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Iron Horse Andalusians Avalon Farms, Inc. Afinado Andalusians Jewel of the Sierra Andalusians Garrison Ranch Andalusians of Forest Cave Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Spanish Gate Andalusians Bricco Andalusians Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Flat Baroque Farms Bricco Andalusians Avalon Farms, Inc. McDowell Equestrian, Inc. Afinado Andalusians CR Partners, LLC Selwood Park Stable Ironwood Farms On Eagles’ Wings Farm, LLC Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Owl’s Nest Farm Shangrila Farm GO FOR BAROQUE FARM Swan Creek Andalusians Rothrock Andalusians Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Appin Farm Amandalusian Farm Jackass Mountain Ranch Rancho Jasmir LLC Rancho El Afortunado CADO FARM Silverbell Barn Casa De Vida Spanish Horses JC Andalusians Namaste Farm Andalusians Cortijo Los Conquistadores El Castaño Moira Bryant REATY Realty Renaissance Andalusians Renaissance Andalusians Andalusians of Forest Cave Legacy Farms Afinado Andalusians Riveras Andalusian Farm 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

About the Cover Photo: Legionario III 1966-1994 Legionario III is unquestionably one of the most influential stallions in this country. He sired tremendous numbers of sons and grandsons that have gone on to produce outstanding horses. He also had a great influence as a broodmare sire with their offspring producing winners. Legionario was breed by the famous Terry farm in Spain and imported to our ranch in 1971. He was a Champion in Spain but was never shown in competition in the U.S. due to an injury. Legionario was in the Rose Parade for 15 years and did exhibitions. The photo on the cover was the inspiration for the Breyer Molding Company to make their first Andalusian model, Legionario III. I could talk about this one of a kind stallion for hours but will just end by saying that I feel truly honored to be able to have owned such an incredible horse…a grand producer and my very best friend till the day he passed. Pat Garrison Garrison Ranch

IALHA 101 Carnoustie North, # 200 Birmingham, AL 35242 205-995-8900 / Fax: 205-995-8966 Published Annually: Horse Digests Publishing Div. of Greimann Industries 35418 90th Street Blue Earth, MN 56013 507-526-5943 Phone 507-526-2629 Fax 11

Owned by and Standing with: Iron Horse Andalusians Nadine and Bill Hanson 9320 Cain Road Corcoran, MN 55340 USA Ph: 763-420-3153

Acierto MC

Bred by Music City Andalusians DETAILS: IALHA: # 2287(S) Foaled April 1, 1992 Grey Stud Fee: $1,000 / Private Treaty COMMENTS: Acierto MC is a four time US National Reserve Champion Driving and Riding Horse. His wonderful temperament has endeared this horse to many. Comfortable and beautiful, this stallion is the Rolls Royce of horses. Acierto MC has sired numerous Halter and Futurity Champions and is himself twice the recipient of the Ganador Wisconsin Supreme Championship at Halter. We have several of his offspring for sale as well as the get of Despierto and Dacio available. Acierto MC is also a Parade Horse Supreme having participated in 2002 and 2003 at the Mexican Independence Day Parade of Chicago in front of tens of thousands of people.

Agente Jenson Empalar Ofendido VII Temperario III Ofendida VI Zalamera IV

Foundation Stallion

Hosco IV Nostalgico Nostalgica Oradora IX Tanible Cordobesa XII Ratonera II


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at Avalon Farms Andalusians Kay Greenbury 2703 Zenith Dr. Milford, MI 48380 Ph: 248-684-6909 Fax: 248-684-1539 Email: Web Site:

Arturo KG

Owned By: Avalon Farms Andalusians. Inc, Bred By: Kay Greenbury/Avalon Farms Andalusians DETAILS: IALHA #: 5451 (S/P) Foaled: June 2000 Color: Grey (heterozygous) Hands: 16.2h Stud Fee: $950 Purebred/$800 Non-Iberian Mulitple Mare Discounts. Discounted Stud Fee for One Season Breeding Contract. COMMENTS: Son of the late, Majorio II and half brother of Favorito de la Parra (same dam), Arturo KG, is a spectacular combination of dressage capability, smooth gaits and "high school" ability. Arturo's sire, Majorio II, was one of the few Andalusians to perform with the "Royal Lipizzan Stallion Show". Arturo KG exhibits the extraordinarily powerful backend that enabled his sire to perform "airs above the ground" for years, and the lift and reach of his pure Terry dam. Arturo has the natural charisma that Majorio II passed to many of his offspring as well as an extremely smooth gait. Arturo KG is grey, but carries the bay gene (from his dam, Lebrijana XI), who was sired by the famous bay, pure Terry stallion, Poseido V. Arturo KG is heterozygous grey. Lebrijana XI is also the full sister of the Vavra model and multiple breed champion, Cordobes XX.

Photo by Sharon Fibelkorn

Majorio Primoroso II Palais/Calhandra Majorio II Legionario III Lanca II Palais/Calhandra

Arturo has a tremendous work ethic which he exhibits in his dressage work. Arturo, is very tolerant, careful and patient with his amateur owner's riding ability, but is more focused when he is ridden by his trainer. Importantly for the mare owner, Arturo seems to be passing on his intelligence and work ethic. Arturo is a proven sire whose foals have great movement, bright personalities and beauty like their sire. All the owners of foals by Arturo KG have been pleased with his offspring.

Nevado III Poseido V Poseida II Lebrijana XI Tangible Cordobesa XII Ratonera II

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at: Afinado Andalusians Contact: Jake Gray 10 Penney Lane Columbia Falls, MT. 59912 406-862-8868 , 406-862-8857 Fax: 406-862-8868 Email: or Web Site:

Bandolero CII

Owned By: Jake & Erika Gray Bred By: Yeguada La Nava DETAILS: Registration #: 10233 (S) Foaled: March 19th 2000 Color: Black (homozygous) Hands: 16.2 Stud Fee: Full Andalusians 1800.00 Half Andalusians 950.00 COMMENTS: Imported from Seville Spain in 2006, Bandolero CII is a homozygous black 16.2 Hand stallion. He has the best bloodlines, 100% Escalera at 4th generation and 45% Militar at 5th. His famed ancestors include Agente sons Lebrijano III, Islero, Jecomias (twice); and Maluso sons: Agente (4 times), Talisman (twice), Cesar, Tangible. Also appearing in his pedigree worthy of note are Nevado III and his most famous son Hosco IV, Faroan all of Terry descent. And possibly the best stallion for bullfighting prowess Vinatero III. Bandolero CII is PRE qualified to breed, all of his offspring are registerable with either Spain or the IALHA as pure bred or halfbred andalusians.

