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The actual stage, the Postharvest Directory,

Back in 1998, when “Poscosecha/Postharvest” started a bilingual portal, the Spanish Postharvest Directory , www.poscosecha.com, and English, www.postharvest. biz, two set of fields, one in each language, were written and fed to the Internet pages. Once a year, the printed version -“Directorio Poscosecha”- was compiled and issued, highlighting the most important new or most accepted products of the participating companies. The “Directorio Poscosecha” had always had Spanish as the primary language, adding short explanations in English.

How was this book distributed? The printed version of “Directorio Poscosecha” had between 200 and 250 pages. It was intended that its weight not exceeded 500 g, in order to mail it paying low postage fees. This was, indeed, one of the forms of distribution. Free issues were sent to a number of recipients while others paid only the delivery costs. But those costs increased steadily, becoming prohibitive in time. During two years the “Directorio” was also available as a CD, achieving only a modest success. What was happening? Internet was increasing its reach and becoming accessible to all readers. Even to those who have had problems to gain access to it previously. Many African friends had problems connecting to Internet, for instance, and were glad to meet us in trade shows and take with them their issue of the “Directory”. But sometime later, visiting a test field like Fruit Logistica, we could confirm in two years in a row, that the visitors were not taking with them the books. Or at least, not with the enthusiasm shown in previous years. After those two years we decided – with many doubts, though – to start publishing also a pdf downloadable version of the “Directorio” in our Internet site. The first year of this decision was a transition, with both a printed and a PDF version. That was the last time that a printed version saw the light. At the time it was not known how the readers could react to the new channel.



a full English language edition

Presently, with the “Directorio” available exclusively on-line and pdf for the last three years, the number of visits to the document tell us about its acceptance. In November 2013, four months after the publication of that year’s issue, around 20.000 visits were registered. That is ten times the number of printed books on its largest edition. That success encouraged us to start the project you have before your eyes right now: The “Directorio Poscosecha” written completely in English, to allow our friends from non-Spanish-speaking countries to access the whole information of all enterprises, in the same way it is also available on the site. From now onwards, the Spanish site www.poscosecha.com has its Spanish “Directorio” and the English site has also a Directory written completely in that last language. We hope to have found a solution that covers your needs and expectations.





General Index

Activity sectors.............................................................................................. 11

Definition of activity sectors..................................................................... 12 Enterprises listed by alphabetic order.................................................... 15

Enterprises, products and services by activity sector......................... 19





Activity sectors • Varieties........................................................................................................... 20 • Agrochemicals (Phytosanitary products)............................................... 24 • Cooling and controlled atmosphere....................................................... 42 • Packinghouse machinery.......................................................................... 50 • Minimally processed, ready to eat, and processing equipment...... 74 • Packaging and labelling - Equipment..................................................... 78 • Packaging and labelling - Materials and Auxiliary equipment........ 86 • Logistic, distribution and point of sale................................................... 96 • Information, administration, planning and services.........................100 • Control and measuring devices..............................................................114



Definition of the activity sectors


Agrochemicals (Phytosanitary products) ●

Cooling and controlled atmosphere ●

Packinghouse machinery

Minimally processed, ready to eat, and processing equipment ●

Packaging and labelling Equipment ●


Varieties of fruits, vegetables or ornamental species with outstanding characteristics for the consumer or the distributors: long life, taste, flavour, nutritional content, etc. Postharvest fungicides; waxes; hormons, cleaning products and products to disinfect packinghouses, grading lines, cool chambers, etc.; products to preserve flowers, cool chambers, sanitizers, etc. Humid air precooling systems, vacuum coolers, hydrocoolers, cool chamber equipments, icing machines, isolating panels, thermic aisling, aisling doors, CA generators Fungicides dosifier equipments, lines for conditioning produce and flowers, bunching machines, machines to take the leaves away, bin dumpers, washers, transport chains, color selectors, waxers, cleaners, brushers, fruit labellers; tray, box or bin fillers, etc., graders, shell brokers

Washers, cutters, dryers; lines to produce juices; freezing, canning, pastes; hotel, restaurant and catering machines

Wrapping and packaging machines, 2nd. peel, netting machi­nes, sewing machines, weighers, flow pack, thermoforming, vertical packaging, labellers (except fruit labellers), pricing, label printers, code machines, palletizers, etc.


Packaging and labelling Materials and Auxiliary equipment ●

Consumer packaging: punnets, trays, bags, flexible plastics, papers, etc. Transport packaging: boxes, crates, bins, pallets, corners, palletizing materials (netts, plastics), strapping machines and materials, stapling machines and staples, labels, etc. Machines to open plastic boxes, to conform carton boxes, to recicle boxes, to clean boxes, etc.

Logistic and distribution

Palletizing, cool transport (refrigeration equipment for trucks, trains, containers, etc.), controlled atmosphere transport, containers, racks, separating materials (blowed bags), forklifts

Point of sale

Bar code readers, weighers; normal or refrigerated showcases, posters for shelfs, vending machines, illumination, other decoration elements, promotional articles, floral foam, decoration for ornamentals (ribbons, decorated papers, etc.)

Information, administration, planning and services ●

Control and measuring devices ●

Laboratories, consultings and engineering (plant design and turn key projects), techniciens, quality control and certification, magazines, videos, internet sites, software, research institutes, work wear, credit companies, insurance companies, banks, exhibitions

Laboratory equipment, glass materials, refractometers, thermometers, ripening determination, etc.





Enterprises listed by alphabetic order






Absoger s.a. .......................................120

Fairbridge Technologies .....................................123

Janssen PMP Argentina.................... 38

Fam n.v. ................................................. 76

Janssen PMP Japan............................ 38

Fam-Stumabo Ibérica s.l. ............................................. 76

Janssen PMP Singapore................... 38

Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. ................................... 40 Agro-Technologie ............................116 Atago ...................................................120

Felix Instruments .............................124


Fomesa Fruitech, s.l. .................. 34, 48

Bizerba Iberia España, s.a.u. ....................................... 98

Fruit Profits ........................................112

Bilanciai Campogalliano Soc. Coop. a.r.l. ................................... 99 Brifer Services, s.l. ............................104

Fruit Logistica Messe Berlin GmbH ...............104, 112

Janssen PMP Belgium....................... 38

Janssen PMP US.................................. 38

L Lockwood Press Ltd. - FPJ..............102




Growpack, Ltda. ................................. 73 Giró GH, s.a. (Central Ventas Iberia)....................... 91

Macfrut - Cesena Fiera S.p.A.........108

CH Sistemas s.l. .................................121

Giró GmbH ........................................... 91

Moelco Levante, s.l. ........................... 47

Citrosol .......................................... 26, 44

Giró Pack Inc. ...................................... 91

Compac-Fomesa ................................ 52

Giró Pack, sa de c.v. ........................... 91

Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd ................................... 56

Grupo Giró (Oficinas Centrales)..................... 88, 91



Decco Ibérica Post Cosecha, s.a.u............................. 30

Hanna Instruments s.l. ...................124

Deltatrak Inc. .....................................122 Dinnissen b.v. ...................................... 77


Domenico Brancato s.n.c. ......48, 121

Metostep s.l. ......................................126

Multivac Seep Haggenmüller GmbH & Co. kg ................................... 80

P Pac Life .................................................. 94 Palempordanes, s.l. ........................... 72 PBI-Dansensor ..................................126 Plastidom Plásticos Industriais e Domésticos s.a. ............................... 95 Productos Citrosol, s.a. ............. 26, 44

Infia s.r.l. ................................................ 92

E Eclo ......................................................122 Ellips b.v. ............................................... 60 Escort Cold Chain Solutions s.a. .....................................123


Ingemaq ............................................... 62 Ingeniería Prodol s.a. ........................ 64


Interko .................................................. 45 Intersemillas ........................................ 22 Isolcell Italia S.p.A. ....................46, 125

Revista de Fruticultura ...................106


S Shams Media ....................................110

T THM, Tecnologías de Horticultura Mediterránea ....................................112 T.R. Turoni s.r.l. ..................................118

U ULMA Packaging ............................... 82 Unitec s.a. ............................................. 68 Unitec s.p.a. ................................68, 127 Unitec Chile S.p.A. ............................. 68 Unitec France s.a.s ............................. 68 Unitec Ibérica s.l. ................................ 68 Uniservice Sicilia s.r.l. ........................ 68 Unitec USA Universal Technologies .................... 68

V Van Wamel b.v. ................................... 72





Enterprises, products and services by activity sector






Intersemillas ................................... 22



diseases and pests, and advising them through a numerous and specialized team of technicians..

INTERSEMILLAS Calle nr. 2, esquina con Calle nr. 5 Polígono Industrial de Loriguilla 46393 LORIGUILLA (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-961 640 101 Fax: +34-961 668 483 intersemillas@intersemillas.es www.intersemillas.com The company INTERSEMILLAS, SA was constituted on March 7, 1983 in order to produce and market seeds; at this time started a process of selection of plant material for obtaining varieties with an interest for the vegetable market, and at the same time to develop a sales network for the introduction of such products. The ornamental and environmental division began in 1992 with the creation of the Department of Forest and Ornamental Seeds and three years later, 1995, started the Department of Seeds for Lawns and Revegetation. The latter two activities are fundamentally related to advice and supply of horticultural seeds for forest trees and ornamental nurseries, landscaping , sports and environmental restoration through erosion control. The latest addition to INTERSEMILLAS offer is seed for organic farming. In a market characterized by great change, high costs and high concentration of technological competitiveness , INTERSEMILLAS has managed to become one of the first seed companies in Spain, supplying also other countries. INTERSEMILLAS is a young and dynamic company, but with roots in the agricultural world. The goal is one, to make more effective and profitable the business of its clients, by offering highly resistant seed to pests and


A watermelon according to its name

CARAMELO, by INTERSEMILLAS, is a seedless watermelon, small , with broad dark stripes, like crimson sweet, giving it a great look. The internal color is also very nice. Caramelo, “candy”, is very high in sugars, which, all together, makes it a watermelon highly appreciated by the consumer, catering and restaurants. Served as slices, offers a striking appearance in the dish for its color contrast between the skin and flesh. If included in salads, the deep red pulp pieces stand out among the other fruits, valuing the whole. The size is small, weighing between 3.7 and 4.5 kg, easy to carry by the consumer. The shape is round, slightly elongated. Uniformity in shapes and sizes that characterizes Caramelo generates attractive lots at the point of sale. The skin thin, 8 mm, but sturdy, enables a large percentage of the pulp being usable. The skin resistance also makes it resistant to splitting. Caramelo F1 (S – 10228) is a triploid variety that stands out for its precocity, which allows collecting it at the same time that black watermelons.

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A very attractive watermerlon, both out and inside

DIVINA, by INTERSEMILLAS, is a seedless watermelon with a large striped bands and white streaks on a dark background, resulting in a very attractive aspect. When cut, it shows a superb internal coloration, homogeneously throughout the court in a red that is as intense in the heart as against the bark. The bark is thin and strong. The small thickness of the bark, together with the uniformity of the internal coloration, allows a high utilization of the pulp. At the same time, the bark is very tough, allowing a very good behavior during the transport, without cracked parts . The weight is between 3.7 to 4.4 kg , which makes it easy to handle by the consumer at the point of sale, and easy placing in the fridge . Uniformity is one of the main characteristics of this variety, resulting in homogeneous lots. Divina F1 (S- 10207) is a triploid which causes a plant with medium vigor and color, with similar yields as varieties with large fruits.


a clavelina to enjoy the early colors of the season

The TELSTAR F1 dianthus, by INTERSEMILLAS, is an hybrid variety between Dianthus chinensis and D. Barbatus. It is compact, heavy flowering , and suitable for both, pot and flower beds. Its compactness and good branching generates compact color stains, wind resistant. It is also resistant to cold and warm temperatures, ensuring its attractive regardless of weather conditions . Adding to this, the abundance of colors; Telstar F1 is available in 10 different colors and in mixture.


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Agrochemicals (phytosanitary products)


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. ............. 40 Productos Citrosol, s.a. ................ 26 Decco IbĂŠrica Post Cosecha, s.a.u........................ 30 Fomesa Fruitech, s.l. ..................... 34 Janssen PMP.................................... 38


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Productos Citrosol At CITROSOL, for over 50 years we have devoted ourselves to research and to development, introduction and commercialisation of post-harvest technology and treatments to maintain the commercial quality of fresh fruit and vegetables. We ensure that fresh fruit and vegetables reach the consumer without losses, with all their flavour, with maximum life, at the best moment for consumption. Our ADVANCED POST-HARVEST SOLUTIONS are blazing the trail for post-harvest technologies and treatments: CITROSOL A S UE wax for citrus products, with its low drying temperature, which achieves considerable energy savings and a remarkable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the ZERO SPILL SYSTEM®, which maintains initial treatment effectiveness without generating fungicide suspension residues, the Fortisol Ca and Fortisol Ca PLUS plant strengtheners, hydrosoluble salts of Ca, P and Na that stimulate the natural defences of the product, helping to control post-harvest decay and rind breakdown, and the combination of X3 NEBULIZER + GLOCUAT PC or QUACIDE PQ60 EC, a simple but innovative technology for disinfecting packinghouses. We are currently working on the control of post-harvest diseases in other fruits and vegetables, including peppers and tomatoes. We will soon be marketing an integrated system for washing peppers that ensures the food safety of the product, controls decay in all varieties of peppers and achieves a considerable reduction in water consumption. Citrosol has treated over 200 million tons of fruit (citrus, pears, apples, bananas, etc.), and this has enabled us to offer the best solutions to thousands of customers all over the world and to design new developments in more effective and more efficient postharvest systems. We have a multidisciplinary team specialising in postharvest technology and biology, electromechanics and engineering, quality control, chemistry and microbiology, working in a matrix organization system, constantly alert to detect and satisfy the needs of our customers and society in our area of activity.

