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The movie Dolphin Tale is about a dolphin. The director is Charles Martin Smith. The dolphin is named Winter, who loses its tail when it gets caught on a crab trap. A boy named Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) rescues the dolphin and soon becomes the main caretaker of Winter. Sawyer is supposed to be at summer school but he skips it to go see Winter. When his mother, Lorraine (Ashley Judd) finds out, she gets mad but after he shows her Clearwater Marine Hospital, she agrees. But, Clearwater Marine Hospital is in finical troubles and is soon going to be sold to a real estate developer. Sawyer's cousin, Kyle, who is an award winning swimmer, comes back from the army with a right leg that has been amputated. (Morgan Freeman) plays Dr.McCarthy, a doctor who specializes in prosthetics, makes Kyle's fake leg. He starts designing fake tails for Winter, but Winter keeps on breaking them by banging the tail against the pool. Without a fake tail Winter will die, because her side to side movement when swimming is damaging her spine. Dolphins are supposed to move her tail up and down. If she can't swim she will drown. The genre of this movie would be kids and family or drama. This movie was based on a true story and I loved the movie. Especially with the pelican, Roofus, who loves to attack strangers at Clearwater Marine Hospital. The movie was really touching and at the end of the movie it made me want to see Winter for real. The acting was really believable and I would give the movie a 5 out of 5 stars. This is a movie is really a movie worth watching.

Dolphin Tale-Bhavana K  

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