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Mohave County is Our Region • Arizona is Our Reach Jul/Aug 2011 – Volume 2 Issue 01

Horse ‘n Around the Mountains


“Pirates of the Colorado!”



5th Annual River Regatta August 11th - 13th ‘Ya Gotta Regatta’

Register Now... Aug. 11-12 Wake Board & Wake Skate Competition

(855) Ya-Gotta

The Inaugural Bullhead Area Chamber River Regatta Poker Run Friday August 12th Register at

Flagship Sponsors:

Kiwanis “Cannonball” Pre-Party Friday night 5pm-10pm Davis Camp

Rotary “Ya Hafta Afta” Send Forms & Fees to: Bullhead Area Chamber Event Pary/Lunch BHC Finance Dept. and Matadors Saturday P.O. Box 23189 “Regatta have Grog” 10am-5pm Bullhead City, AZ 86439 Pre-Party Friday Night Rotary Park (928) 763-0158 5pm-10pm Community Park

Register in Person with Finance Cashier 1st Floor of 2355 Trane Rd. BHC Entry Fee $15 After Aug 8th $20

Commodore Sponsors: Captain Sponsors:

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5th Annual Bullhead City River Regatta


he Bullhead City River Regatta will be bigger this year than ever before! This year’s theme is Pirates of the Colorado. Not only do we anticipate the largest number of participants, but the Regatta has been stretched out to three days! Events include: Wake the Plank wake boarding competition beginning Thursday, Aug 11th. Kayak and Canoe racing on Friday, Aug. 12th, the Ye Gotta Regatta Party Friday night Aug. 12th, the Bullhead City River Regatta on Saturday, Aug. 13th… and, the Hafta Afta Party at Rotary Park!

Wake the Plank

Wakeboarding at its most exciting! All ages, novices and experts, battling for two days at Community Park! Not a bad seat in the park! The event will be a Pro and AMA wakeboard and wakeskate contest along with a Pro wakeskate Pool Jam on Friday night. Prize money is up for grabs for the Pros and product for all the AMA Classes. Thursday: Qualifying 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday: Championships 9a.m. to 3 p.m. Pro Pool Jam: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Kayak, Canoe and Standup Paddleboad Race and Float

An exciting 11-mile race on the Colorado River from Davis Dam to the Non-Motorized Boat Launch at Don Sullivan Memorial Park, just down river from Rotary Park. Past winners finished in just over an hour, final contestants crossed in 2 hours 45 minutes. Racers start setting up at 5 a.m. at Davis Camp then and drive their vehicles to Rotary Park. A shuttle van will bring contestants back to Davis Camp. Awards will be handed out at Rotary Park.

Standup Paddleboard Sprint Race

A 4-mile sprint Davis Camp to the south side of the Bullhead City Chamber of Commerce building at Community Park. Racing starts at 7.30 A.M. Expect the lead competitors to cross the finish line in about 20 minutes. Staging begins at Davis Camp at 5 a.m. Shuttles will carry contestants and their boards back to Davis Camp. Awards ceremony at Rotary Park.

Ye Gotta Regatta Party

When thousands of people meet in one place there’s gotta be a party! So, while participants assemble their floats for the big Regatta, there will be music, food, beverages and fun! Come and watch as some of the most imaginative… and outrageous!… floating vessels ever conceived take shape on the Community Park and Davis Camp shoreline.

5th Annual Bullhead City River Regatta

Started in 2006, the Bullhead City River Regatta has grown from under 1,000 participants to an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 this year!

But Wait! There’s More!!

Another recent and popular addition to the Bullhead City River Regatta is the River Home Awards! Homeowners along the Regatta route are encouraged to decorate their yards, shorefronts and docks, hold parties and cheer on the Regatta floaters! Prizes will be award to

the best decorated Regatta home on the river!

Hafta Afta Party

Saturday morning and into the afternoon, regatta floaters will land at Rotary Park’s North Beach where they will step ashore and into one, big, all-day beach party! Food, beverages (of the soft and beer kind) music and vendors of all sorts will greet floaters and landlubbers alike. Party all afternoon, then, the awards ceremony will announce the winners in the different categories: TEAMS (2-10) MEGA TEAMS (11-20), SUPER TEAMS (21 plus), BEST OVERALL DECORATED FLOAT, BEST DECORATED COMMERCIAL BUSINESS FLOAT, RIVER HOMES CONTEST! Come, celebrate the Colorado River at the 2011 Bullhead City River Regatta, August 11 -13th. Information is available online at or call: 855 YA-GOTTA Ya Gotta Regatta!!