PRODUCTOS CITROSOL, S.A. Partida Alameda, s/n 46721 POTRÍES POTRIES (Valencia) - SPAIN ESPAÑA (Spain) Tel./Ph.: Ph.: +34-96 +34-96 280 280 05 12 05 12 Fax: +34-96 280 08 21 citrosol@citrosol.com www.citrosol.com

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AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014



AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Productos Citrosol X3 NEBULIZER + GLOCUAT PC

Effective disinfecting has never been so easy and cheap as nowadays

The winning combination that CITROSOL has developed: the X3 Nebulizer mobile unit together with Glocuat PC, a “ready to use” biocidal disinfectant. The nebulizer mist behaves like a gas that can reach any area or surface in the packinghouse, and on contact with walls or objects it becomes a liquid with practically total fungicidal/bactericidal effectiveness. The mobile unit allows the introduction of sequential C+D (cleaning+disinfection) programs in all rooms and areas in the packinghouse, with very low structural costs.

greenhouse gases (CO2, CO, etc. ) during this process is, as a consequence, also lower.


A new system for on-line application of fungicides which reduces treatment variability by keeping the concentration of fungicide constant


CITROSOL has developed a complete line of citrus covering waxes that is also effective at much lower drying temperatures This low drying temperature wax allows energy savings of 60-70% compared to traditional waxes. The amount of energy needed for drying the wax is therefore reduced. Emission of


This fungicide application system is very superior to other systems presently used in pre-grading – both pools and on-line systems. It reduces treatment variability and keeps constant fungicide concentration. Besides, consumption of those agrochemicals is sharply reduced. It includes our technology ZERO SPILLAGE SYSTEM®.

AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014


Phytofortifiers against postharvest decay and rind breakdown


Citrosol has developed FORTISOL Ca Plus water-soluble salts of Ca, K and P that produce greater stimulation of the fruit’s natural defences against active pathogens in postharvest treatment of citrus. Fortisol Ca has proven effectiveness in reduction and control of postharvest discolouration and in decay control. Fortisol Ca PLUS has an enhanced efficiency in decay control. Both phytofortifiers are effective in controlling postharvest decay and rind breakdown. CITROSOL ZERO SPILLAGE SYSTEMŽ

Is the first industrial system that has a maximal efficiency and homogenity in controlling rot and decay It keeps the fungicide mixture in the drencher and deposit unchanged, allowing its continuous recycling and obtaining a constant efficiency in the treatment.

Increased homogeneity in waxing and application of fungicides through artificial vision

Artificial Vision System that allows control of the flow of wax in relation to the flow of fruit that the applicator has to wax at any given moment. It measures the fruit flow after the grading operation, avoiding the application of too much or too little wax. It is the ideal tool for the most modern lines, where much grading takes place before waxing.

At the same time, the need to treat surplus mixes is avoided, because their composition remains unchanged. The mixes can be recycled and used again during the whole citrus harvesting season.


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Decco The distribution channel and in the market itself. Decco provides high quality formulations with active ingredients allowed by local laws. Our service team works to help in monitoring the application of fungicide, analysis

DECCO COATINGS Decco produces high quality coating for postharvest citrus, pome fruits, Stone fruits, tropical fruits and vegetables. DECCO CLEANERS DISINFECTANTS Clean and disinfect is a main part of any post-harvest program. Decco cleaners and disinfectants are designed to prepare fruits and vegetables during packaging. They are not only important during processing, but the equipment can also benefit from these products. DECCO FUNGICIDES Fungicides applied correctly significantly minimize losses by the action of fungi at the packing plant, in residues in fruits, control resistors and advises on the treatment of the fruit. We are at your service whenever you need us. STORAGE TREATMENT Decco makes products for conservation treatment that help ensure the quality of fruit and vegetables during and after the cold storage. PRODUCTS & SERVICES FOR POST-HARVEST QUALITY Since 1932, farmers and clothing stores around the world have trusted Decco the fruits of their labor. Detergents, disinfectants, fungicides and conservation treatments for fruits and vegetables help stores to supply healthy products with good presence. OUR TEAM MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Our treatments are supported by a team of professionals with knowledge and experience. We can provide assistance at all times, from residue analysis, fungicidal concentration studies, microbiological studies to recommendations for storage and dispatch of the goods. IN DECCO WE CREATE SMART SOLUTIONS.

PRODUCTOS DECCO IBÉRICA CITROSOL, POST COSECHA S.A. S.A.U. Villa de Alameda, Partida Madrid, 54s/n - Pol. Ind. Fuente del Jarro 46721 PATERNA 46988 POTRIES (Valencia) (Valencia)--ESPAÑA SPAIN (Spain) Tel./Ph.: Ph.: +34-961 +34-96 344280 01105 12 Fax: +34-961 +34-96 280 32108 532 21 citrosol@citrosol.com info@deccoiberica.es www.citrosol.com www.deccopostharvest.com

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AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014



AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014


Formulation EC - Propiconazole 10%

tance to fungi. Acts synergistically with Deccofito or Deccofos.

DECCOFITO Potassium phosphite application for drenching. The phosphite ion is a molecule having fungistatic properties. Acts synergistically with Decconature.

CITRASHINE PLUS NATURE FEATURES AND AUTHORIZED USES Fungicides effective dual action on Penicillium and Geotrichum in harvested citrus. Treatment in aqueous solution (drenching, on-line, raft) ADVANTAGES OF MELANITE - Double fungicide action - Highly effective against Geotrichum - Efficacy against Penicillium - Residue authorized in EU, USA y Canada - Low toxicity - Compatibility and positive synergy with other fungicides LMRs European Union: 6 ppm USA y Canada: 8 ppm Alternative and complementary products for the health and beaty of the fruit

DECCONATURE Natural extracts for the treatment of citrus fruit by drenching. Increases physical resis-


Patented formulation of wax for citrus with alimentary food preservatives and vegetable extracts Positive synergistic action against postharvest fungi during commercialization. Compatible with fungicides such as imazalil, ortho-phenylphenol and thiabendazole.

NATURCOVER Edible coating. Reduce weight loss and chilling injury in stone fruit. Delays ripening in apples and pears. Reduces stains of scratches on pears. Maintains freshness in citrus.

NATURCOVER P Edible coating for potatoes. Avoid greening. Reduce weight loss. Prevents blackening. Fumigants for disinfection of empty rooms, trucks, and containers. Allowed in food industry and livestock

AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

DECCOFENATO POT Orthophenylphenol.

DECCOAMONIO POT Quaternary ammonium. Line of products that provide protection for the flowers, fruits and vegetables in postharvest

LIQUID SUNSCREEN Sunscreen for growing eggplant, cherry, citrus, mango, apple, melon, pear, pepper, watermelon, tomato, vineyard. Reduces hydric and heat stress and promotes physiological responses in the plant which leads to increased production, increased sugar content, resistance to attack by fungi such as powdery mildew and downy mildew, firmer skin of the fruit and avoid sunburn.

DECCO-ADSORB Combination of high porosity zeolite with potassium permanganate. Delays ripening and aging by oxidation of ethylene and volatile. Tubes for trucks and containers. Sachets individual boxes. Machines for cold storage or markets.

DECCOPAC Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) manufactured by Zoepac (Israel). Selective permeability to carbon dioxide, moisture and ethylene.

DECCO-SENSORS Temperature recorders for transportation and storage.

QUALITY LIQUID AGRONUTRIENTS FOR ALL TYPES OF CROPS A line of agronutrientes guaranteed by Decco with the highest quality so your crops will maximize the concentration of minerals and microelements getting healthy and abundant crops. Because the best protection is a good nutrition.


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Fomesa Fruitech Fomesa Fruitech, S.L., is a world-leading group in postharvest treatments of fruit and vegetables. Fomesa´s commitment goes beyond the sale of its products. Fomesa Fruitech also offers professional advice in various fields, such as diseases and pathologies caused by pathogen agents, on the application of authorized products for post-harvest treatments for different varieties of fruit, as well as on systems and treatments for fruit and vegetables in cold storage. Fomesa Fruitech also manufactures and installs equipment for degreening chambers and different models of control equipment and automatic dosage of gases required in the degreening process. One of our best assets is the technical support that we offer to our customers around the world to solve each of the problems that arise in the daily task of lengthen the shelf life and improve the quality and presentation of fruit and vegetables.

FOMESA FRUITECH, S.L. Camí del Racó, 10 - Pol. Ind. Norte 46469 BENIPARRELL (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph.: +34 963 211 862 Fax: +34-961 214 113 fruitech@fomesa.net www.fomesa.net/E/E_Fruitech/E_DivisionQuimica.htm

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AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014



AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Fomesa Fruitech FOODWAX

Edible coating for postharvest treatment of citrus and other fruits and vegetables

Composition based on edible products, extends on the surface of fruit and vegetables and forms a glossy film, improving their appearance and delaying aging of the produce. Weight losses are reduced due to lower respiration and transpiration rates, lengthening the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. Composition: Edible products, water and other inert substances. Characteristics: Aspect: Brown liquid. Smell: Agreeable. pH (20ºC): 7.0 – 8.5. Density (20ºC, kg/l): 1.030 – 1.065. Packaging: Bags in 20 l boxes.


Fumigant fungicide based on Imazalil

It comes in cans which are used for postharvest treatment of citrus, apples and pears in storage or maturation chambers. It controls the main rot causing fungi in citrus and pip fruit: Penicillium, Phomopsis, Diplodia, Gloesporium, etc. GREENGARD-SCALD

Keeping the original color of the fruit


Protection for harvested fruit and vegetables FRUITCARE – SK protects harvested fruit and vegetables improving its response to aggressive environments. Composition:Potassioum sorbate (E 202) 30 % P/P. Characteristics: Aspect: Yellow – orange liquid. pH: 9.40 – 11.00. Density: 1.110 -1.150 g/mL. Packaging: Plastic carafe. Net contents: 25 kg.


New Product of the Green-Line Series, to reduce the incidence of storage scald in apples cv. Golden Delicious and pears (cvs. Blanquilla, Rocha and Conference). It presents an anti-senescent effect, acting on the ripening process, consequently helping to maintain freshness and the initial color of the fruit.

AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014


Based on Imazalil and tiabendazole


Increases resistance to disease

Concentrated fungicide suspension for postharvest treatment of citrus and pip fruit.

FRUITGARD -70 (T) controls the main fungi causing rots: Penicillium, Alternaria, Botrytis cinerea, Diplodia, Phomopsis, Gloesporium, etc.. It inhibits sporulation of existing fungi, thus preventing its spread. FRUITCLEANER-FP

Increases resistance to disease of fruit and vegetables. Composition: Essential oil 25 % P/P Characteristics: Appearance: Spongy powder. Density: 0.750 Âą 0.050. Presentation: Tin cans. Net content: 300 and 600 g of fumigant. WATERWAX

Used to brighten, polish and preserve citrus

Detergent for fruit and vegetables It is a detergent for fruits and vegetables with food preservative. Composition: Food preservative: 20% food preservative. Characteristics: Appearance: Reddish- brown clear liquid. pH: 10.50 12.50. Density: 1050-1110 g / mL (approx.). Presentation: Plastic drums. Net content 200 lbs. GREENGARD-EO

Increases resistance to disease Increases resistance of fruit and vegetables to post-harvest diseases caused by certain types of microorganisms. Composition: Essential oil 20 % W / V. Characteristics: Appearance: yellowish liquid. pH: 7.20 - 8.70 (approx.). Density: 1050-1090 g / mL. Presentation: Plastic carafe. Net content: 10 l.s.

WATERWAX is used to coat the citrus fruit, enhancing its appearance and lengthening its conservation. The product is for treatment of citrus to be traded within the European Union. The wax is sprayed on the fruit through the nozzles of an applicator placed on a mechanical brush.


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Janssen PMP JANSSEN PMPŽ (Preservation and Material Protection) a division of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV in Beerse, Belgium is a long-established world leader in devising and formulating new and highly effective compounds to protect the produce and products on which we rely. We have a parallel and equally important focus, which is to protect the health and well-being of the people that use and benefit from our products and the environments in which they are used, from initial application to consumption or disposal. FROM HARVEST TO HOME: Our products are working around the world to protect fresh fruit and vegetables along the Food Chain from processing through transport, storage and shelf, to the consumer’s home; reducing waste and preserving nutritional value. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Your reliable worldwide partner in developing sustainable and high performance solutions for the prevention of biodegradation.

Global presence of Janssen PMP Janssen PMP Belgium Turnhoutseweg 30B-2340 Beerse TAV BE 0403.834.160RPR Turnhout - BELGIUM, info@janssenPMP.com

Janssen PMP US 1125 Trenton-Harbourton Road Titusville, NJ 08560-0200 - UNITED STATES, info@janssenPMP.com

Janssen PMP Argentina Mendoza 1259C1428DJG Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA, info@janssenPMP.com

Janssen PMP Singapore No. 2 International Business Park,Tower One, The Strategy, #07-01 SINGAPORE 609930, info@janssenPMP.com

Janssen PMP Japan 5-2,Nishi-Kanda 3-chomeChiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0065 - JAPAN, info@janssenPMP.com

JANSSEN PMP Preservation and Material Protection Division Janssen Pharmaceutica NV Turnhoutseweg 30 - B-2340 BEERSE - BELGIUM TAV BE 0403.834.160 RPR Turnhout info@janssenpmp.com / www.janssenpmp.com

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Janssen AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014

Janssen PMP


40% w/v pyrimethanil PENBOTEC® 400 SC is a Janssen PMP product with a novel mode of action in the area of postharvest treatments. It is an ideal solution in case of resistant strains in pome fruits as well as in citrus fruits. FUNGAFLOR® - FUNGAZIL® 75 SG

75% w/w imazalil FUNGAFLOR® - FUNGAZIL® 75 SG are water-soluble granules recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits and bananas. FECUNDAL® 50 EC

50% w/v imazalil FECUNDAL® 50 EC is a Janssen PMP formulation recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits. The product contains 50% w/v imazalil and its dose rate is 100 cc/hl when applied as a high-volume spray, 200-300 cc/hl in a lowvolume spray and 400 cc/hl when mixed into a wax.


