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Sep/Oct 2012 – Vol 3 Issue 03




Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort, in Laughlin, Nevada. Riverside Amphitheater ♦

2012 Fall Concert Series

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Arizona Lost An Angel


My Story by Julie McNeary

n August 19, 2012, I watched the news and was shocked by the report that my back surgeon, Dr. Nathan Avery (45) died in an accident at Lake Powell while camping with friends.  I immediately began to cry remembering what this wonderful man did for me. I’ve always had some sort of back pain, but when it got really bad I was told to go to a “famous” surgeon in Las Vegas.  I did, he evaluated me with a sort of arrogance that I accepted because of the pain.  He operated and all I can say is he had the bedside manner of a werewolf. and months later I was still in horrible pain and rejected by him for my complaints.  Long story short, for two more years I was on Vicodin, Cortisone shots, whatever I could get to keep me going so I could take care of my horses and my retirement ranch.  People who knew me through those times never saw me off drugs, I needed them to survive.  I was at the end of my rope when a local Kingman Dr. told me about Dr. Avery in Flagstaff  I took him my X-rays and medical reports and he stated that the surgery I had should not have been done, that my back needed to be fused.  Now more aggravated than before and scared of even more pain I told him I trusted him, but I also told him that if he could not fix me to make a mistake on the table so I would not wake up.  I couldn’t live like this anymore.  Finally living my dream, having horses and being unable to enjoy life. He even called me at home and reassured me that he would fix it.    So I went into surgery, woke up at 2AM to find him sitting next to my bed.  I was in no pain and asked him what he was doing there at that hour, he said he had to come in because a child had fallen and needed brain surgery.  He asked how I was and


said goodnight. My roommate was a Navajo woman who had a similar surgery but she was in worse shape, because of her religion they had to take the bone chips for her spine from her hip. Use her own body, so she was in more pain.  Me?  I had cadaver parts holding my back together with the titanium, and the next morning I was walking stairs in the hall and in no real pain.  I saw him once before I was released and recuperated at a cousin’s house in Prescott Valley and wore a corset  which I decorated with the words “Back Fusion” and flowers on it, so people wouldn’t wonder why I was wearing a corset.  After a week I went home to Kingman and continued to heal and also suffer the withdrawal from the Vicodin I had been on for two years.  Dr. Avery flew a plane and for my last appointment with him I met him in Prescott at his airport office.  He gave me the okay to do what I wanted.  I asked him about me riding horses, getting bucked around and every other thing a woman my age should not be doing and he laughed and said “If you are able to damage the titanium brace I put in your back, you will really impress me”.  I hugged him, left, but he never left my mind and heart for saving my life.   I wrote this because I know there must be hundreds, if not thousands of people out there that he helped and I know God has a good place for him in heaven.  Thank you to his family for sharing him with the world. Every time I ride my horse I thank him because he saved my life as I wanted to live it.   ■ ____________________ Written by Julie McNeary of the Purple Rose Ranch E-mail:

The Pink Lone Ranger

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Lake Havasu’s Matt Farris, signed recording artist from Nashville, is coming to perform both nights. Briana Payne of Old Trails Feed & Western Store in Yucca, will be singing a few songs with him on Saturday night the 29th. We will have drink specials and country music all weekend and lots of fun times.


4400 Stockton Hill Rd • Kingman, AZ 86401 (928) 757-3526

Put some pep in his step with a


Written by John Peter Sparacino Kingman Arizona

928-692-4HAY 4435 N. Bank Street • Kingman, AZ 86409


looked like a Hollywood set, to see the Lone Ranger. Out of the Golden Nugget Saloon, another town restaurant at the end of the dirt street where we held the gunfights, came the Lone Ranger dressed just like the television character with complete outfit and mask over his eyes. But there was just one little flaw. Joe’s wife had washed his uniform just prior to his reenactment, with something red in the wash. It was the “Pink Lone Ranger” wearing his six guns who came marching down the street. I couldn’t help but to crack up laughing that made the others laugh, even my brother as he continued playing the part. He knew his outfit had been damaged but the “Show must go on” was our motto. Till this day, tears roll down my face from laughter every time I remember that event, and tell it to others. So excuse me please, I have to go dry my eyes. ■ ____________________

Cerbat Hay & Feed


n the last edition of this entertaining newspaper, a personal story was published about an unusual experience I had at Frontier Town. It was about how I got run over by a Wells Fargo stage coach and survived the accident. I hope everyone enjoyed it! Well as I was thinking back to that time, I couldn’t help but to think how my older brother Joe, the real cowboy of our family, brought a laugh to everyone in that cowboy theme amusement park. During one of his reenactments of the Lone Ranger, Joe was the main attraction of cowboy’s as was his friend and counterpart a famous Indian, Chief Redbird. This one day I was leaning on a bar with some other cowboy actors, who where also wearing their six-guns inside the Dirty Dog Saloon, a hotdog restaurant. Suddenly over the PA system an announcement was heard, that the Lone Ranger has come to town, and was looking for a bad guy who had just robbed a bank. We all found our way to the wooden sidewalk as did some 1000 customers in the western theme park town, that

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Weed Eaters III


Photos provided by Robert Eldorado

ello readers! Last issue we covered a few different options for clearing your properties of weeds and brush.  We EQUINE & ALL THINGS COUNTRY NEWSPAPER

