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An electronic journey

Bonnie Hancock, RN, BS, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, RN, BSN, Nursing Services Director Medical Directors

Mark Hermann, MD, Co-Medical Director Brian Sullivan, MD, Co-Medical Director

Administrative Staff

Lavonne Noel, Executive Director Jackie Brehm, Financial Director Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Bonnie Hancock, Patient Care Director Katy Morrow, Nursing Services Director Renee Frith, Nursing Services Director

Officers, Board of Directors

Susan Bushman, ARNP, President Betty Takes, Vice President Fr. William Joensen, Secretary Bruce Rehmke, Treasurer

Members, Board of Directors Tom Anderegg, PhD Cindy Burdt Carole Carroll Vicki Dirksen Jared Freiburger, DO Tom Giese Amy Gilligan Brad Heying Eileen LeMay Dave Ludovissy Mark Manders Allen Meurer, MD Rev. Kathleen Milligan Chris Schiesl

Members, Foundation Board Don Freymann Rita Helle Mike Martin Bill Maiers Bob Miller Bruce Rehmke Chuck Schrup III Ken Snodgrass

Hospice of Dubuque’s “electronic journey” began in 2009 with the passing of federal legislation regarding the adoption and meaningful use of electronic health information by Medicare-certified healthcare providers. With the clock ticking to an implementation date in 2014 for many healthcare providers, the Hospice of Dubuque management team began assessing a variety of vendors by utilizing webinars and in-person demonstrations. This period of discernment lasted several months and included the evaluation of internal processes, connectivity issues and equipment needs, in addition to the assessment of suitable software. Ultimately, Hospice of Dubuque chose Healthcare First as its software vendor. This decision, made after careful consideration, was based upon a variety of reasons. One of the key factors was that Healthcare First is a web-based program. All of the patient information is maintained on Healthcare First’s file servers, eliminating the need for Hospice of Dubuque to purchase a new, larger file server for storage of patient information. Healthcare First has been offering its web-based program since 2004 and has all the necessary safeguards in place to maintain security and confidentiality. Furthermore, since patient information is accessed only when logged into the website, additional privacy is ensured, as the laptop itself does not contain or “store” any patient information. A web-based program offers the utmost in portability of the medical record and access to realtime information. Only internet access is needed for the clinician to connect to the most current patient information. An on-call nurse can pull up a patient’s diagnosis, history, current medications, address and phone numbers, as well as the information from the patient’s previous visits. The Hospice of Dubuque clinicians agree that accessibility to up-to-date data is a real asset in the delivery of patient care.

“Learning new software and adapting to laptops has been a huge transition.”

Healthcare First was a fiscally responsible choice. As previously stated, no further investment in Hospice of Dubuque’s file server was necessary. And, with a cost in the mid-price range, Healthcare First’s programming still met our essential documentation needs. Before Hospice of Dubuque began implementation of the software, Healthcare First released a newer version of its product, with some features still in the development phase. This has presented Hospice of Dubuque with the opportunity to participate in the development of the software by providing ongoing input regarding revisions that will improve documentation outcomes. Healthcare First has reviewed Hospice of Dubuque’s quality assessment data and is working on incorporating this approach as development of the patient data elements continues. Project Manager, Corey Fletcher, and other members of the Healthcare First implementation team, have worked closely and diligently to assist in making the software fit into Hospice of Dubuque’s processes. They are also utilizing Hospice of Dubuque as a prototype of a mature, well-functioning hospice for ongoing software enhancement. In mid-September, Healthcare First began its first direct training with the Hospice of Dubuque staff. Nearly four months later, our computers have become our friends again. It has been quite a journey. There have been many long and frustrating days, but there have also been plenty of “ah ha” moments. We want to express our thanks to our “super users”. These were Hospice of Dubuque staff members who agreed to go through the first training, then taught and supported the rest of the staff through the learning process. The implementation of this process occurred without any additional paid consultants. This group of 12 “super users” worked long and hard to ensure the product would meet our needs. Our entire staff must be commended as they began, and continue to venture through, this “electronic journey”. Learning new software and adapting to laptops has been a huge transition for this organization. Yet throughout this period, patient care was not impacted. Moving forward, we will be reviewing every internal system for regulatory compliance. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the benefits this monumental change will bring to us all.


