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hero 6

Amigo速 Hero 6 | Blue/Blue&Yellow 28 Boots Dalmar

amigo® turnouts


• Waterproof & Breathable

All Amigo® Turnouts have

• 1200 or 600 Denier Polyester Outer

the following

• Polyester lined

features as standard*

• Front Leg Arch • Classic original cut* *Excluding Amigo® XL

Amigo® Hero 6 Horseware® best seller! Super quality ruggreat for all year use. Sold as pack of 5 or as singles.

Excalibur/ Gunmetal &Aqua-JEDA


turnout | Size: 5’6 - 7’0 (115cm-160cm)


AARA71 Lite 0g Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0 Blue/Blue&Yellow-CDV0 Magenta/Thyme-ZMGT

Choc/Chco &Lime Green

Excalibur/Gunmental&Aqua-JEDA Blue/ Blue&Yellow

Amigo® Hero 6 Plus Plus version of the classic Hero. Comes complete with a detachable hood. Sold as pack of 5 or as singles.

turnout | Size: 5’6 - 7’0 (115cm-160cm)

AARP9U Lite 0g Excalibur/Gunmental&Aqua-JEDA


amigo® turnouts


bravo 12

Amigo® Bravo 12 Chocolate/Chocolate&Cream

Amigo® Bravo 12 1200 Denier polyester outer, with polyester lining. Value and durability in one! Classic original cut, now compatible with the Horseware liner system, hood sold separately. turnout | Size: 5’6 - 7’3 (115cm-165cm)

AARA41 Lite 0g Navy/Navy&White- BBW0 Chocolate/Chocolate&Cream-NNMA Hood | Size: XXS-XL

AARN41 0G Navy/Navy Chocolate/Chocolate&Cream-NNMA

Amigo® XL Designed for the bigger built horse, such as warmbloods and draughts. Provides added comfort and freedom of movement, with extra depth in the neck line and an extra deep drop for increased belly coverage. Hood available separately. turnout | Size: 6’0 - 7’6 (130cm - 175cm)

Hood | Size: M-XL

AARG91 Lite 0g


Otter/Pea Green/Otter-GPGG

Otter/Pea Green/Otter-GPGG


amigo® turnout & Stable

Amigo® Bravo 12 100g The ultimate mid season rug turnout | Size: 5’6 - 7’3 (115cm-165cm)

AARA16 LITE 100g Navy/Navy&Electric Blue-BBEO

Amigo® Bravo 12 100g Navy/Navy&Electric Blue

Amigo® Insulator Ideal for use in the stable all year round. Polyester outer, 150g fibrefill, Polyester lined, Classic original cut, Hood sold separately.

Turnout | Size: 5’6-7’0 (115cm-160cm)

Hood | Size: XXS-XL


ABRN81 150G

Navy/Silver- BI00



amigo® stable & coolers

Amigo® Cotton Stable Sheet Lightweight and breathable sheet that will help keep your horse clean during the summer months. 100% Durable cotton, Machine washable, Classic original shape, Silky shoulder lining.

Sheet | Size: 5’6-7’0 (115cm-160cm) | Horse

Sheet | Size: 4’6-5’3 (90cm-110cm) | pony


ANRF242 0G

Navy/Silver- BI00

Navy/Silver- BI00



Amigo® Stable Sheet Uses an advanced fabric construction to wick moisture and disperse it across a wide surface area, Fast drying Ring Spun Polyester fabric, Can be used in the stable/travelling or to help keep your horse warm while drying. Cross surcingles.

Sheet | Size: 5’6-7’0 (115cm-160cm) adrf22 | 0G

Navy/Silver- BI00 Magenta/Thyme-ZMGT Excalibur/Gunmetal&Aqua-JEDA Blue/Blue&Yellow-CDV0 Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0

new product Amigo® net cooler Texturised net material, designed to help wick away moisture from the horse’s body after exercise. Removable crossed surcingle. Comes with handy storage/wash bag.