Brian Winters 6am - 10am

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Ye Ole Morning Show

Dan-O 10am - 3pm

Mid-Days With Dan-O

Tim Andrews 3pm - 7pm

The Route 66 Block Party

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All backs nd s o m Dia Game ast a d c! ! ! o r B ive L Route 66 Rock & Roll & Goodtime Oldies • 104.9 Kingman

103.3 Traveling Along Route 66 and Hwy 40, from the Grand Canyon to Prescott Valley Page 2 – Horse ‘n Around the Mountains®

Testimonial for Equine Colic Relief M the directions. With help, I administered the preparation and began walking poor Wizzer. There were no gut sounds at the time. Wizzer was very bloated and quite painful. He kept trying to lay down while being walked and kicked toward his belly while standing. After about ten minutes there were still no gut sounds. I injected him with Banamine and continued the walking. In about five minutes the Banamine started to relieve his pain and walking him became easier. We did a fecal float and found that there was no sand present. At the thirty minute mark Wizzer's gut sounds were beginning to return. He passed gas and had a loose bowel movement. We were all elated (ever think you'd love the sight of horse poop?)! By about 10:00pm he was pain free and looking for food. Now some may say it was the Banamine, others the ECR. I leave it to you readers to decide for yourselves. Me...I will never be without Equine Colic Relief! ■


Hi Lord... We are getting older and things are getting bad here. Gas prices are too high, no jobs, food and heating costs too high. Some have taken You out of our schools, government and even Christmas, but Lord we’re asking You to come back and re-bless America. We really need You! There are more of us who want You than those who don't! Thank You Lord, We Love you.

Cerbat Hay & Feed L.L.C.

928-692-4HAY (4429) 4435 N. Bank Street • Kingman, AZ 86409

Integrity Horse

Buy 10 Anytime Get 1 FREE

HATM V2-01

y name is Rhonda Johnson. I've lived in Arizona for eight years. Prior to that I lived in California for 53 years. I've owned horses since I was twelve years old. I've worked as a licensed veterinary technician for fifteen years and have been blessed to never have a horse colic. That is until June 20, 2011. My husband and I were all packed up and ready to ride our motorcycles to Des Moines, Iowa when we got the call. The ranch owner where our horses are living called and said our 20-year old gelding was colicing. We jumped in the truck in our shorts and flip flops and headed for the ranch. It was 7:30pm and we were supposed to be leaving in about twelve hours. The horse, Wizzer, was up and being walked. The ranch owner said when he first observed him he was flat on his back with all four feet in the air and he thought he'd died. I remembered I'd just purchased some of the ECR and quickly read – Page 3

Photo Provided by Julie McNeary

This Wasn't In The Brochure Brave Flying Rodeo Cowbys


Photos provided by Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship

Dealing With A Horse That Rears

Written by Julie McNeary of the Purple Rose Ranch

know that rodeo season is in full swing and what amazes me is the fact that so many competitors fly to their rodeos, either on private planes or commercial. I'm not a good flyer. Unless you are going First Class it's like being on a cross-country bus trip, crowded, no food, uncomfortable seats and boring. Since 9-11 I've only flown a couple times, but other than the pat-down, which is the most excitement I've had in years, there are terms I hate to hear. Like, "In case of a water landing your seat cushion is a floatation device". I figure if you hit the water going 500 mph., your seat cushion becomes a suppository. Or, "This flight will terminate in L.A.". A flyer doesn't want to terminate, they want to land, arrive, be at the gate. I flew home for my Dad's funeral a long while back and hadn't been on a plane in many years. Luckily I was seated next to a woman who was flying back for her dad's funeral, so we proceeded to knock a few drinks back on the way to Chicago. After a while nature called and I had to use the restroom, now keep in mind, we were on a non-stop flight, so I went to the restroom and closed the door, noticing it was rather dimly lit. I proceeded to do my thing when the door flew open and a man stood in front of me....I guess I hadn't locked the door and all I could think of saying while siting on the throne, was "Hi, are you going to Chicago too?" Well he slammed the door, the lights went bright and I never saw him the rest of the flight. And the final thought is when flying in a thunderstorm or turbulence you become very close to the person next to you expressing that if we all get out of this alive you will have their children, but once the plane safely lands you sheepishly creep away. Promises are disolved with a safe arrival. So cowboys and airline travellers, I salute you for your bravery and tolerance as I stay on the ground. ■ ____________________ Written by Julie McNeary E-mail:

Written by Clinton Anderson


earing is a very dangerous situation for both horse and rider and if left uncorrected, is a problem that only gets worse. The key to understanding how to fix your horse’s problem is to first understand that it’s just a symptom of a cause. A horse doesn’t rear for the fun of it; he rears because he falls into one of two categories: 1) He’s hot and nervous, wants to run and is using the reactive side of his brain. To make matters worse, his rider holds onto the reins with both hands, trying to force the horse to slow down and relax. However, since the horse is a prey animal, the more you say, “Don’t go!” and try to stop him by pulling back on the reins, the more trapped and claustrophobic he feels. In his mind, the only way he can escape is by going up in the air. 2) He’s disrespectful and has sticky feet. When he doesn’t want to do something, his way of getting out of it is to run backwards or to rear up.

Gain His Respect on the Ground

Whatever the cause of rearing, it’s a clear sign of disrespect. To gain a horse’s respect, you have to move his feet forwards, backwards, left and right and reward the slightest try. If your horse is rearing, he’s telling you that you don’t truly have his respect. You need to spend more time working with him on the ground, establishing yourself as the leader. The Downunder Horsemanship Method contains over 30 groundwork exercises you can use to gain your horse’s respect and get him to use the thinking side of his brain, all of which makes him a willing partner. After working with hundreds of horses over the years, I’ve found that a week or two of consistent groundwork usually cures rearing before you get back in the saddle. Why?

Because the horse’s respect is earned on the ground by moving his feet, he’s using the thinking side of his brain and he is no longer fearful.

Safely Handle the Situation Under Saddle

If your horse is rearing because he’s hot and nervous, make sure you’re not adding to the situation by pulling back on both reins to try to stop him from moving. Remember, the more you pull back on the reins and say, “Don’t go!” the more upset and nervous the horse will get. When a horse panics and uses the reactive side of his brain, only use one rein to control him, and concentrate on getting him to use the thinking side of his brain by doing lots of changes of direction.

Get Back In Control

The best way to gain immediate control of the situation is to yield his hindquarters. When a horse crosses his back legs over one another, it takes away his balance. Without balance, the horse can’t stand on his hind legs and rear. Think of yielding the horse’s hindquarters like pushing the clutch in on a car, you’re taking the power away from the horse. Yielding the hindquarters also gets the horse to stop thinking about being disrespectful or fearful and makes him concentrate on where he’s placing his feet.

Get Those Feet Moving

When a horse rears because he has sticky feet and doesn’t want to go forward, it’s a lack of control on the rider’s part. You first need to get control of the horse on the ground and then practice basic impulsion exercises like the Cruising Lesson to teach the horse to respond to your cues and to be responsible for maintaining the gait you set him in. When you gently squeeze his sides with the calves of your legs, he should immediately move forward.

Do the Opposite of What He Wants To Do If your horse is rearing because he doesn’t want to go somewhere, use a little reverse psychology on him. Don’t think, “How can I make the horse move?” Think, “How can I make it uncomfortable for him not to go the direction that I want?” You’ll do that by working the horse hard wherever he wants to be and letting him rest and relax where he doesn’t want to be. For example, if the horse tries to rear up when you go to ride him away from the barn, work him hard at the barn. Using one rein to direct him, hustle his feet. You can do a lot of serpentines by bending the horse with your left hand and left leg, or going the opposite way, your right hand and right leg. Rollbacks, cantering the horse off, bringing him to a stop and rolling him over his hocks to change directions are also a great exercise in this situation. But in reality, it doesn’t really matter how you move the horse as long as you hustle his feet and are constantly changing directions. The more times a horse changes directions, the more he has to think and pay attention to you.

