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Friday Grand  Prix  Series   $15,000 Weekly 1.40 Meter Grand Prix USEF Level 2 Jumper Only Shows

Single Class In Gate Open : 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Times Can be Scheduled for Your Convenience $15,000 Prize Money Paying to 8th Place for 10 weeks

January 11th, 18th, 25th February 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd March 1st, 8th, 15th

Featuring the $24,750 Grand Prix Series Finale Saturday, March 23rd Open to  All,  however,  riders  who  compete  in  8  of  our  10  events     will  be  eligible  to  compete  with  no  entry  fee  in  our  series  finale.     Rider  Bonus  awards  for  the  highest  placed  riders  who  have  competed    in  a  minimum  of  seven  events  throughout  the  series.   -­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­-­  

to be held at The Ridge at Wellington 14415 Palm Beach Point Blvd. • Wellington, Florida 33414 Show Phone: 561-791-1471 • Show Fax: 561-791-1543 Email:

Manager Craig Bergmann


Veterinarian Left Bank Equine 561-762-3057 / 561-319-2576

Secretary Bobbi Badgley Farrier James Burrell 954-445-6271

January 11th    Judge:  Pamela  Rush,  Jacksonville,  FL                                  Course  Designer:    Pierre  Jolicoeur,  Wellington,  FL   Steward:  Lindy  Esau,  Encinitas,  CA                                                                                          Steward:  Dana  Frank,  Piedomnt,  OK    

January  18th  

Judge:  Christina  Schlusemeyer,  Ocala,  FL                      Course  Designer:    Jackie  Leemon,  Wellington,  FL   Steward:    George  Uniss,  Branchville,  NJ                                                                            Steward:  Dana  Frank,  Piedmont,  OK    

January 25th  

Judge:  Pamela  Rush,  Jacksonville,  FL                                          Course  Designer:    Eric  Hasbrouck,  N.  Salem,  NY   Steward:    Clinton  Hamilton,  Ocala,  FL                                                                                    Steward:  Dana  Frank,  Piedmont,  OK    

February 1st  

Judge: Christina  Schlusemeyer,  Ocala,  FL                                                                                                                            Course  Designer:    TBA   Steward:  Clinton  Hamilton,  Ocala,  FL                                    Schooling  Supervisor:  Dana  Frank,  Piedmont,  OK    

February 8th    

Judge:  Julie  Castle                                                                                                  Course  Designer:    Conrad  Holmfield,  Wellington,  FL   Steward:  Pamela  Rush,  Jacksonville,  FL                            Schooling  Supervisor:  Dana  Frank,  Piedmont,  OK    

February 15th    

Judge:  Julie  Castle,  Wellington,  FL                                                                                                                                                      Course  Designer:    TBA   Steward:  Pamela  Rush,  Jacksonville,  FL                          Schooling  Supervisor:  Dana  Frank,  Piedmont,  OK    

February 22nd  

Judges:    Lisa  Forman,  Pompano  Beach,  FL  &  Julie  Castle,  Wellington,  FL                                                                   Course  Designer:    TBA            Steward:    TBA            Schooling  Supervisor:    TBA    

March 1st  

Judges:  Lisa  Forman,  Pompano  Beach,  FL  &  Julie  Castle,  Wellington,  FL                                                                   Course  Designer:    TBA            Steward:    TBA            Schooling  Supervisor:    TBA  

March  8th  

Judges:  Lisa  Forman,  Pompano  Beach,  FL  &  Julie  Castle,  Wellington,  FL                                                                   Course  Designer:    TBA            Steward:    TBA            Schooling  Supervisor:    TBA    

March 15th  

Judge: Julie  Castle,  Wellington,     Course  Designer:    TBA            Steward:    TBA            Schooling  Supervisor:    TBA  

Series  Finale  –  Saturday,  March  23rd    

Judges:  Lisa  Forman,  Pompano  Beach,  FL  &  Julie  Castle,  Wellington,  FL   Steward:  Clinton  Hamilton,  Ocala,  FL       Corse  Designer:    TBA                                                                                        Schooling  Supervisor:  TBA  

The Ridge @ Wellington - USEF Level 2 – Jumper Only Shows


Schooling Ring: 100 ft. by 180 ft.

1/11/13 #329155 . 1/18/13 # 330512 . 1/25/13 #330513 . 2/1/13 #330514 2/8/13 # 330515 . 2/15/13 #330516 . 2/22/13 # 330517 . 3/1/13 #330518 3/8/13 #330520 . 3/15/13 #330521 . 3/23/13 #330527

Show Ring: 245ft by 160 ft.

