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Horte & Tardoire Region « This is a region with changing landscapes, both undulating and wooded, brought to life by a network of meandering rivers. This guide invites you to discover this region, its history and its traditions where its savoir-faire has been maintained. As you follow our signed routes you will marvel at the authentic rural heritage appreciated by all who see it. Our region has also inspired numerous artists : painters & storytellers to name but a few. Don’t delay and take some time to discover the riches of the Horte & Tardoire region ».

One region and its history • Underground riches from prehistoric times • From castles to homes • Religious Arts Beside the water • The Bandiat-Tardoire mills • Cultural heritage The region’s unexpected treasures A green region • Oddities of nature • In the Garden Outdoor activities • Nature whilst hiking • Other open-air sports The land of savoir-faire • Arts & crafts • Flavours : the region’s gourmet basket Dates for your diary Regional map



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One region and its history Underground riches from prehistoric times

Église St-Baptiste de Ronsenac

The Horte and Tardoire region is one of the centres of prehistory, particularly between Montbron and La Rochefoucauld. Digs have enabled us to update human remains associated with the use of stone and bone tools, dwelling structures, engravings and refined sculptures, as well as these people’s expression of thought millions of years before writing was invented. In the interests of protecting these sites, they are only opened at specific times for the public to visit.

« The cupboard cave » at Vilhonneur

The Pradelles site at Marillac-Le-Franc

Occupied from the palaeolithic to the neolithic times (-80 000 years BC to -5 000 years BC). In 1912, a study of the industry of the four Magdalenian layers enabled the abbot Breuil to establish the chronology which is still used as a reference today. In July 1988, Louis Duport discovered an ornate Solutrean gallery (-18 000 years BC) and numerous engraved blocks.

The remains are accredited to the Mousterian culture, attributed to Neanderthal man. On the edge of the Ligonne, Bernard Vandermeersch discovered the back half of a Mousterian skull showing signs of decay.

Cave open for visits in July and August within the theme of « archeological Charente ». Reservations must be made through the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09.

In July and August, one-off free visits of the archeological dig site, led by the researcher Bruno Maureille. Reservations must be made through the La Rochefoucauld office. Tel. 05 45 63 07 45.

« The rock » at Sers In the village of Sers, between Le Coussadeau and Charbontières, the Solutreans (-17000 years BC) established their camp under the overhang of a large rock face which dominated a peaceful river, in the valley of the Roc. They decorated the rock face with a sculpted fresco that was discovered in 1927 by Dr Léon Henri-Martin. Today this site still houses casts of Solutrean scultpures on blocks of isolated rock. The originals are on display in the SaintGermain-en-Laye museum. Visits by appointment only. Tel. 05 45 69 38 25.

: Activities and events based on prehistoric times, arranged around the theme of archeological Charente. You will find the calendar on the website :


Worth a visit : On the church square at Marillac-Le-Franc, a fountain with « the Marillac man », a stone statue reminiscent of Neanderthal man.

Sculpted fresco The Rock at Sers

La Chaise caves at Vouthon

Initiation centre for charentaise Prehistory in Montbron

The La Chaise caves include two main shelters : Bourgeois-Delaunay and Suard, taken from the names of the first excavators. They revealed a large number of Neanderthal remains dated between 250 000 and 150 000 years and a Mousterian industry, as well as dwelling structures and notched bones, which perhaps represent the beginning of figurative art.

Opening in June 2011. Permanent exhibition of the Charentaise region in prehistoric times, of limestone and karst (formation of caves and shelters, limestone economy in the Horte & Tardoire region).

Visits on the first and third Wednesdays of July and August. Reservations must be made through the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09.

Free entry. Information available from the Montbron office. Tel : 05 45 23 60 09 or from A. Debénath, Horte & Tardoire Prehistoric Association. Tel. 05 45 23 12 72.

: Permanent exhibition of prehistoric tools at the Villebois-Lavalette office, entry free of charge

From castles to homes La Rochefoucauld castle Christened the « Pearl of the Angoulême area », La Rochefoucauld’s castle is built on a rocky spur dominating the town and the banks of the river Tardoire. Because of the variety, quality and elegance of its architecture, La Rochefoucauld castle is quite rightly considered one of the most remarkable castles in France.

Open from 1st April to 1st January inclusive, from 10am to 7pm continuously, closed on Tuesdays. Out of season, open on Sunday afternoons from 2pm. For groups and schools, visits all year-round by reservation only.

La Rochefoucauld castle

Come and visit La Rochefoucauld castle in costumes of the era. Information : or from the La Rochefoucauld office Tel : 05 45 63 07 45

Worth a visit : the keep (remains of the mediaeval era), the monumental corkscrew staircase, the kitchens dug out of the karst, the libraries, the living rooms, the main courtyard, the guards’ room…


Villebois-Lavalette castle

Villebois-Lavalette castle Built in the 12th Century, Villebois-Lavalette’s castle has been modified many times in the course of its history. Stronghold for the Villebois lords, in the 13th Century it became the castle of the Lusignan family (counts of Angoulême) who fortified the walls built by the Villebois villagers and added seven flanking towers. Thereafter, every occupant left his trace by building large, stately homes up until the 17th Century. Since 2000, Mr Fradin, the current owner, has allowed archeological digs to take place, and has been restoring the castle. Today, it is listed entirely as a historical monument, and visits with commentary take visitors through the centuries with the discovery of the entrance chapel (11th Century), the old lower courtyard and the large halls full of surprises.

From 1st July to 31 August guided conference tours and the possibility of group visits and school visits throughout the year by reservation only through the Horte & Lavalette office in Villebois. New : « The book “Château de Villebois-Lavalette, des origines à nos jours” (Villebois-Lavalette castle, from its origins up to the present time), on sale at the Villebois-Lavalette office.

: Visits to the village and the castle all year round by reservation only. Information from the Villebois-Lavalette office. Tel. 05 45 64 71 58 Discover the town of Villebois-Lavalette and its heritage with the booklet « Family Discoveries » from the Villebois-Lavalette office. Tel. 05 45 64 71 58

Discover the town of Montbron and its heritage with the « Family Discoveries » or the special kids’ games book, both available from the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09

Built on the authority of Marguerite de Rohan, countess of Angoulême, the castle is made up of a main building with a polygonal tower at the back, accessible via a remarkable corkscrew staircase, two exhibition halls on the first floor decorated with magnificent painted fireplaces dating from the 17th Century. The whole, built with stones from the former feudal fortress, was integrated into the city surrounded by ramparts. Open between May and September when there are various art exhibitions in the castle. Free entry. Information from the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09 –

La Tranchade castle The mediaeval castle of La Tranchade has its origins in the Gallo-Roman era. Magnificently overlooking the Anguienne valley; La Tranchade maintained its ideal look-out position and its stronghold status for several centuries, contributing to the defence of Angoulême.

