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Bridal Guide 2010

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January 31, 2010


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January 31, 2010

Brides: Changing to Your Married Name Bridal Guide 2010

After a bride says "I do" to a life with her new husband, she often says "I do" to a new last name. Whether she takes the name as a loving gesture, to make it more convenient when having kids, or simply to rid herself of an unappealing maiden name, changing her surname will require some steps to ensure the legality of a change in identity. Because a name change will require a copy of the marriage certificate -- something that isn't often obtained until after the ceremony -- it's best to wait until after you've returned from a honeymoon to change documentation. Also, in order to travel, you may require birth certificates, passports, a license, or another form of ID. It will be impossible to change all of those forms of identification before the wedding. Inconsistent documentation could cause hangups in the travel process. Additionally, you may be charged if you try to change your name on airline tickets after they've already been issued. Therefore, enjoy your maiden name a little longer until the honeymoon bliss is over and it's back to reality. Ready to get started? Here are most of the documents you'll need to change as you take on your new married name. 1. Social Security Card: If you are a U.S. resident, you will need to go to your local social security office, or download a form from the IRS Web site to apply for a change of name on your social security card. It takes approximately 10 days after the application is received for the IRSto update the records. In Canada you will need to change your Social Insurance Number card. 2. Drivers license:In order to change your drivers license and vehicle registration, you'll likely have to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, or whatever the agency is called in your area.

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You will need several forms of identification, two of which will be your marriage certificate proving change of name and your social security card. Also have your old drivers license with you. 3. Passport:Contact the Passport Agency to update your name on your passport. You may or may not be charged for the new issue depending upon how long it's been since you applied for a passport. 4. Insurance policies: If you have health insurance, life insurance, or a 401(k) plan, you should communicate your change of name to the respective companies. 5. Bank accounts:Guests will likely issue gift checks in your married name or as a couple. It helps to have an account available in which to deposit those checks. You can choose to merge your banking accounts once married, or open up a joint account with your new name. 6. Employer:Have your employer change your name in their records and update payroll and any other services. You will also want to update e-mail stationery to reflect your new name and have your IT director change your information for computer logins and e-mail addresses. A courtesy e-mail to clients will fill them in on your name change. 7. Credit card & utility companies: Notify these companies of a change of name. Some may require written documentation to complete the change. 8. Wills and other legal contracts: Have legal documents amended to feature your updated name. You may want to change your beneficiary to your husband. BR101977 -------bridal/wedding women WeddingsMicroSite howto how-to how to

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Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010

JIM TESTANI TENT RENTALS Serving you since 1988

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How to Say, 'Thank You'

January 31, 2010

Bridal Guide 2010

It is customary for the bride- and groom-to-be to show their gratitude to all of the people who will make their wedding day special. Weddings today feature people who have roles that go beyond the traditional, like interior decorators and musical soloists. It's important to remember to thank everyone who contributes to the celebration. Thank-you gifts should be something thoughtful and enduring. Avoid fad or gag gifts. These gifts should be presented at a pre-wedding occasion. It's customarily done at the rehearsal dinner. Crafting personalized remarks is a nice way to call attention to the unique tasks of each wedding participant. Don't simply pass the gifts out in one fell swoop. This way the gift will have more meaning through a personal message. Don't let thank-you gifts be forgotten. Start thinking of gift ideas early on and plan for any extra time for engraving or other personalization. Groomsmen When selecting gifts for groomsmen, think about a gift they would like but probably wouldn't buy themselves. This can be cuff links, a fine watch, money clip, or a highquality wallet. Feel free to splurge a little more on the best man. Bridesmaids Traditional gifts for bridesmaids are different types of jewelry. Monogrammed stationery, a spa treatment, or another pampering session. As you have with the best man, feel free to bestow a little more thanks on the maid of honor with a more lavish gift. Younger bridal party members can get a similar gift, but one in scale with their ages. Clergy Many couples choose to make a financial donation to their house of worship. Additional tipping or monetary gifts for musicians, alter boys/girls, etc. can also be a thoughtful gesture. A donation toward an officiant's vestments may also be appreciated. Parents of the Bride and Groom The couple may choose to bestow a gift on their parents, which can be especially meaningful if the parents are taking care of the financial responsibility of the wedding. Jewelry or fine gifts in similar scope to that of the bridal party are good ideas. Consider engraved picture frames that can house a wedding portrait down the road. Others Readers, soloists, ushers, etc. can be given a small token of your appreciation, like a gift card or a personalized memento. BR101976 -------bridal/wedding howto how-to how to WeddingsMicroSite