Horse Horse ‘n ‘n Around Around the Mountains the Mountains

Mohave County is Our Region • Arizona is Our Reach





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talked alittle about two of my favorites, Burros and Barbados sheep, with the promise that this issue we would start talking about Pigmy Goats, and also Nubien and Boar Goats. First off, I need to let you know that right now, while it is still late summer, is the time to buy! The goat market is down right now and prices will go up in the Fall.  And that's why we are going to talk about what you really need for the job.  Now assuming that all you really want is a weed eater/pet you don't need to go crazy and spend alot of money.  I had a guy call me about some purebreds that I am selling for $160 each.  I asked what he had in mind and he said he needed some weedeaters.  Unless your planning on doing some breeding and maybe selling the babies for some extra cash, you don't need expensive animals to eat your weeds.  This time of year you should be able to find some common goats for around $30 to $75 each. Some people like buying younger goats to make better pets of them, but young and old all will eat your weeds. There are many pigmy goat mixes out there that are not a high dollar item. I have a small herd of them myself and they are a friendly breed. Another thing I'd like to cover is about the goats horns.  Many people like to dehorn

them while very young because they may be showing them, or maybe so they don't poke their kids eyes out. You should consider leaving the horns, besides for protection, they also are part of the goats cooling system, and hello! We do live in Arizona. The Pigmy goats are really a great all around pet/weedeater.  Per their name they generally stay pretty small, are black or white or both, with brown eyes and small perky ears.  There are several goats that are in the same category like the blue eyed nigerians, and when you get into these goats there are lots of mixes.  It does not matter, they are good pets, they will do the job and eat your property clean.  And best of all they are not expensive, these goats can be had at a very reasonable price. If you’re thinking on picking up some cash and allowing your weedeaters to breed there is a pretty popular goat in this area called a Nubian.  They are a popular milk goat and with everyone wanting to go off the grid they can produce there own drinking milk, cheese, soap, lotion and more.  Thats not to say you have to do all these things but know that this is the market you'll be selling to.  Your babies will sell from $60 on up.  And the best part is right now with the goat market so low

you can probably pay that for a nice adult. In the next issue we will talk about breeding your weedeaters. Another popular goat to breed and sell is the Boar goat, usually purchased as a meat goat because they tend to carry more meat on the bone, they are fat!  They will make great weedeaters because they live to eat to become fat.  And the babies can get kind of pricey, say $70 and up.  In the next issue we can talk about what to look for when buying your breeding adults.  When talking about the boar goat the wether is the top dollar maker, because of his heft.  Females will be purchased more for breeders than meat. I hope you'll all remember we are in AZ and since our weather is special these animals need a lot of water, and actually need a shelter with sides on it.  Next issue will be about breeding and some tips on how and what to buy.  If you can't wait you can reach me at  See ya next month! ■ ____________________ Written by Robert Eldorado Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions you can contact me at (928)897-6555









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Real Estate Junction along with 3 air compressor stations. Lots of concrete slabs and sidewalks around the house. A 12 x 12 ft. concrete horse washing station with 1,000 gal water tank, lunging round pen, tack shed, with several security dusk to dawn lights for night riding and training, and a professional monitored security & surveillance camera system for night viewing. Completely fenced & set up for boarding 12 plus horses. The boarding is $125.00 a month per horse which includes feed & water. The 2 lots are deeded separately. Plenty of room to build a new house on the other 2.35 acre lot that’s already cleared, leveled & fenced plus you can add more stalls for additional boarding. Also it’s set up for raising cattle & pigs with several corrals. Ranch equipment goes with property. Presently under contract with Realtor Becky Hooper Listed at $79,000 (No Terms) + Pre-Banking Qualifying Required. (928) 565-2467

JUST LISTED 4.70 ACRE WORKING HORSE RANCH just 7/10 of a mile from Hwy 68 (Estrella Exit) on the North side in Golden Valley, AZ. A single wide 820 sq. ft. mobile home completely furnished with nice furniture, plus an office addition, with fireplace, small pool & 2 place Jacuzzi with all new appliances which includes 2 kitchen refrigerators, glass top electric stove, washer & dryer, 2 meat freezers upright & chest. Over 35 entrance & corral gates on property along with 13 buildings, and a 24 x 4 ft. concrete slab & work shop area. Shop area has electrical 110 x 220 volts for welding

NOT FAR FROM NEW WINERY! Mt. Vista Ranches/Valle Vista Area What a great opportunity to own your own ranch! 3 parcels to choose from - 5 acres ea...OR buy all three for a total of 15 acres. BRING US AN OFFER seller anxious!! Call Sandy Hubka 928-753-1200 Realty Executives Mohave 10 ACRE BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY FOR SALE JUST 5 MILES NORTH OF I-40 and only 5 miles before Ashfork. AZ off exit #139 Crookton Road. Good dirt road heading back to property. Elevation is 5150 feet. It’s totally secluded with a new bull dozed private driveway over 3/10 mile long back to property. Property is covered with large trees. This property has been surveyed and has all the steel stamped corner pins in ground. This whole area is Off Grid living using Solar, Wind Turbine and Generators. Property has a Base Camp set-up with a trailer, Solar System,

Looking for horse Property, a home or vacant land? I can help you find it!


2331 Hualapai Mt Rd Ste F, Kingman Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

T 928-727-3564 •• 928-718-0100 928-727-3564 928-718-0100 12 3

585,000 585,000


3093 sq.ft. home on 38 acres. Custom home with 20’x40’ pool, 8’x8’ spa. Private location with miles of panoramic views. Call Ann @ Re/Max Prestige Properties. (928)727-3564

274,999 274,999

$ $$

Located on 10 acres in Cedar Hills Ranches, two story, 5,533 sq.ft. home, w/4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Call Ann @ Re/Max Prestige Properties (928)727-3564

“WOW” PROPERTY AT A “WOW” PRICE! Like new 3 br, 2 ba, immaculate manufactured home, approx. 1100+/- sq. ft. Wood burning fireplace, utility room, all new appliances, plus new F.A.G. furnace. Skylight in kitchen, ceiling fans, Large 12’ x 32’ covered deck with awe-

some views. Carport/shed, circular drive & perimeter fenced, electric, phone, septic, satellite TV, comes completely furnished! Unbelievable price of $54,900. None better! Corner 1+ acre ‘lot’ abutting ranch lands. (OMC) Call 928-637-2675 Jakes Old West Properties PRIME GETAWAY OR PERMANENT RESIDENCE 2+/- ACRES fenced, septic, water system, building pad, circular drive, power available, mountain views. In foot hills West of Seligman. Easy access & owner will carry. Only $14,900 Call 928-637-2675 Jakes Old West Properties