Site listed as historic monument because of its dungeon, it is open to the public every Thursday at 5pm during July and August. Tel. 05 45 65 81 89 or 06 18 81 68 30.

Montbron castle The old Castle in Montbron was built during the 15th Century, around 1480, shortly after the 100 years war had left behind much destruction.


La Tranchade castle

Bouëx castle

Marthon, ancient feudal town

Attached to the parish church, Bouëx castle, the wash-house and the village centre make up one of the most picturesque locations. The castle has been greatly modified over the course of the centuries. It is arranged around an enclosed courtyard and is made up of two wings set at right angles to each other, a manor building facing north-south covered in a steep, flat tiled roof and is flanked by two towers to the west, a long building with five bays covered in broken roofs and extended by a porch way. The castle was famous for its orangery from which the trees were sold in 1894 to the town of Bordeaux.

Places of interest in Marthon are set around the remains of the fortress : the Breuil tower, a 12th Century keep of a former castle-fort of which only the ground floor remains intact; the 12th Century chapel of Saint-Jean, a rectangular two-storey tower, which today is a private house ; inside the Saint Martin church are funereal recesses and roman capitals ; the ruins of the 12th Century church of Saint Sylvester de Saint-Saveur with its vaulted covered apses ; the site of Châteauneuf de la Renaissance.

Free visits during the European Heritage days (third weekend in September). Information from the Bouëx office. Tel. 05 45 21 91 77.

Discover Marthon’s heritage with a games booklet available from the Montbron office and the Marthon Mairie.

Saint-Germain de Montbron church

Religious arts

Saint-Maurice de Montbron church

The mark of roman art In the Montbron area, to the west of the Horte & Tardoire region Saint-Germain de Montbron church 12th Century roman church, modified in the 15th Century by the square bell tower on two floors. Inside, painted murals, tabernacle. Restored at the end of the 16th Century.

St-Maurice de Montbron church

Ancient 12th and 13th Century priory attached to the abbey of Cluny ; to the north, the chapel (16th Century) ; the chevet and the roman bell tower rebuilt by Paul Abadie (19th Century) ; inside, the equestrian statue of Saint-Maurice in polychrome wood (12th Century).


Saint-Vivien de Charras church Church fortified during the 100 years war. The whole calls to mind more a fortress than a religious building because of the parapet, the machicolations and arrow slits, and because of its only opening, the gateway.

Lepers’ Chapel at Montbron 12th and 17th Century chapel devoted to Notre-Dame-du-Bon Secours. Built outside the town walls, with colonnades enabling the lepers to listen to the services from outside. Inside, Virgin and Child (17th Century) sculpture in polychrome wood.

Around La Rochefoucauld Saint-Sébastien church at La Rochette

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church at Malleyrand

12th Century church with flagstone roof. On its façade, sculpted tympanums representing «virtue» to the west, represented by Constantine whose horse tramples a squatting gnome holding a purse and, to the east, a thrown horseman, symbol of «vice».

Former Templars’ chapel dating back to the 12th Century. Its architecture reflects the discipline, strictness and efficiency of these military monks but the church is distinguished by the elegance and finer points of its decor. Two tombstones, one belonging to a templar and the other to a horseman from the Order of Malta, make up the framework of the gateway.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste church at Coulgens 11th Century church with simple, almost austere architecture. Discover the façade, the square bell tower and also inside, the capitals to the nave and two fragments of frescos illustrating a crucifixion (15th Century) representing Sainte Barbe, as well as the 14th Century tower.

Saint-Cybard church at Rivières


Saint-Sébastien church at La Rochette

Saint-Cybard church at Rivières The church dates back to various eras with a primitive Roman chapel, a Gothic façade and a Byzantine dome. Attached to the building, an old cemetery has impressive tombstones from the 19th Century.

Saint-Pierre church at Sers

Saint-Cybard church at Dignac

In the heart of the Echelle Valley Saint-Etienne church at Bouëx Built in the 12th Century under the direction of the church of Saint-Cybard and the lords of Bouëx, this church offers a gracious and pious rectangular interior. To the north is a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, newly rebuilt in Roman style and whose altar was renovated and consecrated in 1984.

side you must see the 12th Century painted murals and the furniture (17th Century altarpiece, 18th Century stone altar).

Saint-Pierre church at Sers Ancient priory church (12th and 15th Centuries) with its square, three-storey bell tower with arched windows, its ornate gateway with columns and its unique nave (12th Century) as well as its chapels (15th Century).

Saint-Martial church at Dirac

Saint-Aignan church at Torsac

Dating back to the 12th and 15th Centuries, this church has one of the most elegant façades in the Charente. Two bell towers remain, dating back to 1591, and the church has been listed as a historic monument since 1913. One of the two 15th Century chapels carries the coat of arms of the Tison d’Argence, ancient lords of Dirac castle, and houses their vault.

11th, 15th and 16th Century church, with a polygonal bell tower, a nave and gateway in Roman vaulted-style. Entered in 1973 in the historic monuments register for its wall paintings, it reveals to visitors frescos of the Middle Ages, a font, dating back to the 15th Century, and a 16th Century sculpture of the Trinity in polychrome stone.

Saint-Cybard church at Dignac It was listed as a historic monument in 1980. Other than the façade and the bell tower, in-

Saint-Pierre church at Sers

Saint-Aignan church at Torsac

Saint-Martial church at Dirac


Ronsenac priory

Around Villebois-Lavalette Saint Pierre church at Rougnac 12th and 15th Century church, noted for its 12th Century crypt, which runs the whole length of the building, as well as for its Renaissance altarpiece. The church and its crypt have been listed as historic monuments since 2001.

Grandmontaine de Rauzet church at Combiers Ancient monastery of the Order of Grandmont. This restored Roman church is open to the public every day and a guided visit can be arranged by appointment. Contact : Mrs Kate Douglas. Tel. 05 45 23 06 91.