20% imazalil + 20% pyrimethanil PHILABUSTER® 400 SC is a new and reliable tool for the control of resistant strains of Penicillium against the currently known and used products in postharvest of citrus fruits. Seen the fact that PHILABUSTER® 400 SC contains two active ingredients, included at Annex I, it can be seen as the solution for the future of the citrus sector for the control of the major diseases.


10% w/v imazalil-sulphate FECUNDAL® S7.5 is a formulation recommended for the preventive, curative and anti-sporulation control of storage diseases of citrus fruits, melons and bananas. The product contains 10% w/v imazalilsulphate and is applied at a dose rate of 500-600 cc/hl. The use of the product is permitted in IPM production and it has the necessary MRL’s available in a large number of destination countries like the once grouped in EU and Codex Alimentarius.


AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014


Special coating for fruit

AGRICOAT NATURESEAL LTD. 7B Northfield Farm - Great Shefford RG17 7BY BERKSHIRE UNITED KINGDOM Ph.: +44-(0)1488-648988 Fax: +44-(0)1488-648890 Simon.Matthews@natureseal.com www.agricoat.co.uk Agricoat Natureseal Ltd. manufactures special coatings for the postharvest protection of fruits and vegetables during packaging, storage, and trading. Semperfresh is a coating based on sucrose esters. Natureseal is used to slow down darkening and other ageing symptoms in apples, pears, carrots, celery and other ready to eat fresh cut products. Natureseal FS has been added to this range of products as a result of the demand of processors after a chlorine free product for washing the produce before cutting. FS is a blend of different acids that could be used to substitute traditional chlorine wash while processing fruit and vegetables. Its sulfite-free (GRAS) ingredients continue to be recognized for meeting the industry’s highest standards for quality, performance, consistency and functionality. Agricoat has made a long term commitment to superior research and development, quality control and good manufacturing practices.

Semperfresh is a coating developed by AgriCoat for the postharvest protection of fruit like pears, melons, pineapples or cherries. Its components are approved by the European Union and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States for the superficial treatment of produce. In order to obtain the best results it should be applied after hydrocooling. It can be applied at the same as fungicides, for instance.


Natural coatings for shelf-life extension

Natureseal is easy to apply and does not contaminate the fruit with smell or flavor. Using Natureseal, the fruit keeps its taste and natural color, texture and firmness. Packaging under modified atmosphere is not necessary. Shelf life is extended up to two weeks beyond normal, lengthening available time for product distribution, improving production and processing efficiency.

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AGROCHEMICALS (Phytosanitary products) - PHD 2014



Cooling and controlled atmosphere



Productos Citrosol, s.a. ................ 44 Domenico Brancato s.n.c. ........... 48 Fomesa Fruitech, s.l. ..................... 48 Interko .............................................. 45 Isolcell Italia s.p.a. ......................... 46 Moelco Levante, s.l. ...................... 47




Allows automatic control of working / environmental conditions in rooms for cold storage and degreening/ripening of fruit PRODUCTOS CITROSOL, S.A. Partida Alameda, parcela C 46721 POTRÍES (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-962 800 512 Fax: +34-962 800 821 citrosol@citrosol.com www.citrosol.com At CITROSOL, for over 50 years we have devoted ourselves to research and to development, introduction and commercialisation of postharvest technology and treatments to maintain the commercial quality of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is a system for control and regulation of cold storage and degreening rooms. Electronic sensors that measure humidity, temperature and infrared CO2 sensors are used for automatic management of fruit storage and degreening/ripening rooms. Chambers equipped with CITROGAS-CONTROL achieve a more precise control of temperature and relative humidity. Besides, measurement and control of CO2 levels allows for optimal ventilation, reducing the operating time of the humidity, warming and refrigeration systems and thus achieving important energy savings.

We ensure that fresh fruit and vegetables reach the consumer without losses, with all their flavour, with maximum life, at the best moment for consumption. Service managers in charge: Valencia (Spain): Javier Monzonís, jvmonzonis@citrosol.com Castellón (Spain): Cristian Ortells, cristian@citrosol.com Murcia (Spain): Raúl Ortiz, raulortiz@citrosol.com Málaga (Spain): Francisco Palomo, malaga@citrosol.com Sevilla (Spain): Antonio Herrera, antonioherrera@citrosol.com Internacional: Julio Marín, juliom@citrosol.com

In those degreening/ripening processes, the equipment also regulates automatically ethylene levels, adjusting its consumption and keeping the right concentration to make the process develop correctly. This leads to better degreening or ripening and longer shelf life, without decreases in the organoleptic traits, weight or skin appearance of the fruit. This system permits connection to a PC on which all the relevant parameters of its functioning are recorded.

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INTERKO Nijverheidstraat 8 - P. O. Box 1 2750 AA MOERKAPELLE THE NETHERLANDS Ph.: +31-(0)79-593 2581 Fax: +31-(0)79-593 1204 info@interko.com www.interko-binair.com Interko is the industry leader in cooling technology and produce ripening systems tailored to the needs of each client. For over thirty years Interko has been a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of custom cooling and ripening technology. Today, we continue this proud tradition, providing the most advanced cooling ripening systems in the industry for customers worldwide.

heaters, lighting, air distribution and ventilation systems, shelves for ripening chambers two or three stories high. Interko coolers operate with a small temperature gradient to ensure the lowest weight loss for produce and its maximum quality. The Interko system can accommodate any size of pallet and any form of stowage. The air circulation system and the positioning of the air coolers ensure even ripening throughout the chamber. To improve results even more, Interko can provide double track air circulation. With this option, temperature differences within the pallets are minimized. The Interko ripening systems result in lower energy costs due to its high efficiency motors and other options like dual speed fans. Maturation in a separate zone is possible. Based on the experience of Interko and the experience of their customers, the systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. The company has developed and patented several designs that have been successfully implemented practically.

Ripening systems

Efficiency and economy

Interko specializes in ripening for bananas, papaya, tomato ... Its ripening systems include air coolers, More in Postharvest www.postharvest.biz/en/company/interko/_id:17395/



ISOLCELL ITALIA S.P.A. Via A. Meucci, 7 39055 LAIVES (BZ) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0471-954050 Fax: +39-0471-953575 isolcell@isolcell.it www.isolcell.com ITALY’s ISOLCELL develops and manufactures high quality systems for controlled atmosphere: nitrogen generators, oxygen and CO2 adsorbers, ethylene adsorbers and converters, analysis of O2 and CO2, insulation panels. Isolcell Italy has conceived and developed several high quality storage monitoring and control systems that control and generate the desired atmosphere. The most important ones are N2 separators, O2 and CO2 scrubbers and ethylene converters, O2 and CO2 analyzers and the related automation systems. DCA, an exclusive Isolcell product

Scald control without postharvest chemical treatments

DCA allows to control scald, avoiding at the same time the use of chemical antioxidants - like DPA (diphenylamine ) and ethoxyquin – in the postharvest treatments. The system, patented by the Government of Canada and developed by Dr. Angelo Zanella, is distributed throughout Europe exclusively by ISOLCELL ITALIA SpA. This method replaces the static conservation parameters with dynamic ones resulting from the response given by the fruit itself. It uses a special sensor that measures the fluorescence emitted by apples, thereby identifying the minimum threshold of oxygen tolerated by the fruit. The AC conservation takes place at a value slightly above that threshold, dynamically adjusted throughout the storage period. By lowering the level of oxygen in the storage chambers, internal metabolic activity is drastically reduced, which results in a better maintenance of internal and external characteristics defining product quality. Using this technology, ISOLCELL meets the growing consumer´s demand requiring produce free of chemical residues. Another advantage of DCA is the drastic reduction of internal browning in varieties like Granny, Braeburn, Pink Lady and Fuji. And also the exclusion of drencher as post-harvest treatment to apply antioxidants, significantly reduces the percentage of rotten apples in storage. Due to this experience and to the close cooperation between research institutes, technology companies and customers, ISOLCELL has demonstrated once again to be at the forefront of fruit storage technology. This new storage technology is used with commercial purposes since 2003 and its use is extending rapidly overseas. The graph shows the development of DCA cameras in the last 7 years in Italy (blue), other countries (gray) and the sum of both values(green)..

In the industry sector of the storage of apples and pears, a new technology called “DCA Conservation” (Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere) is being increasingly used. More in Postharvest




MOELCO LEVANTE S.L. C/ Plomo 9 - Pol. Ind. La Hita 30700 TORREPACHECO (Murcia) SPAIN Ph.: +34-968 336 175 Fax: +34-968 336 198 moelcolevante@moelco.es www.moelco.es Moelco Levante specializes in fast cooling or precooling. Its products are: “Vacuum Cooling� or vacuum precoolers, refrigeration chambers for cooling and storage, control and automation systems, and services related to refrigeration: chamber sizing, upgrading of existing chambers, design, construction and installation of refrigeration equipment; legal questions.

The vacuum precooling brings the product to the optimum storage temperature in less than half an hour. Cooling speed is very important today, due to the commercial dissemination of fresh cut presentation for fruit and vegetables and increasing demand for fresh produce throughout the year. This implies production of the same vegetable species in different climates according to season and also to displace the location of produce handling facilities. The shelf life of the product becomes an essential aspect for companies engaged in international trade of horticultural products. The faster a low temperature is achieved, longer is the average shelf life of the produce.

The largest vacuum precooling facility in Europe

Vacuum Cooling Vacuum pre-cooling is the most effective way to cool leafy vegetables such as lettuce Iceberg, Romaine, Batavia, Trocadero, chicory, cabbage, endive, or spinach. It also cools mushrooms, flowers, strawberries, etc. Cooling time is less than 25 minutes; equipment with capacity ranging from one to thirty pallets is available, also with vacuum coolers with capacities between 7-150 m3 .

Moelco, as a specialist in vacuum precoolers, has build the largest facility of this kind in Europe for Urcisol Group, located in Murcia, Spain. With a turnover capacity of 60 pallets/hour, the facility processes and trades 800.000 lettuce units a day, keeping the highest quality for each one unit.

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DOMENICO BRANCATO S.N.C. Zona Industriale ASI Capannone 40/D1 98129 LARDERIA - MESSINA - ITALY Ph.: +39-090-7381057 Fax: +39-090-7381184 dobran@tiscali.it / www.brancato.it Operating in the postharvest industry from 1945 onwards, the company designs and builds supplementary technology for agro-industrial cooling chambers. It works closely with researchers of different universities, covering aspects like ripening, pre-cooling degreening and preservation of fruit, vegetables and flowers. BRANCATO develops equipment for speeding up fruit ripening and for controlling preservation processes of fruit and vegetables. Among them are included ripening systems for bananas, for supplementary ripening for fruit and vegetables and for citrus degreening. And also for preservation of fruit, vegetables and flowers through modified or modified dynamic atmosphere, for ethylene elimination, and for pre-cooling, and humidification. The company develops special technologies designed to improve the qualitative, economic, and working aspects of the methods of conditioning and value creation of fruit and vegetable products with particular attention to the management and control of the ripening process, to the shelf life during the preserving cycle and to transportation.


Camí del Racó, 10 - Pol. Ind. Norte 46469 BENIPARRELL (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph.: +34 961 211 862 Fax: +34 961 214 113 fruitech@fomesa.net www.fomesa.net/E/E_Fruitech/E_DivisionQuimica.htm Chemicals for postharvest treatment of fruit and vegetables. Coating waxes, fungicides, disinfectants, detergents, and the range of smoke “FRUITFOG”. Equipment for automatic control of cold rooms. Our commitment goes beyond the sale of our products. We also offer professional advice on diseases and pathologies caused by pathogen agents, on the application of authorized products for post-harvest treatments , as well as on systems and treatments for cold storage of fruit and vegetables. Fruitcontrol - Etilene Plus

An integrated management of the fruit chambers, measuring and controlling both temperature and relative humidity, as well as CO2 and also include for the first time the analysis of the ethylene in the air inside the room and control of the ethylene injection.




Packinghouse machinery



Compac-Fomesa ........................... 52 Compac Sorting Equipment Ltd ............................... 56 Ellips b.v. .......................................... 60 Growpack, Ltda. ............................ 73 Ingemaq .......................................... 62 IngenierĂ­a Prodol, s.a. .................. 64 Unitec S.p.A. ................................... 68 Van Wamel b.v. ............................... 72



Compac-Fomesa Based in Spain Compac-Fomesa is a specialist division within the Compac Group for post-harvest products. Ranging from infeed equipment and treatment units to palletizing equipment for use in packing facilities. Active in more than 57 countries Compac-Fomesa is recognised as a leader in the design and manufacture of quality equipment. The original Fomesa Group was established in 1955 and was focused on citrus within the Valencia region. Over the years which followed the company expanded the equipment business alongside treatments and waxes for fruits and vegetables. Becoming a specialist in the handling and treatment of citrus saw the company expand beyond Spain throughout Europe, South America, North Africa and parts of the Middle East. In 2013 following discussions with Compac, Fomesa’s machinery division was sold to Compac Sorting Equipment to become Compac-Fomesa. Compac-Fomesa is headquartered in Valencia, Spain where engineers and designers continue to further develop Compac-Fomesa products and software. Compac-Fomesa produces a range of postharvest equipment ranging from sorters & sizes through to infeed equipment, bin fillers and peripherals.

COMPAC-FOMESA Avda. Jesús Morante Borrás, 24 46012 VALENCIA - SPAIN Ph.: +34-96 316 54 00 Fax: +34-96 367 79 66 info@compacfomesa.com www.compacfomesa.com

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.Compac-Fomesa Electronic cup sizer

Tray palletizer

Fruit sorting

The perfect option for delicate fruit

The sizer is one of the most important machines in a fruit and vegetable packaging plant. The electronic cup grader manufactured by Fomesa allows to grade fruit after weight and – according to model – after color, diameter and volume. Different sizes of cups – 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches - are available, according to the kind of fruit to be graded.

