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The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 6 Issue 6 2020

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Look Here... Not There! In Praise Of


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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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Need Summer Forage?? Multiple options for summer planted forages. Also, a great time to plan to plant perennials, legumes & mixtures for the fall!! We HAVE IT!!


423.255.1089 smokymtncattle.com -THINK FALL PERENNIALS & ANNUALS COMING UP!! FALL MIXES

Inventory Sitting too Long? Upcoming Events to Publish? Association Lacking Communication? Consumers Unaware of your Services?

Ray’s Crazy Mix– Forage Oats, Triticale, Ryegrass, Clover, Winter Peas, Vetch, Radish & T-Raptor Oats Plus– Forage Oats & Ryegrass FALL & SPRING GRAZING!!! COOL SEASON PERENNIALS Cajun II– Early, High Yielding & Durable Endophyte Free Fescue Martin II Protek– Early Maturity Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue Endurance Orchardgrass– UGA Bred High Production & Drought Tolerance

Your Horse Resource! 423.933.4968


VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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JRV Realty of North Georgia 1150 Old Talking Rock Highway Talking Rock, GA 30175

Rich Vigue, Broker




Beautiful, well laying 40 acre horse farm with 3/2.5 ranch style home; 4 stall center aisle barn with tack room, wash rack, and hay storage; ~20 acres in cross fenced pastures; a 2 acre pond accessible by the livestock; and 90x60 outdoor arena. Located on a quiet country road in Elbert County, GA 40 minutes from UGA and 25 minutes from the Watson Mill Bridge Trailhead. Offered at $525,000. Scan QR Code for pictures and details.

events - trails - tips - advice news - inspiration - products real estate & more


The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 6 Issue 6 2020

Everything Horse Related

Look Here... Not There! Crystal Lyons................................................................ 6 A Trail Ride Picnic!............................................................... 9 Photogenic Quarter Horse Captures 2019 Farnam Supermask Supermodel Title...........12 Classifieds ........................................................... 14-15 In Praise Of Ponying Robert Eversole.................................................. 16-17 Western Dressage: A Closer Look At Tack - Lynn Palm............... 18-19 Calendar Of Events............................................ 20-21

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VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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SINCE 1972

Red Cell ® Gallon is part of the Horse Care Loyalty Rewards Program.




Make sure your horse is getting the nutrition he needs to look and feel his best. • Provides important vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the diet • Contains B-complex vitamins for immune support • 300 mg of iron per ounce helps maintain normal blood cell health • For horses of all ages, disciplines and workloads Learn more at horsehealthproducts.com




one (1) Red Cell® Gallon

CONSUMER: Limit one coupon per transaction. Redeemable only on brand and size indicated. Coupon not valid if transferred, reproduced, purchased, sold or bartered. Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers. Consumer pays sales tax. RETAILER: We will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus 8¢ handling provided you and the consumer have complied with the terms of this offer. Invoices proving purchases of sufficient stock to cover presented coupons must be shown on request. ANY OTHER APPLICATION MAY CONSTITUTE FRAUD. Coupon void where prohibited, taxed or restricted. Consumer must pay any sales tax. Cash value 001¢. Good only in U.S.A. Coupon may not be reproduced or transferred. Offer expires 12/31/20 and must be received by 3/31/21. MAIL TO: Central Garden & Pet, Inmar Brand Solutions Inc. Dept #71859, One Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. ©2019 Farnam Companies, Inc. Horse Health, the horseshoe design, Horse Health purple, the purple jug and Red Cell are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. 19-11261

LOOK HERE… NOT THERE!… by Crystal Lyons Ever watch a magician work? It’s all about slight of hands. He’s a master at getting your attention drawn to something away from where the real action is happening. I’m convinced that our news networks are pro’s at this. They are experts at keeping us distracted with whatever they WANT us to feed on while keeping our attention away from what they DON’T want us to know. Oh, I’m not saying that what’s played on tv’s across the United States isn’t happening, just that it’s spiced up a bit. Like good Cajun cooking,’ cuz who wants something bland to feed on? Emotions sell. That’s just the raw truth. Fear, anger, hatred and racism are all good manipulators. Did I mention fear? Fear is a HUGE emotional sell. This method has been used multiple times to keep us occupied with something trivial, while less than honorable politicians were laying the pork fat so thick on a bill that if passed would grease their pockets for the next 50 years! But here lately, what’s been forced upon us to wade through on the news is actually hiding some totally awesome things! Information that corrupt, power hungry people are scared spitless we will find out. Yes… GOOD things are happening behind the scenes while the news media keeps us focused on all the irrational craziness going on. Did you know that to date… just under 200,000 sealed indictments have been issued just in the last three years? That’s right… count those zeros. Corruption is being hunted down like a pack of good hounds after a fox and you better believe… high ranking, powerful people in government as well as CEO’s and even movie stars are not sleeping well right now! Thousands… literally thousands of children have already been rescued from child pornography and sex trafficking slavery with more being rescued daily. Not only that, but the high ranking people who have made millions from the sex slavery rings are becoming known and will surely face the justice they deserve. While we’ve been “quarantined” much has been getting done without being seen or known by the public. Is it coincidental that a large number of judges are being strategically placed, replacing judges that were known to be on the take? There’s a reason. When it comes to the perpetrators of heinous crimes, the “catch and release” system just doesn’t work for a free society… if we want to STAY FREE. People have been wanting to see justice. But before those known to be lifelong criminals can actually be tried for their crimes, corrupt politicians, judges, lawyers and police must be replaced by honest men

and women. This can’t be done overnight. The swamp runs deep and wide. So what am I saying in all this? While we’ve seen nothing good or encouraging on all the main stream media channels for months and months, do NOT buy into the fear and pessimism they are selling! It’s just the slight of hands that every polished magician knows how to do. Main stream media is bought and paid for… they have an agenda. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you’re not paying attention. Justice IS coming to America! We are in a war! Those involved in the corruption are fighting for their lives… literally. Stay alert and on guard because the hornet’s nest has been kicked and many bad people have been “unleashed” by their handlers. But GOD has our nation in His heart and hands and AMERICA’S BEST DAYS ARE YET AHEAD OF US!

