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Commodores Report:


No Article Submitted… In the Commodores defense, he had his hands full preparing for the Trans Pac race on Second Chance… Trish and Randy prepared all the food for this journey and we all wish them fair winds and calm seas (and a 1st place finish wouldn’t hurt). Randy and Trish also worked hard to make our Tall Ship party a success! I look forward to hearing about the Trans Pac adventure. The Editor.

Vice Commodores Report:

Commodore’s Report Vice Commodore’s Report

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Rear Commodore Report


Cruising Update


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Here we are the first of July, can you believe it? I would like to say THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that put in their time at the yacht club. These folks work hard to make AYC "The Coolest Yacht Club" in the harbor. June was another month jam packed with activities. Lucien and Carol had their renaming ceremony early in the month. Their boat, Caroline is awesome. This great event was followed by a Chilean feast presented by Lucho Rodriquez and family. It was a great night of fun and food. Good Job Lucho! Wet Weds have been well attended and the OD's have been doing a kick butt job getting all the racers taken care of. The Platform A race on the third weekend was well attended and a full report will appear elsewhere in this Mainsheet. Maine Squeeze and crew represented AYC at Long Beach Race Week this past weekend. The weekend was a mix of light air and a bit of heavy racing. Maine Squeeze did well and finished in the top 7. Go Team Squeeze! Also a big shout out to Eric Schlagater, crew on a Farr 40. He is always in demand as an excellent sailor and we were happy to swap stories and see our yacht club represented. The Tall Ship Festival came to town this past weekend as well. Doug Fajardo had the idea to invite all the tall ship crews over to the AYC club house for hotdogs and drinks Saturday evening after the day’s events. The AYC Board of directors agreed and from what I heard a grand time was had by all. We had close to fort nine Tall ship crew members there and like all sailors they no how to party! We are not done yet with that Saturday. AYC hosted the Ventura Sailing Club's " Frenchys Rum Run" skippers meeting and after party. This is a great way to show off the club house and build good will with other area clubs.

It’s amazing that Tina and I found a weekend mid-month to cruise to Yellowbanks for 2 night stay. The weather was awesome and the sail back from the island was one to remember. We had flat seas and 10 knots on the beam the whole way across. OD List for July 7-1 Joleen Darland 7-8 Jerzey Poprawski 7-15 Eric & Shawna Schlagater 7-22 Larry Listing 7-29 Hank Corcoran July looks like a great month to have dinner on Friday night at the club. As always, if you cannot make it on your night please find a replacement as soon as possible and inform me of the change. Wet Weds OD List 7-6 Open We need a few volunteers. 7-13 Swartz 7-20 Alcorn/Castanon 7-27 Barrett Keep up the good work on Wet Weds everyone! In closing I would like to say that it is such a pleasure to work with such a great group of people. I am reminded of that saying that particularly relates to relationships. “You get out of it what you put into it”. This statement couldn’t be truer of the Yacht Club Experience. Sea you at the club or on the water Bill Brayton Vice Commodore

Rear Commodore Report:


Looking Ahead: This month there are no AYC races planned, although the Wes Golemon race is August 6, the first week in August. Final plans are being made for the race itself on Saturday and a dinner on Sunday, and hopefully we will get good advertising out to the racers in the next week or so for what is undeniably the biggest race on the AYC calendar. Joe Underwood has been doing a good job of setting up a cruising calendar this year. Look to his articles for more information. Platform A Race This year the platform A race was blessed with reasonable winds throughout the race, ranging from 10 knots up to 15 in the gusts. At the skipper''s meeting the non-spinnaker fleet chose to go to Platform Grace instead of Platform “A”. As a result, the spinnaker and non spinnaker classes made it back to the finish line in good time. We had two catamarans in the “Orca” class, Afterburner and we welcome a new catamaran named “Dei”. Alas, this class was cursed with technical problems and both boats had to retire early. Fortunately, I am told no damage was done and both boats indicated they are looking to join us for the Wes Golemon race. In the Non Spinnaker class we had only two boats – Alcyone (Gary Goodman) and Amour Del Mar (Lucho Rodriguez). Alcyone won at 4:05:40, Amour Del Mar was second only 15 minutes behind – not bad for a 22 mile course. Keep up the good work! In the Spinnaker class there 5 boats at the starting line (Abracadabra was at the skipper's meeting but apparently did not leave he dock) . The boats (in order of final placement) were: Angry Hillbillies 5:41:071, Blue Star 5:51:0, Misfit 5:57:19, The Source 6:03:05, Second Chance 6:17:13.

