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AUGUST 2013 NO. 214 OFFICIALS Secretary : Fiona Husband 01306 712317 Email contributions : Chairman : Ian McCulloch Editor : Dick Husband 01403 257094 Trials : Mike Husband : 01403 257626 Team Manager: Adrian Holloway 07964 179711 Site Officers: Mannings Heath- Ian McCulloch 01403 263667: NorthlandsMike Husband 01403 257626, Rome- Tim Husband 01306 712317 : HR EVENTS


11 18 25


HR CLUB TRIAL   Rome Woods   Team Cossacks BOGNOR GROUP TRIAL PRACTICE DAY   Halnaker BOGNOR CLUB TRIAL   Steep Marsh, Petersfield COMMITTEE MEETING, Six Bells, Newdigate 8 pm ADDER BROWN TRIAL, Henley Village, Fernhurst


NEWS AND COMMENT th COMMITTEE MEETING   Wednesday 25 September at the Six Bells Newdigate 8 pm At this meeting we discuss the period and events up till next Feb/March. We welcome new ideas for discussion and any member can attend and put in his twopennorth. So if you are interested in making HR tick, please try to attend. One of the things preventing us from having a winter social programme is the lack of a suitable venue. If anyone has any thoughts on this or knows of an accommodating local premises (pub) with a room we’d like to hear of it. Start Times Although the last trial got going early at 10 am our normal summer start time is later. Come November we’ll have the clocks changed and the organizing team need time, in the light, to clear up, then we will start at 10 am and expect all riders to finish before 3 pm Marsden Donation Reported last month we donated £400 to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, the response was a letter and certificate which I hope will be copied in the Newsletter. It shows how our sport can help where it matters. In brief – the letter – I am writing to thank you all at Horsham Riders Club for so kindly donating the wonderful sum of £400 to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. On behalf of all the staff and patients here at The Royal Marsden, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your tremendous support and for helping to make a difference to the lives of all the patients in our care.

AUGUST TRIAL The Indian Summer Trial, Mannings Heath It was scheduled to be a reverse trial i.e. ride 2 laps one way and 2 laps t’other. Ian decided that with the many problems encountered last time riders would be happier with a normal club trial – they were! The newly surfaced car park drew much comment, but it ain’t paid for yet. It was the day of the big cycle race on the Olympic route which made Tom H late, he had to go on the M25 to find a road that was open. Better than Martin T, his sisters’ house was on the route at Hampton Court, they couldn’t take a car ride all day! But no traffic problems for our event, pity only 31 arrived, maybe they were all holidaying.

Team Indians set out led by Chairman Ian who, showing club loyalty, returned from French Villa to mark out with team members Paul and Brian B, and Eric Scutt. There was some confusion with route marking as Ian had run out of arrows. Tom H said as he rode into the wild wilderness he expected to encounter a guy strumming a guitar! Gary M handed in the ad for his Fantic, it’s his first ride on Adrian’s old bike. Adrian was hoping to meet a rider named Paul who was selling his Beta, he goes up to Paul B and asks if his name is Paul, Yes he says, but no he isn’t selling. Anita Y arrived hatless, told it made her look younger she said “it’s in the car, I’ll go and get it!” Sean is on his twin shock, he messed his gearbox up on his No. 1 in the Reeth 3 day, when his water bottle pipe caught up in the throttle cable and the bike went flat out, unable to stop he dropped a gear and a few cogs with it. Clint said he’d done the same two or three times (things people do to get a drink!). He’s still waiting to see if the lump of metal will be taken out of his shoulder, meanwhile he takes 2 bikes to a trial in case he gets a puncture – he did and changed over on lap 1. Mike R is ready and waiting to go and a few bikes are started so we hooted at 10 am and team man Brian, not riding, sets off – he says to tell them where they went wrong. Chris H is first back, got lost en route, has to get back as son invited him to his engagement party – in my house he exclaims! Several on sighting the sections (whites were said to be a bit tight) changed routes – Mike Hyden went up to W for the first time – not the best of choices, John P and Sam D went down to Blue to be joined by Harry R who rose up from Yellows. Blue was the easiest route by far – look at the half way scores : White 41, Blue 18 and Yellow 39. The other routes were on target. With a low entry, when you walk around you have a job to find someone on a section, Adrian was about everywhere taking pictures after he tired of accompanying Adam who was pleased to miss out on parental direction! At section 7 the biggest hill, the Yellow route was separate and the Blue was just straight across at the top. At last a White rider, it wasn’t hard going right down and up but Paul B lost a dab on the down bit, it was only slightly mucky at the bottom. Back to section 6, I happily spot Mick D have a dab – “aha!” I shout with joy – then he tells me he’s passed the ends long before. He had cleaned section 3 in the ditch along with Adam H and Rich E who leapt out cleanly in front of me saying he’d only just mastered that last bit. At the first section, Steve F reports the white sections are tight and he’s just had a five, that seemed encouraging obviously worth waiting.

