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Anacapa Yacht Club Mainsheet Volume 2012 Issue 12 December  

Commodores Report:                  


I know it’s completely cliché to say this but…Where has the year gone? It seemed to go by so fast. Our club has enjoyed one if it’s best years in a very long time. We had really great events and it because of your participation we were noticed throughout the harbor and the local community. When we asked you to show up, you did. When we asked you to participate with your boats, you did. When we planned cruises, you cruised. It is this type of participation that prospective members look at and say “I want to be a part of that organization”. Late last year I challenged Mike Taylor to grow the membership and he certainly did. Our club’s membership is on the rise while other clubs are struggling. My email list for the weekly update mailing has grown to seventy four! The reason for this of course is you the membership. You folks are responsible for making AYC the coolest yacht club in the harbor. I have been asked by many if I am glad to be done with my year as Commodore and my answer is no. This really surprises many folks. I have had such a wonderful time doing this I almost hate to see it end. In the coming year I am looking forward to a few things that I have missed this year and to repeating a few things that happened this year. I am looking forward to more island cruises, to a great calendar of racing events and to the special events we have throughout the year. U


I will be organizing the Anacapa Yacht Club Disabled Veterans Sail Day again this coming year. I think with an early start on the planning it will be bigger and better than last year. I plan on having more veterans, more boats, more giveaways and most importantly more fun. Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard for such a great yacht club. We could not have done all the great stuff we did without being such a great “WE”. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sea you at the club or out on the water. Bill Brayton Commodore

Vice Commodores Report:


The Holiday season is upon us and November is all but gone. Our dinners were very well attended as usual. Elizabeth Testa treated us to dinner on November 2nd with pulled pork sandwiches with salads and pie. It was also our general meeting where the new board was approved. P


Michael and Donna Lorenzen hosted dinner on November 10th. Dinner was roasted chicken with rice, veggies and sweet potatoes. P


Doug Fajardo performed his annual Thanksgiving Day feast on November 16th. There was lots of turkey for everyone to bring home as well. P


Next is our annual Christmas potluck on December 1st. This is also the White Elephant gift exchange. Don’t miss this as it lots of fun. P


On December 8th the annual Parade of Lights for CI Harbor takes place. AYC normally hosts a potluck for this event, but because we do not have a view from the club, we will have the bar open after the parade. P


On December 14th we have scheduled the Pirate Harbor cruiser. This is normally referred to as our “Dingy Party” If we get at least 20 people it will be $10 per head. We can bring food and drink on the boat with us, and they will tour us for an hour to see the lights around the harbor and back bay while being warm and cozy. We catch the boat directly down from the club at the dock. The club will be open at 6PM and the cruise will start at 7PM. Your response will be requested in an upcoming mid-week update. P


Please update your calendars for January 19th, 2013 for the Commodores ball. Invites are going out soon. It is going to be held at our neighbor club PCYC in their dining room and we will have entertainment from one of our favorite local bands “The Tasty Thieves” Check out their website: P




I want to take this time to introduce again and congratulate our new board for 2013. Commodore – Mike Taylor Rear Commodore – Joe Underwood Secretary – Joleen Darland Board – Randy Alcorn Board – Crosby Swartz Board – John Koester

Vice Commodore – Don Lehman Treasurer – Stacy Peterson Jr. Staff Commodore – Bill Brayton Board – Gene Beville Board – Gary Goodman Board – Richard Sharpe

It has been a wonderful year as Vice Commodore and I look forward with great excitement the opportunity to represent our club as Commodore for 2013. AYC is and has always been the premier sailboat racing club in CI Harbor and will be for 2013 as well. Regards: Mike Taylor Vice Commodore

Rear Commodores Report:

Joe Underwood

Ahoy members and friends, We have had a fantastic year with many great accomplishments, our Commodore has lead the club with a great vision and as a result our club is flourishing with new members and our calendar of events is growing to encompass activities that are getting us involved in doing great things in our community. So first and for most I would like to thank our Commodore Bill Brayton for doing such an outstanding job for 2012. Their are so many people that make our club such a joy to belong to and I would like to thank everyone for there participation throughout the year. As for being Rear Commodore for 2012 there are several people that I would like to thank. First would have to be my loving wife Joanne who always supports what ever goal I shoot for, I could not do it without her. I would like to thank our Race Chairman Gene Beville, we are very blessed to have such a race pro like Gene, I personally have learned so much just watching Gene run and manage our race program and seeing first hand his commitment to making our races the best in the area, thank you my friend. I would like to thank Doug Fajardo for such a smooth transition at the beginning of the year and for his commitment to the club and for all the times he has helped out with what ever I needed. Thank you all so very much for making my year as Rear Commodore such a great experience. I am looking forward to serving a second term as Rear Commodore for 2013 and you have my commitment to keep expanding and building on our successes with all of our on the water activities. Our newly elected Commodore for 2013 Mike Taylor brings all of his great experiences and talents to the table and I am excited to share in his vision for the new year and all the wonderful things that we as a club are going to accomplish. So get ready for an exciting year that's sure to be outstanding. December Racing: Saturday December 1st AYC/PBYC Two Harbors Fall Series #4 Sunday December 2nd AYC/PCYC TGIS Winter series #1 December Cruising: New Years cruise to Coches, December 29th - January 1st Have a great rest of the year and I hope to see you out on the water or in the club. Best Regards, Joe Underwood Anacapa Yacht Club Rear Commodore

