia Darci Torres Baby Michael Torres Ida Torres Joseph F. Torres, Sr. Joseph F. Torres, Sr. Kayla Torres Mary Torres Michael Sebastian Torres Philip Torres Dee Torris Tony Torris Benjamin Totanes Louis G. Toth, Jr. May and Bert Tottem Amanda Totten Donald Touchstone Will Tower Will Tower Will Tower Will Tower Fred Tozi Athanasia Trachiotis Emanuel Trachiotis Letha Trainor Anthony H. Tranel, Jr. Mario Traverso P. & L. Traverso Patrick L. Travnicek Jean Trede Jean and Emory Trede Robert Emory Trede Robert Trede Jason Treiber Helen Treinen Marie Trent Marie Trent Kathlen Kreger Trezza Anthony and Carmela Trezza Shelli Triantos Claretta Trigueiro Patricia Trimble Richard Trimble Luella Trindade Kenneth E. Tripp Anthony P. Troncale Josephine Troncale Violet Trotter Emma Trovinger Laverne Trovinger Nancy Ann Trowbridge Sewart Frank A. Trucco Frank A. Trucco Ann Trujillo Ann Trujillo Ann Trujillo Beverly Trujillo Mary Zaragoza Trujillo Mary Jo Trull Ann Truppa Honorable Paul Tso. Alice Tsunekawa Alice Tsunekawa Lou and Alice Tsunekawa Lou Tsunekawa Ray Tsutsumi Kathy Tualla Charles Tualla, Jr. David R. Tuchtenhagen Lester & Elsie Tuck Dwight Tucker Jaysen Tucker Jeanne Tucker Moody “Papa” Tucker Rosemarie Tucker Lonny Tungate Doug Tunnell Gladys Turnbeaugh Alice Turner Jessie Turner Jimmy D. Turner Louise Turner Mabel Turner Margaret Ann Turner Mel Turner Chet Turney Bob, Viola and Van Tuttle Tyler Twitty Wayne Twitty Wayne Twitty Betty Tyrrell Charles Ucker Charles Ucker Bob Uecker & Bobby Uecker Robert Uecker Bob Uecker Don Uhrich Minnie Ullman Edith Ulm Eileen Ulm and Dick Ulm Richard Ulm

Donor Janaia, Hannah, David & Nicole Peggy Turner and David Tilbury David Tilbury Suzy and Jeff Beach Ardath Flynn Dan and Mary Bava Susan Gorospe and Family Thomas Tippett Carol and Frank Whittaker Dr. Judee T Whyte Anne, Jacob & Chris Allyn Tirapelle Family Children, Peg, Carol, Ed Tobias Children, Peg, Carol, Ed Tobias Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Marilyn Togninali Bobbie Wallinger Richard and Jimmy Richard and Jimmy Cindy Tohlen Dominique Evelyn Glaze Kit and Susan Oase Teresita and Jesse Miguelino Delores Soderfelt Rachel Strack Grace Tolentino Tirapelle Family Donna Tomlinson Donna Tomlinson Elizabeth Toms Stan and Maurine Harkness Randy and Annette Rigato Felix and Paulie Torlai Tony Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Tony Torlai Veronica Torlai Tony Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Tony Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Tony Torlai Veronica Torlai Felix and Paulie Torlai Ed & Marla Thomas and Gina Casjens The Torre Family The Torre Family Mom, Dad, Arianne, Ayden, Arissa & Alise Bev and Bob McColl Art and Celeste Cabral Donald and JoAnn Romero Gloria Torres and Joseph Torres, Jr. Pam Rocha Donald and JoAnn Romero Papa & Grammie Donald and JoAnn Romero Kathy Franco Kathy Franco Virginia D. Totanes Caryl Toth Pat Slauson Grandma & Les Ardath Flynn Glenda, Robert, Laury & Bobby Duyst Gerry Henderson Michael Pappas Bill & Laura Tower Ellen Cademartori Bob and Dorothy Henning Bob and Dorothy Henning Don and Liz Craig and Nancy Comartin May Logan May Logan Mrs. Karen Anderson Susan and Carlton Sandy Melden Marie and Stephen Guasco Tom and Sandy Melden Collette Treiber Amy Witsaman Pat & Kathleen Fitzpatrick Bob & Susan Musick Trezza Family Trezza Family Phyllis J. Almendarez West Wind Mobile Home Park, Inc. Jim and Teresa Botsford Jim and Teresa Botsford Alfred Trindade The Tripp Family Tony and Dawn Troncale Tony and Dawn Troncale Tirapelle Family Harry Trovinger Harry Trovinger Rick and Susan Wohle Nickie Trucco Ms. Terry Trucco Syd & Mary Lois Thompson Clair Trujillo Dr. Tony Trujillo Barbara Katen Donna Dutton Her Family Nishka Yudnich Conrad F. Mar Gary and Carla Airola Jim and Sally Tsunekawa Florene and Dick Mesa Jim and Sally Tsunekawa Bev Phelps Ken and Janet Reiswig Jennifer J. Silva Jacqueline E. Tuchtenhagen Alexson Family 5 H2O+ Donny & Judy Tucker Marilyn Togninali 5 H2O+ Karen, Marc, Paul & Thomas Kellam Dan and Anna Tungate Jim and Cheryl LaRoe Olive Quilter Marie Gilbert and Denise Upshaw Phyllis Clayton LaVerne Turner Lynn and Sharlyn Bedford Fay Family Children and Grandchildren Janice Turner Catherine Turney Noey & Donna Tuttle gma Twitty Mike & Jill Twitty Wife Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Roberta & Roland Taylor Eunice Ucker & Family Roberta Uecker Henry and Alice Hirata Dee Lopez Edith Uhrich Audrey L. Bohannon Pat Berger Tony and Betty Martin William Vukovich

