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The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 4 Issue 2 2018

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Are you Ready to Ride? How To Give Your Horse A Spring Checkup Biting Dogs, Angry Horse & Screaming Rider Trail Riding’s Most Wanted Thermal Imaging Technology & Equine Western Dressage Calender Of Events

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Saturday April 21st 10 am to 4 pm

869 Grove St. Gainesville GA Free Food - Prizes - Give Aways ALL FEED ON SALE! Special Pricing And Deals On Feed & Farm Supplies Venders Galore Get Your Questions Answered Directly From The Experts

Food! Fun! Fellowship! GAINESVILLE LOCATION 770-532-6291 869 Grove St Gainesville, GA 30501


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VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Trustworthy supplements that deliver results.

Hardworking horses often need more than grain and forage can provide. Horse Health offers a complete line of supplements designed to meet the demands of your horse, whether it’s joint health, hoof care, or vitamins and minerals for overall well-being. Whatever your horse requires, Horse Health™ supplements deliver effective results at a price you can afford.

Horsemen Choose Horse Health™

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VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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JRV Realty of North Georgia 1150 Old Talking Rock Highway Talking Rock, GA 30175

Rich Vigue, Broker



Licensed in Georgia and Tennessee

30 Acre Horse Farm with 220x135 outdoor arena; 3BR/2.5BA home; large workshop/barn with dump station and drive through trailer storage, tack room, 4 12x12 stalls; approx. 25 acres in pasture; year round creek. Rome, GA. Offered at $415,000.

15 acre upscale Horse Farm with 4BR/2.5BA brick home w/top of the line features, 5 stall show barn, 100x80 arena, 10 acres in pasture, year round creek. One hour north of Atlanta. Talking Rock, GA Offered at $625,000.

80 acre Magnificent Horse Farm w/3,550SF 4BR/2BA Ranch/ European style home. Incredible 3 stall horse barn with all the conveniences and spacious apartment. 2 acre pond and large hay barn. Gorgeous setting. Rome, GA. Offered at $889,000.

events - trails - tips - advice news - inspiration - products real estate & more

The Original Horse N Ranch TM Volume 4 Issue 2 2018


Everything Horse Related How to Give Your Horse a Spring Checkup......... 6-7 Biting Dogs, Angry Horse & Screaming Rider Crystal Lyons................................................................... 8 Thermal Imaging Technology & Equine Casey & Son....................................................................10 Western Dressage Benefits any Horse Lynn Palm......................................................................14 Calendar Of Events............................................... 20-21 Tips for Trail Riders: Trail Ridings Most Wanted Robert Eversole............................................................22

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VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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! r i A e th n i Spring is How to Give Your Horse a Spring Checkup Do you ride all winter, no matter how deep the snow gets, or do you hang up your saddle at the first cool breeze in autumn? Do you pull your horse’s shoes, blanket him, or keep him in the barn during the cold months? Do you cut his grain ration when he’s not working or feed more hay to keep him warm? If the winter season has caused any modifications in your horse’s exercise level or feeding plan, you will need to consider the following points as you bring the horse back into work in the spring. #1 CHECK BLANKETING If horses have been wearing blankets all winter, keep an eye on daytime temperatures as the weather begins to moderate. Blankets may still be needed at night but often should be removed during the day to prevent sweating. #2 CHECK SKIN


As the horse sheds his heavy winter coat, look him over carefully for cuts or other problems. Even if you have been faithful with daily grooming, small injuries may have been hidden by long hair. Give the horse an all-over bath as soon as the weather is warm enough, thoroughly rinsing to remove all shampoo. Look for rain rot, ringworm, scratches, and other conditions that may have been encouraged by blankets and damp weather. Treat skin diseases, asking a veterinarian for help with any stubborn conditions that don’t respond to overthe-counter remedies. #3 CHECK HOOVES Whether or not your horse was barefoot for the winter, he needs to start the spring with feet that are in the best possible condition. Schedule a farrier visit to be sure the horse is trimmed or shod correctly before increasing his exercise or training. Think about the work the horse will be doing and the terrain he will encounter. Will he need studs for soft ground, pads for hard or rocky terrain, or wedges or special shoes to accommodate injuries or conformational defects? Discuss these concerns with a farrier and get a veterinarian’s advice if needed. #4 CHECK TEETH This should be done once or twice a year by an equine dentist or veterinarian. A dental check-up can prevent some training problems like head tossing and fidgeting, and will also help to ensure that your horse gets the most benefit from whatever he eats. #5 CHECK FOR PARASITES Start or continue a schedule of deworming. Some owners prefer to do a fecal check to determine parasite infestation, VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

