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Fall 2019 Newsletter

November is National Hospice Month Have you ever thought about all the things that take place in the month of November? Let’s start with the leaves–so colorful and changing. Fall is a beautiful season in hometowns throughout the tri-state area. We also have Election Day, Veterans Day and the change from Daylight Savings Time. Of course, there is Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday shopping and thinking of all our many blessings. Another important event that takes place in November is National Hospice Month. Throughout the month, Hospice of Dubuque, your hometown hospice, will be reaching out to tri-state communities to raise awareness of the services offered to individuals who are experiencing a life-limiting illness and their families. For over 36 years, Hospice of Dubuque has been honored to meet the needs of the greater tri-state community by providing expert medical, emotional and spiritual care. Individuals are able to stay at home surrounded by the people and things they love. Hospice is about comfort and quality of life and meeting people where they are in hometowns throughout the tri-states. Enjoy the busy month of November and all it has to offer! And when counting blessings, remember the Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers—your friends and neighbors— who stand ready to provide compassionate care for your family in your time of need. Please consider a tax-deductible gift to your hometown hospice, Hospice of Dubuque, to help us continue our mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones.


Hometown Hospice

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Lavonne Noel, Executive Director

In November, theaters across the country will present the film, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. In this movie, Tom Hanks will play the role of Fred Rogers, who was the creative genius behind Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the beloved children’s program that ran for many years on PBS. You may recall that Mr. Rogers opened each episode with the song, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” Then, after inviting viewers into his world, Mr. Rogers would share wisdom from which both children and adults could benefit, including: “To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” “It always helps to have people we love beside us when we have to do difficult things in life.” “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” Although Mr. Rogers was not speaking of hospice workers specifically, he certainly could have been. Hospice of Dubuque meets patients and families as they are and where they are, and then journeys beside them through a vulnerable period of life. The Hospice staff and volunteers are the neighbors, the helpers, who make this time less lonely and less difficult. The Hospice of Dubuque mission of providing compassionate care for the terminally ill and their loved ones began in Dubuque in 1983, and spread throughout Dubuque County. Eventually, portions of neighboring counties in Iowa were added and services extended across the river to Wisconsin and Illinois. Thirty-six years later, Hospice of Dubuque serves as the nonprofit hospice for tri-state communities within approximately a 30-mile radius of Dubuque. From Balltown to Belmont to Bellevue, and from Dyersville to Galena to Cascade, and all points in-between, Hospice of Dubuque is your hometown hospice. We are your neighbor. We are here for you, offering the specialized medical care, guidance and support that allows you and your loved ones to make your unique journey with a trusted companion, Hospice of Dubuque. We, at Hospice of Dubuque, thank all of our tri-state hometowns for allowing us to be your neighbor, for welcoming us into your homes and for continuing to support the care we provide. Together we continue this mission of compassionate care; thus, each day is truly a beautiful day in our tri-state neighborhood. Leadership Team

Lavonne Noel, Executive Director Jackie Brehm, Financial Director Nancy Diehm, Psychosocial Director Katy Morrow, Patient Care Director Renee Frith, Senior Nursing Services Director Rose Guler-Ludowitz, Nursing Services Director Amy Koeller, Nursing Services Director Lisa Patterson, Compliance Specialist

Medical Staff

Brian Sullivan, MD, Medical Director Mark Hermann, MD, Medical Director Kate Hermsen, MSN, ARNP Tim Saunders, MSN, ARNP

Board of Directors, Members Troy Wright, President Greg Birkett, Vice President Carole Carroll, Secretary Dave Horstmann, Treasurer Tom Anderegg, PhD Sue Bushman, ARNP Vicki Dirksen Tom Giese Charlotte Halverson Joe Kane Msgr. Daniel Knepper Dave Ludovissy Mark Manders Gary McAndrew Allen Meurer, MD Gregory Paulsen, MD Zac Scherrman Thomas Timp Rev. DeWayne Teig

Foundation Board Don Freymann Rita Helle Dave Horstmann Mike Martin Bill Maiers Bob Miller Chuck Schrup, III Ken Snodgrass

Newsletter Editors

Community Relations Cheryl Fuller Tiffany Stietz

Hometown Hospice Trivia

Play Hometown Hospice Trivia for a chance to win a pack of 10 notecards featuring the beautiful tri-state watercolor paintings by Debbie Horch of Positive Creations. Submit your responses to Hospice of Dubuque, 1670 JFK Road, Dubuque, IA 52002 or email Be sure to include your name and phone number. Submission deadline is December 2. Two winners will be selected from the drawing.