Vinatero III Prometido Prometida III Marisquero VII Islero Marisquera II Carinosa VIII

Bandolero CII’s offspring exhibit his refined qualities, an expressive gait, perfect topline, straight movement with impulsion from the rear. Maluso/Agente offspring are known for their ability to excel in dressage, Invasor won a silver and bronze for dressage in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

Ganador VIII Delicado Delicada IV Fantasia XXIII Jaleo Fenicia V Juguetona XII


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: FA Ranch Contact: Hilary Mendeguia 1751 Klatt Street Carson City, NV 89701 Phone: (775) 315-0503 Fax: (775) 841-6214 Email: Web Site:


Owned by: Hilary Mendeguia Bred by: Jill Marie Lane DETAILS: Registration # IALHA: 9685(S) CRIA: 1901010024CA042 PRE MUNDIAL: 124CAN200500001 Foaled: July 2, 2005 Color: Bay EEAA Hands:17 HH Stud Fee: $1,500.00 Purebreds, $850.00 other breeds COMMENTS: If you are searching for an Andalusian stallion to produce the foal of your dreams, look no further. Bocelli possesses all the qualities you would want in your own foals. He is elegant, graceful, and intelligent. What a presence he exudes standing at 17 hands with his brilliant copper bay coat, and his luxurious thick mane and tail. Bocelli shows great potential in the dressage arena in movement and agility. In his first competition class, he took first place out of eight horses. He is a fast learner and enjoys the challenge of learning new things. Bocelli 's sire, Camaron IX, is showing in winning in open dressage shows at Prix St. George. In addition, he has won many breed championships. Bocelli's grandsire, Teodoro, is the only Andalusian stallion to win championships from both the American and International Andalusian associations (1988 AAHA Garnd Champion Stallion; 1990 IAHA National Champion Stallion). Bocelli's great grandsire on his Dam's side was Jugueton V, a national champion in Spain. Bocelli has already established an impressive show record himself as a young stallion in the 2006 Canadian National Show for Andalusians.

Remache Islero VIII Islera V Camaron IX Adelante Andarina V Joyera V

Xenophon (USA) Teodoro Sangria Anarosa De Teodoro Jugueton V Rosa Xijona

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at: Garrison Ranch Contact: Pat Garrison 1655 HIDDEN VALLEY RD Thousand Oaks, CA 91361 (805) 495-5545 Fax: 805-495-8388 Email: Web Site:


Owned By: Garrison Ranch Bred By: Garrison Ranch DETAILS: Registration #:1418(s) Foaled: 2/6/89 Color: Gray Hands: 16.1 Stud Fee: $2,500; LFG; live cover or shipped semen COMMENTS: Bruno was the 1992 IALHA National Grand Champion Stallion. Like his sire, Castiblanco III, Bruno accomplished his Championship as a three year old. At the same time he was also the 1992 Champion Three- Year old Futurity Stallion. His blood lines trace back to our first imported stallion Legionario III (pictured on the cover of this magazine). Bruno is a fifth generation champion consistently producing champion halter horses, performance horses and that special companion. He has impeccable conformation and is the type of stallion that can be bred to any type of mare to produce that horse you are looking for. The Garrison Ranch has been breeding Andalusians for 38 years and is one of the oldest major breeders of impeccably bred purebred Andalusians in the USA. In 28 years of competition we have produced 46 National Champions who have gone on to win 82 National Championships. Included in the number of National Champions, 23 of these are National Grand Champion Senior Halter Horses. We also stand for 2009: Aladdin (Temerario V x Muy Alta) 3 time National Champion and Reno (Temerario V x Farisa III).

Legionario III Leopardo II Caraquita Castiblanco III Castiblanco II Castiza Macarena VIII

Minarete Coral Consentida Amatista Legionario III Mercedes II Pandora


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: ANDALUSIONS OF FOREST CAVE Contact: GEORGIA DUNN 8121 OLD CEDAR GROVE RD CROSS PLAINS, TN 37049 Phone:615. 969.8689 Phone: 615. 654.1212 Email: Owned By: Fred Greene Bred By: Mike & Connie Connelly

Carbonado MHF

Details: Registration #: 5250 (S) Foaled: April 20, 2000 Color: BLACK Hands: 16.H Stud Fee: Private Treaty Comments: CARBONADO MHF is a dramatic 8 year old jet black revised P.R.E. stallion with an exciting future ahead of him. He is the son of DOCTOR XVI, the acclaimed imported Escalera stallion and the only black son of ITACA III who is truly a legend in her own right. ITACA III was imported from the prolific HACIENDA SANTA LUCIA stud in Mexico and has won many Champion Best Movement Awards. In recent years ITACA III even at age 16 succeeded over much younger horses for the coveted National Champion Best Movement Award. CARBONADO MHF has inherited his dam's superb and exaggerated movement which he is passing along to his quality progeny. CARBONADO has a unique pedigree which blends some of the most prominent PRE lineages in the world both past and present. His bloodlines reflect the famous studs of Maria Fernanda de la Escalera as well as Yeguada Militar, Alondra, Fernando Lazo, Bohorquez, Marin & Ayala. CARBONADO is reproducing an excellent sporthorse type with his foals from a wide variety of mares to include Pure Spanish, Lusitanos, Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Percheron for the incomparable Spanish-Norman result, Fresian cross for the War Lander type, Arabians for the Hispano Arabe type, and also Quarter horse mares for the ever versatile American Azteca. CARBONADO'S foals have great substance, type, correctness and that intangible 'look at me quality' that most horse owners breed for. CARBONADO'S beauty attracts both the professional and amateur horse enthusiast alike. There are very few even 'non-horsey' people who can resist CARBONADO'S commanding presence and extreme eye appeal. We are honored to make available to you at stud a stallion of CARBONADO'S rare color, quality, correctness and lineage. Our nationally known and respected veterinarian states that CARBONADO'S collections have some of the highest concentrations of semen he has ever seen and also exceptional motility even days after collection. 2009 Stud Fees are by Private Treaty - please contact us regarding your Carboando breeding. All progeny are eligible for registration in IAHLA regardless of dam's breed. P.R.E mare's progeny are eligible for Revision with ANCCE. We ship Cooled Semen. LFG (Live foal guarantee).

