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gly, scrawny old sorrel with 3 hairs in his forelock. He also was a biter. But he was responsive, fast and never spooked. He was perfect for parades! Welcome to the

Gift Guide

by Horse & Driver.

About the cover: the photo is of the 76 Carriage Company driver, Abe Chappelle and horse Bubba, with Santa Claus, Julie Andrews and her daughter. Contents (what you will see)

Survey Results WCC Carriages About the Winner Not Another Tie

Transcontinental Horse Drawn Journey

Christmas Carriage Rides Treats 4 Your Horse (Recipes) Embarassing Moments

Letter from the Publisher... I dreamed of horses before I really knew one. At eight years old I began writing short stories about super horses that could do amazing things. I later met a few. But before I met those horses, I had to make do with what I had. I was very creative and had many dolls. I dressed them in their finest clothes and put them in and on everything I could find with wheels. I organized them along the swing set in order of beauty and size. I also loved dogs. I asked the neighbors to pay me a quarter to walk them. Most of them were older and not very active. I decided the dogs would make a great addition to my parade. I recruited my sister, Elena, and we tried to get my mom and dad to help us take the vehicles around the block. They refused. So I found some rope and tied the strollers together. It went well but became too tangled and much too slow. We looked like a Dennis the Mennis episode. It was not long before I found a use for the two worn out horse halters from

Red Rider Wagon the garage. I strapped them to our two highly contained, extremely energetic Brittany Spaniels. I tied the halters to my Red Rider Wagon (harness style) so the dogs could lead my extensive stroller parade. I tied them to the swing set while I found a helmet for my sister. With my dolls in tow, my 5-yearold sister reluctantly climbed into the wagon. I gave her the handle. “Don’t let the steering wheel turn or you’ll flip” I said as I released the dogs. Dolls went flying. Elena never rode again. I realized speed was the enemy in this event so I began running out the dog’s energy before I tied them to the wagon. I soon worked out a system that allowed me to climb in the wagon after we got started. The smarter of the two dogs hopped in behind me and that was the perfect amount of weight to control the wagon. It became a daily exercise we all enjoyed, except poor Elena. In movies, they call this foreshadowing. I believe we are born with a passion and a dream. Parades will always be my favorite. At 17 I got a job driving carriages in downtown Fort Worth. What a life! I later drove in the Stockyards, Dallas, McKinney, East Texas and finally in Northern California. I have driven more than 100 horses. My favorites were not usually the prettiest. In fact, my absolute favorite horse was an old Standardbred pacer named Red. He was a scrag-

Many of you will join a parade this season. Here are a few things I suggest. 1) Know your route (especially how you get back to the trailer after the parade) 2) Take one skilled helper per horse 3) Give yourself plenty of time 4) Do not bridle until you are completely ready to hitch 5) Do not tie the halter around the horses neck and then to the trailer. Put the halter back over the bridle if you must 6) Never tie your horse while he is hooked to a carriage 7) Musicians know nothing about horses (usually), especially the high school percussion section 8) Horses walk faster than the Lions Club in their mini cars 9) If your horse is being anxious stay back from the float ahead of you (even though they are asking you to tighten things up) 10) If the situation seems dangerous find your nearest exit route or don’t even start! 11) Ask your grooms to talk to, pet and calm your horse if they are too anxious. Safety is paramount. 12) Do not trust that you can unbridle without a rope around the horses neck (even if he never moves at home) 13) If you have to travel on dark streets alone have an escort vehicle with their flashers on, 10 feet behind you (in case they are hit) Am I Paranoid? Not hardly! Parades are my favorite because I take time to plan. You can perfect your collected walk, work on stopping and standing for extended periods of time with many distractions and show off your beautiful animals. We all have a “first drive” story and I am so proud of mine. Please share your stories with Charolette Orr at 2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 3



he dual missions of Horse & Driver are to increase the popularity of driving in the United States and improve acceptable safety standards through education. To accomplish these goals we must learn about drivers in the United States. We sent out survey requests through social media, e-mail campaigns and driving list serves we all use. A few wonderful people came forward to sponsor the entire survey project and a few businesses offered to donate prizes. Throughout the magazine you will see the results of our first survey. We learned some fun and amazing things about your driving preferences. We must confess, due to the fact that we are all volunteers, this survey was not conducted using a comprehensive data analysis program. We are hoping one day a person qualified in guiding us in a quantitative research survey will come forward. For now, this is just for fun and may give us some insight into what the drivers who had time to take this survey had to tell us about their favorites. Once the question of what type of driving was determined the next questions went down rabbit trails to specific questions regarding the style.