1. What Hospice of Dubuque hometown features the “M” on a nearby hillside? 2. Name two Hospice of Dubuque hometowns that start with the letter “B” or the letter “C.” Name all four for a bonus point! 3. What year did Hospice of Dubuque begin serving the tri-states? 4. Above what Hospice of Dubuque hometown can hot air balloons be seen? 5. Outside of what Hospice of Dubuque hometown, is the Field of Dreams located? 6. Name the downtown Dubuque park where Hospice of Dubuque holds the Tree of Life Memorial Service each May. 7. Which month is designated as National Hospice Month? Do you love the watercolor paintings of tri-state scenes featured here and on our fall fund drive mailing? Positive Creations is offering variety packs of (10) notecards for $15, with proceeds benefitting Hospice of Dubuque. The notecards are available at our office. Visit to see the full assortment. For $3 more, notecards can be shipped.

Veterans Day

In early July, Erwin Turner’s family gathered in his home to acknowledge his military service. Erwin’s Hospice of Dubuque nurse, social worker and music therapist had arranged for a veteran’s pinning ceremony. Hospice of Dubuque volunteer and Army veteran, Kathy Pitz, led the ceremony in which Erwin was awarded a veteran’s pin and certificate. Erwin was proud and yet humble as Kathy thanked him for his service to our nation. She stated, “The sacrifices you have made and your willingness to serve our country are deeply appreciated. You endured hardships and were willing to risk your life to maintain our freedom. On behalf of Hospice of Dubuque, please accept our sincere gratitude. When you see this pin, know that your service to our nation is deeply respected.” For Erwin, it was his own special Veterans Day. Every day there is an opportunity to thank a veteran for his or her service. Thus, every day can be Veterans Day for a hero you know or one you may encounter. For duty, for honor, for country—we thank you, Erwin, and we thank all veterans.

It is Never Too Late to Thank a Veteran

Americans across the country celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, a special day to salute the men and women who have bravely served our country. These fellow Americans have made profound sacrifices in defense of freedom, and they deserve our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. Honoring our nation’s veterans includes recognizing and supporting men and women throughout their entire lives, especially at the end. As our nation marks Veterans Day, Hospice of Dubuque deepens our commitment to increase access to the compassionate, high-quality care available from the community’s nonprofit hospice. We make this happen through our active involvement in We Honor Veterans, a program which ensures veterans who are facing the end of life receive the compassion, support and care they deserve. The Hospice of Dubuque staff and volunteers are honored to provide end-of-life care to our local American heroes and to offer a final thank you for each veteran’s service. Remember, it is never too late to thank a veteran.

To all our nation’s veterans, thank you.

A Piece of Cake

by Stephanie Lampe, BSW, Hospice Social Worker and Kristin Schroeder, BSN, RN, Hospice Nurse Case Manager The Hospice of Dubuque care team focuses on helping patients feel better physically and mentally. It is therapeutic for patients to reminisce about the past, and thus, it is common for patients to share memories as they build a relationship with the hospice team. In the story that follows, Stephanie and Kristin share how they have connected with their patient. Sister Rita Claire came from a family of bakers who operated Heinemann’s Bakery in the Chicago area. She was raised in an apartment above one of the eighty bakeries her family managed. During our hospice visits, Sister Rita has reflected fondly on her memories growing up above the bakery, sampling the various recipes and trying to bake them herself. With a twinkle in her eye, Sister Rita told of how she remembered slipping down to the bakery and the workers would “sneak” her a special treat. Since the three of us share a common interest in baking and experimenting with new recipes, we’ve had many culinary conversations. Our mutual interest led to trying out new creations, which Sister Rita sampled during subsequent visits. To honor Sister Rita’s family bakery, we found a recipe for a holiday cake for which the bakery was famous: Heinemann’s Chocolate Pistachio Cake. Together, we challenged ourselves to replicate this recipe. The most difficult part was getting the pistachio buttercream frosting just right. When the cake was completed and presented to Sister Rita, she was delighted and exclaimed, “I can smell the pistachio!” Her beautiful smile accompanied this reaction, which made the moment priceless and the effort worthwhile!