while others simply buy and use popular deworming products. Check with a veterinarian if you are unsure about the right products and scheduling for your horse. #6 CHECK VACCINATIONS Consult immunization records or ask your veterinarian what shots your horse needs. The recommendations will vary according to the horse’s age (foals may initially need two doses of some vaccines while mature horses need only an annual booster); location (if a particular disease in not common in your area, your horse may not need protection); travel schedule (horses that never encounter other horses may be able to skip some shots); and special conditions in your area (the series of West Nile vaccinations needs to be completed well before mosquitoes are seen). There is some evidence that horses develop a stronger immunity and have fewer skin or metabolic reactions if vaccinations are spread out over several days or weeks instead of being given all at once. #7 CHECK FENCES, GATES, FIELDS, WATER TROUGHS If horses have been stabled through the winter and will now be turned out, walk the pasture to find hazards such as holes, trash, or low tree limbs. Clean water troughs and check for sharp edges. Carefully check gates and fences for loose or broken parts and repair any defects before letting horses into the field. #8 CHECK TACK AND EQUIPMENT Have blankets cleaned and repaired now so they will be ready for fall. Look over halters, saddles, bridles, and other equipment and repair or replace as needed before starting training or competition. Clean and condition leather to avoid irritating the horse’s skin. #9 MONITOR GRAZING Pasture time may need to be limited at first to avoid problems related to overconsumption of lush grass. Because fresh spring grass contains a high percentage of moisture and very little fibre, continue to offer horses hay for the first few weeks of grazing. Heavy, cresty VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

horses and those subject to laminitis may be sensitive to the fructans (sugars) in rapidly growing grass. The use of dry lots or grazing muzzles can allow horses to get out of the barn without risking metabolic upsets. #10 CHECK CONDITION The resumption of training or exercise is a good time to evaluate your horse’s body condition. If possible, weigh the horse; otherwise use a weight tape as a rough measure of body weight. If a visual examination doesn’t tell you whether your horse is too fat or too thin, try a “hands-on” determination — generally you should be able to feel, but not see, the ribs of a horse that is in moderate condition. Record the horse’s weight and condition as exercise resumes and recheck the numbers periodically as you continue riding through the spring and summer to keep an eye on excessive weight loss or gain. #11 EVALUATE FEEDING PROGRAM Will you be asking your horse for a much greater level of exercise? If so, he may need more grain or a high-fat ration to meet his energy requirements. He may also benefit from electrolytes, a muscle recovery supplement, or a feed designed to minimize tying-up. In areas with extremely hot, humid summers, some sweet feed proponents change to feeding pellets to avoid problems with mould. Any modification of a feeding program needs to be made gradually over several days, blending new feed into old and allowing the horse to adjust to the new regimen. #12 BEGIN TRAINING! Consider clipping a heavy winter coat if you are planning to get back into a regular riding routine. A horse carrying a long winter coat will heat up faster and take longer to cool down and dry out on warm spring days. After clipping, your horse may need to be blanketed on cold spring days or if the temperature drops at night. If the horse has been off work for the winter, you need to schedule steadily increasing work to bring him back into condition. Start with brief periods of walking, moving to longer rides and faster gaits over a period of several weeks. Conditioning involves not just the horse’s muscles but also his lungs, heart, tendons, ligaments, and bones. By progressing slowly and paying attention to the horse’s reactions, you can often avoid lameness and injuries. By Kentucky Equine Research, posted in Canadian Horse Journal.

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Biting Dogs, Angry Horse & Screaming Rider It was a nice workout in a nice indoor arena where all was proceeding “nicely” UNTIL....... My dog, Ruger was playing in the dirt and another dog, also named Ruger, a red heeler cross, in his boredom came to “play”. As I’m loping between barrels, the heeler mix Ruger ran in under Strider, got stepped on and as a result, got totally P-O’d and started barking and biting Strider’s heels! My Ruger, happily joined into this apparently FUN game when out of my peripheral vision I caught sight of him going in for the hind legs. Strider is stomping at one dog on the front end and trying to kick the one behind as it quickly escalated into rearing and leaping and kicking while I’m screaming out the one name of BOTH dogs who seemingly at this point were totally deaf or had completely FORGOTTEN their names!!

“Sometimes it’s best to change up your response to what’s happening around you.” This was NOT how I had foreseen the afternoon ride to go. I actually remember, (as I was teetering dangerously off to one side of the saddle) having the thought come to mind that it’s been a LONG TIME since I’ve felt the impact of being pie-yied like a yard dart off the back of a horse. That alone got my mind to thinking how what I was doing in response to what was happening was NOT WORKING and I’d better come up with a different approach as how to bring this situation to a more pleasant end! Since the dogs were only getting MORE hyper oriented, I decided instead of trying to hold Strider in place, to push him OUT and make the dogs run! That proved to be the answer, as this quickly discouraged the bull dog from having to run down his quarry. I guess it was fun as long as the prey made itself a meal on his plate but having to run down his prey?? Naw!! The “other Ruger” quickly gave it up and all settled back down into a semblance of normality.

by Crystal Lyons

Sometimes it’s best to change up your response to what’s happening around you. If the response you give seems to escalate the situation, possibly a different approach to that dilemma might be wise? For instance, if the situation is one where the attitudes are already escalated, did you ever stop to think that adding a higher crescendo into the mix only adds to the escalation of stupidity?? I have slowly come to the realization that stupidity shouted louder than everyone else in the room is STILL stupidity! I’ve also become aware of the fact that sometimes, not always but sometimes, simply RESPONDING to an atmosphere inundated in stupidity is like taking hold of an anvil when already standing in quicksand. Just being there puts you in danger, but entering in with your mouth is a no win situation! Retreat quickly and live to fight another day!! Bottom line: Sometimes you CANNOT bring peace into a situation and when that’s obviously the case, you have no other option but to protect your own inner peace by removing yourself from the arena where the dogs are biting.

