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The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 5 Issue 9 2019

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Central GA

Horse Carriage Antique Auction November 7, 8, 9th, 2019 see page 5



VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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Here For You When Every Second Counts

Experience. Innovation. Excellence. West Location 12313 Highway 64 Eads, TN 38028 (901) 300-3830

1508 Thompson’s Station Rd W Thompson’s Station, TN 37179 (615) 591-1232


Join us at Long Vue Stables for

Lessons with 3 Day Eventer Erika Adams OCTOBER 27

Post Care Medical Needs & Fitness Conditioning Family Owned & Operated Friendly and Caring Facility & Boarders We Treat You and Your Horse Like Family! 7001 Ron Road | Ooltewah,TN | 239.860.2265| LongVueStables.com Please check our website for boarding details or email us at info@longvuestables.com with any questions. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. HorseNRanchMag.com

1781 Airport Road Gallatin, TN 37066 (615) 452-7789

Erika Adams

located in Ooltewah, TN FULL STALL & PASTURE BOARD

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019

North Location

Lessons available from beginners to upper level Flat lessons and jump lessons Horses available that can be used for lessons

Check out our Facebook page for additional lesson dates.


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JRV Realty of North Georgia 1150 Old Talking Rock Highway Talking Rock, GA 30175

Rich Vigue, Broker




Very affordable acreage with 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, stables, and 5 bay equipment barn all on 70 acres. Approximately 6 acres in level, established pasture and 64 beautiful acres in rolling wooded terrain dotted with mountain meadows and well suited for horseback riding, ATVing, hiking, or hunting. This is a beautiful property perfect for the outdoors enthusiast. The property is located on a private, quiet country lane in Resaca, GA and convenient to I-75 and retail establishments. Offered at $379,900.

events - trails - tips - advice news - inspiration - products real estate & more

The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 5 Issue 9 2019


Everything Horse Related Cover & Page 5 Central Ga Horse Carriage Antique Auction Owned by HorseNRanch Magazine Boarding................................................................. 3, 15 4 Horses Publications PO Box 62, Ocoee TN 37361 Holding On Too Long - Crystal Lyons.................... 6 horsenfarm@yahoo.com ¡ info@horsenranchmag.com Helping And Respecting Your Farrier Lisa Fetzner, Publisher 423.933.4968 Casey & Son................................................................... 9 Dennis Fetzner, Publisher & Sales Rep. 423.472.0095 A Guide To Common Horse Diseases ..................11 Alison Hixson, Graphic Design 423.316.6788 Classifieds & Real Estate.................................. 12-13 Horse N Ranch is distributed to businesses, horse shows, trail rides, Expos, auctions, and all advertisers. We reserve the right to edit any material we receive for publication. Horse N Ranch Magazine and staff will not be responsible for any claims or Cool Clean Water.................................................................14 guarantees made by advertisers. The articles printed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of 4 Horses Publications, LLC. Ode To Trail Workers - Robert Eversole................16 All ads created by 4 Horses LLC, are the sole property of Horse N Ranch Magazine. If ad is to be reproduced in another publication, there will be a fee assessed. Please call office for more information 423-933-4968. 4 Horses LLC, dba Western Dressage: The Horse Who Horse N Ranch Magazine hereby limits all liability from any and all misprints. No warranties are expressed by Horse N Ranch Magazine, Publishers, Reps or Employees; and are not solely responsible for typographical errors. Runs Up From Behind - Lynn Palm.....................18 Horse N Ranch Magazine stresses the importance of correctness and therefore proofreads all ads as accurately as humanly possible. Calendar Of Events............................................ 20-21

www.HorseNRanchmag.com for advertising call 423.933.4968, Lisa Fetzner 4

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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Central Georgia Horse Carriage & Antique Auction Thursday, Friday & Saturday November 7, 8, 9, 2019 Southeastern Arena

2410 Arena Rd., Unadilla GA 31091 (Exit 121 off Interstate 75)

Sale Schedule

Thursday, November 7th at 9:00 am Field Sale, Farm Equipment, Horse Drawn Implements, Gates, Panels, Antiques, Hit Miss Engines, Miscellaneous & Tack

Friday, November 8th at 9:00 am Carriages, Wagons, Buggies, Coaches, Commercial Vehicles & Carts All Types of New & Used Harness & Collars, Tack & Saddles 6:00 pm - Registerd & Grade Haflinger & Draft Pony Auction

Saturday, November 9th at 9:00 am Light Driving Horses, Draft Horses, Draft Mules, Riding Horses, Ponies & Donkeys

Venders Welcome Lodging Available Campsites available with full hookup View Our Website for Recent Consignments and more info

www.CentralGaHorseCarriageAntiqueAuction.com Visit auction zip id#44070 marksegars106@yahoo.com centralgaauction@gmail.com Mark H. Segars 706-961-0475 Mark “Bubba” H. Segars II 706-961-4075


Mark H. Segars Gal #2489 | Mark H. Segars II Gal #4198 VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


| Edward Mac Blevins Georgia #AUNR002848

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HOLDING ON TOO LONG by Crystal Lyons


e can sometimes hold on to something way past when we should’ve let go. We can do this for multiple reasons, sometimes it’s pure determination, sometimes it’s fear. But whatever the reason, holding too long to anything usually ends up in some sort of painful situation. I only rode bulls and bare backs for a little over three years and I was blessed to not have any serious injuries during that time. But the most painful, was two fractured ribs as a result of holding on too long because the whistle was so CLOSE. Knowing better, I did it anyway and ended up underneath a bull that came down on my rib cage with both hind feet. Holding too long will often do that to you. It puts you UNDER whatever it is you’re holding on to. Whether it’s a financial matter, a bad relationship… or a bull ride going south… sometimes it’s best to cut our loses and let go. We can even hold on when something is over. Way over. Our emotions just haven’t gotten the memo to “stick a fork in it… it’s done”. In a society where “checking out” is a dominant trait, I almost hesitate to talk about letting go. But SOMETIMES, we can keep ourselves trapped in the past and sabotage our own future happiness or success by holding on to something that has long ago circled the toilet. Whether it’s a loss of our own making or something thrown at us completely out of our ability to control. Life must go on. And going on sometimes requires letting go. We will have memories, but don’t allow those to become the tinted glasses through which we view everything before us. We’ve probably all done it with our animals. I had a black gelding one time that I LOVED. He ended up slicing his hind leg to the point that it was unfixable. But oh no! I LOVED this horse and wasn’t about to let go. So I ran up a huge vet bill, simultaneously forcing this horse to exist in a lifestyle far below what he should’ve had to endure, until I FINALLY agreed to put him down. But probably where we mostly don’t let go when we should is concerning relationships. When a relationship has become totally toxic or it’s completely flown out the window and OVER, holding on is the worst thing we can do. How can we tell if we’re still holding on to something negatively? Let me ask a few questions:

Do you fear being hurt? Do you tend to lower your self-worth because of a past relationship? Do you settle for “comfortable” because you think that’s the best you’ll have? OR Do you not fully trust anymore, no matter how hard someone tries? Is your heart hard now, when it USED to be tender? These are just a FEW tell-tale signs that we’re still holding on to some painful thing in our past, past hurts, past failures, past screw ups. Letting go is easier said than done for sure, but if we’re going to live a life that’s FULL of healthy relationships, enjoying healthy emotions through it all, we’ve simply GOT to let go! Some things hurt worse… and hurt longer… than fractured ribs. Maybe it’s time to let it go?