BEAUTIFUL RANCHETTE ON 10+/ACRES: 2,200+/- sq. ft. custom stick-built home. 3 br, 2 ba + addl. in-law quarters, lg country kit., dining rm, living rm w/woodburning fp. 36’x 5 metal bldg w/work shop, 4+ car capacity. (2) septics, water system, satellite sys & lg 1,3890 watt solar tracking sys + 20KW generator pickup. Perimeter fencing. Very special mountain setting, with lots of tress & vista views. Will trade. Price reduced to $150,000. May Short Sell?! Call 928-637-2675 Jakes Old West Properties 40+/- MOUNTAIN ACRES Primitive access. $12,000. Need we say more?! (Ash Fork) Call 928-637-2675 Jakes Old West Properties

• HORSE PROPERTIES • HORSE PROPERTIES • HORSE PROPERTIES • 3025 MALIBU IN WALNUT CREEK ESTATES PRICE REDUCTION • $145,000 VERY MOTIVATED SELLERS! Beautiful 3000 sq. ft. Triple wide with 3 car garage and 50 ft. drive through RV garage! Gorgeous large landscaped front and back yards on 1 acre of horse property! This gorgeous home features a covered back patio, large master suite with dual vanities, garden tub & separate shower, fully fenced, tile, carpet, and wood flooring, 2 heating and 2 cooling units, wood burning fireplace, large kitchen with pantry, cabinets galore, breakfast bar and island!! There’s much more just too many extras to list!! Call today!! 5080 W. OATMAN HWY • $134,900 HUGE approx 3500 sq ft factory built w/ 2 additions on beautiful Oatman Hwy on 2.55 acres. Four bedrooms & 2 other rooms that could be an office or 5th & 6th bdrm. Separate laundry room, carport, 2 covered patios to enjoy the sunrises & sunsets over the beautiful mtns. There is also a LARGE AZ/bonus room with plenty of room to spare! 7 wall AC/ Heating units, 2 evaporative coolers, & sheds for extra storage. New jet water pump & holding tank, with 2-2500 gal storage tanks. Fully fenced with enclosed backyard fence Call today!!.

7835 W. ABRIGO DR. • $129,000 Beautiful 4 bedroom home with 3 full baths (1 Jack & Jill). Huge master suite with garden tub. Large kitchen - Lots of storage. French doors to outdoor patio. Formal living room AND large family room. Exterior is stucco. Detached oversized 2 car garage. Home on 2.21 fenced corner parcel with fruit trees. Too much to list! Let’s go see it! Call today!!

6692 W. SHIPP DR. • $54,000 Great property in Golden Valley includes extra lot. Both lots immaculate! Many great possibilities with this property! Property on paved road with city water!! HURRY AND DON’T MISS THIS ONE! OWNER MAY CARRY!!! Call today!!

Call Your Executive Expert

Sandy Hubka 928-753-1200 Today!! Realty Executives Mohave 2404 Stockton Hill Rd, Ste. F, Kingman, AZ 86401



Porta Jonny, and a 400 gallon water hauling trailer. This is a great vacation weekend get-away, or permanent living area. This area has several large permanent homes with livestock. No Homeowners Association! The wildlife is loaded with Deer, Elk, Antelope and Jack Rabbits. Property is worth $20,000 and will consider trading for a clean well kept Motor Home, 4x4 Truck Camper, 4x4 Truck, or Jeep Wrangler, of equal value, or will sell for Cash $15,000. FIRM! No Payments. Only people ready to immediately buy need to respond. 928/565-2467






All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, mitigation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination.” Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parent in legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our Readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll free at 1-800-669-9777. This toll-free number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275.

LaKota - Against All Odds!

aKota came to Annie during the 1996 Bureau of Land Management round-up of wild horses in Nevada. She was one of the sickest foals there, and Annie could not bear the thought of a young, defenseless, and ill baby horse being euthanized, so she adopted her. Kota had severe diarrhea, a huge umbilical hernia, and an ulcerated eye – injuries that likely came from being birthed on the run during the round-up. It took 6 months for the diarrhea to clear up. She barely gained any weight.   The hernia could not be repaired because she was not strong enough to undergo the operation. Annie pressed the hernia back up into the right position, 3 times a day, every day for a year, so that the muscles and tissues could gradually grow around it and protect it. Finally Kota began to grow and was able to enjoy life. When Kota was about 3 years old, she

trotted a few steps one day, and then couldn’t put weight on her leg. She had broken the second digit in her leg. You know what usually happens to horses with a broken leg. But Annie wouldn’t hear of it, so Kota had surgery to put in a screw to repair the leg. The vet told Annie that if Kota was able to accept the cast, then she could have 5 good years before they might have to freeze the joint before onset of ring bone. Kota did accept the cast! After the cast came off, she needed a special shoe with a bar

to support the hoof, with an adjustment every other week to gradually lower the bar until the hoof could be in its normal position. But an error on the part of the farrier caused the screw to break, so after 3 months of recovery, Kota was back to square one. Annie took matters into her own hands at that point, and worked intensively with Kota to help her heal – leg wraps 12 hours on, then 12 hours off. Leg soaks three times a day. Every day! And a long regime of anti-inflammatories. It took a whole

year of this TLC for Kota to recover. Kota just turned 16, she has full range of her leg, and is just now showing signs of ring bone (13 years later). Looks like she beat all the odds! If you would like to be an Angel Sponsor for LaKota, she would be honored! ■ ____________________

Written by Annie of Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary P.O. Box 6763 • Kingman, AZ 86402 From your PayPal Account or Phone app: – Page 5

