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Are you looking for a horse betting strategy? If you are, you have landed on the right place. If you are searching for a real strategy, I am sure that you are not a punter, who likes to win because of luck. Some punters only bet for fun or want to increase the tension when watching the horse race so in my opinion they are not searching for some strategy that might ruin their fun. Horse betting strategies or systems are based on a number of criteria, some of which include analysis of the horses' form, the going, and sometimes the number of wins and losses of the horses in the previous races. Betting at a betting exchange makes so much different in the profit rate because at betting exchange punters are able to get more advantageous odds. If you are backing a horse to win, you almost certainly choose the favorite to win the race and you almost certainly ignore the non-favorites. In fact the favorites only win one out of three races according to the statistics. It is important to know that betting on favorites is not going to make you much money. Even though your strike rate is relatively high, your profit margin will be relatively low. This is because of the fact that favorites will be short priced. So how do I enhance my profit? You can back non-favorites to win. Even if your strike rate is not high but your profit rate is much higher. Which means you can win much but infrequently. However, backing the non-favorites could be successfully achieved if you have done enough research. The best way is to find a suitable system to help you determine which non-favorite to back. You can actually find a lot of free systems on the net that you can test. You would not want to use real money when you are testing a system. You can just prepare a pen and a paper to note all the results; wins and losses. I bet you want to find the free systems I mentioned above about how to back non-favorites. I hope I win that bet. If you do search for free systems or strategies, pay a visit to horse racing betting strategies, I think you would like it.

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==== ==== Get great horse racing Strategy Guides & Tip's ==== ====

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