Notre-Dame church at Gardes-Ie-Pontaroux

This ancient priory church dating from the 12th and 15th Centuries, its Roman, threestorey arched bell tower and its Roman nave modified in the 15th Century, offer a very beautiful visit by entering a remarkably flamboyant gothic door.

Ronsenac priory

Ancient monastery of the Order of Cluny built in the 12th and 15th Centuries; the priory is noted for its wall paintings dating back to the end of the 13th Century and the beginning of the 14th Century. A pathway allows you to appreciate the buildings from the exterior. Visits by appointment on 06 84 80 48 61.

Saint-Pierre church at Édon Rauzet church at Combiers

This 11th, 12th and 15th Century church, built at the gateway to the Dordogne region, has a two-storey Roman bell tower, a vaulted gate with three arches and sculpted capitals. Close by is a 17th Century manor flanked by one round tower with turret.

Live the Roman adventure with Pierre and Archi Games sheets for discovering the Roman heritage, available from the four Horte & Tardoire tourist offices. Information on the website


Rougnac church

Other remarkable religious buildings Carmelite Monastery Cloisters at La Rochefoucauld At the beginning of the 14th Century, Guy the 7th, Lord of La Rochefoucauld, founded a Carmelite Monastery. This building is very well maintained with a Gothic cloister and its trefoil blind arcades, the entrance to the ancient chapter house, the Roman church (restored in 2010) and the 17th Century staircase. Free access, every day, all year-round.

Notre-Dame d’Assomption Collegiate church at La Rochefoucauld Founded in the 13th Century, this church is one of the rare buildings in the Charente region of Gothic architecture. Its spacious interior is lit up by a very beautiful 16th Century rose window. An elegant balustrade with ornamental apertures and a bell tower surmounted by an octagonal spire with four little steeples complete the façade. Free access, every day, all year-round.

: Guided visit of the town of La Rochefoucauld all year-round, by reservation only (maximum 10 people). Information from the La Rochefoucauld office. Tel. 05 45 63 07 45. Discover the town of La Rochefoucauld and its heritage with the booklet « Family Discoveries » or with the games booklet reserved for children aged between 8 to 12. La Rochefoucauld office -Tel. 05 45 63 07 45

Carmelite Monastery Cloisters at La Rochefoucauld

Saint-Cybard church and Renaissance Chapel at Pranzac A documented walk enables you to access the Saint-Cybard church and SaintRenaissance chapel Cybard (whose keystones have a church remarkable finish) as well as the ancient feudal castle remains, its keep, its surrounding walls and the Lantern of the Dead.

Free access, every day, all year-round.

Fontaine Vive Abbey at Charras Grosbot Abbey is the old Cistercian abbey of Font-Vive situated in a clearing in the forest of Horte. The monastery was a post house for the Obazine monks between the Atlantic Ocean and the Limousin. The Notre-Dame Abbey of Font-Vive is an abbey that was probably founded around 975 as an Augustinian house, of which certain remains have survived. It became Cistercian in the second half of the 12th Century. Guided tour of the abbey and its gardens, with commentary, followed by tea, by reservation only. Open during the European Heritage Days. Information : Abbaye de Fontaine Vive - 16380 Charras. Tel : 05 45 23 02 00.


Beside the water The Bandiat-Tardoire Mills Stone mill at Vilhonneur

Trotte Renard mill at Bunzac

Mill in working order, the only stone sawmill in France run by hydraulic energy. Originally, this mill was used for twisting woollen cloth, then as a walnut press and wheat press until the middle of the 18th Century. In 1897, the stone mill came into being and it cut its first stone blocks.

Dating back to 1662, this is the last mill downstream of the Bandiat. With its large paddle wheel, it has three pairs of seed millstones and an oil mill. In its “rotunda”, large metallic spinning wheels control the driving force of all the machinery.

From 1st May to 15th August, open every first Sunday of the month from 10am to 5pm, Tuesday mornings from 10am to midday and Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm. Admission fee payable. Information on 05 45 21 63 98 or

Forge mill at Rancogne Situated on the site of the old Rancogne canon forge, this 17th Century mill is a magical place where history, motion and gastronomy are reunited. Driven by its paddle wheel, the mill is in working order and produces oils and flour which can be bought direct.

Visits by appointment only. Tel. 05 45 70 30 74.

Menet and Chabrot mills at Montbron Guided tours of the two mills, with commentary. Numerous summer entertainment at the Chabrot mill (concerts, plays, themed evenings…). Information from the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09.

Visits by appointment only. Tel. 05 45 23 10 32.

Trotte-Renard mill


Chabrot mill

Stone mill

Chazelles mill : « La Rainette » Brasserie

Thatched mill at St Germain de Montbron

Situated on the banks of the Bandiat, this mill makes traditional beers called « La Rainette ». Production and sale of different varieties : white beer, black beer, amber beer, bitter ale, smoked beer… for tasting on the terrace.

17th Century mill with two paddle wheels, which has maintained its original methods of milling oil and flour. This produces walnut oils, hazelnut oils and stone-ground flour for breadmaking.

Guided tours from 1st July to 31st August, Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm. The rest of the year, visits by appointment only. Tel. 06 13 62 15 50.

Free visits all year-round, by appointment only. Tel. 05 45 70 28 82.

Vouthon Mill Only open on specif. Information : Tél. : 05 45 70 83 35.

: Activities relating to mills : « Open Days » for the Bandiat-Tardoire mills, the last weekend in February. « National Mills and Regional Heritage Day » in June. Saint-Adjutory wash-house Chazelles mill

Cultural Heritage Perrat ford at Vilhonneur

Saint-Adjutory wash-house

Situated on the river Tardoire, not far from the Château of Vilhonneur (private) the origins of this ford date back to the Gallo-Roman era. Pedestrian stone walkway.

19th Century covered wash-house, sheltered from the northern wind by a wall with an access door, on which we can still see the hinges today. A 500m footpath was created on this site, it runs along the Bellone and rejoins the ramblers’ path « le chemin des hameaux ». Picnic area with disabled access.

Gros Terme ford in Pranzac Passageway dating back to Roman times and without doubt to the Celts. A beautiful stone walkway for hikers. 50 metres further on, a swallow hole supplies the karst aquifer from La Rochefoucauld when the Bandiat overflows.

Saint Pierre de Eymouthier fountain Religious fountain near shaded picnic spot.