Page 6 – Horse ‘n Around the Mountains®

This Wasn’t in the Brochure Getting Old Isn't For Sissys


Photo Provided by Julie McNeary

hen we get up on the ranch in the morning, two things have to be done immediately. 1.  Get a cup of coffee and 2. Take our medications.  What we have to take to get going explains the meaning, "Modern Living Through Chemisty".  I counted my pills, 12 different medications!  And that's just the AM batch, I think I have 7 more I take at night.  I thought if I ever wanted to leave this earth all I have to do is stop taking my pills.  I hate going to the Dr. and filling out forms.  There is never enough room for my surgeries and medications.  So I finally typed up a sheet, copied it and just hand it over or I attached it to the paperwork I have to fill out.  I keep one in my wallet, my car, and in my files.  I made my husband do the same thing. He said he didn't need it because he has a photographic memory.  But I find that

most of the time he's out of film. Then when going on a trip, God forbid!  You don't care about clothes, you have to count out your pills and separate them and count the days you'll need them and hope you don't get busted for not having the bottles with because that would take another entire suitcase.  There have been times I got things mixed and took my PM pills in the AM and barely made it through the day in an upright position.  I don't like having blood pressure meds, (more than I can count) taking daily baby aspirin, thryroid pills, arthritis pills, muscle relaxers, and of course vitamins to keep me going.  Horses have it easy.  They get wormed every 6 weeks in the form of tasty pellets, they get shots twice a year. The Seniors get yummy Sr. Mix which smells like molasses.  And they don't have to carry prescriptions with them. Oh, once in a while they get colic, which normally can be solved with mineral oil and walking.  WE have to take laxatives and stay close to the restroom.  I think in the next life I'm going to come back as a horse, so I can just stick my head in a feed bucket twice a day and stay upright.  Yeah, that's the ticket! ■ ____________________ Written by Julie McNeary of the Purple Rose Ranch E-mail:

HELP FEED ~ Rescued Horses ~

Donate your old refrigerators, washing machines, anything metal! We will come haul away all your scrap metal and turn around and buy much needed hay to feed these animals. Old steel pipes, vehicles, aluminum anything, old electrical wiring, old sinks or plumbing, it can all be sorted and turned into hay. Give us a call at 928 897-6555 and we’ll make arrangements to come haul it away. Tax Deductions Available

3745 US Hwy 93 Golden Valley, AZ 86413




#10 Handicap - over and under- 1.5 sec

There’s Always Something Happening at Castle Rock Bar & Grill THURSDAYS THURSDAYS

3 Well Drinks $ 00

5:00 to 9:00 FRIDAYS FRIDAYS All You Can Eat

3 3

00 00 00 OFF OFF OFF

(Will announce a jackpot roping following the roping)

BOOKS - open at 8 am, rope at 9 am

3 r 2 fo

$ $$

October 13th Team Roping Event 1.5 sec added to time for each number over 1.5 sec taken off time for each number under

$45 /roper/3 partners (pick, 1 draw 2 or draw all 3) 3 Steer Enter 3 times for a total of 9 runs

Bake Sale- at all events

Lots of homemade items, BRING YOUR SWEET TOOTH!! Castle Rock - open restaurant

FREE To FREE To Spectators Spectators

* Cowboy Church of Mohave County is a non- profit organization

Church will be held before each roping at the “bake sale tent”. 4 pm for evening ropings, 7 am for morning ropings.

Directions: Castle Rock Arena - Highway 93 Golden Valley, Az. US 93 North towards Vegas, make a U-turn 1/4 mile past the arena (arena on west side of Hwy)

When you mention this ad

Contact: Kimi Locke 702-419-7668 for pre-entries, and any questions! – Page 7


The Art of Horsemanship

ave you ever heard the phrase, “The Art of Horsemanship”? I remember when I was very young taking riding lessons, my instructor reassuring me that someday, if I kept riding, I would know the art of horsemanship. At that point, my world consisted of toes up, heels down, shoulders back, sit up, now relaaaax, your hands are bouncing, how many fingers am I holding up? Are you taking that horse for a ride, or is he taking you for a ride? Your reins are uneven again… etc. Needless to say, a lot of attention was placed on mechanics of riding in those days. There wasn’t a lot of explanation given on the how’s and why’s of horsemanship to us kids back in the 70’s and 80’s. There was a diaphanous veil of confusion surrounding the diverse and subjective and often times cruel methods of horse training. I was a kid and did (mostly) what I was told when 4-H/Pony Club was king.

There was a certain way of doing things and that was that. Ground work with my horse consisted of longeing at all three gaits to warm him up a little bit before I rode the shoes off of him about three times before summer was over, (This was in Alaska) and practicing my showmanship skills enough to place in Showmanship classes at the shows. I felt rather sophisticated when I learned how to ground drive my horse, that is, until he spooked at a moose and took off through the woods back to the barn. I didn’t have a riding ring. Fast forward 30 years. We are now in the age of Natural Horsemanship. Guys like Clinton Anderson and Pat Parelli are practically royalty. You don’t hear much about 4-H or Pony Club on RFD TV. Natural horsemanship is a bit of a misnomer because horsemanship is not natural. It is unnatural for a horse as a prey animal to want to interact with a human preda-

Michaella Walker Horsemanship

ALPHA MARE CLINIC October 20 & 21, 2012

This clinic is designed to make you the Alpha Mare your horse has always been looking for.

