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Hospice New Zealand | 2010 Annual Review

our story π Our vision – what we aspire to achieve

π Our proposition – what is uniquely ours

Anyone who is dying has the opportunity to celebrate their life with the help of hospice.

Everyone who is dying and those that love them, have access to the best possible care with the help of hospice.

π Our values

π Our mission

Patients come first – every decision we make is based on this belief

Hospice NZ aims to be the recognised leader of the hospice movement and support our members by; • Enhancing quality and consistency in the delivery of hospice care

Caring – we genuinely care about our people, patients and their families’ needs Respectful – we demonstrate respect in all our dealings with patients and their families, recognising diversity Professional – in all instances we will act professionally and with compassion Determined – we are driven to work in partnership with our members and communities as guardians of the hospice philosophy

• Supporting a high performing hospice palliative care workforce • Advocating for the provision of hospice palliative care for all New Zealanders and providing central leadership and direction • Increasing awareness of hospice in New Zealand • Maintaining a highly effective, well resourced and well managed national organisation

Hospice New Zealand 2010 1


from the CEO

2010 was another successful and enjoyable year for Hospice NZ. The many projects we provide to support our members continue to be both challenging and rewarding for the team. When I reflect on 2010 there are many highlights that come to mind – two standouts for me were; 19th Hospice NZ Palliative Care Conference – Navigating the Journey. We were delighted to welcome over 350 delegates to the capital city, Wellington, for the three day conference. For the first time we held masterclass sessions the day prior to conference, these proved very popular amongst those attending and covered topics such as leadership in nursing, working with families facing death and strategic leadership. Thank you to our international keynote speakers who so willingly and openly shared with us - Eugene Murray, Dr Bee Wee and Prof Donna Wilson. Thank you also to our New Zealand keynote speakers - Prof Merryn Gott, Dr Vanya Kovach, Dr Mason Durie and the particularly memorable (for his wonderful singing voice) Dr Ben Gray. Thank you to Prof Rod MacLeod who set the tone for the entire conference with the inaugural Sir Roy McKenzie Guest Lecture on the nature of caring.  Prof MacLeod reminded us that who we are as people, and our life experiences greatly influences how we care for others in our roles with hospice - and that caring is and should be, at the heart of everything we do.

It was agreed Hospice New Zealand was well placed to work on two specific projects to address these needs due to our previous experience and a recent commitment from members that these were also priorities for them. The Minister of Health allocated a portion of the funding that was available to address difficulties in accessing palliative care services to Hospice NZ for the two projects. The outcomes of both projects will improve the quality and equity of palliative care services available to people and their families, regardless of the care setting.

Thank you to our sponsors - without you we would not have been able to provide such a wide and varied programme with such high calibre speakers.

In this Annual Review we aim to give you a snapshot of our key activities for 2010, showing you the range of services we provide as a member driven organisation.

Our Standards & Education projects In 2009 the Ministry of Health and Hospice New Zealand considered the results of a national stock-take into service provision. Nationally, there were two areas of need that required our focus;

Thank you to all our members for their commitment and support during the year, thank you to the Board for their strategic governance which continues to steer us in the best direction and thank you to the small but dedicated team at Hospice NZ who continue to give 110% in all they do.

• The need for nationally consistent education programmes that support generalist palliative care providers • The need for revised palliative care standards and an ongoing implementation programme to ensure consistency in the quality of service regardless of locality. 2 Hospice New Zealand 2010

Mary Schumacher Chief Executive, Hospice NZ

FROM THE PATRON Our ambassador Jo Seagar

The year of 2010 passed in a blur, starting with a complete knee replacement in January, that did, I must admit, slow me up just a little and punctuated by the September earthquake here in Christchurch that occurred during our first night in Dubai on the House of Travel cook class trip to Umbria. It was a surreal feeling for us all to be so far away from our loved ones who were caught up in this shocking event. We greedily searched for all news and feedback from the media along with text messages and phone calls from those at home. The quake was a timely reminder of just how short our lives are and how very precious it is for all of us. The fact is we never know what is around the corner for us to face. How important it is to cherish those we love and to remind them as often as we can. To make a decision to love and live every moment. This is so much the philosophy of hospice. All those volunteers and staff members who ‘walk the talk’, providing love and support to those who need it.