Smooth movement palletizer with speed regulating systems and safe operation through a simplified mechanics with low maintenance requirements. Using trays, the machine´s movements can be faster, achieving important productivity gains. And the fruit handling improves, due to the use of trays, because it is not needed to press the boxes together, taking the trays the role of preventing loses through interruptions.


High speed box packaging of fruit

The automatic box packer Fompack, manufactured by Fomesa, is a machine designed to place fruit in boxes in a tidy way, following a previously designed arrangement. It displays a very large packaging speed due to its double feeding system and to the optimization of its operations.


Universal grader

Speed in fruit sorting

The smart electronic chain grader, model “Universal”, from Fomesa, allows to grade different kinds of fruits and vegetables after weight, diameter, volume and color, and also to select after external defects and decaying spots in citrus fruits, working at high speed and with great accuracy.


Vertical drying tunnel

Continuous vertical bin tipper

Drying on a small area

High tipping yield

The vertical drying tunnel allows to dry fruit after washing or waxing it, using a very limited surface. Within only two meters depth, more than 20 meters of internal drying area are available. The handling of the fruit inside the tunnel is very soft. The fruit units neither move nor spin around while being moved in buckets within the tunnel.

The continuous vertical bin tipper allows for a productivity occupying a very limited area. The whole process develops at two different levels, which allows to cut to less than half the needed surface. This tipper has a de-stacker for full bins, displaying a “lung” - the tipper of delicate fruit- , and a stacker of empty bins, also with “lung”, with entrance and exit of bins in the same position of the forklift truck. The tipper height is height self-adjustable and has a canvass that does not allow the fruit to slide when the bin is toppled, obtaining a specially soft handling of the produce.

Box palletizer

Multiformat palletizer Large fruits grader

Hardyness and precission

The box palletizer makes is used to pile up boxes on a pallet. With a predetermined format and an individual sourcing. Fomesa manufactures different types of palletizers according to the number and format of boxes to be handled in each machine cycle.

The electronic cup grader for watermelons and large volume fruit is an intelligent electronic grader for the automatic classification of spherical and semispherical fruit, with sorting criteria after color, volume, weight and shape. It has a maximal working speed of 1 to 3 fruits/second and line and is also very precise.



Compac Sorting Equipment Through a constant commitment to research and development and a desire to be the best international provider of sizing, sorting and grading technology, Compac has a become a world leader in its field. Compac sizers are high quality systems that are reliable and easy to maintain. All software and technology is developed based on the needs of Compac customers combining years of experience with the latest development tools avai足lable. All Compac systems are designed for maximum throughput and efficiency while maintaining gentle handling to ensure the best return possible from every crop. With a global team of technicians and service agents, after sales service is second to none, combining accessible technology with high quality engineering. Products: Fruit and vegetable sorters, sizers and graders, Single Lane Sorters, Dual Lane Sorters Multi-Lane Sorters, electronic retrofits, color grading systems, blemish grading systems, NIR taste technology, packing systems and packhouse solutions.

COMPAC SORTING EQUIPMENT LTD 11 Spring Street - P.O. Box 13516 ONEHUNGA - AUCKLAND - NEW ZEALAND Ph.: +64-9-634 0088 Fax: +64-9-634 4491 compac@compacsort.com www.compacsort.com

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Compac Sorting Equipment Compac MLS

Multiple line grader for all kinds of fruits

each piece of fruit at a standard working speed up to 15 units/second/line. The program is user friendly and its configuration uses the real size of the fruit. Color is graded according to percentage or shade and can handle both dark and clear fruits. Diameter measurement has a precision of +/1 mm. It is also possible to classify citrus according to density, combining the measurements of weight and volume. Very easy to set up. Compac SLS

The MLS grading systems, manufactured by Compac, have a roller´s system which is unique in the market. It unloads to both sides and is designed to grade after weight, with an average error of +/- 1 gr for each fruit unit. It is also possible to combine this equipment with other Compac technologies in order to grade after color, size, form, density, external defects and internal quality. The MLS grading machines of Compac are available in different sizes, displaying from two to forty lines. Compac Invision 5000

Grading system after color, size and shape

The Compac Sytem InVision 5000, classifies fruits and vegetables after color, size and shape. The key to its accuracy lies in obtaining a large set of pictures (up to 25) for


Single line grader compatible with many kinds of fruit

Compac SLS graders offer a simple and flexible solution for small packaging plants or for larger companies that wish to achieve a greater flexibility. Unloading to both sides of the rollers allows to maximize the number of outlets in a shorter section and to perform packaging operations at both sides of the grader. Processing capacity is about 450 fruits/minute and weight accuracy +/- 1 gr/fruit unit. The equipment can be combined with other Compac technologies to grade according to color, size, form, density and internal quality.


Compac InVision 9000

Sorting system after faults/spots, color, size and shape

The InVision 9000 system sorts fruit after color, external quality, size and shape. The key to its accuracy lies in obtaining a large set of pictures. The InVision 9000 operates at a standard speed up to 15 units/second/ line. Its software uses the real size of the fruit units during the analysis of the obtained pictures. The computer program is very user friendly. Sorting software V10 - Compac

Software control system

The grader V10 is an user friendly high yield software that increases the yield and profitability of the packaging line. It optimizes labor and improves the over-all yield of the line. The software control for the V10 sorter has easy to use systems, many languages, flexible feed-back information and advanced diagnosis.

Taste Technologies NIR

Sorting after taste

The NIR system uses reflection and transmisi贸n of light sources in order to measure accurately brix, dry matter, internal color, pressure and internal faults for a wide range of fruit and vegetables. It can work at the normal packaging speeds, without slowing down the production process and allowing the operator to sort out the produce after more than an internal property. More information in www.taste-technologies.com Compac SFS

Small fruit sorter

It sorts cherries after size, shape, color, soft fruit and faulty surface. The equipment Compac InVision 9000 takes five pictures of the surface of the processed cherries; the SFS equipment has high precision levels and is consistent in sorting and grading. Designed taking into account delicate varieties like Reinier and Royal Anne, and also hardier ones, the Compac SFS allows for important labor savings and to obtain product of homogeneous quality.



Ellips Accurate grading At Ellips, we have a passion for optical technology. We develop software for sorting machines that is more user-friendly, and more accurate than ever before. TrueSort, our passion Our software TrueSort, which has been developed entirely in-house, improves the performance of new and existing sorting machines. TrueSort grades crops (such as apples, asparagus, cherries, dates, lemons, limes, onions, oranges, peaches, pears, potatoes, and tomatoes)based on weight, size, color, external and internal quality. The software runs on any sorting machine, of any brand. Allowing you to grade fruit and vegetables more accurately than ever before.That is our passion! Passionate team Ellips was founded in 1989. In 2014, we celebrate our 25th anniversary, with countless software systems installed all over the world. Today we have a passionate team of highly qualified employees.We also have partners worldwide, providing support for our systems. Working with local service teams enables you to better reap the full benefits! Passion = power! We believe that our passion for optical technology is our power. Get the best out of your sorting machine and take advantage of our 25 years’ experience!

ELLIPS B.V. Esp 300 5633 AE EINDHOVEN - THE NETHERLANDS Ph.: +31-(0)40-245 6540 Fax: +31-(0)40-246 7183 info@ellipssoftware.com www.ellipssoftware.com





manufacturing sector.

INGEMAQ Ruta 60, km. 22 QUILLOTA - CHILE Ph.: +56-33-2-314 924 ingemaq@ingemaq.cl www.ingemaq.cl INGEMAQ-SAIM ® is an engineering company founded in Quillota in 1995, dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of machinery for the industrial and agribusiness sectors. The implementation of complete lines for the selection, grading and packaging of fresh produce, for the whole agroindustrial activity and also equipment for the food industry, guarantees the quality, efficiency, reliability and technological development of our products. Proper combination of industrial design with continued efforts in research and development of new machinery build the foundations of growth and consolidation of the company in Chile, which has achieved complete national coverage with a network of dealers extending from Arica to Punta Arenas. A network of foreign distribution covers also economically important South American emerging economies. Our commitment challenges us to be the best, providing effective and efficient solutions to specific problems Our 18 years of experience, both domestically and internationally, support us as a leader in the market, providing comprehensive and customized solutions to specific customer needs. That is coupled with the quality of our products and our fast and efficient after sales service. INGEMAQ is a reliable company in a growingly demanding and dynamic

Baby Combi, one –way net sorter is an excellent solution for cost and versatility


The one-way net sorter build by INGEMAQ. It is designed to grade spherical fruits and vegetables as apricots, peaches, plums, apples, onions and tomatoes. The machine is an excellent choice for small scale agricultural production due to its low cost and high versatility. Fruit pulper machine for cutted up avocado


A machine designed and developed for pulping palta in pieces, with a yield of 2000 kilograms/hour. Its structure allows it to adapt to real customer´s needs. Increasing production and avoiding down time during the process.

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Fruit pulper machine for avocado fruit and avocado oil


Graders for carrots, lemons and potatoes


A machine designed and developed for the production of avocado oil, avocado berries or avocado stones. As a result of the process either pulp or concentrated juice is obtained, depending on the pattern of the sieve.

Equipment designed and developed for the grading after size of spherical and irregularly shaped produce. “Piola” Bin dumper

Packing Sorter and grader for watermelons


A machine designed to grade large fruits like melons or watermelons. Sensor grading allows for measurement of diameter and length. The equipment yields between 1800 and 3600 fruit units to the hour. It operates with an electronic and a pneumatic system.

Structure made of steel A-4227 –ES. Size: 1300 x 1300 x 3000. Loading level: floor; unloading level: 900 mm; gearmotor 3 HP/380 V/50 Hz. Includes: forward-reverse shuttle, adjustable motor protection. Dumping system: galvanized steel cable, 3/8 inch diameter. It includes antirust paint and finishing touch.



Ingeniería Prodol INGENIERIA PRODOL manufactures complete processing lines for citrus, apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, mangoes, kiwis, melons, watermelons, …Processing lines for vegetables, including leaf vegetables. And also for grapes, juice processing, and graders for small fruits like cherries, cherry tomatoes, etc. Smart chain sizers, sorting by weight, diameter, volume, shape and quality (external defects). Citrus: detection of frost damaged fruit. The lines are build in modules and include continuous and discontinuous crate dumpers, discontinuous bin dumpers with tape cover, continuous bin dumpers with destackers/stackers. Washing/waxing machines for fungicide application, drying tunnels, grading tables, electronic cup sizers for large fruit, the already mentioned smart chain electronic sizers, and electronic systems sorting for defects, shape, diameter, color, etc.; tray filling packing belts, rolling drums, crate and bag fillers working by weight or quantity, crate fillers for citrus fruits, and hydro bin fillers for delicate fruit. Ingeniería Prodol also manufactures high pressure pumps, speed reducers, and sprayers.

INGENIERÍA PRODOL, S.A. Ruta 25 a 1,6 km Panamericana hacia Matheu B1625BZP BELÉN DE ESCOBAR (BS.AS.) - ARGENTINA Ph.: +54-348 4420175 / Fax: +54-348 4421288 prodol@prodol.com.ar www.prodol.com.ar

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Ingeniería Prodol Pre Grading Lines

For citrus

emptier of bins, with destacker/stacker and a water channel linking to a roller elevator and a washer machine. A pre-drying tunnel, a waxer and a drying tunnel follow. A four lane electronic grader classifies after weight, diameter, color and quality, including sorting out of frost damaged fruit. Processing lines

For round and elongated vegetables The citrus pre-grading lines provided by Ingeniería Prodol have a continuous water bin delivery system with destacker/stacker and a water channel. From the later the fruit goes to a roller elevator and to the washing machine. After being washed, the fruit proceeds further to a six lane electronic sizer, being graded after diameter, weight, color and quality. The line is completed with bin fillers, fed by an empty bin automatic feeding system. Ingenieria Prodol manufactures packing lines for all kinds of fruits and vegetables: citrus, stone fruit, including plums, grapes; and also all kinds of vegetables: garlic, onions, potatoes. As well as juice extraction machines. All solutions are tailored for specific production needs.

Processing lines for vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, (courgette), cucumbers, eggplant…, manufactured by Ingeniería Prodol, are designed with modular elements, to fit the needs of each client. They are usually composed of a bank where the bins are dumped, a roller elevator that carries the fruit to the washer – waxer. A four lane electronic sizer also makes an electronic selection of defects and sorting by weight, size and, optionally, by color. The resulting packages contain fruit of homogeneous size, color and quality. Processing lines

For apples and pears

Processing lines

For citrus

Ingeniería Prodol manufactures citrus processing lines adapted to the needs of each client. A typical line counts on an hydraulic


Ingeniería Prodol manufactures processing lines for apples and pears. A standard line has a system to dump fruit in the water channel, continuous/discontinuous hydroimmersion system for apples and pears, bin conveyors with stacking/destacking systems, washing and waxing sections, drying tunnels, grading tables where the fruit goes further to the four lane grader and is selected by weight, color and quali-


ty and goes out through different exits to be packed in cell trays. The resulting packages show homogeneous fruit size, color and quality.

Grading systems

Weight, diameter, color, quality

.Smart chain electronic sizer

Precision for a large number of kinds of fruit

The smart chain electronic grader assesses weight, quality, color and dimension in species of various shapes and is adapted also to work with very delicate fruit. The fuit acceses the intelligent electronic sizer on a sloped surface, being pushed by rubber fingers to the entry of weighing scales and going on further through an ejecting mechanism. The ejecting mechanism pushes the fruit to the side, resting on a soft nylon brush, avoiding in that way hits and blows. The conveying system allows the processing of any kind of fruit and vegetables, getting for them the desired weight. Computers and different kinds of electronic sensors are used. They are coordinated by a special software. The system is able to measure weight, quality, color, size (length, width, area). A camera and electronic platelet obtain up to 50 pictures/second.