Find the right way to communicate with your horse or he will find it and you will not be the leader he needs you to be. You will learn Top Line Yoga to increase herd value with your horse. Each of you will learn how to get to your horses mind through his feet and create an unparalleled partnership.

tor animal. However, since horses exist in a modern day world where they are owned by humans and have to coexist in a human environment, it is important that we as owners learn to understand them; how they think, and why they act as they do. Natural horsemanship is simply good horsemanship with the aim of influencing and gaining precise control over the horse’s feet through feel and light cues. To accomplish this, the horse should be a willing, relaxed, and supple partner. This is where the art of horsemanship comes in. You need to cultivate the ability to think like your horse, because your horse no doubt, is definitely not putting much effort into thinking like you! Remember, good partnerships are never 50/50… The most elementary thing you can do to improve your relationship with your horse(s) and begin positively influencing every day handling and training, is to become the herd leader. By being consistent and using some effective tools of persuasion, becoming the herd leader can be accomplished pretty easily. The first element of persuasion – You must become the “alpha mare” with each horse in your herd by doing ground work that influences their feet. By influencing your horse’s feet, you will make the most profound effect on your horse’s mind. By influencing your horse’s feet doing ground work, you are readying your horse to be a respectful partner whether you are on the ground or in the saddle.

The second element of persuasion – Try to create “herd value” for yourself by finding the feel good spots on your horse. Touch and rub where the horse can’t. Between the ears, just above the eyes, the mouth, especially under the upper lip, the neck, withers, belly, and dock of tail are all good places to start. When rubbed, some of these areas actually cause the brain to release endorphins. The third element of persuasion – Establish in mind attention which is the horse to human mental connection known as trust. The feeling of trust your horse has comes from knowing you are the alpha mare or herd leader. You are relaxed and confident in the surroundings which directly transmits to your horse. No matter if you are on the ground or in the saddle, your horse will trust you to be on the alert or stay calm and relaxed. So, next time you ride, don’t just chase your horse around the round pen to get him warmed up. Take 5 to 10 minutes to influence your horse’s feet with a little ground work that actually means something to your horse before you hop on. You will find becoming the herd leader will help you stay confident that you’ve got the reins and they are connected to your horse’s mind as well as his mouth. Now you have begun acquiring the art of horsemanship. ■ ____________________

Karen Babcock Horsetraining CHA Certified Professional Instructor HorseNut Stables • Golden Valley, AZ. 928-377-0705 •

Say You Saw it in...

$175.00 horse and rider 2 days • $20.00 audit Bring your own lunch, pot luck cookout with Karaoke Sat. Night. Camping available at no extra charge.

Horse ‘n Horse ‘n Around Around the the Mountains Mountains Golden Valley, AZ.

Please contact Terry or Karen at 928-530-3881 or Email to:

All Arizona Cardinals Games Broadcast Live!!!

100.1 FM Covering Mohave County & Beyond 103.5 Lake Havasu


Brian Winters 6am - 11am

Dan-O 11am - 3pm

Ye Ole Morning Show

Mid-Days With Dan-O

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Fre NEW que ncy !

Route 66 Rock & Roll & Goodtime Oldies • Kingman 103.3 Traveling Along Route 66 and Hwy 40, from the Grand Canyon to Prescott Valley Page 8 – Horse ‘n Around the Mountains®

Two Feet, Inc.

EQUINE MASSAGE Better Performance for You and Your Horse!

Have Fun But Keep it Safe

Mary on GG with Peter


Photo provided by Mary Iozzo

ave the fair show coming up. I have the new horses to show halter, none to ride though. The first time in fifteen years I will not be riding in the show. Not a big deal, I will get the new ones out doing halter, make them go to the show and see all the sights. Goodie is almost ready for walk jog not quite though, rather take it slow than shove it down her throat. It is better to take it a bit slow and make sure they learn all things without any holes in their training. There will be many shows to come in the future. Peter is now five months old he is turning into a very nice young colt. We ride out together, he goes along with GG and I on trail rides. This is a great workout for him. He goes up and down the hills and trots along, instead of doing endless circles in the round pen. This develops his balance as well as getting him fit. Much easier on the joints as well. Goodie is the five year old mare, she is progressing nicely. I have about 35 rides now in the arena and it is time to get her out on the

Lara & Peter

Photo provided by Mary Iozzo

trail. I will start by taking her out with John and another horse for about ten or twenty rides until she feels a bit more comfortable, then she can start going on her own. She has never been worked in her life so she has a work ethic issue. She thinks work is a four letter word. She has started to learn to balance me on her back. Just starting to learn about collection and cadence. She is so smart. I feel I should push her faster but I have to tell myself she is five, but she has the mind of a two year old when it comes to riding. I have to teach her from the beginning not to miss any basic training that will cause issues later. We are coming up on the best time of the year for riding in Arizona, my favorite anyway. I love the fall, so I hope you all will be able to enjoy this time as well. Make sure you get out and ride as much as you can. ■ ____________________

Mary Iozzo – Iozzo Shoeing Horse Shoeing • Riding Lessons • Horse Training 928-727-4881 • Email:

We take care of your horse from hoof to halter...

RIDING LESSONS • TRAINING • SHOEING Iozzo’s Horseshoeing of Golden Valley Arizona We’ll help you with all aspects of horsemanship, from taking care of their feet to riding in the show ring. You’ll learn the safest and most responsible way of caring for, and riding your horse. Specialized training for the rider or horse that needs to build more confidence in their riding abilities. For the last 10 years riding students and their horses have placed at horse shows. References are available upon request.




1ST MASSAGE One Coupon Per Customer. Not valid with any other offers.

For More Information on Equine Massage or to Schedule an Appointment, call KIMI LOCKE at:

702-419-7668 or email

Equine massage is not veterinary medicine. It is advised that you always consult with your veterinarian for injuries prior to equine massage.