During 2010 I was profoundly honoured to be asked to be the Patron of Hospice NZ. I cannot tell you all how deeply this touched me. I will do my utmost to live up to your expectations. This of course does not mean that I will relinquish the role of Ambassador! I so love to take the opportunity to be at the ‘coalface’, helping to raise funds and awareness wherever I can. To all of the staff of hospice, to each of the national partners and to all of those thousands of wonderful people who donate their time, energy and love, thank you!

Jo Seagar

Interviews and guest speaker roles April 6

Guest speaker – Harcourts

August 19

Guest speaker Auckland CES School Administrators Conference

April 28

Guest speaker - HER Business Network - Dunedin

May 9

Radio interview

Oct 14

Guest Speaker Christchurch CES School Administrators Conference

August 7

Avenues magazine - interview

Nov 10

Guest speaker – Christs College

August 18

CTV Interview

Nov 22

Guest speaker – Radio NZ Interview

hospice functions March 26

“Fashion Fridays” – Fundraiser for Nurse Maude Hospice

August 20-22 Fundraising event for North Haven Hospice, Whangarei

April 22-24

Arrowtown Festival – hospice fundraising event

Sept 3-18

House of Travel Italian Cooking Tour to Umbria, Italy

May 2

Filming for hospice documentary Nov 14-15

Fundraising event for Waipuna Hospice, Tauranga

July 26-27

Fundraising event for Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North

Nov 26-27

Fundraising event for Hospice West Auckland

July 28-29

Fundraising event for Hospice Wanganui Hospice New Zealand 2010 3

Strategic Goal 1 To enhance quality and consistency in the delivery of hospice care

Organisational need – a single set of standards across all hospices

Existing & ongoing initiatives:


Quality Care Network We facilitated a one day meeting hosted by Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington, 13 representatives attended. We also coordinated and supported 4 teleconferences throughout 2010 for this group. “I have recently joined Hospice South Auckland as part time Quality Coordinator. The quality role was previously undertaken by a person covering many roles who is still in our organisation and so is of course an excellent resource; however with all that needs to be done, and with limited hours, it did feel somewhat daunting. That was until I discovered the Hospice Quality Network!

4 Hospice New Zealand 2010

This profoundly sensible virtual-forum, supported by Hospice NZ, operates to share knowledge, information and resources, which saves each organisation developing these from scratch. No doubt this happens in other organisations, but I was struck by the responsiveness, openness and generosity of the sharing, which has already led to a feeling of manageability. In addition to email and regular teleconference links, I have appreciated the invitation to connect with people in quality roles who work in hospices close to home. The collaboration and cooperation demonstrated by the Hospice Quality Network is a great model for healthcare services. Thank you to Hospice NZ and all my colleagues, I look forward to contributing to, as well as benefiting from, this network.” Diane Newcombe Quality Coordinator, Hospice South Auckland


National research meeting The 25 members of the Hospice NZ Research Collaborative met for half a day prior to the 2010 Conference.

New Initiatives


Hospice NZ Standards for care of people approaching the end of life. The overarching aim of this project is to develop a set of standards that are applicable in a wide variety of settings where hospice care is needed and delivered. Since work began on this project in January 2010 there have been a number of key milestones and highlights, as we continue to make steady progress towards the development of this valuable resource. A Standards Governance Group was established to provide strategic/high level guidance to the standards project. The group chaired by Hospice NZ CEO Mary Schumacher, includes experts and representatives from Mãori, palliative care, management and audit backgrounds.

An intensive consultation process was held at seven locations from Northland to Southland – 120 people attended these sessions and contributed their thoughts and questions to the ongoing development process. There was also an online feedback opportunity through the Hospice NZ website. More than 40 people attended a presentation on the draft Standards at the 19th Hospice NZ Palliative Care Conference in November. “I have been very encouraged by the evolution of this standards document from an adaption of what other countries have developed towards an authentically Aotearoa New Zealand document, reflecting our values and the ‘spirit’ of hospice and palliative care in this country.” Diane Greenwood-Havea Counsellor, Te Omanga Hospice, Lower Hutt

A working group was established to support the content development and delivery of the project. The group is made up of member hospice representatives – aged care, district nursing, general practice, Mãori and consumer representation.

“Hospice NZ Standards for the provision of quality palliative care to all settings will bring the best of hospice care to the patients and families within aged care and result in a better standard of care for all concerned. I am honoured to be part of this working group.”

