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MAY 2012 NO.201 OFFICIALS Secretary : Fiona Husband 01306 712317 Email contributions : Chairman : Ian McCulloch Editor : Dick Husband 01403 257094 Trials : Mike Husband : 01403 257626 Team Manager: Adrian Holloway 07964 179711 Site Officers: Mannings Heath- Ian McCulloch 01403 263667: NorthlandsMike Husband 01403 257626, Rome- Tim Husband 01306 712317 : Wallis Wood- John Charman 01403 786441 HR EVENTS MAY SUN 13 HR GROUP TRIAL – Rome Woods SUN 20 PRACTICE DAY – Halnaker SUN 27 BOGNOR CLUB TRIAL – Miscombe JUNE SUN 3 HR CLUB TRIAL – Walliswood Team Monties SUN 10 CRAWLEY GROUP TRIAL – Birchanger Woods SAT 16 HR PRACTICE TRIAL – Mannings Heath SAT 23 MTB RIDE – Organised by Clint – Meet at Holmbury St Mary Village Hall, Felday Glade 3 pm for ride followed by beer in pub SUN 24 BOGNOR CLUB TRIAL – Elsted FRI/SAT/SUN 29/30th June and 1st July – HR CAMPING WEEKED – see full details in Newsletter – Team Kwackers JULY SUN 8 BRIGHTON GROUP TRIAL – Ifold, Lewes SAT 14 HR WORKING PARTY – Mannings Heath am SUN 15 PRACTICE DAY – Halnaker SUN 22 BOGNOR CLUB TRIAL – venue tba

MANNINGS HEATH May 6th – Cancellation Apologies for this action we offer but truth of the matter was a month of rain making it the worst April in 100 years. That happened to coincide with the extraction of 300 tons of Douglas Fir and Scots Pine thinnings using large machinery which chewed up everywhere. Strangely the course would have been OK to ride on but parking space was so restricted we had no option but to cancel. We’ll try to provide an additional event to make up. The alternative discussed was swapping Walliswood to MH but there’s no way we’d be OK to park in the boggy field. Note – if we have your correct email address we can email you to advise of cancellations – also please check the HR website in wet conditions for cancellations of change of venue – Walliswood is also susceptible to problems in wet weather as if the field is too wet we cannot park – so if still wet please check prior to event. But Cheer Up the Camping Weekend Approaches!

NEWS AND COMMENT o Now we have a bi-monthly newsletter which will inevitably cover more reports and info we have included more events in the calendar – remember the website also provides all this information. Second, everything relating to group trials will be collected under one heading. o One route event – Raised £168.70 for Riders for Health – thanks to all who participated – members and visitors alike o June 3rd club trial is at Walliswood run by Monties Team. If you’re not sure how to get there phone John Charman 01403 786441. Take care when parking – keep to field edge. TEAM KWACKERS HAVE PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE THE GREAT HR CHARITY CAMPING WEEKEND Friday 29th June - The gate will be open from noon – don’t forget it’s the top gate on the corner of Green Lane. You should arrive with accommodation – not too extensive, (mansions are for heaven), food and water, beer and barbecue food. There are jobs to do like hole digging and fire drill, but by the evening we’re round the campfire getting awfully jolly!

Saturday 30th June – The Kwackers will be setting out the course in the morning for the Yankee trial, starting at 1.30 pm (YANKEE – read sign at start). There’s plenty of time before then for you to hand in your CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE RAFFLE and to purchase loads of tickets you can ill afford in order to get your contribution back – but you will have consolation, all the money goes to Riders for Health. After the trial a selection of entertaining activities may include a Rounders Match, A Slalom Timed World Wee Ski Championship etc. and of course a barbeque. Sunday 1st July – The club trial starts at 10.30 am and more donations collected up till lunch time when the raffle will be drawn and prizes will go out after the event. It’s always a sad time when the weekend is over. One last thing or two – if you’re taking pics send them to Mike and before you leave the site see if there’s any clearing up help needed.