For Formore moreinformation informationononCrystal Crystalorortotobebeput putononour ourmailing mailinglist listyou youcan cangogototoour ourwebsite website www.crystallyons.com or e-mail us at: crystalnstrider@gmail.com www.crystallyons.com or e-mail us at: crystallyonsministery@gmail.com 6

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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Britain’s Best Selling FLY MASKS Exclusive US based retailer! Great Reviews: “First mask my mare hasn’t been able to pull off” “I love the bright color and the comfort features for my horse” “Great service, super fast shipping and great products! Couldn’t ask for more!”

4 styles • 4 sizes 5✭Reviews 7 color options 60% UV Protection

Products ship from INDIANA

Only $25


40 set of 4


Facebook: Great British Equinery of Indiana

greatbritishequinery.com • 317.864.8110 Exclusive stockists of the John Whitaker International Horse and Rider range

Wayne Qualls Sales, Inc. WayneQuallsTrailerSales.com

Located off Interstate 24 Exit 97 Beech Grove (615) 828-3844

3 horse slant Bee weekender with AC good condition $6550 Now $3995

12ft Life Time Rumber floor $2650

Big Valley 2 horse 7’ Tall $4250

Dual Tandem 23’ x 5’ dovetail $6950

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice Financing Available Trade Most Anything Cash For Used Trailers

2 horse bumper, 7ft tall $3950

16’ Gooseneck Livestock $1250

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255 Massey Ferguson Tractor with Perkins diesel engine $6000 $4850

12’ Bumper $3550

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Maroon 16’ G.N. Livestock Trailer H.D. Axles $2950 Now $2550

16 ft. Donahue Livestock $4650

12’ Bumper Tack, Hay Rack $2950

12’ Gooseneck $2000

Classy 2 y.o. Gaited Gelding $2850

2 Horse Bumper $2950

12’ 7 tall Torsion axles $2950

16 ft livestock brush fenders $1650 $1250

2 Horse Slant 7’ Tall, 7’ Wide $4950

2 horse Bison 7 ft tall, $3950

12’ bumper livestock, $3250

12 ft Gooseneck 7’ Tall $2500


14’ Bumper stock $3250

Used 2 horse dresser/AC $2550 Now $2250

2 Horse 7’ Tall $3250

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020

20’ Goose Livestock trailer $4950


10’ Bumper Stock $1650

24’ Gooseneck Livestock $5950

2 horse 7 tall $2250

2 horse weekend package, A/C, new tires, $3500

7 year old Perlino TWH, Gelding $4850

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A Trail Ride



Big subs are a picnic staple—amp up yours with fried chicken fingers and a tangy cabbage slaw. Ingredients Chicken Finger Sub 1 1/2 lb. chicken tenders 1 (1-ounce) envelope dry Ranch dressing mix, divided 3 c. all-purpose flour 1 tbsp. baking powder Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 1/2 c. buttermilk 9 c. canola oil 1/4 c. plain Greek yogurt 3 tbsp. whole-grain Dijon mustard 1 16-oz. Italian or French bread loaf Cabbage and Snap Pea Slaw 2 c. shredded cabbage 2 c. thinly sliced sugar snap peas 1 grated large carrot 1/4 c. flat-leaf parsley, torn fresh 2 tbsp. dill, chopped fresh 2 tsp. lemon zest 2 tsp. lemon juice 3 tbsp. olive oil Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


Held together with gooey marshmallows, these caramel Cracker Jack and pretzel bites are the perfect light dessert (or mid-day pickme-up!).

Directions Set a wire rack over a baking sheet lined with paper towels. Toss chicken with 2 tablespoons dressing mix in a bowl. Whisk together flour, baking powder, 1 teaspoon each salt and pepper, and remaining dressing mix in a separate bowl. Pour buttermilk in a third bowl. Toss chicken pieces, 1 at a time, in flour mixture; dip in buttermilk, and toss again in flour mixture. Let coated chicken stand in flour mixture 10 minutes. Heat 1 1/2 inches oil in a deep skillet or Dutch oven over medium-high heat to 360°F. Fry chicken in batches, turning occasionally, until golden brown and cooked through, 3 to 5 minutes. Transfer to prepared rack, and season with salt. Stir together yogurt and mustard in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Split bread lengthwise and remove top portion of soft interior. Spread bottom of loaf with yogurt mixture. Top with chicken and Cabbage and Snap Pea Slaw; sandwich with top half of loaf. Slice just before serving. Make the Cabbage and Snap Pea Slaw. Toss together shredded cabbage and sugar snap peas, carrot, dill, lemon zest, lemon juice, and olive oil in a bowl. Season with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. Let stand 5 minutes or until just wilted. Makes 8 servings. VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


Ingredients 3/4 c. (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, plus more for pan 1 (16-oz.) bag marshmallows 7 c. Cracker Jacks 4 c. coarsely chopped salted mini pretzels 1 c. cocktail peanuts 3/4 tsp. Kosher salt Directions Butter a 13-by-9-inch baking pan. Melt butter in a large Dutch oven over medium heat. Cook, stirring frequently, until browned and fragrant, 4 to 6 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in marshmallows until melted. Fold in Cracker Jacks, pretzels, peanuts, and salt until coated. Transfer mixture to the prepared pan and press into an even layer; cool completely. Cut into 15 squares.