Nostalgico Ganador VIII Ganadora IV Doctor XVI Jecomias Doctora VI Dejada II

Duque IV Bilbaino VIII Mabunda Itaca III

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Albero II Eneida Rociera II 17

Standing at: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Sarah Hollis 80 Easthampton Rd. Westhampton, MA 01027 Phone: 413-529-2413 Fax: 413-529-2064 Barn: 413-529-0443 Email: Website:

Comico VI

Owned by: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Bred by: Antonio Dominguez Galiano DETAILS: IALHA #: 10417(S), Cria Caballar Foaled: 5/1/96 Color: bay sabino/rabicano, DNA color tested (EeAa) Stud Fee: Private Treaty COMMENTS: FORM & FUNCTION Comico is an imported FEI level dressage stallion. His Terry and Carthusian ancestry supply a fresh influx of blood for the country. His movement is big and round with suspension, lift and extension. His extraordinary snap and air time give him agility, flexibility and elasticity. Comico is a beautiful medium framed animal with even proportions and overall balance. Good withers and high neck set give him his front end action while a short broad back with flexible loin and substantial pelvic structure give him a powerful motor. His legs are heavily boned and have large flat clean joints. TEMPERAMENT Comico’s temperament is one of a polite, amiable gentleman. He withstands heavy training demands with a positive, fresh, ready to work attitude yet retains and air of impishness and fun. He learns incredibly fast and always wants to please and succeed. He is a wonderful balance of drive and reliability. RARE COLORING As an extremely rare and elusive color he adds a world of possibilities to any color program. He is sabino with rabicano and is so extensively roaned and spotted with white markings he appears as close to the ancient spotted Iberian horse as they now come. He is DNA tested to carry chestnut, black and bay, EeAa. OFFSPRING Comico’s first US crop of foals were born in 2008 and came in wide array of amazing modified colors with exciting forward movement. SHOW RECORD Comico has been Grand Champion of the Region Six ERAHC show twice and is undefeated in any class there, both under saddle and halter as well as Best Movement.

BotineroIII Barquillero XIII Barquillera XIII Devoto II Amoroso V Devota Naranjera VIII

Remache Aceiton Keberes Humorista II

Comico is for sale to the person who wants the extraordinary. 18

Toledano VI Argentina VII Utrera II

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Spanish Gate Andalusians Contact: Cathy or Joe McCarter PO Box 1036 Victor, MT 59875 406 642 3424 / cell 805 208 3342 Fax: 406 642 3424

Confidente SG

Owned By: Cathy and Joe McCarter Bred By: Cathy and Joe McCarter Details: Military/ Escalera de la Escalera breeding Registration #: 7679 S Foaled: May 20th, 2003 Color: Solid Homozygous Black Hands:15.3 Stud Fee: $1,500 purebreds, $900 other breeds COMMENTS: Introducing Confidente SG, son of our beloved and talented Stallion Axis/Ingrato IX. At 5 years old, Confidente is already exhibiting his father's wonderful soft and sensible personality and his incredible movement and athletic talent. He is a P.R.E. revised, homozygous black stallion with no white. Confidente has just started his riding and breeding career. His first crop of foals show he is passing on size, straight forward movement, and wonderful sweet nature. His Gene pool includes horses such as Lebrijano III (renowned for his dressage quality get), and 6 crosses back to the Maluso lines. His sire, Axis was bred by Jose Luis Escalera de la Escalera and was one of the first black, Escelera de la Escelera horses to be imported into this country. We are expecting wonderful things for this young stallion. Take advantage of his introductory stud fees.

Agente Lebrijano III Ofrenda Axis/Ingrato IX Jecomias Ingrata VI Minifalda

Paraiso Genio III Odalisca DS Tango Lebrajano III Sonadora V Estudianta VIII 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at: Selwood Park Stable Gareth A. Selwood N3936 County Road NN, Elkhorn, WI 53121 262-249-8870/Fax: 262-325-0283 E-mail: Web site:

Desperado C

Owned by: Bricco Andalusians, Paul & Gail Bricco, 13850 West 21st Street, Wadsworth, IL 60083 USA Ph: 847-344-8362, BRICCO@SBCGLOBAL.NET Bred by Dr. Jack Chulengarian DETAILS: IALHA: # 3813(SP) Foaled March 15, 1996 Stud Fee: $1,500 - Fresh Cooled, Live or Frozen FOR FIRST 10 MARES BOOKED Stud Fee: $750 Purebred or Halfbred, Fresh, Cooled or Live AWARDS: 2008 US Nat’l Champion Formal Driving US Nat’l Champion Formal Riding US Nat’l Champion Heritage Tack & Attire US Nat’l Top Five Vintage Rider US Nat’l Top Five Native Tack & Attire Amateur IALHA High Point Formal Riding & Driving 2007 US Nat’l Res. Champion Saddle Seat Amateur US Nat’l Top Five Saddle Seat Open US Nat’l Top Five Native Tack and Attire Open Tilley Family High Point Saddle Seat Tenney High Point Costume 2006 Unanimous US National Champion Saddle Seat Amateur US National Champion Amateur Vintage Rider US National Reserve Champion Native Tack & Attire Am. US National Top Five Show Hack Amateur IALHA Brian V Selwood High Pt. Show Hack IALHA Selwood Park Stable High Pt. Formal Horse USEF Reserve Nat’l Champion Amateur HOTY 2005 US Nat’l Reserve Champion Formal Rider US Nat’l Top Five Vintage Rider 2004 US Nation’l Reserve Champion S/P Senior Stallion US Nat’l Top Five Formal Horse US Nat’l Top Five Saddle Seat Open US Nat’l Reserve Champion Formal Driving Open 2003 US Nat’l Top Five Show Pleasure Driving Open 2002 Unanimous US Nat’l Champ. Saddle Seat Amateur US Nat’l Reserve Champion Show Pleasure Driving Open US Nat’l Top Five Native Tack & Attire US Nat’l Top Five Saddle Seat Amateur IALHA High Pt. Show Pleasure Driving IALHA High Pt. Saddle Seat 2001 US National Reserve Champion Show Pleasure Driving Open USEF Nat’l Grand Champion Purebred HOTY IALHA High Pt. Show Pleasure Driving IALHA High Pt. Formal Driving IALHA High Pt. Saddle Seat 2000 AHSA Nat’l Champion Halter HOTY