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Main Street Bride & Tuxedo Bar

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Bridal Guide 2010

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January 31, 2010

Countdown to Your Wedding Day

The Strawberry Basket Gift Shoppe Brides & Grooms receive a FREE Afghan when they sign up in our Bridal Registry. Rte. 70A, Hornell • (607) 324-1500 Hornell Shop 7 Days A Week

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To help you get a better understanding of how to plan a wedding and when you should be making certain decisions, here's a timeframe you can follow that should ensure that your wedding goes off as smoothly as possible.

10 to 12 Months Before

If you haven't done it already, this is a good time to announce your engagement and introduce your respective families. Since most reception halls and churches have busy wedding schedules, it is also important to book both as early as possible, preferably at least a year in advance of your wedding day. It's also a good idea to start putting together a guest list around this time and ask your parents whom they'd like to invite as well. Also, since your budget will determine just about every aspect of your wedding, sitting down and determining what you can spend, and developing a savings plan should be first and foremost.

6 to 9 Months Before

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This is the time when you want to start booking some services, such as a florist, caterer, a DJ/band, and a photographer. However, some of the more experienced DJs and bands as well as photographers might have their schedules booked a year in advance, so this might be something you'll want to consider doing shortly after you get engaged and choose a date. Also, this is a good time to inform any guests who will be traveling significant distances of the date of your wedding. The earlier your guests can book a flight, the less expensive that flight will be. This is also a good time to order gowns for both the bride and bridesmaids, as some manufacturers require a few months to ship to bridal shops. You might want to ask someone such as your priest or rabbi to be the officiant of your wedding. And much like out-of-town guests will save travel dollars the earlier they learn of your wedding date, you will likely save money, too, if you book your honeymoon around this time.

4 to 5 Months Before

This is a good time to decide on wedding invitations, of which there are many styles to choose from. Also, now is ideal to start hunting for a wedding cake by sampling a number of different bakeries and their style of cakes before ultimately Continued on Next Page… making a decision.

January 31, 2010

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Bridal Guide 2010

Just to be sure, confirm that all of the bridesmaids have ordered their gowns and start looking for a tuxedo for the groom as well as the groomsmen. If you haven't done so already, purchase your wedding rings and let any other people you'd like to participate in your wedding (ushers, readers during the ceremony, etc.) know of your intentions.

Don’t leave it to chance!

2 to 3 Months Before

Finalize your guest list and mail out your invitations. If your guest list includes a considerable amount of people who are spread out geographically, mail the invitations as close to 12 weeks in advance as possible. This is also a good time to finalize your menu choices for your guests, and find all your wedding accessories such as the ring pillow, candles, etc. Also, since it is tradition to provide gifts for those in the wedding party as well as the parents of the bride and groom, this is a good time to decide on and purchase those gifts. Just to be safe, confirm that all groomsmen have ordered their tuxedos and finalize all transportation, both to and from the wedding and to the airport for your honeymoon.

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We explore exotic and romantic locations. It could be an all inclusive resort, cruise or a dreamy hideaway for two on a secluded beach.

Wheather you desire a honeymoon, a destination wedding-moon or are planning on renewing your vows on a beautiful white sand beach, let the honeymoon planning experts at Inteva Travel make it happen the way you have imagined it can be.

