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Saddle Cloths? But breathable! the sirius – cleveR and good!

strong PArtners

Passier – popular in every disciplinE!

The Spirit Of Riding. G. Passier & Sohn is now in its 146th year. Convincing evidence that top quality succeeds. The fact that

Passier products sell just as well today as they did in the 19th century is certainly also due to the fact that

Passier is always up-to-date – without ever losing sight of its fundamental values. Anyone who purchases a product from G. Passier & Sohn receives a product

made by master craftsmen, which has been subjected to stringent quality controls and therefore complies with highest quality standards.

In every Passier product optimum quality and comfort – for horse and rider – are ultimate priorities! So Passier saddles, bridles and accessories always ensure a unique riding experience. The Passier feeling.

Since 1867.

A further reason for the success based on tradition are

numerous partnerships with successful personalities from equestrian sport all over the world. They collaborate with Passier – some of them over a period of several decades – and invest their know-how and experience in the development of new products as well as their further refinement. In this way they ensure that products from G. Passier & Sohn always set new benchmarks in horsefriendliness, craftsmanship, appearance, standards and

quality. Because Passier is “The spirit of riding. Since 1867.”

Whether jumping, eventing or dressage: from the beginning Passier fulfils highest demands in professional competition – although, or perhaps because, these demands constantly increase. This is why Passier is a long-term partner of many successful riders in all disciplines all over the world – and first choice of an increasing number of leisure riders, who want top quality for themselves as well as their horse.


Issue 1, February 2013

Cover Picture Ingrid Klimke with FRH Butts Abraxxas, saddles, bridles, accessories: G. Passier & Sohn.

Issuer G. Passier & Sohn GmbH Am Pferdemarkt 8 +10 30853 Langenhagen Germany Tel. +49 (0) 511 / 972 64-0 Fax +49 (0) 511 / 972 64-13 Design The Vision Company Werbeagentur GmbH

Marcus Ehning, German Champion, European Team Champion, World Cup Winner and Team Olympic Winner, is an established personality in international equestrian sport. His successes in the show jumping ring are always accompanied by Passier. Because all saddles, bridles, breastplates, girths etc., which are used by Marcus Ehning, have been developed and refined by Passier in close collaboration with him. Every day they show anew how perfectly Passier products support horse and rider even in top level sport.

Marcus Ehning & Otto Becker

Marcus Ehning jumping saddle and snaffle

Marcus Ehning

The saddle which the professionals trust: With the large knee inserts it provides perfect contact to the horse. The elegant, slim snaffle with decorative stitching is also used by Peppi Dahlmann.

Franz-Josef “Peppi” Dahlmann


Particularly popular in the show jumping ring: The anatomically shaped leather saddle girth convinces by numerous extras such as a roller buckle with pin under the Velcro flap.

ALWAYS A huge jump ahead

a strong team for Strong products

Passier relies on the know-how of experienced professionals. Particularly in show jumping where saddles, bridles and accessories must be 100% reliable. Thus Otto Becker, Team Olympic Gold Medalist, Winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen, Winner of the Show Jumping Riders’ World Cup Final, several times German Champion and current Trainer of the German Show Jumping Cadre, has been placing his confidence in Passier for over 30 years now. Further competent partners, in addition to Otto Becker and Marcus Ehning, are several times Nations‘ Cup and Championship Winner Franz-Josef “Peppi” Dahlmann and Holger Wulschner as well as Belgian Junior Showjumping Champion and Grand Prix Winner Jody Bosteels.

Phoenix jumping saddle and snaffle The saddle is particularly slip-proof and offers excellent sitting comfort which is certainly why it is the first choice of Peppi Dahlmann, Holger Wulschner and Jody Bosteels. The snaffle is absolutely horse-friendly as a result of its broad contact area for better pressure distríbution in the poll area.

Jody Bosteels

simply all-purpose

Kai Rüder

Ingrid Klimke

for high-flyers . . .

Passier cross-country and all-purpose saddles are designed to cope with every situation, which is why they are the first choice of so many professionals. The best example of an extremely successful rider who has been placing her confidence in Passier for many years now, is Ingrid Klimke. The two-times Team Gold Medal Winner at the Olympic Games also supports Passier in further development of the saddles. Kai Rüder, World Champion of 7-year horses in eventing, has also been placing his confidence for many years in saddles, bridles and accessories by Passier, just as the successful English rider Ruth Edge, Young Rider National Champion and Winner of Luhmühlen CCI*****. The fact that Passier is also well established amongst the next generation of cross-country riders is demonstrated by young eventing rider and German Young Riders‘ Champion Julia Krajewski. Ingrid Klimke

PHOENIX jumping saddle and snaffle Saddle and snaffle are just as popular on the crosscountry course as in the jumping ring! Ingrid Klimke is the best example.

Ruth Edge

. . . and for every Moment However Passier saddles not only make an excellent impression riding cross-country – an increasing number of eventing riders are now placing their confidence in saddles and bridles by Passier. With success.

PHOENIX breastplate Beautifully stitched, embossed and equipped with two martingale attachments: a closed martingale version and a running martingale version.