For more information on Crystal or to be put on our mailing list you can go to our website www.crystallyons.com or e-mail us at: crystallyonsministery@gmail.com 8

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Located beside Interstate 24 Exit 111 Manchester TN (615) 828-3844

Prices Subject To Change Without Notice • Financing Available • Trade Most Anything • Cash For Used Trailers

3 horse slant Bee weekender with AC good condition $6550

Red 12’ bumper stock $2950 Now $2250

3 - 2 Horse Bumper Trailers in stock $1250 each

Maroon 16’ G.N. Livestock Trailer H.D. Axles $2950 Now $2550

2 horse bumper w/ new tires $1450 Now $1250

16’ + 3’ metal decks H.D. equip/Hay trailer $2550

2 Horse 7’ Tall $2950

Super nice cargo trailer 7 ft x 18 ft on the floor plus the neck $6950 Now $4950

14FT Bumper livestock trailer $2950

3 horse Titan, ramp, AC, weekender, nice trailer $6550

Used 3 or 4 horse slantwalk in tack $4950 Now $3950

Great Deal!

4 horse bumper $2950

2 Horse Slant Walk in Tack, 5 in stock, Now $2950

Dual Tandem 2.5” pintle hitch trailer $2150

2-horse straight load w/ removable stall divider $3650

20ft x 7 wide Aluminum Barrett livestock $10,500

12’ Bumper Livestock Excellent condition $3850

Beautiful Mountain

Horse Trails & Camping

12 ft bumper livestock Now $2650

Used 2 horse-walk in tack-roof-A/C $6500 Now $4950

Bumper pull, 3 horse slant, lifetime floor $2250

2-horse straight load $1250 Now $1050

Silver/red 16ft Aluminum Hawk bumper pull livestock 7.5’ tall 2 horse ramp Now $2250 $8950 VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

Gruetli Laager TN


2-horse straight load $3950 Now $3650

Titan 3-horse slant, 7’W/7’T, roof A/C, stud dividers, pull out ramp $6550

14’ Bumper Livestock $3450

Used 2 horse slant-7’ tall-rampdresser $4950

12x7 ft tall Jackson $3650

Nice 16’ Bumper Livestock $3950

S&H 2 horse $3550

16FT Bumper livestock $3850 Now $3650

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Thermal Imaging Technology and EQUINE


he uses of Infrared Thermal Imaging technology in the world of equine can be very long and drawn out. I’m here to give the short and to the point version of how thermal cameras have been used with equine for many years now, by myself and a few others.  The benefits that have come from thermal cameras are outstanding.  I myself, am a farrier of 18 years and I use thermal cams in all of my daily practices.  Being the owner of the Casey Horseshoeing School, in affiliation with the Farriers’ National Research Center, I also use thermal cameras in the teaching process with my students.  It has become so simple now to evaluate the horse with thermal tech that it is definitely a go to for me.  The old saying is “no horse is trimmed or shod better than the human eye”.  I say, why not make the human eye better. Taking half an hour evaluating the horse looking, poking and prodding is a thing of the past.  Do I still examine how a horse moves and read the feeling in its face to see how much pain or discomfort it’s in? Of course, I do! I always make a visual determination about every horse I see but, with thermal tech the problems that a horse may have or not have, can be found to a precise point. Then the proper corrective procedures can be 10

Link Casey, BWFA President Certified Master Farrier, Master Educator

performed based on actual facts that can be seen, not just a good educated guess. What do I mean by this you ask?  For instance, your horse may develop an abscess, which is one of the most common lameness issue.  I can determine exactly where the abscess is, pop the abscess to immediately relieve its discomfort and have the horse standing in comfort in a matter of a few minutes instead of spending more time searching for it by using basic hoof testers or other common tools.     The use of thermal devices is NOT only limited to hoof lameness.  As an equine professional, the most popular question I get is about movement problems and saddle fit.  When a horse isn’t moving properly it is not always due to the feet.  Just like so many of us humans that pull muscles or have soreness in our muscles, a horse can have the same.  You work a horse every day for a week without the proper warm up and flexing period, it may pull a muscle in the shoulder, back or the hip just to name a few. A thermal scan can show exactly where the inflamed area is and then the proper recovery procedures can take place.  So many problems I see in the horse being sore, is in the saddle.  If your saddle doesn’t fit, you ARE going to have problems with that horse.  A 200lb person on a horse with a poorly fit saddle is the same as a human carrying a poorly fit backpack, it’s going to cause soreness somewhere.  Thermal scans of the back of the horse, after the saddle has been cinched and sat in will show precisely what pressure points are causing a movement issue in the horse.     Thermal technology is not just a luxury for the high-end performance horse.  In my opinion, it should be



IMPROPER SADDLE FIT INFLAMMATION used on every single horse from the common trail horses to most prestige of show horses.  If you consider your horse your friend or some even a family member, thermal tech will benefit them in every viable way in keeping them comfortable and living a long happy life. A Happy Horse = Happy Owner !

