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2010-2013 Selected works

My arts are created specifically for public space, with the concept set by site. The concepts are created through mind-mapping of brainstorming strategies based on site understanding. By this way, explore the relationship between ar t and public space, and uncover multiple experience and sensibility in works. I enjoy offering the people of a site an opportunity for discovery and delight. I develop concepts in close collaboration with the project consultants, landscape architects, the client and civic entities – grounding formal imagery of the artwork within a community vision and within a resilient and tough ar tistic integrity. My many projects have given me the experience to get projects done on time and within budget, and it is a great pleasure to work with the other design professionals, the client and the public. Zhou Jian-wen, 2013


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2010-2013 Selected works



周 劍文


E: T: +86 13632338073 W: 出生于 1986 年,廣東開平。目前生活與工作于廣州。 Born December 28, 1986 in Kaiping, China 2006 to the present, living and working in Guangzhou, China



Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts | Guangzhou, China

2006 - 2011

雕塑系公共藝術專業,學士學位 B.F.A. in Sculpture(Public Art Major)


大慶唐人中心公共雕塑概念設計 | 中國大慶

July 2013

DAQING Chinese Center, Concept design | Daqing, China

2014 青島世園會公共雕塑概念設計 | 中國青島

January 2013

International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao, Concept design | Qingdao, China

僑鑫珠江銷售辦公室公共藝術品設計、制造與安裝 | 中國廣州

January 2013

KINGOLD Pearl River Sales Office, Design/ fabrication/ installation | Guangzhou, China

V12 文化與創意産業園公共藝術品設計、制造與安裝 | 中國珠海

November 2012

V12 Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Design/ fabrication/ installation | Zhuhai, China

港鐵新幹線車站藝術計劃概念設計 | 中國香港

September 2012

MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station, Concept design | Hong Kong

巢湖假日酒店景觀雕塑概念設計 | 中國合肥

May 2012

The CHAOHU Holiday Inn., Concept design | Hefei, China

將軍澳市鎮公園、室內單車場及體育館公共藝術計劃 | 中國香港

The Town Park, Indoor Velodrome-cum-Sports Centre in Area 45, Tseung Kwan O, Concept design | Hong Kong

March 2012

北汽汽車研究總院景觀雕塑概念設計 | 中國北京

August 2011

BAIC Motor Technical Center, Concept design | Beijing, China

麗珠制藥工廠新園區公共雕塑概念設計 | 中國珠海

November 2010

LIVZON Pharmaceutical Plant, Concept design | Zhuhai, China


Scenic World 雕塑展 2014 | 澳大利亞

April 2014

Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba Scenic Railway | Katoomba, NSW, Australia

1813 國家戰役兩百周年展 | 德國

September 2013

Battle of the Nations 1813, BmG | Leipzig, Germany

第三屆 Nature 藝術展 | 美國

March 2013

The 3rd Annual “Nature” Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time | Jupiter, FL, USA

港鐵新幹線車站藝術計劃 入圍提案展覽 | 香港

November 2012

“MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012”Exhibitions of Shortlisted Proposals | HK

第八屆 4TH BLOCK 國際生態海報三年展 | 烏克蘭

April 2012

“4TH BLOCK”VIII International Triennial of Eco-Poster, ICOGRADA | Kiev, Ukraine

獲獎經曆 Awards

2014 青島世園會國際雕塑大賽 入圍獎 | 中國青島

Nomination Prize, the International Sculpture Competition of 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, China Academy of sculpture (Qingdao Branch) | Qingdao, China

第三屆 Nature 藝術大賽 特別獎 | 美國

Special Recognition Award, Nature Art Competition 2013, Light Space & Time | Jupiter, FL, USA

入選 plakat sozial 國際海報平台 | 德國 Selected for the “plakat sozial” International Poster Platform, BmG | Leipzig, Germany

入選 第八屆 4TH BLOCK 國際生態海報三年展 | 烏克蘭

Selected for the 8th “4th Block” International Eco-Poster Triennial, ICOGRADA | Kiev, Ukraine

“未來 20 年汽車”主題概念景觀設計大賽 優秀獎 | 中國北京

Excellent Design Award, “Auto in next 20 years” Theme Conceptualization Sight Design Award, BAIC Group | Beijing, China

May 2013

March 2013

June 2012 March 2012

November 2011


本作品因應地點的特殊性質,採用時、分、秒轉盤形式,結 合世界二十四時區,塑造出一個匯聚全球各地時間的“時間 塔”。顯示香港作為國際性城市,融匯各地的英傑,共同創 造一道璀璨的時光軌跡。 This sculpture piece relates to the special nature of the location by combining dials for hours, minutes and seconds with that for global time zones to form a“time tower” that shows the time from different parts of the world. This illustrates that, as a cosmopolis, Hong Kong is a converging point for talents from around the world who work in concert to leave a dazzling trajectory in time.