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Your Partner in Horse Care™


Laser Sheen Finishing Spray ®

You and your horse have put in the work. You deserve a finishing spray that works just as hard. Laser Sheen® works seven ways for a competition shine as unstoppable as your determination. Learn more at farnam.com


VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


©2019 Farnam Companies, Inc. Farnam with design, Laser Sheen and Your Partner in Horse Care are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. • 19-11024

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We work to alleviate the suffering and senseless slaughter of domestic equine and to provide an environment for rehabilitation and carefully select adoptive homes At the age of 12 Victoria rescued her first horse. Since 1968 she has always taken in the horses that everyone has given up, trying to turn their life around by giving them one last chance. In 1991, orphaned nurse mare foals were brought to Victoria’s attention. Since then, Nurse Mare Foal Rescue is our main priority and has progressively grown to save THOUSANDS of foals. We offer a neonatal and intensive care facility for orphan nurse mare foals. We provide the foals with the necessary attention in order to secure a future in adoptive homes. Annually, we save 150-200 throw away foals from a certain death and provide them with the opportunity to a healthy life. One or two at a time, horses have come in and out of her life inspiring her to firmly believe that there is always a horse out there in need of refuge, and always a need for someone to feel responsible and intervene on that animal’s behalf. Establishing the Last Chance Corral in 1986 was the realization of her vision of creating a muchneeded facility to offer horses asylum. Today, the Last Chance Corral proudly offers horses hope, shelter, and opportunity regardless of their situation or problems. Be it psychological

or physiological we are committed to addressing the individual needs of each rescued animal. Our work begins with developing an individual diet, treatment regiments, and a training program for each horse according to its needs. When a horse has been sufficiently rehabilitated we go about the work of finding appropriate adoptive homes that suit the horse’s needs and abilities. 740.594.4336 lastchancecorral.org

VALLEY VIEW RANCH Equestrian Camp for Girls

Since 1954

Located a’top beautiful Lookout Mountain on 600 acres of lush pastures, wooded trails, and panoramic views

2020 will be our 66th Summer!

Equitation lessons in English & Western for beginner to advanced riders. Experience the full opportunity of horsemanship through instruction in the ring, time in the saddle on trails, and the care and responsibility of having your own ranch horse. Enjoy up to 6 hours daily with your horse. Enrollment is limited to 50 campers per session.

for girls ages 8-17

English and Hunt Seat, Western Stock Seat and Barrels (Gymkhana), Trails, and Vaulting. Our Program also includes eco-education, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery, pottery, and of course, horsemanship. 606 Valley View Ranch Rd · Cloudland GA 30731 706.862.2231 · www.ValleyViewRanch.com VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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Photogenic Quarter Horse Captures 2019 Farnam SuperMask SuperModel Title By Cynthia McFarland

When Stephenie Bjorkman decided to enter her horse’s photo in Farnam’s 2019 SuperMask(r) SuperModel contest, she had no idea how much the competition had grown. “I follow Farnam online and saw the contest; I thought Maxwell would love this. I had a good picture of him and just thought I’d enter. I didn’t realize how competitive it was,” says Stephenie, an Arizona native and small business owner from the Scottsdale area. “We were very pleased with the participation in the 2019 SuperMask(r) SuperModel Contest. We more than doubled the number of entries from last year. The word is spreading,” notes Anna Brunetti, Digital Marketing Manager for Farnam. “Over 2,000 horse owners submitted photos from all over the country. The entries included many different breeds, colors, sizes, and ages, each image as unique as the next. It’s great seeing all these horses so loved by their owners.” Every entry was carefully studied by contest officials and after much deliberation, the top ten entries were identified, and those ten images were then submitted to a diverse panel of judges to determine the winner. “The SuperMask(r) SuperModel contest is a great way for Farnam fans to showcase the outstanding care they give their horses all year long. As we all know, it is continuous, quality care that keeps horses happy and healthy for the long haul, and it showed in the caliber of entries we received. Many of the contenders put in valuable time and lots of elbow grease to ‘spit shine’ their horses for this contest,” notes Martha Lefebvre, Senior Marketing Manager for Farnam. After Stephenie received notification that her horse was chosen as the winner, she was amazed at the abundance of prizes he’d won, an impressive fly control and grooming package worth $1,000 in Farnam products. “I didn’t realize I was going to get so much,” she says. ‘”I’ve been in horses since I was six years old and have always used Farnam products. When I opened the prize box, I realized I used most of them already. But there were some products I’d never tried before, so that was cool.” Of course, another big part of the win was that Maxwell would have a professional photo session so his image can be used in upcoming advertisements for Farnam’s ever-popular SuperMask(r) fly mask. “I told Maxwell, ‘you’re going to be a model,’ and he is a horse who wants to have his photo taken. He has a look about him,” says Stephenie. “I’ve always loved spending time pampering and grooming him, so this is proof it’s worth it.” “A well-cared for horse doesn’t happen overnight. We appreciate that it takes hard work, total commitment and a lot of love,” says Martha, adding that plans are in the works for the 2020 contest. HORSE-CENTERED LIFE Stephenie has shared her life with horses ever since she was a young girl. Growing up, she team roped and was very involved in rodeo. Although reining and reined cow horse competition always appealed to her, she just didn’t have the right horse. At least, not until recently. Four years old at the time, Electric Java, was a rich sorrel Quarter Horse gelding with a striking blaze and a kind eye. He was talented, sound and personable. Although he’d only been shown once or twice at that time, the horse had a big stop and was impressive. It didn’t take more than one ride for Stephenie to fall in love. Electric Java goes by the barn name of “Maxwell” and the duo has been making their mark in the show world. “When you take him in the show pen, he wants you to be happy with him,” says Stephenie. Stephenie rides as a non-pro, so their accomplishments have taken time and she gives all the credit to her “consistently amazing” horse. Maxwell has a laid-back personality and nothing seems to faze this handsome gelding. His personality endears him to everyone who meets him. An accomplished competitor, he’s definitely successful, but it’s more than that. “He’s gentle with dogs, kids, and my minis; I have four miniature horses and he thinks he’s one of them,” laughs Stephenie. “If he could have a job of being groomed and photographed, that would be his job. He loves the attention. He’s a pet, but he’s not annoying, or at least not to me!” “It took a long time to find one like him,” she says happily. “I have owned enough horses to know he’s a once-in-a-lifetime horse and a dream come true!”