Fountain circuit at Orgedeuil So-called because of the seven communal fountains; it is possible to see four of them from this track : Fontaine du Bourg, GratteLoube (panorama over the Montbron area) Les Rivailles, and the one at Ecossas. Topo-guide N° 001 HT, « Val de Tardoire » sold in the tourist offices.

Menet mill at Montbron


Gurat monolithic church

The region’s unexpected treasures Agris helmet Masterpiece of Celtic art, the Agris helmet (4th Century BC), discovered in the Perrats cave in Agris, is on display in Angoulême museum. The headdress is made up of a riveted nape-covered iron shell, covered in decorated bronze strips, gold leaf and enhanced with pieces of coral. A replica of the helmet can be seen in the town hall of Agris.

La Mercerie castle at Magnac-Lavalette This is the mad dream of the Réthoré brothers, who between 1947 and 1970 squandered a fortune building this castle, a construction which is still not complete today. Attached to a late 19th Century manor house, this castle is fascinating because of its unusual façade which is 220m wide, 20m deep and 15m high, visible from quite a distance.

Gurat monolithic church Less well-known than the Saint-Jean Church in Aubeterre but just as amazing, Gurat’s monolithic church is worth a detour. Also called « Chapelle Saint-Georges », this 11th and 12th Century church is perched on the side of the hill, where the village is built.

Orthodox monastery church of Korrsoun at Grassac Consecrated in April 1996, this surprising church of pure Russian Byzantine style is decorated with painted icons. Guided tour on Sundays all year-round from 2pm to 6pm. During school holidays and bank holidays, information on the monastery’s answerphone. Tel. 05 45 23 05 07.

Private, not open for visits.

Mailleberchie castle Completed in 1903 by Mr Blanc-Fontenille, mayor of Villebois-Lavalette, this castle was entirely rebuilt on the site of the 16th and 17th Century home. He called on the architect Paul Abadie to restore it to the owner’s dream of grandeur, which was derived mainly from mediaeval architectural ideas, in order to make this building a prime example of NeoGothic architecture rich and diverse in its sculpted decor. Private, not open for visits.


Orthodox monastery church of Korrsoun at Grassac

Lantern of the Dead at Pranzac The main feature of Pranzac is its Lantern of the Dead, which dominated the old cemetery and today transforms the public square. This lantern dates back to the 12th Century. It is a hollow column almost 7m tall, pierced at the top with small windows which allow the light to shine through.

Contemporary works of Art in the Environment « Echelle 1 » : Echelle 1.1 - Christophe GONNET Creations, June 2008 - «Effleurement and Affleurement» « Effleurement » Tuilerie Niollet in Garat « Affleurement » Les Fontenelles in Sers Echelle 1.2 - Olivier de SÉPIBUS Creations, September 2009 - « Immersion and Submersion » «Immersion» Magnac Lavalette leisure area «Submersion» Blanzaguet Arboretum Echelle 1.3 - Marie DENIS Creations, September 2010 - « Alice and Clara » «Alice» Village wash-house in Bouëx «Clara» Les Pascauds, Maison Neuve in Vouzan

Musée de l’hôpital et Apothicairerie

Hospital museum and its apothecary shop at La Rochefoucauld Discover ancient pharmacy pottery, 16th & 17th Century mortars, medical and military surgical objects, from the 19th Century, as well as a number of liturgical objects.

Visits by appointment only, information from the La Rochefoucauld office. Tel. 05 45 63 07 45.

Echelle 1.1 - Affleurement de Christophe Gonnet


A green region Oddities of Nature Trenches in La Braconne forest The forest of La Braconne, situated right in the heart of the Karst* area of La Rochefoucauld, stretches over approximately 4 000 hectares. Managed by the National Forestry Commission, it is made up of natural areas for relaxation and open-air recreational areas. The continuing work of the underground waterways over the past thousands of years has caused spectacular subsidence called troughs or trenches, of which the best known are the Great Trench (la Grande Fosse), the Mobile Trench (la Fosse Mobile) (access reserved to experienced potholers) and the Limousin Trench (la Fosse Limousine) (11 km pathway of the Devil’s Trenches). Two sports circuits and numerous other hiking trails invite you to discover the fauna and flora, by foot, by horse or by mountain bike. . An ONF map of the forest is available from the La Rochefoucauld office.

The forest of la Mothe-Clédou, land of the « Feuillardier » The forest landscape remains marked by clearings made by chestnut coppicing every 20 to 25 years. Some hiking trails enable you to discover a “Cerclier’s” lodge and why not meet with an ancient “Feuillardier” still in activity (Rougnac, & Dignac circuits and closeby, the Clédou Arboretum).

Good to know : The craft of the « Feuillardier » or « Cerclier » comes above all from knowledge handed down through generations. Right in the heart of the young chestnut coppices, living in his lodge covered in fragments of wood, the « Cerclier » selects his strip of wood (chestnut sapling) with the help of a billhook, he cleans it, trims off branches and knots, then splits it in two to obtain a barrel circle. This circle is then flattened, grained then arched with the help of a machine. Today, there are fewer and fewer « Cercliers ». Worth a visit : Monumental sculptures made with a chainsaw, representing ancient crafts, are displayed in several villages (the « Cerclier » at Rougnac, the « Lumberjack » in Combiers, the « Nailer » in Charras, the « Blacksmith » in Sers…).

La grande fosse


*Karst : The Karst landscape is particular to certain regions where limestone rocks form thick foundations. The infiltrating waters dissolve the calcium carbonate, creating the troughs, caves and underground networks. The trenches or sinkholes, are produced by the subsidence of the vaults of some of these excavations, which are close to the surface.

The biodiversity of the Renaudie path (communes of Montbron, Rouzède and Écuras)

The Quéroy caves concretions

The Quéroy Caves Concretions at Chazelles Discovered by accident in 1892, these caves, preserved in their original state, were dug out by underground water channels in the limestone plateau. The circuit laid out into 800m of galleries enables you to discover the limestone concretions, stalactites, stalagmites and draperies.

Paid guided tours. Open from 3rd April to 13th June and from 11th September to 1st November on Sundays and Bank Holidays from 2pm to 6.30pm (visits from 2.30pm to 4pm) ; from 11th April to 6th May every day (visits from 2.30pm to 4pm), from 19th June to 1st July every day from 2pm to 6.30pm (visits from 2.30pm to 4pm) and from 3rd July to 4th September every day from midday to 7pm (last visit at 5.30pm). Information : 05 45 70 38 14.