Build a Solid Foundation

Plain and simple, a horse that constantly rears is a horse with a lack of foundation. You need to establish better basics and prove to your horse that you’re a capable leader. You can do that by working on fundamental groundwork and riding exercises. Once you get your horse using the thinking side of his brain and earn his respect, you’ll find that the problem will fix itself. ■ ____________________ Written by Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship

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Training Tips

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Groundwork Ensures A Safe & Hassle-Free Ride


f your horse is fresh, disrespectful, and has a bad attitude on the ground, guess what heʼll be like under saddle? Worse! Get all of the kinks out of your horse on the ground, so that when you get on, you wonʼt run into problems. All the problems a horse can have come from two causes: a lack of respect or fear (or both). By following my groundwork program, you address both causes: the sensitizing exercises earn respect from the horse and the desensitizing exercises eliminate the fear. By

eliminating those causes on the ground, it prevents you from having to deal with them under saddle. Any trouble you run into when you ride is usually proof of lack of preparation on the ground. ■ ____________________

Written by Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship

Have Fun But Keep it Safe HORSEBACK ADVENTURES Get Ready to Show Your Horse


Route 66

Hualapai Mountains




i Mt n.

In the Cool Hualapai Mountains Kingman, Arizona

Stockton Hill Rd.

and manes and tails groomed correctly. There are ways to do things to make yourself look professional. There are show ring manners to learn for being in the ring. These are things that can cause danger to horses and riders if not followed. Keeping your horse at least two horse lengths from another horse for both in hand classes and riding classes. When passing horses in the ring to allow two horse lengths so you do not cut someone off. If your horse kicks, mark your horse by tying a red ribbon to its tail as a warning. There are many things to learn that will help you have a safe Photo provided by Mary Iozzo Mary Iozzo & Peaches and fun experience at a show. It is a good idea to find someone that knows the rules, proper equipment, and corWritten by rect grooming techniques. If you need help Mary H. Iozzo – Iozzo Shoeing and want to have some lessons feel free to call. We can help you work through the probhis month is time to start working horses lems. ■ if you are going to show at the fair. This is a time to work them and get them fit and ____________________ to work out any training problems. We have Mary Iozzo – Iozzo Shoeing five people coming to our home, either to Horse Shoeing • Riding Lessons • Horse Training 928-727-4881 have their horses trained, themselves or both. Email: We work on Western pleasure, showmanship, halter, trail, and western equitation. It is so much fun to watch someone take their horse to a show and do really well at showing for the first time. Showing builds confidence and self esteem really well for a novice rider. You learn what fit is and how it looks. Grooming is another aspect to showing that is so very important. The first impression is the most important one you will make. The horse must be clean, clipped Photo provided by Mary Iozzo

Andy Devine

Come take an adventure of a lifetime. Located in the Hualapai Mountain Park 12 miles from Kingman. Ride Horseback on guided trail rides and pack trips in the cool beautiful pines.

1 or 2 Hour Rides, 1/2 Day Rides, Full Day Rides, Wagon Rides, & Overnight Trips All ages and experience levels welcome! Children must be accompanied by an adult

CALL NOW FOR RESERVATIONS 928-681-6851 OR 928-530-6350 7 Days a week

Lara Iozzo showing at the fair

Marley, Diary of a Wild Horse

Days 11 Through 13 of a 90 Day Journey of Training and Trust Building With A Wild American Mustang Written by Lauren Kolker Day 11 - A Day of (unplanned) Rest No training blog today unfortunately. Last night I started to come down with the flu that Mike has had the last couple of days. When I woke up this morning with a fever and massive body aches, I knew we wouldn't be doing any training sessions today. At about 1:00 Mike was able to drag me out of bed and we went to let Marley out into the arena and clean his pen. He also ate almost an entire bag of carrots because I felt so bad that we couldn't stay long. The good news is that we are both feeling better as the day goes on, and I'm bound and determined to get out and do some training tomorrow. Stay tuned, and to keep you from being completely disappointed in this post, here is a photo time-line of the first 10 days. Day 12 - Another day lost Another day lost to being ill and terrible wind. Marley was still happy to see me and ate some carrots in a mini training demonstration for friends, though I'm really hoping we can ride tomorrow. On a side note, I think he is the only horse at the barn who doesn't care about the wind. Everyone else was huddled in their shelters while Marley was standing in the middle of his pen exposed to the elements playing in his water trough. I love that silly horse. Day 13 - Back to Basics Finally a day of training! I feel like I took a week off, I absolutely hate not getting anything done. In addition to me feeling well enough to actually make it out to work with