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

Say you saw it in HORSE N RANCH TM

HAPPY HORSE = HAPPY OWNER!! Professional Farrier Services available at the

CASEY Horseshoeing School Does YOUR Farrier offer all the latest technology to analyze your horse properly?

Thermal Image shows poor circulation in the lame leg


Bring your horse to our facility for a five-star treatment that can’t be beat!

March 22,23,24

We specialize in standard trims and shoeing to the most advanced corrective procedures and lameness


Casey Horseshoeing School, in affiliation with the Farriers’ National Research Center,

offers YOU and your HORSE the BEST service available


offer owners a chance to bring their horses for a complete overview using the Thermal, The Track, Treadmill, our cameras & EFT. Excellent for event and performance horses but also for the owners who just want an easy and safe ride on the trail.

Georgia’s only

Horseshoeing School Voted #1 for 29 years! 3rd Generation Farriers

Full Time Trade School Tuesday – Saturday, year round Fact: A REAL Education 100% Hands-on with Live Horses !! No Cadaver hooves shod at this school !!

2 days- 24 week courses - School tuition includes CLEAN lodging, hot meals, tools, anvil and forge !!

Call 706.397.8909 Call for a Free Color Brochure www.caseyhorseshoeing.com rcaseysch@aol.com 14013 East Hwy. 136 (in Villanow) LaFayette, Georgia 30728 Exit #320 Just 12 miles off I-75. 75 Miles North of Atlanta 35 Miles South of Chattanooga Office Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 - 5:00 School & Visiting Hours: Tues-Sat 8:00 - 5:00

Fact: #1 Horseshoeing School preferred by Veterans in the U.S. VA approved for GI Bill Post 9/11 & Voc. Rehab.

Give yourself a raise! $$$ Become self employed as a professional CERTIFIED farrier!

Casey & Son Horseshoeing School • Founded by Navy Veteran • Owned by son, Link Casey VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Alabama Horse Council & Best of America By Horseback Join us for fun, fellowship, trail riding, food and more

Faye Whittemore Farms, Jasper, AL April 27—29, 2018

www.alabamahorsecouncil.org 12

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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NutriSource® pet foods is formulated with the best ingredients and supplements that guarantee whold body pet health.


Introductory Offer

Small Bags $


Limited Time Only


Saddles Tack Barn Supplies Full Line of Feed

www.AGCENTRAL.coop 423.745.0443 920 North Congress Pkwy. Athens, TN 37303

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Western Dressage


Dressage is the only way to naturally train Western horses of any breed. After all, a horse is a horse! You don’t have to train differently just because you use an English or Western saddle. We must remember that “Dressage” is a French word that means “training of animals.” Dressage is a foundational way to teach a horse according to his natural instincts, behaviors, personality and temperament. Dressage utilizes successful methods that have been practiced for centuries. When you use Dressage properly, you teach the horse to learn with confidence and willingness. Dressage also teaches the trainer or owner to advance the horse with patience and time. It’s only practical to use a common sense approach to develop the horse’s health and fitness as he advances in his training. I believe that the best part of using Dressage for Western horses is that the levels and tests give you a structured guideline for training. If you follow the tests with training figures, transitions, and control the rhythm in the gaits, you will find yourself practicing in a step-by-step manner. This enables you to train your horse with understanding and willingness when you can accomplish each step well and with accuracy. This is how I learned in an English Dressage saddle many years ago. Today, I would not ride or train a horse any differently in an English or Western saddle. The beauty of Dressage is that it is training is for ALL breeds of horses. Of course, becoming a good rider is the most important tool for the training of your horse. Your equine partner will improve as you better your riding and understand the correct mechanics of how a horse’s body operates, along with his simple, natural instincts. Follow these tips as you learn to train your horse successfully: 1. Conformation and form to function is necessary for a performance horse to achieve his potential; you can’t expect

By Lynn Palm a horse to do something he’s physically not built to do 2. Always remember that horses have strong prey animal instincts and behaviors 3. Train with variety to keep the horse interested; horses learn through repetition but not “drilling” 4. Patience is crucial! Take your time and don’t rush any steps 5. “Listen” to what your horse is “saying” through his body language, including ears, eyes, mouth, tail, and overall composure 6. Use Dressage levels and tests to help your horse learn in a practical way 7. If you run into challenges at any level, just go back and perfect the lower levels or tests 8. Always respect the fact that you have to Ride Well for your horse in order for him to learn and give back 9. Giving your horse a variety of training and fitness work at least 5 days per week 10. Keep your horse happy by leaving the arena behind and training on the trail (Refer to my E-book, Training Outside the Box) Remember, patience, understanding and Dressage training will always bring you a willing and happy horse, but you also have to “Be the Rider Your Horse Deserves!”