Honoree / Memorial Name Alvina Ulrich Erwin Ulrich Alice Umbalin Alice Umbalin Alice Umbalin Al Umino Uncle Hank Uncle Kenneth Jack Underhill Lucille “Lou” Underwood John Unger Robert Unger Robert Unger Josephine M. Uomini Yvonne Urdea Osie Tyler Uslan Catherine Ustick Catherine Ustick George K. Uyeda Lily U. Uyeda Susan J. Uyeda Barbara Vaccarezza Eleanor “Mac” Smythe Vaccarezza Joe Vaccarezza Lawrence Vaccarezza Larry Vaccarezza Mayrina Vaccarezza Paul Vaccarezza Paul L. Vaccarezza Paul Vaccarezza Paul Vaccarezza Paul Vaccarezza Rose Vaccarezza Anita G. Valadez David Valadez, Sr. Marrisa Valadez Rose Valdespino Alice S. Valente Alice Valente Rudy Valenti Maxine J. Valentine Edmond Valla Rita Valla Jim Vallely James Vallely Claudia Vallerga Claudia Vallerga Aunt Kat Rose Valoria Gladys Valpreda Mr. & Mrs. F. Valterza Ron Valterza Helen Valtierra and Son Annie C. Valverde Evelyn Valverde Evelyn Valverde Joseph Valverde Joe Valverde Christina Van Arnhem Bill and Irene Van Derbeck Ernie Van Dyke Nettie Faye Van Dyke Reid Van Noate Loretta Butler Loretta Van Order-Butler John VanRuiten John Van Ruiten, Sr. Velma Jean Van Sant Bruce Van Slyke Bruce Van Slyke Lori Van Steenberge Lori Van Steenberge Vickie Van Steenberge Ben Van Warmerdam Ben Van Warmerdam Quirina Van Warmerdam Quirina Van Warmerdam Dixie Vancel Terry Vancel James R. Vanderburgh Paula VanLaar Mary and Armando Vanni Daniel Vanni Osvaldo Vannucci Frances Vanover - Sister Gary J. Vargas Gary John Vargas Pilar Vargas Greg Varvell Jess Vasallo Jr Jesus P. Vasallo Jesus Pamintuan Vasallo Jess Vasallo Ernest Vasconcellos Mel Vasconcellos Anthony Vasquez Bob Vasquez Pauline Frausto Vasquez Robert Vasquez Cye Vaughan Elizabeth Vaughn Ruby Vaux Martha Vazquez Flores Thomas E. Veenstra Barbara Allen Veerkamp Kimberly Veerkamp-Faul Fred Velazco Nancy Vereb Dorothy Veregge John Gary Verkerk Lucille Verkerk Nancy Vetrano Mary Veuve Al and Jean Vial James M. Vickerman James D. Vickerman Aaron J. Vickers Bonnie Victor Mimi Victorine John & Jennie Vidulich John Vieira Pauline Vieira Lois Vielbaum Marie Viera Anna Vierra Bernice Vierra Bernice Vierra Bernice Vierra Dennis Vierra Joseph Vierra Lillian Vierra Melvin Vierra William Vierra Kenny Vigil Mary Vigil Ray Vigil Ray Vigil Ramon Vigil Ramon Vigil Dad-Amerigo (Babe) Viglienzone Carmela Viglienzone Barba Herk Viglienzone Pete Viglienzone Judith Thomas Vigor Frank & Lupe Villa Rafael Villalvazo Soto Camilla Villamor