On October 4 2010 a draft version of the Standards was released for sector consultation.

Pakize Sari General Manager, Te Hopai Home and Hospital, Wellington.

Hospice New Zealand 2010 5

Strategic Goal 2 To support a high performing hospice / palliative care workforce

Organisational need – continued development of education and training programmes, support and resources for hospice.

Existing & ongoing initiatives:

π Genesis Oncology Trust Palliative Care Lecture Series

This flagship education programme, which thanks to the ongoing support of the Genesis Oncology Trust, is freely accessible to any healthcare professionals with an interest in palliative care, is now in its seventh year. In 2010 we saw a 20% increase in overall participation on previous years, with over 3000 individuals listening to the 11 lecture series. An average of 45 sites at various locations throughout the country dial into the monthly teleconference to hear a range of national and international speakers.

Mundipharma. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Health, we were able to have four New Zealand keynote speakers as part of the programme. In 2010 we welcomed Professor Rod MacLeod to give the inaugural Sir Roy McKenzie Keynote Address – to honour a great man who contributed so much to hospice in New Zealand. “For me the highlight of the Conference was Eugene Murray from the Irish Hospice Foundation. He showed us the power of accurate data in leading change within the hospice movement in Ireland. He showed us you need well planned and accurate data collection followed by well presented reporting. This led, in his case, to an increase in funding and better delivery of service. All the keynote speakers added real value to the Conference with the overseas based speakers showing us how hospice services have developed in their country. Dr Bee Wee displayed how e-learning for end of life care could be used world-wide and so avoid unnecessary duplication. The plenary sessions provided very useful and practical education for those at the coal face of hospices. Well done Hospice NZ for providing such a high quality programme and enjoyable conference experience.” Graeme Longdell CEO, Franklin Hospice – Pukekohe, Auckland

π BNI Scholarship Programme

“I have enjoyed participating in this lecture series over the past years. It gives me the ability to hear from a wide variety of speakers with many different perspectives on palliative care. In short, participating in this series allows me to keep up to date in an area of interest without having to take time off work or travel long distances – both of which are normally barriers to attending educational meetings for busy rural G.P’s” Dr Wendy Carroll GP, Paeroa Medical Centre


Hospice NZ Education Courses Once again hospice members throughout the country taught the two Hospice NZ packages to healthcare professionals in their community. 1327 people completed the Syringe Driver Training Course and 350 people attended the Care Assistants Training Programme.


19th Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference Navigating the Journey. In November over 350 delegates, mainly from New Zealand and Australia attended the 3 day Wellington based conference. Three international keynote speakers joined us from Ireland, England and Canada. This was made possible by our long term sponsors 6 Hospice New Zealand 2010

For the fourth year, thanks to national partners BNI, we were able to offer people working for hospice the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to support their professional development. 12 people received support to enable their studies or attendance at various conferences or courses of study. “It gave me an opportunity to immerse in a Maori world and philosophy. This principle of tino rangatiratanga is essential for Maori health and well being and as a counsellor it is my responsibility to ensure my efforts respect this. This course raised my awareness immensely. Thank you BNI for making it possible for me to further my studies with this scholarship.” Erica Weerekoon Counsellor, Hospice Waikato.


Hospice NZ workshops and forums We once again provided a range of networking and learning forums for various groups within the hospice membership. • The Family Services Network met in Wellington in June with 20 attendees. • The Managers of Volunteer Services Network met in Wellington in July with 21 people attending. • The Hospice Educators Network met in May in Lower Hutt, with 27 attendees. • The Quality Care Network met in Wellington in June with 13 people attending. • The Nurse Leaders Group met in Lower Hutt in September, 20 people attended this meeting. • The CEO and Trustee forum was held in Wellington in November with 53 people attending. • Hospice NZ also financially supported the member led Hospice Fundraisers Workshop hosted by Mercy Hospice Auckland. “Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty is a small community service in an isolated region. My role as family support coordinator, encompassing both the family support service and managing the volunteer team can be frantic. Having the opportunity early in my employment to meet face to face with colleagues at the Hospice NZ workshops allowed me to make strategic contacts. The generosity of colleagues sharing resources took the guess work out of the unknown for me. Continued network emails and teleconferences means I stay informed of current issues and solutions. There is a wealth of knowledge across the hospice services which with the support of Hospice NZ, is able to benefit us all.”