The electronic selector of defects, shape, color, diameter and weight by IngenierĂ­a Prodol works based on specifications in order to obtain optimal results in the measurements to perform. The quality and color system is based in the use of CCD color cameras that allow the detection of major basic colors, secondary colors and four different defects, being able to tell apart up to three different spots for each defect. The fruit is turned around under the camera to show its whole surface and that examination can be seen in the monitor. The grading system by diameter rests on the use of black and white CCD cameras. It has specific algorithms for calculating diameter and has the ability to measure diameter, length or both. In the grading system by weight, a digitalizing process eliminates signals generated by vibration of the machine. Each conveyor cart is dynamically weighted to establish the tare, which is subtracted from the measured value in the conveyor cart loaded. All variations in tare are automatically compensated.



Unitec UNITEC is a group specialized in designing and manufacturing technologies for the processing, sorting, selecting and packing of more than 35 kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. For nearly a century, UNITEC has been improving fruit and vegetable processing quality in countries all over the world, providing technologies and services at the highest standard of reliability and profitability. Listening to the requirements of our clients and markets, designing solutions for increasing efficiency, and reducing costs in handling processes are concerns at the heart of the mission of UNITEC, the only Italian company capable of fully designing and building technology spanning the whole handling process. On the international level, UNITEC has a network of subsidiaries in some of the leading fruit- and vegetable-producing countries (such as United States, France, Spain, Chile, and Argentina) and a sales structure that allows it to meet the requirements in the +50 countries in which it operates. As a leading company in its sector, UNITEC has ISO 9001 quality certification (2002), as well as OHSAS 18001 certification for management of safety in the workplace, and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

Unitec S.p.A.

Italy - 48022 Lugo RA - Via Prov.le Cotignola, 20/9 Ph.: +39 0545 288884

Uniservice Sicilia S.r.L.

Italy – 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi RG - Via G. Martino, 6 Ph.: +39 0932 921644

Unitec Iberica S.L.

Spain - 30169 San Ginés, Murcia - P.I. Oeste, c/Amistad Aptdo Correos 206 - Mod. A-2, Parc. 19 Ph.: +34 968 882952

Unitec France S.A.S.

France - 84911 Avignon Cédex 09 - Bât. B de Créativa 200, Rue Michel de Montaigne - Site Agroparc - BP 31222 Ph. +33 4 37642460

Unitec Chile S.p.A.

Chile - Región Metropolitana de Santiago Pasaje San Diego, 494 - 9500780 Buin Ph.: +56 2 2821 4465

Unitec S.A.

Argentina - Cipolletti, Río Negro R8324JUK Tres Arroyos, 535 Ph.: +54 299 4774044

Unitec USA Universal Technologies, Inc.

USA - Lodi CA 95240 - 310 N. Cluff Avenue, Suite 117 Ph.: +1 209 369 6200 /+1 209 369 6201


USA - Wenatchee WA 98801 - 2623 Euclid Avenue, Suite B Ph.: +1 509 888 9938

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UNITEC Innovative sorting and processing lines for over 35 kinds of fruit and vegetables. We design and manufacture innovative technologies which automate the entire processing cycle, from bins dumping to defects selection, sorting and packing through to traceability. Some of our technologies able to increase processing stage efficiency within packing houses:

Apples technologies

Cherries and Cherry Tomatoes technologies The development of new systems which are ultra-gentle in apples handling has allowed us to create high-capacity systems for the various different apple varieties solving the problem of their delicate nature. APPLE_VISION is the vision system for nondestructive detection of the apples external quality.

CHERRY_VISION and CHERRY TOMATOES_ VISION are the vision system that guarantee non-destructive detection of the internal and external quality of cherries and cherry tomatoes. These are technologies versatile and customizable for any packing house on the basis of end user requirements and reduce the work of identifying fruit defects manually, with marked savings in processing costs. Thanks to these technologies, packers can improve their quality selection regime and increase market profitability thanks to accurate quality selection never reached before.


SUPERSOFT_EXIT is the ultra-gentle system that guarantees zero damages to apples during the unloading from sorter. Stone Fruits technologies (apricots, avocados, flat peaches, nectarines, peaches, plums)


APRICOT_VISION and PLUM_VISION are the vision system which allow the non-destructive detection of internal and external quality of apricots and plums. These technologies are able to select the fruit according to quality parameters not detectable by the human eye such as excessive softness of the flesh and dents or damage to the pulp of the fruit. The systems also detect the presence of external defects of peel and form.

Lines can be equipped with automatic quality selection systems (PEACH_VISION) designed to greatly enhance the end-product quality being presented to the market. Kiwis technologies

The high precision used to detect parameters such as weight, size, colour and defects on kiwis skin allow to obtain excellent product homogeneity, achieved by using the highest quality criteria that add value to the product. Tomatoes technologies

UNI_FILL PUNNET, automatic filler for apricots and other stone fruits.

Lines for peaches offer high-precision processing, guaranteeing extremely accurate grading with the possibility of using either optical or weight-based sorting systems.

Lines for tomatoes are extremely flexible and versatile, indeed they can also be used to process 6/7 other kinds of fruit and vegetables. They can be equipped with automatic quality selection (ULTRAVISION) that greatly enhances the end-product quality being presented to the market.




Sorting by size and color

VAN WAMEL B.V. Energieweg 1 6658 AE BENEDEN - LEEUWEN THE NETHERLANDS Ph.: +31-(0)487-59 29 44 Fax: +31-(0)487-59 29 70 www.vanwamel.nl The PERFECT brand has a worldwide reputation among fruit and vegetable growers due to its high quality and excellent performance. Its extensive product range includes equipment for sorting and packaging of fruits and vegetables. Our cup grader are specially designed for the careful handling of all kinds of fruits and vegetables , including elongated shapes, pears, etc...

The optical sorter Perfect, sorting fruits and vegetables by diameter and color, are available in configurations with 2, 3, 4 or 6 lanes. It is equipped with a brush singulator with rotation speed control for the brushes and an optical measuring system (OMS) with a high resolution camera. All electronic “Perfect” sorting machines are equipped with a proven and extreme user-friendly Windows 7® Interface. The sorting programs can easily be modified, re-named and re-stored by the user at his convenience.

Distributor for Spain:

PALEMPORDANES, S.L. Tramontana 13B Pol. Ind. Pont del Príncep 17469 VILAMALLA (GIRONA) - Spain Móvil: +34-610 299 934 Tel./Ph.: +34-972 525 980 Fax: +34-972 525 980 pallasjorge@hotmail.com

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GROWPACK, LTDA. Feliciano Rodriguez, 2664 11600 MONTEVIDEO - URUGUAY Ph.: +598-2-706 7992 Fax: +598-2-706 7992 growpack@netgate.com.uy Representation, advising and services for post-harvest materials and equipment for fruits and vegetables. Specialized in citrus fruits.



Minimally processed, ready to eat, and processing equipment



Dinnissen b.v................................... 77 Fam n.v.............................................. 76



FAM Dorphy

The small giant among cutters

FAM N.V. Neerveld 2 2550 KONTICH - BELGIUM Ph.: +32-(0)3-450 92 20 Fax: +32-(0)3-450 92 50 info@fam.be www.fam.be

FAM-STUMABO IBÉRICA, S.L. Ronda Narciso Monturiol nº 4 Bloque A, Ofic. 207A 46980 PATERNA (Valencia) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-961 366 724 info@fam-iberica.com FAM is the European market leader for food cutting solutions on an industrial scale. Customers in 72 countries worldwide use more than 4.500 food cutting machines operational today. FAM is known for its customer oriented philosophy, its many innovative applications and the quality of its products. FAM develops customer-oriented innovative solutions for the precision cutting of food products. Our standard excels in reliability, maintenance friendliness, hygiene and safety. When designing FAM machines and their cutting tools, we consider all factors that determine the cut quality to ensure our customers the highest yield with a minimum amount of residues. Our machines are fully tested in a production environment. This is an essential link to achieve the highest possible cut quality before the machine comes to the market.

The FAM Dorphy is the answer for those who need a solution for low cost cutting with perfect quality of cut. Dorphy has the ruggedness and reliability of a high strength cutter combined in a very compact and flexible design. The machine can perform a large variety cuts on a large number of products: flat slices, strips and cubes, obtained from vegetables like potatoes, beets, carrots, onions , mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers and from fruits like apples, pears, strawberries , mangoes or papayas. Providing always a high percentage of useful product and little waste. Dorphy can make cubes in a range of sizes between 3 and 20 mm starting from vegetables and fruits as long as 135 mm. Maximum output is 1.500 kg / hour, depending product and cutting size. This versatile cutter is especially designed for new projects, for processors with small to medium capacity and for caterings. It is also used in pilot plants and research and development centers. In addition, large processors use it for special, small volume productions.

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Pegasus Mixer®

High quality ready to eat salads

DINNISSEN B.V. Horsterweg 66 5975NB SEVENUM THE NETHERLANDS Ph.: +31-77-467 35 55 Fax: +31-77-467 37 85 powtech@dinnissen.nl www.dinnissen.nl DINNISSEN was founded in 1948 as a machine specialist for the compound feed industry. Over time, and attending requests of other industries, the company has been able to broaden the scope of activities while expanding globally into increasingly high-quality applications. As a result, Dinnissen is now a leading player famous for its expertise, products and tailor-made solutions in the world of powders, particles and granules – developed, tested and produced in-house. The company is specialized in process technology for different kind s of products. From single machines to complete turnkey systems to cover different tasks, like product intake, conveying and handling, feeding and weighing, mixing and processing, milling and grinding, sifting and packaging. Among other mixing machines, Dinnissen builds the Pegasus Mixer®, the perfect solution for all mixing processes. Accurate, efficient and able to take on any mixing challenge. A feeding system adds ingredients evenly to the Pegasus Mixer®, in precisely the right quantity, condition and exactly at the right time, guaranteeing the desired homogeneously mixing result.

An homogeneous mix is one of the keys of an attractive minimally processed salad. With an in-line Pegasus® Continuous Mixer, by Dinnissen, you can achieve high throughputs with a very small mixer. This continuous mixer ensures consistent quality in the end product. Benefits include: • Homogenous / reproducible mixtures • Immediate recipe changes • Compact system design • Shorter mixing time than any other type of mixer • Fast & economic because of the short mixing time • No product damage • Low energy consumption • Flexible design, from gentle to high shear mixer • Variation coefficients 0.03 • 10 PPM components without premixing • Mixing know-how and test facilities

More in Postharvest www.postharvest.biz/en/company/dinnissen-bv/_id:56176/



Packaging and labelling Equipment



Multivac Sepp Haggenm端ller GmbH & CO. KG ............................. 80 ULMA Packaging ........................... 82



Multivac Multivac is a world leader in packaging solutions. Our customers are industrial manufacturers as well as small and midsized companies in various sectors including. Multivac provides a comprehensive packaging consultation to ensure you make the best decision for your product. It starts with individual advise regarding the best solution in terms of technique, economics, and packaging design. It continues with unbeatable after-sales support. Our production range covers: - Fully automatic thermoforming machines - Semi- and fully automatic traysealing lines - Vacuum chamber machines - Labelers - Comprehensive accessories More than 55 subsidiaries and agencies on all continents provide an extensive service and sales network. More than 800 Multivac service advisors and technicians all over the world are at work every day to ensure maximum availability of every Multivac packaging system – throughout the long lifetime of your Multivac machine.

MULTIVAC SEPP HAGGENMĂœLLER GMBH & CO. KG Bahnhofstrasse 4 87787 WOLFERTSCHWENDEN - GERMANY Ph.: +49-(0)8334-601 0 Fax: +49-(0)8334-601 199 muwo@multivac.de www.multivac.com

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ULMA Packaging Due to more than 50 years of experience, ULMA is able to offer the widest range and most innovative solutions for packaging equipment and systems, providing a shure added value to his customers. ULMA Packaging can now be found in a wide range of markets thanks to its unique multiline offer: - Stretch Film - Flow Pack - Thermoforming Tray sealer - Shrink Vertical. This offer is complemented by a Packaging Automation Service which gives solutions to integrated systems from product loading to palletising. Products: Flow Pack (HFFS). Thermoforming and Blister. Traysealing. Vertical (VFFS). Shrink -Side seal. Stretch film. Shring - Sleeve wrapping. Integral solutions. Lid machines. Stretch bundlers. Shrink tunnels. Packaging solutions: Fresh Food Packaging. Food Packaging. Medical Packaging. Non Food Packaging. ULMA Packaging is the only company in the sector that is able to offer such a variety of packaging solutions in a complementary or alternative manner, providing a singular and customized offering, with innovative applications, adapted to the client needs.

ULMA Packaging , S. Coop. Barrio Garibai, 28 - Apdo. de Correos, 145 20560 OĂ‘ATI (GuipĂşzcoa) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-943 739 200 Fax: +34-943 780 819 info@ulmapackaging.com www.ulmapackaging.com

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ULMA Packaging ULMA Packaging Sleeve wrapping

Wrapping in shrink film, single or multiple units, stacked or not

Packed with flat shrink film, cross weld to pack multiple units and stack the product. Normally, complete closing of the pack it is not needed, but this operation is possible using sleeve wrapping with four weldings. The machine is useful to pack canned food on a cardboard sheet.

Flow Pack wrappers (HFFS)

The machines use a single coil for wrapping

Automatic machines for high productions. Horizontal packing using a single film coil with three weldings: two cross-weldings and one longitudinal welding. This type of machine is aimed at food and non - food markets. Thermoforming

Package shaping within the machine

Stretch film

High yield wrappers

Highly flexible automatic machines to pack fresh products in trays using stretch film. This type of machine is exclusively aimed at the food market.


Horizontal automatic packing machines characterized by package shaping within the machine using two film coils normally made of different materials. Depending on the material used, packages can be flexible or rigid. This type of machine is aimed both at food and non-food markets.