Hubertus Schmidt and CORONA II dressage saddles Two top saddles which convince by means of their soft, deep seat, their pre-formed knee inserts and thigh supports.

Julia Krajewski

EVENTING jumping and cross-country saddle Close contact to the horse with extensive freedom of movement and horse-friendliness at the same time – in addition to Ingrid Klimke, this also convinces Kai Rüder, Ruth Edge, Julia Krajewski and many others!

Fortuna double bridle This innovative double bridle with elastic inserts under the browband is particularly horse-friendly and therefore also very popular with professional riders.

first choice in the dressage arena

elegance to perfection – all over the world A dressage competition without Passier? Virtually inconceivable! The GG Extra is particularly frequently sighted – which is no wonder as it is the world‘s most-sold dressage saddle! Olympic Dressage Team Silver Winner Kristina Sprehe began her career in a GG Extra saddle, Grand Prix Winner Ludwig Zierer has been riding in it for many years. Other Dressage Saddles by Passier also cut a fine figure: Danish Champion and Grand Prix Winner of the World Equestrian Games Andreas Helgstrand places his confidence in the Optimum Dressage Saddle, Olympic and World Cup Winner Hubertus Schmidt has developed his own saddle with Passier, and Kristina Sprehe loves the new Sirius Dressage Saddle with frt-System®...

Hubertus Schmidt

Kristina Sprehe

Remy Issartel

Popular all over the world: Several times French Grand Prix and Team Nations‘ Cup Winner Remy Issartel and Italian Grand Prix and Olympic rider Anna PaprockaCampanella also place their confidence in the GG Extra Dressage Saddle by Passier.

Anna Campanella





1 GG Extra Dressage saddle


One of the most popular dressage saddles in the world and a genuine classic by Passier. With its deep seat and thigh supports, it convinces not only professional riders.

The Optimum offers a truly superb riding feeling with the narrow twist for excellent contact to the horse. Furthermore, in the Optimum II version it has pre-formed knee inserts and larger thigh supports. The round stitched Icarus Double Bridle with removable head piece lining is a high-quality eye-catcher.

2 Sirius Dressage saddle


The Sirius is the first saddle with frtSystem® for optimum shoulder freedom. Kristina Sprehe rides in it every day. She evaluates it as: “very good”!

The saddle convinces by means of its soft, deep seat. The pre-formed knee inserts and thigh supports bring the leg into an optimum position. The Double Bridle is especially horsefriendly, the head piece has a soft lining.

Ludwig Zierer

Andreas Helgstrand

inside, outside, perfect!

stable- and turnout rug Perfect fit – waterproof – breathable! The smooth polyester inner lining means the rug adapts perfectly to the horse‘s sequence of movement and the fabric‘s good sliding qualities effectively avoids any rubbing in the shoulder area. The wadding lining is guaranteed to remain evenly distributed over the rug, because the inner lining is quilted together with the wadding material. The rug is available either with 150 g or 300 g filling – depending on your horse‘s requirements!

The new rug not only sits perfectly, it also provides optimum all-round protection against dampness and cold with its extra-long side pieces and tail flap! The removable hindleg straps and the integrated, elastic tail strap prevent the rug from slipping. The movement gussets at the front ensure good freedom of movement and the adjustable front buckle arrangement provides for optimum distribution of pressure.

dry off quicker times four!

breathable saddle cloths

With their diamond quilting, coat of arms and gold-colored cord border, the saddle cloths not only look particularly good – they are also extremely comfortable for your horse. The reason: The finely woven outer material is neatly quilted with a special “open-pore” under material. This special material combination is especially breathable and effectively reduces pent-up heat and dampness. The effect is as simple as it is beneficial: The horse dries more quickly after riding! Further plus points in favour of the new saddle cloths are the very good fit, the user-friendly girth loop with a practical Velcro fastening and the foam inserts with wadding which make the saddle cloths more stable. The saddle cloths are washable at 30°C. Washing does not restrict the breathability.

The secret: The “open-pore” underside

The new breathable saddle cloths with coat of arms are available in dressage and jumping versions and in the colors Passier Blue and White.

freedom meets beauty

Sirius The Sirius Dressage Saddle, here in the color Havana, is not only a real eye-catcher in the dressage arena – it also sets new standards in horsefriendliness! As the first saddle in the world with frt-System® it effectively ensures that the horse‘s shoulder can rotate completely freely without any disturbance to the sequence of movement. Further highlights are the comfortable seat, the elegant patent leather trim, the variable selection of Velcro supports, freedom panels and W-girth arrangement.

normal form of the gullet plate bar

frt-System® – new curved form of the gullet plate bar

Saddle Colors





the Compact Dressage Saddle

Invented by Passier: the perfect saddle for horses with a short back – excellent for their riders, too! The Compact Dressage Saddle combines a short contact surface for the horse with a significantly larger and more comfortable seat for the rider. Naturally, with its freedom panels and the W-girth arrangement for a particularly secure saddle position, the Compact saddle also sets new standards as far as horse-friendliness is concerned. Further information is available on the internet.

The Spirit of Riding. Since 1867.

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