New initiatives


Hospice NZ Fundamentals of Palliative Care project. The overarching aim of this project is to develop an education programme that can be delivered to health care workers in a range of settings where residents or patients would benefit from a palliative approach. Since work began on this project in January 2010 there have been a number of key milestones and highlights as we continue to make steady progress towards the development of this valuable resource for members. An Education Governance Group was established to provide strategic/high level guidance to the education project. The group chaired by Hospice NZ CEO, Mary Schumacher includes representatives from Mãori, palliative care and gerontology. A Working Group was established to assist Hospice NZ with developing the content of the programme. The group has representatives from hospice, palliative care and the aged residential care sector. On October 4, 2010 a selection of the Fundamentals packages were released for sector consultation. An intensive consultation process was held at seven locations from Northland to Southland – 140 people attended these sessions and contributed their thoughts and questions to the ongoing development process. There was also an online feedback opportunity through the Hospice NZ website. More than 50 people attended a presentation on the Fundamentals education programme at the 19th Hospice NZ Palliative Care Conference in November.

Vicki Seamark Family Support Coordinator, Hospice EBOP “The education, training and networking opportunities provided for our staff and volunteers by Hospice NZ hold a very important place in our work. They increase efficiency and reduce duplication from hospice to hospice. Palliative care is a specialist field with limited opportunities for specific professional development and networking amongst colleagues, the projects and programmes offered by Hospice NZ to member hospices meets this need to a very high standard.” Lauren Demblon General Manager, Hospice Mid-Northland

Hospice New Zealand 2010 7

Strategic Goal 3 To advocate for the provision of hospice/ palliative care for all New Zealanders by providing central leadership and direction

Organisational need – to maintain and enhance the collective representation of members at every opportunity and at all levels.

Existing & ongoing initiatives Hospice NZ continues to have a collaborative, open and positive relationship with the Ministry of Health. During 2010 five meetings were held in various locations throughout the country with The Ministry, DHB’s and local hospice services who received the additional gap funding. “The Ministry of Health has a strong collaborative working relationship with Hospice New Zealand. This allows us to work together very effectively to identify and address any gaps in the provision of care, including equity and access issues, to ensure all New Zealanders have access to quality palliative care.” The clear direction and leadership that Hospice NZ provides to its member hospices is worthy of praise.” Deborah Woodley National Programme Manager, Cancer, Ministry of Health

8 Hospice New Zealand 2010

New initiatives


Benchmarking project. Following a request from members, Hospice NZ investigated the many options available to provide an evaluation and benchmarking process for hospices. QPS Benchmarking was identified as an experienced company in this area and in February 2010 hospices across NZ began a nine month pilot to validate the performance indicators and data collections tools. Quarterly reports have been produced from all submitted data allowing each hospice to compare itself to other members in the programme. “The value of the QPS Benchmarking Project is really beginning to shine through. We can now look at our organisation more critically across a range of core functions. We are able to analyse and compare service delivery, patient satisfaction, human resource, financial and fundraising performance. We can more accurately identify strengths and weaknesses. We can also see what best practice looks like. These tools are already assisting us with longer term planning.” Jan Nichols Chief Executive, Mercy Hospice Auckland

Organisational Goal 4 Increased awareness of hospice in New Zealand

Organisational need

of hospice in a way that captures people’s attention and means something to them. E-moments are similar to e-cards and Living Every Moment allows people to create and send as many moments as they like totally free of charge. A generous donation from our friends at Dilmah funds this campaign. • In 18 days 1520 moments were sent and there were 29,080 visits to our website during the month of May.

– a high number of New Zealanders are unaware of the unique care and services offered by hospice

• We also launched a Living Every Moment facebook page and in one month 282 people “liked” the page.

Existing & ongoing initiatives

• Working with Wellington based PR company Accumen Republic, we received the equivalent advertising value of $197,000 worth of media coverage leading up to and during the campaign.


The Review magazine To do our bit for conservation and with the goal of increasing readership and circulation, during 2010 we launched our magazine as an online publication. The Review has a permanent section on our website, meaning readers can access the publication as often as they like, send to colleagues and print articles of interest anytime.