For more information on Crystal or to be put on our mailing list you can go to our website www.crystallyons.com or e-mail uscrystallyonsministery@gmail.com at: crystalnstrider@gmail.com www.crystallyons.com or e-mail us at: 6

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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D L I W Join us 8th annual about our

We are


for our


10 to 4


FREE RefreshMEnts Lots of discounts door prizes · raffles · Vendors on site Entertainment by

The Band Risen

4070 Macedonia Road Powder Springs, GA 30127 Mon thru Fri 10 to 6; Sat 10 to 4; Sunday Closed


“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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PHIL 4:13 7

Professional Farrier Services available at the

CASEY Horseshoeing School

Does YOUR Farrier offer all the latest technology to analyze your horse properly?

Horses Trimmed Equine Flexion Therapy & PEMF Course & Shod Here October 16,17,18 TUESDAY thru Sore Horses Welcomed! SATURDAY

Join Link Casey on Facebook

“Around the Water Trough” New topics each week like:

Saddle Fit for a Sore Backed Horse !!

“Happy Horse = Happy Owner” Professional Farrier Services at School Discounted Prices!

Special prices for our local horse owners !

Trims $1000 per horse • Full set of shoes $3000 per horse • Front shoes, Trim Hinds $1500 Call for an appt and call before you drop in • Tuesday - Saturday, every week

Valued work since 1989

FREE EVALUATIONS using all the latest technology

Georgia’s only

Horseshoeing School with Services for the public Voted #1 for 30 years!

Fact: A REAL Education 100% Hands-on with Live Horses !! No Cadaver hooves shod at this school !!

Tuesday - Saturday, year round Trade School offering classes for the novice owner and professional courses for self employment 5 courses to choose from

Call 706.397.8909 Call for a Free Color Brochure www.caseyhorseshoeing.com rcaseysch@aol.com 14013 East Hwy. 136 (in Villanow) LaFayette, Georgia 30728 Exit #320 Just 12 miles off I-75. 75 Miles North of Atlanta 35 Miles South of Chattanooga Office Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 School & Visiting Hours: Tues-Sat 8:00 - 5:00

Fact: #1 Horseshoeing School preferred by Veterans in the U.S. VA approved for GI Bill Post 9/11

Congratulations to another Farrier Graduate!

Give yourself a raise! $$$

Become self employed as a professional CERTIFIED farrier!

Casey & Son Horseshoeing School • Founded by Navy Veteran • Owned by son, Link Casey 8

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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Help Your Farrier

Link Casey

Rot will cause a loose shoe How long a shoe stays on a hoof sometimes can be determined on hoof condition. Hooves that are too wet or to dry can cause shoes to come off, because the hoof wall is not strong enough to hold the shoe. As seen in this picture, the wall was invaded by bacteria spread by too much moisture and poorly kept stalls. You can even see where the nails were from the grooves in the busted section of wall. Hooves in this condition can make it very difficult for the farrier to keep shoes on. Help your Farrier do better work by keeping your horses’ feet clean and bacteria free. When the hoof wall starts to fall apart, most times it can be linked to poor environment and fungus. Help your Farrier help you to keep your horses’ feet in optimum condition. By: Link Casey, Certified Master Farrier & Educator Casey & Son Horseshoeing School, Farriers’ National Research Center, LaFayette, Georgia. More “Healthy Horse & Hoof Care Maintenance Articles by Farriers” can be obtained at www.caseyhorseshoeingschool.com and www.farriersnationalresearchcenter.com We welcome your questions for future feature articles 706-397-8909 VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


Respecting A Trained Farriers Work Chris Franklin and son Christopher Franklin of Dalton, Georgia attended our 2 day ‘Trim Your Own Course’ with their 5 beautiful Morgan horses. As a cattlemen now breeding Morgans, he offered these encouraging comments as a Horse Owner and satisfied customer turned student: My son and I recently took the two-day trimming school. It was a tremendous education for the long-term care of our horses. We learned things that will allow us to better and more efficiently care for them. Link did a great job explaining in detail why processes need to be done a certain way. Worth the time and the money. Within the first hour I learned so much about what my Farrier was doing WRONG! Our Instructor, Link Casey said, “If your horse is not sore when your Farrier arrives, it should NOT be sore when he leaves.” My horses were always sore and abscessing after a trim and not rideable for 2-3 months! It was ridiculous! Because of that I decided to attend a Farrier School to educate myself. I would refer any owner to gain this knowledge and I would think that farriers would love to have educated clients! Afterwards, at home, I was proud to hear my son discuss a “Flare on the lateral side that needed a slight trim.” We both learned more than we ever thought we could in only 2 days! Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM


Wayne Qualls Sales, Inc.

Check Out our

Reduced Located beside Interstate 24 Exit 111 Manchester TN (615) 828-3844 Prices ! Prices Subject To Change Without Notice • Financing Available • Trade Most Anything • Cash For Used Trailers

3 horse slant Bee weekender with AC good condition $6550 Now $5500

Maroon 16’ G.N. Livestock Trailer H.D. Axles $2950 Now $2550

2 horse slant rear tack, dresser $2950

16 ft. S&H livestock, new 12 ply tires $2950 $2650

Used 2 horse, roof A/C, ramp $6500 Now $4650

12 ft bumper livestock trailer $2450


20 ft. Gooseneck brand, livestock, new top, nice condition, $5,000

3 - 2 Horse Bumper Trailers in stock $1250 Now $995

2 horse aluminum trailer, 7ft tall $3650


2 horse Big Valley 7 tall w/ dresser and tack $4250

255 Massey Ferguson Tractor with Perkins diesel engine $6000 $4850

12 ft, 2 horse slant, A/C, (no rust) $1950 / OBO

4 horse, walk-in tack, dresser $2995



2 horse Bison 7 ft tall, $3650

Great Dual Tandem Deal! 25’ pintle hitch trailer $2150 Now $2000

12 ft bumper stock $3550

Extremely classy 5 year old Titan 2 or 3 horse with awning, 16 ft. bumper pull perlino and white TN Walking livestock, extra wide A/C, weekend package, gelding, excellent trail horse, $4950 Now $3450 $3850 Now $3250 $3,500/OBO

