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Royal Wok

Introduction Royal Wok. What is this place you ask? Why it’s the best Chinese restaurant around! There’s only one location and it’s 2560 Royal Lane. Its #100 for the area and its located close by in Dallas! The zip code is 75229. At Royal Wok, you can reserve the large rooms for special occasions. Usually, there’s no reservation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the American things like a fireplace, bar/ lounge, or outdoor seating. But, don’t let that get you down! It’s completely kid-friendly! There are 3 sizes of bowls, so the little kids don’t have to waste food. Plus, this restaurant has been open for more than 20 years! You have to admit, in our economy, that’s pretty awesome. Now, don’t be crossing off this restaurant off your list yet! Menu The menu is a little different. Some of the things might sound really disgusting, but actually they taste delicious! For example, the Pu Pu Platter tastes better than it sounds! It’s a combination of each appetizer. I have gone there a couple of times and have plenty of experience on what to eat! I’ve eaten Wen Loo Mein, Three Flavor Jan Bom Noodle, Three Flavor Brown Bean Sauce Noodle, Pork with Brown Bean Sauce Noodle and the Woo Tong Noodle. There is a variety of food there, not just noodles. I just happened to order noodles while I went there. On the menu, there is a spot just for vegetarians! The food is delicious. The creamy, smooth Wen Loo Mein consists of egg, seafood, and lots of veggies! I have to say that this might be the best dish there. Normally, I dislike seafood. The Wen Loo Noodle has completely changed my view! All the other noodles are well-made too, so don’t count them out! Quality

Everything on the menu is around the $5$10 range. Pretty much everything is cheap! There are some that are $20 and $30, but it’s only because the ingredients are expensive. For example, Braised Shark Fin costs about $35. Royal Wok gives you the right amount of food you need, so there isn’t a lot of leftovers. Though, you can order more and take it home. They also give free tea, and water. Sorry folks, but there’s no fortune cookies! If you’re looking for some tasty, cheap Chinese food, head to Royal Wok.

Service The waitresses would occasionally come by to make sure that everything was going great and if you needed a refill. The chefs never really came out, but they prepared the food fast! A few minutes after I ordered my noodles, the noodles came out fresh and hot! The waitresses were very kind to the customers,

giving out advice on what kind of food would be great. The restaurant could have put some different TV show on, other than Korean News. But, it didn’t bother the customers as they were eating. In fact, it intrigued them!


There was no music in the restaurant. There’s not much décor, but the food makes up for it! The atmosphere was very comfortable and welcome. Everything was clean and all the tables were aligned in rows. There were small square tables, but it could contain at most 5 dishes. Everything was in order. It’s pretty much a normal restaurant, but their food outranks any other!

Royal Wok JaniceKao  

R l AtmosphereQuality Restaurant Review Service There was no music in the restau- rant. There’s not much décor, but the food makes up for it...

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