TO ENTER THIS YEAR’S SUPERMASK SUPERMODEL CONTEST, visit www.farnam.com/SMSM2020 and submit your entry before the July 17, 2020 deadline. Only one entry allowed per person. Contest winner to be notified on or about August 21, 2020. 12

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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We Are All Stocked Up In HAY.... Bermuda, Orch/Fescue Mix, Straight Orchard, Seminole Western Alfalfa, Alfalfa And Round Bales. Check Out Our Fly Products, Sprays, Topicals, Feed-Thru Masks, Tack, Show Attire, All Kinds Of Dog Products, And Much More!


770.943.5493 4070 Macedonia Road Powder Springs, GA 30127

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me” PHIL:4:13

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located in Ooltewah, TN FULL STALL & PASTURE BOARD Post Care Medical Needs & Fitness Conditioning Family Owned & Operated Friendly and Caring Facility & Boarders

We Treat You and Your Horse Like Family! 7001 Ron Road | Ooltewah,TN | 239.860.2265| LongVueStables.com LongVueStables.com info@longvuestables.com Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




For availability, schedule and pricing on all events please contact the organizer, Tricia Miles, info@LongvueStables.com

Riding instructor, Trainer and Competitor in Dressage, Three Day Eventing and Hunter/Jumper ring. Road Less Traveled Team Manager. Accredited USEA instructor. “A” Graduate of the US Pony Club


USEF ‘R’ judge.. Mindy is known for her excellence in the Hunter/Jumper ring. 35 years experience. Groups will be divided by the experience of horse and rider, beginner thru advanced. Limited number of riders. Audit.

Making Homeownership Simple and Enjoyable We make your dreams of becoming a homeowner a reality by offering a variety of mortgage products at competitive rates.

Logan Fetzner 865.386.1627 Lfetzner@iservelending.com

Office 888.849.5626 308 N Peters Rd., Suite 160 Knoxville TN 37923


NMLS #2914


VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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Father is pink papered. Mother is from German imports. Great temperament. Please call for more info 423.933.4968



114-Acre Horse Farm In The Heart Of Coweta County Ga. Main house 5,000 sq ft with pool, second house 1500 sq ft. w/12-stall horse barn w/shavings bin, wash & tack room; pole barn. Quiet country living! $1.9 million. Call agent 770-354-8542. Video tour https://vimeo.com/202860904. Sheila Rambeck 770-354-8542; REALTOR®, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, 300 Clover Reach, Peachtree City, Georgia 30269, 770-487-8300 (Office)


15 yrs old. 16 hands, TW. no papers. very smooth, broke to do field trials, but we only trail ride, loads ties UTD teeth feet COGGINS shots. stands for mounting. (386) 559-1230 Lynn


kept under cover $800 OBO 423.295.4003

FREE Classified Ads Must be • Under 20 Words • Non-Commercial Limit 3 Classified Ads • Emailed to info@horsenranchmag.com. 20-40 words: $5.00 Each additional 10 words: $2.00 Photo Classified $15.00. Ads received before the 15th of the month, will be published in the next month’s issue. Horse & Ranch staff are not liable for misprints, spelling errors, typographical errors, etc. We reserve the right to edit any material we receive for the publication.

Cattle and/or Horse Farm for Sale All in Coweta County - city limits of Grantville

For Sale by owner. $1,300,000. Jerry Green 770-328-6393 VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


AQHA #5155916 Broodmare. 12 yr, excellent conformation & disposition. Grgranddaughter Mr Gunsmoke / Great Pine. Gr-gr-granddaughter Easy Jet / Cutter Bill. $2500. (865) 406-1684 Vicky

84+/- acres with 10 acres stocked lake. 2 houses and a third place that can easily be fixed for a third house. Property is completely fenced with no climb horse wire. It is crossed fenced as well. MAIN HOUSE 2400 +/- with full light basement. Not finished but has b.room, washer & dryer connections. Hardy plank exterior, with stone in front inset and first floor in basement. Great deck, 4 levels with gazebo at last level. Granite counter tops. The lake has a seawall made with 2700 blocks weighing 90lbs. each. Steps to walk in to lake. Lake is spring fed. The property has 3 wells, city water & sewage is available. BRICK HOUSE with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, dining room, large family room. Big storage room with 2 car garage attached. 2 car garage carpeted upstairs & 2 car garage down stairs with carpet & lots of cabinets. 4 metal horse barns, 7 metal sheds, 1 metal 32’ x 70’, 3 drive-in doors, 2 barns for large tractor. 3 road frontage, some timber, some hardwood & spring for watering cattle. A beautiful triangle, no close neighbors.