Tim H rides Blue for 1, and Gary M Yellow for 3, then come 3 Whites. Ed C dropped 2, was very bouncy-bouncy on the first turn, Sean did the same with the same result but Clint was clean. Andy D told me he’d cleaned it twice, talking about it afterwards Ian said he thought bouncy days were banned – I report only dishonesty is banned at HR! Surprises in the results on the white route as Clint comes in fifth and Mike R is ahead of Andy by a mark. Paul B is 11 marks ahead of Clint – it’s the first time for about 25 years if I remember right (that’s very doubtful), but Mike Hyden riding W for the first time did well to be so far ahead of Ed C. John P going down to blue injected himself between Tom H and Rich E who were 1 and 2 at the last trial. Rich says he was riding shakily at the start as he had to celebrate his wedding anniversary where his wife insisted he had all this drink! John Y was back to his winning ways on the Yellows and several marks back Martin T and Mick D, nothing new there but Adrian’s bike transformed Gary’s performance to 4th place. A visiting young lady from RRND Rachel, led home the red riders followed by Steve G who is waiting to join when it’s most economic! So it was a fine day with the weather holding dry. At the end Derek TW pulled up on his Beta 4 stroke in which there was a lot of interest. It was tried by Tim and Clint who were impressed. The quiet running at low revs was amazing (Martin T started his two-stroke nearby, it was deafening!) If I was riding I’d want one of those but at % grand new I’d think twice. Thanks Indians for a great day RESULTS NAME ROUTE Total Mike Rivett W 15 Andy Dudman W 16 Sean Parsons W 33 Paul Barnes W 38 Clint Leggett W 47 Steve Farrall W 49 Michael Hyden W 61 Eddie Charman W 73

Tom Horsborough John Penfold Rich Ellis Sam Davidson Tim Husband Ian McCulloch Harry Ross T Robinson


6 8 17 18 22 26 86 DNF

John Yardley Martin Tooley Mick Dunstan Gary Medhurst Adam Holloway Derek T Wand Gordon Brown Mark Rose Martin Turner Chris Heron Kieran Garlic


6 15 21 29 37 39 51 60 89 DNF DNF

Rachel Measures Steve Garland Simon Canacott Rob Wright


36 38 62 78

Analysis White Blue Yellow Red

Ent 8 8 11 4

DNF 0 1 2 0

% Fin 100 88 82 100

1/2 way 41 18 39 51

May Group Trial (from Ian but I forgot to include last month) There may well be other items about this in the newsletter but I wanted to make a couple of comments. Our annual group trial was run on the 12th of May at Rome Woods. The clerks of the course were Mike Husband and Clint Leggett. 60 riders of various categories rode 3 laps of 12 sections. I rode as an over 60 and went round with Arian Holloway as we were both riding the yellow route. Adrian and I both enjoyed ourselves and the feedback from all the other riders we spoke to was that they all had had a good day. I had not ridden the yellow route for a couple of years, Adrian tends to ride them as Adam, his son does them at present ( although from what I’ve seen I think he’ll soon be ready to move up ). Adrian’s view was that the sections were a little harder than normal club trial yellows. I found them to be great fun and managed to lose lots of marks but with a smile on my face. Doing group trials is a very good way of increasing your riding experience and will certainly help improve your riding. Obviously as a club we need to make sure that the event runs properly but there is normally a lot of scope for club members to ride so why not give it a go next year? My thanks to everyone involved, Mike was secretary and with Clint plotted a great course. Dick, with Fiona’s help no doubt, oversaw the signing on and acted as starter and Tim was backmarker. Provisional results were available on the web within a few hours of the trial ending. Lots of pictures also posted on the web by Steve Hook. A thoroughly enjoyable and well organised event, once again may thanks! Ian Mac.