The holiday season The patients, staff and volunteers of Hospice of Dubuque were witness to numerous acts of charity and generosity throughout the holiday season. Among them, students from Hempstead High School Music Department visited our office to spread cheer to the staff by singing Christmas carols. Also, the 7th and 8th graders from Mazzachelli Middle School created “care baskets” for patients and families after reading the book The Christmas Shoes and deciding to pay it forward. Many families, businesses and supporters sent cards, provided gifts or made a donation in place of a gift exchange or in memory of a loved one. We appreciate each gesture of support.

Special thanks to ... Van’s Liquor Store, for the donation of $1,600 from the ticket sales and silent auction at their Annual Fall Wine Tasting, held November 2, at Timmerman’s Supper Club. We are proud to be associated with this event. The proceeds were shared with the Dubuque Jaycees and Radio Dubuque for the July 3 Fireworks and Air Show. Our Sit & Stitch group from Dyersville, for their monthly donations of lap blankets. Kathy Jo Steger of Kathy’s Krystal’s, for the donation of a percentage of jewelry sales from the Farmer’s Market and her recent open house.

The New Diggings General Store and Inn, on behalf of Kat Hines, for the donation of $1,198.55 from the quilt raffle held during their Annual Music Festival. Big Apple Bagels, for a combined total of $407.87 from a portion of Monday morning sales and the canister campaign during November for National Hospice Month. The Market House Restaurant, for $144.43 in patron donations throughout National Hospice Month. Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, for the $50 gift from the Festival of Trees.

Lynda Kluesner for the Christmas teddy bears, Melissa Radtke for the quilt and Lucille Meyers for the lap robes.

Common Cents Resale, and owner Tammy Trebian, for the latest donation of $1,675 from 30% of sales.

St. Joseph’s Key West Social Concerns Committee, for two Hy-Vee $100 gift cards for hospice families this holiday season.

The family of Paul “Dickie” Weber, for the $1,500 donation from a trail ride held in his memory.

Bereavement Support Groups If you are interested in attending an upcoming Bereavement Support Group or would like more information, contact Jessica, Bereavement Coordinator, at 563.582.1220 or

Winter 2012 Support Groups

Spring 2012 Support Groups

Tuesday evenings February 21—March 27, 6:30—8:30 pm

Thursday afternoons March 29—May 3, 4—6 pm

Wednesday afternoons February 22—March 28, 1—3 pm


Hospice of Dubuque Annual Report—Fiscal 2011 11/1/10—10/31/11

Covenant with the community Lavonne Noel, Executive Director In November 1982, Hospice of Dubuque was incorporated as a nonprofit organization. The official birth of this hospice came after months of hard work by a small group of community members who were committed to making a difference in the lives of their tri-state neighbors. Their covenant with the community was a mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones and a promise that Hospice of Dubuque would always be there to make the journey. They embraced the philosophy that life should be lived as fully as possible until death occurs naturally and peacefully. In the 30 years that have followed, there have been many persons providing care and many more receiving it. Although the faces have changed through the years, that covenant with the community has remained the same. The timeline on pages 6 and 7 outlines Hospice of Dubuque’s evolution. Although Hospice of Dubuque has experienced many changes through the years, the mission has been the constant that has always guided decision-making. Initially, a volunteer force provided supportive care to individuals and families coping with terminal illness. As the organization prepared to become a full-service Medicare/Medicaid certified hospice, the interdisciplinary team was developed and professional staff hired. At first, services were only available in Dubuque County; later the service area increased in response to the needs of the tri-state community. Hospice services have always been provided in the client’s residence, but through the years the definition of residence has expanded to include nursing homes, assisted living facilities and religious communities so those residents could also access care from Hospice of Dubuque. The provision of care has always been documented in each patient’s hospice medical record, but now the paper chart has been replaced with an electronic medical record. Two factors have remained constant throughout the evolution and growth of Hospice of Dubuque—commitment to the mission and responsiveness to the needs of the community. The quality indicators below substantiate Hospice of Dubuque’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission and in keeping its promise to the residents of the tri-states. For three decades, the greater Dubuque area has entrusted their loved ones to Hospice of Dubuque’s care. The staff and volunteers have been privileged to serve and make a difference, and will continue to hold dear this covenant with the tri-state community.