AGM Minutes 1. Minutes of the last AGM were read and agreed 2. Secretary’s Report - read and agreed. 3. Treasurers Account/Report - read and agreed. A donation of £850 was given to Riders for Health. A little less than last years £1000 but still a good sum. 4. Election of Officers as below : Chairman Ian McCulloch Secretary Fiona Husband Treasurer Jean Husband Team Manager Adrian Holloway Equipment Officer Pete Brooker/Benge (not in attendance) News Editor Dick Husband Trials Secretary Mike Husband Site Officers : Mannings Heath Ian McCulloch Rome Woods Tim Husband Northlands Mike Husband Walliswood John Charman Ray Morris was also voted on as an ‘Honorary Committee Member’ for attending all the meetings.

Team leaders as currently listed may also attend and vote at Committee meetings. Thanks to Ian McCulloch for his work as Chairman and Adrian Holloway as Team Leader 5. Trials Matters All agreed one route trial with special test in April went well, everyone seemed to have enjoyed the event. £168 was raised for Charity. Hope to repeat next year. Discussed possible Challenge Trial with Horsham club, or Invitation Trial, Team Trial, Mike to discuss with other clubs to see if interest. Ian will speak with Rod from Horsham also. 6. Social Events 11th May meal and quiz at Six Bells Newdigate, to be repeated if successful Mountain Bike Ride followed by beer in pub - TBC 23rd June - organiser Clint Road Run - August - organiser Tim - check possibility of going to practice day at Grand Prix for next year. Committee Meeting - 10th October at Six Bells Newdigate. 7. Any Other Business Working Parties - arranged for Mannings Heath 14th July and Rome or Northlands 17th November Stamps - possibility of Mike franking to save money? Reverse Trial - discussed - Ian agreed to layout for August at Mannings Heath Xmas Meal - will decide after May meal.

THE ONE ROUTE TRIAL ON APRIL FOOL’S DAY Once again this was a successful event set out by the Harleys team consisting of Clint and Gary M. Thanks to them and Tim who put in the special test. Comments at the end showed approval of several riders : · It helps beginners by giving them opportunity to view and attempt harder sections · Better riders have to concentrate more – to miss a gate loses 5 which is difficult to catch up · Gives a better flow on sections

Uses less land, less flags, easier to see a route, easier to clear up, spectators understand what’s going on. The notice at the start anticipated ideal result targets with the winner on 0 and last man on 160 – they are recent beginners who have yet to gain confidence. Experienced yellow riders dropped average marks with blue and white less than usual i.e. just right. By and large finishing order was obviously white, blue, yellow but the once excep·

tion was Tom H in 6th place, another surprise was Phil W coming in ahead of Tony F and Sean P, the latter on special test results. Special thanks to Fiona during the timing of the special test, there was criticism of the narrow staggered gates causing confusion. The timed results were interesting where Tom Bray had the 3rd fastest time, at the top it was tenths of a second that sorted places into final positions. 10 seconds were added to time if a gate missed – we had an entry of 41 and raised £168.70 for Riders for Health. I think it was an excellent days sport, perhaps we should run more than one a year.






Andy Dudman



Mick Rivett



Phil W alker



Sean Parsons



Tom Horsborough



Steve Farrall



John Penfold



Tony Flegg



John Charman Sean Staker





Tom Bray



Sam Davidson



Robert McKenzie



Ian McCulloch



Tim Husband



Rich Ellis



Stuart Evans



Michael Hyden



Ray Morris



Graham Knight


Garry Budgen


Millie Ray


John Yardley


Gary Stewart


34.15 53.31

Kevin McDavitt


Pete Brooker


39.27 43.8

Mick Dunstan






Gary Medhurst



Nigel Bray



Chris W arren


40.13* 50.45*

Harry Ross


Cassie Armsby



Tony Ryan



James Turner


Rob English


Graeme Barden



D Teate



Leslie Castle


Bob Budgen


* includes 10 second penalty for missing gate

Practice Trial Northlands A huge thank you to all that came along as the forecast was more rain but it turned out to be just right overhead although a little slippery under foot. I got to Northlands about 9.30 to have a look around and decide where to have the sections and put up the begins and ends, before I finished this the helpers arrived in force, which is always a very welcome sight being the day is run by volunteers. Adrian H and son Adam are always keen to help out with all Horsham Riders events with Adam setting out the red route and Adrian helping with both red and yellow, however they were not alone this time when Sam D and father Mick also came along to help out followed by Ray and friends so before I knew it there was a pretty good team of volunteers. This was fantastic I thought, I could sit in the van and let them do the whole thing, but I knew one of them would tell Dick and I’d cop for it, that’s not saying I didn’t take advantage of the situation.