One Brand During 2010 we were delighted to welcome three new hospices on board with the national branding project, bringing the total of hospices working under the Living Every Moment brand to 18. Welcome on board Hospice Mid-Northland, Rotorua Community Hospice and Otago Community Hospice.

New objectives/initiatives


Living Every Moment For the second year we ran the e-moments campaign through our website. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness


Public awareness national research Thanks to a donation from Mundipharma we were able to support Prof Rod MacLeod’s research into public perceptions of hospice and palliative care and attitudes towards death and dying. We worked with Nielsen New Zealand to complete an online survey of 1000 people throughout the country. “Our hope is that we will be able to publish these results in an international journal and use the findings to guide Hospice NZ public awareness work. This is a great example of Hospice NZ’s active involvement with international colleagues in researching aspects of Palliative Care.” Prof Rod MacLeod Phd MMedEd FRCGP FAChPM Department of General Practice, University of Auckland & North Shore Hospice Hospice New Zealand 2010 9

Organisational Goal 5 A highly effective well resourced and well managed organisation

Organisational need – maintain leadership and be a source of quality information “When the Otago Community Hospice sought advice from Hospice New Zealand regarding clinical governance, leadership, strategic and operational policies, Mary was quick to share her extensive knowledge with the Board and senior team.

Organisational need – work with all national partners, sponsors, grant makers who support our work and that of our members 2010 was a sterling year for all our national partnerships – we are delighted to confirm that we will once again partner with House of Travel, Craigs Investment Partners and BNI on a national level. Many thanks to everyone who made donations during 2010 to assist our work supporting all hospices throughout New Zealand. We continued to receive operational and project related funding from a number of long term supporters during 2010, many thanks to; Dilmah New Zealand

Mary led us through two sessions with a fresh perspective, gave clear guidance from a national perspective with her approach ultimately resulting in a better informed governance team who were able to progress through a clear decision making process. To have an independent, national perspective meant a lot and all trustees who were involved in the sessions were grateful for Mary’s expertise and guidance.” Peter McIntyre Trustee, Otago Community Hospice

Organisational need

– for the sixth year Dilmah ran an on-pack promotion to raise funds for hospice to support our awareness raising work. During November $1 from each sale of the extra strength range was donated to Hospice NZ raising $30,000 in total.

– link and collaborate with national health and community organisations Mundipharma New Zealand

π To ensure hospice has a voice at key fora during 2010 we participated in: • Palliative Care Council • Palliative Care Advisory Group • CANGO • Cancer Communicators Group • LCP National Office • PCCNZ

“Over the past two years that Palliative Care Council (PCC) and Hospice New Zealand (HNZ) have enjoyed a very collaborative working relationship with the common aim to promote and improve palliative care for all New Zealanders.

– generously gave $20,000 to fund the national awareness research, as well as once again supporting the international keynote speakers at Conference 2010. Genesis Oncology Trust

HNZ is represented on PCC by Mary Schumacher (CEO HNZ) who brings strong leadership skills and palliative care knowledge to the table and also holds the Deputy Chair position. The development of a monitoring and evaluation tool for palliative care has been the success of the collaborative work between PCC, Hospice New Zealand and the Ministry of Health. This tool will be used to monitor and evaluate progress towards achieving important palliative care outcomes. To measure progress will take all palliative care organisations to work together in a collaborative way and HNZ has set an example that others could follow” Craig Tamblyn General Manager, Cancer Control Council 10 Hospice New Zealand 2010

– a grant for $29,700 funded the popular Palliative Care Lecture Series enabling over 3000 individuals listen to the 11 lecture series during 2010. NZ Lottery Grants Board – once again we received operational funding from this trust, a total of $30,000 was donated to support our work. VMD Collier Charitable Trust – as well as supporting the ongoing project – A guide for carer’s – the Trust made a donation of $32,000 to support our work.

Phoenix Trading Ltd – a direct selling company focusing on the greeting card market, made a generous donation to Hospice NZ from sales of a Christmas card. Every trader throughout the country was also encouraged to hold a butterfly tea party for their local hospice – raising over $13,000 for our members. As part of the butterfly event the Sydney based head office made a donation to Hospice NZ of $5241. Thank you to all traders and everyone at Phoenix Trading. Donations through – we continued to provide an online donation service for anyone wanting to support our member hospices. We ensure that 100% of all donations made through the website are passed directly onto the chosen hospice. During 2010 just over $25,000 was donated through our website, $22,900 was passed onto member hospices; Hospice NZ was the grateful recipient of the remaining $2,100.