16 ft livestock brush fenders $1650

Used 2 horse dresser/AC $2550 Now $2250

Titan 3-horse slant, 7’W/7’T, roof A/C, stud dividers, pull out ramp $6550 Now $5500

14FT Bumper livestock $3850 Now $3450

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019

14 ft bumper livestock $2650

12x7 ft tall Jackson $3650 Now $3250

28 ft flat bed oil bath, dual tandem, $6500

Nice 16’ Bumper Livestock $3950 Now $3650


Aluminum SIlver Light 2 Horse Slant, ramp, roof, AC, weekender, immaculate condition $12,500

2 horse 7 tall $2250

2 horse weekend package, A/C, new tires, $3500

2 Horse Aluminum Featherlight with Dresser $7500 $6995

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A GUIDE TO COMMON HORSE DISEASES Horses are large, beautiful animals that people often own either as work animals or for casual riding. People who own horses often do so with a great sense of pride in having such a majestic creature. A part of this pride of ownership should come from providing horses with the care that they need to remain healthy. To successfully do that, it is crucial that horse owners and keepers recognize that there are numerous threats that can make a horse ill and even cause its death. Illness and disease can strike a horse without warning, and some can be fatal within a relatively short period of time. In addition to knowing of these illnesses, people must also be able to spot the signs that something is wrong, know what to do to provide immediate help to the animal, and know when to contact a vet for assistance. While there are many diseases that affect horses, some of the more common concerns include colic, equine arthritis, laminitis, West Nile Virus, equine encephalomyelitis, Potomac horse fever, azoturia, and botulism. Colic - In horses, colic is a series of conditions that cause varying degrees of abdominal pain. It is a digestive disorder that is very common in horses. The severity of colic varies from mild to severe to the point of euthanization. The most common types of colic include spasmodic and impact colic. Spasmodic colic is caused by excessive gas that causes pain when it stretches the gut. Impact colic occurs when the gut is stretched due to a buildup of feed due to dryness or coarseness of the feed or some form of obstruction. Pain occurs when the stretched gut wall contracts in an attempt to push out the obstruction. Horses suffering from colic pain may bite at their flank or belly or make kicking motions toward it. In some cases, an animal may attempt to lie down or roll on the ground. Other symptoms of colic include anxiety, lack of appetite or defecation, playing in water, an elevated pulse rate, and/or seeming to play in their water bucket yet not drinking from it. Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) - Degenerative joint disease is a chronic and progressive type of arthritis. It is often called osteoarthritis and results in deterioration of the cartilage in the joints. The degree of joint damage associated with degenerative joint disease often leads to lameness. There is no cure for DJD, or osteoarthritis; however, affected animals may benefit from physical therapy or treatments for stiffness and pain in the joints using corticosteroids or NSAIDs. Equine Arthritis is a term that is given to swelling, redness, and pain (inflammation) of the joints. The inflammation typically hinders the animal’s ability to move comfortably and freely. There are several different types of arthritis that can affect horses, including osteoarthritis. These conditions include traumatic arthritis, septic arthritis, subchondral cystic lesions, and osteochondritis dissecans. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be helpful in the treatment of arthritis in aging horses, as may certain types of physical therapy. Laminitis is an inflammation of the laminae in horse’s hooves. The tissue is a type of connective tissue that attaches the coffin bone to the hoof wall. It is a very serious condition that can result in lameness in horses and may even lead to its eventual euthanasia. Typically, the condition affects the front hooves, but it can affect all four. The condition progresses through four stages, which include the VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


developmental stage, acute, subacute, and chronic. Obesity, high fevers, and working on hard surfaces are considered to be risk factors. Equine Encephalomyelitis Mosquitoes carry the viruses that cause equine encephalomyelitis, which is also called sleeping sickness, a disease that affects the central nervous system. There are several strains of the virus, such as the St. Louis strain, the Western strain, and the Eastern strain. Horse owners can prevent it by vaccinating their horses and controlling mosquitoes in the area. Signs that a horse has this condition include depression, nervousness, fever, lack of coordination, poor reflexes, a drooping lower lip, and grinding of the teeth. Other severe symptoms involve the animal lying on its side while bicycling its legs, an inability to swallow, paralysis, and even death. West Nile Virus is a disease that horses get from being bitten by an infected mosquito. The virus can lead to inflammation of the brain, which is called encephalitis. Animals affected by West Nile Virus may also develop meningitis. Symptoms of a horse that is infected by West Nile include fever, impaired vision, convulsions, head pressing, difficulty swallowing, and paralysis or weakness of the hind limbs. Ideally, horse owners will want to vaccinate their horses to prevent infection and reduce areas that can attract mosquitoes, such as standing water. Potomac Horse Fever is a bacterial infection caused by an organism called Neorickettsia risticii. This organism is found in aquatic insects and freshwater snails. Mayflies, damselflies, and dragonflies are an example of where the N. risticii organism can be found. It is a condition that affects the tissue and blood and occurs most frequently in the spring, summer, and fall months. Most cases occur in July, August, and September. A horse that has this condition displays signs such as diarrhea, fever, depression, and a decrease in gut sounds. Azoturia is a condition that affects a horse’s muscles. It can cause problems such as cramping and stiffness. Often, this condition develops after a horse has been overexerted and is left to rest for a day without any changes to its diet. Azoturia has several names associated with it, including “Monday morning disease” and “tying up.” In addition to the cramps and stiffness, a horse may stagger, have an elevated temperature, sweat, and have an elevated heart rate. The pain may be so bad that standing may be difficult or impossible for some horses. To treat this condition, seek the assistance of a vet and allow the animal to rest. Typically, the vet will give anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants and require the muscles to be massaged. Recovery may take as long as eight weeks. People can prevent azoturia from occurring by adjusting the feed on days of rest and properly warming and cooling down their horses. Botulism - There are three types of botulism that affects horses: botulism from spoiled hay that is either wet or dry, botulism from hay that is contaminated with the carcass of an animal, or botulism from a wound. Most often, horses that suffer from equine botulism get it from the hay that they eat. It is important for those caring for horses to recognize the signs of botulism, as an untreated horse is at high risk of dying or needing to be euthanized. The signs or symptoms associated with botulism include muscle weakness in the form of a weak tongue, weak eyelid tone, flaccid paralysis, and dysphagia. A horse that has come in contact with the toxin from contaminated feed may show edema of the face and muzzle, trembling of the muscles, and an inability to hold up its head. Treatment involves an antiserum. www.alansfactoryoutlet.com/a-guide-to-common-horse-diseases

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Custom Embroidery



114-Acre Horse Farm In The Heart Of Coweta County Ga. Main house 5,000 sq ft with pool, second house 1500 sq ft. w/12-stall horse barn w/shavings bin, wash & tack room; pole barn. Quiet country living! $1.9 million. Call agent 770-354-8542. Video tour https://vimeo.com/202860904. Sheila Rambeck 770-354-8542; REALTOR®, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, 300 Clover Reach, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269, 770-487-8300 (Office)

Focusing On Horses & Dogs Since They Are The Focus Of Our Lives... But We Can Do Anything! Check Us Out On Etsy Unique Gifts For The Upcoming Holidays!