A note from the Editor:

Cherri Taylor

It is  the  time  of  year  when  most  of  us  feel  the  need  to  reflect  on  our  blessings  and  challenges  while looking forward to a  new year.  2012  has presented me with plenty of  both, but I can say with complete confidence my blessings far outweighed my challenges,  and being part of our club and community was a large part of that.  Having somewhere  to be and friends  to share time with is an invaluable gift that I do not take for granted.      I  look  forward  to  continuing  to  act  as  your  Editor  at  Large  for  2013  and  welcome  all  content from our members.  Please feel free to e‐mail me anytime with pictures or stories  you would like to share.     

Racing the BVI:

Cindy Arosteguy

A few of our AYC members were lucky enough to be racing in the BVI over the holidays!! Cindy forwarded us the following pictures. Thank you Cindy!! We all look forward to hearing the details...

Commodore Bill from the St. Thomas Yacht Club presenting their burgee to  Cindy Arosteguy 

Jerzy Poprawski, skipper and Cindy Arosteguy racing in the Peg Leg Race around  Tortola Island.  The Kastor‐Pollux took third place for AYC in the multi‐hull category.  The awards were presented at Nanny Cay beach by the Royal BVI Yacht Club.         T

Thanksgiving at AYC  

  The crowd just starting to fill in for Dougʹs Fajardoʹs annual Thanksgiving feast!   

What a lovely blue cocktail!  Wonder who was tending bar??   

    Doug showing off the near miss he survived in preparation.  Almost lost a digit!

December Birthdays!    Nicholas Coster    12/3  Lamyai Listing    12/14  Cindy Schlageter 12/15 Marsha Landreth   12/16 

Paula Sharpe


Did we miss your birthday? E-mail us at HTU


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*Race Dinner: Chili, Cornbread, Veggie, Dip & Desert *If you cannot make the date you are assigned for the Chef schedule, please trade with another member and inform the Vice Commodore of the Trade.

AYC DINNER EVENT CALENDAR 2013 DATE 3/13 3/20 3/27 4/3 4/10 4/17 4/24 5/1 5/8 5/15 5/22 5/29 6/5 6/12



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*If you cannot make the date you are assigned for the Wet Wednesday O.D. schedule, please trade with another member and inform the Vice Commodore of the change.

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Cruise to Cat Harbor Catalina Wet Wednesday and Social Wet Wednesday Board Meeting Wet Wednesday Cruise to Smugglers Cove Wet Wednesday General Meeting & Dinner Wet Wednesday

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February 3 Super Bowl Party 14 Board of Directors Meeting 22 General Meeting & Dinner

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St. Patrick’s Day Race First Wet Wednesday Board of Directors Meeting St. Patrick’s Day Party TGIS #4 Wet Wednesday Wet Wednesday General Meeting and Dinner

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Wet Wednesday Housekeeping Pizza Party Opening Day Wet Wednesday Board of Directors Meeting Lunch Cruise to VYC Wet Wednesday General Meeting and Dinner Channel Island to Newport Race Wet Wednesday Newport to Ensenada Race

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Wet Wednesday Anacapa Island to Port Race #1 Cinco de Mayo Party Wet Wednesday Board of Directors Meeting Wet Wednesday Wet Wednesday General Meeting and Dinner ASBCYC Cruise to Prisoners Wet Wednesday

June 1-2 5 12 13 15 19

Cruise to Yellow Banks Wet Wednesday Wet Wednesday Board of Directors Meeting Platform “A” Race #2 Wet Wednesday

September 2 Tequila Derby 4 Wet Wednesday 11 Wet Wednesday 12 Board of Directors Meeting 18 Wet Wednesday (sponsor appreciation) 21-22 Cruise to Pelicans 25 Last Wet Wednesday 27 General Meeting & Dinner 29 TGIS #2 October 5-6 Cruise to Prisoners 10 Board Meeting 12 Two Harbor Fall Series #1 19 Oktoberfest Theme Party 20 TGIS #3 25 Annual Meeting, Dinner & Elections 26 Two Harbor Fall Series #2 26 Halloween Party @ AYC November 2 Cruise to Frenches for lunch. 2-3 Anacapa Cup Regatta (Small Boat) 9 Two Harbor Fall Series #3 14 Board of Directors Meeting 15 General Meeting & Dinner (3rd Friday) 17 TGIS #4 29 Club Closed – Thanksgiving Holiday

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December 2 General Meeting X-mas Party Potluck 7 Christmas Party - Potluck 7 Two Harbor Fall Series #4 8 TGIS #1 14 Parade of Lights & Toys for Tots 12 Combined Board of Directors 20 Club Closed – Christmas Holiday 27 Club Closed – New Years Holiday 28-1st New Years Cruise to Coches

Master Calendar 2013

O u r Spo n so r Please visit our sponsors businesses, they have provided a lot to make our racing season more enjoyable.

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