Lending Library If you have borrowed books from our lending library, please return them so they are available to others who may need them. Reminder: The drop box at Hospice of Dubuque will be closed October 15 through April 15. To return anything during that time, please bring them into the office between 8:30–5:00, Monday-Friday.


Nancy Diehm, BSW, CHP-SW, Psychosocial Director In my role as Psychosocial Director at Hospice of Dubuque, I am often asked, “What is it that you actually do?” The term “psychosocial” is not a familiar one to most people. Any word that starts with “psycho” is a bit alarming! The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines psychosocial as “involving both psychological and social aspects.” Medical dictionaries offer similar definitions. In terms of hospice care, what does this mean? Having a Psychosocial Department means that every patient served by Hospice of Dubuque will be treated as more than a disease or a group of symptoms. Each patient will be treated as a unique individual with all of his or her personality traits, interests, fears and goals. Loved ones will also need support. Hospice care is so much more than care of the body. The Psychosocial Department at Hospice of Dubuque is comprised of several disciplines represented by competent, compassionate and caring staff members. Disciplines include social work, spiritual care, massage therapy, music therapy, bereavement and volunteer support. Each discipline plays a special role in the services our agency provides and adds to the care our patients and their loved ones receive from nursing, hospice aides and other colleagues. Hillary Clinton once wrote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same can be said about quality hospice care for the terminally ill. Just as medical care is individualized for hospice patients, so is their psychosocial care. Every patient and family has unique needs and circumstances. Hospice care is not a “cookie-cutter” approach to health care. Some families need help locating resources and opening lines of communication between family members; both services are handled regularly by our social workers. Others find help addressing spiritual distress through the support of our spiritual care coordinator or find peace of mind by utilizing the services of our trained volunteers who offer companionship and caregiver respite. Still, others benefit from the relaxation offered by our massage therapist or our music therapist. All families experiencing the death of a loved one are able to share their grief with our bereavement staff. Psychosocial services provided by Hospice of Dubuque are an important aspect of hospice care. A piece of artwork displayed in the Hospice of Dubuque office reads, “Care of the body means nothing without first easing the soul.” Psychosocial care helps hospice accomplish both!

“Care of the body means nothing without first easing the soul.”

Hospice of Dubuque welcomes ... Suzanne Heber, BSN, RN, who joined the team in March. After many years of being a stay-at-home mom and working various jobs, Sue went back to school to fulfill her dream of obtaining her BSN. She graduated from the University of Dubuque in 2009. Sue has three surviving children, a son-in-law, two cats and a grand puppy, Dexter. In her spare time, she loves politics, gardening, and traveling. Cheryl Fuller, MA, who joined Community Relations in July as a Community Relations Associate. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dubuque and a master’s degree from Walden University. Prior to joining Hospice of Dubuque, Cheryl taught school for 20 years. Cheryl lives in Maquoketa, Iowa with her dog, Sophie. She has three daughters and two grandsons. She enjoys spending time with family, walking, telling corny jokes and reading. Kelli Decker, BSN, RN, who joined the team in August. Kelli is a graduate of Clarke University. She previously worked at ManorCare Health Services as Director of Care/Unit Manager in the long-term care unit. She and her husband Ed have three children in college: Chyan, Elli and Peyton. In her spare time, Kelli enjoys boating, spending time at her parent’s cabin, vacationing in Florida, attending Hawkeye games and being with friends and family.

Hospice of Dubuque is excited to announce a new service—Palliative Care Consulting by Hospice of Dubuque. Tim Saunders, ARNP, serves as the palliative care nurse practitioner. Sarah Fern, RN, assists with palliative care referrals and care coordination. This service is currently available in Iowa. Palliative care is available for persons experiencing serious chronic illness. Patients receiving palliative care can continue to pursue curative treatment. Palliative Care Consulting by Hospice of Dubuque focuses on symptom management for achieving optimal comfort and quality of life, as well as honest communication with patients and their families regarding disease progression and goals of care. For more information, contact Tim at