In the Garden

Between the foothills of the Massif Central and the charentaise limestone plains, the Renaudie valley is an astonishing valley with contrasting landscapes. Listed as a « National Regional Reserve » in 2002, this regulatory protective status guarantees the preservation of these exceptional surroundings. Discover the yellow-bellied toad, the whitethroated dipper or admire the purple loosestrife. 3 footpaths to discover : the « geology » path, the « water » path and the « biodiversity » path. Brochures for sale in the Horte &Tardoire region Tourist Office, Montbron office. Mushroom at Gardes le Pontaroux

Another natural oddity In the valley of Voultron, a rock in the form of a mushroom at Gardes le Pontaroux.

Saint-Florent gardens

Around Villebois-Lavalette

Jean Audouin arboretum at Combiers

The gardens of the Logis de Chenard at Chavenat

Created at the beginning of the 20th Century, the arboretum covers 10 hectares in the heart of the forest of La Mothe-Clédou. Two circuits enable us to admire the rare and exotic varieties and species of trees and to note how they have adapted to the Charentais surroundings (cedars form the Himalayas, Californian redwood…).

This logis has grounds of 2 hectares, comprising an English garden, a French garden and a vegetable plot, registered in the additional register of Historic Monuments.

Visits by appointment at the weekends from 4th June to 25th September, from 2pm to 6pm. Tel. 05 45 21 84 45 or 06 88 91 02 74.

Free visits every day, all year-round. Information : Maison forestière, 16380 Charras.


The curate’s garden at Charmant This garden has various fruit trees and shrubs with evocative names (Nun pear, Benedictine apple tree, Bishops’ Hat…) as well as medicinal and edible plants. Free visits.

Bandiat gardens at Souffrignac

Blanzaguet-Saint-Cybard arboretum This arboretum, made up of local tree species, is remarkably situated at the foot of the Galard de Béarn castle. The new item of interest in the Blanzaguet arboretum is « Submersion », the contemporary work of the artist, Olivier de Sépibus.

At La Rochefoucauld Saint-Florent gardens at La Rochefoucauld Situated in La Rochefoucauld’s old town, 200m from the castle and on the bank of the river Tardoire, this enclosed garden has collections of hardy perennials, roses and box hedges, displayed in themed gardens. Also available all year-round on site, bed and breakfast with evening meals. Free visits of the garden in June from 2pm to 6pm, closed on Mondays. Information : le jardin Saint-Florent. Tel. 05 45 23 94 30.

Around Montbron Bandiat gardens at Souffrignac This site is an integration project whose principal activity is organic market gardening, certified by Ecocert. Worth a visit : Plant collections and themed gardens, the country museum and organically cultivated market gardens.

Free visits from 1st May to 15th September from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. In July, guided visits on Tuesdays from 3pm. Information : 05 45 23 25 73.


In the Echelle Valley Dignac’s mediaeval garden Situated at the bottom of the church square, this garden has 150 plants selected from the list of Villis de Charlemagne. It is arranged in raised beds surrounded by weaved chestnut fences called « plessis ». Unrestricted visits all year-round. Information : Dignac Mairie - Tel. 05 45 24 50 35.

La Marotte garden at Dignac 5 000 m2 of gardens created in 1990 with lovely collections of rare shrubs, hardy perennials and rose bushes. All year-round visits by appointment only. Admission fee payable. Contact : Mr or Mme Mimaud - Tel. 05 45 24 54 65

The Inhabited Garden at Sers On the site of the Hameau de la Brousse, the Ciel Ouvert Association offers a visit to the inhabited garden, which displays some works of art – installations, huts, sculptures – created by artists in residence. A living space, in league with nature, the garden is registered as a preserved natural site, created and maintained according to the rules of sustainable development.

Permanent exhibition, free entry every day from 9am to 7pm for unrestricted visits. Admission fee payable for visits with commentary by appointment on 05 45 24 95 72.

Dignac’s mediaeval garden

Outdoor activities Nature whilst hiking By foot

By bike or mountain bike

The long-distance hiking trails (Grande Randonnée) GR4 and GR36, as well as the GRP from the Angoulême area to Perigord run across the undulating and wooded landscapes of the Horte & Tardoire region and continue into the Green Périgord. The signed short-distance hiking trails listed in the hiking sheets offer numerous possibilities for walking as a family and discovering the cultural rural heritage (fountains, wash-houses…) and numerous ramblers groups or hiking clubs welcome walking enthusiasts.

Two FFC moutain bike circuits (the Chambon in Seuil-Charente-Périgord and Villebois Lavalette to the Échelle Valley) offer 430 km of signed routes accessible to all levels across the Horte & Tardoire region. A large range of additional services are also offered to enable mountain bike enthusiasts to practise their favourite sport, either on their own, with their family or in groups.

Guide books and hiking sheets are available for purchase in any of the Horte & Tardoire tourist offices.

: In July and August, in the Echelle Valley Community of Communes area, the hikers’ association accompanies you on a walk each Tuesday and offers an anthology of walks based on local places of interest. More information at Tel. 05 45 67 83 37

Meeting Points : The Chambon Departmental Leisure Centre at Eymouthiers. Tel. 05 45 70 70 42 Horte & Tardoire Region Tourist Office, VilleboisLavalette. Tel. 05 45 64 71 58.

Trails around Montbron for bikes or mountain bikes : « Charente Vélo » is a plan put in place by the Department. Each trail comprises 3 circuits : « family », « discovery » and « exploration » (from 4.5 to 56 km). At the starting point, an information board indicates the routes. Trail maps available in the Horte & Tardoire Region Tourist Offices.

The Oc Run : This 21 km trail is a green route (former railway line) linking Le Quéroy to Souffrignac, which invites you to go for a stroll, a cycle ride or on rollerskates!

The Oc Run


Horseriding Numerous equestrian centres enable horseriding to take place in the Horte & Tardoire region : L’Oxer Equestrian Centre Pony Club 16110 Agris - Tel. 05 45 63 99 15 Moulin du Got Pony Club 16410 Dirac - Tel. 05 45 61 52 72 Flamenac Equestrian Farm 16110 Pranzac - Tel. 05 45 91 75 79

Les Attelages de La Roche 16110 La Rochefoucauld - Tel. 05 45 63 10 21 La Menardière Stables 16110 Rivières - Tel. 05 45 23 91 69 Couret Pony club 16220 St Sornin - Tel. 05 45 97 18 17 Equi’libre 16410 Torsac - Tel. 05 45 24 59 80

Other open-air sports

Canoeing on the Tardoire

Canoeing on the Tardoire The « maison du Canoë » offers 7 unaccompanied trips (between 3-17km) with nautical equipment available to those taking part. Semi-nocturnal trips also take place as part of the summer activity season.