Both rings are sand and fine mixed all weather footing

Grand Prix Field – 550ft by 200ft


Pre-entries will be accepted until 12:00 noon the Tuesday before each show. Entries received after 12 noon the Tuesday before the show will be charged a $50 post entry fee. 3. All riders must wear proper attire and protective head gear at all times while mounted. 4. The Ridge Farm, its employees or owners, Nona Garson, George D’Ambrosio, or any member of the show committee will not be held responsible for any accident, loss, theft or damage at the show. It shall be the condition of every exhibitor to hold the same blameless or harmless for any accident or loss. 5. The committee reserves the right to cancel, combine, or substitute classes at their discretion. 6. Schooling will be permitted only in areas provided by the committee and back numbers must be issued and worn. 7. A jump order will be established at the in gate with the starter. 8. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. 9. Sharps containers will be located in the secretary stand. 10. A $25.00 EMT fee will be charged to all entries as well as a $25 office fee. Standard USEF fees will apply. 11. The Class Fee will be $350 and the Nominating Fee will be $50 for the Friday Series. For the Series Finale, the entry fee will be $500 with a $100 Nominating fee. The Finale is open to all. Please note: if a horse/rider combination enters in 8 of the 10 event weeks, the combination will be eligible to compete in the Series Finale and pay no entry fee. 12. To be eligible for rider bonus awards, the rider must have competed in a minimum of seven shows in the series. The “Series Finale” can be counted as the seventh show. 13. Prize money will be paid following the show and will not apply to entry charges. 14. All entries not paid at the horse show will incur a $100.00 late payment fee. 15. Credit cards may be used to secure entries, but are not accepted for account settlement. $100.00 fee will be charged for any non-negotiable checks. 16. Every class offered herein which is covered by the rules and specifications of the current USEF Rulebook will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith. 17. Stalls as available will be 10’ by 10’ temporary stalls with doors.

Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allow them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicle as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent(s), legal guardian(s), or individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation. Violations of this rule will be cause for sanctions against the parent(s), an/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) from the competition grounds for the remainder of the competition and charges being filed against any of the above individuals in the accordance with Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from the rule. (updated 2012) Life, senior active and junior active members shall be eligible to participate in all classes at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions at the Preliminary Level or above and Combined Driving competitions at the Advanced Level. Dressage, Reining and Vaulting Competitions and Endurance Rides. A nonmember may participate as a handler, rider, driver, owner, lessee, agent, coach or trainer at Regular Competitions, Eventing Competitions, Dressage competitions, Reining Competitions and Combined Training Competitions upon payment of $30.00 nonmember registration fee. Participants in the following classes are exempted from the )Requirements of the this rule: 1) Lead line 2 exhibitions 3) games and races 4) Classes for –H members 5) Walk trot and academy classes (academy classes are classes limited to horses used regularly in a lesson program) 6) USDF introductory level test, pas de deux and quadrille classes 7) NRHA Endorsed Reining Competitions of 8) Opportunity classes 9) citizens of other nations who have proof, in English, of own National Federation 10) USEA beginner novice division, And 11) assistant handlers in Dressage Sport Horse Breeding classes. Ec 7/21/08 Effective 12/1/0

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Class Descriptions     Class  101       $15,000  1.40  Meter  Grand  Prix     Nominating  Fee:  $50       Entry  Fee:  $350   The  class  will  be  run  as  an  open  card  beginning  at  8:00AM  and  concluding   at  4:30  PM.    The  gate  will  be  open,  however  times  may  be  obtained  by   request.    To  request  and  confirm  a  specific  start  time  for  a  horse/rider   combination,  the  show  office  may  be  contacted  directly  at  561-­‐791-­‐1471.  

January  11th              January  18th              January  25th(*)     February  1st              February  8th              February  22nd     March  1st                March  15th(*)   The  show  dates  above  will  be  run  as     Table  2,  Section  2b  –  Time  First  Jump  Off       February  15th(*)            March  8th  

The two  show  dates  above  will  be  run  as   Table  2,  Section  1  –  Time  First  Round  

(*)  Class  will  be  run  on  the  Grand  Prix  field  as  footing  and  conditions  permit  

Ribbons and  Prize  Money  Awarded  to  8th  Place   $5000,  $3400,  $2500,  $1500,  $1000,  $750,  $500,  $350  

SERIES  FINALE   Saturday,  March  23rd   Class  201       $24,750  1.40  Meter  Grand  Prix     Nominating  Fee:  $100       Entry  Fee:  $500   Open  to  All,  however,  if  a  horse/rider  combination  enters  in     8  of  the  10  event  weeks,  the  combination  will  be  eligible  to  compete  in  the     Series  Finale  and  pay  no  Entry  Fee.  

This class  will  be  run  under  the  same  “open  gate”  format  as  the  Friday  Series.  

Table 2,  Section  2b  –  Time  First  Jump  Off      Class  will  be  run  on  the  Grand  Prix  Field  as  footing  and  conditions  permit  

Ribbons and  Prize  Money  Awarded  to  10th  Place   $8000,  $5100,  $3150,  $2500,  $2000,  $1500,  $1000,  $500,  $500,  $500  

          The Ridge @ Wellington is conveniently located at the end of Stables Way off of 50th Street in the heart of the Wellington equestrian community. The farm is within hacking distance to the WEF Show Grounds and day stalls can be obtained for ease of coordination for riders and staff members. DIRECTIONS: FROM FLORIDA TURNPIKE: Take the exit for Lake Worth Road West. Continue approximately 6 miles to South Shore Blvd. Make a left on South Shore Blvd. Continue to the stop sign at 50th Street. Make Right onto 50th Street. Continue to Stables Way and make a right. Continue to the end of the Stables Way and make a left on Palm Beach Point Blvd. to the parking entrance on the right. FROM ROUTE 95: Take the exit for Forest Hill Blvd West. Continue to South Shore Blvd. Make a left onto South Shore. Continue straight at light at Pierson Road and again straight through the intersection at Lake Worth Road, to the stop sign at 50th Street. Make a Right onto 50th Street. Continue to Stables Way and make a right. Continue to the end of Stables Way and make Left on Palm Beach Point Blvd to the parking entrance on the right.


The Rdge Farm 2013 Grand Priz Series Prizelist  

prizelist for Ridge Farm Grand Prix Series

The Rdge Farm 2013 Grand Priz Series Prizelist  

prizelist for Ridge Farm Grand Prix Series