2011 quality indicators and service statistics • •

98% of patient/family goals were met.1 94% of patients’ pain was at the patient’s desired level of comfort within 48 hours or less after admission to Hospice of Dubuque.2 • 100% of survey respondents indicated that Hospice of Dubuque:3 - provided the right amount of medication to address the patient’s pain. - provided the right amount of help in dealing with the patient’s shortness of breath. - clearly explained the hospice plan of care to the patient, family and caregivers. - provided the right amount of emotional support. - treated the patient with respect. • Hospice of Dubuque served 54.6% of all Dubuque County decendents.4 • Nearly 4,200 hours of volunteer service in fiscal 2011, which resulted in approximately $88,700 in cost savings.1 • Over 2,000 community members received bereavement services from Hospice of Dubuque.1 1 2 3 4


Hospice of Dubuque’s Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program (Nov 2010—Oct 2011) Outcome Concepts System Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Snapshot (Aug 2010—Apr 2011) National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization family Evaluation of Hospice Care (Nov 2010—July 2011) Dubuque County Recorder Death Statistics (Nov 2010—Aug 2011)

Patient Admissions 2002-2011

During 2011, Hospice of Dubuque admitted a record number of patients into the care program; admissions were up 11% over the prior year. In the ten year period from 2002 through 2011, patient admissions to Hospice of Dubuque increased by 126% in spite of the emergence of several for-profit hospices in the tri-state area.

In 2011, Hospice of Dubuque...

Looking ahead

extended gratitude to: • the terminally ill, their families and caregivers for the privilege of joining in their end-of-life journeys. • the Board of Directors and Foundation Board of Directors, for the leadership provided to Hospice of Dubuque. • Medical Directors, Drs. Mark Hermann and Brian Sullivan, for their expertise and guidance to the hospice team. • the dedicated Hospice of Dubuque volunteers, for giving to the individuals and families served by this organization. • the highly skilled and compassionate Hospice of Dubuque staff members, for carrying out the organization’s mission. • the tri-state community for supporting the work of Hospice of Dubuque, and supporting your neighbors at a most vulnerable time of life.

Hospice as an industry will continue to be the subject of regulatory scrutiny, due to the proliferation of for-profit hospices over the past decade. In its March 2011 report to Congress, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC)* reported that “forprofit hospices account for most of the growth in the number of hospices” in the United States. From 2000 to 2009, the number of for-profit hospices increased by 142%, while the number of nonprofit hospices decreased by 1%. During this same period, Medicare spending for hospice quadrupled, reaching $12 billion in 2009.

congratulated: • Greg Birkett, who was honored as the 2011 Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year. In September, Greg’s contributions to Hospice of Dubuque were recognized by the Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Iowa. welcomed: • Board of Directors: Vicki Dirksen and Tom Giese • Bereavement Coordinator: Jessica Finkenauer • Community Relations Facilitator: Tiffany Brothers • Accountant: Kayla Feller • Hospice Aide: Amy Mescher • Music Therapist: Fran Felton • Nurse Practitioner: Lisa Tyler • Registered Nurses: Sarah Fern, Katie Ganter, Melissa Gansemer, Michelle Hein and Jen Rupp • Social Worker: Chelsea Deines bid farewell to: • Hospice of Dubuque Board Members: Greg Birkett, Larry Cremer, Chip Murray and Stephanie Savage who left the board at the end of 2011. Greg and Larry were both recognized for completing full nine-year terms. • Staff members: Mary Franzen, Meganne Masko, Jane Schadle, Ruth Turnis, Shelby Wartick and Sue Welu. • Executive Director, Barb Zoeller, who retired after 24 years of dedicated service to Hospice of Dubuque.

Hospice of Dubuque Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones.