Summer 2019 Honorariums and Memorials We gratefully acknowledge these gifts received from June 22 through September 30. If a name is inaccurate or missing, please call Community Relations at 563.582.1220. Honorariums Tammy Ben Jim Brimeyer Jim & Madonna Case Jean Conrad & Msgr. James Miller, Retirements Peggy Curran, Birthday Mary Glennon Dennis Hefel, 70th Birthday Lisa & Jeff Lavonne Noel Edna Scherbring Bernice Stoffel, 100th Birthday Robert & Karen Sudmeier, 50th Anniversary Ellen Wittenbrink Memorials Elaine Hird Adams Ioma Anderson Betty Ansel Dan Aslin Shirley Bartels Lavina Beaman Mary Jo “Jody” Beauchamp David Becwar Vernon N. Behnke Katie Ben Ivan M. “Ike” Berger Anna Berning John “Jake” Besler Mary Margaret “Susie” Blatz N. Dean Boyes William “Bill” Boyes Judith “Judy” Anne Braun Evie Brecht Mary Breen Leon & Grace Brimeyer Lucille Brimeyer Ross Broderick Darwin Bucher Ronald “Ron” Busch Judy King Callahan Wm. E. Campbell Robert & Mary Capesius Donald J. Carlson Thomas E. Christ Betty Clemen Ruth Coble Evelyn Conklin Patrick Conway Dale Conzett Mildred Ann “Milly” Conzett Ron Conzett Donna Cyborski Elizabeth Dalsing

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Ken Klinkner Lori Klostermann Jean A. Kluesner Clarence B. Kobs Jay Kopp Beatrice Kramer Evalyn Kranjcevic Dean Kress Elizabeth A. “Kit” Kurt Helen Laban Dan Lange Daniel J. Leary Nancy Leibfried Nancy Lemire Don Lindauer Norman & JoAnn Link Melvin Lisk Robert & Emily Lott Mary “Pat” Lux Mercedes G. Lynch Carol Maas Ronald N. Maiers Vern & Vi Markus Michael Mattan Jean Mausser Edward F. McCarthy Jerry McClun Rob McKernan Jeffery McLaughlin Thelma Meier Cecelia Meloy Merlin Meyer Avis C. Middaugh Shirley A. (Bennett) Miller James “Jim” Nedelcoff Charleen O’Connell Robert J. Oberbroeckling Gregory Oertel Geri Oliver Robert L. Ortberg Helen Oster Lester Osterhaus Sr. Janet Osterhoff LeRoy Pancratz Frank & Veronica Paradiso Marvin Petsche David W. Phillips Genevieve M. Pierotti Mary Lou Pierrie Inez Piquett Shirley Rafoth Eleanor “Elie” F. Ray David Rea Bev Ready Thomas “Tom” J. Reilly Dale Repass Msgr. Wayne Ressler James P. “Jim” Rice Rita M. Riniker Gwendoline “Wendy” Rudd Evelyn Sanderson

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Businesses, Groups and Matching Gifts Alliant Energy Foundation AmazonSmile AMG Charitable Gift Foundation Andersen Corporation Behr’s Funeral Home Benevity Center Grove United Methodist Church Commercial Builders, Inc. DuTrac Community Credit Union Fidelity Charitable Frontstream

Home+FloorShow IBM Charitable Contribution Campaign Iowa Fields of Opportunities Lange Sign Group Manor Care Mighty Mississippi MOPARS Nordstrom Schoen Family Charitable Trust Sinsinawa Dominicans St. Columbkille Catholic Church St. Peter Lutheran Church St. Raphaels Cathedral

Truist United Way of Central Iowa United Way of Dubuque Area Tri-States Volunteer Visitors of NW Illinois Inc. Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign YourCause, LLC Handmade items Dyersville Sit n’ Stitch, afghans Bonnie Kiernan, quilts Diane LaPage, afghans Doris McClun, afghans Sew Much Love, quilts

In Kind and Loan Closet Kathy Bromberg Linda Claussen Kim Daughtee Linda Gavin Carol Klinkhammer Ed Marinko Donald Mettille Julie Schulte Paula Schulte Kay Sloan Dr. Barbara Woodward

