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Vol. 3

November 2013

UAE NEWSLETTER We welcome you readers to the third edition of our monthly newsletter! With the horse riding season underway and both horses and riders requiring good quality products at reasonable prices that we at Horze are pleased to say we have just the thing for you. Below are some of our some of our items which you can get by visiting your nearest horse tack store. Wishing you a sound and succesful season! Yours Sincerely, The Horze UAE Team

Horze Riding Outfits 2013 Make up a whole Horze riding outfit with some of our favourite items!

30015-Horze Halo Rider Helmet BL, DG/BL, CBR/SGR, CBR, BL/BL AED 250.00

32582-Horze Cleona Women’s Pique Shirt DBR, EWH, PDB AED 95.00

32586-B-Vertigo Richie Pique Shirt, Unisex BWH/SMDG AED 185.00

36375-Grand Prix Extend Women’s Full Seat Breech CRE AED 445.00

31255-Horze Tip-Toe Socks BL, DBR AED 25.00

36535-Horze Mark Men’s Denim Jodhpur Breeches DB AED 440.00

38069-Horze Front Zip Jodhpurs BL AED 250.00

31416-Thin Leather Gloves Bl, CBR, AED 150.00

37247-Soft Leather Chaps with Elastic BL AED 220.00

36535-Classic One4All Club Jacket, Unisex BR, BL, RE AED 290.00

31020-Classic Horze Cap Bl, RE AED 30.00


32036-Horze Jade Children’s Shirt AG, RRPI AED 95.00

33044-Horze Children’s Competition Shirt AG, RRPI AED 95.00

36481-Horze Active Full Seat Breeches, 37229-Ribbed Amara Children Chaps CBR, DDB, BL, WH AED 220.00

Phone: +971 4 709 41 23

BL AED 100.00


31225-Pony ankle Socks WH, CBR AED 20.00

38051-Rubber Riding Boots BL AED 190.00


Horze UAE Newsletter November 2013  
Horze UAE Newsletter November 2013