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In Praise of Ponying


re you able to lead a another horse from yours, and is your animal able to be led by a another horse? You should be. Leading is not just a skill for packers but is an essential skill for every trail rider. Put simply, ponying is the act of leading a horse alongside the animal you’re riding. It sounds simple but it’s a multifaceted job of riding your own horse while also paying attention to another, all while holding the reins in one hand and a lead rope in the other. Why would anyone want to do this? Here’s a few examples: • Introduce a new horse to the trail • Lead a pack horse • Assist another rider • Condition a young or older horse In each of the above cases, you’ll need to know how to pony correctly to keep you, your horse, and the ponied horse safe. Preparing You Being ready to pony also means that you need to be comfortable with what you must do when ponying another horse. Get used to riding your animal one-handed. Be able to rein with either hand while holding a lead in the other. Be able to switch hands on the go. Preparing your Riding Animal Before attempting to lead another animal, your riding horse, or mule, should be comfortable with having a rope all around him. He needs to be OK with feeling a lead rope alongside his hindquarters, and even for the possibility that the rope might get around a leg or under his tail. When I’m working with my animals I’m constantly tossing the lead rope around their hips, along their legs, and asking them to bend their necks and come around to face me. I do 16

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020

this from all sides, left, right, front, and back. Once you can do that from the ground it’s time to try the same exercises from the saddle. Your riding animal should calmly allow ropes to touch his legs and tail, and should be able drag logs without spooking. You don’t have to be a professional roper and a lariat isn’t necessary. Just swing a lead rope to accustom your horse to the motions on both sides. Be careful. I feel that rope training is an essential exercise for every animal. Your riding animal needs to be responsive and not afraid of a rope rubbing on it. Preparing the horse to be led It’s my opinion that every trail horse should be able to be ponied. There are any number of reasons why, but my biggest is that if you depart your ride unexpectedly (say in a helicopter) your riding partner should be able to safely pony your horse back to the trailhead. Start from the ground before you start leading from another horse. The horse you plan on ponying should be able to be led, and led well, from the ground before you try it from the saddle. Once the pony horse prospect has good ground manners and is light and alert at the end of a lead rope, transitioning to ponying won’t be traumatic. Work from the ground until your prospect is consistent and responsive from a distance. This ground work not only will prepare your horse to be led from horseback it will help him or her become a much better, more respectful, partner that doesn’t pull or crowd you. Both good things. The equipment Functional saddle with a solid tree – treeless or flexible tree saddles can deform and unevenly distribute pressure causing pain to your riding horse. Rope halter for the horse to be ponied – The rope halter HorseNRanchMag.com

Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

will reinforce your cues. 12 foot lead – I’ve used both shorter and longer leads. 12 feet works best for me. Gloves – Rope burn is a thing and it’s not pleasant. The dally Once the three of you (your riding horse, the horse to be ponied, and yourself) are ready to head out you’ll be tempted to use your saddle horn. Don’t. Use the horn to hold lunch not tie off your lead rope. Should a ride become eventful while ponying you want to instantly release all connections to the pony horse. It’s much better to dismount and pick up the lead than to be dragged off the side of a

mountain because you were hard tied to an animal that lost its footing. Successfully ponying is dependent upon the response and respect you develop on the ground. If your horse handles well and is responsive on the halter rope on the ground, that training will come through when you pony him. Take the time to develop Robert Eversole; those skills.

Trail Meister Owner and Chief Trail Boss. 513-374-9021; robert@trailmeister.com; www.TrailMeister.com


Action Fence of Chattanooga, Inc.

A 423.842.8700 F A-ActionFence.com 37 Years Plus! Experience You Can Trust 6720 Hixson Pike • Hixson, TN 37343 Please go to our website

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


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PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

or responsive bit to get control of a horse who is more reactive at a show will only intensify the horse’s reactions even more. Keep the same bit and use the mildest bit possible to promote relaxation. A relaxed mouth will always give you a more responsive horse.

Western Dressage: A Closer Look at Tack By Lynn Palm


ny time you are getting into a different discipline, it is important to know what tack is allowed in competition. The smart rider will research ahead of time to learn all the rules about what tack is permitted and what is not.