15 yrs old. 16 hands, TW. no papers. very smooth, broke to do field trials, but we only trail ride, loads ties UTD teeth feet COGGINS shots. stands for mounting. (386) 559-1230 Lynn

AQHA #5155916 Broodmare. 12 yr, excellent conformation & disposition. Grgranddaughter Mr Gunsmoke / Great Pine. Gr-gr-granddaughter Easy Jet / Cutter Bill. $2500. (865) 406-1684 Vicky


kept under cover $800 OBO 423.295.4003

FREE Classified Ads Must be • Under 20 Words • Non-Commercial Limit 3 Classified Ads • Emailed to info@horsenranchmag.com. 20-40 words: $5.00 Each additional 10 words: $2.00 Photo Classified $15.00. Ads received before the 15th of the month, will be published in the next month’s issue. Horse & Ranch staff are not liable for misprints, spelling errors, typographical errors, etc. We reserve the right to edit any material we receive for the publication.

Cattle and/or Horse Farm for Sale All in Coweta County - city limits of Grantville

For Sale by owner. $1,300,000. Jerry Green 770-328-6393 12

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019

84+/- acres with 10 acres stocked lake. 2 houses and a third place that can easily be fixed for a third house. Property is completely fenced with no climb horse wire. It is crossed fenced as well. MAIN HOUSE 2400 +/- with full light basement. Not finished but has b.room, washer & dryer connections. Hardy plank exterior, with stone in front inset and first floor in basement. Great deck, 4 levels with gazebo at last level. Granite counter tops. The lake has a seawall made with 2700 blocks weighing 90lbs. each. Steps to walk in to lake. Lake is spring fed. The property has 3 wells, city water & sewage is available. BRICK HOUSE with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, dining room, large family room. Big storage room with 2 car garage attached. 2 car garage carpeted upstairs & 2 car garage down stairs with carpet & lots of cabinets. 4 metal horse barns, 7 metal sheds, 1 metal 32’ x 70’, 3 drive-in doors, 2 barns for large tractor. 3 road frontage, some timber, some hardwood & spring for watering cattle. A beautiful triangle, no close neighbors.


Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM


Broker, Owner, GRI, CRS, ABR

Cell: 478.808.2126

CUTTING EDGE REALTY www.maconhomes.com JAMIE WALTERS Office: 478.471.7099 4907 Forsyth Rd, Macon, GA 31210

Owner, Associate Broker

Cell: 478.719.1002


Country Estate in Monroe County 10192 Lower Thomaston Road, Macon - $875,000

54 acres! Well appointed home 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths - updated kitchen and master bath. Young roof / main house and garage. 3 car garage w/covered porch overlooking 20x40 salt water pool surrounded by brick and iron fence with a 1/2 bath. Outside kitchen stocked 3 acre lake 4 stall barn/ tack room and work room. 2 equipment sheds each side 25 x 40--ad-ditional brick storage building - 20 x 24 --extended rd. frontage on Thomaston Rd and Lower Thomaston Rd. --4500' black board fence - 3 car garage with storage above and garage doors with openers. Barn is 40 x 40 with four stalls. Pasture -- fence -Home has heart of pine floors on the main level living areas sunroom with gorgeous tile floor. Paradise!!! Owner licensed real estate agent in the State of Georgia.

Cool Clean Water The horse’s most vital nutrient is water. An adult horse’s body is composed of roughly 70 percent water, which equates to 770 pounds or 96 gallons of water for the average 1,100-pound horse. Foals’ bodies have even higher water content, roughly 80 percent, and on a weight-to-weight basis, small horses consume more water than large horses. A horse’s daily water requirements are influenced by age; body condition; the amount, type and quality of feed consumed; fitness level; and activity level. Add to that the temperature, as well as the freshness, purity and palatability of the available water and it becomes obvious that there are a number of factors that influence water consumption. Because fat is low in water content compared to lean muscle, fat horses typically require less water than horses maintained at optimal body condition. As a general rule, water intake is proportional to dry-matter intake, but the composition and digestibility of the feed is also a factor. Horses consuming all-hay diets drink more water than horses fed a grain diet coupled with hay or a complete pelleted diet. Horses on good-quality pastures, which can be 65 to 80 percent water, will consume less drinking water compared to horses on hay and grain because a large percentage of their water needs are met by the moisture in the grass. That is why idle horses might actually consume less water in the summer than in the winter when they are stalled and on a hay-based diet. Their total water intake may be identical during 14

both seasons, but just coming from different sources. We all know that salt consumption increases thirst, but feed protein intake above the horse’s requirement increases both water intake and urinary output, as the horse voids excess nitrogen via urine. An idle, 1,100-pound horse in a cool environment will drink 6 to 10 gallons of water per day. That amount may increase to 15 gallons per day in a hot environment. Work horses require 10-18 gallons of water per day on average but could require much more in hot weather. Nursing mares drink more water because of fluid loss associated with milk production and increased consumption of feed to support milk production. An 1,100-pound nursing mare can easily drink up to 20 gallons of water per day. Foals also have higher water requirements and will drink 6 to 8 gallons of water per day even in relatively cool weather. A horse’s water consumption will also be greatly affected by the temperature of the water. Consumption appears to be best when the water temperature is between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Sudden weather changes can also affect water consumption and lead to problems such as impaction colic. To combat this, add an ounce or two of a loose salt to the horse’s daily ration when weather changes are imminent. The salt will stimulate water consumption. Horses typically drink less water in cold weather, whereas heat and humidity increase their water requirements. In exercising horses, water intake may increase as much as 80 percent in horses moved from a cool climate to a hot, humid climate. Depending on the conditions in which a horse is exercised, total water intake for an 1,100-pound horse can increase from a normal 4 to 10 gallons per day to as high as 30 gallons per day. All horses need clean, good-quality water at all times. Outdoor water troughs should be cleaned at least every couple of week to remove debris and algae. Stall water buckets should be emptied and rinsed daily. Check automatic water systems daily, as they could malfunction and not be providing adequate amounts of water. Article provided by AAEP-Alliance Partner, AQHA. Author: Thomas R. Lenz, DVM, M.S.,

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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75 acres, cross board fencing, 15 stall barn with 2mare/foal stalls, hot /cold water. Full, partial or pasture only. Round pen, 200’ x100’ arena. 5 minutes off 75. Calhoun, Ga. 706- 280- 6421. Leave message. PAINT COLT FOR SALE Two Eyed Jack/ Flashy Zipper   Calhoun, GA. 706- 280- 6421 Leave Message



12’ x 12’ stall Panels for 7 stalls and 3 sides for wash room or feed room. Calhoun, GA. 706- 280- 6421  Leave message

SKY View Equestrian Center SKY View Equestrian Center

Private, Premier Equestrian Center has stalls Private, Premier Equestrian Center has stalls available for full board. available for full board.