From 1st April to 1st July and from 1st September to end October, rides by appointment only. From 2nd July to 31st August, trips available every day from 9am to 6pm. Information from the Maison du Canoë at Montbron. Tel. 05 45 23 93 58 –

L’Oxer Equestrian Centre Pony Club

Slip into an eco-agent’s shoes with the interactive game Mission ÉcoPossible, 4 stories on themes related to the environment and to sustainable development with puzzles to solve! More information : Tel 05 45 70 70 42

Multi Activities The Charente Departmental Open Air Centre at Eymouthiers All year-round, the Chambon welcomes schools, associations and families to discover open-air activities such as kayaking, mountain biking, rock-climbing, archery, adventure circuits, potholing, horseriding, discovering the environment and rustic golf – food and lodgings available on site. : Summer camps In July and August, half-day activities are offered to all, supervised by qualified professionals. Registrations obligatory at the Montbron office Tel. 05 45 23 60 09



Magnac-Lavalette-Villars leisure site This site has a number of possible activities on offer, such as introduction to paragliding (as part of the summer activity season), model aircraft activities, mountain biking, fitness circuits, nature discovery trails, picnic area and children’s play area.

Information : Villebois Lavalette office. Tel. 05 45 64 71 58

« Open-Air Nature » site at Edon Cross the ancient railway line that has been converted into a discovery trail, the hiking trails go along and criss-cross the Lizonne Valley and the fully equipped rock climbing site.

Golf de la Prèze Open to all for initiation, discovery or to perfect your skills.

Open every day from 9am to 6pm (except for 25th December and 1st January) Bar-restaurant on site. Information : Golf de la Prèze at Ecuras - Rouzède. Tel. 05 45 23 24 74

Equipped rock climbing site at Edon


Open Air Swimming Pools

Carp, tench, roach, gudgeon and trout populate the Tardoire and the Bandiat which cross the region before disappearing into the troughs and feeding the Touvre, France’s second largest re-emerging river.

Municipal Pool at Gardes le Pontaroux Tel. 05 45 64 91 81 Municipal Pool at Montbron Tel. 05 45 23 60 16 Municipal Pool at La Rochefoucauld Tel. 05 45 62 01 25

Fishing licences for sale in the La Rochefoucauld office.

Karting 16 (Go-Karting) La Planche Circuit at Taponnat.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to midday and from 2pm to 6pm. Tel. 05 45 62 18 18

The Discovery Pass at 5€ a fishing licence for the under 12’s, valid all year-round, with free discovery sessions.

: United Summer Activities in Horte & Tardoire In July and August, sports and cultural activity days open to all are arranged over the three boroughs of the Horte & Tardoire region. On the programme are open-air activities, nature sports (mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, archery, walking, horse riding, potholing, paragliding, rockclimbing and tennis) introductions to photography, painting and pottery, as well as discovering the environment and the rural heritage.

adventure circuits at Chambon


The land of savoir-faire Arts & Crafts Hameau de la Brousse ceramics at Sers

Trained as a multimedia artist, the ceramicist Marie Mazères, moulds, fashions and gives life to unique objects by using techniques such as ceramic or stoneware Raku… various pieces, ceramics, sculptures and other coloured and decorated fantasy items not to be missed. Workshop visits by appointment only. Children and adult lessons and courses available, reservations all year-round. Contact : Marie Mazères. Tel. 05 45 24 88 46 Hameau de la Brousse Ceramics

Grands Moulins ceramics at Bouëx

The ceramicist Serge Cousseran discovered his material, clay, very early on and has practised this craft with a passion since 1977. The enamels he produces are on display in each of the rooms where he has set up his production of unique and decorative objects.

Visits to the workshop and exhibition gallery are by appointment only. Contact : Serge Cousseran. Tel. 05 45 60 62 75.

The Lilibulle Workshop at La Rochefoucauld

Joëlle Lemaire is a creator of cardboard furniture and she opens her workshop to the public and offers courses. Contact : Joëlle Lemaire – atelier-boutique. 7, rue des tanneurs at La Rochefoucauld. Tel. 06 48 89 31 42.

Creative leather workshop at Dignac

Annie Laroche offers original leather creations which can be seen in different forms : fashion accessories, jewellery, decorative objects, and she also works to order. Visits to the workshop by appointment only. Contact : Annie Laroche. Tel. 05 45 25 07 46 -

Logis de la Brousse pottery at Garat

The potter Sylvie Sallet-Gerbaud opens her workshop and gallery to visitors in order for them to discover the different stages of her work, the materials and techniques used in the creation of everyday pottery.

In groups by appointment only ; you can also participate in a creative workshop. Visit the workshop every day (except Mondays) from 2pm to 5.30pm. Contact : Sylvie Sallet-Gerbaud. Tel. 05 45 25 10 34


Anita Dorcet, painter at Yvrac-et-Malleyrand

Landscapes, still-life, animals, portraits are all waiting for you in Anita Dorcet’s workshop over the summer.

Contact : Anita Dorcet - Cossardières at Yvrac-etMalleyrand. Tel. 05 45 62 36 65.

Jean-Pierre Petit, pottery at Montbron « According to the Elves »

Educational and discovery tours of his pottery workshop with everyday pottery and decorative Burgundy stoneware.

Visits to the workshop and demonstrations on the wheel and modelling every Friday afternoon during the months of June, July, August and September. Contact : Jean-Pierre Petit. 27, route de La Rochefoucauld at Montbron. Tel. 06 75 82 17 11 or 05 45 21 09 03.

Yves’ clog at Saint-Sornin

Artisanal production of wooden-soled clogs.