Hospice New Zealand 2010 11

2010 was the third year of our national partnership and once again hospices throughout the country continued to work with their local Craigs Investment Partners branch.

π Whangarei

The Whangarei branch of Craigs Investment Partners ran an extremely successful golf tournament in March 2010 raising over $ 7,000 for North Haven Hospice. The team also regularly organises or assists with raffles and volunteers for the annual memory tree event.

π North Shore

The branch team purchased a table at the North Shore Hospice & Rotary Race Day – donating the table back for hospice use. Overall this event contributed $27,000 to the hospices fundraising activities.

π Auckland

As well as getting the entire team involved in street collections during Hospice Awareness Week (raising $2500), they also volunteered during the Strawberry Festival and at the Hospice 10 fundraising event along with buying a table, they also donated a signed Daniel Vettori cricket bat.

π Tauranga

The Tauranga branch continues to support Waipuna Hospice in a variety of ways. The branch sponsors the hospices quarterly newsletter and in 2010 sponsored a fundraising dinner with Jo Seagar, tickets sold out quickly with the event raising more than $5,000. The team also promoted and sold entertainment books, sold hospice calendars and volunteered at a range of hospice events. They also launched a new fundraising programme encouraging their clients to support Waipuna Hospice through their share portfolios.

π Hamilton

The Hamilton branch sponsored the Chef’s night out – a joint Rotary and Craigs Investment Partners event held in June. The evening included a 6 course meal with each course prepared by one of Hamilton’s top chefs with matching wines. The event raised a total of $10,000 for Hospice Waikato.

π Rotorua

An ambrose golf tournament, dinner and charity auction was held in October 2010. A fantastic day and evening was had by all who attended and $9,500 was donated to support the work of Rotorua Community Hospice.

π Gisborne

In 2010 the Craigs Investment Partners Gisborne branch were the naming sponsors of the Gisborne Palliative Care Auction raising $31,000. Another fundraising event, organised by the Gisborne branch was the Hospice Charity Golf Tournament raising over $1,400. The Craigs team also sponsored and volunteered at the Strawberry Festival.

π New Plymouth

As silver sponsors of the Last Night of the Proms event, the New Plymouth based branch helped to raise $3000 for Hospice Taranaki. Over 600 people turned out to this popular event.

12 Hospice New Zealand 2010

All their hard work resulted in over $235,000 for hospices throughout the country. A selection of highlights shows some of the marvellous achievements from the year


Palmerston North The team at Craigs supported Arohanui Hospice in a variety of ways during 2010. Holding a dinner with Jo Seagar raised $10,000, a golf tournament and dinner which raised $41,000 and donating an item for the black tie auction which generated $3000. The team also supports hospice by selling tickets and raising awareness amongst their clients.


Wellington The Wellington branch of Craigs supports the Wellington Hospices – Te Omanga and Mary Potter Hospice. In 2010 the Wellington branch organised a golf tournament at the Royal Wellington Golf Course in Heretaunga attracting 130 players. They also volunteered for appeal week and the Strawberry Festival. The golf tournament raised a staggering $50,000 which was split between the two hospices.


Blenheim 100 plus people attended a golf tournament organised by the Blenheim based team, this is the third time this event has been run by the branch and in 2010 it raised $6,300. As well as organising the event they also entertained the guests, and sponsored the food and refreshments.


Christchurch The Craigs Investment Partners Waimairi Beach Golf Club Charity Summer Classic raised $2,750 for Nurse Maude Hospice. The Fashion Friday Luncheon was another successful event organised by the Christchurch branch and Nurse Maude, Jo Seagar was guest speaker at this event which raised over $3,800. The branch also continues to sponsor one of Nurse Maude’s Community Nursing cars, enabling patients and their families to receive support in their homes.


Dunedin In 2010 the Dunedin based Craigs team supported the hospice in a number of ways. They held a golf tournament, supported the Monarch Christmas Club outing, volunteered for the street appeal and remembrance trees. They also supported the trailer raffle, bowls tournament, high tea at the Savoy, the Melbourne Cup celebrations at Wingatui and the Christmas raffle. All their efforts raised over $17,000 in total.