PALM PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ™ Building a Partnership with Your Horse

We love to share our dressage backgrounds and knowledge with you and would love to have you come ride with us. You can join us at our farm in Ocala, Florida, or at one of our Ride Well Clinics on our USA Tour at a location near you. If you would like to train with Lynn & Cyril at home with Western Dressage, take advantage of the following supportive training materials: BOOKS: “Head To Toe Horsemanship” “Western Dressage—A Guide to Take You to Your First Show” “A Rider Guide to Real Collection” DVDS: “Dressage Principles for the Western Horse & Rider” Volume 1 Parts 1-5 “Dressage Principles for the Western & English Horse & Rider” Volume 2, Parts 1-3 “Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher” Parts 1&2 For more information about training courses, educational materials and much more, please visit www.lynnpalm.com or call 800-503-2824.


VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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S & S Building Structures Post Frame Structures / Built within YOUR Budget Maintenance Free 40 yr. Metal


RIDING ARENAS a SPECIALTY Erected On Your Level Site Also Barns - Any Size


423.653.0590 ssbuildingstructures.com

ssbuildingstructures@gmail.com VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Member of the NFBA






4070 Macedonia Road Powder Springs, GA 30127 equinelogo.black&gold.pdf


10:02:15 AM

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me”

PHIL 4:13

Proudly serving the Southeast for over 35 years.









Personal, compassionate service during your difficult time because we know your horse is a member of your family. Prompt Service • Dignified Transport • Individual Cremation • Custom Services

770.457.7659 • www.horsecremations.com


VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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eridian quine ducation enter

2018 EVENTS AT EVENTS AT MERIDIAN EQUINE EQUINE MERIDIAN This year is going to be busy at Meridian. We will be hosting 6 trail obstacle challenges on 3 dates through Equine Trail Sports, 2 open breed Western shows, and a new 4-show hunter and jumper series. The hunter series will be co-hosted in partnership with Lucky Fox Farm, and 2 of the shows will be

Sat March 17th Equine Trail Sports St Patrick’s Day Challenge Sat March 24th MEEC/ LFF Hunter Series I (MTHJA Show) Sat April 14th Spring Fling Open Western Show Sat May 19th MEEC/ LFF Hunter Series II Sat June 30th Equine Trail Sports Summer Fun Challenge Sat August 11th MEEC/ LFF Hunter Series III (MTHJA Show)

MTHJA rated.

Sat September 15th MEEC/ LFF Hunter Series IV

We are excited about the 2018 show season. It is going to

Sat September 22nd Equine Trail Sports Fall Harvest Challenge

be a lot of fun, and we hope to see you all there.

To register for any of our events, please go to the Events page at www.MeridianEquine.com.

**Every event hosted at Meridian Equine helps benefit our IEA Team and our Therapeutic Riding Program**

Sat October 13th Autumn Classic Open Western Show 7930 Murfreesboro Road Lebanon, TN 37090 www.MeridianEquine.com

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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We had a great turnout at the

23-25, 20m18 February Mi ller Coliseu


Tennessee nnessee Murfreesboro, Te

Michael Gascon

Josh Lyons

Brandi Lyons

Candice King

Steve Edwards

Michael Lyons Cedar Potts

Elizabeth Clavette

Including: Ryan Cottingim Josh Peebles Perry Neal Elizabeth Tinnan k Stephen Greychec Cliff Shadt, Jr

We hope you were able to join us! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

2018 Highlights

and workshops dors from over 75 ven ge Starting Challen Colt ek •Lost Cre ition pet Com l ntain Tria •Smokey Mou Entertainment •Equestrian ite •Clinics


clinicians, activities

visit our webs

quineExpo.com www.SouthernE For a full list of

Photo by Emily Peak



VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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ADVERTISE! Inventory Sitting too Long? Upcoming Events to Publish? Association Lacking Communication? Consumers Unaware of your Services?


Get the word out!



678-776-7770 Kevin

Waterfronnt! Downtow Chattanooga

WATERFRONT PROPERTY minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Dock Permit Approved and In Hand- on file with TVA. Soil has been perked. Located in county... NO CITY TAXES. Appraised at $225,000, Asking $199,000. Build your dock now and start enjoying the waterfront while you are planning your dream home!! Vacation every weekend!! Beautiful views! Private, secluded, yet very convenient to shopping, restaurants, and downtown activity. 125+/- water frontage on 1.25+/- acres. For more info 423-316-6788. Located across from Williams Island, on Cash Canyon Rd., off Browns Ferry Landing exit.

FREE Classified Ads Must be • Under 20 Words • Non-Commercial Limit 3 Classified Ads • Emailed to info@horsenranchmag.com. 20-40 words: $5.00 Each additional 10 words: $2.00 Photo Classified $15.00.

Your Horse Resource! 423.933.4968

Ads received before the 15th of the month, will be published in the next month’s issue. Horse & Ranch staff are not liable for misprints, spelling errors, typographical errors, etc. We reserve the right to edit any material we receive for the publication.