So I put Sam in charge of the blues and Ray and friends the yellows which left Adam to do the reds with Adrian keeping an eye on both reds and yellows so I could wander around with Sam doing the blues. It has to be said that they all did a great job without fuss all in good time for the riders if any turned up. Section seven had almost been completed when my wife (Mimi) came strolling through the wood only to tell me there are people there waiting to sign on and the van was locked, so back she went with keys to allow all the keen riders to hand

over their hard earned cash. Thanks again Mimi. So at midday we honked the horn and off they went, well some did but most seem to have come along to catch up on whose got what bike now and the latest gossip. Clint and Mike H also gave up their Saturday to help us mere mortals with turns and logs and anything else they could, even setting up your bike.

Steve H arrived with a bike this time and had a good ride round but sure enough his camera was in tow, I don’t think I have ever seen him without a camera of which he captures all of us at all the HR trials, Cheers for that Steve I love it when people see me laying on my backside and the bike disappearing through the trees. Another handy one with the camera is Adrian H who has taken some great pics too over the years. Section 3 was a little tricky for the blues over some logs and ditches but they all managed it after a few goes but section 7 was the hardest with a very tight slippery turn then up a steep bank which is where Clint and Mike where needed the most. Tim H brought some friends along to have a go and try they did so well done to them for giving it a go and hope to see you again. One of them took home the crash of the day trophy, though if there was an award for effort I think he would have got that too. I will have to make one, well done Kieran, Mick D was having a lot of fun and riding well, every time I saw him he was still laughing so we must have got the yellows about

right. Mike H had a play on the Pampera which is an amazing bike really as it seems to go anywhere with Mike in the seat. Clint brought his new addition to his collection, a beautiful Honda RTL witch he kindly allowed some of us to ride and I have to say it was a pleasure.

Sam D was riding well but like myself needed help on section 7 to get that turn right, Clint was very patient with both of us but it paid off in the end. I have probably bored you all enough by now but I find it hard to remember everything that went on and all the names of riders that came along to make the day fun. I think the only way for me to do a good write up is to leave the bike at home and just walk around with pen and pad putting names to faces and all that, The thing is I love riding around too so I don’t see all that goes on. What I’m trying to say is, if I haven’t mentioned you or thanked you for helping, then I’m sorry I will try harder. If you have never been to a practice trial then you really are missing out on a great day so please try and come along. It’s great fun. All the best JOHN C And thanks to John and Mimi for helping to organise - again!

SOUTH COAST GROUP For these events we list results of classes where HR members participated with winners score and members scores. March 3rd run by Bognor at Miscombe Woods – results 3rd Round Inters Novice O 50 O60 1 P Martin 4 1 D Brooks 5 1 T Carter 5 1 C Neville 6 6 Sean Parsons 24 7 T Horsborough 28 4 S Farrell 12 7 Bob Collins 18 8 Ed Charman 34 8 Mike Husband 22 April 4th run by Bognor at Elsted – results 4th round Expert O40 O50 O60 1 R Smith 17 1 Clint Leggett 12 1 M Marshall 3 1 C Neville 16 5 Luke Thomas 88 5 M Husband 51 3 Bob Collins 20 Novice 1 D Brooks 38 2 Tom Horsoborugh 51


SELL YOUR STUFF WITH AN AD IN CLUB NEWS Many bikes and kit have been sold via these ads which are free to members. We are always being asked for older bikes to suit beginners and for boots in children’s sizes. Members are keen to buy from others in the club so if you have items to sell, jot it down and hand in at the next trial or phone it through to Dick or Fiona. FOR SALE IN THE CLOTHING CUPBOARD available for a RFH donation · 1 Pair IKON trousers W 24” L 22” · 1 Pair O’Neal trousers W 21” L 19” · 1 Pair Akito Moto X boots Size 8, tatty but OK · 1 OCS Riding Shirt Large 2XL New · Small motorcycle crash hat · Size 3 – 4 boots (not trials)

TRADE ADS(£5 per year for members businesses only - helps you and the club)

MERLIN MOTORCYCLES 2012 Beta, Sherco, Scorpa + Gas Gas Spares, service & tuning too. Trials Training DVDs and books. IRC tyres stocked. Putoline & Castrol oils see - new online shop MERLIN BOOKS sell motorcycle books and DVDs, secondhand motorcycle books always wanted Mike Husband 01403 257626