Hiparco Sagres Nozelha Despierto Adalid Loendreira I Loendreira

Coral Zafiro Lucena II Amelia Legionario III Farisa III

A Baroque Horse Society and Renai Horse Registry Foundation Stallion 20

Zoelita 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Contact: Sarah Hollis 80 Easthampton Rd. Westhampton, MA 01027 Phone: 413-529-2413 Fax: 413-529-2064 Barn: 413-529-0443 Email: Website:

Diego MC

Owned by: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Bred by: Karen A. Jenkins Details: IALHA #: 5461(S) PRE Mundial Listed Listed Pinto Horse Association Foaled: 5/19/00 Color: chestnut sabino, DNA color tested (eeaa) 2009 Stud Fee: $2000 Andalusians $1000 all others Shipped fresh semen. LFG COMMENTS: FORM, FUNCTION & TEMPERAMENT Diego has amazing presence with a balanced graceful physique. His shapely long neck, muscled shoulder and massive hip make him a real athlete. This build makes him flexible, supple with functionality and prowess. His quick mind and gentle nature make for a really fun and rewarding horse to work with and the perfect amateur horse. He is very steady and quiet and doesn’t spook or overreacted to any sudden stimulus. Responsive yet commonsense, the trademarks of his predominately Military bloodline. RARE COLORING The icing on the cake is Diego's extremely rare chestnut sabino coloring, making him a rare and precious color asset as well. He has had offspring with enough spotting to qualify for pinto papers proving the strength of his genes. He also has recessive agouti so will throw black when bred to homozygous black. OFFSPRING Mare owners have been incredibly pleased with their Diego foals and the most common comment is how friendly and calm the foals are. Just proving Diego is passing on his quiet demeanor as well as his flashy coloring. His offspring have won in the breed ring and in the USDF sport horse ring. REVISION JUDGE RAVES When Diego was revised the first comment from the inspectors was “Now that’s a neck!” and promptly gave him a “9” for a head and neck score. Their other comments were how rare it was to find a chestnut horse with his quality even in Spain. And as pleased as I was with the comments I keep saying “Even if he was the ugliest horse alive, his temperament would make him the most valuable breeding stallion anywhere.” His mind is just so special. It’s a shame they can’t inspect those…Diego would get a 10+. Find out for yourself what makes a Diego foal so special.

Jenson Ofendido VII Ofendida VI Venidero MC Regatero III Efigie TG Princesa V

Vinatero V Tribuno Carcelera VII Jabera TG

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Poseido V Ferianta III Quisquillosa II 21

Standing at Flat Baroque Farms Contact: Shannon Gillette PO Box 305 Skull Valley, AZ 86338 928-899-1049 Email: Web Site:

Espartano MF

Owned By: Shannon Gillette Bred By: Marro Farm DETAILS: Registration #: 3421(S) Foaled: April 16,1996 Color: Grey Hands: 16 Stud Fee: $1,000 Purebred/$600 Cross COMMENTS: Espartano has won many awards in regional and national competition in huntseat pleasure, country pleasure, western pleasure, show hack, dressage suitability, hunter hack and doma vaquero. He has also excelled in open dressage competition through 3rd level. He has been show in hunter/jumper shows and horse trials. He is used in an Equine Assisted Therapy program and is a popular lesson horse in the barn as well. Recently he has been in training for high school exhibition and is playing polo on the weekends. He has a “can do� attitude that is showing up in all of his offspring. He has thrown over 90% fillies and they are all growing to be wonderful, athletic horses.

Campanero XI Legionario III Legionaria IV Destinado VI Capitano Lucena III Caraquita

Majorio Bizarro IX Floridita II Azara MGF Temerario V Aneja III Aneja 22

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at Selwood Park Stable Gareth A. Selwood N3936 County Road NN Elkhorn, WI 53121 Ph: 262-325-0283 Fax: 262-249-8996 E-mail: Web site:

Fabio II

Owned By: H. Paul and Gail Bricco Bred By: Jill Lucchesi DETAILS: Registration #: 5217 (S) Foaled: March 28, 2000 Color: grey Hands: 15.2 Stud Fee: $750 COMMENTS: Fabio II is a duplicate of his famous grandsire Majorio who Gareth showed to many wins in the 1980's as a Western Horse and Hunter. His Dam Selwood Park Fabiola is the last daughter of this great horse.Fabio II is started nicely under saddle and has already participated in a very large parade in Chicago. He would make an excellent Youth or Ladies Amateur mount. He is starting shoulder-in and leg yields. He will be an all round horse like his sire Davido MC and his grand sire Majorio. AWARDS: 2007 Region 3 Top Five Senior Stallion Region 3 Reserve Champion Senior Stallion Amateur

Jenson Ofendido VII Ofendida VI Davido MC Poseido V

A Baroque Horse Society Foundation Stallion.

Huerfana Oradora IX

Capitan XIII

For Sale $25,000

Majorio Esterlina Reina Selwood Park Fabiola Octobre Banbury Bosanova Boticaria XV

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at Avalon Farms Andalusians Kay Greenbury 2703 Zenith Dr. Milford, MI 48380 Ph: 248-684-6909 Fax: 248-684-1539 Email: Web Site:

Favorito de la Parra

Owned By: Avalon Farms Andalusians Imported from Spain (in-utero) Bred By: Francisco Lazo Diaz DETAILS: IALHA #: 1438 (S) Foaled: 1989 Color: Homozygous Black, negative for the Bay agouti, negative for cream, pearl and silver. Has primitive markings. Hands: 15.3h Stud Fee: $1000 Purebred/ $800 Other discounted one season contracts available/mutiple mare discounts COMMENTS: Favorito de la Parra (PRE: Favorito LXVIII) was bred in Spain by the famous breeder Paco Lazo and is the half brother of the 1992 National Champion of Spain. His sire was the 1989 Reserve Champion Stallion of Spain. Paco Lazo was famous for the athleticism of his bay and black horses. Favorito de la Parra offers one of the few pure Paco Lazo bloodlines available in the United States. Favorito de la Parra produces offspring competitive in many disciplines - dressage, driving, jumping and eventing. Favorito de la Parra has proven to be one of the more prepotent Andalusian sires in the United States. He consistently stamps his offspring with his calm temperament, substantial bone and athletic ability, along with his performance minded attitude. Favorito produces foals larger than himself. When breeding to Favorito de la Parra, a mare owner is breeding to a known stallion, who can produce solid results. Our multiple championship stallion has competed as high as 4th level in the USDF, as well as being the IALHA National Champion at 3rd level in 1999. Favorito's accomplishments include: 1998 Open Competition High Point Award IALHA USDF Top 10% Overall - 2nd Level