The Western Dressage Association of America is very new, only a few years old. The association’s rules can be found at their website, http:// westerndressageassociation.org/. Please read all the tack and attire rules. Let’s summarize what tack is required:

I recommend practicing at home with the tack you plan to use at the show. This is so important! Train with at home the bridles, bits, and saddles/ pads that you would use at a show. This allows you and your horse to be familiar with the tack and helps avoid unpleasant surprises on show day. Most people will have a nice show saddle that fits the horse and rider, but never use it unless they are at a show. Instead of using their “good” saddle at home to school and practice in, they may have a “working” saddle, but one of poor quality that does not fit the horse and rider. If you want to ride well you have to have properly fitting tack for you and your horse. Properly fitting tack will allow you to have better balance in the saddle. Bits are another topic. Some people will train at home with a milder bit and use a harsher bit at the show. I advise against this practice because it will only cause problems. When a horse goes to a show, he is in new and unfamiliar surroundings. A new place will always make a horse more sensitive. Using a more severe

HEADSTALLS AND BITS • Western headstalls - a western cavesson is optional. A western cavesson (flat, rolled, braided, or plain, with an adjustable noseband), or pencil bosal with or without a get-down rope with space

PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

We love to share our dressage backgrounds and knowledge with you and would love to have you come ride with us. You can join us at our farm in Ocala, Florida, or at one of our Ride Well Clinics on our USA Tour at a location near you. If you would like to train with Lynn & Cyril at home with Western Dressage, take advantage of the following supportive training materials: BOOKS: “Head To Toe Horsemanship” “Western Dressage—A Guide to Take You to Your First Show” “A Rider Guide to Real Collection” DVDS: “Dressage Principles for the Western Horse & Rider” Volume 1 Parts 1-5 “Dressage Principles for the Western & English Horse & Rider” Volume 2, Parts 1-3 “Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher” Parts 1&2 For more information about training courses, educational materials and much more, please visit www.lynnpalm.com or call 800-503-2824.


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for two fingers placed between the cavesson and the jowl of the horse is allowed. No metal (except for the buckle on the cavesson), studs of any kind, or other substances can be used in conjunction with or as part of a Western cavesson. • Smooth snaffles, 3-piece smooth snaffles, or mullen mouthpiece bits are allowed. Use the snaffle for any level test and all ages of horses. Snaffles are ridden with two hands. Refer to website for acceptable mouthpieces.

• Tapaderos are permitted except in Western Dressage Equitation.

• Curb bits can be used on any age of horse and any level. They can be ridden with two hands. If you refer to the tack rules, you will find the specific sizes and types of bits that are legal. (You should also review the section on illegal bits so you don’t use the wrong one.)


• Western saddles that are permitted include stock saddles, work saddles, Aussie, or native or side saddle can be used. Silver on saddles will not count over good working equipment. A horn on the saddle is not required, but Western style fenders are required. • A breastplate and/or crupper may be used.

• A hackamore (bosal) is permitted on a horse of any age, and at any level. A hackamore includes a bosal, rounded in shape and constructed of braided rawhide or leather, and must have a flexible non-metallic core attached to a suitable headstall. No other material of any kind is to be used in conjunction with the bosal, i.e. steel, metal or chains. Bosals may be wrapped with smooth electrical tape to prevent rubbing.

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020


• Whips are allowed no longer than 47.2” including lash. Be sure to peruse the website for more information on tack. And check out the section on illegal equipment, as it shows other miscellaneous Western tack that is not permitted. With my accomplished horseman/saddlemaker husband, we have designed a Western Dressage saddle (www. lynnpalm.com under “Boutique” on the home page). It’s designed specifically for this new and fun competition. Hope you truly enjoy this sport — my next articles will give you more information about Western Dressage!

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Upcoming 2020


Calendar of Events

HORSE/TACK SALES & ADOPTIONS First Monday of month - Burrell Horse Auction, Horse & Tack Sale: Tack 6:30, Horse 8:00; 6450 Bates Pike, Cleveland TN , 423-472-0805

Watch for these

SECOND SATURDAY: Gleason, TN. West TN Auction Barn. 330 Fence Rd. Tack 5:30 pm. Horses 8 pm. Info: Chucky Greenway 731-571-8198

RODEO Tennessee HS Rodeo Association http://tnhsra.com Lebanon, TN 2020 SCHEDULE Sept 12-13 - Union City, TN Oct 3-4 - Cookeville, TN Oct 24-25 - Lebanon, TN Nov 14-15 - Athens, AL

SECOND & FOURTH SATURDAY: Scotts Hill, TN. Scotts Hill Stockyard. Info: James Linville 731-549-3523. www.facebook.com/ scottshillstockyard MEETINGS First Tuesday of every month National Racking Horse Assoc, Choo Choo Chapter meets at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge Tn @ 7pm. New members and visitors always welcome! Jerry Clark 423-667-0440 Fourth Thursday of every month Gordon County Saddle Club monthly meeting @ Gordon County Agricultural Service Center Visitors welcome! Info: (770) 548-5956 Monthly Club meetings are held the first Monday of every month except July, there is no July meeting due to Wagon Train Murray County Saddle Club.com Monthly meeting, the 1st working Monday night of the month. Board meeting at 6:00 followed by membership meeting at 7:00 and a pot luck dinner. Bartow County Saddle Club bartowcountysaddleclub.org Catoosa County Saddle Club facebook.com/catoosacountysaddleclub



GAITED HORSE SHOWS nwha.com Rockbridge Reg 3 Championship Horse Show Jul 24 – 25, 2020 Virginia Horse Center, 487 Maury River Rd, Lexington, VA 24450 Classes held in Anderson Coliseum Championship Paybacks Show Manager - Alice Martens alicepetemartens@gmail.com (540)607-6710 The National Championship Sep 21 – 26, 2020 Calsonic Arena, 721 Whitthorne St, Shelbyville, TN 37160 Honorables Sandy McAnally, Ruth Ann Spinelli and Cheri Weeks Dressage judge TBA HUNTER/JUMPER ushja.org July 15 - 19 CAMP FOX LEA Children’s & Adult Amateur Handy Hunter and Children’s Handy Hunter Pony VENICE, FL KIMBERLY ALDRICH-FARRELL August 23 - USHJA Gladstone Cup East Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky ushja.org/gladstone Sept. 17 - 20 JACKSONVILLE FALL FESTIVAL Children’s & Adult Amateur Handy Hunter and Children’s Handy Hunter Pony JACKSONVILLE, FL DEAN RHEINHEIMER