Donor Elaine Ulrich Elaine & Betty Liles Family Charlie and Sandy Mello Manuel Umbalin Kent and Patti Yep Carol Nakashima Carol Nakashima Helen Underhill Frances Voyer Caryl Toth Koreen Freitas Roberta Unger Joanne Uomini Velma Scarborough Don and Carol Kirkendall Kerry Heckman Bokides Denice Flynn Robert Ustick Milton and Dawn Uyeda Milton and Dawn Uyeda Milton and Dawn Uyeda Doug Vaccarezza and Anette Podesta Karen McKee Dorothy Raggi Janet V. Bolognini Mayrina Vaccarezza Alba Klemin Sam & Denise Bennet Janet V. Bolognini Nadine Giovando Alba Klemin Mayrina Vaccarezza Dorothy Raggi Edward and Maria Castellanos Valadez Valadez Family RoseMarie (Becky) Jauch Maryann Jones Debbie Rickard Delores Valenti Idella M. Reed Duane and Jeannette Wright Duane and Jeannette Wright Kathy Harden Julie and Ray Wetteland Marge Basalto Phyllis Clayton Vaughnita Jo Hipolito Jean Deal Cathy McAlister Susie Valterza Brad and Gail Jones Paul H. Valverde George & Tresa Lozano & Family Ben and Lucy Valverde Dolores Gomes Ben and Lucy Valverde Hank and Cornelia Veldhuizen Carol Louise Silva Jud Smith Margie and Ron Jory Judy Jarcik Denise Dyer Miss Ashley Pattingale Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Lois Rogan Greg and Shelley Burcham Kathy Van Slyke Richard Van Slyke Lodi Pattern & Mfg. Co. Carol and Frank Whittaker Lodi Pattern & Mfg. Co. Peggy James Mary and Mark McCollum Peggy James Mary and Mark McCollum The Relva’s The Relva’s Ms. Cosette Gary Lu Anne Lewis Herb and Joyce Speckman Dolores Vanni Dave and Pam Dias Pauline Hawes Herb and Jane Vargas Rick and Cheryl Vargas Bob and Shirley Hernandez Tammy Varvell Nicholas and Lillian Aninag Nicholas and Lillian Aninag David, Stephanie & Miya Cheng Beth Wilson Joyce Aschenbrener Mary Vasconcellos Kristin Buhk Judy Vasquez Dorothy Martinez Nick & Fran Duren Joy Vaughan Elizabeth Ginn Charlotte & Don Konrad Ms. Jessica Orozco Reba Veenstra Susan Jenks Pam Loughman Mary Ann Ware Skip and Linda Lynne Sutton Paula M. Frago Paula M. Frago Marjorie Maciel Dave and Pam Dias Ralph and Denene Lucchetti Marge Vickerman Marge Vickerman Family Sharon & Billy Emperador Denise Sexton Thomas M. Vidulich Daniel and Natalie Vieira Daniel and Natalie Vieira Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Craig and Judi Sanders Ed and LaVerne Haskin Carla and Gary Airola Annie Ed and LaVerne Haskin Ed and LaVerne Haskin Ed and LaVerne Haskin Ed and LaVerne Haskin Ed and LaVerne Haskin Ed and LaVerne Haskin Xavier Contreras and Kathy Franco Joe and Pat Lemos Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kjelson Marilyn Togninali Helen Vigil and Family Donovan & Diane Vigil Susan Farr Susan Farr Susan Farr Susan Farr Ken Vigor Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathie Villa Evelia Villavazo and Family Letty Balderas

▪ Honoree / Memorial Name Eugene A. Villamor Richard Villanueva Manuel and Maria Villarreal Vincelet Family Floyd Vincent Marian Vinovich Russ Vinyard Filomena Antoinette Violanti Carmen Virrey Joan Virrey Max Virrey Steve Virrey George Visgilio, Sr. Vicki Vitali Rickey Vitorello Francisco “Granpahh” Viveros Francisco “Granpahh” Viveros Kimberly Vizcaino Maria Ignacia Vizcaino John Vlavianos Eleanor Vogel Don Vogler Ida Vogler Katherine Voils Sandy Voils Earl and Theda Vollbrecht Leo Voller Jeff Vollmer Leo N. Volpi Art Von Wronski Angela Simone Vosburg Angela Vosburg Gloria Jean Vosburg Barbara Voss Marlene Votta Josephine Voyer Chris Vukovich Florence Vukovich John Vukovich George Vukovich Karen Vukovich Momcilo Vukovich Ruby Vukovich Ruby Pauline Vukovich Julia Vukovich Siegrist Danny Wade Edwin Wager, Sr. Esther Wager Derald Wagers Gerald Wagers James Wagers Maurine Wagers David Wagner David Wagner Phillip T. Wagner Teresa M. Wagner Linda Wahl Rick Wahl Bruce Wakeham William Wakeham Terry Wakeland Robert H. Walcutt Ray & Ione Waldorf Dr. Jim Walford Gary Walker Dr. Jerry Walker Kenneth Walker Louise Walker Patricia Walker Syntha Marcella Walker Dorothy Wall John Wallace Lawrence J. Wallace, Sr. Peter J. Wallace, Sr. Philip Wallace Scott Wallace Don Wallinger Harry Wallinger Harry Wallinger Harry Wallinger Harry Wallinger Dick & Noreen Wallior, Bill & Lynda Barker Earl Walsh Edie Stone Walsh Don Walter Maxine Walter Betty J Walters Elsie Walters Loris Walters Maude Walters Agnes Walther M. Joanne Walton Margaret Walton Margaret J. Walton Margaret Walton Lester and Margaret Wampler Fred Wanner Katherine Wanner Katherine Wanner Elizabeth Ward Jack D. Ward Wanda Ward Nina Ware Raymond E. Ware Barbara Waring Joseph Warmoth Bryan Warn Bryan Warn Bryan Warn Marge Warner Robert Warner & Theresa Warner Sitter Warnock Erma and Murray Warren Louise Waters Anton Watkin Renate Watkin John Watters Ellis Watts Janet Watts Ayden Weaver Dorothy Weaver Julie Weaver Virginia Weaver Enes Webb Mary Weber Edna Wedegaertner Wedegaertner Pets Michelle Weed Mike Weed Michelle Weedin Michelle Weedin Floyd Weeks Mary Weeks Mary Weeks Mary Casing Weeks Paula Weeks Phyllis R. Weeks Shirlee Weger Barbara Wegner Calvin and Barbara Wegner Barbara Wegner Barbara Wegner Calvin Wegner Jane Weichold Brent Weiland Thelma & Elmer Weimer Elmer Weimer Thelma Weimer our daughter - Judi Weir Floyd Weisenhaus