Who took the Survey? 80.7% female 55.6% 50-65

What? Who? 21.8% 31-49 15.1% 66-79 4.6% 18-30 1.7% 17 or under 0.4% over 80

What they prefer to drive:

35% Combined Driving 3.9% Commercial Driving 1.7% Farming/Logging 10.7% Pleasure Driving 25.8% Recreational Driving 4.7% Distance driving, wagon trains, trail driving 6% other

6.9% Breed/Harness Events 3.0% Wagons & Sleighs- Pleasure & Competitive 2.1% Coaches & Hitches (4 or more)

Want Updates? Sign up at

2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 5

Elegant and Exciting Complement to Your Special Day Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Uniquely Memorable .

We can not thank Bob Cook of WCC Carriages enough. We told him about our desires to grow the driving community and he was more than ready to help! Bob is progressive and has high hopes for Horse & Driver! Thanks Bob! Please visit Bob Cook at one of the many events he attends or check out the website There are multiple distributors across the United States listed on the website

Daughter & Dealer: Cindy Cook O’Reilly is now available for horse driving lessons and clinics. The image below is Cindy O’Reilly driving “Hunter’s Creek Farm Team” of black crossbred mares in the selection trial for the WEG 2010.( World Equestrian Games 2010 ). Cindy successfully competed and was sixth in the world presentation, 20th overall and was the top ranked for woman at WEG 2010. Cindy was the second person in history to compete in the WEG team horse competition with a team of all mares. Prince Philip was the first person to do this driving the Queens mares.

Reliable and Professional

Parties & Corporate Weddings Funerals Special Events Carriage Events Movies & Films Call us: 209-986-3096 All Seasons Carriage Company, Inc. For the Seasons of your life

Treat Yourself to Summer Camp!

Treat yourself to inexpensive 6-day driving camps devoted to recreational and competition equine drivers at CanDrive. Driving and driving lessons, demonstrations and clinics are only part of the CanDrive driving camps because there is so much more: scheduled trips to natural hot springs, driving beautiful trails in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and getting together with fellow driving enthusiasts - plus much more! Each camp will host 50-55 turnouts so you will be part of a group of 80-90 people [drivers, friends and helpers] Highlighting the camps are a series of clinics, demonstrations and driving lessons featuring prominent clinicians and driving experts. Participants can attend all or none of our scheduled events – the only thing required is that one passes a safety check. Participants can drive at will from dawn to dusk. Lessons are given every morning and the rest of the day will be used for private lessons, trail drives, clinics and other activities. Of course all breeds and all sizes are welcome: from minis to draft horses and everything in between, mules and donkeys. The CanDrive camps will provide a great opportunity for recreational driving, improving your driving skills and improving the animal[s] you drive and also for exploring beautiful British Columbia and enjoying the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains. Be part of a group of equine driving enthusiasts from North America and Europe – a unique experience you will never forget! At the end of the camp: you will be a better driver, your equine companion will have learned a lot and you will go home with a million ‘best memories’! Total costs for a six day camp is $885.00 per person but PARTICIPANTS 26 years old and under can participate for $390.00! Junior drivers can apply for a grant from the American Driving Society to get their participation fee and/or travel expenses sponsored. The registration fee includes: 5x A morning lesson for drivers who drive singles or pairs; a lesson lasts 45 minutes and most lessons will have 2 drivers at a time 1x A lesson in ‘long lining’ your animal All clinics, on-site events and organized trail drives [see program] Good food [3 meals a day] and beverages [5x breakfast, 6 x dinner and 5 x lunch] A good grass-hay and complete feed for your animals, as well as shavings for your stall and/or trailer [you may bring your own feed for your animal] Camping and parking vehicles and trailers [no hook ups] Boarding your horse[s] in a stall or large corral [limited availability] Having a panel corral near your trailer at the camp grounds [bring your own panels] CanDrive I: June 29 – July 4, 2014 CanDrive II: July 6 – July 11, 2014


Miss the Christmas Rush!