$500 REWARD For return of the safe or just the jewelry


hen I was a little kid, .... seems like a few months ago, but nearer a hundred years I’d guess, when we were “cool” we would put on a jacket. Now cool means somethin’ else. I went to school with a girl named Gay, she was a neighbor and a fine gal.... wonder if she has had to change her name? When I was a trucker in the 70’s I used to stop at Gay Johnson’s across Wyoming... real good food... guess I might pass on by there

2364 Northern Ave • Kingman • AZ


Last Straw Horse Rescue & Sanctuary 501(c)3 "Dedicated to the Well Being of all Equine" Huge Charity Benefit Auction Auctioneer - Dave Depuy

ONE NATION UNDER GOD The Cowboy’s Rodeo Prayer

with Pastor Roger Gorham, Pastor of Cowboy Church of Mohave County

Photo provided by Pastor Gorham

Hours: M-F: 8-6 PM • Sat: 8-1 PM Closed Sundays

TRUCK 4-SALE – 1996 Ford F150 nice pickup with contents (keep the rest) stolen from a construction rack needs engine work. $1800obo. Walleck Ranch home on Monday August 6. Call Sacred Grounds Rescue at (928) 897-6555 Some of it has great sentimental value-gifts from deceased father/wedding jewelry..... Date - Oct. 13th • Preview Time - 7:00am SACRED GROUNDS RESCUE NEEDS additional $100 reward for information Auction Start Time - 8:30am leading directly to the return of the safe 3/4 or 1 ton 4x4 truck and Horse/livestock trailer. Call Sacred Grounds Rescue at (928) 897-6555 or the jewelry contents. I have photos of all Location - Powerhouse - Beale St. the jewelry which will be sent to all pawn Kingman Az. shops in Kingman, Bullhead City, Laughlin, Las Vegas, Flagstaff and Phoenix via fax. 4-SALE 14’ TRUCK VAN BODY EXCELLENT STORAGE! Estate Box Lots, All types of tools, Coins, Roll-up door. In good condition. Keep the rest-no questions asked. Antique's, Furniture, Household item's, Asking $900 Call LONNIE! (909) 855-1946 If the jewelry is returned I will collectables, to much to list. drop pending police investigation. Something for everyone! 2 BABY BOAR GOAT WETHERS Call 928-514-3060 or 928-514-3063. $80 each (928) 897-6555 Come try your luck at WANTED!!! Chicken Bingo! 50/50 Payout! Need HAY? Delivered Only. The Frontiersmen need volunteer gunfighters Plan for a full day of fun! ______________________ for shows each 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Need a DUMP TRUCK? Ladies too! All proceeds go to the care and ______________________ CALL BELLADONNA (928) 565-1020 feeding of Abused, Neglected and Need a SKIP LOADER? Abandoned Horses! ______________________ 1986 FORD BRONCO - $1195 Call LONNIE! (909) 855-1946 cell Runs, drives 4x4 works. Must sell as parts. Call Vonda (928) 399-0738


Pastor Roger Gorham

A.N.S. Hay

FOR SALE Cute baby girl burros & momma burros even a paint momma! Call (928) 897-6555

TAKING A FEW GREAT HORSES, WITH GREAT OWNERS!! CALL NOW AND BECOME Lara Ioz zo HER NEW CLIENT. 2 01 0 Horseshoeing M o ha v e Lessons & Training C oWuenst yt eFr na i r 928-727-4881 E q u i t a t i o n G r a nd Champion

nowadays... Words mean things... don’t know what might be lurkin’ ‘round a truckstop with that name nowadays.... There’s lots of words in our vocabularies that we use everyday that jus’ don’t mean what they used to mean. You ask one of these brilliant young workers at McDonalds for a 1/2 dozen McNuggets, they just might say, “ We only have orders of 3, 6, or 9...” guess I’ll take “6” then.... Pool was somethin’ you did with a cue stick, now everybody wants one in the back yard. Scannin’ used to be “lookin’ intensely to the horizon lookin’ for strays,”... now it’s puttin’ somethin’ in memory electronically, we used to have to study real hard to put somethin’ in memory..... “click” was the sound of a cocked revolver, just before it made a loud noise... now it’s mostly “right” or “left”.. dependin’ on your “mouse”... we used to keep cats in the house to do away with the mouse... now a “cat” is some kinda x-ray.... Reds was communists and we hated what they do... now druggies are lookin’ for reds to get “high!” I’d guess that those blue viagra pills will give a whole new meaning to, “I’ve got the blues....” One thing I like about God’s Words is that

Hay • Feed Tack & Fastback Ropes Farm & Ranch Supply

Classified Connection


Words Mean Things... Sorta

Ranch-Way Feed Authorized Dealer

they don’t change with the times. HE still means what HE said first time. Oh, I know there are folks re-writen’ the Bible every year, to try to make it more acceptable to unbelievers. But, God isn’t sittin’ up in Heaven sayin’ “Let’s make a deal.” His Word says “This is the deal!” I like knowin’ where I stand and that God isn’t a movin’ target. HIS words mean today just exactly what they meant when HE sent them to us in HIS Bible. Thank YOU, God, that we don’t have to guess at what YOU want, it’s in the BOOK. Malachi 3:6 says... “For I am the LORD, I change not.......” John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” vs many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, to them that believe on His name.” Sons get to live eternally in the Father’s house, nobody else gets to.... Words... mean things... Along The Way.... ■ ____________________

Our gracious and heavenly Father, We pause in the midst of this festive occasion, mindful and thoughtful of the guidance that You have given us. We would ask, today Lord, that you be with us in this rodeo arena as we pray You will be also with us in life’s arena. As cowboys, Lord, we don’t ask for any special favors in this arena today. We only ask that you will let us compete in this event, and in life, as You did for us. We don’t ask that we never break a barrier, draw the steer that won’t lay, draw around a chute fighting horse, or a bull that is impossible to ride. Help us compete in life as honest as the horse we ride; in a manner as clean and pure as the wind that blows acros this country; so when we make that last ride, that we know is inevitable, to the country up there... where the grass is green and lush and stirrup-high and the water runs clean and clear; You will tell us, as our last judge, that our entry fee’s are paid. We ask these things in Christ’s name. – Page 9