Donor Letty Balderas Annie Manuel & Kathy Villarreal Vernon and Denice Vincelet & Family Barbara Vincent Mary and Willie Luntao Marty and Lockey Kjelson Mark & Denise Rasmussen Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane Mitch and Stephanie Hirokane George and Stella Visgilio David and Mary Comer Bill and Nadine Coleman Alyssa Monique Viveros Ivan Viveros Mr. Tomas Perez Mr. Tomas Perez Farryle Vlavianos & Family Susan Caulfield Foyann L. Vogler Valerie Smith L.L. Chadd L.L. Chadd Dex and Sharon Vollbrecht Dorothy Voller Mary Lois and Syd Thompson Nancee L. Volpi, M.F.T. Terry V.W. Parker Nancy Smith Brian and Renee Vosburg Nancy Smith Her Family Eleanor Ennis Jo Anne & Barry Jones William Vukovich William Vukovich William Vukovich William Vukovich William Vukovich William Vukovich Tony and Betty Martin William Vukovich William Vukovich Your Family Phillip and Julie Smith Phil & Julie Smith Virginia Wagers Gerry Focacci Virginia Wagers Gerry Focacci Barbara Churchill Phyllis Kilgore Phillip M. Wagner Phillip M. Wagner Fran and Ron Goehring Nick and Penny Meyers Barbara Wakeham Barbara Wakeham Sandy Ratcliff Suzan Wedegaertner Joan Shephard Barbara & Ben George Janet Morrow Myrna Walker The Kennard Family Harlin and Nancy Watts Eilene Lambdin Greg and Shelley Burcham Roger and Joyce Bennett Mrs. Janet C. Grafius Shanda and Mark Wallace Shanda and Mark Wallace Margie Medina Tiffany Tirapelle and Sons Myra Lindsey Bill Grotemeyer Myra Lindsey Pat and Coraleta Rogers Bobbie Wallinger Jeff and Patty Wallior Phyllis Garsino Eloise Libhart Jan Schuh Jan Schuh David and Sandra Thompson The Kennard Family Ken and Sue Walters Ken and Sue Walters Annette Faszer Steven and Kathy Walton Susan Dole Paul and Sheri Jansen-Olliges David and Denise Rubiaco Jeff and Kathy White Howard & Lori Wanner Howard & Lori Wanner Richard and Janet Wanner James and Sharon Patton Victoria Ward Sandra McPherson Mary Ann Ware Mary Ann Ware Clint Waring Patricia and Robert Miller Daniel Gomez & Tabitha Heraty Edie Houston Donny & Judy Tucker Ed and LaVerne Haskin Betty Ann Dal Porto Sylvia Connelly Doris W. Lease Mr. & Mrs Gary Waters Jennifer and Jim Hawkins Jennifer and Jim Hawkins Marjorie Watters Harlin and Nancy Watts Joanne Joseph Derrol and Linda Hammer Virginia Beckman Susan Caulfield Ron & Dolores Ohm Alpine Apartments Marjorie Werner Craig and Suzan Wedegaertner Suzan Wedegaertner Christopher and Shellie Weed Bill and Nadine Coleman Kristen Bertsch Merv and Marilyn Girsh Jolinda Weeks Dave & Kathy Josie Picchi Edward L. Weeks Diane Devitt Edward L. Weeks Sharon Mendonca Lee & Al Furr Meredith Wegner McMindes and Family Barbara Pombo Allison Wegner Allison Wegner Walter Weichold Dennis and Chirs Olin Robert and Judy Clemons Trudi Geiszler Trudi Geiszler Harvey and Nadine Miller Fran and Zack Scott