Annual head office project fundraising The Craigs Investment Partners Head office based in Tauranga have not only been involved with their local Waipuna Hospice through goods donations and gardening days, but Head office also chose to support a hospice outside of their branch network to support. Head office organised a charity auction during Hospice Awareness Week raising $2,200 for Lake Taupo Hospice as well as a range of other fundraising initiatives.

For my friends at House of Travel It gives me great pleasure to write this letter to our friends at every House of Travel outlet throughout the country. I have met many of you over the past few years and it always warms my heart to witness and hear of your generosity of spirit towards hospice. Thank you. The sheer size of the support you show hospice through fundraising events, awareness raising work, volunteering your time, the donations of product and your skills and expertise is virtually impossible to value financially, and our partnership was never about the money. I hope you all realise just how important you are to me and to everyone at hospice – you give so much so willingly and we are extremely grateful for that. Congratulations to my friends at House of Travel Dunedin for receiving the 2010 Embrace Award. I know that the hospice team doesn’t view you as corporate partners – but rather as part of the team, you are absolute ambassadors for hospice, constantly talking hospice, creating a stir which in no doubt makes a huge difference to the health and well being of the community. Nationally the level of commitment and true partnership means that often small hospice teams have an extension into the community, a team of people willing to go the extra mile for hospice in so many ways. Thank you for all your hard work in 2010 organising the cruise ship lunches, selling raffle tickets, volunteering at street collection, stocking the drinks trolley, organising quiz nights, organising golf tournaments, movie fundraisers, speaking at our day groups, serving meals, cleaning cars – the list could go on forever! Please accept this thank you as acknowledgement of each and every HOT team member for everything you did and continue to do for hospice, in 2010 and every year.

Fondest love

Jo Seagar Hospice NZ Patron

Hospice New Zealand 2010 13

During 2010 BNI Chapters throughout the country worked exceptionally hard raising funds for their partnered hospice and nationally BNI supported the Palliative Care Scholarship Programme - in total over $129,000 was donated.

Due to such an extensive list of activities and limited space we have chosen a selection of the many chapter activities that supported hospice during 2010.

We are very grateful to every individual chapter whose members spent time raising money or volunteering for hospice during the year.


The Wellington and Kapiti Chapters raised over $12,500 for Mary Potter Hospice through an auction, black tie fancy dress, breakfast and a lawn bowls event.


Success Like No Other raised $2195 for Hospice Taranaki through a quiz night and World Hospice Day Concert.



Whakatane Chapter built and raffled a playhouse which raised $9743 for Hospice Eastern Bay of Plenty.


The Riverside and Whangarei Chapters donated just over $2,000 to support North Haven Hospice

Hawkes Bay Chapter collected donations at their meeting and gave $1000 in support of Cranford Hospice

The Waterfront Chapter in Auckland held an auction raising $1000 for Eastern Bays Hospice.


Hospice South Auckland received $16,831 from several chapters in their area – activities included high tea, auctions, a golf day, poker night, trivia night and auction.


The Deep South and Invercargill chapters worked very closely with Hospice Southland running an auction, supporting appeal week and a long breakfast. A total of $5400 was donated.


Joker poker, a fantasy fancy dress pot luck dinner and auction and member donations contributed to $3500 being donated to Hospice West Auckland from the New Lynn, Titirangi, Waitakere City and West is Best chapters.


Tree Town and Waikato Metro chapters donated $7755 to Hospice Waikato from a dinner auction and other functions throughout the year.

π π

Business Boomers, Epsom, Metro, Ponsonby and Probiz in Auckland donated a total of $6920 to Mercy Hospice Auckland from several raffles and a charity auction.


$11,885 was donated to North Shore Hospice by the five chapters who spent time raising funds during 2010. Albany Commercial, Mairangi Bay, Millennium Chapter, Next Level and Shore City.


Te Omanga Hospice received a substantial donation from the Lower Hutt based chapters who worked very hard to raise over $21,000. A joint effort between chapters saw an auction and a series of collections contribute to this impressive total.


Several of the Nelson and Blenheim based Chapters ran a variety of events and raised a total of nearly $2,500 for Nelson Region Hospice and Hospice Marlborough.