FAVORITO LXVIII Nevado III Poseido V Poseida II Favorito XX Talisman Favorita XVIII Avispada

Nevado III Poseido V Poseida II Lebrijana XI Tangible

1999 IALHA National Champion 3rd Level USDF Top 12% Overall - 3rd Level


Cordobesa XII Ratonera II

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: Noble Horse Farms Contact: Sharon Knight 2364 Newberry Hwy. Saluda, SC 29138 Phone: 803-271-4851 or 803-447-7072 Fax: 954-916-1565 Email: Web Site: Owned By: McDowell Equestrian, Inc. Bred By: Abelardo Morales Puron


DETAILS: Registration #: 0013697 Foaled: 03/14/2001 Color: Grey Hands: 16.3 Stud Fee: $4000 - Approved for Qualified Revision COMMENTS: This two-time National Champion - 2003 National Champion IALHA Colt 2 year old and 2007 National Champion Spanish Stallion 6 year old is of a quality that is seldom exported. He was selected for his dressage potential, physical beauty, presence, size, type and competitive movement. He is a straight mover, with power and three great gaits. This grey stallion's size, balance, correctness of bone and pedigree promise that he will be a breeding improvement sire of unlimited potential. This exceptional 16.3 hand stallion is the son of Elche, SICAB's Best Movement Champion from the legendary Lovera bloodlines in Andalucia, Spain. His work attitude, powerful, elastic movement, outstanding temperament and conformational correctness all contributed to him becoming a Eche Qualified Breeding Stallion for the Pure Spanish Horse in 2007. After being presented to the Qualified Tribunal in September 2007, he became 1 of only 5 Stallions in the United States to hold this prestigious "Qualified" status of the Spanish Royal Decree of Spain. The register of Qualified Reproducers represents horses judged by a Spanish Tribunal to display characteristics favorable for breed improvement. Characteristics include greater height, superior morphological scores, further developed racial characteristics, superior movement, advanced physiological development as determined by a strict veterinary examination, xrays and semen analysis. Hielo MOR is available to approved Pure Spanish Mares via fresh cooled semen with a Live Foal Guarantee for a two-year term. Mares will be Hilaca selected based on the depth of her pedigree, quality of conformation and movement, production records to date and performance history will be considered. We are looking for mares who are good AI semen candidates. Interested mare owners should contact Lisa McDowell immediately, as ten mares will be selected by March 1, 2009. McDowell Equestrian, Inc. is committed to healthy 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory foals and a successful outcome for breeders.

Jerez Salomon Nevada IX

Jardinero V Odisea IV Danzarina II

Flamenco XVIII Jerifiano Ventosa

Ufano V Menesa Limonera VI 25

Standing at: Afinado Andalusians Contact: Jake Gray 10 Penney Lane Columbia Falls, MT. 59912 406-862-8868 , 406-862-8857 Fax: 406-862-8868 Email: or Web Site:

Isidor SG

Owned By: Jake & Erika Gray Bred By: Spanish Gate Andalusians Details: Registration #: 9396(S) Foaled: April 24th 2005 Color: Black (homozygous) Hands: 17 Stud Fee: Full Andalusians $1600 Half Andalusians $ 900 COMMENTS: Isidor SG a grandson of Lebrijano III, never misses a step. He combines the athleticism and impulsion from the rear of the Escalera lines and the size of the Guardiola lines are known for. He has his father’s, Axis/Ingrato IX, perfect temperament and carriage. Isidor’s father Axis is listed in LIMPRE, the Spanish book of merits, which only lists the best of the horses in Spainish history. He is truly a dream come true. He will pass on his size and movement as he is quite tightly line bred back to Escalera lines.

Agente Lebrijano III Ofrenda Axis/Ingrato IX (SPA) Jecomias Ingrata VI Minifalda

Granadino XI 1978 Icastico Atenea IX Chinapa Centella VI Cielita Cafetera 26

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: Corona Real Show Horses Contact: Leigh Anne Romans 12024 E. Easley Road Lee’s Summit, MO 64086 (816) 678-5807 Email: Web Site:

KA Tabasco

Owned By: CR Partners, LLC Bred By: Gloria Hennen DETAILS: Registration #:5825(S) Cria Caballar Revised Foaled: 01/15/2001 Color: Grey Hands: 15h3 Stud Fee: $2000 purebred, $1250 all others Discount for proven mares & multiple mares COMMENTS: Son of Champions, and a Champion himself. He has the high stepping motion of his dam, and the reach of his sire. KA TABASCO’S SHOW RECORD: 2008 National Champion English Pleasure Open 2008 National Champion Show Pleasure Driving Open 2008 Reserve National Champion Show Pleasure Driving Amateur 2007 National Top 5 Andalusian Sr. Stallion 2007 Reserve National Champion Show Hack 2006 National Champion Show Pleasure Driving 2006 National Champion Show Pleasure Driving Amateur 2005 Reserve Grand National Champion Jr. Stallion 2005 National Champion Show Pleasure Driving Jr. Horse 2005 Reserve National Champion Saddle Seat Pleasure Amateur 2005 National Top 5 Saddle Seat Pleasure Jr. Horse His sire, Santiago, is the 2008 USEF 1st place Leading Sire.

Castiblanco III Bruno Amatista Santiago Legionario III Campanera II Garbosa XVIII

Campanero XI Legionario III Legionaria IV Kahlua Temerario V Marguerita Celosa III

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at Selwood Park Stable N3936 County Road NN Elkhorn, WI 53121 Ph: 262-325-0283 Fax: 262-249-8996 E-mail: Website:


Owned by: Gareth A. Selwood 507 Broad Street #121, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Bred by: Donna Hecht DETAILS: IALHA: #1840(S) Foaled: May 11, 1991 Black Bay FOR FIRST 10 MARES BOOKED Stud Fee: $750 Purebred or Halfbred Fresh Cooled or Live COMMENTS: Legado is a National Champion Third Level Dressage Horse. A rare cross of imported and domestic pure Spanish bloodlines, Legado has much to offer the discriminating breeder. US National Champion Third Level Dressage Eastern Regional Champion Stallion Legado is the sire of Lupita Mia out of Lucea and Colorado BA out of Lluvia TG. Both foals may be seen on our website. 2008 Foals by Legado - available for purchase: Tresor ~ bay filly of of Especial BA Lela BA ~ bay filly out of Signeta TCV Lezada BA ~ bay filly out of Zinnia BA Lluviosa BA ~ black filly out of LLuvia TG Marengo ~ black & white pinto Azteca colt out of Sky Bars Marengo

Nostalgico Ganador VIII Gandador IV Dejado II Taco-Taco Dejada II Altamira

2009 Legado foals available out of: Especial BA ~ Despierto x Furiosa A AA Despierta ~ Despierto x Ardorosa Del Greco -(Colt) Sky Bars Marengo (Homozygous pinto mare) Kalinka (American Saddlebred) Princessa (Despierto x Milady In Red) Paola (Palido x Pia) Foundation Stallion.

