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office/fax 20th July - 2011 As a professional horseman and animal scientist with over three decades of international experience with the Arabian horse, I would like to pledge my support for the documentary film “Path to Glory: The Rise and Rise of the Polish Arabian Horse”. “Path to Glory” is a unique film experience that inspires the imagination and ignites passion not only for the Arabian horse of Poland, but for the Polish people and the country of Poland itself. Never before have the historical facts, personal testimonies, archival footage and the modern-day images surrounding the Polish Arabian horse been gathered together in such a comprehensive, educational and thoroughly entertaining composition. It is a landmark film that has resulted in an overwhelmingly positive response from people around the world towards the Arabian horse and the people of Poland since its world premiere in April at the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas. The tenacity and dedication of the Poles is unparalleled in the equine world. Throughout countless tragedies and tribulations of the past 500 years, the horsemen of Poland have remained resolute in their commitment to the Arabian horse. This is especially evident in the 20th century, when the Poles were forced to rebuild a world-class breeding program from a handful of remaining horses after the horrors and hardships of two world wars. This story of the Polish Arabian horse is a direct reflection of the history of Poland itself, an inspirational and incredibly moving tale of indomitable courage and ardent devotion. The vision, passion and the talent of Jennifer Miller & Sophie Pegrum of Horsefly Films is abundantly evident in every frame of Path to Glory. Jen & Sophie have a unique way of presenting documentary material in an entertaining and engaging manner, and have created the definitive story of the Arabian horse in Poland on film. In doing so, they have crafted a superlative promotional vehicle for the State Studs of Poland and the Polish Arabian horse, as well as for the Republic of Poland and its proud history and people. With the support and endorsement of influential persons and organizations dedicated to promoting the positive image of Poland to the international community, “Path to Glory” will undoubtedly become an essential promotional tool to educate, entertain and inspire with the stories of Poland, her heroic people and her beloved Arabian horse. I count my 21 years of personal experience working with the Arabian horse in Poland as the most important of my professional career. I am incredibly proud to see the horses, the people and the country I love and respect reflected with poignant honesty, unabashed accuracy and passionate enthusiasm in “Path to Glory”. Thank you Jen & Sophie for brilliantly expanding our understanding, appreciation and love of the Arabian horse and reminding us all of the incomparably crucial role of Poland to the success and achievement of the noblest of equines in every corner of the world. Respectfully,

Scott Benjamin

Scott Benjamin 61 Citadel Circle NW   Calgary, AB T3G4B9 Canada 

Scott Benjamin of Benjamin Equine  

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