Come visit and make your showing dreams true! For the serious equestrian wanting quality horse hay andcome feed. Easy to keep their horse in showRoad shape 101,access from I-75, Hwy 11, with easy 158 County Riceville, TN 37370 all year long, regardless of the

turnaround for horse trailers. Come

Cannon 423-829-6829 weather. Sharon Full sized dressage arena visit and make your showing

For the serious equestrian wanting to keep their horse in show shape all year long, regardless of the weather. Full sized dressage arena (enclosed in winter), Sand footing and Mirrors. 12 X 12 stalls, Tack room with individual boarder lockers, Full care by Experienced, well qualified, professional Horseman, lives on premises. Grass pastures for individual turnout, quality horse hay and feed. Easy access from I-75, Hwy 11, with easy turnaround for horse trailers.

(enclosed in winter), Sand footing dreams come true! VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019 HorseNRanchMag.com Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM and Mirrors. 12 X 12 stalls, Tack room with individual boarder

158 County Road 101, Riceville, TN 37370




any guidebooks, most maps, and the entire www.TrailMeister website are devoted to a series of squiggly lines. We study those streaks of ink, dream of being on them, and spend an inordinate amount of money to get to and follow them. Those of us that enjoy a life spent out of doors, and especially trail riders, spend a large amount of time on trails. But have we stopped for a moment to appreciate those who create and maintain the trails beneath us? I’m not sure how many trail miles I’ve covered over the years. Between day rides, frequent pack trips into wilderness areas, and even a few backpacking excursions over the past decades, I’d venture that the number foots well into the thousands, perhaps even into five digit territory. Generally those miles have been made with little thought to the origins of the trails. Instead I often think about the upcoming views, the quality of the fishing, and where the next place to water the mules lies in the distance ahead. Despite the time I spend on the trail I rarely consider the hard work and efforts that go into creating the paths that grant us access into these hallowed places. Aren’t trails meant to be unnoticed? If you believe that your land managers (or trail fairies, take your pick) are able to maintain trails I can tell you about a Gilligan’s Island trip into the Pasayten Wilderness where a 3 hour ride became an 8 hour ordeal of trail clearing. This past summer I had the opportunity to join groups of 16

concerned riders for work projects across the Pacific Northwest. People from hundreds of miles away loaded their trucks and trailers to join together to clear trail, rebuild equestrian camps, and reconstruct bridges in the Wilderness, with members of Back Country Horsemen of America. Every work party begins with a greeting from piles of tools, and materials. After a safety briefing, we make our way to our work site and begin the task at hand. From removing ancient nails from a rotting bridge deck to mixing concrete for new highline posts, we labored, occasionally taking breaks to admire our handy work. Trail work is hard. Foot by foot, often inch by painstaking inch. Occasionally it goes quickly. More often it’s a slow laborious slog. Every time I volunteer for a trail work party I’m always amazed at the time and dedication that even a modest project requires. When I’m riding I move past wooden bridges, cleared downfall, and waterbars without pause. It’s the time spent helping build and maintaining these structures that puts this into perspective and reminds me of the efforts that went into them. For the past 46 years the Back Country Horsemen of America have been working to maintain trails on public lands across the nation. From raising funds and awareness, to influencing policies with land managers, they’ve been on the ground, leading trail projects and educating trail users. Keeping horse trails and camps open involves not just the national organization but also

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019

state and local chapters of BCHA, all working together as stewards of local trails. The hard work of these groups creates pathways for horsemen to access the beautiful and remote places that we all crave. Their trail work provides safe passage through rugged landscapes that would otherwise be impassable and lost to future generations. So, the next time you’re out enjoying a trail ride, remember to give a thank you to the volunteers that made it possible. If you happen to be enjoying the Ken Wilcox Horse Camp or pack into the Pasayten Wilderness across the bridges on Robinson Creek keep an eye open for the new picnic tables and the rebuilt bridge. Some of us are still sore from the efforts. Better yet, please be active in keeping your trails open. Join a trail advocacy organization and fight to protect the wild places that you love. For more information on Back Country Horsemen of America visit www.bcha. org. As always for the world’s largest guide to horse trails and camps visit www.TrailMeister.com with three thousand areas listed! Driving directions, trail maps, GPS tracks, and much more.


Robert Eversole; Trail Meister Owner and Chief Trail Boss. 513-374-9021; robert@trailmeister.com; www.TrailMeister.com TrailMeister is The Largest Equine Trail and Camping Guide in the World

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We work to alleviate the suffering and senseless slaughter of domestic equine and to provide an environment for rehabilitation and carefully select adoptive homes At the age of 12 Victoria rescued her first horse. Since 1968 she has always taken in the horses that everyone has given up, trying to turn their life around by giving them one last chance. In 1991, orphaned nurse mare foals were brought to Victoria’s attention. Since then, Nurse Mare Foal Rescue is our main priority and has progressively grown to save THOUSANDS of foals. We offer a neonatal and intensive care facility for orphan nurse mare foals. We provide the foals with the necessary attention in order to secure a future in adoptive homes. Annually, we save 150-200 throw away foals from a certain death and provide them with the opportunity to a healthy life. One or two at a time, horses have come in and out of her life inspiring her to firmly believe that there is always a horse out there in need of refuge, and always a need for someone to feel responsible and intervene on that animal’s behalf. Establishing the Last Chance Corral in 1986 was the realization of her vision of creating a muchneeded facility to offer horses asylum. Today, the Last Chance Corral proudly offers horses hope, shelter, and opportunity regardless of their situation or problems. Be it psychological

or physiological we are committed to addressing the individual needs of each rescued animal. Our work begins with developing an individual diet, treatment regiments, and a training program for each horse according to its needs. When a horse has been sufficiently rehabilitated we go about the work of finding appropriate adoptive homes that suit the horse’s needs and abilities. 740.594.4336 lastchancecorral.org

VALLEY VIEW RANCH Equestrian Camp for Girls

Since 1954

Located a’top beautiful Lookout Mountain on 600 acres of lush pastures, wooded trails, and panoramic views

2019 .... our 65th Summer!

