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Movies this year have been ones that keep your eyes glued to the screen until it becomes an end. Rated PG-13, a life lesson, and very inspirational story comes the movie To Save a Life. The Hot actor Randy Wayne portrays a true emotional movie that really touches your heart. Déjà Kreutzberg, Joshua Weigel, and Robert Bailey all did a fantastic job that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Just as religious as Facing the giants and Fireproof it teaches you about life and its struggles. This movie is basically about this Average Kid named Jake Taylor who has everything going his way and his life being as perfect as could be until a boy from his past makes an unexpected life changing situation. His death leads into questions that Jake can’t answer himself. Along with the death of his former best friend his parents get a divorce that changes his life and future forever. This drama, action packed movie leaves the viewer feeling inspired and full of tears at the end that leave them speechless. No words can describe how unwanted and worthless Roger felt and how meaningless he thought he was. I really recommend everybody to see this that doesn’t mind a little action a whole lot of drama, and isn’t afraid to be in tears when leaving the theatre!!

Chili's by Kaitlyn  

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