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North American diaphragm pumps market energised by demand for AODD

The North American double diaphragm pumps market is undergoing a resurgence, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan. In recent years the market has endured subdued growth, a consequence of low oil prices and a “sluggish” North American economy. However, a “robust” need for air operated double diaphragm pumps (AODD) and metering pumps in the water and chemical industries, as well as greater investment in infrastructure development, are stimulating the market, according to the Frost & Sullivan report. “Growth will be augmented by strong sales of diaphragm pumps in the oil and gas, food and beverage, power generation, and pharmaceutical sectors,” claims a statement from Frost & Sullivan. “Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers will need to expand channel, distribution, and partnership initiatives, and consider acquisitions to

drive product line expansion, customer base and market share in a competitive and fragmented ecosystem.” The strength of the market combined with new regulations will have a significant effect on the pump manufacturing industry. “Demand for energy-efficient pumps, catalysed by new government mandates and regulations, will result in the development of advanced pumps with smart, electronic features that will also enable better system integration,” said Frost & Sullivan Industrial Automation & Process Control Research Analyst Shilpa Mathur Ramachandran. “Investment in constant innovation is imperative to diaphragm pump manufacturers’ success as the convergence of automation with the process equipment industry looms large.” A number of trends are highlighted by the report. Significantly, it’s suggested that in the short term Canada will

Armstrong’s new pumps hit ‘highest’ standard for motors

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced that its recently released Design Envelope Generation 5 Pumps meet the IE5 efficiency standard for motors. This includes Armstrong’s Design Envelope Tango parallel pumps and Design Envelope Vertical In-line pumps up to 10hp. IE5 is the highest efficiency standard currently available for motors on the market. Armstrong’s Design Envelope pumps were already operating well above established North American efficiency standards. The new Generation 5 iECM motor technology means the pumps now also meet the more stringent IE5 standard for European markets. “Design Envelope Generation 5 pumps with iECMTM motor technology deliver both the lowest installed cost and unmatched efficiency over the operating life of the pump,” said Neil Cooper, Armstrong’s director of Global Sales Enablement. “Meeting the IE5 efficiency standard represents a 20% reduction in motor energy losses from IE4.” Armstrong Fluid Technology has more than 1000 employees worldwide, working in seven manufacturing facilities on three continents. The company is a specialist in designing, engineering and manufacturing intelligent fluid flow equipment, including HVAC, fire safety and plumbing technology. z 2

dominate the diaphragm pumps market in North America thanks to the country’s focus on infrastructure development. After 2019 however, that dominance will begin to decline. International competition will also start to have a greater effect on US manufacturers. “Low-cost competition from European and Asian pump manufacturers is likely to affect North American pump sales and lead to a gradual, yet definite, reduction in local manufacturing and sales business,” noted Ramachandran. “To beat competition on this front, local companies must provide competitive pricing, improve operational efficiency and longevity of pumps, and invest in technological advancements and research and development.” The report, titled ‘North American Diaphragm Pumps Market, Forecast to 2022’, is available now from Frost & Sullivan. z

Atlas Copco adds high flow models to dewatering pump portfolio

Atlas Copco Portable Energy has “vastly expanded” its dewatering pumps range with the launch of over thirty heavy-duty, high-capacity pumps. Among the new additions are three high-flow models to the PAS range of centrifugal dry prime pumps, capable of accommodating flows of up to 1400 cubic metres an hour. “Since acquiring Varisco we’ve established a consistent presence in the dewatering market,” said Wim Moors, vice-president of the Pump division at Atlas Copco Portable Energy. “The new single brand portfolio provides our customers with the best choice and widest flexibility when selecting a high-quality for their application.” For the dewatering pump market, Atlas Copco is offering wet and dry prime centrifugal pumps for construction, drainage and emergency applications, as well as specialised models for well point applications and pumping abrasive liquids and bentonite mud. Included in Atlas Copco’s new offerings is a piston positive displacement pump especially designed to run dry without damaging internal components. According to Atlas Copco, it is ideally suited to well point applications where the volume and depth of water is low. z


Fluid Handling International September/October 2017  
Fluid Handling International September/October 2017