Honoree / Memorial Name Milton Weisz Roy Weitzel Larry Welch Bob Welch Bill Welk “RedHatter” Carol Wells Oliver Weng - Brother Phyllis Wentworth Mr. and Mrs. Anton Wentz Donald L. Werner Homer Werner Robert M. Werner Myrtle Werre Ella Delores West Gusetta West Mabel West Madysyn West Riley West Samuel West Walter E. West Willard West Lucille Westhafer Dennis Westphal Evie Graffigna Karl and Peggy Wetteland Ed Wetzel Al Wheat Alexander Wheat Jerry Wheaton Kashin Wheeler Raymond and Marian Wheeler Bob Wheeler Bob Wheeler Guy Emit Wheiles Mary Wheiles Rosa Lee Wheiles Bill Whipple Roy Whipple Darol White Helen White Jerald M. White Lee Anna White Leslie White Leslie White Marjorie White Mary Lois White Richard A. White The Whiteside Family Carl and Dorothy Whitmire Alford W. Whitney Allan Whitney Catherine Whitney Catherine Whitney Flo Whitney Claudia Flo Whitney Edwin Leo Whitney Richard Whitney Adron Lee Whittington Barbara Whittington Marie Whittington Bob Whittington Bob and Marie Whittington John J. Whittock, Jr. Magnus M. Wick Leonard Wicksten Joseph Widmer Leonard & Annette Wiebe William Wiegner Laura Wilborn Laura Wilborn Irene Wilbur Philip Wilbur Ernie Wild Faye Wild Wallace Wilder Clifton Wilhite Richard Wilhite Wilda Wilhite Olympe Bradna Wilhoit Douglass Woods Wilhoit, Sr. Robert Willard Dorothy Willett Anne L. Williams Charles E. Williams Lee Williams Dwight Williams Cora Williams Dwight Williams Earl Williams Edward L. Williams Elsie Williams Al and Emma Williams Gary Williams Gary Williams Howard Williams Howard Williams Dr. Jack Williams James C. Williams Jan Williams Lottie Williams Loyl Williams Margaret K. Williams Margaret Cooper Margaret Williams Marjorie Williams Pat Williams Randy Williams Samantha Williams Samantha Williams Steven Williams Steven A. Williams Teresa Williams Ray Willis Gary Willis Gary Willis Ray Willis Ray Willis Martin Willson Bill Wilson Bill Wilson Carolyn Wilson Greg Wilson John H. Wilson Judith E. Wilson Lillie Mae Wilson Lou Wilson Lou Wilson Reva O. Wilson Wilburt Wiltz Bobby Winchester Les Winegar Ella Wing Fred Winkler Henry Winkler Shirley Winkler Troy Winkler Macca Winnburg Dolly Winter Jack Wirth John Wirth Reba Wirth Suzanne Wirth Sue Wirth Phillip Wirtz Clifford Wisdom Martha Wisdom Audry Wise Arlene Janet Clifford Witham Hazel Witten John Witten Theodore I. Wittmayer Debie Woehl

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Donor Bernice Weisz Dan & Kathleen Peggy Barde Yvonne Leach, Nancy Herbert & Vicki Seba Shelly and Glen Schatz Pat Slauson Arlene Lea Jeffrey and Sarah Wentworth Judy Cooper Marjorie Werner Steve Werner Marjorie Werner Debra Lamont Gerald and Karen West Sandy Beglau Nathan and Angel Galloway Gerald and Karen West Karen West Sandy Beglau Vera Estioco-Felix Miatovich Family John Westhafer Cathy Westphal Marilyn Graffigna Ray and Julie Wetteland Teri, Taylor, Mikenzie Wetzel Miggie Wheat Donna Wheat Shirley Wheaton Christopher and Tola Eley Tola & Christopher Eley Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Dianne Wheeler Barbara McCarty Clint and Claudia McCarty Barbara McCarty Bob and Mary Leonard Joseph and Deborah Burlin Tony and Dawn Troncale Noel & Patti Stetson Kathryn A. White Manuel and Donna Revillar Norma Dawes Dorothy Edens Kathryn A. White Jenny, Amie, Vanessa Kathryn A. White Marta J Whiteside Family Bobbie Wallinger The Robertsons Catherine Lytle Catherine Baker Lytle Bobbie Wallinger Janet & Brent Godina Amy Witsaman David and Georgie Reed Ann Whitney Irene The Carter Girls Gail Marganelli Gail Marganelli Roberta Uecker John and Linda Whittock Lillian Wick Nancy Wicksten Kathy and Allen Baroni Rosanna Wiebe David and Lisa Ayers Bill and Faye Hamby Bill and Faye Hamby Mark and Sherri Wilbur Mark and Sherri Wilbur Christy Reinold Christy Reinold Neva Wilder Aileen Williams Aileen Williams Aileen Williams Antoinette & William Giggey Antoinette & William Giggey Kay & Dana Kay & Van Sweet Todd and Claire Greenwood Gladys Williams & Sons Melissa Mariscal & Family Kathy R. Guidi Debbie Lawson Sharon Odle Rose Mary Williams Sally J. Williams - Wife Manteca Federated Women’s Club Jennifer and Scott Emigh Edward and Judi Oliveria Beverly Williams Dennis and Laurie Faselli Mrs. Alma Williams Terry & Noreen Williams Sarah Williams John & Terri Williams Diane Gray Tom and Lynelle Williams Her Family The Harshman Family Mary S. Sievers Melissa Mariscal & Family John Allen Melissa Mariscal & Family Clark & Joanne Sueyres Nana Gene Acevedo Sarah Lippincott Manuel and Donna Revillar Ron and Edna Mae Knecht Joel and Lynn Harris Jean Willis Joel and Lynn Harris Jean Willis Bossert Family Bess Farmer Linda Wilson Claudette Gaydon Beth Wilson Kathy Wilson James A. Wilson Kenneth & Anna Wilson Tamara Steele Rocky Wilson Gussie Owen Jack and Jean Wiltz David and Lisa Ayers Charles and Marcia Hammond Frank & Pat Kim Jolene Dell Aringa Ms. Judy Winkler Jolene Dell Aringa Ms. Judy Winkler Craig and Judi Sanders Mary McCleary 5 H2O+, Rich & Joanne Waters Noreen Smith Bill and Rena Quinn Noreen Smtih 5 H2O+, Rich & Joanne Waters Fran Wirtz Lynne and Jan Swanson Lynne and Jan Swanson The Relva’s Cathie Heighes Cathie Heighes Bea Turner Bea Turner Tony & Annetta Comporato Mary Joan Starr

