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Book Reviews Sravika Kayithi

A GOOD TASTE! Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead gives the reader a good taste of what vampires are really like in their dark world. Who knew that royals were vampires and that they had guardians to protect them? In this novel. Mead shows us what vampires do when they are not in our mortal world. The setting in this book mostly takes place at an Academy for vampires in the forests of Montana. Rose and Lissa escape the Academy but are caught and returned. They go through a lot of things when they come back, but get stronger by fighting back. A specific interesting thing in this book is the bond between Rose and Lissa. It’s a bond that no other Vampire and Guardian has. Rose can feel the way Lissa is and can sometimes even see what she is! How and why this bond occurs is a mystery, but by the end all the bloody secrets are

revealed! When they come back Lissa becomes very depressed and the both of them go through a big crisis that finally put all the pieces together. This amazing series by Richelle Mead won the 2010 Teen Reed Awards for Best Teen Series. She also won many more awards as she keeps continuing this series. She also wrote many more series, like Bloodlines. She live in Seattle and enjoys writing about vampires, as pne may have already notices. When not writing about a bite on the neck, she could be found inventing recipes and watching scary movies. In my opinion, this fantasy novel could be good for any girl out there who love vampires! With many twists and turns throughout the book, Mead never bores the reader. The reader can easily get a good picture of how the life of a

IT’S NOT OVER YET!! Mead continues the adventure in Vampire Academy in the Vampire Academy Series. The entire series: VAMPIRE ACADEMY FROSTBITE


vampire and a guardian would be if you went to a high school like Vampire Academy. At first, it may seem like a normal high school, but look deep into it, and you can see the darkness that flows through the hallways. Rose, Lissa, Christian, Dimitri and many other characters are waiting for you to join them in this journey of pure wildness.

Vamopire Academy by Sravika  
Vamopire Academy by Sravika  

THE PAGE TURNERS: Mead continues the adventure in Vampire Academy in the Vampire Academy Series. The entire series: VAMPIRE ACADEMY FROSTBIT...