Project: MTR New Railway Lines Art in Station 2012 Materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, clock device, LED Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 6.5 m Budget: $ 1,960,000 HKD Production period: 180 days Date: September 2012

港鐵南港島綫(東段)- 金鐘站 車站頂夏慤平台花園型 Landscape Deck of Harbour Garden above Station Extension, South Island Line (East) - Admiralty Station, MTR

現場照片 Photo of site

基地模型 Base model

不同地區的人們在觀看各自祖國的現在時間 People from different time zone are watching the local time of their own countries

運動原理說明 Motion principle

安裝步驟 Installation steps

保養與維修 Maintenance and Upkeep



根據項目的特性,本創作抽取花瓣的形體,以表現舞蹈中的 韻律。人們可以穿梭于藝術作品之中,感受優雅的舞韻。 According to project's character, the creation extracts petaline body to display the rhythm of the dance. People can shuttle back and forth among the art work to feel graceful dance.

Project: International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao Materials: Stainless steel, Steel Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.8 x 4.8 m Budget: $ 1,800,000 CNY Production period: 150 days Date: January 2013

鳥瞰圖 Aerial view

近景圖 Close shot view



根據項目的要求,在位于科學院內設置壹顆人工制作的大榕 樹,該樹旨在呈現壹種成長的狀態,它最初是一顆枯樹,通 過人們的幫助下,每天將增加一定數量的葉子,通過這種方 式呈現出凝聚的力量,讓生命之樹繁茂兼並充滿生機。同 時,這個過程亦使參與到當中的人們感受到愛護大自然的職 責,共創美好未來。 According to the project's requirements, a giant artificial banyan which aims to present the state of growth will be settled inside the science academy. It starts withered. But with the help of the people, it will increase a certain number of leaves each day.By this way, the power of collaboration which makes the tree of life prosperous and vibrant can be presented.

Project: International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao Materials: Corol acrylic, Stainless steel, Steel Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 10 m Budget: $ 2,300,000 CNY Production period: 150 days Date: January 2013

制造步驟 Production steps

每片葉子,不同名字,不同種族,不同國度,共同心願。 Common wishes of different nationalities, different names in the each leaf.



本項目爲安徽一處以徽派建築爲格調的酒店進行景觀雕塑的 設計, 本方案以徽墨重繪昔日美譽 - 中國畫裏的鄉村韻動 的墨汁(靈)與書法的心境(淨)。 This scheme uses Hui ink stick to redraw the good reputation in former days - ink with countryside charm and activity in Chinese painting (spirituality) and the mental state in calligraphy (clear mind).

Project: The CHAOHU Holiday Inn. Date: May 2012

以墨汁形態重構了的梅花不畏嚴寒破冰綻放,象征堅強高雅的精神,花的中央帶有噴水裝置,以水來塑造花朵中最具生命力的花蕊,活力而又不絕。同時, 五片花瓣將濺起的水花送回了花朵的中心,意味著“肥水不流外人田”。這件作品位于建築群落的入口,寓意花開喜迎賓客來。 The spirit of plum blossom of defying bitter cold and blooming in the icy environment is restructured in the form of ink, symbolizing the spirit of tough will and elegance. Facilities for water injection are installed in the center of the flower so that the pistil with the strongest life force as well as ceaseless vitality can be reflected by water. Meanwhile, the splash is sent back to the center of flower by five petals, which means “rich water should be kept in one’s own fields”( 肥 水 不 流 外 人 田 ). This work, located at the entrance of the building group, means that flowers bloom to welcome guests happily. Materials / Glossy stainless steel, Water, Wire drawing stainless steel Dimensions / 6.2 x 6.2 x 2 m Budget / $600,000 CNY