1 to 2 Months Before

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Brides Maid Gowns

Mother’s Dresses

The Day Before

This is mainly when you rehearse for the ceremony and make any final confirmations you might have to make. Also, make sure to get some sleep so you'll look good in all of your wedding-day photos.

Bridal Gowns

Brides Maid Gowns

1 to 2 Weeks Before

Get a final attendance count and submit it to the caterer as soon as you know of it, while also providing a final seating chart. Pick up the wedding gown and tuxedo. Make sure the wedding party picks up their attire. Also, finalize your vows and confirm all wedding-day details such as transportation, photo schedules, and addresses. And don't forget to pack for your honeymoon.

Mother’s Dresses

3 to 4 Weeks Before

Confirm your honeymoon arrangements and see if your wedding rings are ready. This is also when you should get your marriage license and check the guest list to see who has and hasn't RSVP'd. For those who have yet to RSVP, you might want to contact them so you can get a closer idea of what the head count will be. You should also prepare and order your wedding program around this time.


Bridal Gowns

Schedule the first bridal-gown fitting. Also finalize the readings you'd prefer during the ceremony and mail them out to anyone who has agreed to do a reading. If your family prefers to host a small gathering for close family and friends after the wedding rehearsal, the night before the wedding, this is a good time to order any food or drinks you might want to serve that night, or make a restaurant reservation.

Wedding Consultant

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Bridal Guide 2010

Discussing and Solving Debt with Your New Spouse

To be sure, gazing deep into the eyes of your future spouse and talking about the outstanding debts being brought into the marriage isn't very romantic. So it's no surprise that the topic isn't high on the list of priorities when making wedding plans. However, it makes good sense -- and good cents -- for couples to sit down and make a plan for managing their finances and any existing debts long before the ink is dry on the wedding invitations. Take charge of your debts If you're not sure of the exact status of your debts, a credit report will provide a detailed history of what you currently owe and if any payments have been late or are missing. Your first and perhaps most important job is to ensure that the report is complete and accurate. Inaccurate or incomplete information can damage your credit rating -- and it is up to you to document the errors and make sure they are corrected. Managing your debts and credit history is extremely important and all too often overlooked. Create a plan Determine what your financial obligations are and, together, create a strategy to reduce and eventually eliminate your debts. Expect the unexpected and have contingencies in place should you become unable to continue your payment plan due to a job layoff, an unexpected major expense or medical emergency. Be aware that

January 31, 2010

your current debts may limit your ability to make major purchases and determine how that will impact your future needs. Having children is stressful and costly even under ideal circumstances, so it pays to tune up your finances before having children. Reducing or eliminating debt Determine a realistic amount you can afford each month and a timetable for paying down your debt. Evaluate every few months how well your plan is progressing and make necessary adjustments to pay off as much as you can without adding undo stress. Even though some strategies to reduce your debt seem obvious, they shouldn't be overlooked. First and foremost, don't make purchases that will add to your debt. Contact your creditors and try to negotiate a lower interest rate. This may or may not be possible, but couples won't know if they don't try. When paying down debts, eliminate the debts that boast higher interest rates first. See if you can transfer card balances to a card with a lower interest rate. Find ways to cut spending by living on less. This should leave more room to enjoy your new life together, and enable each person in the relationship to improve their credit rating as well. The first step to financial success is to make a plan. All steps thereafter should adhere to that plan. BR101962 -------bridal/wedding WeddingsMicroSite money/finance general interest

January 31, 2010

Bridal Guide 2010

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Bridal Guide 2010

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January 31, 2010

Roles of Wedding-Party Participants

Your Honeymoon Connection

Everything for your wedding day....