Marley, the gale force wind had also died down to a tolerable breeze with occasional gusts. I was feeling optimistic about riding and showed up at Marley's stall with a game plan and a laundry list of things to accomplish, until of course reality hit me. I was not the only one who had taken two days off (three including our day of running around the large arena playing together). While Marley was happy to see me and greeted me as usual, the minute I put the halter on, I knew we were in for a review session. Today was an opposite day for Marley. Everything he has been trained to do, he did the opposite! -Put your head down for the halter"Nope, I will lift it so high you couldn't dream of reaching me" -Lead at a reasonable distance- "Nope, I'll either stand on top of you or refuse to go anywhere at all". -Act as though you've seen that truck a hundred times- "No thanks, I think I will dance around nervously so I'm ready in case it decides to attack me". We were getting nowhere quick, and I had to laugh and realize that I had unrealistic expectations for a horse who has had 10 days of training and 2 days off, so we walked back to his stall and started all over. First I worked with haltering. Marley is happy to follow me, so catching him is not a big deal. The issue is that I'm 5'3" with shoes on and I'm not about to climb up a fence to halter my horse. He has already been trained (and was great at it too!) to lower his head and put his nose into the halter. I started with short approximations towards the end goal to get Marley interested again and understanding what my expectations were for him. He quickly remembered, but I still worked on the behavior until it was solid again. Now, for this new found leading issue. The great part about Marley's pen is that

it is really big, and I can do a lot of ground training without even leaving his area. I started with pressure and release work just as I had on day 1. If I put pressure on him, and he gives, then I release the pressure. I moved him right, left, forward, and backward over and over and in no particular order until he was back to responding to me the way he was before I got sick. Unlike day 1, I used the clicker for this as he responds really quickly to it and understands what it means. I also think it keeps him interested and participating rather than resisting, so we ended on a very positive note. Ok, next. Now, it was a very quiet day out at the barn. Marley is used to girls running around on their horses with flags flying and cars driving by and people shouting, etc. One would think that on a quiet day like today, a parked truck that has not moved since before Marley

even arrived at the barn would not be an issue. Well, that person has never met a horse. For whatever reason, the parked truck was terrifying... or he had to just pick something to be terrified about... in any case, we spent another half an hour walking around it, standing next to it, walking to the other side of the property and then returning to the truck only to find that it's evil powers had returned, so on and so forth. Finally, he ate some hay out of the back of it while I stood in the bed and rubbed him on the neck and back, and he was over it. ■ ____________________ Be sure to watch for the continuing story of “Marley, Dairy of a Wild Horse” in our next issue of Horse ‘n Around the Mountains – Page 5

Dream Horse or Night Mare? Pre-Purchase Exams


n today’s automated world of computer shopping you can buy just about anything, including horses. The World Wide Web has expanded the parameters of horse buying and selling exponentially over the past several years. When life was simpler, in the pre-internet, blog, Facebook, cell phone, twitter and tweet days, we used to be more apt to buy a horse locally from someone in our own horse community. We could take a drive out to where the horse was being kept, look the horse over, watch the owner ride the horse, perhaps take him for a test ride and have a pre-purchase exam done by a local veterinarian. We can still do that of course, but the internet has allowed us to consider that buttermilk Buckskin mare back in Wisconsin who was oh soo pretty and sounded perfect on, or maybe that nice yearling paint thoroughbred colt on back in Oregon who happens to be the most eye catching color you’ve ever seen in your life and has an incredible blood line on both sides to boot! Why, you’ve seen the pictures and U-tube video and the owners have nothing but glowing commentary on their steeds. They would even do payments just to make sure you purchase their horse, maybe throw in the saddle and bridle as an extra added bonus. What more could you want? Unfortunately in the economy we exist in

today, people will say or do just about anything to get out from under the financial burden of a horse. People food trumps horse food when the financial situation becomes dire and the price of hay goes through the roof. More often than not, some people are just plain greedy, predatory sellers. These folks sell horses with pre-existing conditions but fail to disclose them. Whatever the reason for misrepresenting a horse, “Buyer beware” doesn’t offer much solace for someone who has been victimized by such a seller. The buyer of the horse needs to be extremely proactive in his or her quest to find the right horse. Even if the horse lives a thousand miles or more away, finding a reputable veterinarian in that area to do a pre-purchase exam isn’t that difficult (because the internet makes shopping so easy, remember?) Also, your local veterinarian may be able research that for you. Remember, a pre-purchase exam is tailor made to what the horse is going to be used for. For example, A pleasure horse to ride a couple of times a week with your buddies would be examined differently than a potential performance horse who may be routinely doing sliding stops or jumping tall fences. Deciding what should be included in the exam requires good communication between the buyer and the vet. Another consideration is to find a professional trainer/agent in your discipline in the prospective horse’s area to ride the horse for you and give you a report if you are not