Writte by Jimi “Chance” Owens 12/29/04

Charlie & Me (Continued from Last Issue)

harlie came here, and settled, when there wasn’t nothin’ but grizzlies and Indians. He traded, and fought when he had to. He was a good enough shot that the Indians and the grizzlies just fin’ly left ‘im alone. When others decided ta move inta the basin, Charlie came, and helped ‘em git started. He is truly loved by everyone.” While doc was tellin’ his story, I’d finished my steak, and the waitress brought us all apple pie and fresh coffee. “Loved by everyone, but the one that shot ‘im,” I replied. “Him, I’d like ta meet. This Mr. Wagner stacks up as ok, and the gent that shot ‘im maybe needs a lesson in manners! I reckon I might just be the man to be his teacher.” “Now, don’t you go off half cocked, or I’ll have ta step in,” the sheriff mumbled, around a mouthful of apple pie. Youth made me reckless, and besides,

nothin’ in me liked the man sittin’ behind the badge. Maybe I was wrong, but there was somethin’ way wrong here. And he just didn’t fit in with the right side of things. “Sheriff, you need ta take a week, and just go on a fishin’ trip, or something. You see, I’m gonna find out who tried ta kill Charlie Wagner, and then I’m gonna handle it. When I get done, maybe I’ll run for sheriff!” He was still sputterin’ and fumin’ when I paid the dollar for my meal, and walked out the door, with the doc beside me. He was laughin’ fit ta bust. He fin’ly quit, as we was headed towards his house, and I looked ‘im in the eye, and asked, “Doc, who is it? There’s somethin’ you ain’t sayin’.” We walked into the house, and he checked on Charlie before he said, “It’s Rod Barnes, over to the saloon. He’s the only one I can figure. He’s tried several times ta buy Charlie out. Charlie always refused. I was having a drink at a table behind his two nights ago, when Charlie told ‘im “No, dammit! The place ain’t for sale, so quit askin’.” He stormed out, and Rod made the

(928) (928) 422-4842 422-4842 or or email email Donna Donna at at

CHOOSE YOUR RIDE COST PER PERSON 1/2 hour Ride...........................................................................................$20 1 hour Ride..............................................................................................$35 1 1/2 hour Ride........................................................................................$50 2 hour Ride..............................................................................................$65 3 hour Ride..............................................................................................$90 1/2 day Ride...........................................................................................$120 Sunset Ride.............................................................................................$50 Breakfast Ride/Lunch Ride.......................................................................$60 Dinner Ride..............................................................................................$75 Moonlight Ride........................................................................................$60 Full Moon.................................................................................................$75 Sunset Ride/Moonlight Combo Ride........................................................$90 Full Moon...............................................................................................$110

comment after he left, “One way or another, old man. One way, or another.” “I pretended I didn’t hear, but there you have it.” “Why would a saloon owner want a ranch,” I asked. “He don’t! He wants the water. He’s made the remark on more than one occasion, “Whoever holds Wagner’s water holds the entire basin. I want it to be me!” “Sounds like the right place ta start lookin’. Doc, thanks. I’ll be back later, ta check on Charlie.” Down the street I went, then crossed it to the saloon. I didn’t know Charlie Wagner, but I knew men like him. They’d showed up, and fought for their land, their homes. Then someone came along later who figured maybe he ought to have it. It didn’t matter how, just so’s he owned it. I wasn’t gonna let it happen, if I could help it. And I figured I could. As I entered through the bat wings into the saloon, the sheriff was bent over, whispering to a man. As I came in, he hurriedly stood up, and moved away. Youth kicked in again. Sauntering up to his table, I told ‘im point blank, “Charlie Wagner’s a friend of mine, so be warned. You’d better pray that he lives a long life, ‘cause if anything happens to ‘im, I’m comin’ after you. Only, I ain’t gonna be as easy ta shoot as he was! That, you better believe.” I turned, and as I reached the sheriff, I said, “I told ya you should go fishin’. Now it’s too late.” They were the only two in the bar, and I reckon they figgered to get it over with quick. As I was talkin’ to the sheriff, I saw Mr. Rod Barnes in the mirror, as he stood up and reached for his gun. Men like that always figger that it’s the other guy who dies. It’s never them. They also forget about things they’ve become used to, like the mirror behind the bar, that I’d seen him in. As I dropped to my knees and turned, I

drew my gun. His shot went over my right shoulder as I dropped, and then I was firin’. Three shots echoed as one, and they all found their mark. His heart was gone, exploded by three forty-four slugs. As he fell, I turned toward the sheriff. He was slumped against the bar. Barnes shot had hit him in the forehead, killing him instantly. “Maybe I would run for sheriff,” I thought. Then I laughed. Not! That was the last thing I needed, was a badge. I headed ta Doc’s ta check on Charlie Wagner. When I got there, he was conscious and holding his gun on me as I came through the door. “Old Timer,” I said and grinned. “We gotta go through this again?” “No, son. I was just makin’ sure.” Charlie Wagner told us about Rod Barnes shootin’ im, then ridin’ up and telling ‘im, “Go ahead and die, Charlie. No one around ta find ya,” and then he rode away. Charlie lived five more years, then died. After the funeral, the Justice of the Peace came over to my office. He held Charlie’s will in his hand. “Travis? Thought ya might want to hear Charlie’s last will and testament.” “Judge, not really. I’m still missin’ ‘im. He was a good friend, and hell, we just buried ‘im!” “Well, you’re going to, so listen!” I Charlie Wagner, do hereby leave to Travis Cooper, all my worldly belongings for saving my life a few years back. This includes the ranch, and all the livestock. He didn’t like bein’ a sheriff no how. Charlie Wagner Yep, ya never can tell ‘bout them forks in the road! ■ ____________________ Writte by Jimi “Chance” Owens of JD Stables at the Grand Canyon Caverns NOW WE HAVE where you can get one of a kind handcrafted jewelry, gifts and more visit it directly or from our tab at supports local artists and craftspeople from Arizona. The quality and uniqueness of our jewelry & gifts for the home are always changing so be sure to visit our site often for exciting new additions!