Honoree / Memorial Name Richard D. Wold Vic Wolf Marge and Ed Wolfe Evertt Glenn Wolfe Verna Wolfkill Jeremy Wolford Anita Wolters Rodger Wolters Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Robert Wolterstorff Dolores Womack Harold Womble Harold Womble Bill & Mildred Wong Cheow Ong Wong Dr. Henry Wong Lillian Wong Norman Wong Dr. Norman Wong Betty Wood Bobby Wood Glenda Wood Bob Wood Wrenn Wood Wrenn Wood Anna Woodard Jim and Adele Wooden Theressa Woods Axzine Woodward Axzine Woodward Bob Woolsey Robert and Jean Woolsey Velma Woolsey Susanna Woolwine Ed Wrbicky Vic & Jay Wrbicky Vic Wrbicky Doris Wright Doris Wright Doris Wright Linda Wright Linda Wright Linda Wright Linda Wright Karl Wrzesien Di Ley Wu Cliff Wunsch Jackie Wurster Aline Wychulis Mitch Wyman Paula Wynn Kimie Yabumoto Kimie Yabumoto Nao Yabumoto Nao Yabumoto Shigeru Yabumoto Shigeru Yabumoto Tada Yabumoto Tada Yabumoto Peter Yagi Mike Yaksich Jodie Yamaguchi Jodie Yamaguchi Jodie Yamaguchi Jodie Yamaguchi Kay and Teri Yamaguchi George Yamauchi George Yamauchi Richard Yamauchi Richard Yamauchi Yoshi Yamauchi Yoshi Yamauchi James E. Yancy John James Yancy Gladys Yates Gladys Yates David E. Yeakel David L. Yeakel Al Yee Al Yee Jenny Yee Liza C. Yep Carl Yerby Verla Yerby Verla Yerby Bobby Yescas Dick & Hazel Yescas Rich and Pam Yescas Cecelia Yettner Claudia Yniguez Joe Yorg Joseph Yorg Joseph Yorg Marta Yorg-Dron Frank Yorke Frank Yorke Agnes Yoshimura Laverne Vukovich Yost Bill Young Clarence and Shirley Young Clarence Young Darl, Helen and Bill Young Earline Young George A. Young Jr. George E.S. Young Sr. Helen Young Helen Young Jack Young Mattie Lois Young Norbert Young Mary J. Nelson and Paula Young Shirley Young Dorothy Yrigoyen Michael Yrigoyen Nishka Yudnich Monica “Moning” Yurong Charles Zabel Ronald Zablan Ronald Zablan Antonio P. Zamora Norman Zandona Kristy Zane Alex Zanini, Sr. Tom Zanto Patricia Zaramskas Stanley Zaramskas Sr. Hank Zastrow Steven K. Zastrow Steven K. Zastrow Javier Zavala Alfred Zawilla & Debbie Tinkle Sandra and John Zehner Gordon Zeilbeck Walter Zeiszler Emil & Bertha Ziemann Norman and Mary Jane Ziemer Hans Zilles Sieglinde Zilles Elsie Zirbel Shirley Zirkel Shirley Zirkel Marvin Zolezzi Marvin Zolezzi Marvin Zolezzi Marvin Zolezzi Richard Zolezzi Richard Zolezzi Richard Zolezzi Richard Zolezzi Guadalupe Zubieta Hans Zumbach Dorothy Zunino