Jenson Temerario V Temeraria II Lucena V Octobre Caraquita Lucena


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at Ironwood Farms 11412 SW 220th, Vashon, WA 98070 Ph: 206-463-5878 E-mail: Web site:

Marciano De Galileo

Owned by Linda Coldiron Bred by Luis and Anita Alfaro, Spanish Eyes Ranch DETAILS: IALHA: #4008(S) Foaled May 20, 1997 Color: Grey Hands:15.2 Stud Fee; $2,000 Andalusian mares $1,000 Non-Andalusian mares Early booking, multiple mare discounts COMMENTS: An eight-time National Champion with 18 Region One and National titles, Marciano has the classic conformation, dazzling movement and gentle temperament that personifies the Pure Spanish Horse. Descended from Terry and Urquijo legends such as Spanish National Champion Legionario III, multiple Costa Rica National Champion Pinturero XI, and multiple U.S. National Champion Zafiro XX, Marciano adds talent, strength and lightness to any bloodline. After a successful career in the U.S., Marciano went north to Canada in 2008 where he won national championships in every class he entered. Full of fire in the show ring, Marciano is a teddy bear outside the arena and impresses all who meet him with his grace and kindness. Visit Marciano’s website at to see his photos and videos.

Photo by Kenneth Shook



Alegre XX Alegria XL Galileo

SHOW RECORD: 2008 – · Can. Nat’l. Ch. English Show Hack Open · Can. Nat’l. Ch. Best Movement · Can. Nat’l. Ch. Driving 2007 – · U.S. Nat’l. Ch. English Pleasure Saddle Seat Open · U.S. Nat’l. Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Open · U.S. Nat’l. Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Amateur · Nadine Tilley High Point Show Pleasure Driving Horse · Reg.1 Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Open · Reg. 1 Ch. English Pleasure Saddle Seat Open 2006 – (short show season due to illness) · Nadine Tilley High Point Show Pleasure Driving Horse · Reg.1 Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Open · Reg. 1 Ch. English Pleasure Saddle Seat Open 2005 – · U.S. Nat’l. Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Open · U.S. Nat’l. Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Amateur · U.S. Res. Nat’l. Ch. English Pleasure Saddle Seat Open · Reg. 1 Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Open · Reg. 1 Ch. English Pleasure Saddle Seat 2000 – · 2000 Reg. 1 Res. Ch. Show Pleasure Driving Jr. Horse

Pinturero XI Famosa Lunera

Coral_ Zafiro__ Lucena II Amante Impaciente

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Legionario III Mercedes II Pandora 29

Standing at: On Eagles' Wings Farm Contact: Ellin K. Daum 7231 South County Road 825 East Plainfield, IN 46168 Phone: (317) 839-8285 Email: Web Site:


Owned By: Ellin K. Daum Bred By: Fran Lewis DETAILS: Imported Revised by the Cria in Canada Registration #: 2977(S) Foaled: 06/09/95 Color: Gray Hands: 16.1 Stud Fee: $1500 purebreds, $1000 others Shipped semen available. Please contact owner for breeding contract. COMMENTS: Pavon has size, substance and a wonderful temperament which he passes along to his get. He excels in dressage, but could just as easily do well in jumping.


Although very lightly shown and demonstrated we expect Pavon to continue to perform at his best in the coming year.

Ghandy Centella III Maryss Brujo Nemeo Anisada Divina III

Caballeroso De Nevasco Lisonjerio Lisonja III Poco Coqueta Ganosa E Ganosa Maria Juana


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: Selwood Park Stable Gareth A. Selwood N3936 County Road NN, Elkhorn, WI 53121 Ph: 262-325-0283 Fax: 262-249-8996 E-mail: Web site:

Piri Piri

Owned by: Abrazo Andaluz, Inc. Dr. Maria Galgano-Chadha 602 Laurel Heights Drive, Delavan, WI 53115 Ph: 262-728-6719 E-mail: Bred By: Michaela Kleba DETAILS: IALHA #: 7268(P) Foaled: March 10, 1996 Color: Bay Stud Fee: Frozen Semen Only, Private Treaty COMMENTS: Under the exclusive training of Gareth A Selwood and the remarkable talent of top amateur dressage rider Dr Marghie Compton,Piri Piri continues to excell in performance. As a young sire of Dressage/Sport horses he is proving to be as remarkable. His three quarter Andalusian/ Warmblood filly, Piriouette out of the Pinto mare Selwood Park Deneuve is winning National awards in the Dressage Sport Horse Breeding division at major USDF competitions. As a weanling and yearling she was the National champion Half Andalusian DSHB of the Year. Piri’s frozen semen is of commercial grade. AWARDS: 2006 US National Champion Dressage Fourth Level A/A US National Champion Dressage Third Level Open US National Champion Show Hack Amateur US National Top Five Dressage Hack Open US National Top Five Show Hack Open 2005 Gold Medal Movement Champion Senior Stallions IALHA US Top Five Senior Stallion IALHA US Top Five Best Movement Zone 6 PHR Champion Mature Horse DSHB 2004 Cosequin Top Five Senior Stallion (4th) USDF All Breed Champion Third Level Winner & Qualifier 2003 IALHA US Top Five Senior Stallion IALHA US Top Five Best Movement IALHA PSL Specialty SR Stallion (3rd) Region 3 Pre Show SR Champion Stallion Region 3 Pre Show Best movement Champion Cosequin Qualifier at Sorensen Park Champion

Foundation Stallion

Boca-Negra Marialva Xinita Faneco Vidago Baleia Santola

Omiso IOL Vaporosa Suica Onisco Jeovista Dissai

Standing at: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Sarah Hollis 80 Easthampton Rd. Westhampton, MA 01027 Phone: 413-529-2413 Fax: 413-529-2064 Barn: 413-529-0443 Email: Website:


Owned by: Tintagel Enterprises, Ltd. Bred by: Nancy L. Occhipinti DETAILS: IALHA #: 3305(S) PRE Mundial Listed PtHA Spanish-Norman Foundation Sire Foaled : 4/10/96 Color: DNA tested homozygous black, (EEaa) 2009 Stud Fee: $2000 Andalusians $1000 all others Shipped fresh semen. LFG COMMENTS: FORM, FUNCTION & TEMPERAMENT Regaliz is the product of very selective breeding from Spain. Both his parents were imported and selected for their temperaments and dressage capabilities. Regaliz exhibits the classic Spanish traits of athleticism and power from the hindquarter. His ability to crouch, collect and leap is truly staggering to watch. His supreme agility and sculpted, noble looks are only matched by his gentle nature. Regaliz is a true example of the classic old world Pure Spanish horse.

Agente Lebrijano III Ofrenda Axis/Ingrato IX (SPA) Jecomias

OFFSPRING His foals are outstanding with extreme movement and smart, trainable temperaments. Straight legs, short backs, compact form and powerful movement, are just some of the traits he is passing on. Regaliz is so consistent he always shortens a back and strengthens a hind end. These qualities make him a perfect match for many Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods who want to add adjustability into their longer framed mares. His foals have won USDF Horse of the Year Awards in the Sport Horse divisions, Regional open titles and breed ring championships as well. He has sired successful dressage horses to successful reining horses; supreme athleticism for any discipline. Regaliz’s grandkids are now on the ground and proving his solid genetics with their incredible looks and gentle quick minds.

Ingrata VI Minifalda

Amoroso VII 1967 Eclipse III Desenvuelta II Samba 3

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Lenguaje Lebrera XI Lenita 31

Standing at Owl's Nest Farm Contact: Cheryl Person 15702 Wildwood Trace Magnolia, TX 77354 Phone: 281-356-5043 Email: Web Site:


Owned By: Cheryl and Mike Person Bred By: Cortijo Santa Maria de Los Alamares DETAILS: Registration #: 6572(P) Foaled: March 1, 1998 Color: Homozygous Black (Ea) Hands: 16.2 Stud Fee: $1,800 / $1,200. COMMENTS: Rumbero was imported in utero from the farm of Pablo Caetano in Portugal to Mexico and later imported by Owl's Nest Farm to Texas. His grand dam, Quieta, also sired Xaquiro who is the most sought after sire of dressage horses in Portugal with an offspring even making it to the Hong Kong Olympics. Rumbero is APSL approved. Rumbero has super extension and suspension and 3 very good gaits. Grand Prix Dressage is in his future. He is consistently passing these traits on to his foals, as well as super easy to get along with temperaments, straight legs, short backs, beautiful heads, and powerful dancer-type movement. Photos of his foals are on our website.

Maravilha Ufano II Jagra Altivo Estribilho Quieta Jogada

Martini Vermute Poja Lancha Tuisca Fragata Aguada 32

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at Shangrila Farm P.O.Box 520 Citra, Florida 32113 Ph. 352 591 6088 Cell 352 304 9010 Fax 352 591 2694 Web:

Veneno Imperial

Owned By Robert and Carolyn Crum Bred By Haras Imperial, Brasil. Details foaled: 2002 Reg.# 11130(P) Color: Buckskin Hands: 15.3 Stud Fees: $2,000/$1,000 COMMENTS: Veneno is a magnificent imported Buckskin colored Lusitano stallion of exceptional movement, conformation and character. Recently imported from Brazil, his bloodlines are much sought after the world over. His legendary sire, Othelo do Retiro ( by Dardo IIVI), is one of Eduardo Fischer’s Flagship sires and is well known as one of the worlds Best Perlinos. Pantera HI, his, dam has an equally impressive pedigree as her sire is the famous Afiancado Do Flandes Sire of Mistral do Top among others. Veneno has begun his show career in the US and His future looks bright in halter and performance. Visit our web site and view his video and photos He will be sure to sire your next Champion!

Zimbro II Dardo II-VI Saltadora II OTHELO DO RETIRO Quimond Harpa II Doninha

Ufano II Afiancado de Flandes Iva PANTERA HI Cryptogamico Cortesa Fidalga 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at: Go For Baroque Farm Contact: Sharon Gerl 3703 Garden Ave. Springfield,OR 97478 Ph: 541-726-3872 Fax: 541-747-4840 Email: Website:

Venturoso HM

Owned By: Sharon Gerl Bred By: Jose Carlos Garcia DETAILS: Registration #: 8752 P Foaled: December 10, 2001 Color: Palomino Hands: 16.2 EVA negative APSL approved Stud Fee: $2,000 Lusitano / Andalusion $1,000 All Others 10% discount for early booking COMMENTS: Do you want to add color, substance and athleticism to your breeding program? Venturoso provides that and more. Besides his correct confirmation and gaits, his mellow temperament comes through to his foals. Making them not only beautiful but lovable and very easy to work with. Venturoso is a stunning buttermilk Palomino imported from Brazil. He is the grandson of the accomplished Afiancado de Flandres. He has incredible presence, confirmation and straight balanced movement matched with a marvelous gentle disposition. All of which he passes on to his progeny. Venturoso received his Portuguese approval with the highest score of his revision exam. He has shown his aptitude for dressage by winning numerous first places on the California circuit and being USDF Lusitano Horse of the Year at Training Level. At the national IALHA show he received a Best Movement award and was Reserve Champion Junior Lusitano Stallion. He is currently starting his jumping career. He will be available for a few select mares in 2009. AWARDS: Reserve Grand National Champion Junior PSL Stallion Gold Medal for Best Movement First Place USDF Breed Award Training Level Open 2006

Ufano II Afiancado De Flandes Iva Mistral Do Top Babel Justica Do Top Marquesa

Maquim Aluado Namorada Sissy Da Estrela Jaquetao Xira Meirinha


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Standing at: SWAN CREEK FARMS BOX 296 LAMONT, ALBERTA T0B 2R0 Phone: 780-895-7772 Fax: 780-895-7707 Email: Web Site:

Xadrez Do Pentagono

Owned By: SWAN CREEK FARMS DETAILS: Registration #: ABPSL, IALHA Foaled: November 7, 2002 Color: PERLINO Hands: Stud Fee: $1000 (CAD) IALHA,PRE or PSL mares. $750 Draft IALHA 1/2 $500 OTHERS COMMENTS: Imported by, owned and trained by SWAN CREEK farms. Xadrez is by Donaire, one of the top Isabel stallions in Brazil. Donaire himself is a son of the black bullfighting stallion Quimono to which Xadrez has 2 crosses to. “Shads,” as he is known, is quickly learning English and is wonderful around the mares, foals and other stallions.We have yet to see another of his Extremely Traditional build move the way he does! Now just starting his driving we have plans to drive him double with our other imported Perlino stallion this coming year. Color tested EeAaCrCr, Shads will sire not only Top Quality foals but also foals of traditional build in Palomino, Buckskin or Smoky Black. With both parents being double cream dilutes, Shads will never sire a grey foal unless he is bred to a grey mare. Due to his excellent pedigree and strong line breeding, his foals should be nothing less then spectacular! What SUCANDI in Brazil says : “He is sweet and concentrated. And he is a very typical lusitano. Mr. Jose, (brought first lusitanos to Brazil in 1972 and has worked over 800 lusitanos since,) told me that Xadrez is the first cremello he is working with and he really likes him. Honestly, as written to you before, that is the only cremello lusitano we have seen in years where we think he is functional, beautiful...he has very good stud quality for breeding typical lusitanos…unlike many Isebel stallions we come across Xadrez is very docile. He stands 15.3hands.” However, Swan Creek has confirmed Shads is indeed a PERLINO and not Cremello.

Imperdor Quimono Calabria Donaire Unicado Garota Gaivota

Quimono Dito Unida Stef VA Paragrafo Do Top Navarra HM Cinderela Smar

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory


Standing at Selwood Park Stable Gareth A. Selwood N3936 County Road NN Elkhorn, WI 53121 Ph: 262-325-0283 Fax: 262-249-8996 E-mail: Web site:

Zafiro BA

Owned By: Steven & Erin Whalen Bred By: Paul Bricco/Bricco Andalusians DETAILS: Registration Number: 6493 (S/P) Foaled: 2002 Color: Dark Bay Hands: 16hh Stud Fee: $750 COMMENTS: This junior stallion has spectacular movement and flawless conformation. Both of his parents are National Champions in Performance and Halter. Zafiro has a gentle disposition and is the perfect "lady's horse" for his petite amateur owner. He is very versatile under saddle, winning titles in Junior Horse in several divisions. Zafiro was the Supreme Champion Purebred Andalusian at the 2005 Baroque Horse Show Classic and repeated this honor at the 2007 Region 3 Pre-Show. Additional wins include: 2007

2006 2005 2004

National Top Five Stallion - Amateur To Handle National Top Five Spanish/Portuguese Senior Stallion National Top Five Vintage Rider Amateur Nat’l Top Five Country Pleasure Jr Horse Region 3 Reserve Champion Best Movement Region 3 Reserve Champion Senior Stallion Region 3 Champion Stallion - Amateur To Handle Region 3 Top Five Hunt Seat Jr. Horse USEF Jr. Horse Performance Division for Region 3 US Nat’l Champion S/P Jr. Stallion US Nat’l Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Futurity US Nat’l Champion S/P Jr. Colt

A Baroque Horse Society Foundation Stallion.

Sagres Despierto Loendreira I Desperado C Zafiro Amelia Fansa III

Coral Zafiro Lucena II Zinnia Legionario III Mercedes II Pandora

Designed by Rahn Greimann


2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Gamarro-Font is a super sweet and IMPORTED BLACK stallion. His father is Habanero LXXXVI is a premiere show stallion in Spain, who has won 8 golds in the last couple years, and a bronze for dressage at SICAB (Spainish Championships). His pedigree includes the most important horses for dressage including Ganador VIII Grand sire of Ladina who is the sire of 2 time USA national champion Navarre GF. Gamarro is the grandson of Ermitano III who many consider to whose functionality (movement) trait is passed on very well. We are reluctant to let this one go, and will not if we sell another horse. (406) 862-8868

Torero-Siempre is imported from Spain. He is the son of Torero XI, who is the Movement Champion of Spain 1999 and just won a silver at SICAB for Grand-prix dressage. He is the greatgrandson of Macanuo the J.L.Escalera stallion who is the Champion of Spain 1999, and foundation stallion of Yeguada Senillosa. Macanua Champion Mare of Spain from Maria Escalera is also a relative. Torero is exquisitely balanced, and very flashy, moves like a dream. $13,000 we deliver free 2000 miles, (406) 862-8868(406) 862-8868

JARO XXIV a stunning grey IMPORTED stallion is a descendent of Legionario XIX. Legionario XIX’s offspring dominated all Spanish Championships in 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. His son Urdidor III was the 2000 Absolute and movement Champion of Spain. Grandson Urdidor VII Champion of Spain 2003, Granddaughter JA-JA-JA Champion mare of Spain 2003 and young champion 2001. Granddaughter Hindu was the Champion Mare of Spain 2002 and 2000. Granddaugter Impia II Champion mare of Spain 2001, and granddaughter Machaquita young Champion mare of Spain 2003. Jaro is a unique opportunity to acquire a descendent of the most important sire, who sadly passed in 2003. (406) 862-8868 2009 IALHA Stallion Directory



Valeroso VII

Compa単ero III

(Zamorano XI x Escodida II) Exceptional PRE Stallion imported from Spain Grey, 16.2H. Most recent title for this multi-Champion: 2008 PRE Functionality Test Champion @ The Fiesta of the Spanish Horse Show. Impressive movement, charismatic expression and correct confirmation. Stud Fee: $2500 Contact Valerie Vilardi: (714) 715-5953

(Bolero LVIII x Doradita VIII) Beautiful 2003 PRE Black Stallion 16H. This versatile, future Champion has it all: an Outstanding temperament, Nice gaits suitable for any discipline, Strong bone structure and a Stunning face. Stud Fee: $2500. Contact Valerie Vilardi: (714) 715-5953

2009 IALHA Stallion Directory

Legacy’s Conquistador Del Sol Black Andalusian Stallion, 16.2 hands Cria Caballar Revised DNA Morpho Tested Homozygous – Black IALHA Registered



Photos © (Aurora Boyington)


09 Andalusian-Lusitano Stallion Directory  

Official Stallion Directory for the International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association. This directory includes some of the world best...

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