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about the course and pace of time Curated by Iliyana Nedkova


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Preview 10am-7pm Sat 3 Mar 07 Exhibition Daily 10am-7pm until Fri 11 May 07

Wave =�a long canvas of 22 flat screens in a row under the copper-clad dome


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Enjoy 10 short films in a continuous 2 hour loop day and night with brief intermission in neon blue between each film in the following order: Faces of Perth David Hay Time can mark people’s faces in incredible ways. Enjoy the performative nature of portraiture through a mosaic of studio-style portraits taken at the artspace from the Provost to the Big Issue seller. Masque John Butler (Homage to Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death and Lev Manovich’s ‘database narrative’) Time is money and horror suggests this 3D visualisation of an Occult Transaction Space. A story where the Prime Contractors map out the rules of engorgement. A Day in the Life of the Sun Michael Windle Superb time-lapse photography, condensing 24 hours in a single continuous shot over 22 screens and 4 minutes. Counting Down Until the End of Time Lei Cox Time is stretched out to infinity and white noise according to this giant digital clock gone out of control Beginning Ending Michael Windle + Brian Cope A cinematic journey through time partly inspired by Anne Frank’s Diary and the tradition of the performance art for camera. 360 Degrees Dalziel + Scullion A detailed study of our cyclical relationship with time and nature taking you on round trip of the Black Wood of Ranoch. From Our Own Correspondent Dan Perjovschi Relive the major events of 2005 with our artist-correspondent reporting from London, Istanbul, Venice and Paris. Much Better Than This Rafaël Rozendaal Time, love and computers all bear infinite number of possibilities as seen in this seductive love story. The Moon and the Oceans Henna Assikainen + Silvana Macedo + Reza Tavakol Tell the time at night as the ancients did by reading the Moon’s faces and the tidal coastline. deStructures Prema Murthy Historical time and demographics appear as a living, breathing body of 3D data rather than boring graphs in this map of New York.

Welcome = interactive soundscape doorway of 16 sensors and 8 speakers Time Machines Matt Green Taking inspiration from Star Trek and 1980s sci-fi Green allows you to move at warp speed to your destination. Walk through to ‘teleport’ yourself with a distinct musical tone. Stay on, to activate the audio sensors and hear the tic-toc of many antique time devices. From cuckoo clocks to church bells, the number of chimes is relative to the number of people in the building. Green’s time machine can also broadcast the actual year and date only to decrease or increase with each of your comings or goings. Or go far into the future -– with sonic references from The Blade Runner and a classic ‘vocoder’ effect of the voice.

Threshold artspace is Scotland’s first dedicated gallery for digital public art, with nine unique spaces presenting a varied programme of artists’ films, videos, games, text, photography, performance, light, sound and software art.

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5HZ UK 1 H P h t Per Street l il M s s o o cr ecr all Hors .uk H t r e c o on Perth C o@horsecross.c e c a p s t f in ld ar Thresho) 845 612 6322 0044 (0


Stage =�a playground for live art with larger-than-life projections, a camera and a screen left of the wave First Person Beverley Hood A first person shooter game minus the time and score display. No violence, either. Instead, explore the self-portrait of the artist as an avatar – a cross between Lara Croft and Buffy who meet at the Threshold artspace itself. SILENTcity: Taipei Nicolas Marechal + Chou Shengfang Lose your sense of time within this lyrical video essay about growing up in the Taiwanese city of Taipei. Ten chapters play at random. Weather Gauge Thomson + Craighead Tune in the live rhythm of time and space. Marvel at numerical data harvested in real time from 150 Internet weather stations around the globe. Sun Clock Olle Essvik Follow the sun as it rises and sets over Perth in real time day after day. Download this constantly moving painting for your mobile phone from Glenlandia. The Four Seasons Susan Collins Own an exclusive print signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 20 – £200 each or £700 for a set of 4 unframed.

Flush = a trail of 8 small screens tucked away in the public toilets Just a Minute! various international artists from network Eleven ultra short films – from the romance of two pairs of shoes to the duel between the high heels and the boots; from an unusual game of chess to the mystery in the Bermuda Triangle; from a spoof commercial to a couple of works set in…toilets.

FREE Threshold artspace events at a glance 4 Feb – 11 May 07 daily 10am–7pm Time group exhibition 5+12 Mar+16 Apr+7 May 07 2pm Iliyana Nedkova Curator’s Tours 12 May 07 10am-7pm Horizon – Preview of Horsecross Esmee Fairbairn Commission by Claude Closky 13 May – 12 Oct 07 daily 10am–7pm Body Language group exhibition 19 May 07 10am-7pm Catch + NearHear2 – Preview of two new works by Su Grierson

Book Now 12 May 07 9pm-1am audiosupper + mishmash: new cafe club nights with pioneering artists, DJs and VJs. £5 + Big Night Out Offer 21 Jul 07 4-7pm The Wicker Man Robin Hardy + Artist’s Remix Chris Dooks £4.50 or £3.50 cons + Big Night Out Offer

The works featured in Time are produced by Horsecross for the Threshold artspace in partnership with all the artists | 55degrees | Perthshire Photographic Society | Golley Slater | MAP Magazine | ISIS Arts | ARC Projects | Anne Barlow | | The University of Dundee and Edinburgh College of Art Supported by Perth and Kinross Council | Scottish Arts Council | European Cultural Foundation and Scottish National Party



360 Degrees Dalziel + Scullion A detailed study of our cyclical relationship with time and nature taking you on round trip of the Black Wood...

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