MedPAC reported that the patients of for-profit hospices experience “longer stays than those of nonprofit providers.” MedPAC also noted that the for-profit hospices target patients within less resource intense “diagnosis groups,” as well as patients residing in nursing home and assisted living facilities to achieve “cost savings from treating more patients in a centralized location.” MedPAC concluded that, by following these selective admission practices, the “Medicare margin was considerably higher among for-profit hospices than among nonprofit hospices.” Originally suggested in MedPAC’s 2009 report to Congress, payment reform continues to be a hot topic. By amending the Medicare payment structure to recognize the variance in the cost of providing care to hospice patients with different diagnoses, for different lengths of duration and in different settings, the discriminatory admission practices of for-profit hospices would no longer result in excessive margins. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 included a number of provisions related to Medicare hospice services, focused upon greater accountability and increased data collection among Medicare certified hospice providers. Beginning in 2012, hospices will be required to submit data, which reflects specific quality measures, to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Hospice of Dubuque currently participates in voluntary data collection and benchmarking analysis (see page 4), as well as the submission of visit data on individual Medicare claims and the filing of an annual Medicare Cost Report. These new governmental mandates will be more comprehensive and complex; thus it was critical that Hospice of Dubuque implement an electronic medical record in 2011 in order to facilitate the collection and aggregation of patient-level clinical data. As governmental agencies continue efforts to weed out the hospice providers that are committing fraud and abuse, all hospices will be subject to ongoing scrutiny via claims review, consideration of sweeping payment reform and increased submission of statistical data. While these activities result in increased administrative demands and costs, Hospice of Dubuque will continue to meet these challenges so that this community’s nonprofit hospice can continue its tradition of responsive, compassionate care. *The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) is an independent Congressional agency established by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 to advise the U.S. Congress on issues affecting the Medicare program. The complete report can be found at:


Hospice of Dubuque from 1982 through 2011—three decades of res The Hospice of Dubuque volunteers began serving patients in May 1983, with a mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones.




Hospice of Dubuque became a Medicare/Medicaid certified healthcare provider in 1990, enabling Dubuque County residents to access the Medicare and Medicaid Hospice Benefits and the agency to receive reimbursement for care of the dying.






In January 1987, the first employee, Barb Zoeller, was hired. At the end of 2011, Hospice of Dubuque employed 70 staff members; all are tri-state residents.

Hospice of Dubuque was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in November 1982.

The service area was expanded to portions of Jackson and Jones Counties in Iowa and to Jo Daviess County in Illinois in 1995.

In 1992, Hospice of Dubuque contracted with two nursing homes to pilot hospice services in the longterm care setting. Hospice of Dubuque now partners with 14 area nursing homes, five assisted living facilities and several religious communities.







H During 1989 and 1990, additional staff members were hired to fully develop the interdisciplinary team.

The organization outgrew its donated space and established its first leased office located off Hillcrest Road in 1994.

e po La W

Patients served in fiscal 2011 Age: 00—49 50—69 70—79 80—89 90—99 100+

Gender: 2% 15% 18% 38% 25% 2%

Male Female

39% 61%

Reimbursement source: Medicare Medicaid Insurance None

90% 2% 7% 1%

Type of diagnosis: Cancer Dementia Heart Lung Other

Community outreach As fiscal 2011 drew to a close, Hospice of Dubuque launched an updated website. The new website is user-friendly and easily maintained by the Hospice of Dubuque community relations staff. Through grant funding, Hospice of Dubuque also revised its brochure. These tools help connect community members with the services offered by Hospice of Dubuque. With its high Medicare population, the Midwest continues to be a target for business development by for-profit hospices. To receive the end-of-life care this community has come to expect, remember to ask for Hospice of Dubuque by name.



36% 20% 11% 8% 25%

Duration of hospice care: <8 days 8-180 days >180

30% 61% 9%

State: Iowa Illinois Wisconsin

85% 9% 6%

sponding to the needs of the tri-state community Due to increased number of patients served, in 2007, the care team was split into east and west sections to continue providing the most responsive care.

Due to the growth of the organization, Hospice of Dubuque moved to a larger office located in Asbury Square in 1999.

Late in 2004, Medicare amended the regulations to provide greater access to the Medicare Hospice Benefit, which had previously been underutilized by patients with non-cancer diagnoses.



Hospice of Dubuque became a tri-state provider when the service area was expanded to include ortions of Grant and afayette Counties in Wisconsin in 1998.





In order to serve the greater Dyersville area, Hospice of Dubuque’s service area expanded to include the eastern portion of Delaware County in 2003.



Hospice of Dubuque moved to its new location at 1670 John F Kennedy Road in May 2010, following a successful capital campaign conducted entirely by staff and volunteers.

A large bequest, for establishing a permanent hospice office, was received. In November 2008, Hospice of Dubuque purchased a former hardware store and simultaneously began renovations and a capital campaign.