VALLEY VIEW RANCH Equestrian Camp for Girls

Since 1954

for girls ages 8-17

Located a’top beautiful Lookout Mountain on 600 acres of lush pastures, wooded trails, and panoramic views

2018 will be our r! 64th Summe

Equitation lessons in English & Western for beginner to advanced riders. Experience the full opportunity of horsemanship through instruction in the ring, time in the saddle on trails, and the care and responsibility of having your own ranch horse. Enjoy 4-6 hours daily with your horse. Limited to 50 campers per session.

English and Hunt Seat, Western Stock Seat and Barrels (Gymkhana), Trails, and Vaulting. Our Program also includes eco-education, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, archery, pottery, and of course, horsemanship. 606 Valley View Ranch Rd · Cloudland GA 30731 706.862.2231 · www.ValleyViewRanch.com VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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2018 MARCH

r a d n e l Ca

Fourth Thursday of every month Gordon County Saddle Club monthly meeting @ Gordon County Agricultural Service Center Visitors welcome! Info: (770) 548-5956 First Monday of every month Club Meeting 7:00 pm Last Monday of every month BOD Meeting 7:00 pm Murray County Saddle Club.com First Monday of every month Meeting 7pm Bartow County Saddle Club bartowcountysaddleclub.org 3rd Saturday each month - GA Catoosa County Saddle Club facebook.com/catoosacountysaddleclub

March MARCH 2-3 SRO LoneStar Rodeo Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc MARCH 2-3 NCA Pro Rodeo Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu March 3 Smoky Mountian Show 8am-6pm TriState Exhibition Center Cleveland TN; 423-476-9310 TriStateExhibitionCenter.com MARCH 3 Germantown, TN. The Pickering Center. Megford Show Year End Awards Banquet. Info: info@megford.com

Monthly Horse Sales/Adoptions Second Saturday: Gleason, TN. West TN Auction Barn. 330 Fence Rd. 6:30 pm. Chucky Greenway 731-571-8198

MARCH 8-11 TN HS Challenge rodeo Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

Second & Fourth Saturday: Scotts Hill, TN. Scotts Hill Stockyard. Info: James Linville 731-549-3523. facebook.com/scottshillstockyard

MARCH 9 Sweanee, TN. Univ. of the South. Regional Hunt Seat Championships






























8 1 0 2 l i r p A h c r a M

First Tuesday of every month National Racking Horse Assoc, Choo Choo Chapter meets at Wally’s Restaurant in East Ridge Tn @ 7pm. New members and visitors always welcome! Jerry Clark 423-667-0440



of Events

First Monday of month - Burrell Horse Auction, Horse & Tack Sale: Tack 6:00, Horse 8:00; 6450 Bates Pike, Cleveland TN 423-472-0805








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MARCH 9-11 Memphis Challenge Tennessee HS Rodeo Association 731-658-5867; tnhsra.com

MARCH 10-11 Music City Paint Show Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc MARCH 16-17 4-H Clover Classic Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu

MARCH 10 TN NBHA Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com

MARCH 16-18 AQHA Circuit of the Southland Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc

MARCH 10 Hunter/Jumper Franklin, TN. Brownland Farm. No Frills 1

MARCH 16-18 Memphis, TN. Show Place Arena. Volunteer Ranch Horse Show

MARCH 10 Murfreesboro, TN. Roberts Equestrian Facility. Greystone Dressage Schooling Show. Info: Kim Carpenter (931) 452-9255

MARCH 16-18 Franklin, TN. Ag Expo Park. Tennessee Championships. www.Jx2events.com

MARCH 9-11 TQHA Celebration Circuit Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu

MARCH 10-11 Hamilton, GA. Poplar Place Farm. Poplar Place Farm Dressage Show. www.poplarplacefarm.com MARCH 10-11 Springfield, TN. Smart Lil Acres. Mounted Patrol and Obstacle De-sensitizing Clinic. Miranda Hogan (615) 433-6285

MARCH 17 Barrel Racing, Cookeville, TN. Hyder Burke Ag. Pavillion. Cordell Smith 615-556-1059 MARCH 17-18 Volunteer Ranch Horse Assn. Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

Please call before you haul. Always verify dates and times BEFORE you travel. FREE CALENDAR of EVENTS LISTINGS: If you would like to include an event please Contact: Lisa Fetzner , 423-933-4968, Info@horsenranchmag.com


VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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MARCH 17-18 Martin, TN. WTQHA Show. UTM Eq. Team Benefit Circuit. www.wtqha.org

APRIL 5-8 Germantown, TN. GCHS Arena. WTHJA Springtime in Dixie

March 17-18 Western Dressage 8am-5pm TriState Exhibition Center.com Cleveland TN 423-476-9310

APRIL 19-21 Lynnville, TN. Circle G Ranch. Ken McNabb Horsemanship Clinic. www.circlegranchevent.com/upcomingevents.html

APRIL 7-8 Lynnville, TN. Circle G Ranch. Dressage at Circle G. USEF/USDF rated. www.circlegranchevent.com/upcomingevents.html

APRIL 20-22 Dynamite Barrel Race Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

APRIL 12-15 Germantown, TN. GCHS Arena. WTHJA Springtime Encore

MARCH 23-24 MegFord Show Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

APRIL 13-15 WTQHA Spring Fling Circuit. www.wtqha.org Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc

MARCH 23-25 IBRA Barrel Race Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc

APRIL 21-22 Ranch Horse Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN , 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com

APRIL 13-15 Harriman, TN. Roane State CC Expo Center. TQHA Country Music. Korry Bailey 931-265-4657

MARCH 24 Crossville, TN. 470 Copperhead Lane. Fit Right Saddle Class. All disciplines. 9AM-5PM www.fitrightsaddlesolutions.com

APRIL 21-22 TN Pony of the Americas Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu

APRIL 13-15 Murfreesboro, TN. Miller Coliseum. West TN QH Show. Info: www.wtqha.org

MARCH 24 Lebanon, TN. Meridian Equine Education Center. 2018 MEEC/LFF Hunter Show series. Info: Amanda Agee 615-586-2152 MARCH 24-25 Trail Rides/Challenge Toomsboro, GA. Region 5 Benefit. Info: Cindy Keen 478-272-5097

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

APRIL 18-22 Franklin, TN. Brownland Farm. Spring I

APRIL 7-8 Franklin, TN. Brownland Farm. No Frills 2, 3

MARCH 22-25 TN Reining Horse Assn. Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu

MARCH 30,31, April 1 - TN Ranch Horse Clinic Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN , 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com

APRIL 14-22 Waynesboro, TN. Buffalo River Trail Ride. Info: 931-722-9170; buffalorivertrailride@live.com; www.brtr.com

APRIL 6-7 Bill Pickett Rodeo Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

MARCH 18-21 Murfreesboro, TN. Embassy Suites. TN. State 4-H Congress 4h.tennessee.edu

MARCH 31-APR. 1 East TN. Cutting Horse Assn. Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu

APRIL 14-15 Franklin TN Tennessee HS Rodeo Association 731-658-5867; tnhsra.com

APRIL 24 ETSA Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN , 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com

April 14, 2018 LINCOLN COUNTY HORSEMAN ASSOCIATION OPEN SHOW Reining, Barrels, Ranch Horse based and Gaited 3 Wilkes Dr, Fayetteville, TN Mcclanahan36@gmail.com Www.tnlcha.com APRIL 14 WHOA Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN , 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com APRIL 14-15 Volunteer Ranch Horse Assn. Agricenter Showplace Arena 7777 Walnut Grove Rd., Memphis, TN 901-757-7777 ext.7106 www.agricenter.org/showplace

APRIL 25-29 Franklin, TN. Brownland Farm. Spring II APRIL 26-28 Southern Saddlebred Spring Fling Tennessee Miller Coliseum MTSU Murfreesboro, TN www.mtsu.edu/tmc

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April 27-29, 2018 - Jasper AL Alabama Governor’s Ride Faye Whittemore Farms Pumpkin Patch Trail Ride Come Ride on Best of America by Horseback National Television Show. Be on the Filmed Trail Ride with celebrity hosts Tom Seay & Kristen Biscoe, seminars, demos, live music & banquet meal all included! Sponsored in part by the Alabama Horse Council celebrating 200 years of Alabama History. 540-829-9555 *$50 rider fee for BOABH Trail Club covers all scheduled activities & banquet meal www.bestofamericabyhorseback.com APRIL 28 ETSA Tri-State Exhibition Center Cleveland, TN , 423-476-9310 www.tristateexhibitioncenter.com APRIL 28 TN Paint Horse Club Roane State Expo Center Roane State Community College, Harriman, Tn www.roanestate.edu



EVENTS Coming Soon! Get Ready to

Mark Your Calender! 21

Trail Riding’s

MOST WANTED The most dangerous mistakes are the ones you don’t recognize. By Robert “TrailMeister” Eversole The advice that I usually write about is geared towards avoiding mistakes. But what defines a mistake? And how do you recognize one? After all, one person’s gaffe could be another’s routine. Many drivers, for example, don’t wear seat belts. And those folks do just fine – until they wreck. Before the accident, the mistake wasn’t visible to them. If it were they would have buckled up. Instead it was a bad habit that they didn’t recognize. And because they didn’t see it, they didn’t fix it. Human nature encourages us to pursue the path of least resistance, which often means doing things the same old (and maybe wrong) way until we get caught. How does this affect those of us who play outdoors? Horse and mule riders practice bad habits just like everyone else. In fact, trail veterans who follow a “that’s the way I’ve always done it…” attitude are some of the worst offenders. Maybe at one time you could empty the trailer wherever you wanted, but not anymore. The same goes with weed free feeds and burning trash. To become better and safer trail riders, we need to recognize which of our outdoor habits are mistakes. These are bad decisions we make while planning trips, packing gear, or riding the trail. And while not wearing a seat belt seems like an obvious error, some of the most common outdoor blunders are just as knuckleheaded. How do you uncover your own bad habits? You’ve got to examine your pre-trip and on-trail routines. Or better yet, ask your friends and hiking partners for feedback and advice. To get started, here are the three of trail riding’s most wanted mistakes.