Contact : 1, chemin de la Laurière at Saint-Sornin Tel. 05 45 25 37 87

Marie Rousselière, cane and rush furniture at Montbron

Visits to the cane and old-fashioned rush workshops. Caning with rattan cane, traditional work. Mulching with marshland straw. Mulching with natural or coloured rye straw. Contact : Marie-Madeleine Rousselière 8, rue des jardins at Montbron. Tel. 06 08 05 17 39 -

M’zel Soleil, clothing designer at Saint Germain de Montbron

Gaëlle launched her M’zel Soleil label with an introductory Winter collection in 2005. From the initial sketch to making the clothes, through the stages of designing the pattern, here everything is « made by her own little hands ». Colour and softness mixed with a touch of fantasy, this is the spirit of the stylist’s clothes and accessories for children and adults.

Visit the production workshop by appointment. Contact : Gaëlle Bonjean, Atelier M'Zel Soleil, Le Poteau at St Germain de Montbron. Tel. 06 74 14 40 61 - mzelsoleil@yahoo.f

La Charentaise

Created under the rule of Louis 14th to use the material refused by the Royal Navy and the reconstituted felt from the Angoulême paper factories. Christened « silent” or “flowing », servants used to use these slippers to shine the parquet floors. The Duke of La Rochefoucauld apparently commanded the Court to do so. Two companies from La Rochefoucauld gained a reputation through hard work for their Charentaise (slippers) : Chaignaud (specific raw materials) and Rondinaud, who continue to create new slippers in new styles.

Sales of Charentaise slippers throughout the year, from Tuesday to Saturday, at Rondinaud-Chaussures, rue des Halles in La Rochefoucauld.

At Villebois-Lavalette, Ferrand also created and produced Charentaise slippers.

Visits for a maximum of 6 people by appointment only Tel. 05 45 64 92 10 – shop open on Tuesdays to Fridays from 1.30pm to 5.30pm and on Saturdays from 9.30am to midday. Tel. 05 45 64 15 40

Flavours : the Region’s gourmet basket Vin de pays « Le Guimbelot »

Henri Jammet produces astonishing Chardonnays from his 2 hectare vineyard. The harvested grapes are turned into wine and aged in oak barrels in his vaulted cellar named after François Guimbelot, early 19th Century wine grower. Guided visits and tastings on Wednesdays from 5pm between 13 July and 17 August, by appointment only (adults €2, children under 12 free). Contact : La Fenêtre - 16220 Saint-Sornin Tel. 05 45 70 40 06 -

Vineyards of Saint-Sornin

Saint-Sornin Wines

The vineyards of Saint-Sornin have existed since the Middle Ages and adorn the hills of Saint-Sornin, dominated by the manor at la Fenêtre. The Sornin wine is able to use the label « Vin de Pays Charentais ».

Guided visits and tastings by appointment. Sales shop with regional produce. Contact : Cave de Saint-Sornin Tel. 05 45 23 92 22 or


Vin de pays : le Domaine de l’Angélie

Cellars in the country, in the heart of the Charente/Perigord region. Quality Gastronomy Ambassador of the French regions. Contact : Mr BARBET-MASSIN Yves, L'Angelie at GURAT. Tel. 05 45 64 77 24.

Les Garrands Farm

Véronique and Bruno invite you to visit their farm and taste their produce : cheeses, meats and eggs. Every 2nd Saturday of the month, between 9am and 6pm, a farmers’ market brings together 6 producers. Contact : Ferme des Garrands at Torsac Tel. 05 45 24 01 80 -

Jacoupy Honey

Making artisanal honey.

Contact : Christophe JACOUPY - La Renarderie Haute at Ronsenac - Tel. 05 45 64 15 26.

La Fontaine Apieries

Sale of several varieties of honey, pollen and mead (spiced bread to order).

Open on Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm and by appointment. Contact : Hélène TERMINIERE Perry at Ecuras. Tel. 05 45 61 34 38.

Bachelier Foie gras

Sale of foie gras with figs, lemon, spices and cocoa beans, orange peel and Pineau.

Every day from 9am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 7pm by appointment. Contact : Mr BACHELIER «le Mas Neuf» at Chavenat. Tel. 05 45 24 00 08.

Foie gras exploitation


“Le Marie” goats cheeses

Claude invites you to visit his goat farm. On site he produces fine fresh cheeses in his workshop. Farm sales on Fridays and Saturdays from April to September, between 3pm and 6pm and by appointment. Contact : MARTEAU Claude La Chauvrerie at RONSENAC. Tel. 05 45 64 71 23

Le Manslois cheese factory

« Le p’tit Manslois » is a white cheese that comes from a recipe which has been passed on from generation to generation. Originally from Mansle and produced since 1962, « Le Manslois » is now produced in a cheese factory respecting quality and tradition from the milk of animals grazing the green fields of Rivières. The production of this fresh, pasteurised cheese made with full cream milk from cows or goats fulfils all quality demands. Contact : Fromagerie Le Manslois – Chez Pouret at RIVIERES. Tel. 05 45 62 13 82

Hervouet orchard

Artisanal production of fruit juices, sparkling apple juices and sale of orchard fruit. Contact : Mr HERVOUET Michel - Le Plantier at GARAT. Tel. 05 45 60 64 29

Original jams from the Bandiat Gardens

This association produces and sells organic vegetables. It transforms part of its production into jams and jellies. These are made in old copper cauldrons. Sale of jams and jellies, as well as seasonal vegetables : at the Bandiat Gardens, on Thursdays from 3pm to 5pm and on Fridays from 8.30am to 5pm; at the Chambon campsite in Eymouthiers on Tuesday evenings in the summer and at the Montbron market from May to November on Friday mornings. Fee payable for visits and activities. Jardins du Bandiat - Le bourg at Souffrignac Tel. 05 45 23 25 73 -

Antan Chocolate factory

The work of this chocolate factory, situated at the foot of La Rochefoucauld castle on the bank of the river Tardoire, is carried out traditionally. Chocolate, nougat and fruit jellies are for sale every day, all year-round.

From 10th July to 20th August, free guided visits with tastings, every day at 3pm and at 4.30pm. Workshop and shop : 2, rue des Gaillaudes in La Rochefoucauld. Tel. 05 45 63 58 05.

Le Verger Chocolate factory

Les Cornuelles : an Easter Tradition The Cornuelles are triangular shaped biscuits with a hole through them, believed to be the symbol of Creation or of the religious trilogy. In olden times, some were used to decorate boxwood branches. As for pastry chefs, they used to thread them over long sticks to carry them to market. Every year in Villebois-Lavalette on Palm Sunday, the Cornuelles fair takes place with local activities, a local produce market and bric-a-brac.