Donor Marion M. Wold T. La Faver Dave and Pam Dias Glenda Herrera Connie Avey Steve and Joanne Wolford Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Frank C. Alegre, Sr. Walt and Barbara Wolterstorff Leroy and Belinda Rickman Toni and George Jaquith Kay & Van Sweet Lex & Joyce Corrales Ed and Mary Lee and Family Bob and Emilia Lord Ms. Lori Chan Larry and Joan Barone Kathleen Mark Your Family Jessica Rose & Family Joann Phar Joanne Wood Family Jessica Rose & Family Joanne Wood Family Marty and Karla Woodard Douglas and Chris Martin Harry and Kay Williams Bob and Mary Leonard Albert J. Woodward Your Loving Family Jackie Chappuis Your Loving Family Cindy Woolwine Edna Wrbicky Edna Wrbicky Edna Wrbicky Larry & Jan Cooper Ms. Linda L. Hiatt Henry Dayle Daniels Margie Honrath Sharon Rasmussen Peter and Judith Tirapelle Shelly and Glen Schatz Tony Gao Wunsch Family Francine Mendenhall Dave and Pam Dias Craig and Judi Sanders Gerda H. Foxworth Mark and Linda Lyons Judi S. Yabumoto Mark and Linda Lyons Judi S. Yabumoto Mark and Linda Lyons Judi S. Yabumoto Mark and Linda Lyons Judi S. Yabumoto Anonymous Miss Megan Peterson Karl and Debra May Ms. Susan Thomas Mr Jeffrey Yamaguchi Bob & Norma Yamaguchi Kent and Patti Yep Terry & Judy Klimko Yoneko Terry & Judy Klimko Yoneko Terry & Judy Klimko Yoneko Lorraine Yancy Lorraine Yancy Brenda Yates Bruce, Sher, Roy and Sam G. Clare Yeakel G. Clare Yeakel Doug Jann Mia Seitelman Therese Matusek John Yep Daughter Charlotte Berglund Daughter Richard and Pamela Yescas Richard and Pamela Yescas Jeannie Rosaz Liz Rodriguez Glicerio & Jessie Yniguez Shane & Shelley Linda Silva Your Wife Mom Jim & Pat Pickering Anonymous Phillip and Iva Yoshimura William Vukovich John Allen Larry & Jan Cooper Chris & Lisa Pudwell Joe and Carole Delmanowski Betty and Bob Stover Beth & Sidney Grace Stockman Beth & Sidney Grace Stockman Nancy Klemm Mary McCleary Constance Young Beth & Sidney Grace Stockman Betty and Bob Stover Dane Nelson Chris & Lisa Pudwell Lon and Valerie Mayer Lon and Valerie Mayer Evenyl Roemmich The Padayhag Family Jeane, Muggs, and Larry Winona Kaninau Ms. Judy Winkler Ted and Myrna Cooper Doris E. Zandona Mr. and Mrs. Dave Schmierer Zanini Family - Alex, Cheryl, Alex Jr. & Zack Dennis and Chris Olin Stan & Janie Zaramskas Stan, Jr. & Janie Zaramskas Harry and Kay Williams Nick and Pam Curtin Mom and Dad Amanda Ennis Frank Zawilla Marti Kulisch Ben & Gina Zbikowski Josephine Zeiszler Milton and Ann Ziemann Colleen, Mike, Chris & Alan Gerti Kopes and Gary Ratto Gerti Kopes and Gary Ratto Sister Jan and Ed Estes Newhall and Ruffin Jim & Rachel Emerson Janice & Byron DeBenedetti-Smith Steven and Elena Marciano Tom and Barbara Prato Jim & Rachel Emerson Dave and Pam Dias Tom and Barbara Prato Susan Thomas Melera Family, Mary Zubieta Oswald & Nancy Berchtold Bob and Linda Thorpe

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Celine McKeever Lloyd McLean Deborah L. Mendel Bonner W. Mendez Betty Milldrum James and Carol Mitchell Rebecca Mobley Roger and Victoria Monroe Doris Moore Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah T. Murphy, Jr. Mrs. Helen E. Murphy Jean and Allen Myers Lee and Mary Nash Agnes Nieddu Louis and Carol Norley Audrey Norling Judy Ogata Mary T. Otten James and Marcia Parker Mercedes Patrick Mrs. Paul D. Raggio Gilbert Renteria Joe and Connie Rishwain John and Martha Rogers Camille Rohsler Dr. Amparo Romero-Hirahara Peter and Nicole Rosado Mr. Peter Roy John and Jeanne Saffier Kevin and Donna Schwemley William and Shirley Seeds Jackie Setser Robert and Janis Sheen Frank and Josephine Silva Kathy Silva Donald and LaVerne Stevens Marion Thibodeau Delbert and Rose Thurman Marjorie Tiernan Joe & Caryle Tubbs Barbara Updegraft Frances Voyer Calvin and Cory Wadlow William and Elaine Werner Dorothy West Donald and Linda Wiley Ms. Loretta Wilson Tomiko M. Yabumoto Milton and Ann Ziemann

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Top: Tracy High School Choir singing at the Tracy Tree of Lights. The Tracy Tree of Lights was hosted by our new Hospice of San Joaquin partner, the West Valley Mall. The ceremony was on November 23, 2013.