This is the year to put a Sleipnir Morgan Horse in your field.

National caliber horses for the show ring, CDE, neighborhood pleasure driving, on the trail, or in the backyard. We are proud to be a long-time Morgan Horse Family; Breeding and Showing Morgan Horses since 1980. This is a family operation with three generations feeding, training, and maintaining the herd. We have all ages. ~Fully ready to “Do It Myself”. ~Classic Morgan bloodlines and temperament in a modern horse. ~Blacks, Seal Browns, Dark Chestnuts, Red Chestnuts, Bays, and a Palomino Our Motto and Mission for over Thirty Years: Family Show Horses: Showy Family Horses Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm is located in East Tennessee at the foot of the Smoky Mountains, off Interstate 75, between Chattanooga and Knoxville. All Sleipnir Morgan Horses come with a copy of San’s Adventures on Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm to put under the tree. 1382203510&sr=8-1&keywords=San%27s+Adventures+On+Sleipnir+Morgan+Horse+Farm

Georgia and John Denman and Family 423 284 0899 Cellular and Texts Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm 2214 Columbus Road Delano, TN, 37325-7607 featuring Georgia Denman’s blog. Facebook: Sleipnir Morgan Horse Farm


Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013




It could not have happened to a better lady! Anya Getman lives in Sandy, Oregon near Portland. She married Steve July 6th 2003 and is a PhD Engineer and is Chief Engineer at NMHG. Anya’s horses keep her sane, and her herd includes three adult mares, ~ Anya with her two 2-year-old fillies, two yearling fillies, two – new MCR Whip 2013 colts and one 2013 filly. She proudly supports two older generations of her family. ~ Jones SodaAnya already received her whip from MCR whips, ordered her harness from Chimacum Tack and requested the size of lines from Big Black

Anya’s 2013 colt, Spot (registered “Thor Thunderbird” with Pinto Horse Association of America) is a half Holsteiner Warmblood.)

~ Restored 1930 Doctor’s Buggy pulled by a grand old 15.3H Standardbred mare named Corvall, 20ish. * Submit your fun photos to Jones Soda http://www. (Anya suggests “Route 66” style in black and white)

Horse. ~ On a special note… WOW! What excitement she has in store. Anya shared some photos with us and we will share more as she uses her prizes. Anya sports an extensive and interesting history with her horses. Tune in this Spring to read all about it.



For live distance coaching you can find Gene & Sonya on or in person at Training Resources: Carriage and Saddle Training & Lessons 4853 Sam Bass Rd - Sanger, Texas 76266 (940) 395-0850 10

Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013


Elegant and Exciting Complement to Your Special Day Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Quality hand crafted horse drawn vehicles since 1970

Uniquely Memorable Reliable and Professional

Parties & Corporate

Survey Participant’s Favorite Truck: 1) Ford 2) GMC 3) Dodge & Chevy tied

Weddings Funerals Special Events Carriage Events Movies & Films

Call us: 209-986-3096 All Seasons Carriage Company, Inc. For the Seasons of your life

Carriage on Consignments Buy-Sell-AppraiseBroker Mini-Pony-Horse Carts

Their Favorite trailer

Harness Carry-Al Carts

1) Featherlite & Sundowner tied!

Metal & Wooden Wheels

How the driver travels to a driving location: 45.8% leave in carriage 40.3% trailer more than 20 miles to drive their carriage

Marathon Wedge Seats Custom Canvas Covers Carriage Upholstery

Repairs, MetalWood & Welding “If we don’t have it, we will build it!”

Arnold “Rif” Riffel, Proprietor


Fraser School of Driving

255 Boulder Road, Deer Lodge, Montana 59722 Alex & Kayo Fraser 406-846-3686

Experience the Thrill of Driving Horses!

Plan your vacation time, take driving lessons and discover Montana! Learn what the driven horse needs and expects from you. Professional training is a wise investment in your safety and future.