NOT LEAVING INFORMATION WITH A RESPONSIBLE PERSON Always tell someone where you’re going, the route you plan to take, and when you expect to be back. And here’s the important part: Do it for every trip, not just the ones you think are dangerous. Whether you plan your ride a week ahead or wake up with an itch for the trail, taking a few extra minutes to sketch out an itinerary is always worth it. Creating a plan and leaving it with friends or family is a safety basic, and one to cultivate into a habit. It prevents unnecessary anxiety and, in an emergency, will save precious time for search and rescue responders. Here’s a link to our Ride Itinerary Form for you to download and use. https://www.trailmeister.com/trailride-itinerary/ 22

Creating an itinerary also forces you to think about, and include, a backup plan. If you ride regularly, it’s inevitable that something—from wildfire to a washout to a full trailhead— will force you to change your plan on the fly.

RIDING WITHOUT A MAP The difference between a complacent and a clever trail rider is realizing you don’t need a map, but bringing one anyway. When do experienced riders get lost? Not the first time they explore a new trail with a good map in hand. And not the 100th time, when they know the route well. The danger zone is the second, third or fourth outing, when overconfident riders convince themselves they don’t need a map, but actually do. Miss a crucial turn or gamble on a short-cut, and an easy trail quickly becomes a maze of doubt.

FORGETTING A HEADLAMP You might be planning “just a day ride”. Take a hint from the Gilligan’s Island crew who expected a three-hour tour, and got 99 episodes instead. A thousand unforeseen problems could strand you on the trail after sunset. Remembering to pack a 3-ounce headlamp or flashlight can prevent a wretched overnight in the woods. Because once you’ve had that experience, you won’t ever forget a flashlight again.

NOT CHECKING YOUR CINCH Think of the cinch or girth on your saddle like your seat belt in your car. The cinch is what keeps your horses saddle properly placed on his back. While I’m sure you always check the horses cinch before you mount the horse, often times the cinch will loosen up during a ride, as the animal warms up. Fight the urge to say, “it’ll be ok”. It won’t. Re-adjust the saddle and tighten the cinch. What are your favorite trail rider faux pas? As always for more tips on trail riding and camping with equines, and the world’s largest and most accurate horse trail and camp guide visit www.TrailMeister.com. Robert Eversole; Trail Meister Owner and Chief Trail Boss. 513-374-9021; robert@trailmeister.com; www.TrailMeister.com TrailMeister is The Largest Equine Trail and Camping Guide in the World

VOLUME 4 | ISSUE 2 2018

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Round Pens Include:

• 1-6’ Ride-Through Gate • 15-12” Panels • Panels are 6’ Tall, 4 Tube, 16 Ga.

1.5” Diameter Tube...... $2,299 1.75” Diameter Tube.... $2,499 2” Diameter Tube......... $2,799

If you buy anything but HOT DIP GALVANIZED PANELS you are buying tomorrows rust!

Hot Dip Galvanized Panels 20 Year NO RUST Warranty 574.583.3883 • rick@jacobsmfg.net www. jacobsmfg.net

Spring is on the way!

WOW- Looking for a pre-loved living quarters?


TAEP Qualified and in stock ! Many pre-loved living quarters in stock. We’re getting them serviced in now. Check the website often for the current crop!

Huge selection of Lakota slideouts in 13-17’ LQs. Come pick yours out today!

Lakota Bighorn DOUBLE SLIDE with custom kitchen island plan. Only 29’ L. Pure Luxury, and


Host of Barrett 24-32 footers on hand. Great pricing, lots of various features. Check them out online or in person!

Only $77,196 Closeout price.

Delta 500 Series BP stock trailers. 14’ and 16’ on hand, all with 4 wheel brakes, spare tire kits, treated flooring, PPG paint and much more. Starting at $5,314.00

Full maintenance, service & repair facility. Collision, storm damage, and more repaired.

Sundowner SuperSport. A great all-aluminum trailer in 2 & 3 horse. Great starter trailer, or the perfect run around.

On hand, starting at $12,257.

Let us freshen up your trailer!

The all-new Lakota Colts are arriving! An all-aluminum LQ trailer, priced like used! This 9x13 Living quarters has all power everything. Full bathroom and kitchen. And rolls for only $31,528, or about $280/Month.

Exiss 7X00 series. Nice all-aluminum, with front dresser and folding rear tack. Extruded sides, aluminum wheels, HD drop windows and more. A great value- 3, 4 and 6 horse in stock now. Just in, and ready for you.

“Located beneath the BIG American Flag”

on Hwy 231 between Murfreesboro & Shelbyville TN

Sundowner Rancher Express- This value minded all-aluminum stock trailer features a full aluminum floor, cut gate, rear swing with slider, storage area in nose, and 2 escape doors. Priced & built to move you along. Torsion axles, radial tires, and more. 16’ at $12,834; 16’ Bumper $10,490; 20’ at $15,444.

Call Toll Free

866.484.0420 SelectTrailer.com or 931.685.4040

Come by for the latest selection, or check our website!

All prices are plus applicable taxes, tag, & title fees. Payment prices are quoted with 10% plus T, T, & L down with qualifying credit and a 720 or better score. Call for specifics in your case.

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