Equitation lessons in English & Western for beginner to advanced riders. Experience the full opportunity of horsemanship through instruction in the ring, time in the saddle on trails, and the care and responsibility of having your own ranch horse. Enjoy 4-6 hours daily with your horse. Limited to 50 campers per session.

for girls ages 8-17

English and Hunt Seat, Western Stock Seat and Barrels (Gymkhana), Trails, and Vaulting. Our Program also includes eco-education, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery, pottery, and of course, horsemanship. 606 Valley View Ranch Rd · Cloudland GA 30731 706.862.2231 · www.ValleyViewRanch.com VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse By Lynn Palm

join you, your horse will have some buddies. Let him get acclimated to his new friends before continuing on the ride.   If possible, your horse should have at least one buddy to accompany him on trail rides.  If you are riding with large group trail ride, try to have 3-4 people who will stay close to you.  By doing this, you will be respecting To review, we have discussed important steps to prepare for your horse’s natural herding instincts. training on the trail, including reading the horse to recognize his Your Next Step… inner energy level and working with him to release it, preparing A horse should have at least one buddy when going the rider through warm up and stretching exercises, and building out on a trail ride.  The “buddy system” provides extra safety and confidence on the trail.  I’ve also covered training tips safety for the rider and satisfies the horse’s natural for dealing with the horse who wants to always be in the lead.  herding instinct.  Here are two tips to help retrain a Let’s look at another common trail training problem:  the horse horse when running to catch up to the horses in front who wants to run up from behind. If you are on the trail with one becomes a problem. or more horses, your horse’s herding instinct will become evident #1:  Practice the Single File Trail Training.  Set up a when he cannot see the horse in front of him. This can happen trail ride training scenario where you and your horse are when the horse in front of him turns a corner, rounds a bend, or among several horse/rider combinations in head-to-tail goes down a hill.   A horse may just go “nuts” when he cannot see formation.  Start with your horse in the lead position for his buddy up ahead.  He may get extremely insecure as his herding a short time, about 2-3 minutes.  Then shift positions instinct comes out strong. He will want to hurry and run to catch in the line-up so he is the second horse. Stay in this up to the other horse or horses in front. He may get extremely position for a short time, then move him back to the nervous. He may throw his head, buck or even rear in frustration lead.  Continue leading for another short interval, then if he cannot see his buddies or is held back from rejoining them. shift to be the third in line.  Hold here for a while, then You need to realize that this situation can happen to any rider.  I take him back up to the second position.  From second have experienced it myself.  It is important to learn how to avoid position, rotate into fourth position for another short this problem and understand what to do if it happens.  segment, then back to third, and so on.  Keep switching Avoiding this problem depends on your level of riding and the places so the horse learns to concentrate on his rider level of your horse’s training whether outside or on the trail.  and the environment, rather than other horses. When riding with others, the first step in preventing it is to discuss   #2:  In a big field, practice doing large figures with a the importance of keeping the riding group together.  Whether group. Start with one other rider, then add two, three, there is one other rider or a group of 50, everyone needs to be and four more riders.  Ride figures in groups of 2, 3, conscientious about not getting too far from the rider in front and 4 riders, then separately.  Mix up the combination and behind her.  Prevent problems before the group goes out by of riders, then go back to working alone.   As long as deciding on a certain word or phrase that will be used when on the the horse has a vision of the other horses, he will not trail to communicate if there is a spacing issue.  experience the trauma of being separated. The more If you experience this problem and it feels like your horse is you work him with a group, then away from them while getting out of control—get off him and on the ground.  He will be still within sight of his buddies, the more he will develop easier to control.  If the riders in front of you want to go on or are his own individuality and a stronger independency. too far in front to realize there is a problem, let them keep going.  Until then, follow your dreams… Get off your horse.  Give him time to chill out and stop fretting.  Lynn Wait for other horses that are behind you to catch up.  When they


PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

We love to share our dressage backgrounds and knowledge with you and would love to have you come ride with us. You can join us at our farm in Ocala, Florida, or at one of our Ride Well Clinics on our USA Tour at a location near you. If you would like to train with Lynn & Cyril at home with Western Dressage, take advantage of the following supportive training materials: BOOKS: “Head To Toe Horsemanship” “Western Dressage—A Guide to Take You to Your First Show” “A Rider Guide to Real Collection” DVDS: “Dressage Principles for the Western Horse & Rider” Volume 1 Parts 1-5 “Dressage Principles for the Western & English Horse & Rider” Volume 2, Parts 1-3 “Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher” Parts 1&2 For more information about training courses, educational materials and much more, please visit www.lynnpalm.com or call 800-503-2824.


VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


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Making Homeownership Simple and Enjoyable We make your dreams of becoming a homeowner a reality by offering a variety of mortgage products at competitive rates.

Logan Fetzner 865.386.1627 Lfetzner@iservelending.com

Office 888.849.5626 308 N Peters Rd., Suite 160 Knoxville TN 37923

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NMLS #2914



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Upcoming 2019


Calendar of Events

HORSE/TACK SALES & ADOPTIONS First Monday of month - Burrell Horse Auction, Horse & Tack Sale: Tack 6:30, Horse 8:00; 6450 Bates Pike, Cleveland TN , 423-472-0805 SECOND SATURDAY: Gleason, TN. West TN Auction Barn. 330 Fence Rd. Tack 5:30 pm. Horses 8 pm. Info: Chucky Greenway 731-571-8198 SECOND & FOURTH SATURDAY: Scotts Hill, TN. Scotts Hill Stockyard. Info: James Linville 731-549-3523. www.facebook.com/ scottshillstockyard

MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month National Racking Horse Assoc, Choo Choo Chapter meets at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge Tn @ 7pm. New members and visitors always welcome! Jerry Clark 423-667-0440 Fourth Thursday of every month Gordon County Saddle Club monthly meeting @ Gordon County Agricultural Service Center Visitors welcome! Info: (770) 548-5956 Monthly Club meetings are held the first Monday of every month except July, there is no July meeting due to Wagon Train Murray County Saddle Club.com Monthly meeting, the 1st working Monday night of the month. Board meeting at 6:00 followed by membership meeting at 7:00 and a pot luck dinner. Bartow County Saddle Club bartowcountysaddleclub.org Catoosa County Saddle Club facebook.com/catoosacountysaddleclub

Save the Date!