Holiday Help Wondering how you will cope in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas? In conjunction with National Hospice Month, Hospice of Dubuque will partner with Egelhof, Siegert & Casper Westview Funeral Home to host a Holiday Help presentation at their location, 2659 JFK Road. Join us Wednesday, November 13 from 6:30–7:30 pm to hear motivational speaker, Jim Jelinske. Jim uses humor to inspire and connect with his audience and will share practical suggestions for coping with the upcoming holiday season. This presentation is available to anyone needing support after the death of a loved one. Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be available. For additional information or to RSVP, please call Hospice of Dubuque at 563.582.1220 or email

Hospice of Dubuque is committed to respecting your privacy. You have received the Hospice of Dubuque newsletter because you or a family member have used Hospice of Dubuque services, made a donation or volunteered for a fundraiser. We never disclose our mailing list. To have your name removed or to receive the newsletter by email, please contact us at 563.582.1220 or

Thank you! After 36 years of service, Volunteer Visitors of Northwest Illinois has closed its doors. Part of the dissolution process included disbursing their funds to other nonprofit organizations. Hospice of Dubuque was honored to be one of the receiving organizations and will use this funding to continue to provide hospice services to residents of northwestern Jo Daviess County. The photo at right shows Hospice of Dubuque Executive Director, Lavonne Noel, receiving the check from Leslie Niemann, Board President of Volunteer Visitors of Northwest Illinois, Inc. on July 15. At the Mighty Mississippi MOPARS annual car show on Sunday, August 25, Hospice of Dubuque was presented with a $750 donation. We thank the club’s membership for selecting Hospice of Dubuque as a charity of choice and for generously supporting hospice care in the tri-states. Pictured at right is Hospice of Dubuque Executive Director, Lavonne Noel, with Rick Campbell, Director of the Mighty Mississippi MOPARS.

Pink Ribbon Golf Tournament On Wednesday, September 11, the Pink Ribbon Open was held for the 20th and final year. Hospice of Dubuque extends appreciation to event organizer, Doris Gorius, and members of the Pink Ribbon Open Committee for their dedication to this fun and fruitful event. Throughout its 20 years, the Pink Ribbon Open raised nearly $500,000 to support care for tri-state residents dealing with a cancer diagnosis. Each year, Hospice of Dubuque was a grateful recipient of a portion of the Pink Ribbon Open proceeds. These funds allowed for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies necessary for the care, comfort, safety and dignity of hospice patients.

Special thanks to ... • A group of children, $56, from a lemonade stand in Peosta, pictured above. • DuTrac Community Credit Union, $568, for selecting Hospice of Dubuque as part of their continued commitment to supporting local charities. • The Residences of Luther Manor, $2,200, from a garage sale and ice cream social. • Schoen Family Charitable Trust, $3,325, in grant funding to purchase a new color laser printer, music therapy instruments, supplies for veteran pinning ceremonies and items to create children grief kits. • Thomas Schroeder, $500, from golf package raffle proceeds. • St. Columbkille Catholic Church, $205, for donating loose change. • St. Raphaels Cathedral, $51, for donating loose change.

Sympathy to ... Hospice of Dubuque Staff

Peggy Ohmert on the death of her mother, Betty Ansel, June 29. Melanie Oertel on the death of her brother, Greg Oertel, July 8. Lisa Patterson on the death of her mother, Judy Braun, July 20. Angelia Henslee on the death of her father-in-law, Jerrell Henslee, Jr., July 20. Cindy McInerney on the death of her brother, Randy Sanman, September 11. Jessica Oclon on the death of her grandmother, Evalyn Kranjcevic, September 12. Nancy Diehm on the death of her father, Robert Oberbroeckling, September 16.

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers

Sharon Lyons on the death of her grandmother, Mary “Susie” Blatz, July 3. Deb Ehrler on the death of her brother-in-law, Vern Ehrler, September 13.

The family of

Elizabeth “Betsey” Shifflett who died July 2. Betsey was a former Hospice of Dubuque volunteer.

Big Duffer Golf Outing On July 20, golfing enthusiasts joined together despite the record heatwave, storm clouds looming overhead and roof troubles at Lacoma Golf Club for the Big Duffer Hospice Golf Outing. Many in attendance played in memory of a loved one as they enjoyed a day of golf, a delicious steak dinner and an evening with friends and prizes. Hospice of Dubuque extends a big thank you to area businesses that contributed to the event’s success by sponsoring a hole or donating prizes for the silent auction and raffle. Our sincere appreciation to the dedicated committee members who spent many hours planning the special event. Committee members include: Jolene Biver, Lynn Biver, Denny Fleer, Ron Kane, Angie Miller, Jim Miller, Pat and Darlene O’Neill, Tim Saunders, Phil Schwinn, Jim Unsen and Lynn Vogt. Over $15,000 was raised through the efforts of the committee, sponsors and those attending the wonderful event!

