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Witch with Fogging Claudron Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. There's something brewing in this witch's fogging cauldron and it's about to boil over! She cackles and mutters incantations as she incessantly stirs her evil brew; with her mouth moving, the sound of the cauldron bubbling and her eyes flashing, the overall effect is spellbinding.

Cast a spell this Halloween with a lifesize (five feet tall) witch haunting your house. Animated five foot tall Witch has a green complexion and is garbed in a highquality witch's dress with a spider brooch and feather-trimmed witch's hat. Witch stirs a misting cauldron with a stick. Eyes light and mouth moves to bubbling sounds and cackling laughter. Does not include wireless mic 26 lbs Shipping carton: 31" x 17" x 32" Motion sensor, sound sensor and push button on/off 2 AC adapters included (cauldron has separate connection) 1 ac/dc adapter for mister 24V/AC 20va 1 ac/dc adapter for prop 120V AC input/9V DC output. For More Information Visit Us:-


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