Zone 4 Stirrup Cup Championship October 22-25, 2020 Fox Lea Farm October Venice, FL Zone 4 Horse of the Year Championship November 11-15, 2020 Atlanta Fall Classic II Conyers, GA Zone 4 Horse of the Year Championship November 12-15, 2020 Fox Lea Farm November Venice, FL QUARTER HORSE SHOWS www.tqha.org TQHA CIRCUIT September 17-20, 2020 Murfreesboro, TN HILLBILLY CLASSIC December 4-6, 2020 Harriman, TN BARRELL RACING nbha.com Sept 26 Randolph Ag Center Sherry Moore 334.315.9752 July 11 & August 8 Southern Pines, Dublin Ga Barry Whitley 478.973.9351 Aug 22, Oct 10, Oct 16 TriState Exhibition Center Lacey Thompson 423.368.2623 DRESSAGE tndressage.com CTDA Schooling Show, July 11 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Old Hillsboro Manor, Franklin, TN Greystone Triple D Schooling Show July 25 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm at Roberson Equestrian Facility – CTDA recognized 3207 Manchester Pike Murfreesboro , TN 2020 Ole South Prelude/Ole South – August 8 - August 9 USDF Recognized Dressage Show Goodman Equestrian Center Schooling Show – August 22 CTDA Recognized

TRAIL RIDES/TRAIL CHALLENGE/ENDURANCE www.aerc.org Sept 11-12 Big South Fork and Ride & Tie Ride 25/50 MILES Big South Fork NRRA, Oneida TN Oct 2-3 SKYMONT 25/50 miles Has introductory ride! 3344 Cabbage Patch Rd., Altamont TN November 7 Bud’s Ride Til You Die 25/50 miles Has introductory ride! 700 Highway 172, Vina AL (Bud’s pasture) Mgr: Tina Cochran Control Judge: Otis K. Schmitt CLINICS / CLASSES www.eventclinics.com www.stridepro.com AGRICENTER SHOWPLACE ARENA http://www.agricenter.org/events July 31-Aug 2 Luck Dog Barrel Race August 1 Barks ‘N Brews August 8 Virtual Feast on the Farm Gala BROWNLAND FARM www.brownlandfarm.com July 1-5 -Mid-South Classic CIRCLE E GUEST RANCH circleeguestranch.com July 16-19-BlueGrass Festival Oct 8-11 Fall Brawl Oct 11-18 October Fest Ride Oct 29-31 Rendezvous 2020 Dec 31-Jan 3 New Year’s Ride & Party CIRCLE G RANCH circlegranchevent.com/upcoming-events.html July 13-14 Dressage at Circle G Show USEF/USDF All Shows Rated Level 2 Aug 30th-Sept 2nd Craig Cameron Horsemanship Clinic

Please call before you haul. Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel. FREE CALENDAR of EVENTS LISTINGS: If you would like to include an event please Contact: Lisa Fetzner , 423-933-4968, Info@horsenranchmag.com


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Sept 7th-8th Dressage at Circle G Show USEF/USDF All Shows Rated Level 2 Sept 13th-15th Michael Lyons Horsemanship Clinic Oct 26-27th Cowboy Dressage Clinic with Kendra GREENRIDGE EQUESTRIAN CENTER greenridgeequestriancenter.com July 18 North Atlanta Show 7am-6pm Aug 1 Chatt Hills Show 7am-8pm LONG VUE STABLES 7001 Ron Road, Ooltewah,TN 39.860.2265, LongVueStables.com JUNE 28- MOVEMENT ALIVE- KARIN MILES July 5 - MERIS GREGES Ride-A-Test Clinic Meris will be judging your test of choice and then will critique and work with you on specific exercises to improve your score JULY 18 - OBSTACLE PRACTICE Partner with your horse $40 per rider 9am-1pm, registration 7/6-7/12 ERIKA ADAMS JULY 26 Riding instructor, Trainer and Competitor in Dressage, Three Day Eventing and Hunter/ Jumper ring. Road Less Traveled Team Manager. Accredited USEA instructor. “A” Graduate of the US Pony Club MINDY COLEMAN JUMPING CLINIC AUG 8 USEF ‘R’ judge.. Mindy is known for her excellence in the Hunter/Jumper ring. 35 years experience. Groups will be divided by the experience of horse and rider, beginner thru advanced. Limited number of riders. Audit. ROANE STATE EXPO CENTER www.roanestate.edu July 4 & 5 East Tn Cutting Horse Assn. 8am To 10pm Indoor Arena ,Free To Spectators Jason Whitaker 865-654-0697 July 25 Tn Stock Horse Assn. 7am To 8pm , Both Arenas Free To Spectators Trevor Higgins 931-409-1078 July 31, Aug 1 & 2 East Tn Cutting Horse Assn. 8am To 10pm, Indoor Arena Free To Spectators Jason Whitaker 865-654-0697 Jason.whitaker@Fbitn.com AUG. 8 & 9 Southeast Ranch Horse Series 8am to 7pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Michelle turner 423-619-4467 turnerperformancehorses@gmail.com AUG. 15 & 16 Volunteer State Pinto Org. 8am to 6pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Linda Kreig 615-653-7157

