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PATH TO GLORY REVIEW from The Horsey Set Net Love and War: “Path to Glory” review Rhonda Lane on August 23rd, 2011 If you love to look at sleek Arabian horses prancing, running and posing … And if, as far as you’re concerned, history lost its “story” long ago in a jumbled wake of dates and names … Have I got a DVD for you. “Path to Glory” is a 2011 documentary that’s both a history and a celebration of Arabian horses bred in Poland for almost 500 years.   Since 1522 Ottoman Turks invaded Poland in 1522. Their beautiful, nimble horses made such a favorable impression that Polish noblemen mounted trading expeditions to the East for new stock. Much of the early part of the film shows Poland’s troubled past with aggressive invaders. For several centuries, horses served as cavalry mounts, refugees or pawns. But not all the war stories are dire. A stubborn mare inspired resistance fighters. A devoted groom protected his charges during one of World War II’s most famous air raids in a scene reminiscent of the 1963 Disney flick “The Miracle of the White Stallions.” Between wars and especially after World War II during the Communist regime, economic woes buffeted the Polish state stud farms. Westerners mounted their own east-bound horse-buying expeditions East – but to Poland. Polish Arabian horses in recent decades and around the world After the tales of tragedy, loss and privation, the interviews with devotees of the Polish Arabian feel like refreshing sweet tea. Filmmakers Jen Miller and Sophie Pegrum of Horsefly Films were granted unprecedented access to the state stud farms of Poland. Arabian horse fanciers in both the US and Poland, ranging from legendary Arabian horse breeder Roman Pankiewicz to Las Vegas headliner Wayne Newton, granted

interviews and offer oral histories with insights into the impact of the horses on their lives. The film also includes rare, almost lost forever, footage of Polish Arabians imported to middle Tennessee by J.M. Dickinson in 1937. Extended interviews on second DVD “Path to Glory” costs $49.95, which may freak out the budget-minded buyer, but an additional disc in the box is loaded with extended interviews. By “extended,” I mean “generous” with Scott Benjamin, Wayne Newton, Roman Pankiewicz, George Zbyszewski (aka “George Z) and a short “blooper reel.” A lot of material. And, yes, I borrowed the title of this post from the Special Features disc that comes with the movie. Some observations about the DVD If you’re an Arabian horse enthusiast or “just” a horse lover, “Path to Glory” is a fascinating survey through western (as in, European and US) Arabian horse history. The DVD, available through the film’s website,  would make a great holiday or birthday gift for any horse lover, no matter their favorite breed or equestrian discipline. The photography, especially at the Polish stud farms, is lush and dramatic. For my readers who worry The DVD is suitable for all ages. The wartime sequences could upset the very softhearted, although no graphic images are shown. The only picture that truly comes close is an old black-and-white news photo of a horse who’d died in battle. Also, one of the modern Polish horses portrays a historic horse by wearing some fake movie blood on its front leg. The movie trailer below gives you an idea of what to expect: If you can’t watch the video embedded above, click on this link for the movie trailer for “Path to Glory.”
 For your convenience, if you’d like to order, click on the link to the  “Path to Glory” website a. website link

Path to Glory Review  

By The Horsey Set

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