Up-Coming Events Wednesday March 5, 2014 Bereavement support group starts March 5th. This group is open to any adult coping with a loss of a loved one. info at (209) 957-3888

Tuesday April 15, 2014 Loss of a Spouse in Manteca. This free support group is offered for six weeks at the HSJ Manteca Office. Information at (209) 957-3888

Thursday Margch 6, 2014 Loss of a spouse support groups starts - Groups meet for six weeks at Hospice of San Joaquin’s campus informatoin at (209) 957-3888

Tuesday April 15, 2014 Lodi Bereavement support group starts April 15th. This group is open to any adult coping with a loss of a loved one. This group will meet at HSJ new Lodi Office info at (209) 957-3888

Saturday April 5, 2014 11:00 am Annual Spring Luncheon & Eggstravaganza presented by the HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Tracy Masonic Lodge, Tracy info at (209) 922-0380 Thursday April 10, 2014 12:00 noon Annual Volunteer Luncheon, The Reserve at Spanos Park info at (209) 922-0380 Saturday April 12, 2014 1:30 p.m. 13th Annual Champagne & English Tea, presented by HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Stockton at Church of the Presentation. info at (209) 922-0380

Wednesday April 23, 2014 Understanding Your Grief Loss of a Child A one time FREE workshop for grieving parents. Workshop schelduled in Stockton info at (209) 957-3888 Saturday May 3, 2014 12:30 p.m. “Kentucky Derby West” presented by HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Lodi at Sargent Equestrian Center Tickets $100.00 info at (209) 922-0380

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Gene & Carolyn Gomes Donna Goyette Audrey Greene Stephen L. Guasco Sasha Guerrero Janet Hamilton Janelle Hammer Kathy Harden Deb Harrigan Dr. Kathy Hart Mark Hatch Viginia Hawes Haynes Equipment Health Plan of San Joaquin Destinee Hennemann Kiyomi Hoxie HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Lodi HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Stockton HSJ Butterfly Auxiliary, Tracy Doug Hutmacher IBEW Alan Johnson Ted Johnston Curt Juran Mayor Phil Katzakian Marla Kendrick Marla Kendrick Mikki Kindelberger Lockey Kjelson Scott Knight Susan Kramer Marti Kulisch Pierre LaLeau First Last Chad Lavezzo Donna LeCuyer Joan Lee Lee’s Feed Steve Lockard Lockeford / Clements Business Support Group Lockeford Elementary School Lodi City Employees Association Lodi High School Meistersigners Choir, Directed by Jessica Gaszi Lodi Mid-Managers Association Gail Lopez Manteca SHARPS Pastor Ron Martens Joseph Martin Amanda Mayberry Chris McCaffrey Ronni McIntosh Linda McKay Kathy McKenzie Alyssa Melenedez Mike Mellott Rosa Mendez Gary Modlin Mokelumne Rural Fire District Paula Nebel Grace Neurath Ed Newland Jessica Orozco Carol Panerio Terry Parker Parkview Elementary School Diane Pelletier Mary Pennini Jason Pinegar PMZ Real Estate Jeff Pointer

Barbara Pombo Tricia Pope Charleszetta Pruitt John Pulver Angela Quarton Mark Rasmussen Diane Ratto Alicin Reeve Mayor Norman Richardson Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce Ripon High School DreamCatchers Choir, Directed by Adam Serpa Ripon Police & Volunteers in Police Service Paula Ross Leticia Ruiz San Joaquin Delta College San Joaquin Delta College, Delta Singers, Directed by German Aguilar Eileen Schamber Barbara Scott See’s Candies Joe Serna Jr. Charter School Shasta Elementary School Russ Sherman, Fire Department Mark Showers Danielle Silva SJ County Sheriff STARS Msgr. Harmon Skillin Jud Smith Karen Smith Mike Smith Marisol Solano Chet Somera Starbuck’s Starbuck’s Pacific Ave, Stockton Starbuck’s Ripon Bill Stegeman Kathleen Stephens Valerie Stewart-Green Stockton Ports Stockton Thunder Stockton Volunteers in Police Service Nick Tejeda Cyndi Temme Loren Temme Michele Thompson Melissa Torres Camacho Pastor Ella Rae Toscano Pastor Chris Townsend Tracy High School Madrigals Choir, Drcted by Jennifer Grover Julia Tyack Sgt. Mario Vasquez Jim Vergara Leandro Vicuna, JD Louis J. Villalobovoz School Mark Wallace Kris Weber Heather Webster Wells Fargo Bank James West West Valley Mall Weston Elementary School Julie Wetteland Ray Wetteland D.H. White Elementary School Linda Wilson

Hospice Awareness Spring 2014  

A newsletter published by Hospice of San Joaquin, a not-for-profit agency established in 1980.

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