ALONG THE WAY... with Pastor Roger Gorham


Conclusions and Zip Codes

have never been one to just trust someone to do for me. When I did I was usually disappointed. It's not that I'm so hard to please nor that I have unreasonable expectations, it's just that I hate disappointments and folks doin' for you many times don't satisfy. I don't even trust Wal Mart to change my oil, I do it myself. I came to the conclusion years ago that there must be a God. I've been through tornadoes and seen bombs go off, and never was anything created from that chaos. I figure somethin' a whole lot smarter than me created this stuff and that the Creator must have a plan. What good is a plan if there is no revealing of that plan and its goal? I looked at a lot of stuff to find answers and came to


! d l o S

Light brown with oak leaf tooling. Padded black roughout seat. 8”gullet. Matching head stall, reins and breast strap. Leather covered stirrups. Gently used. Asking $250. Call 928-530-1373 Kgmn

the conclusion that God is who He says He is in the Book He says He wrote and gave to us. I figured out that there is an eternity as described in His Book. Looks like there is just two zip codes there, one for Heaven and one for hell. Just like I wouldn't trust Wal Mart to change my oil, though they are most likely good folks, I sure wouldn't trust someone's opinion about how to make sure of the good zip code in eternity. In His Book in Jeremiah 29:11-14 it says God has a plan for your life and if you want to know it and look for it with an open mind and a true heart, He will show you. That's my conclusion about zip codes, Along The Way....

able to do it yourself. If you are a less experienced horseperson, this is often times invaluable because it is easy to make the mistake of “over horsing” yourself, that is, buying a horse who is too young and needs a lot of training or is too spunky, or both. After all, what we really want is to be safe and have fun with a horse that can be a realistic partner. Being afraid to go for a ride, “white knuckle“ riding, or having a wreck doesn’t fit that description. Don’t be in a big hurry to buy the first horse you see online or down the road from your house. Remember, the cost of the horse isn’t the cost of the horse especially if it is free or almost free. Please don’t hesitate to hire a local veterinarian and professional trainer to help you paint a realistic portrait of your potential “dream horse” before you get sold a pretty picture and taken for a ride! Be sure to check out Bob Avila and Sue Copeland’s book. Be a Smart Horse Buyer ( and the AQHA resource 4aHORSE via their website ■ ____________________

Two Feet, Inc.



Better Performance for You and Your Horse!

% of f



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For More Information on Equine Massage or to Schedule an Appointment, call KIMI LOCKE at:

702-419-7668 or email

Equine massage is not veterinary medicine. It is advised that you always consult with your veterinarian for injuries prior to equine massage.


Karen Babcock, Karen Babcock Horsemanship CHA Certified Professional Instructor Golden Valley, AZ. 928-377-0705

Say You Read it in Horse ‘n Around The Mountains

Smooth silver mounted black leather with tooled margins. Padded roughout seat. Leather covered stirrups. Silver mounted matching head stall, reins and breast strap. Very flashy. Only used twice. Asking $400. Call (928) 530-1373 Kgmn

Horse Boarding by the Day, Week or Month Barn Protected Stalls w/Outdoor Access Large paddocks for grazing Fresh Bedding/Mucking twice a day

The Shifty Jack Ranch, Ash Fork 928 637-9970

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A s k in g

Help Save Abused Horses on July 23rd Wikieup AZ 928-897-6555 – Page 7

Hoof Beats

Last Chance for This Sanctuary Written by Andrea Smith


hile Suzane Sommers is sitting on a talk showing promoting her book on how women can be sexier, I was stiting at my laptop trying to figure out what I could possibly write to correct an error and to promote the cause of an incredible woman who has donated her life to providing permenant homes to special needs animals. In a previous issue of the Standard, I wrote about The Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary, located not too far from the Kingman city limits. In doing so, I broke one of the most important rules of journalism: I got personally involved. Go figure, another animal lover, particularly one who loves dogs getting personally involved in this story. I too, have spent what seems to be a lifetime saving animals and many of mine have their own horror stories to tell as well. But what is so different about this sanctuary is that the animals have a "forever home" with an arch angel of mercy named Annie Burson, 54, who, after having a heart attack two years ago, is still keeping the ranch afloat...barely. While doing the story, Annie and I spent a lot of time on the phone talking about her work at the sanctuary.

