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the communities that they traveled through. It wasn’t a question of if Felix would get involved, it was simply how. Felix and Chikiama joined forces in 2008, with her handling bookings and researching lodges from her office in California, and he coordinating the guides and trips on the ground in Tanzania. With her riding background, Felix quickly gravitated to the riding safaris.

The Ultimate Rush

“People are surprised at the extreme poverty; how little people have and what they live with,” says Felix. “Culturally, it is a world away from us, and the driving force behind me getting involved in Real Life Adventure Travel was wanting to give back. The more awareness we can bring to people outside Africa, the better the world will be for all of us.”

Felix’s mission is to help visitors get emerged in the cultures they’re visiting. On horseback especially, people can access areas that a vehicle can not go, The more awareness we can bring giving them an intimate experience with the landscape, the wildlife, and the locals.

“To be able to get that close to the animals and be a part of them is really what the horseback riding safari is all about,” she to people outside Africa, the better explains. “You can feel the hooves on the the world will be for all of us. “For many people, going to Africa is like ground, you can hear them snorting. It’s a bucket list thing for them,” adds Felix. an incredible experience to be able to “I love helping them create that dream.” get that close. There’s nothing like that first rush of galloping on a horse in the middle of a herd of zebra and Bottom left: Felix competing with her jumper Casanova at the Sonoma Horse wildabeests.” Park in California

But among all that exotic excitement is the cold hard fact that Tanzania is in the bottom 10 percent of countries in the world in terms of poverty. Real Life Adventure Travel works to fund programs such as sewing schools for young girls, and hand picks the lodges that they use on safari in order to find others who are giving back to their local communities. They work closely with the Minister of Health for the Moshi Catholic Diocese. And they dedicate 20% of their profits back to African communities.

Below, above left: “When you’re on a horse (in Africa) it’s a totally different perspective,” says Felix. “It’s a sheer adrenaline rush.”

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