HEADLINE ENGINEERING For aluminium and stainless welding - helicoil thread repairs - cylinder head, brake discs/drums refining - all machining work - one off and prototypes. Phone Derek head 01306 712565 JOHN CHARMAN – Excavator for hire with driver – groundwork, ponds, ditches, drainage, fencing. Good rates for club members. Tel 01403 786441 Mob 07967 466920 WANTED – BIKES AND PARTS –Project Bikes, Garages cleared. I break bikes so anything considered. Also Metal Detecting land wanted, 50/50 split – to discuss any of the above please call 0208 763 8920, mob 07948 789601, email – Pete – Free online auction.

Teams 2012 AJAYS JANUARY Mike Husband W 01403 257626 Les Castle Y 07866 544634 Adrian Beech Y 07930 732717 Tony Ryan Y 07771 791292 Y 07912 560196 Darren Teate

HARLEYS Clint Leggett Gary Medhurst Tony Van der H John Bateup Will Bateup


KWACKERS Tim Husband Phil Walker Tony Flegg Stuart Evans


LAVERDOS John Yardley Kevin McDavitt Bob Collins Nigel Bray Tom Bray


DUGGIES Pete Brooker Jesse Brooker Benge Gordon Brown Kieron Garlic


FEBRUARY 01273 832912 01273 832912 07774 455604 07769 944472 07743 588540

ENFIELDS Sean Parsons Jack Northover Graham Knight Martin Tooley James Turner


MARCH 01403 730799 01403 710776 01293 871955 01403 734775 01293 871663

APRIL 01306 711038 01293 775106 01403 269567 01342 715959

FANTICS Sam Aldrich Joe Aldrich John Pock'ton Mick Dunstan Michael Hyden Rob Hyden


MAY 01403 273862 01403 273862 01798 813827 01403 711962 01403 258352 01403 258352

MONTIES John Charman W Harry Ross Y Chris Heron Y Steve Parker B Ben Rinds Y

JUNE 01403 786441 07815 659827 01444 241355 07984 038622 07984 038622

JULY 01306 712317 01293 412905 01293 419867 07799 626730

INDIANS Ian McCulloch Brian Barnes Eric Scutt Paul Barnes Ian Johnstone


AUGUST 01403 263667 01403 730623 01403 731810 01403 733255 02083 930048

COSSACKS Adrian HollowayB Dave Alder Y Mark Johnson B Sam Davidson W Joe Davidson Y Adam Holloway R

SEPTEMBER 07964 179711 02083 979660 01273 813782 07795 006823

OCTOBER 01273 555391 01273 601465 01342 713808 01323 893510

GREEVIES Dan Berrisford Steve Jones Nick Green Ray Morris Tom Horsborough Mark Stubberfield


NOVEMBER 01293 873788 01273 843489 07825 176636 07751 335445 07833 347303 07889 768685

JIMMIES Pete Bowker Eddie Charman Joe Beard Mick Rivett Gary Stewart

DECEMBER 07847 301398 07989 300797 07854 571919 01306 628077 01306 627464


2012 PROVISIONAL DATES If you are unable to do your turn please try to arrange a substitute

Date JAN Mon 2 FEB Sun 5 MAR Sun 4

Event Club Trial Club Trial Club Trial

Site Rome M Heath N lands

Team Ajays Duggies Enfield

Date JUN Sat 30 JUL Sun 1 AUG Sun 5

Event Camp w/end Camp w/end Club Trial

Site Team N Lands Kwackers N Lands M Heath Indians

APR Sun 1 Sat 14 MAY Sun 6 Sun 13 JUNE Sun 3 Sat 16

Club Trial Practice Club Trial Group Trial Club Trial Practice

Rome Harleys N lands M Heath Fantics Rome WW Monties M Heath

SEPT Sun 2

Club Trial


OCT Sun 7 OCT Wed 10 NOV Sun 4 Sat 17 DEC Sun 2

Club Trial N Lands Laverdos Committee Mtg6 Bells Newdigate Club Trial Rome Greevies Working Party Rome/Northlands TBA Club Trial M Heath Jimmies

Halnaker Trials Park Dates for 2012


A 285 Chichester to Petw orth Approx 1 mile north of Halnaker Village - Start 10 am

Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 18, Apr 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16

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Horsham Riders News May 2012  

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