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TENNESSEE HS RODEO ASSOCIATION (731) 658-5867 http://tnhsra.com Oct 5/6 Cookeville, TN Oct 19/20 Liberty, KY Nov 16/17 Lebanon, TN GAITED HORSE SHOWS nwha.com HUNTER/JUMPER ushja.org October 24-27 Stirrup Cup Championship Fox Lea Farm Venice, FL Nov 2 WTHJA Fall Schooling Show Gemantown Civic Club Complex Germantown TN (901) 606-3450 bmallace721@gmail.com Nov 7 Harvest Time Gemantown Civic Club Complex Germantown TN (901) 606-3450 bmallace721@gmail.com Nov 13-17 Horse of the Year Championship - NORTH Atlanta Fall Classic II Conyers, GA Nov 13-17 Atlanta Fall Classic II Children’s & Adult Amateur Handy Hunter and Children’s Handy Hunter Pony FINALS Conyers, GA Bob Bell bob@classiccompany.com Nov 14-17 Fox Lea November Children’s & Adult Amateur Handy Hunter and Children’s Handy Hunter Pony FINALS Venice, FL Kim Aldrich-Farrell foxleafarm@aol.com Nov 14-17 Horse of the Year Championship - SOUTH Fox Lea Farm, Venice, FL

QUARTER HORSE SHOWS www.tqha.org Dec. 6-8 Region 3 - Hillbilly Classic, Harriman, TN, 4 judges BARREL RACING www.ibra.us; www.nbha.com Oct 5-6 NBHA - Georgia National Fairgrounds Perry, GA Barry Whitley 478-973-9351 Oct 5 Bartow County Saddle Club Cartersville, GA Taylor White 423-313-4473 Oct 12 Elbert County Saddle Club Elberton, GA Lindsey Ingle 706-200-8734 Oct 27-Nov 2 2019 NBHA World Championships Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter 401 Larry Walker Pkwy, Perry, GA Nov 9 NBHA Murray County Saddle Club Chatsworth GA Taylor White 423-313-4473 Nov 16 NBHA - Southern Middle TN Pavilion Winchester TN Lana Blankenship 931-247-2340 Nov 29-Dec 1 2019 NBHA Williamston Super Show Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center 2900 NC Hwy 125 S, Williamston, SC For show information call Van Manley at 410-693-2767, Tom Harvey 919-853-3660 or Diane Roper 804-986-9472 Dec 7 NBHA State Line Arena Ringgold GA Taylor White 423-313-4473 Dec 14 NBHA - Southern Middle TN Pavilion Winchester TN Lana Blankenship 931-247-2340

DRESSAGE www.TNDressage.com; www.tvdcta.org Oct 5 CTDA Schooling Show - Roberson Equestrian Center Murfreesboro @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 3207 Manchester Pike, Murfreesboro , TN Classical Eventing Western Gaited Dressage using USDF USEF and WDAA approved tests. TRAIL RIDES/TRAIL CHALLENGE/ENDURANCE www.aerc.org Oct 26 Biltmore Fall Ride to Benefit Hope for Horses 25/50 miles, Biltmore Equestrian Center; Ride Secy-828-665-1531; Nov 2 Bud’s Ride Til You Die 25/50 miles, Has introductory ride! Atwood Horse Camp, Hodges AL Ride Manager :Tina Cochran, 205-412-4014 CLINICS / CLASSES www.eventclinics.com Oct 5-6 Clinic with International Grand Prix Rider Micah Deligdish Open: 9/12/2019; Close: 10/4/2019 Organizer: Kim Benson flyingstarstables@gmail.com 303-912-8703, Flying Star Stables 141 W Highway 316, Ocala, FL, 32113 Oct 19-20 Crossville, TN. Copperhead Lane. Richard Shrake Resistance Free Clinic. Terry Peiper tpeiper@aol.com Oct 26 Vickie McQuinn All-Breed Clinic Achieve true unity with our horse Brandreth Farm, Talking Rock GA Oct 26-27th Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Kendra CircleGRanch Nov 2-3 A Trainer’s Symposium featuring Anne Gribbons and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker Shannondale Farm, Milton GA GDCTA.org Nov 9-10 World Class Grooming Clinic Open: 6/17/2019, Close: 11/6/2019 Organizer: Laura Humphrey lauradoubler@gmail.com Double R Stables 4803 Lon Parker Rd, Waxhaw, NC, 28173

Please call before you haul. Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel. FREE CALENDAR of EVENTS LISTINGS: If you would like to include an event please Contact: Lisa Fetzner , 423-933-4968, Info@horsenranchmag.com


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AGRICENTER SHOWPLACE ARENA http://www.agricenter.org/events Sept 30 - Oct 5 IBRA National Finals Barrel Race Oct 18 Cookout and Karaoke for a Cause Fundraiser supporting Agricenter International’s Memphis-Shelby County AgTech Summer Youth Program. Oct 26-27 Mid-South Breeders Futurity Quarter Horse Show; 662-587-9303 Nov 1-3 Tennessee Reining Horse Association www.tnrha.org, or call 870-219-2993 Dec 6-8 Lucky Dog Barrel Race www.luckydograces.com, or call 870-930-7717. Dec 28 Liberty Bowl Rodeo call 901-795-7700 or visit their website at www. libertybowl.org BROWNLAND FARM www.brownlandfarm.com October 5 No Frills 5 October 6 No Frills 6 October 16-20 Brownland Farm Autumn Country October 23-27 Brownland Farm Autumn Classic TBD – AHJA Year-End Show CIRCLE E GUEST RANCH circleeguestranch.com Oct 6-13 October Fest 6 night camping, 2 meals a day starting Monday and ending with breakfast on Sunday, guided trail rides and Entertainment. Bring your tack/camping gear to auction off. Oct 17-20 Fall Brawl Speed Racking & Pacing Competition, Horses only Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 28th - Dec. 1st Horses Only Sawmill Side New Year’s Ride/Party 2019-2020 Dec. 29th - Jan. 1st Horses Only Package Includes: 3 nights camping, 1 stall, Trail Riding, Dinner, Live Band, Party Favors & New Year’s Day Breakfast CIRCLE G RANCH circlegranchevent.com/upcoming-events.html Oct 26-27th Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Kendra Nov 10-11 Dressage at Circle G Show USEF/USDF All Shows Rated Level 2