The struggles, the animals, and one dog in particular that yanked at my heartstrings. I was so caught up in Hendrix, the heroic wheelchair dog, that in our conversation I jotted down notes about "bait dog" next to his notes.I somehow, inadvertently included this information about bait dogs with Hendrix. Hendrix, was not the bait dog. Milo is. His leg that was broken in three places was amputated. He was rescued from a shelter a day before he was to be euthanized. A host of volunteers were responsible for his survival as well as the anonymous donor who paid for his surgery. Nonetheless, this snafu in my note taking should not take anything away from the extraordinary work that is done at this sanctuary. In sharing her story with me, I tried to imagine all the countless hours and tireless days that Annie has spent providing the best care for these animals. It is nothing more than miraculous because Annie has her own survival story. It is one of courage and faith that she hopes will get her through the hard days ahead. She too, is looking for miracle volunteers, who can help with the animals. She cannot leave the animals alone to even come to town. Hay and feed for the animals as well as supplies, sponsors and donations to help pay

for veterinarian care and unexpected expenses for the animals is needed in addition to her working with the animals, she worked in Vegas, and commuted for many years and made a good income until her job ended. Her mother pasted away and she cannot leave the animals to go to work. She is desperately trying to hold onto the dream she built. She is a prolific artist of water colors. She paints dogs and animals. I've seen her work. It is beautiful. If she could paint enough portraits it would help feed the animals. If she had sponsors and events she could pay the mortgage every month. It is not a lot. It is a lot if you don't have it. I told her that I know that the good people of Mohave County have big hearts. I see it all the time in the news with generous donors and organizations. I see car washes and bake sales and merchants all kicking in for good causes. When it comes to helping they will open their hearts and purse strings! We take care of our own, I told her. If a church could find volunteers who are good and decent who can go to the sanctuary to help or a caregiver who could stay there. If everybody could pull

together and buy a bale of hay or donate five or ten dollars. Or clubs like the girl scouts or glee clubs or anyone could put together fundraisers like car washes or bake sales it would help with so many of the expenses. Or if there are merchants who want to sponsor the ranch or businesses who want to donate money to help pay for vet bills and additional expenses, it is non-profit and a good tax write off! I'm going to do my part. I'm going to get involved. Please help. You can call me @ 928 7883196, or go to the website at: ■ ____________________

Andrea Smith is a freelance writer in Mohave County and contributer to Horse ‘n' Around The Mountains. She is the owner and Director of the Tri-State Therapeutic Riding Facility in Mohave Valley and Kingman.

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All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, mitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parent in legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our Readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll free at 1-800-669-9777. This toll-free number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

Dr. and Mrs. McGerty have been taking lessons at A-Schuerr-Thing Horse Training and Riding Lessons for almost 1 year. The horses came to me very flighty and now are great equine partners. The McGerty’s have done a great job learning how to get comfortable and enjoy the horses that they have raised since 5 months of age. Horsemanship is the key to training and the McGerty’s are learning “feel and timing” when asking the horses to work. All the hard work has paid off and the McGerty’s are looking forward to their goal of taking their boys on the trail. “Hutch” is also learning to jump in 4-H shows and he loves it. “Denny” is very athletic and will be a great all around horse. Keep up the great work everyone!!

We take care of your horse from hoof to halter...

RIDING LESSONS • TRAINING • SHOEING Iozzo’s Horseshoeing of Golden Valley Arizona

We’ll help you with all aspects of horsemanship, from taking care of their feet to riding in the show ring. You’ll learn the safest and most responsible way of caring for, and riding your horse. Specialized training for the rider or horse that needs to build more confidence in their riding abilities. For the last 10 years riding students and their horses have placed at horse shows. References are available upon request.

Lara Iozzo Horseshoeing 2010 928-715-4416 M o h a v e Lessons & Training C oWuenst yt eFr na i r 928-727-4881 E q u i t a t i o n Grand Champion

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Classified Connection GENTLE HORSES NEEDED!!! for Trail Rides Please call Jimi or Donna at 928-422-4842 evenings.

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65th Annual Mohave County


Entry Forms Due By August 19th SOMETHING




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September 15 - 18, 2011 For More Information Go To

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Horse 'n Around the Mountains July/August 2011  

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