FOR SALE FANTIC 243 Series 2 – Air Cool Mono Original white and gold livery. New front tyre, almost new rear tyre. Nice condition for its year 1989. Current owner for last 20+ years. £750 ono Gary Medhurst 01293 775106 HONDA MOPED WITH LOG BOOK – £10 OR OFFERS – PROCEEDS TO CHARITY (SEE EARLIER IN NEWSLETTER) – Phone Dick or Mike

IN THE CLOTHING CUPBOARD available for a RFH donation NEW IN – Riding Shirt S – Polyester and Riding Trousers – Boys US size 24 1 pair riding boots Size 36 1 pair small trials gloves Trials trousers Waist 26 Waist 28 Leg 23 Waist 28 Leg 27 Waist 28 Leg 27 poor condition 2 ONeal riding shirts (small youth?) 1 Answer riding shirt - youth extra large 1 Answer man size Adult one piece overalls – fireproof! Ladies ankle boots size 3-4

TRADE ADS(  5 per year for members businesses only ­ helps you and the club)

MERLIN MOTORCYCLES 2013 Gas Gas “Raga” replica, Beta, Sherco, Scorpa - Spares, service & tuning too. Trials Training DVDs and books.IRC tyres stocked. Putoline & Castrol oils see MERLIN BOOKS sell motorcycle books and DVDs, secondhand motorcycle books always wanted Mike Husband 01403 257626

HEADLINE ENGINEERING For aluminium and stainless welding - helicoil thread repairs - cylinder head, brake discs/drums refining - all machining work - one off and prototypes. Phone Derek head 01306 712565

Teams 2013 AJAYS Mike Husband Les Castle Adrian Beech Tony Ryan Darren Teate

HARLEYS Clint Leggett Gary Medhurst


W 01403 257626 Y 07866 544634 Y 07930 732717 Y 07771 791292 Y 07912 560196


W 01306 711038 B 01293 775106 Derek Tickner Wand Y 01342 893371 Y 01403 240593 Paul Aylett Y 07825 708845 Tig Durrant

DUGGIES Pete Brooker Jesse Brooker Benge Gordon Brown Kieron Garlic



FANTICS Mick Rivett Gary Stewart Mick Dunstan Michael Hyden Rob Hyden


KWACKERS INDIANS JULY 6TH W 01293 419867 Tony Flegg Ian McCulloch Phil Walker W 01293 412905 Brian Barnes Stuart Evans B 07799 626730 Eric Scutt 979660 Y Jack Taylor Jamie Flegg Paul Barnes Cassie Armsby Y Sam Davidson W 07795 190231 Ian Johnstone


LAVERDOS John Yardley Kevin McDavitt Bob Collins Nigel Bray Tom Bray



Y 01273 555391 Y 01273 601465 B 01342 713808 Y 01323 893510 W 01323 893510

01273 832912 01273 832912 07774 455604 07769 944472 07743 588540

Sean Parsons Dan Berrisford Rob English Martin Tooley TBC


MONTIES John Charman Steve Parker Harry Ross Chris Heron TBC

01306 628077 01306 627464 01403 711962 01403 258352 01403 258352



MAY 27th BH


GREEVIES Tom Horsborough Ray Morris Nick Green Graham Knight James Turner

01403 786441 07984 038622 ? 01444 241355

COSSACKS 01403 263667 Adrian Holloway B 01403 730623 Adam Holloway Y B 01403 731810 Dave Alder 01403 731810 John Pock'ton Y 01403 733255 Tim Husband B 02083 930048

07964 179711 07964 179711 Y 02083 01798 813827 01306 712317





01403 730799 01293 873788 07763 438231 01403 734779

07833 347303 07751 335445 07825 176636 01293 871955 01293 871663

Andy Dudman Rich Ellis Stephen Jones TBC TBC


W 07984 557340 B 01273 842973 Y 01273 843489

2013 PROVISIONAL DATES If you are unable to do your turn please try to arrange a substitute

Date JAN Sun 6 FEB Sun 3 MAR Sun 3 Sat 9 APR Sun 7 Sat 20 MAY Sun 5 Sun 12 Mon 27 JUNE Sat 15

Event Club Trial Club Trial Club Trial Work Party Club Trial Practice Club Trial Group Trial Club Trial Practice

Site Rome M Heath N lands Rome Rome N lands M Heath Rome TBC M Heath

Team Ajays Duggies Enfield

Date JUL Sat 6 JUL Sun 7 AUG Sun 4

Event Camp w/end Camp w/end Club Trial

Site N Lands N Lands M Heath

Team Kwackers


SEPT Sun 1

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OCT Sun 6 Sat 12 NOV Sun 3 DEC Sun 1

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N Lands Laverdos Nlands - tbc Rome Greevies M Heath Jimmies



A 285 Chichester to Petworth Approx 1 mile north of Halnaker Village - Start 10 am

Halnaker Trials Park Dates for 2013

Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, Aug 18, Sept 15, October 20, Nov 17, Dec 15