Before you buy horses, equipment, harnesses; especially before you attempt to drive your horses, PLEASE seek professional assistance!!! We will help with shipping costs or driving lessons.

Safety is paramount! Painting credits: painted on silk by the accomplished artist Janene Grende

Favorite trainer... We are happy to announce that we do not have to answer this question. There were about 5 in first place and 10 in second, third held even more winners. It seems that the survey crossed over a few driving disciplines and covered so many areas that there were over 60 favorite trainers listed. * This did lead us to decide to place a heavy emphasis on education. Our website is focused on providing easy access to clinics, camps and learning opportunities. Please send us dates and details of the educational opportunities that exist. We send out a bi-monthly update containing driver training opportunities.

Favorite Driving Draft: 1) Percheron 2) Haflinger 3) Belgium & Clydesdale tied

Favorite Driving Horse: 1) Morgan 2) Standardbred 3) Friesian

Favorite Pony/VSE 1) Minerature Horse 2) Halfinger 3) Hackney







New Book... The further adventures of San and his buddies. Facebook: San The Dog

Proceeds of the book ($6.95) all go to Charity...currently on sale at Amazon for $6.60. Facebook: Medica XXI - The Malawi Project


Venues & Carriages Favorite Dressage Arena: 1) Live Oak

Favorite Obstacle: 1) It seems that the question was not specific enough because the number one answer was “Water Hazard�! 2) Shady Oaks CDE, with The Bridge as the favorite, but the Duck Pond and the Bull Pen also received votes. 3) Live Oak International, Glen Willow CDE & Katydid CDE tied.

All around Favorite CDE, HT or ADT? 1) Shady Oaks CDE 2) Live Oak International 3) The CDE at Inavale tied with Happs (which was a favorite of so many it seems!)


Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013

Favorite Type of cart/ carriage under $2,000 1) Pioneer 2) Jerald 3) Bellcrown 5

$2,000-$5,000 1) Kutzman 2) Pacific 3) Hardwick 4) Bellcrown & Bennington

$5,000-$10,000 1) Pacific 2) Bennington & Glinkowski

Over $10,000 1) Kunhle 2) Van Den Huevel

c Uc


Q\ 8Q


Fitted Versatile Guaranteed

Leather or Synthetic, Steel or Brass, Multiple Colors Affordably Built to Last

@<EC*gXY`c“]Q^ebURQWc“\Y^Uc XQb^UccbQS[c“cQVUdifUcdc“R__[c4F4µc `QTc“RYdc“`_bdQR\U_RcdQS\Uc“X_\TUbc beWcV_bTbYfY^W“SQbbYQWU\_S[c“Q`b_^c W\_fUc“dbQSUSQbbYUbc“S_^Uc“WYVdcª

4,200 products in stock @bYSUcY^S\eTUcXY``Y^WQVUgUhSU`dY_^cQ``\i

`X_^U*"% #$"!"' _b$ &$""&!%!“U*Y^V_0YTUQ\XQb^UccS_] # %$8_e\WbQfUB_QT“9^fUb]UbU23_\e]RYQ 3Q^QTQF 1!;%

