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Opposite: Kent Farrington (USA) and Voyeur; Animo crystal studded pockets. This page (clockwise from top-left): Betram Allen and Quiet Easy take a victory lap after narrowly beating #1 in the world Scott Brash; McLain Ward (USA), Patrice Delaveau (FRA) and Christian Ahlmann (GER) on the podium thrones; Sheikh Ali Bin Khalid Al Thani (QAT) and First Devision; Ringmaster Extraordinaire Pedro Cebulka

Early in one of the 5* classes, Qatar’s Sheikh Ali Bin Khalid Al Than had a super ride and took his turn in a cushy podium chair. But when asked about his position in a podium interview, he humbly stated “I won't be here long.” Correct in his prediction, with the competitive 5* riders that followed, the Sheikh was dethroned. “For the Sheikh to state he wouldn't be there long...that was funny,” Archer added. “You see someone go quite fast and think that’s the surefire winner, and then another rider comes in and beats the time. It was incredible to watch that level of competition.” 5* INSPIRATION The Longines Masters experience is inspirational to any aspiring equestrian, whether competing or in the audience. “Having all the top riders there – the top 30 in the world – it's rare to get the opportunity to show at the same venue – you can feel that. It raises the standard. It's the top of the sport – if you want to play you have to be ready,” said Hannah Selleck, winner of the 2* Canadian october/november ·


Horse & Style Magazine Oct/Nov 2015  
Horse & Style Magazine Oct/Nov 2015