Medicare revised the hospice regulations with an effective date of December 2, 2008— the first major rewrite since establishing the Hospice Benefit in 1983. Hospice of Dubuque spent nearly three years preparing for the new regulations.



In 2009, the Hospice of Dubuque daisy logo was updated and a tagline was added to accentuate the organization’s purpose.


After 20 years of service with Hospice of Dubuque, Lavonne Noel was named the Executive Director when Barb Zoeller retired in April 2011.



With grant funding from the Dubuque Racing Association and the Hospice of Dubuque Foundation, the organization implemented an electronic medical record system in October 2011. The laptops offer clinicians portability in accessing patient information, increased efficiency in communicating with team members and the ability to collect and aggregate the data mandated by regulatory bodies.

An attitude of gratitude—living fully, right where you are Reverend Penny Thomsen, MDiv, Spiritual Care Coordinator At the beginning of Advent, a friend gifted me with the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. The author—a farmer’s wife and mother of six young children—writes of her journey of living her life full of gratitude despite her challenges in life. Voskamp begins a list of “one thousand gifts,” where she describes things she is thankful for each day such as “brown eggs fresh from the henhouse, hair bows holding back curls, new toothbrushes and pinky skin of newborn pigs.” Some days when reading this book, I discovered my thoughts were something like this: “You mean I’m supposed to be thankful when everything in my day goes wrong? … when things don’t seem fair? … when … when …” and I was tempted to quit reading the book on those days. But, I was determined to keep on reading and began my own thanksgiving list. As I write this article, it’s exactly nine days before Christmas. I can honestly say that my attitude has been transformed as a result of my thanksgiving list. Rather than craving more of everything in general, I now crave to discover the little meaningful gifts in each day. I have discovered that it is only in my tiny moments of thankfulness that I have been able to truly experience the presence of the sacred in my life. Through this discovery I think I may have found a way to live my life more fully. At Hospice of Dubuque, we encourage our patients and families to live their lives fully each day. They may have goals they want to accomplish and we work to help achieve these goals. In addition to completing goals, being grateful for the little things in life may bring patients additional peace and may help them and their loved ones experience life more fully, right where they are. We are so grateful that families allow us to be a part of their journey and pray blessings upon them for a 2012 filled with many little moments of gratefulness!


Winter 2012 Honorariums/Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these monetary donations as well as donations made to our loan closet, received between October 5 through January 1. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please call Community Relations at 563.582.1220.


Beecher Beverage Anne Brant Donald E. Conzett, Jr. Michael & Valerie Conzett Charlotte Danner, 90th Birthday Kate Dean Dan Dodds & Diane Lochner, Wedding Bea Dougherty Cecil Duffy Diane Fasselius Leticia Hartman Healy & Bender Families Dennis Hefel & Sharon Wulfekuhle-Hefel Ken & Audrey Hindman Hospice of Dubuque Workers Viola Jantz J.D. & Carley Kluesner Dona Konz Melvin Lisk Bertha McAleece Patricia Oppelt Agnes Pasker Roger & Carol Peterson Vincent & Phyllis Remakel, 50th Wedding Anniversary Ethel M. & Bill Schneider, 68th Wedding Anniversary David Schuster Clint Sitzman Vern & Elaine Steil, 50th Wedding Anniversary Bob & Carol Wagner Marian Walech Leonette “Nettie” Wessels Doris Whelan Shirley M. White Connie & Peter Wolfe


Jacob Adams Wilma Ahlers Gladys Aitchison Dorothy Allen Joseph Alt Luane C. Anglin JoAnne Anthony Lee Arthofer David Atchison, Sr. Gertrude B. Auman Dan C. Baal Brad Bass Theresa Basten Gordon Beales Herb Becker Ruth Beddow Fred Beeler Vernon Behnke