Not Another Tie?!! F

(* Check out Muir’s Stonewall or this holiday season, give a Sporthorses http://stonewallsportgift that lasts, one you can be proud 707-999-1419 or send a check to you shared. Disabled drivers blossom throughout Access Adventure P.O. Box 2852 Fairfield, CA 94533 the United States with help from therapeutic facilities Other Options: and volunteers. Remember the facilNew Years resolutions fail ity from the article without passion, commitabout NoMoe? He was ment & determination. This the Haflinger therapy year give a therapeutic fahorse featured in the Fall cility the gift of time and/ or money. You could honor a loved 2013 issue of Horse & Driver. Noone with a gift that stands the test of Moe resides at the Carriage Barn Equestrian Center in Portsmouth, time. Those who struggle to gain access to New Hampshire. To volunteer or the outdoor world outdoors succeed donate, visit http://carriage-barn. with Access Adventure and through org. The Carriage Barn - c/o 8 the wheel chair- accessible horse Sarah’s Way, Newton NH 03858 drawn vehicles. Access Adventure Tel: 603-378-0140 enriches the lives of the disabled and other under served persons people by • 24.6 % of those surveyed providing outdoor recreation, open said they (or their horse) were limspace, education and therapy in Soited or impaired lano County, CA California. Services are free. Some volunteers and participants have gone on to compete in driving events, but par- Mary Aiu picked up her camera and ticipation is not required to enjoy renewed her passion for creating phothe program. Access Adventure is a tographic imagery after a career as an VERY very active group with numer- art instructor. Embracing the digital ous monthly activities, including on world provides the opportunity for and off property events. Upcoming her to reshape events include Mission Days on April her work on a 4-6, and a vision-impaired camp with more personal Leoni Meadows on (vision impaired level beyond camera camp) July 30 to -Aug 2. For more the capture. While information, … Visit www.Accessmost of her “We focus on what is possible, not on subject matter what we have lost. The worst disabil- comes from the ity is a bad attitude.” Michael Muir, natural world, 61 year old, Cancer & MS Survivor horses are her favorite inspiFounder & Director ration. Creating imagery 16 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013

that captures the spirit of the horse, whether it be a loving friend, a working horse, or an arena performance, is a labor of love. Mary is currently showing her fine art photography in Northern California. She also photographs the wonderful horses and events of Access Adventure, To see more of her work, visit her website at

~ Do you Remember? THE THOUSAND MILE JOURNEY TO THE GULF In 2001, the Horsedrawn Journey across America traveled from the Mission San Diego on the West Coast, all the way to Washington, DC. Covering more than 3,000 miles, this epic trek took nearly ten months. In 2002, Horse Journey Europe travelled through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany on the way to the World Carriage Driving Championships for Drivers with Disabilities in Greven, Germany. Horse Journey, in 2003, followed the route taken by John Muir in his first great wilderness adventure, The Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf. Starting in Louisville, Kentucky, the Journey travelled through Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida arriving at Cedar Key on the Gulf of Mexico.

Guess What? November 2014 “The Caravan” (estab-

lished by Michael Muir & Gerard Paagman) will leave the Friesian Focus Barn in Murrietta California (near San Diego) and travel to Weirsdale Florida (The Grand Oaks Resort) to arrive March 2015. Join the group! 20 “We will have the best of times!” ~Coming Soon...

Favorite Harness:

The Art of Julie Muela-Farris

Cob size Leather 1) 2)

Smuckers Ideal & Hunt

Synthetic 1) 2) 3)

Yonnies Zilco Camptown

Draft Size Leather 1)

Being raised in the wine country surrounding Lodi, California, Julie Muela-Farrisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; art is inspired by the things she grew up with. Horses, Carriage driving and country living are the themes that inspire her to create the charcoal drawings she has become known for. Her goal is to create drawings that Catch the esscence of the equine spirit in unique elements and perspectives. Julie lives in Galt, California with her family on their ranch. She has earned numerous ribbons and honorable mention in juried art shows and venues throughout California. Visit her facebook page or email her at 2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 3

Smuckers & Shanahan

Synthetic 1)

Comfy fit & Yonnies

Full Size Leather 1)


Synthetic 1)


Backwoods Home Magazine practical ideas for self-reliant living t t t t t t t


Mini Leather



1) 2)

SUBSCRIBE! 6 issues per year $24.95



1) 2)

Gardening Livestock Making a living Preserving the harvest Alternative energy Building projects Self-reliance

Freedman Hunt & Ideal



1) 2)

Driving Essentials




Zilco Country Carriages & Ideal

Comfy fit & Zilco Ideal

Camptown, Hunts & Ideal

1) 2)

Camptown Comfyfit

VSE Synthetic 1)