Sheet | Size: 5’6-7’0 (115cm-160cm) acrn24 | 0G

Navy/Silver- BI00


amigo® jersey cooler & accessories

Amigo® Jersey Cooler The brushed polyester wicks away moisture quickly and efficiently. Co-ordinate your equine wardrobe with all our Amigo® matching accessories. Single velcro front closure and removable cross surcingle.

Sheet | Size: 5’6-7’0 (115cm-160cm) | Horse

Sheet | Size: 4’6-5’3 (90cm-110cm) | pony



Navy/Silver- BI00

Navy/Silver- BI00



Excalibur/Gunmetal&Aqua-JEDA Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0 Blue/Blue&Yellow-CDV0

Amigo® Travel Boots Tough outer shell, Wide 3 strap design, Fleece lined with easy clean polyester, Strip around bottom, Colours to coordinate with Amigo® range.

Amigo® Headcollar & Leadrope Set Now comes with padded nose and head piece. Nylon headpiece, Quick release clip on cheek, Leadrope included, Colours to co-ordinate with Amigo® range.

Amigo® Saddle Pad Piping and new shape for SS12. Colours to Co-ordinate with Amigo® range. 100% Cotton outer, Easy fix velcro girth loop, Moisture Management lining.

Boots | Size: Pony, cob, horse

headcollar & lead | Size: Pony, cob, horse

Saddle Pad | Size: Pony/Cob, Cob/Full




Navy/Silver- BI00

Navy/Silver- BI00

Navy/Silver- BI00







Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0

Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0




DPRS20 Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-nnl0 Blue/Blue&Yellow-CDV0


amigo® Pony & Amigo® chest extender

Amigo® Bravo 12 Pony 1200 Polyester outer, with polyester lining. Value and durability in one!

turnout | Size: 4’0-5’9 (80cm-125cm)

AKRA61 Lite 0g Navy/Navy & White-BBW0

Amigo® Hero 6 Pony Horseware® Best Seller! Super quality rug. Great for all year use. Sold as pack of 5 or as Singles.

turnout | Size: 4’0-5’9 (80cm-125cm)

AKRA71 Lite 0g Magenta/Thyme-ZMGT Excalibur/Gunmental&Aqua-JEDA

Amigo® Pony Insulator Ideal for use in the stable all year round. Polyester outer, 150g fibrefill, Polyester lined, Classic original cut, Hood sold separately.

turnout | Size: 4’6-5’3 (90cm-110cm) ALRA82 MEDIUM 150G


Amigo® CHEST EXTENDER Designed to be compatible with all Amigo® turnouts.

chest extender | Size: one size DCR000 Navy/Navy-BB00 Black/Black-K000


amigo® foal rug & luggage

Amigo® FOAL RUG Features • Suitable for foals from birth. • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. • Unique innovative adjustment system to allow the rug to grow with your foal. • By expanding the front & side adjustments the rug can expand by 6inch(15cm) in length. • Contoured belly arch and flap allows for a snug fit to keep the foal warm while ensuring your peace of mind. • Secure and easy fit Velcro fastenings. Material • 600 Denier Outer • Waterproof & Breathable • 200g Acrylic Fill • Polyester lining to give a smooth coat • Reflective strips

Foal rug | Size: 2’6, 3’0, 3’3 (while stocks lasts), 3’6, 4’0 AARH1V 200g

Navy/Navy & White-BBW0

Saddle Bag

Amigo Luggage, Horse Set ®

Fantastic luggage sets for horse. Tough polyester outer with PVC coating.

Outer/Kit Bag Grooming Bag

Horse set | Size: one size LLRQ90 Navy/Silver-BI00

Bridle Bag

Outer/Kit Bag

Amigo® Luggage, RIDER Set Fantastic luggage sets for rider. Tough polyester outer with PVC coating.

Boot Bag

rider set | Size: one size LKRQ90

Hat Bag


Garment Bag



Amigo ® Hero 6 | Blue/Blue&Yellow Dalmar Boots 28 ® AARA71 lite 0g Chocolate/Chocolate&Lime Green-NNL0 Blue/Blue&Yellow-CDV0 Mag...

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