Thermic tray sealing

Heat sealing of various products, possibly with modified atmosphere (MAP) within the trays

Tray automatic sealing machines with facilities for vacuum and/or gas injected packages. This type of machine is exclusively aimed at the food market.

Shrink – side sealing

The machine obtains a high quality package without folds

Vertical wrappers (VFFS)

Its main field of application includes loose products, granulated products, doughy products or products difficult to handle

Vertical automatic packing machines for flow pack wrapping with the possibility of using modified atmosphere (MAP). This type of machine is aimed at both food and non-food markets. Delegations in Spain: - Northern dealership - Central Spain dealership - Galicia dealership - Catalonia dealership - Levante dealership - Southern Spain dealership - Canary Islands dealership International sales network

Automatic machines and shrinking tunnels that work with all kinds of shrink films when a total sealing is not required. Two cross sealing coils obtaining a shrinking packaging around the shape of the product.

- France - United Kingdom - The Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Poland - Russia - Portugal - USA - Mexico - Brazil - Argentina - South Africa - Rumania - Australia - Ucrania - Belgium



Packaging and labelling. Materials and Auxiliary equipment



Grupo Giró (Oficinas Centrales) ................88, 91 Infia s.r.l............................................. 92 Pac Life ............................................. 94 Plastidom - Plásticos Industriais e Domésticos, s.a........................... 95



Grupo Giró The Giro Group is a worldwide leader in horticultural packaging systems. More than 50 years in the industry guarantees our reputation in the development and distribution of net packaging solutions for the fresh produce. Giro offers the widest range of systems to fit the needs of different markets through the largest production capacity of knitted tubular nets and printed films for packaging. Our business model is unique in the world that provides an integrated solution in our industry where the packaging system (machinery, consumables and after-sales) is designed, produced and marketed under a single business group, ensuring a perfect harmony.

GRUPO GIRÓ (OFICINAS CENTRALES) Jaume Ribó, 35-37, 1º B 08911 BADALONA (Barcelona) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-933 841 011 Fax: +34-933 899 066 girogh@giro.es www.giropack.com

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Grupo Gir贸

Grupo Gir贸

ULTRABAG PACKAGING Packaging system with verticality and strong impact at the point of sale. Giro Ultrabag system represents a packaging solution with high added value. Its wide band longitudinally welded to the bag gives a more upright shape and allowing great communication capability. This system can be made using different band and net width combinations to fit the packaging size for every need. Dies or handle can be incorporated for easy transport.

GIRBAGGER RANGE Represents a complete revolution in packing machinery for fresh produce. Thanks to the high productivity , reduced layout and modular design of the different versions it allows to adapt the machine to every single market need. The new Girbagger range allows to produce a wide variety of bags, using different film width and film type possibilities, and knitted or extruded net with holes or handle options.




Giró offers a wide range of solutions in net which can cover specific requests from a wide variety of sectors. Thanks to its breathability and good weight /resistance ratio, nets become a cost-effective solution for all kind of applications. Discover how Giró nets can help you.


Giró offers packaging machinery of advanced technology that meets market needs, for diversity in supply and for the technology employed. Our wide range of machinery covers the various stages of packaging, ie, Feeding Systems, Weighing and Packaging. GIRCONTROL PLUS


Giró offers a wide range of printed products designed for fresh produce packing. From the wide range of Girfilm products, a key component of the packaging systems, to adhesive labels, Giró offers all the components to cover communication needs in net packaging systems. With more than fifty years of experience in printing, the Giró Group has most versatile printing factories and with the largest printing capacity to cover the needs of the horticultural net packaging sector. The range of printed products includes the following items: Girlfilms, Adhesives labels and Wineglass labels.


Through GirControl Plus, Giró revolutionizes the world of horticultural packaging, enabling comprehensive control of the production plant, its efficiency, produce flow analysis and assessment of breakdowns to perform preventive maintenance. This real-time monitoring, if desired, can also be done securely from any computer with Internet access. The GirControl Plus is an industrial computer that incorporates software developed by Giró. Connected to the packaging or weighing machines equipped with “GirControl Ready” capability allows the exchange of information with them bi-directionally. In this way the machine settings , real-time status, alarms, productive and unproductive times and, in sumary, all the information of the machines can be viewed and treated from a networked computer and even, if desired, accessible from the Internet with appropriate permissions and security.


GRUPO GIRÓ (OFICINAS CENTRALES) Jaume Ribó 35-37, 1ºB 08911 BADALONA (Barcelona) SPAIN Ph.: +34-933 841 011 Fax: +34-933 899 066 girogh@giro.es www.giropack.com Manufacturer Tubular net and plastic materials for packing of fruits and vegetables. Nets for packaging and palletization.

GIRÓ GH, S.A. (CENTRAL VENTAS IBERIA) Camí d’ Albalat, s/n (CV-505; Km 1,5) 46600 ALZIRA - (Valencia) SPAIN Ph.: +34-961 410 511 Fax: +34-961 411 316 girogh@giro.es www.giropack.com Trader Tubular net and plastic materials for packing of fruits and vegetables. Nets for packaging and palletization. Packaging machinery.

Giro Branches

GIRO PACK INC. 2305 Industrial Lane GA 30474 VIDALIA - USA Ph.: +1-912-537 4748 Fax: +1-912-537 0858 larkinda@mindspring.com

GIRO GMBH Dürener Straße, 434 50858 KÖLN - Marsdorf GERMANY Ph.: +49-221-9486440 Fax: +49-221-9486444 info@Giro-GmbH.de

GIRO PACK, SA DE C.V. Av. Industrias 1020 Bodega H 9 Colonia Bella Vista 64410 MONTERREY - NUEVO LEÓN MEXICO Ph.: +52-81-833 13 008 Fax: +52-81-833 14 184 albertodiaz@giropack.com



Infia Since 1947 Infia srl has focused on creating innovative packaging that represent a winning solution to the new requirements of packaging , offering products that provide the maximum value and protection to fruits and vegetables. Today, Infia is a company with over 400 employees settled into two production plants in Bertinoro (Italy) and Puçol (Spain). With 162,000 m2 productive area, Infia has its headquarters in Italy. There is where their business strategies are defined. And with its two trade branches in Spain and UK, and with the strength of its commercial network based on distributors, Infia guarantees the presence of its products worldwide and places it in the leading position as packaging manufacturer in Europe and as the second one worldwide. Infia has always stood by continuous effort in innovation. The company was the first to believe in the future of PET as packaging material, the first to propose new models that have revolutionized the packaging of fruit and the first to present the traceability system on their packaging. Today Infia is the main promoter of RPET. This is the reason why its range of articles is one of the most diversified and comprehensive in the supermarket sector. A technological simple concept in Inia´s punnets and clamshells – the side ventilation in the packaging units – leads to a 25 % faster precooling time of the produce, which results in less energy use and less carbon footprint, in more productivity for precooling rooms and longer shelf life of the produce. The evacuation of humidity allows a better visibility of the produce inside while shopping in the supermarket and also diminishes the incidence of fungi and rots. Ethylene is faster eliminated, contributing also to a longer shelf life of the contents of the package.

INFIA S.R.L. Via Caduti di Via Fani, 85 47032 BERTINORO (FC) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0543-466511 Fax: +39-0543-466519 infiagroup@infia.it www.infia.it

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organoleptic characteristics. Inside the bag, high relative humidity is kept, allowing for firmness of the produce and to reduce dehydration and weight losses. Much more effectively than an usual perforated bag. Besides, the additives included in the material take care of excess humidity, avoiding condensation and reducing the appearance of produce rotting.

PAC LIFE Nueva Central N° 4431 CONCHALI - CHILE Ph.: +56-2-820 0400 infopac@envasespaclife.com www.envasespaclife.com PAC LIFE has its origin in the name given to a new generation of high permeability packaging material to be used in the preservation of fruit and vegetables. Bags made of such material are “ACTIVE VESSELS” that interact with the products they contain, changing the composition of the atmosphere inside them and increasing in that way the postharvest life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pac Life, modified atmosphere vessels

Preserve quality

The Pac Life technology, modified atmosphere packaging of PSS Packages Spa for the manufacturing of active packaging materials, is a last generation polymeric blend that improves permeability, and includes special additives in its molecular structure. Ethylene absorbers among them. The final result is an optimal balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide, eliminating humidity inside the bag, avoiding condensation and rotting. The Pac Life technology is available for the main kinds of fruit (apples, kiwis, cherries, peaches, nectarines, avocados, asparagus and other vegetables and flowers).

The technology is a new development patented by the company that starts working since the moment of the sealing of the Pac Life bags. The fruit or vegetable goes on breathing, lowering the oxygen and increasing the CO2 concentrations inside the package. Inside, a balanced atmosphere develops, increasing shelf life of the produce, keeping its taste and also its More in Postharvest




PLASTIDOM - PLÁSTICOS INDUSTRIAIS E DOMÉSTICOS, S.A. Rua Flores, Carreira de Água-Barosa 2400-016 BAROSA (Leiria) - PORTUGAL Ph.: +351-244-880 160 Fax: +351-244-880 161 plastidom@plastidom.pt www.domplex.com Plastic products for agricultural and domestic use and also for the general industry. Boxes, containers and plastic pallets Domplex.

Foldable, low priced box

Export of fruit and vegetables

Domplex ITC Ref. 845E0N1

Bin G4 1.2/1.2-0.76 CA The boxes sized 60 x 40 cm at the base and 20 cm deep and the boxes sized 50 x 30 cm at the base and 15 and 20 cm deep are made of first, food use raw materials. Pallete DLP 1.2/0.8 c/ 3 Trav. Inj.

Domplex ITC Ref. 620F Size: 1200 x 1200 x 760 Capacity: 795 l Colors: White and grey

Foldable plastic box

Available in different shapes The boxes sized 60 x 40 cm at the base, are 11, 18 or 23 cm deep; and the boxes sized 30 x 40 cm at the base have a depth of 18 cm. The boxes are made of first, food use raw materials.

Ideal for storage and transportation of agricultural products. It has three rungs across that give it solidity. Size is 1200 x 800 x 165 mm.

More in Postharvest www.postharvest.biz/en/company/plastidom-plasticos-industriais-e-domesticos-lda/_id:35875/



Logistic, distribution and point of sale



Bilanciai Soc. 54 ProductosCampogalliano Citrosol, s.a. ................ Coop. a.r.l....................................... ...99 Fomesa Fruitech, s.l....................... 56 Bizerba Iberia España, Janssen s.a.u................................. PMP.......................................98 58 Syngenta Crop Protection AG.... 60 Tecnidex-Técnicas de Desinfección, s.a....................... 62



KH 800 2S

Balanza multimedia BIZERBA IBERIA ESPAÑA, S.A.U. Pol. Ind. Los Angeles - C/ Herreros, 42 28906 GETAFE (Madrid) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-91 665 41 80 Fax: +34-91 665 42 95 industria@bizerba.es www.bizerba.com Individual or interconnected scales systems. Manual labellers (weight, price, amount and bar code). Weighing trains and automatic labelling for baskets, round shaped or boxes. Industrial electronical scales with connection to computer. Dinamic weight controllers. Automatic pallet labelling machines, X – ray equipment for detection of foreign objects in vessels. System for the automatic placement of shells in boxes using robots. Automatic palleting systems. Fix weight box filling systems, with or without previous classification of the components according to weight. production control systems for strawberry shell filling lines up to 100 workers; with statistical control of the results.

Pantalla de manejo y del cliente, ambas de 12,1”. Óptimas para la publicidad de cara al cliente y la venta cruzada. Si se desea, también con impresora doble (T-E, E-E o E-L).

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BILANCIAI CAMPOGALLIANO SOC. COOP. A.R.L. Via Sergio Ferrari, 16 41011 CAMPO GALLIANO (Modena) - ITALY Ph.: +39-059-893611 Fax: +39-059-527079 info@coopbilanciai.it www.coopbilanciai.it Weight-pricing Cigiemme: weighing, labelling and weight-checking. Weighing equipment: weighbridges, weighing platforms, weighing and handling, weighing and counting, weighing kits for industrial systems, weighing systems for food industry, electronic terminals.



Information, administration, planning and services



FPJ - Loockwood Press Ltd. ......102 Fruit Logistica .....................104, 112 Fruit Profits ...................................112 Macfrut Cesena Fiera S.p.A. ......................108 Revista de Fruticultura...............106 Shams Media.................................110 THM - Tecnologías de Horticultura Mediterránea........112



Fresh Produce Journal - FPJ Your fortnightly window on the world of fresh produce ·.The Fresh Produce Journal is essential reading for the UK and global fruit and vegetable business and support industries. ·.Published since 1895 with an unrivalled readership of 15,000+ across more than 55 countries. ·.Global news, views and analysis with a UK market perspective. ·.Spanning the entire supply chain from seed breeder to in-store produce manager. ·. Bi-monthly supplements provide in-depth coverage on categories, sectors and sources. ·.Unrivalled coverage of current affairs, retail pricing and company news - together with market leading comment and analysis.

LOCKWOOD PRESS LTD. - FPJ 132 Wandsworth Road SW8 2LB LONDON - UNITED KINGDOM Ph.: +44-(0) 207 501 0300 Fax: +44-(0) 207 501 0306 info@fpj.co.uk www.fpj.co.uk





Fruit Logistica This specialist trade fair offers the sectors connected with the fresh fruit and vegetable business an ideal opportunity to present their products across the entire added-value chain, from growing to the point-of-sale. Compact duration, focused appeal to target groups and maximum effectiveness are the key features of FRUIT LOGISTICA. Products on show include fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, herbs and spices, organic products and self-service flowers and potted plants. Suppliers of products and services for packaging, storage, transport, warehousing and product presentation also exhibit their offerings. A further important element of FRUIT LOGISTICA is the service market with IT solutions. FRUIT LOGISTICA: The whole spectrum of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector Fresh fruit and vegetable Dried fruits and nuts Packaging & labelling Transport and logistical systems Produce handling and storage Press and media Computer and internet solutions Cultivation systems Represented in Spain By Brifer Services, s.l.