Wedding & Tux Shop DRESS

Big City Selection - Small Town Service & Attention Gowns in all sizes...Prices to fit every Budget

(585) 243-5312 37 East South St. Rte 20A Geneseo

A wedding can be a wonderful and memorable experience for all of those involved. That's why you ask friends or relatives to share in the event and serve in your wedding party. Your offer is a wonderful honor, one that goes with it varying degrees of responsibility depending on the role each person will be playing. To help you decide who to ask to be in your wedding party, here is a list of titles and responsibilities for each participant's role. Maid of Honor The maid of honor is a role typically filled by a sister or a very close friend. It is the equivalent of the groom's best man. The maid of monor's role, therefore, is typically very involved. Among her many responsibilities, the maid of monor accompanies the bride on shopping trips for her wedding dress while also planning the bridal shower, bachelorette party and coordinating the bridal party gift for the bride. Also, the maid of monor helps the bride get dressed on her wedding day, holds the groom's wedding ring during the wedding and may also help in the writing of invitations. The maid of monor will also typically act as a witness to the wedding and dance with the best man at the reception. If the woman you're asking is married, her title will be matron of honor. Best Man Perhaps the most well-known responsibilities of the best man are organizing the bachelor party and giving the toast at the reception. But the best man, who is typically a brother or best friend of the groom, also has a slew of other responsibilities. In addition to helping the groom choose his tuxedo and get dressed before the wedding, the best man coordinates the couple's gift from the groomsmen and takes care of the newlyweds' transportation to the airport after the reception or the next morning. The best man may also hold onto any payment that's due to the reception site or the donation for the house of worship, and take care of any final financial details. He also holds the bride's wedding ring during the ceremony. Bridesmaids Along with walking in the wedding procession, bridesmaids attend the shower and contribute to the bridal gifts. bridesmaids, who are typically sisters or friends of the bride or groom, also dance with the groomsmen during the reception. To be further involved, each can be given specific roles, like reading a religious passage at the ceremony, providing assistance with choosing wedding vendors, or helping to address wedding invitations. Groomsmen Groomsmen are the male equivalent of the bridesmaids, typically having nearly identical responsibilities. Sometimes, groomsmen can act as ushers for guests arriving at the ceremony. groomsmen walk in the wedding processional and attend and help organize the bachelor party as well. Flower Girl If the bride has a sister who is especially young, that sister typically fills the role of flower girl. Since most flower girls are very young, their responsibilities are generally limited to carry-

Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010

ing a basket of flowers during the processional and, depending on the bride's preference, tossing flower petals on the ground to mark the bride's entrance. Ring Bearer Like the flower girl, the ring bearer is a very young member of the family, only the ring bearer is a male. The ring bearer's role is to carry a pillow with the rings sewn on it during the processional. Some couples choose to have the ring bearer and the flower girl walk next to one another during the processional. Parents of the Bride The bride's parents may be responsible for hosting the wedding, if they will be completely financially responsible for the event. In some cases, the father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle alone, but in other instances or in religious ceremonies, both parents may accompany the bride. In all cases, it's her preference. The mother of the bride may help fund or contribute to the planning of the bridal shower if the Maid of Honor needs assistance. These parents may also foot the cost of an engagement party or dinner to meet the groom's family. Parents of the Groom The groom's parents should host a rehearsal dinner prior to the wedding. They may also choose to contribute to the wedding if they desire. In most cases, the groom's parents have limited responsibilities, but can be involved as much as the wedding couple would like. Traditionally, the groom's mother confers with the bride's mother on what color gown she is wearing, so as not to go with the same shade. The groom's parents may walk down the aisle in advance of the rest of the wedding processional and take their seats.

Nothing sets the mood for a picture perfect wedding day like flowers. Leave the arrangements to us and we’ll help you step down the aisle in style. WE MAKE ALL THE ARRANGEMENTS • No. 1 IN FLOWER QUALITY and freshness • CONVENIENT SHOP HOURS and consultation times Referrals provided, service guarantee, professional designers on site

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Phone: (585) 335-5170

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Sat. 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.


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Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010


Quite Personally™! Gifts, Favors and Wedding Accessories A collection of fine accessories, gifts and favors with a personalized touch.