Oct 12 Equestrian Team & Barn Work Day & Bonfire 8:00 AM 9:00 PM Oct 19 Greenridge Equestrian Show 8:00 AM 1:00 PM Oct 19 North Atlanta Show or Equestrian team 8am-1pm Nov 9 Horses & Harvest Barn Bash, 10am Nov 22-24 Perry Horse Show Dec 6-7 Chatt Hills Show ROANE STATE EXPO CENTER www.roanestate.edu Oct. 5 & 6 Oak Ridge Kennel Club 8am to 5pm, Both Arenas, Free to spectators, Ahsley Richardson 865-315-5047 Oct. 11 & 12 Three Rivers Antique Tractor Club 8am to 10pm, Both Arenas Billy Norman 865-466-1658 Oct. 18 & 19 Smoky Mnt. Exotic Animal Auction 8am to 9pm, Both Arenas, Free to spectators, Crystal Frazier 423-237-5885 Oct. 25 - 27 No Bulls Barrel Race - 8am to 10pm Both Arenas-Free to spectators Jeff Robinson 828-713-4712 Nov 12 Open Ride - 5pm To 10pm -Indoor Arena $5 Per Horse & $5 Per Rider Diane Cox 865-882-4590 coxdm@roanestate.edu Nov. 16 & 17 National Team Roping Assn 8am to 10pm, Both Arenas, Free to spectators Pam Blevins 423-963-8106 Nov. 19 Open Ride & Tack Swap 5pm To 10pm - Indoor Arena $5 Per Horse & $5 Per Rider Diane Cox 865-882-4590 coxdm@roanestate.edu Tack Swap is $10 to set up Nov 26 Open Ride - 5pm To 10pm Indoor Arena $5 Per Horse & $5 Per Rider Diane Cox 865-882-4590 coxdm@roanestate.edu Dec. 3, 10, 17 Open Ride - 5pm To 10pm -Indoor Arena $5 Per Horse & $5 Per Rider Diane Cox 865-882-4590 coxdm@roanestate.edu Dec. 6 - 8 TQHA Hillbilly Christmas Classic 8am to 10pm, Both Arenas, Free to spectators Rose Mason 865-256-1023

GREENRIDGE EQUESTRIAN CENTER greenridgeequestriancenter.com Oct 11-12 Chatt Hills Show

SCENIC CITY EQUESTRIAN CENTER sceniccityequestrian.com Oct 26 SCEC HALLOWEEN FUN SHOW 8am-5pm Nov 23 3 Phase Horse Event 8am-5pm

VOLUME 5 | ISSUE 9 2019


TENNESSEE LIVESTOCK CENTER MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tlc Nov 8 Little International Block And Bridle Club 3 – 9pm Dr. Jessica Carter 615-631-8369 Nov 16-17 Stones River Pony Club Show 8am - 3:30pm TLC COMPLEX Cara Scott 615-995-6106

WILLS PARK EQUESTRAIN CENTER Alpharetta GA https://willspark.com/activities/equestrian-info

TENNESSEE MILLER COLISEUM MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc Oct 4-6 TNRHA Smokey Mtn. Reining & Volunteer Breeders Oct 16-19 Fall Finale Nov 1-3 TNRHA Rock N Roll Reining Classic Agricenter International – Cordova, TN TRI-STATE EXHIBITION CENTER Cleveland, TN 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com October ​4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, ​18th, 19th, 25th, & 26th Post Mortem Haunted Trail Every Friday and Saturday in October from 8pm to 12am Oct 5th Still Water Trail Sports (warm-up arena) Oct 12th Tennessee National Barrel Horse Association Event Oct 26th & 27th Ranch Horse Buckle Series (6) ​Nov 9 TAGDEA Dressage Show Nov 10 Greystone Dressage Show Nov 16-17 Ranch Horse Buckle Series (7) UT MARTIN AG PAVILLION & EQUESTRIAN www.utm.edu/departments/agnr/calendar_ events.php Oct 10-12 Equestrian SCJ & Sweet Brier Oct 18-19 Rodeo Booster Club Barrel Race Oct 23-27 Wild Horse & Burrow Adoption Nov 8 Equestrian Competition Nov 15-16 Rodeo Booster Club Barrel Race

GEORGIA HORSE EVENTS Oct 5 GERL Rescue Challenge Public · Hosted by Georgia Equine Rescue League Oct 10 2019 Georgia National Draft Horse Show Public · Hosted by Georgia Draft Horse Association Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter Oct 11 - 13 2019 Region 3 Dressage Championships & ANFD Georgia International Horse Park 1996 Centennial Olympic Pkwy NE, Conyers, GA www.gdcta.com Oct 19 Union County Saddle Club UCSC Obstacle Practice & Competition Series 73 Saddle Club Dr, Blairsville, GA Oct 19, Dec 28 9am - 5pm North Atlanta Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, CT and Western Dressage 118 Old Mill Rd, Cartersville, GA www.northatlantaequestrian.com

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY AG EXPO PARK Franklin, TN (615) 595-1227 www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov Oct 11 - 13 “Beast of the East” Team Roping Oct 22-23 UT Extension Ag Fun Fair Dec -28 4-H Horse Camp

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SAVE the DATE! PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL! Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel. 21



Round Pens Include:

• 1-6’ Ride-Through Gate • 15-12” Panels • Panels are 6’ Tall, 4 Tube, 16 Ga.

1.5” Diameter Tube...... $2,299 1.75” Diameter Tube.... $2,499 2” Diameter Tube......... $2,799

If you buy anything but HOT DIP GALVANIZED PANELS you are buying tomorrows rust!

Hot Dip Galvanized Panels 20 Year NO RUST Warranty 574.583.3883 • rick@jacobsmfg.net www. jacobsmfg.net

Fall Is In The Air...

Time To Ride! WOW- Looking for a pre-loved living quarters?

These used trailers SELL FAST!

Full maintenance, service & repair facility. Collision, storm damage, and more repaired. Let us freshen up your trailer!

Please call or message to check availability.

Exiss 7X00 series. Nice all-aluminum, with front dresser and folding rear tack. Extruded sides, aluminum wheels, HD drop windows and more. A great value- 3 and 4 horse in stock now. Just in, and ready for you.

Delta 500 series BP Trailers- 10,14,16 & 2 Horse models on hand. All with brakes, spare tire kits, PPG paint & more! Starting at $5,645, or as low as $104 per month

Aluminum Bumper Pull trailers in stock! Straight load and Slant Load!

Be a part of the Select Family! Check our Facebook page!

See Website for Info

2019 Lakota Charger 11’ Shortwall Living Quarters. Multiple floorplans in stock! Starting absolutely loaded at only $51,961!

2020 Cimarron 6 Horse XL Tack Room! 7’6” Wide and 7’4” Tall! Priced to sell at $54,279.23

Cimarron Trailers with Outback Customs Living Quarters – In stock and more on the way! 3 Horse and 4 Horse!

2020 MODELS are HERE!

Bighorn and Chargers on hand, with more on the way!

2+1 Goosenecks in Stock! Well Equipped and Ready to Roll Starting at $29,605.33, or as low as $288 per month

“Located beneath the BIG American Flag”

Call Toll Free

on Hwy 231 between Murfreesboro & Shelbyville TN

Come by for the latest selection, or check our website!


866.484.0420 or 931.685.4040


All prices are plus applicable taxes, tag, & title fees. Payment prices are quoted with 10% plus T, T, & L down with qualifying credit and a 720 or better score. Call for specifics in your case.


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Horse N Ranch Oct 2019  

Horse N Ranch Oct 2019

Horse N Ranch Oct 2019  

Horse N Ranch Oct 2019


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