BRIFER SERVICES, S.L. Representante oficial de Messe Berlin en EspaĂąa, Andorra y Gibraltar Arturo Soria, 320 - 9ÂşD 28033 MADRID - SPAIN Ph.: +34-917 672 767 / Fax: +34-917 669 932 brifer@brifer.es / www.fruitlogistica.com





Revista de Fruticultura The reference Spanish magazine for fruit industry. Revista de Fruticultura offers every two months the latest innovations and trends in fruit growing, from the scientific aspects to the most commercial ones. 7 issues per year, includes a special edition. Published in Spanish.

REVISTA DE FRUTICULTURA Editorial Tècnica Quatrebcn, S.L.L. Ptge. del Dos de Maig, 18 b 08041 BARCELONA - SPAIN info@quatrebcn.es www.quatrebcn.es





Macfrut International Exhibition of Plants, Technologies and Services for the Production, Conditioning, Marketing and Transport of Fruit and Vegetables.

MACFRUT - CESENA FIERA S.P.A. Via Dismano 3845 47020 PIEVESESTINA DI CESENA (FC) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0547-317435 Fax: +39-0547-318431 info@macfrut.com www.macfrut.com





Shams Media 1-Shams Magazine: it is an Arab scientific agricultural magazine comes out every month in both Arabic and English, and it distributes about 22657 copies locally and internationally. www.shamsmagazine.com 2- Feed& Fish Magazine is issued by Shams Media and Publishing Est. (since 1998). Fish & Feed Magazine is a quarterly magazine published in Arabic and English concerned with Fisheries, Aquaculture and Feed sectors in Egypt and Middle East, and it distributes about 7900 copies locally and internationally. www.feedandfish.com 3- Gardens & Homes Magazine is a specialized magazine in Gardening, landscaping and décor world; it is published every two months in Arabic and English. It is considered as an important reference for all who are interested in gardens coordination as well as interior decoration. It introduces the scientific bases and defines each sector, and it distributes about 13760 copies locally and internationally. www.gardensandhomes.com 4-Shams Annual agricultural book: it is the only specialized directory in Egypt that covers all the agricultural fields, comes out in Arabic and English. www.shamsdirectory.com

SHAMS MEDIA EGYPT – CAIRO – Heliopolis 3rd zone, Commercial Center 5 th floor Ph.: +20-1221633000 info@shamsmedia.com marketing@shamsmedia.com www.shamsmedia.com





THM - TECNOLOGÍAS DE HORTÍCULTURA MEDITERRÁNEA Dr. Manuel Candela 26, 11ª 46021 VALENCIA - SPAIN Ph.: +34-630 871 738 papasseit.pere@gmail.com www.horticulturablog.com THM group, Mediterranean gardening technologies, is an initiative of a group of companies to contribute to knowledge on technologies and trends in the horticultural industry. Companies participating in the THM group, Mediterranean gardening technologies, adopt a commitment to create synergies and complementarities between private and public, among horticultural producers, companies and scientists, and thus contribute to creating opportunities in a concept of horticulture as a development factor. THM Group provides consulting deals and aim to fulfill our commitment to contribute to an efficient and modern horticulture.

FRUIT LOGISTICA MESSE BERLIN GMBH Messedamm 22 14055 BERLIN - GERMANY Ph.: +49 (0)30 3038-0 Fax: +49 (0)30 3038-2325 fruitlogistica@messe-berlin.de www.fruitlogistica.com Fair specializad in fresh fruits and vegetables and its technology. Annual. Represented in Spain for Brifer Services.

FRUIT PROFITS Severo Ochoa, 14 46010 VALENCIA - SPAIN Ph.: +34-610 818 183 manuel.madrid@fruitprofits.com www.fruitprofits.com Fruit Profits provides you with updated information on fresh produce technology and marketing for your business. Learn new techniques to enter new markets, deliver better quality produce and reduce your costs and fruit losses. Applying them will increase your sales and profits.





Control and measuring devices



Absoger s.a. ..................................120 Agro-Technologie .......................116 Atago ............................................. 120 Domenico Brancato s.n.c. .........121 CH Sistemas s.l. ............................121 Deltatrak Inc. ................................122 Eclo ..................................................122 Escort Cold Chain Solutions s.a. ................................123 Fairbridge Technologies ...........123 Felix Instruments ........................124 Hanna Instruments s.l. ...............124 Isolcell Italia s.p.a. .......................125 Metostep s.l. .................................126 PBI-Dansensor .............................126 T.R. Turoni s.r.l. ..............................118 Unitec s.p.a. ..................................127



citrus fruits, mango, papaya, avocado, potatoes, ...

AGRO-TECHNOLOGIE Zone industrielle 76440 FORGES LES EAUX - FRANCE Ph.: +33-(0)2-35 09 20 35 Fax: +33-(0)9-72 26 19 91 contact@agro-technologie.com www.agro-technologie.com Measurement and control of fruit and vegetable quality, Food processing quality control. AGRO WEIGHT&COLOR®


Measures the firmness of soft-skinned and soft fruit, working near a computer

Complete touchscreen colorimeter combined with an automatic weight recorder

AGRO WEIGHT&COLOR® is the only colorimeter on the market working automatically and its price is very low compared to the colorimeters usually proposed in the world for fruits and vegetables. AGROSTA®14Touchscreen

The AGROSTA®100Usb measures the firmness of soft-skinned and soft fruit. Controlled and powered from a PC, it stores and analyses a huge amount of data via its Windows interface. It is the most technologically advanced instrument on the market to measure fruit and soft and semi-hard materials. AGROSTA®Citrus Usb

Digital penetrometer to measure the firmness of crisp fruits

Dynamometer for citrus fruits connected to a PC, option mangoes

AGROSTA® 14Touchscreen is connected to a tactile console with 32GB memory, and measures the firmness of crisp fruits. It stores and analyses a huge amount of data. It is the most technologically advanced instrument on the market to measure the hardness of apples, pears, peach, apricots,

AGROSTA®Citrus Usb has been designed the firmness measurement in orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, ..., and other citrus fruits. AGROSTA®Citrus Usb is driven and managed by a computer thanks to a USB connection.

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For homogeneous and easy juice extraction for analysis

Measures the firmness / toughness / hardness of soft fruits and vegetables

JUFEL are devices, for homogeneous and easy juice extracting from different types of fruits such as: apples, pears, peaches, kiwi... to perform analysis (sugar, acidity ...).

The AGROSTA®100Field is a portable durometer firstly designed for tomatoes. Many other uses have been found like firmness measurement of apricots, plums, blueberries, cherries, olives, peppers, peaches, strawberries..., as well as fruits in sugar sirup, jelly, tec.


For measuring firmness, hardness, softness of mangoes and citrus fruits


Registers the size / caliper, and calculates statistics AGROSIZE® is used for grading and sizing fruits and vegetables. It registers the size / diameter, and makes statistics. It is a laboratory grading system for fruits and vegetables that classifies fruits by size. It registers up to 4 billions data.

AGROSTA®14AField, developed and manufactured for the firmness measurement of mangos and citrus fruits: oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes, and grapefruits.



T.R. Turoni For over thirty years T.R. Company has satisfied the needs of all who are involved in fruit-growing, horticulture and floriculture, by manufacturing analysis, control and measurement instruments which have become well-established in the Italian and foreign markets, thanks to their precision and reliability. The T.R. Company offers a complete range of instruments helping the customer in all phases of agricultural production: Instruments for the analysis of the chemicalphysical characteristics of soil and water such as pHmeter (acidity), conductivitymeter (salinity), soil moisture meter, etc; Meteorological instruments such as thermometers, hygrometers, electronic frost indicators, anemometers, pluviometers, etc; Harvest control instruments such as refractometers for reading the sugar concentration, fruit pressure tester to detect proper picking ripeness and control fruit softening during cold storage, etc.; Control instruments for the preservation and transport of goods both in refrigerators and in refrigerating trucks such as highprecision thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers, thermographs, etc.

T.R. TURONI S.R.L. Via Copernico 26 47122 FORLI (FO) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0543-724848 Fax: +39-0543-774670 info@trturoni.com www.trturoni.com

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oxide. The catalyst is activated thanks to an ultraviolet lamp and ethylene is eliminated while passing through the catalyst reactor.

ABSOGER S.A. Font de Tuile - RD 45 82100 LES BARTHES - FRANCE Ph.: +33-(0)5-63 31 63 76 Fax: +33-(0)5-63 31 51 42 absoger@absoger.fr www.absoger-atmosphere-controleeazote.com Since 1976, ABSOGER has been manufacturing and marketing a suite of products addressing all the needs of fruits and vegetables storage, conservation, and transportation industries for normal or ultra low oxygen (ULO) conditions. The products offered by ABSOGER provide complete solution from measurement to control of gases in the cold storage rooms and packing houses for fruit conservation. These products have been developed in collaboration with various research centers in France, Belgium, U.S., among other countries. Instruments: O2 and CO2 portable analyzer, and High precision ethylene analyzer. Ethylene scrubber The most effective process for cost and efficiency of ethylene and aroma removal in cold storage areas. The process maintains the high quality of your products. Absoger photo catalyst has been developed in collaboration with European Research centers. This patented solution allows to eliminate all the ethylene in cold rooms and it stops the ripening of your products without any use of chemical products. The chemical process goes as follows: C2H4 = 3O2 + UV =>2CO2 + 2 H2O Fresh air is drawn into the warehouse by a fan and is sent into the photocatalyst, which is made up of turbulators treated with titanium


ATAGO Via Piave, 22 20089 QUINTO DE STAMPI (MILANO) ITALY Ph.: +39-02-36557267 Fax: +39-02-57514896 customerservice@atago-italia.com www.atago-italia.com Since established in 1940, ATAGO has continuously worked on the research and development of a wide variety of optoelectronic products, mainly refractometers. In the chapter “Bits of Knowledge” of the web page www.atago-italia.com you can find an interesting explantion of the principle on which traditional refractomerts, PAL refractometers and polarimeters work . Products include Digital HandHeld”Pocket” Refractometers PAL, “Pocket” Refractometer PAL Special Scale, Digital Hand-held “PEN” Refractometer, Hand-Held Refractometers, Palette-Series, Digital pH Meter and EC Meter, Abbe Refractometers, Multi-wavelength Abbe Refractometers, Digital Refractometers, Polarimeters/ Saccarimeters, In-line Refractometers, In-line Brix-Monitor, Salt Meter, Wine Refractometers, Clinical refractometers. A complete description of all those instruments can also be obtained from the above mentioned web page, and the items can be ordered on-line.


DOMENIKCO BRANCATO S.N.C. Zona Industriale ASI Capannone 40/D1 98129 LARDERIA - MESSINA - ITALY Ph.: +39-090-7381057 Fax: +39-090-7381184 dobran@tiscali.it www.brancato.it BRANCATO operates in the post harvest field since 1945, working together with researchers to find solutions to the technical and scientific problems related to the ripening of fruits like bananas, degreening of citrus fruits and others, special treatments with modified atmospheres (MA), Dynamic Modified Atmoshpere (DMA), precooling, humidification, management of ethylene in sensitive crops like many flowers, cool chambers and transport. Brancato equipment include mobile, versatile units for precooling and ripening, designed to optimize the use of cool chambers, and it also sells the necessary instruments for verification purposes like different kind of thermometers and gas testers. The company has developed and adjusted technology for citrus degreening in Sicily and Southern Italy and the technology of controlled ripening for pears and apples using the exclusive “System KV97� , which is very much appreciated by operators in Central and Northern Italy.

CH SISTEMAS S.L. El Molino, 12 39788 GURIEZO (Cantabria) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-942 87 79 04 Fax: +34-942 87 79 05 info@chsistemas.com www.chsistemas.com The company supplies innovative solutions for improving quality and hygienic conditions in the restaurant and food industries, transportation and storage. Different industries in which those solutions can be applied are fruit and vegetables, beverages, meats, supermarkets, storage, vehicles, laboratories. And also in restaurants, hotels and catering, including also hospitals, schools, fast food outlets, etc. The range of instruments for the food industry includes thermometers, pH-meters, hygrometers, control of pasteurization and sterilization; automatic control systems for pressure, temperature and humidity, monitoring systems to be used during food transport, etc. For the restaurant industry, supplied equipment includes oil quality analyzers and filters, fryercleaners and similar.



DELTATRAK INC. P.O. Box 398 PLEASANTON, CA 94566 - USA Ph.: +1-925-249 2250 Fax: +1-925-249 2251 salesinfo@deltatrak.com www.deltatrak.com Fruits, vegetables and flowers are highly perishable commodities that require proper environmental management in post harvest handling to maximize freshness, quality and shelf life from the field to the table. The environmental condition of temperature-sensitive products must be carefully monitored and documented during handling and storage to ensure safety, quality and longer shelf life, especially for highly perishable products such as produce, dairy, seafood, meat and poultry and floral products. DELTA TRAK has many solutions to monitor temperature sensitive goods from the farm to the fork The company is a leading innovator of Cold Chain Management and Food Safety, and Shelf-Life Solutions. Our product line includes a wide range of temperature, humidity, and pH monitoring and recording devices, data loggers, wireless systems, professional thermometers, and ethylene adsorption products. Our food safety solutions include realtime bacterial enzyme detection technology for field testing of liquids, produce, food, equipment and other surfaces in food processing and handling environments.


