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Alaska Horn Family 2012

Vancouver, Canada

Tungus National Forest

Alaskan Totem Pole

Creek Street, Ketchikan, Alaska

Yukon Territory, Canada

Skagway, Alaska

Dyea, Alaska

Site Klondike Gold Rush ghost town and start of the Chilkoot Trail.

False Front

All that remains of the once great Dyea.

Mendenhall Glacier

Ice Caves, Glacier Bay

Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay

Grand Pacific Glacier, Glacier Bay

College Fjord

Ghost Forest, Portage, Alaska

These trees stand as a monument to the Great Earthquake of 1984, which killed them by flooding their roots with salt water.

Turnigate Arm

Much of Alaska’s water is filled with this glacier slit, which the ice grinds off the sides of the mountains and deposits into the streams.

Summit Lake

This lake is at the top of the continential divide, both ends drain out to different sides of the continent

Hurricane Gulch

Dall Sheep

Alaskan Moose

Bald Eagle

Humpback Whale

Mount McKinley

Ice Climbing at Manatuska Glacier

Exit Glacier


Horn Family 2012 Day 1 Flight to Vancouver Day 2 At Sea Day 3 Ketchikan Day 4 Juneau Day 5 Skagway Day 6 Glacier Bay Day 7 College Fjord Day 8 Train Ride to Denali Day 9 Denali Day 10 Mount McKinley Lodge Day 11 Anchorage and Ice Climbing Day 12 Exit Glacier

Horn Family Alaska Photo Book  
Horn Family Alaska Photo Book  

A photo book we put together from our trip to Alaska in 2012.