Kay Beinborn James W. Bell Melvin Bennett Theresa A. Benson Marguerite Berndt Rose E. “Betty” Berrie Lina Bilka Mary Virginia Biver Milton H. Blosch Donald Boardman Lee Boeckenstedt Leo G. Boge Jayne Boleyn Viola Bonz Gertrude Bottorff Bruce Bowman Carol A. Boyes Colleen Brachman Dorothy Brandel Tom Breitbach Anna Mae Brimeyer William Brimeyer Mary C. Bromen Marion Brosius Dale Brown Erwin & Dorothy Buelow Dean P. Buhle Virginia R. Buol Don Burchett Merle Burken Maurice F. Burr Joan Burrows Allen Busch Brett Buse Mae & Joe Bushman Anne Bussan Mary Buswell Mary Gertrude Cahill Howard Campbell David Canganelli Francis Carroll Peter Carroll Ron Cavanaugh Darlene Cayler Edith Chadwick Helen Chapman Ruth Chapman Judi Chandlee Thomas E. Christ Josephine Christian Joe Clancy Betty Clemen Sheryl Coleman Marvin Connolly Mary Connolly Ruby Converse Dale Conzett Kathy Conzett-Ross Ronald Conzett Ike Corbett Sue Ann Corbett

Maxine Cottrell Bob Coyle Robert Cronin Dorothy Crowley Robert Curoe Christian J. Davidsaver Marian Davis John H. Dean John L. Dean Marcine DeJung Mark R. DeMuth Norman Dengler Helen Deppe LeRoy Dietrich Monica Digman Sandra J. Dix Richard “Dick” Dolter John Donahue Irene Drew Tim Driscoll Henry Droessler Virginia Droessler Robert C. Drozda Lori Ernst Duccini Mary Ellen Duccini Gladys Ellerbach Dominic & LouMae English Phyllis Ernst Harold Ernzen Robert J. Ertl Russell “Snooky” Evans Bernice Exstrom Darlene Francois JoAnn Fangman Donald Farquar Florence & Clarence Feipel Thomas L. Feipel Sylvester “Shorty” Feller Mary Agnes Feltes Dick Fiegen Jean Ann Arand Fleege H. Virginia Fleege Art & Colleen Fleming Larry Ford Pauline L. Fowler Madonna J. Frain Roger Francois Rosalie Friederick Harriet Freeman Steve Frericks Cyril & Edith Friedman Joe Frommelt Jim Fudge Lynn S. Fuller David “Dave” Funke Irene & LeVern Funke Les Furuseth Keith Gaber Gallis & Offerman Families Reuben & Myrtle Garner Marvin Gassman

Nancy Gassman Mary Gau David Geisler Karen Gessner Bill Giese Kenneth & Thelma Gieseman Roman “Bud” Ginter Clifford C. Godsey David John Gonner Willard & Isabel Grace Ralph “Red” Graham Donnie Grawe Lucy Green Ginny Grimes Cheryl Griswold Cheryl Gruber Tom & Mike Gulick Charles Guns Vincent & Mary Hachmann Joyce Hahn Bob Haislet James Hall Teresa Hall Peggy A. Hallahan Thomas J. Hammel John H. “Doc” Hanley Don & Madeline Hanley Arsenius “Arky” Hanson Margaret & Stephen Hanson Richard “Dick” Hantelmann Thomas Hantelmann Floyd Harris Ken Harris James Harrison Peggy Harrison William Hartman Lesley A. Hayes Mary Louise Hayes Sally A. Hedrick Dorothy Heid Kathryn Heim Evelyn M. Hein Bill, Nita & Mandy Heister Matt Helle Rosemary Herman Harry G. Herold Ronnie Hess Elizabeth Hesseling Jerry Hesseling David Hickey Hillery Family Members Betty M. Hinkel Charles G. Hinkel Florence Hird Gerald Hirsch, Jr. Marie Hoag Beverly R. Hodge Carol Hoeger Eugene Hoffmann Merlin F. Hohmann, Sr. Marge Hrynkow

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Hospice of Dubuque is committed to respecting your privacy. You have received the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter because you or a family member have used Hospice of Dubuque services, made a donation or volunteered for a fundraiser. We never disclose our mailing list to anyone. If you prefer to have your name removed or choose to receive the newsletter by email, please contact us at 563.582.1220 or community_