Chimacum Tack 2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 19

Favorite Whip 1) MCR 2) Fleck 3) Ultralight

Personalized Coaching From World Champion Drivers - All At Your Fingertips with "I was thrilled to be able to work with Suzy Stafford while in Florida this winter. But when I came home, I felt a little lost since Suzy lives several states away. It could be months before I saw her again. But with the amazing online video coaching system on, Harpo and I are able to stay on track in our training and continue our progress to the next level." - Jennifer Keeler & “Harpo”, Paris, KY Photo: Find out how you can work with coaches like Suzy Stafford and Shelly Temple anytime, anywhere through! Simply film a practice dressage test or a schooling session from your own barn and upload to Choose your coach, and you'll receive personalized voiceover commentary describing how to improve your next performance! Trainers: find out how you can also join's growing roster of expert coaches - for free! Discover a whole new world of online shows, clinics, & coaching Visit today! 20

Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013

The Driving Radio Show is an online radio show (podcast) dedicated to the thrill of carriage driving. Four-in-Hand Driver Dr. Wendy Ying and Horse Radio Network’s Glenn the Geek take an entertaining look at it all from competitive driving to recreational driving of all sorts. Join us every week as we harness up to have fun and learn a little something along the way. Listen at www.drivingradioshow. com , subscribe through iTunes or on the Horse Radio Network phone app on IOS or Android. Have a safe ride, Glenn the Geek Executive Director and America’s Horse Husband Horse Radio Network

Don’t forget to watch Gentle Giants! The last issue of Horse & Driver featured Deena Kirby’s drafts & ponies. Deena and many others from Northern California were recently filmed for a show. RFD TV Gentle Giants Link

Favorite Bits 1) Liverpool 2) Butterfly 3) Mullen Mouth & Glory

Newlywed Stacey Giere shares some clarifications we requested...

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Liverpool is most traditional, it is just describing the cheek piece, the mouth can be anything, same for butterfly, that labels the cheek pieces, the other thing to consider is fixed versus swivel! The Mullen is popular as a mouth piece especially for keeping the horse from getting their tongue over the bit and gives them some room for the tongue as opposed to a straight bar which can squeeze the tongue, much of this has to do with the conformation of the horse/ ponies mouth and position they are put into for desirable frame. The glory became popular for itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interchangeability, but ask around, they can fail and come apart, and they are not very eye appealing. I am biased because we are making a show ring variation called the Victory Bit, big with the pony people:))â&#x20AC;? Stacey Giere- owner/operator of Maple Crest Farm in Brecksville, full care facility with riding and driving instruction for all ages and levels of equestrians. 440-292-7198

Come Drive with Us!

ADS MeMBerS reCeIve: - The Whip magazine - The Omnibus - The Buyers Guide ͲͲŶĞǁƐůĞƩĞƌƐ - Members only Website ͲƌŝǀĞƌĚƵĐĂƟŽŶ - Networking events and much more ...


P.O. Box 278 Cross Plains, WI 53528

(608) 237-7382

Carriage Operators of North America

CONA is committed to promoting the humane welfare of carriage animals. We promote quality carriage and customer service. We strive to be the voice of the professional carriage industry by representing our membership and assisting government agencies at the local, state and federal levels. We provide open communications and education for members and the public on the operation and management of the carriage trade. We encourage networking and sharing of ideas throughout the industry. About CONA members: Our members have access to material, education, aid and support designed to guide them in becoming professional carriage operators who provide quality, reliable and safe horse drawn carriage services. By joining CONA they have taken an extra step toward this goal, however CONA can not guarantee that all individual members adhere to our policies, therefore one should investigate each potential vender with the same care as you would in hiring an unknown company. Consult our State Listings for contact information and links to individual websites for a member company in your area. Some of our members provide products and services related to the industry, locate them Here . CONA members oppose a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Additionally CONA members oppose any mandatory or voluntary movement tracking of all equine species other than the current system of veterinarian certificates and coggins tests. How to find a Christmas Lights Tour ride:

Are Accidents always “Driver error”? Yes

35.9% No 64.1%

But- almost everyone added a disclaimer that said “usually it is driver error.”

Trailering ideas “ This was built originally for my Camp wagon for wagon trains. But, it comes in really handy when my girlfriend & I want to go driving. The horses go in the front and the carriages go on the back. I have plenty of tie downs in the floor. “ Melanie Brooker Thanks Melanie! Horse & Driver Readers & Staff

Monday’s at 7:30pm and Tuesday’s at 9:30am ET Gentle Giants will feature farms across North America that raise draft horses, to see the horses at work and at play. They will cover draft horse competitions from The Calgary Stampede to the Nebraska State Fair, from the North American 6-Horse Classic Series World Championships in Oklahoma City to local competitions. Breeders have opened their gates to allow a glimpse at the oneton wonders and the people who own them.