A special thank you to our Hole Sponsors: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A&W Restaurant A.Y. McDonald Advantage Sheet Metal Alliant Credit Union Artistic Cleaners, Inc. Roger Bentley Sandy Bertsch & Glen Callahan Bigelow Family Fritz Biver Family John & Jolene Biver Brannon Monument Co. Burger King Busch Farms Cenpeco Lubricants Tristan Clark, Chris Lyness, Mike Muller & Mike Shady Conlon Construction Todd Connolly Family Drive Line—Jim & Cindy Riedl Dubuque Bank & Trust Dupaco Community Credit Union

• DuTrac Community Credit Union • Edwards Cast Stone Company • Ellis Appliance & Service, Inc. • Family Beer & Liquor • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers • Freund Family • Friedman Financial Services • Giese Companies • Gooch’s Greenhouse • Mary Jo Graham • Graves Signs • Tom Hammel Family • Harris Golf Carts • Hoffmann Schneider Funeral Homes • Kane Family • L. May Eatery • Langworthy Dental • Leonard Funeral Home • Mainstay Suites

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mike Martin McGrath Chevrolet MercyOne Pharmacy Jim & Pam Miller Lavonne Noel Oky Dokey Pat & Darlene O’Neill Pita Pit, Dubuque Portzen Construction Rex & The Redshirts Rhody’s Food & Spirits Riley’s Subaru Terri Saunders Family Spahn & Rose Stieber Family Tandem Tire The Auto Center The Duffers Tour Theisen Home Farm Auto • TRICOR Insurance • Phil & Joan Weber • Rex Wellman Family

Save the date for next year—July 18, 2020!

Congratulations to ... Hospice of Dubuque Staff

Jessica Purcell Smith and her husband, Jeff, on the birth of their daughter, Atley Joan Smith, July 29. Lavonne Noel and her husband, John, on the marriage of their daughter, Laura Noel to Michael Kendall, August 10. Amy Bemis and her husband, Tim, on the birth of their grandson, James Joseph Bemis, September 16. James is the son of Jake and Maggie Bemis. Kristin Schroeder and her husband, Paul, on the birth of their daughter, Phoenix Elaine Schroeder, September 18. Phoenix joins a brother, Archer, in the Schroeder family.

Hospice of Dubuque Volunteers

Barb and Gerry Middendorf on the birth of their great grandson, Calan Redfearn in July. Calan is the son of Ryan and Carlee Redfearn. Sr. Pat Conlon, RSM, who was presented with $18,100 on September 18 to support the Tri-State Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Slavery from 100+ Women Who Care Dubuque. In addition to her hospice volunteer work, Sr. Pat is passionate about creating awareness about the growing crisis of human trafficking. The funds will be used to bring the film, I Am Still Here to the Dubuque area and to continue educational efforts in local schools.

HOSPICE NEWS Hospice of Dubuque extends sincere congratulations to Reverend William Joensen, who was ordained September 27 as the 10th bishop of the Des Moines Diocese. Fr. Bill served on the Hospice of Dubuque Board of Directors from 2009–2017. As a member of the Fund Development Committee, he helped develop the wording for Hospice of Dubuque’s appeal letters, and he regularly participated in the annual Tree of Life Memorial Service each May. We congratulate him and wish him well in his new ministry! In the July 23 editorial below, Telegraph Herald Executive Editor, Amy Gilligan, reflects on the announcement of Fr. Bill as the bishop-elect. “I first met Father Bill more than 20 years ago. But I got to know him well over the last decade when we both served on the board for Hospice of Dubuque. Around that board table, discussing issues of living and dying, I came to know and appreciate the thoughtful and measured approach Father Bill would bring to discussions. I witnessed and admired his deep spirituality. And I stood in awe of his intellect. We served on a small committee that involved the two of us and a couple of Hospice staffers wordsmithing Hospice mailings. Invariably, we came away satisfied with our well chosen words. And almost as often, I had to talk Father Bill out of using a word from his vast vocabulary that most people wouldn’t know. So, today, I offer my congratulations to Iowa’s newest bishop-elect, Father Bill—or as we can start calling him in late September: His Most Reverend Excellency.” Excerpt of editorial reprinted with permission from the Telegraph Herald.