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Linda Rizzotto Jerelyn “Bitsy” Robertson Elmer & Betty Rogers Alberta Roling Lawrence Roloff Eileen Rosenow Sr. Nan Ross Jerry Roth MaryLou Roussel David Wm Rusk Marguerite B. Rusk Mike Sabers Marjorie Saeugling Polo Sanchez Michael W. Sand Charles “Lefty” Sangston Sam Santillo Elmer Schaefer Donald Schlader Joe Schlichte John & Pat Schlueter Philip, Steven & Karen Schlueter Kevin Schmidt Marie Schmidt Rose Schmitz William J. “Bill” Schneider Betty Schroeder Jim Schroeder Al Schulte Kim Schumacher Virginia Schumacher James Schuster Jean Schuster Rita A. Schuster Margaret Sebastian Shanahan & O’Connell Families Lillian Sherlock Elizabeth J. Shird Donna Sieverding Lucille Sieverding Jim & Mark Sigman Margaret M. Simon Bud Smith Leonard T. Smith Wilma Smith June Heiderscheit Smothers Vince & Armella Snyder Adelaide M. Spielman Charles M. Spielman Splinter Family Bob Splinter Jim Splinter Joan Splinter Laura K. Stafford Christine Staskal Edward Staskal Mark Steger Ralph & Florence Steffan Helen M. Steffen Olive Steiner Todd Stelken Rita Rose Stevenson Jean Wahlert Stoltz Lois Strader Patricia Strane Edward Streif Helen M. Streif Andy & Lillian Strittmatter Rene Strumberger Arlene Sullivan Mary Sullivan Andrew & Betty Swartz Bud Takes

Anna Mae & Ambrose Tauke Robert Tauke Dorothy & Zachary Taylor Joseph Thomas Taylor Maddeson Tersinar Florence Thill Helen Thomas Eldon Tigges Eileen F. Tilp Vi Tjarks Anna Mae & Alfred Tobin Alice M. Toebaas Margaret Tranel Bernice F. Troester Joan Ranallo Turner Ronald J. Turner William Turnis Anita Udelhofen Rodney Urban Anthony Vitale Betty Vogel Lorraine VonFumetti Agnes Vorwald Irene Vorwald Hank Waechter Billie Jean Wagner Elma Wagner Leslie Waldbillig David Walech Patsy Walker Esther Walsh Bernard & Ben Weber John “Jack” Weber Paul “Dickie” Weber Lynne Welter Jules Wenzel Grete & Bob Werner Richard “Dick” Werner Earl Wessels Emma Wessels Floyd W. White Floyd Wiederholt Werner Wiese Mary Ellen Wilkison Marvin Willenborg Anna Willenbring Patricia J. Willett Brooke Williams Marian Williams Sheila Winch Tommy “T. Bird” Winner Janine Wisco Lorraine Wise Marcella Wissing Joe & Jeannette Wolf Eldon P. Wolfe LeRoy F. Wubben John Yates

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Sympathy to ... Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer ...

Melanie Root, on the death of her father, Ray Oertell and her brother-in-law Donnie Root.

Hospice of Dubuque Board Member ...

Chelsea Deines, on the death of her grandmother, Lois Albers.

Pat Oppelt, on the recent death of her sister. Carole Carroll, on the death of her father-in-law, Francis Carroll, October 30.

Jim Miller, on the death of his brother, Daniel Miller. Mary Greil, on the death of her mother, Lorna O’Rourke.

Congratulations to ... Hospice of Dubuque Staff ...

Mary Hoelscher, on the birth of her granddaughter, Vivian Rose Hoelscher, October 21. Vivian is the daughter of Ben and Emily Hoelscher. Jess Smith and her husband Jeff, on the birth of their son, Beau Joseph Smith. Beau was born November 12. Dorothy Schlueter, on the birth of her grandson, Elliott “Eli” Archer Schlueter. Elliott is the son of Peter Schlueter and Nichole Westphal of St Paul. Amy Mescher, for achieving Phi Theta Kappa status academic honors from NICC.

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers ...

Shirley Strub, on her recent marriage to James Baker. Ken Heacock, on the marriage of his daughter, Heather, to Sean Mueller, October 22. Sr. Alice Caulfield, Janet Chidley, Steve Coates, Kim Daykin, Elizabeth Decker, Jaimie Dzaboff, Suzanne Heinle, Laura Hemesath, Rita Hinderman, Cathy Hoffman, Sandra Nickel, Lori Robinson, Pat Schueller and Philip Schwinn for completing the requirements to become patient care volunteers. Welcome to these new volunteers!

Hospice of Dubuque Board Member ...

Reverend Kathleen Milligan, on becoming an Honorary Canon of Trinity Cathedral, Davenport, in recognition of 25 years of parochial ministry in Iowa. Hospice of Dubuque Registered Nurses, Amy Crittenden, Amy Koeller, Karen Hayes and Rose Guler achieved renewal credentials as Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurses (CHPNs). This certification, awarded by the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses, honors a nurse for their proven competency across the spectrum of hospice and palliative nursing care. Congratulations!