Merry Christmas!

2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 25

i v r i n D g e W g a i hips r r a C

The Hyper-Lite Whip

Introducing a new line of handmade EXTRA LIGHT WEIGHT whips designed for todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s discriminating driver, using modern materials and old time, traditional quality and techniques. r r   r  



Contact Meredith at or 26

Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013


Kaylan e. Senour is a Graphic Designer by day, Artist by night. She enjoys all types of artistic mediums from drawing and painting to sculpting and photography. After an art teacher told her she couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spend her life only drawing horses, Kaylan set out to prove the statement wrong. Horses remain one of her favorite inspirations! Kaylan lives in Aiken, South Carolina, and is available for equine photo sessions and custom paintings. Visit her website at www. or email her at for more info.

Issue 183 March/April 2013

Alternative Therapy a Learning with Larsson a Vacation in Nova Scotia

Issue 184 July/August 2013

USEF National Pony Championships a Health a Dressage: Your First Test

Issue 185 September/October 2013 $6.95

Rein-back a Making Music a Draft Breed Metabolic Issues a Gladstone

Wha� coul� mak� � better holida� gift tha� � subscriptio� t� Drivin� Diges�?

Giv� � gift tha� wil� las� th� whol� year. W�'l� sen� � specia� gift car� t� notif� th� recipien� of your gift.

(Recipes) Treat your Horse Christmas Morning! Please check with your vet first

Peppermint-Stick Bran Mash Ingredients: 1 cup crushed candy canes 3 to 5 cups bran 1 tablespoon salt 1 carrot, diced 1 carrot, diced 1/2 cup molasses 2 cups sweet feed

Carrot Stuffing with Apple Ingredients • 1 large apple • ½ cup sugar • 1 chopped carrot • Parsley • Purple grape Preparation : Slice the apple in half, and then scoop out each center like you would a melon. Set the pulp aside. Pour sugar on a plate and slightly moisten the outside of the apples. Roll them in the sugar to completely coat them and set them aside. Then, finely chop the pulp from the apple. Mix with the carrot, add a sprinkling of sugar and stuff this mixture into the scooped out section of the apple. Top with a sprig of parsley and a purple grape.

Dissolve crushed candy canes in 2 to 3 cups of boiling water and let water cool to warm. Then, mix all ingredients together except sweet feed in a feed bucket. Add more warm water to make it soupy, rather than crumbly. Cover with towel and let stand until cool. Right before serving, spread a thin layer of sweet feed over the top and sprinkle on a crushed candy cane to garnish. Thanks to Nicole Fritzler, Mich.

Oatmeal cookies Ingredients: Oatmeal cookies 2 cups dry oatmeal ½ cup grated carrots 3 Tlbs. Molasses ½ cup brown sugar Combine all ingredients. Add enough water to make dough soft. Form cookies and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

2013 Horse&Driver Gift Guide 29

Find educational clinics, clubs & camps on Are you great on facebook? We need you! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to post from your page! Care to share with the driving community?


Horse&Driver Gift Guide 2013

Embarrassing Moments Here are the most embarrassing moments submitted to the survey (Not everyone knew we were interested in driving moments, but they were so funny we had to include them!) … 4) “Entering a walk-trot class with my Shire thinking it was my class and it was for 16 and under!” 3) “My mule got away last year at the state fair (I did all the things you shouldn’t do when you are hitched.) He ran clear across the fairgrounds with carriage still hooked without hitting anything or anything. Very thankful no one was hurt (including mule and carriage)!” 2) “Driving in a breed show with snaffle up under my horses jaw. But he reined beautifully with just the pressure on the caveson. Great Appy.” 1) “Using the men’s rest room at the fair. (OOPS, I did not look at the door.)”

Best of Driving Survey Results, Recipes, Giving Ideas... 2013 Gift Guide  

View on as a PDF.