ECLO Tv. Venceslau de Morais, 4-1B 2400-260 LEIRIA - PORTUGAL Ph.: +351-244 852 222 Fax: +351-30 209 3090 general: info@eclo.pt www.eclo.pt ECLO is a Portuguese technologybased company that develops and markets electronic and software solutions for various markets. It develops all the activities of design and marketing of its products and subcontracts the production and assembly. ECLO specializes in recording and control instruments. Its products fall into three lines: (1) Data loggers, temperature, temperature and humidity, high temperature, submersible, single trip, kits and accesories, THP400 Portable Printer; (2) ExpressThermo, a management software for iButton Thermochron速, Hygrochron速 and iBTag速 data loggers, and Add-on modules; and (3) Thermometers, including Infrared and probe thermometers. In addition to the standard solutions, it has development capabilities to accept turn-key development projects. The solutions portfolio includes major projects such as an integrated operational information management system for product traceability, operational data and temperature and humidity monitoring for the largest fruit exporter in Argentina.


ESCORT COLD CHAIN SOLUTIONS SA Via Gordemo 28 6596 GORDOLA - SWITZERLAND Ph.: +41-917452138 aguillen@escortcoldchain.com www.escortcoldchain.com Escort Cold Chain Solutions SA specializes in self powered data logging devices and accesories. It was established in 2007 to serve exclusively the cold chain market with the goal to distribute Escort Data Logging Systems and provide highly advanced RFID technology in the cold chain. ESCORT DATA LOGGERS has a wide range loggers, single use and multiuse. Temperature ranges from extreme high to extreme low, wireless units and the highly convenient MINI PDF data logger that does not require a software to download the data. It will generate a PDF files with graph and all temperature readings recorded as soon as plugged in any PC or MAC computer. Single use temperature data loggers , for instance, are easy to use and read. With 5000 points memory capacity, they are red through any USB port, without any interface cable. They are furnished with free software to read it in a PC or Android tablet. Data can be stored and sent to the web in a single clic.

FAIRBRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES Cnr. Galaxy Ave & Electron Str Linbro Business Park, Sandton, GAUTENG - SOUTH AFRICA, 2090 Ph.: +27-11-608 0911 Fax: +27-11-608 0401 sales@fairbridgetech.com www.fairbridgetech.com/contact-us. html Leading distributor of asset management and monitoring products targeting OEM and End User solutions. We provide supply-chain visibility solutions for the monitoring, tracking and analysis of products in transit, offering our customers realistic and measurable data to fine-tune processes and gain better control over product distribution and storage along the cold chain and life cycle of different products. Our equipment aims to provide our customers with first rate options to allow them to take the best decisions regarding management and logging of environmental data. ·.Temperature and humidity loggers are used for general monitoring and logging of data at product level or using probes to monitor certain points in your supply chain. ·.Purpose-built data acquisition systems allow users to log various statisitical data values in the field with a convenient portable system. ·Asset tracking, tracing and report. Whether a vehicle or a fleet to track, or different monitoring requirements – a valuable pallet or protect the workforce – there is always a Fairbridge solution to fit the needs.



HANNA INSTRUMENTS S.L. FELIX INSTRUMENTS 1554 NE 3rd Ave CAMAS, WA 98607 - USA Ph.: +1-360-833 8835 Fax: +1-360-833 1914 sales@felixinstruments.com www.felixinstruments.com FELIX INSTRUMENTS designs and manufactures instruments for food science and safety applications. The FELIX mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers by designing instruments that are: reliable, durable and easy-to-use. FELIX instruments provide relevant data for pre and post-harvest research, environmental gas detection, ripening rooms, and for transportation and storage facility control. Manufactures the F-750 Handheld Brix & Dry Matter Meter, and the F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer The F–750 is used to measure Dry Matter, Brix (Total Soluble Solids), and assess fruit maturity and skin color. It delivers the stability, repeatability, and precision that is necessary for successful chemometric-based measurements in a portable easy-touse package. The F-900 Ethylene Gas Analyzer provides accurate real-time measurement of ethylene gas concentrations, in a compact package suitable for controlled atmosphere and laboratory use. At the core of the instrument, the F-900 uses an electrochemical sensor technology that offers extraordinary sensitivity to ethylene, with accurate readings as low as 10 ppbv in air.


Pol. Ind. Azitain parc. 3 B - A-8 salida 15 20600 EIBAR (Guipúzcoa) - SPAIN Ph.: +34-943 82 01 00 Fax: +34-943 82 02 45 marketing@hanna.es www.hanna.es HANNA, is the world’s largest manufacturer of electrochemical instruments, photometric and electrodes. Since its establishment 1978, Hanna Instruments has experienced rapid growth that has led it to become a global company with presence in 30 countries, through its R & D, production and sales. Its instruments are used in a large range of industries like agriculture, food and beverage, water conditioning, treatment and analysis, swimming pools and spas, boilers and cooling towers, environmental and industrial uses, and in laboratories and education, of course. For three decades HANNA has prided itself in being one of the world’s leaders in innovation of analytical instrumentation. Headed by our team in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, HANNA’s Research & Development teams constantly challenge themselves to improve on existing technology and to invent new testing techniques with the common goal to simplify analytical testing. This applies not only to instrumentation, but also to sensors development, reagents and chemicals.



Portable gas analyzer

ISOLCELL ITALIA S.P.A. Via A. Meucci, 7 39055 LAIVES (BZ) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0471-954050 Fax: +39-0471-953575 isolcell@isolcell.it / www.isolcell.it ISOLCELL ITALIA manufactures and develops several high quality storage control systems that control and generate the desired storage atmosphere. The most important ones are N2 separators, CO2 scrubbers, O2 scrubbers, ethylene converters, O2 and CO2 analyzers and the related automation systems. Besides, ISOLCELL ITALIA has developed special turnkey storage rooms for food disinfestation.

Oxycarb 6 has been conceived in order to be the top reference on the market of the portable gas analyzers. Some of the main features of this innovatory gas analyzer are: high accuracy, excellent long-term stability, temperature compensated measurements, simple and intuitive graphic interface, plot capacity of the real-time graphs, digital control of the analysis pump. This analyzer has been developed to fulfill the needs of the foodstuffs’ storage industry in controlled atmosphere and to simplify the control of storage parameters. CARBOCHECK


CO2 portable analyzer

O2 and CO2 analyzer

Automation System LECA is a new desktop O2 and CO2 analyzer. It has a microprocessor to automatically control a C.A storage plant. O2 measurement is carried out by a paramagnetic analyzer. CO2 measurement is carried out by an infrared sensor. This device is easy to use and set, being very popular with operators.

CARBOCHECK is a portable CO2 analyzer with an infrared sensor of latest generation, temperature compensated and with very low energy consumption. This portable carbon dioxide analyzer is acknowledged as being easy to operate, for its 0,1% precision and for its versatility. It measures the incoming air pressure and regulates the capacity of the internal pump for a constant flow independent of the status of the filter and the length of the supply pipe.

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METOSTEP, S.L. Manuel Carrasco i Formiguera, 6A 08440 CARDEDEU (Barcelona) SPAIN Ph.: +34-93 113 91 75 Mobile: +34-670 297 561 info@metostep.com www.metostep.com This innovative company deals with development, production and distribution of portable analyses systems and tools, particularly desigend for the application soil, water, fruit, and climate testing and monitoring. All instruments feature an easy operation and can be used for professional plant production, for competent and fast advising as well as for educational and research purposes. Digital fruit, wine and alcohol refractometer, Fruit Hardness Tester, Universal caliper, Economic ThermHygro-USB-Datalogger, pH meters, EC, Laser-Infrared-Thermometer, Professional thermometer.


PBI-DANSENSOR Rønnedevej 18 4100 RINGSTED - DENMARK Ph.: +45-57-66 00 88 Fax: +45-57-66 00 99 info@pbi-dansensor.com www.pbi-dansensor.com PBI Dansensors delivers MAP testing equipment for quality control and quality assurance. It also offers calibration services.



QS_300© Portable instrument for fruit and vegetables internal quality assessment

via Prov.le Cotignola, 20/9 48022 LUGO (RA) - ITALY Ph.: +39-0545-28 88 84 Fax: +39-0545-28 87 09 unitec@unitec-group.com www.unitec-group.com UNITEC is a group specialized in designing and manufacturing technologies for the processing, sorting, selecting and packing of more than 35 kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. For nearly a century, UNITEC has been improving fruit and vegetable processing quality in countries all over the world, providing technologies and services at the highest standard of reliability and profitability. Listening to the requirements of our clients and markets, designing solutions for increasing efficiency, and reducing costs in handling processes are concerns at the heart of the mission of UNITEC, the only Italian company capable of fully designing and building technology spanning the whole handling process.... On the international level, UNITEC has a network of subsidiaries in some of the leading fruit- and vegetableproducing countries (such as United States, France, Spain, Chile, and Argentina) and a sales structure that allows it to meet the requirements in the +50 countries in which it operates. As a leading company in its sector, UNITEC has ISO 9001 quality certification (2002), as well as OHSAS 18001 certification for management of safety in the workplace, and ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

QS_300© is a portable device for the non destructive detection of the internal quality of fruit and vegetable products like peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, kiwis, tomatoes, mandarins, plums, apricots , etc..The detectable parameters are sugar content expressed in Brix degrees, acidity and other parameters on request. QS_300© is very versatile and the parameters are instantly acquired. You just have to lean the sensor of the device on the fruit and it displays the data. QS_300© automatically processes the collected data. The reduced size adn the weight of the system, the simple use and the great working autonomy are the main characteristics of QS_300©, the essential tool for quality assesment. Main advantages are: higher product quality deriving from full control of the production process, higher revenues for sale of quality and brand valorisation and corporate credibility towards customers. Also, better and more reliable product storage, more savings for non-destruction of product, manpower saving and more extensive and reliable sampling compered to the traditional destructive methods.

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Doctor Manuel Candela 26, 11ÂŞ - 46021 Valencia Spain Ph.: +34-649 485 677 info@poscosecha.com www.poscosecha.com - www.postharvest.biz www.horticulturablog.com www.publicaciones.poscosecha.com


International Companies of Post-harvest Materials and Services Varieties - Intersemillas - Sakata Seed Ibérica s.l.u. - Semillas Fitó s.a.

Phytosanitary products - AgriCoat Natureseal Ltd. - CEBE Centro de Estudios de Bioseguridad - Decco Ibérica Post Cosecha s.a.u. - Domca s.a. - Fomesa Fruitech s.l. - Janssen PMP - Productos Citrosol s.a. - Repsol - Syngenta Crop Protection Ag - TECNIDEX, Técnicas de Desinfección s.a.u. - Xeda International s.a.

Cooling and controlled atmosphere - Absoger s.a. - Agrialfa-Gas s.l. - Aqualife - Samarketing s.l. - Brancato s.n.c. - ColdMax b.v. - Fomesa Fruitech s.l. - Fruit Control Equipments s.r.l. - Ilerfred Industrial Leridana del Frío s.l. - Interko - Isofred s.l. - Isolcell Italia S.p.A. - Messer Ibérica de Gases s.a. - M.F. Refrigeración - Moelco Levante, s.l. - Pretecval, s.l. - Productos Citrosol s.a. - Salco b.v. - TECNIDEX, Técnicas de Desinfección s.a.u. - Xeda International s.a.

Fresh produce handling and conditioning - Aweta Group - BrimaPack b.v. - CedisMAF - Compac Sorting Equipment - Ellips b.v. - Fomesa - Food Machinery Española s.a. - GP Graders - Greefa - Growpack Ltda. - Ingemaq - Ingeniería Prodol s.a. - MAF Roda Agrobotic - Matyc s.a. - Multiscan Technologies s.l. - Roda Ibérica - Ser.mac - Unitec Ibérica s.l. - Unitec S.p.A. - Van Wamel b.v. - VegHands - Xeda International s.a.

Handling and conditioning of fresh-cut produce (minimally processed) and Processing - Bizerba Iberia España s.a.u. - Dinnissen b.v. - Fam n.v. - Fomesa Agroindustrial s.l. - FTNON - Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland b.v. - Luciano Aguilar s.a. - MarrodaN s.a. - Multiscan Technologies s.l.

Packaging - Equipment - Bilanciai Campogalliano Soc. Coop. a.r.l. - Bizerba Iberia España s.a.u. - BrimaPack b.v. - CedisMAF - Espera Ibérica s.a. - Grupo Giró - MAF Roda Agrobotic - Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller GmbH & Co. Kg - Multivac Packaging Systems España, s.l. - Perfotec b.v. - Roda Ibérica - ULMA Packaging - VegHands

Packaging - Materials. Auxiliary equipment - CONIP - Consorzio Nazionale Imballagi in Plastica - COPI - Consorzio Produttori Imballagi in Plastica - Dafelir, s.a. - Ejido Cartón s.l. - Grupo Giró - Infia s.r.l. - Intermas Packaging - Pac Life - Plastidom - Plásticos Industriais e Domésticos s.a. - Ponienteplast s.a. - Repsol - San Jorge Packaging - Xeda International s.a.

Logistic, distribution and Point of sale - Bilanciai Campogalliano Soc. Coop. a.r.l. - Bizerba Iberia España s.a.u. - CONIP - Consorzio Nazionale Imballagi in Plastica - COPI - Consorzio Produttori Imballagi in Plastica - Espera Ibérica s.a. - Salco b.v. - Toyota Material Handling España

Information, administration, planning and services - Adesva - Brifer Services s.l. - CEBE Centro de Estudios de Bioseguridad - FPJ - Loockwood Press Ltd. - FreshConex - Messe Berlin GmbH - Fruit Attraction - Fruit Logistica - Messe Berlin GmbH - Fruitnet.com - Fruit Profits - Helios International - Fructidor - Macfrut - Cesena Fiera S.p.A. - Revista de Fruticultura - STP - Servicio Técnico de Poscosecha - IRTA - THM - Tecnologías de Horticultura Mediterránea

Control and measuring devices - Agro Technologie - T.R. Turoni s.r.l.

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Postharvest Directory 2014  

Presently, with the “Directorio” available exclusively on-line and pdf for the last three years, the number of visits to the document tell u...

Postharvest Directory 2014  

Presently, with the “Directorio” available exclusively on-line and pdf for the last three years, the number of visits to the document tell u...