Hospice of Dubuque welcomes employees ... Fran Felton, MT-BC, joined Hospice of Dubuque in November as a music therapist. Fran received her music therapy degree from Alverno College in Milwaukee and worked in long-term care much of her career. Fran is married and has two children, Gabriella, age 5, and Elijah, age 3. When not working, Fran enjoys spending time with her family, camping, baking and “gigging” as a singer/songwriter at local coffee shops and wine bars.

Sarah Fern, RN, joined Hospice of Dubuque in November as a team nurse. Sarah received her BSN from the University of Iowa. Before returning to her hometown of Dubuque, Sarah worked in Iowa City for 10 years in oncology and clinical trials. Sarah has been married to her husband, Ben, for nine years and has three children, ages 1, 3 and 4. Sarah enjoys spending time with family, reading, gardening and doing ballet.


2012 Volunteer of the Year Bev Rech was named the Dr. Larry Kukla Volunteer of the Year on Thursday, December 1, at the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Christmas Open House. Bev began as a volunteer in 1983 and through the years has given countless hours of her time to the organization. Bev can be found helping at many of the hospice events, facilitating Bereavement Support Groups, volunteering in the hospice office and always being available on short notice with patient care assignments. Bev epitomizes the definition of the word “volunteer.” Congratulations Bev and a special thank you to all the volunteers who have sustained our organization throughout the years!

2012 Volunteer In-Service Calendar Debbie Horch, Volunteer Coordinator

All meetings will be held at 6 pm in the Theisen Education Center, 1670 JFK Road January 26,2012

Ballot Counting for BestFest 2012

Join the fun of ballot counting for BestFest. Please call Debbie, Tiffany or Linda prior to January 26 if you are able to join us. Counting will take place from 6–8 pm.

February 23, 2012

“On my, I’m 50—Bowel Cancer—Bowel Health Fruits, Veggies and More for my Bowels”

Ann Scott, MS, RD, LD, Hospice of Dubuque Dietitian

March 29, 2012

April 26, 2012

Fran Felton, MT-BC, Hospice of Dubuque Music Therapist

Judi Carr, RN, Hospice of Dubuque, Master Yoga Instructor

“Forever Young—Music Therapy in Hospice”

“Managing Stress through Stretching”

Volunteer reminder Volunteermileage mileage reminder

Volunteers associated with Volunteersshould shouldremember remembertotokeep keeptrack trackofofmileage mileage associated patient visits or other Hospice of Dubuque related events at which they with patient visits or other Hospice of Dubuque related events at are volunteering their time. These be miles used for deduction which they are volunteering their miles time.may These maya be used on your taxes.

for a deduction on your taxes.

Hospice of Dubuque expresses sympathy to the families of former volunteers Brett Buse and Harold McMahon. Harold was in the first volunteer class of 1983 and Brett attended the 1994 class. Both had journeyed with countless hospice patients and families through their dedicated years of service.

Hospice of Dubuque was also saddened to learn of the death of Sr. Margaret Meicher. Sr. Margaret became a volunteer in 2002 and served many patients as well as working at many hospice events. On December 1, the Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers enjoyed the festivity of the Annual Volunteer Christmas Open House. The Staff and Board of Directors appreciate all that the volunteers do throughout the year and are truly blessed to have such a dedicated group. Happy New Year to these dedicated volunteers!

These unselfish individuals will be greatly missed.


1670 JFK Road, Dubuque IA, 52002 Nonprofit Org US Postage PAID Dubuque, Iowa Permit No. 1052

A quarterly publication of Hospice of Dubuque Volume 24, Number 4 Winter 2012


Our Mission Providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones


“Thank you so much for everything—you are

Mark Your Calendar!

all angels on earth. I know we couldn’t have managed to keep Mom in her apartment without your care. Mom loved all of you dearly, and so do we. Thanks for holding

January 26 - Ballot counting for BestFest March 22 - BestFest 2012 May 22 - Tree of Life 2012 Winter/Spring Bereavement Support Group Dates - See page 3

our hands and our hearts! ”

- Linda V.

For more information on events, please call 563.582.1220 or visit 12

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