VOLUME 6 | ISSUE 6 2020

AUG. 22 & 23 National Team Roping League 8am to 10pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Pam Blevins 423-963-8106 SEPT. 11 - 13 TN State Championship NBHA Barrel Race 8AM TO 10PM Both Arenas Free to spectators Lana Blankenship 931-247-2340 SEPT 19 & 20 NO BULLS BARREL SOUTHERN SHOW Barrel Race - Both Arenas Jeff Robinson SEPT. 26 TN PAINT HORSE SHOW 8am to 10pm Both Arenas Free to spectators Tracie Haskell 615-417-4253 SCENIC CITY EQUESTRIAN CENTER sceniccityequestrian.com Sept 19 SCEC Hunter Jumper Show First Class 9am October 31 Halloween Fun Show Nov 14 SCEC Event 3 in 1; 8am-5pm Dressage, Combined Training and Cross Country 3 in 1 TENNESSEE LIVESTOCK CENTER MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tlc TENNESSEE MILLER COLISEUM MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc All events cancelled until July 31, 2020. August 8-9, 2020 The Ole South Dressage Event September 4-12, 2020 CMSA Eastern US Championship TRI-STATE EXHIBITION CENTER Cleveland, TN 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com July 3rd-4th&5th Rocky Top Super Q TEAM ROPING QUALIFIERS July 11th & 12thPaint Horse Club Show July 18th & 19thScenic Flight Dressage Show July 25th-26TH SYH SYH Western Dressage Show August 8th & 9thSmokey Mt Horse Show Series August 15thTennessee National Racking Horse Association Event August 22ndTN National Barrel Horse August 29thStillwater Trail Sports Ultimate Challenge (Bess Neil Arena)


UT MARTIN AG PAVILLION & EQUESTRIAN www.utm.edu/departments/agnr/calendar_ events.php WILLIAMSON COUNTY AG EXPO PARK Franklin, TN (615) 595-1227 www.williamsoncounty-tn.gov /594/Ag-EXPOPark Agricultural Center facilities are PARTIALLY OPEN Events at the Agricultural Center have are slowly resuming (some events in the parking lot) All offices are still accepting correspondence through phone lines and email, which includes the UT Extension Office. WILLS PARK EQUESTRAIN CENTER Alpharetta GA willspark.com/activities/equestrian-info July 4 - Fireworks July 8-12; 15-19; 25-26; Elite Jumping Shows Vic Russell, 678-858-7192 August 1-2 GDCTA Karen Caverly 770-713-4025 August 8 Rolling Hills Saddle Club (H,J,W,B) Info Line 770-338-0143 August 15-16 The Jump Ahead Benefit Show (H,J) Julie Mohr August 22-23 Ticket to Ride August 26-30 Elite Show Jumping (H,J) (A) Vic Russell 678-858-7192 SADDLE PALS RIDING CLUB www.horseshowcentral.com/associations/ saddle_pals_riding_club1 Find us on Facebook STATE LINE ARENA 4D Barrel Race - Remaining/new dates are: July 19 and Aug. 9. Buckles for Open and Youth Divisions. Membership not required! We will adjust these if public health concerns remain. Stay safe! Trail Challenge Series - July 25, August 22, Sept 26, Nov 21 -New permanent outdoor trail course Buckles for Open Class Winners; In-hand/ beginner/unlimited. Mmebership not required. Nooga Barrel Racing Club July 11, Aug 8, Sept 5, Oct 3, Oct 24 Speed Events: Barrels & Poles; Club shows, jackpots, buckle series, everyone welcome! Barrel Racing and Pole Bending! Everyone welcome. Spectators free. Concessions served. State Line Arena 4976 Keith Rd, Ringgold, Georgia 30736 (423) 595-1938

Don’t Miss It! Mark Your Calendar!

PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU HAUL! Always verify dates and

times BEFORE you travel. This list may change daily

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Round Pens Include:

• 1-6’ Ride-Through Gate • 15-12” Panels • Panels are 6’ Tall, 4 Tube, 16 Ga.

1.5” Diameter Tube...... $2,299 1.75” Diameter Tube.... $2,499 2” Diameter Tube......... $2,799

If you buy anything but HOT DIP GALVANIZED PANELS you are buying tomorrows rust!

Hot Dip Galvanized Panels 20 Year NO RUST Warranty 574.583.3883 • rick@jacobsmfg.net www. jacobsmfg.net

Let’s Go RIDE! Take your horse, mule, 4 Wheeler, or SXS and get out in the woods!

Aluminum stock trailer? GOT THEM!

Select Trailer is your go-to for Sundowner Pro-Grade toy haulers. All shapes, sizes, & flavors on hand.

Several Delta stock, 2 & 3 Horse on hand. Starting at $5,645

Lakota Horse Living Quarters- All sizes & styles. Slideouts & non-slides. COME LOOK!

Cimarron, Sundowner, & Exiss. Call Jeb or Gage to find yours. Many are year end closeout priced.

Stock trailers with tackroom by Sundowner & ExissCALL FOR YOURS!

“Located beneath the BIG American Flag”

on Hwy 231 between Murfreesboro & Shelbyville TN

SundownerSuperStore.com Special orders welcomed as well!

GREAT COMBOStock trailer with Living Quarters! 7’ & 8’ Wides

CALL Toll Free


Come by for the latest selection, or check our website! TEXT 931.685.4040


All prices are plus applicable taxes, tag, & title fees. Payment prices are quoted with 10% plus T, T, & L down with qualifying credit and a 720 or better score. Call for specifics in your case.


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