You can find Cornuelles at the Boulangerie JEAN 2, Grand’ rue in Villebois-Lavalette.

Les croquants de la Tardoire

Pâtisserie Gabilan. 12, rue d'Angoulême at Montbron. Tel. 05 45 23 60 31.

La Pichotte Chocolate factory

La Rochefoucauld inhabitants are called « Les Rupificaldiens », but they are nicknamed « les Pichotiers », ie « eaters of Pichottes ». This has been a local speciality since 1940 and the « Pichotte » brand is patented and only produced in this chocolate factory. The « Pichotte » is a very sophisticated chocolate with a subtle, refined taste. Shop : 33, rue des Halles in La Rochefoucauld Tel. 05 45 63 00 26 –

This company’s reputation has come from its chocolates made according to artisanal processes. All the chocolates are made from quality 100% cocoa butter in their laboratory at Marillac-le-Franc. Shop : 28 rue des Halles in La Rochefoucauld. Tel. 05 45 23 52 94. There is also a sales outlet open 15 days prior to Easter and 3 weeks before Christmas in Limarceau.

Cooked meats and Grillon Charentais Pâté

Francis Raby, master butcher, 6 rue de Limoges in Montbron, Tel. 05 45 23 62 76 Pascal Gautier, Master butcher and caterer, 18 rue des Halles in la Rochefoucauld, Tel. 05 45 63 01 66

: Montbron, Discovering its Savoir-Faire During the summer season, visits to deer farms at the Domaine de la Breuille and a plantation of walnut trees at Mainzac, as well as an artisanal pottery workshop. Information from the Montbron office. Tel. 05 45 23 60 09

Markets and fairs La Rochefoucauld : Saturday morning market on the church square and «foire» (large street market) on the 10th of each month (9th if the 10th is a Sunday) Montbron : Saturday morning market; during the «foire» on the 1st of each month, there is a bric-a-brac too. Villebois-Lavalette : Wednesday and Saturday morning market Torsac : Farmers’ market at the Garrands Farm, every 2nd Saturday of the month from 9am to 6pm.


Dates for your diary Look out for the diary of events on the website and in the Horte & Tardoire regional tourist offices. FEBRUARY Open Days for the Bandiat-Tardoire mills, last weekend in February. Free mill visits (see pages 12-13) and various activities.

APRIL Palm Sunday Fair at Villebois-Lavalette. Bric-a-brac, local festival, tasting of famous Cornuelles biscuits and visits to the village and castle. Easter of Art at Sers. Art workshops, shows and street entertainment, arts and crafts exhibitions.

Wine, Cheese and Artisanal Wares Fair at Pranzac. Easter weekend.

MAY Festival of Forgotten Points (May 2012). With this festival, which takes place every two years on the last weekend in May, beautiful lacework from the olden days and of today take pride of place! The exhibitors and the people taking part in this event come from the four corners of France and Europe, to talk about their love for this beautiful craft of lacework.

JUNE National Heritage Day and National Day of the Mills. The 3rd Sunday in each month.

Organic Fouquebrune. Spring Fair – 1st weekend in June.

JULY Grand Mediaeval Festival in Dignac on the 1st Sunday in July.

With your family or among friends, come and enjoy, dine and spend the day at Dignac in a friendly, mediaeval setting, organised by many renowned professional companies. Summer Nights in Villebois. French music festival. Village Sessions. Courses, shows and music concerts in rural surroundings across the two communities of communes of the Échelle and Horte & Lavalette valleys. Fjord Horse Festival. This event brings together breeders and lovers of this race of horse. On the agenda are free rides in a horse-drawn carriage around the streets of Montbron and an official breeding competition under the supervision of the national stud farms. Summer Activities in the Old Castle. Cultural activities carried out by the Mairie in MONTBRON. Come and discover local, national and international artists’ works of art exhibited over the summer period and come and visit the old castle. La Rochefoucauld gives the «La». This is a festival with free concerts which has become the must-see event for summertime in La Rochefoucauld. A result of constant research, giving diversity and quality of artists and groups from all backgrounds.

Les Musichorales at La Rochefoucauld. The MUSICHORALES festival offers 5 days of musical meetings with « Les Cordes d’Argent » orchestra of Saint Petersbourg from 17th to 22nd July. Two concerts in La Rochefoucauld castle grounds close the festival.

AUGUST Night market in Montbron. 1st Friday in August from 6pm to 1am.

La Rochefoucauld gives the «La». This is a festival with free

concerts which has become the must-see event for summertime in La Rochefoucauld. A result of constant research, giving diversity and quality of artists and groups from all backgrounds. « Mijot » Evening. Meal made from the organic produce of the Gardens of the Bandiat with musical entertainment. Les Jardins du Bandiat le Bourg -16380 Souffrignac. Operation Sunflower. Various activities : visits to Montbron, botanical trips, cultural readings, etc, organised by the Montbron area villages. La Rochefoucauld Showjumping Event. Last weekend in August. In the enchanting backdrop of La Rochefoucauld castle grounds, this showjumping event is a must for the end of the summer season. The Sainte Hubert mass is celebrated on the Sunday at 11am in the castle chapel.

SEPTEMBER Children’s Festival at the Chambon. 2nd weekend in September. Numerous associations, producers and local artisans, conferences, exhibitions and debates in order to offer over 50 free activities to our children and anyone who wants to accompany them to the exceptional site of the Chambon at Eymouthiers. Horse Fair in Charmant. 2nd weekend in September Horseriding, mountain biking and walking, introduction to pony and horseriding, rides in horse-drawn carriages and a farmers’ market. 3rd weekend in September, European Heritage Days. An opportunity to discover or rediscover not only public heritage but some private estates, as certain owners open their doors. Wild Goose Walk. 4th weekend in September Large event for rambles, horse and mountain bike riding within the community of communes of the Echelle Valley. Country-style lunch and entertainment on arrival.

OCTOBER Sornin and Prehistory. Wine festival : tastings, musical entertainment, demonstrations, auctions of vintages… Market of Tastes in La Rochefoucauld. Sale and tasting of regional products, street entertainment for children. Dinnerdance with entertainment.



Christmas market in Montbron Christmas market in Villebois Lavalette Christmas market in Charras

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Horte et Tardoire travel guide 2011 (Charente, france)  
Horte et Tardoire travel guide 2011 (Charente, france)  

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