如墨汁般的三塊石頭顛倒在水面上,每塊石的頂部平面上都有漩渦般的流水,水從中央緩緩流出,流到邊緣緩緩落下……流水與石頭的動靜結合帶出了對時間 和輪回的概念。 Three ink-like stones lie in the water upside down. The flowing water circinately appears on each stone’s top platform. The water goes out of its center slowly and falls down along its edge little by little… The combination of activity and inertia calls out the definition of time and samsara. Materials / Glossy stainless steel, Water, Wire drawing stainless steel, Black carp Dimensions / 6 x 3.5 x 1.45 m Budget / $300,000 CNY

徽駱駝是對徽商的美稱,是壹種忍辱負重和堅韌丌拔的精神象征,從駱駝造型上抽取最有特色的元素,寓爲壹座座美景山峰。該組作品高度恰好適宜人們坐息, 當人們走進其中,仿佛置身于壹種優雅甯靜的意境。 Merchants from Anhui enjoy the reputation of being Hui Camel( 徽骆驼 ), which is a spiritual symbol of humiliation endurance and fortitude. The most special elements are extracted from camels’ appearance and are compared to peaks of beautiful scenery. This group of works has the proper height for people to have a seat and a rest. Walking into it, people will have a feeling of being in an elegant and quiet situation. Materials / Polishing marble, Wire drawing stainless steel Dimensions / 9.25 x 6 x 0.6 m Budget / $180,000 CNY

本作品运用借景的手法,将美好的江山融入作品中心,而动感的墨水不断书写着美好的景色,亮丽风光源源不尽。 This work puts the wonderful landscape into the central works by means of view borrowing. Meanwhile, the dynamic ink continually shows the beautiful scenery, so the splendid sights are of no end. Materials / Polishing marble, Wire drawing stainless steel Dimensions / 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 m Budget / $80,000 CNY



該項目希望通過公共藝術品更好地傳達園區的創意氛圍,本 作品采用彩色的像素蛋來表達創意孵化平台的意旨。 The project is to design public artworks for the creation park , which are used to better convey its special atmosphere. The draft is to convey the meaning of the birth base of creation by the use of a colorful pixel egg.

Project: V12 Cultural and Creative Industry Park Materials: Blocks Toys Dimensions: 2.06 x 2.06 x 2.53 m Budget: $ 60,000 CNY Production period: 45 days Date: November 2012

效果圖 Rendering

工作過程 Work in progress



風暴代表力量的象征,同時也是一種先兆。該作品隱喻了當 代社會失衡的狀態。 Storm symbolizes the power, as an omen. This work is a metaphor for many out-of-balance conditions of contemporary social.

Project: Kyiv Sculpture Project 2014 Materials: Stainless steel tube Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 3 m Budget: $ 183,263 UAH Production period: 50 days Date: April 2010

生産預算 Budget of the production

安裝技術 Technical aspects regarding sculpture installation



自然給生命提供必要的能量,而生命則爲自然增添了光彩, 增添了生機,讓自然不孤獨,不單調。沙漠化的日益嚴重, 是自然環境退化現象。請愛護自然環境,因爲生命與自然相 互影響、相互生存。整個作品采用結集累積重複結構方式組 成立體,材料采用鏡面不鏽鋼板,做成光構成中的鏡映像, 利用虛幻形跟雕塑本體聯系在一起。 Nature provides the necessary energy to life, and life adds luster and vitality to nature, so that it is not monotonous and alone. Growing desertification, is a phenomenon of natural environmental degradation. Please take good care of nature, because life and the nature mutually interact and independent on each other. The entire body of work is the threedimensional shape which uses the accumulated units and reconstruction methods, materials of stainless steel mirror. The use of the composition of the mirror effect of light, results in the false-shaped body with the sculpture together.

Project: Sculpture at Scenic World 2014 Materials: Stainless steel Dimensions: 0.75 x 0.75 x 0.8 m Budget: $ 5,000 AUD Production period: 20 days Date: April 2010

效果圖 Rendering


For more project check Drawings, renderings and illustrations © Zhou Jian-wen © 2014 powered by hosans.

Creation date 14/01/2014 Last update 19/01/2014

Zhou Jian-wen Public art Portfolio'13  

2010 - 2013 selected works

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