Thank you to everyone involved in BNI who has done such a magnificent job supporting hospice. 14 Hospice New Zealand 2010

Financial Information Operations








MOH contracted projects



Other income

31-Dec-09 402,362





Wages & salaries



Conference costs


MOH contracted projects


Membership costs





Total Operating Expenditure



Operating Surplus / (Deficit) Before Fundraising

($179,798 )

(212,295 )

Total Operating Income


Fundraising Income National Appeal (less expenses)


National Appeal Surplus/(Deficit)











Donations Grants & sponsorship Net Fundraising Income Net Surplus/(Deficit) for the year


1. The biennial conference was held in November 2010, there was no conference in 2009 2. The MOH contracted projects began in January 2010 - no funding was recieved in 2009 for the projects 3. In 2008 it was agreed by members that Hospice NZ would no longer coordinate a national appeal campaign.





MOH contracted projects 12% Fundraising 24%

Admin 10% Subscriptions 38%

Conference 24%

Membership 19% MOH contracted projects 13%

Wages & salaries 34%

Conference 24%

Other income 2% Hospice New Zealand 2010 15

from the Chairman 2010 was another challenging and rewarding year for Hospice NZ, once again spending considerable time and energy representing the hospice sector and providing support to our members. We are aware that an ever changing health care system and the effects of an economic recession made 2010 a challenging year for our members. These pressures have emphasised the need for us all to work in partnership at every level. A real highlight for me in my role as Chairman was to have the honour of asking Jo Seagar to consider becoming Patron of Hospice NZ, it was a delight to receive her acceptance and we look forward to an even closer relationship with our fabulous ambassador/patron in years to come. It is important for me to record and acknowledge the work that has been done by Mary Schumacher and the team at HNZ, particularly in the past twelve months. The workload has increased significantly due to the important strategic activities of education and standards.


Website upgrade Redesigning HNZ’s website will enhance the public’s access to information and resources, and significantly increase the benefit of the site to our member hospices. We have some significant additions to the members section which will allow the sharing of experience, skills and resources across the country.

At the same time, Mary and the team have been increasingly sought after for contribution to national initiatives and from member hospices, this reflects very well not only on the competence and capability of our team, but on the increasing respect that the wider health sector has for hospices and Hospice New Zealand.

It is impossible to look to the future without acknowledging the impact of the earthquake in Canterbury, as well as the general economic difficulties which have been compounded by that event and more recently by the similar natural disaster in Japan. Along with everybody in New Zealand, HNZ and our members are grief stricken with the consequences of these events, and through HNZ all member hospices have pledged their support to the Canterbury community in any practical way possible for as long as is necessary.

I congratulate Mary and the team on achieving this recognition and also for their dedication and commitment to delivering excellent work during the past twelve months.

The impacts of these events will be with us for many years and are likely to increase the challenges for not-for-profit health care providers due to constrictions on financial resourcing.


Two years ago, hospices received a significant boost to the Government funding base which was extremely timely in view of the increasing demand for our services, as well as the impact of the economic conditions on fundraising. In those two years, demand for services and the costs of delivering these have increased and the gap between Government funding and total operating expenses has widened.


HNZ, supported by its members, felt it was inappropriate at this time to look to Government for increased funding. Instead, it is HNZ’s intention to review the benefits, and cost savings when palliative care is provided. HNZ will work closely with Government and the Ministry of Health in exploring and realising these benefits in years to come.

Looking Forward In this review we have given you a snapshot of some of our key highlights from the past year, and with reflection comes looking forward, some key pieces of work for 2011 will include; Education and Standards projects HNZ is progressing exceptionally well with the two major Ministry of Health funded projects around education and standards. 2011 will see the pilot and rolling out of these projects which will be a major milestone for Hospice NZ and our members as well as the wider health care sector. Awareness Our research project has established a need for increasing the general public’s awareness of hospice and palliative care to ensure that all sectors of the community are aware of our services and how they can access them to eliminate unnecessary physical and emotional pain. HNZ is committed to this through its annual Living Every Moment internet campaign. Continually improving the public’s awareness of hospice palliative care is not only important in improving access to appropriate care, but also to maintain and sustain the donor and volunteer communities that are so vital to the operation of all hospices throughout New Zealand. 16 Hospice New Zealand 2010

Warm regards

Wilf Marley QSM Chairman, Hospice NZ

Hospice NZ Annual Review 2010  
Hospice NZ Annual Review 2010  

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