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Healthy relationships secrets to help you be healthy and whole. Never fear losing a relationship. Respect yourself and never hold on to a relationship too tight. Be passionate, but don't allow yourself to be pimped and emotionally manipulated. A healthy relationship starts with a healthy level of self respect, which you must have for yourself. Whenever self respect is diminished or lost, you relationship is no longer healthy. As a counselor and minister who hears countless relationships stories and helps people sort through their relationship challenges, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly people compromise their soul and lose a healthy level of self respect within a relationship. Self respect is the most vital component within a healthy relationship, without which any relationship (be it personal or professional) will rapidly erode. Whenever you allow yourself to be cheapened and your personhood lessened so as to maintain a relationship with somebody you love, you simultaneously lessen your love for yourself. Without a healthy and proper amount of self love, you quickly can become a doormat and begin to tolerate unnecessary abuse within relationships. Relational abuse and being taken for granted within a relationship subtly occurs when you lower your standards and stop standing up for yourself. When you quietly tolerate poor behavior and allow people to talk down to you, indirectly (often unbeknownst to yourself) you send a message loud and clear saying that such abuse is alright. Early on in most relationships a healthy level of respect is the foundational cornerstone, without which there would be no progression, trust, and embracing of one another. In the business world, once trust and a likeness of vision is established, many begin to move in the same direction. When subordination and dehumanization begins to subtly occur however, that is the time to quickly and powerfully address such a character dwarfing tendency, lest it occur more frequently and begin to consistently devalue you as a person. Unfortunately many find themselves in such unhealthy relationships, but acquiesce for a time because they are not secure in their own identity and fear losing what relationship they have (even though deep down they know it is not healthy and quite frankly bad). It pains me to see such relationships wherein someone (usually the woman, but not always) is being violated and taken advantage of. The action step that immediately needs to occur to turn the tide is to begin again to respect and stand up for yourself. Refuse to tolerate being talked down to and disrespected.

As you do, you will reframe the perimeters and expectations within your relationship. By doing so, transformation and a relational restructuring may very well occur as hearts and minds are properly brought back in check and self respect is restored. If such confrontation does not produce a relational correction, know assuredly it may be time to move on. Guard your heart and life before you find yourself being further dominated and brought under endless strife (both internal and relational). Love and respect yourself even if nobody else does. Remember you will attract what you are. Therefore teach people how to respect you and let everyone know what you expect. Truly you can have more in relationships if you refuse to settle for anything less.

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==== ==== Now You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection...Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless! Go to: ==== ====

The Secrets To A Healthy Relationship  

Now You Can Stop Your Break Up, Divorce or Lovers Rejection...Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless! Go to: http://5a1b0eyq130ngx5jqgrlwh3ma...

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