The Tall Ship Festival Last week was the tall ship festival. Normally this event doesn't get on the radar for yacht clubs (except when its necessary to avoid one of the behemoths that come to visit our harbor at this time of year). This year, however, things were a little different... We (Anacapa Yacht Club) invited the crews from the tall ships over to the clubhouse Saturday evening after the “battle re-enactment” sail. It was an invitation that no self-respecting sailor could resist – Free hot dogs to warm the belly, and the first drink on the house to warm the spirit. We just asked them to bring good cheer to the party – which they did gladly! Well, the sailors responded with enthusiasm – they came in great numbers (we estimate around 50 people), they drank (and not just one drink, either!), they fed and they had fun. They enjoyed the ambiance of the club (several made comments on the club itself). Twice during the evening they gave a salute to AYC club and to our members. Sunday when I visited the various ships they all enthusiastically said “thank you” for our hospitality, which is now – dare I say it - legendary. Legendary? Yes. The thanks and enthusiasm of the crews was almost – well – embarrassing. After talking with various ship's Crews and Captains, it turns out NOBODY has ever done a party like this for the crews at any of the Tall Ship Festivals (which are held in many different harbors all over the coast). All expressed the hope that we would do it again next year. AYC can be proud to say that we have started something good. (The captain of the Bill of Rights invited the “staff” to sail with him – several of our members did, and enjoyed themselves immensely).

The guests were happy, but what about the club members who made it happen? By all reports they, too, had a great time, in spite of the work involved. To put this party together and keep it running took the cooperation and efforts of a number of club members. I'd like to recognize them here (If I leave someone out, I apologize in advance). Tina did the initial shopping and picked up the necessary food, Joleen and Hank did a great job at the bar, Pete and Gloria working the kitchen, Walter and Mike Core, Randy and Trish all helping with serving and other related tasks throughout the evening. Special thanks also go to Randy, who went out and got some additional supplies when we started to run low.

Cruising Update:    


Due to the Catalina Yachts rendezvous at Catalina Islands two Harbors on July 7-10 we have made the decision to delay our Catalina Harbor cruise until next month with the date to be decided at our next Friday dinner. Since we have an opening in the schedule this month we have scheduled another destination that has been brought to my attention by several cruisers, Forney’s Cove. So please join us out on July 23rd and 24th for a trip out to Forney’s Cove this anchorage is reported to be a great spot with a sandy beach and clear water for diving and snorkeling. A landing permit is required if you go for a hike above the high water line and these permits can be obtained through the nature conservancy for $ 70.00 for the year. Looking forward to another wonderful weekend with good time and social gatherings… While under way to stay in contact with the cruising fleet hale on VHF 16 and then move to 72 or an appropriate channel. All skippers should start reviewing the local weather information to make sure the condition will be suitable for your particular vessel. Be safe and have fun and always have an exit strategy if dangerous conditions pop up. For information on this cruise please contact me by phone or email. Home: 805.529.0934 Email: Cheers,

Joe Underwood Anacapa Yacht Club Staff Commodore / Cruise Director

Note from the Editor: 

Cherri Taylor 

I will have to resort to printing recipes and word searches to fill our pages… Still looking for articles from our members sharing their adventures on the water or land. We really would like to spice this up a bit so don’t be shy send me an article or some fun pictures for our readers. As your editor, I am happy to spell check and ensure we don’t offend anyone (OK I am not so good at the offensive part). I must apologize for the delayed publishing of your mainsheet, I got articles late and had the audacity to take a vacation!! I know my fellow club members will forgive me most anything as we are a easy going non-judgemental kind of club (or at least let me believe that ☺) which is why I enjoy working with all of you to make it happen. July looks to be a great time to be on the water, so hope to see some of you out there!

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Smugglers Cruise Santa Cruz

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