Addressing Hospice Myths

Diane Fasselius, RN, BA, Community Education Specialist Myth: If I am not there when my loved one dies, I have failed him or her. Truth: One of the amazing mysteries of dying is the timing of death itself. Sometimes a loved one will wait for someone to arrive or for everyone to leave the room before he or she dies. Make no judgments about whether you were present or absent at the final moment. Your loved one’s knowledge of your love, not your physical presence, is what is most important. Many times, families will ask, “How long do you think it will be?” This is a challenging question, as we do not have a crystal ball. In labor and delivery, no one knows for certain the exact timing of a birth. Similarly, we do not know the exact timing in which death will occur. There are many signs that death is approaching, but even our best guess can be off. Everyone comes into this world on his or her own terms, and people leave this world on their own terms as well. Death is as unique as birth. It can be difficult to remember that this is your loved one’s personal journey and family and friends are along as companions. While there is uncertainty about the timing, this experience provides an opportunity to honor the dying individual with dignity and to humbly witness the way his or her life comes to its conclusion. In retrospect, family and friends often see that it really did happen the way it was meant to be—on their loved one’s turf, terms, and timing. More thoughts on this next time.

Jubeck New World Brewing Join the fun at Jubeck New World Brewing, 115 W 11th Street, Dubuque on Sunday, October 27. For each pint of beer sold between 2–6 pm, the brewery will donate a dollar to Hospice of Dubuque. A special Beatles music sing-along will occur between 3–5 pm. Come enjoy the beer, music and camaraderie!

The Market House Looking to enjoy some delicious food and support a great cause? Throughout the month of November, The Market House, 204 Perry Street in Galena, IL, is donating a portion of each meal purchase to Hospice of Dubuque. Visit for a complete menu.

Big Apple Bagels Throughout November, Big Apple Bagels will be supporting Hospice of Dubuque by donating a portion of sales every Monday. There will also be a change canister near the register if you would like to throw in a little extra. Stop in for a bagel and a cup of coffee to support your local nonprofit hospice!

Volunteers, please join us for our annual Holiday Open House! Wednesday, December 4 4:30–6:30 pm Theisen Education Center

Hospice of Dubuque


2020 Volunteer of the Year Award presented at 5:30 pm Please feel free to bring a guest.

Volunteer In-Service Calendar All events will be held in the Theisen Education Center

October 24

Grief and the grieving process


Happy Thanksgiving! No meeting

December 4

Christmas Open House 4:30–6:30 pm

6:00–7:00 pm

Volunteer Spotlight Linda Schwinn, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer Meet Linda Schwinn, Hospice of Dubuque Volunteer. Linda has been a hospice volunteer since 2015. She provides haircuts for patients who are unable to visit a salon. Linda worked at Capri College for 48 years. Upon retirement, Linda decided to become a hospice volunteer because she “wanted to remain productive.” Linda’s husband, Phil, was already a volunteer, so she was familiar with the need for hospice volunteers. Linda and Phil have been married for 48 years. They have three children— Philip, Natalie and Rob; and are proud grandparents to three granddaughters. When Linda is not volunteering with Hospice of Dubuque, you will find her volunteering as a teacher’s aide at HG-IC Catholic School or at her church, both in Kieler, Wisconsin. She enjoys reading, cooking and baking, but most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren. The person who had the most influence in her life was her dad. He taught her to “make it a good day.” Another influential person was her former boss, Chuck Fiegen. Linda stated that they both instilled a good work ethic and Christian values. Linda’s future plans are to stay healthy and active and to continue her volunteer work. Thank you Linda, for all your years of service.

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October 27:

National Hospice Month Big Apple Bagels (Mondays) The Market House

Jubeck New World Brewing

Mark your calendar! November:

BestFest 2020

Holiday Help

November 13: March 26:

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Profile for Community Relations

Fall 2019 eNewsletter  

Fall 2019 eNewsletter