Cowboy necklace Southwestern Weather Wane Page 10 – Horse ‘n Around the Mountains®

Potpourri boot

I Chica

Photo provided by Rhonda Johnson

We ask our comminity of Horse ‘n Around the Mountains readers to take a few moments for a healing prayer for one of our own horse and riders, Rhonda & Chica. We have witnessed this relationship over the years and special bond between them. May our Heavenly Father give them the strength and courage to overcome obsticles and expenses and bring a healing regeneration to Chica’s body. We pray over the doctors intuitiveness and his hands in Jesus name. And then we pray for comfort, reassurance, and the fast recovery of Chica. We pray dear Lord in your name, father, son, and holy spirit. Amen. Prayer given by Robert Buzzell



got a “free horse” 3 years ago. She’s now 6 years old and just discovering her brain. In early March she became lame on her left front leg literally overnight. She was carrying it in the air, not putting any weight on it and hopping on the other three. It was heartbreaking to see. I treated her conservatively with wraps, icing, anti-inflammatories, etc. She got to a point where she was limping less and less and I was hopeful. Then one day in July she started being non-weight bearing on that leg again. I had a doctor friend of mine check her over and he said that without benefit of an xray his best guess was a fractured sesmoid bone. He also said not to ride her for six months to a year! What?? I did just as he said and she began getting better again. I would walk her on a lead only, no galloping, jumping, etc. Toward the end of July she got bad again. My friend, Karen, said a friend of hers was having a guest doctor from Prescott Equine Center coming to her place and maybe they could fit us in. I called and got an appointment with Dr. Mark Anderson. He had portable ultra sound,

A Word from Annie

Written by Annie of Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary

e’d love to see you! As we move into fall, and the weather finally starts to cool off, I wanted to invite you to come to the Sanctuary for a tour. We talk a lot about the place, and we try to include photos so you can see what we are doing and how your donations are making a difference, but it would mean a lot to us if you could find the time in your busy schedules to come out and

portable x-ray and would surely get to the cause of all the lameness. Dr. Anderson is a lameness specialist, so I felt like I’d just hit the lotto! After taking four x-rays Dr. Anderson showed them to me. He said the good news was that there was no fracture, but she did have a sizeable calcification around the medial suspensory ligament. Sizeable didn’t quite cover it. I looked like she was growing a thumb on the back of her fetlock joint! He told me how to treat it and to keep in touch with him. He said to give her the month of August at rest then begin putting a saddle on her and riding her at a walk and trot only beginning in September. Timing is everything, right? She was improving significantly and I believed we were in the clear. Until, that is, I had to have carpal tunnel surgery on July 30. Guess the walk/trot would have to wait a wee bit. Somewhere around the week of August 13, my mare was lame again and I called Dr. Anderson. He gave me more treatments to do for her for about 4 days and to let him know how it was going. Well, it didn’t go and instead I called the hospital and made an

appointment to haul my mare to Prescott. The wrist was doing pretty well so we drove down to see him on the 30th. He x-rayed her again and reported no significant changes from the last views. That was good news to me, means no additional injuries. Then he said he’d like to sound blast the joint. Good thing I have a Care Credit account, hmm? So she was sedated then blasted and home we went. She was in alcohol wraps for 3 days with anti-inflammatories again, then on to pink mud poultices. I can report that the limping is nearly imperceptible and her attitude has improved as well! I report to Dr. Anderson again next week and who knows, maybe the walk/trot will be back in the cards. Dr. Anderson’s facility is state of the art. It’s beautiful to look at, clean as a whistle and the entire staff is caring. It may be a bit of a drive but I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They have a full-blown operatory so nothing is out of the question as far as treatment for your equine pals. ■ ____________________ Prayer Request & Story Sent and Written by Rhonda Johnson of Kingman Arizona

see us. Give us a call, or send us note, and we’ll pick a time. I’d love to have you meet the animals, and I know they’d like to see you!

We are a forever home for special needs animals to live out their lives happy and healthy! ■ ____________________

Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary • P.O. Box 6763 • Kingman, AZ 86402 From your PayPal Account or Phone app:

Thanks so much for all that you do!!

Kingman Regional Medical Center Rough Stock Feed Riata Valley Dental- Dr. Regina Cobb, DDS Preston Investments – Page 11

Join Us as Andy Devine Days Rodeo Celebrates Its 28th Year!

The Andy Devine Days PRCA Rodeo 2012 is in its 28th year here in Kingman Arizona, brought to you by the Kingsmen. A group of local businessmen dedicated to the preservation of our area’s ranching and rodeo western heritage.  We invite you to enjoy all the fun and entertainment brought to Kingman during Western Week, including the dances, parade, chili feed, and of course, the Rodeo!  A full list of events is on our web-site or contact us for tickets and more information at the numbers listed below.

We’d like to thank our SPONSORS, without whom we could not bring you this spectacular family event. Our major sponsors, Bud Light and Dodge Rodeo, as well as those businesses and organizations in our community who have generously donated their time, resources and financial assistance to make Andy Devine Days possible.

Western Week

September 26, 2012 – Chili Feed September 27, 2012 (6:00 PM) – Cow Plop September 28, 2012 (6:00 PM) – 100 Club Celebration Andy Devine Days Parade – September 29, 2012 (10:00 AM) 28th Annual Andy Devine Days Rodeo – September 29, 2012 (2:00 PM) 28th Annual Andy Devine Days Rodeo – September 30, 2012 (1:00 PM) Cody Swanty (928) 757-3131 • Dustin Lewis (928) 303-1200

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Horse 'N Around the Mountains Sept/Oct 2012  
Horse 'N Around the Mountains Sept/Oct 2012  

Horse 'N Around the Mountains Sept/Oct 2012