• Save-the-Date • Bridal Shower • Engagement Party • Wedding Invitations • Thank-You Cards • Party Napkins & Ribbons • Wedding Favors • Garters • Shower Gifts • Cake Toppers • Stationery • Memory Albums • Unity Candles • Guest Books • Ring Pillows • Attendant Gifts • Toasting Glasses And Much More!

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Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010

When Love Blossoms....... We’re your wedding specialists. We’ll help you with every detail to make your wedding flowers a beautiful memory you’ll cherish.

BK’s Boutique & Florist 26 Greenwood St. , Canisteo (607) 698-4416 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5; Sat 9-12 ~All Major Credit Cards Accepted~

Reserve Your Wedding Date Early!!

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Arrange your own catering when planning your reception for that special day. We have our hall that is available for 150-160 seating capacity.

Call for reservations and prices. (607) 324-3121 Ask for Michelle or Bucky.

Bridal Guide 2010

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January 31, 2010

Worried Sick? Wedding-Day Planning Requires a Healthy Perspective

13 McLean Ave. Hornell, NY 24 Years Experience

Wedding and All Occasion Cakes Health Board Certified 607-324-4058 Wed.-Sat. 10-4 Weddings by appointment only

When the time comes to plan your wedding, give the experts a call. * Free Wedding Consultation (Advance Notice) • Bridal Bouquets • Corsages & Boutonnieres • Centerpieces and Floral Arrangements 86 Thacher Street, Hornell (Across from Pete’s Automotive) • Full Service Florist (607) 324-2531 or (607) 324-3101 • Traditional & Modern 1-888-90Roses • Discounted Wedding Packages • We offer Flower Cakes for Centerpieces

Bathrick’s Flowers


Hours: M-F 9am-5pm Sat. 9am-3pm





CE 19 10 ?



Too often, stress about invitations, cakes, bridesmaids, makeup and more overshadow the actual romance of a bride's big day. That's not without reason, because planning a wedding is an involved process. In fact, The National Women's Health Information Center's Web site cites getting married as one of the most stress-ful events in a person's life. Barbara North, M.D. says too much wed-ding-related stress can actually hinder plans for the big day. "Women will sometimes worry so much about details like favors and bridesmaid gifts that they literally worry themselves sick," says Dr. North. "While it may seem necessary at the time, too much wedding stress can take its toll on both the bride and her relationship." To avoid the wedding-day blues, Dr. North offers tips to keep brides happy and relaxed. Don't forget to eat. It's not crucial to your marriage that you fit the cov-eted size-6 designer dress on your wedding day, but it is important for your body to be in good condition. Some women may exercise and start dieting before their weddings, which is fine, if you're staying healthy. If you eat right, drink plenty of water and get enough calcium, you can ensure you'll be in better shape both physically and mentally for the big day. Also, don't forget to eat a light meal the morning of your wedding. You'll need fuel to make it through the ceremony, pictures and up to the cocktail hour. Sense your cycle. Stress can actually impact a woman's monthly cycle, affecting everything from the timing of her flow to hormones and pain. While some women plan ahead and use the pill to "schedule" their periods around their weddings, you can't always ensure how your body will react. Plan instead by having the right tools. Stop thinking. Taking a day before the event to do anything but think about the wedding can streamline planning and help you get back your focus. Worrying 24/7 can cause physical problems including muscle tension, insomnia, headaches, digestive issues, skin irritation, anger, sadness, or even decreased libido. No matter how fabulous your big day, there's nothing worse than avoiding intimacy on your wedding night because you've worried too much. Rather than tying the knot with a knot in your stomach, Dr. North says you can de-stress by focusing on what really counts -- your health and the health of your relationship. SB096297

Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010

Hornell Golf Club Weddings As casual or as formal as you’d like it… in our Newly Renovated Facility!

Let us help to enhance your ideas and define your style with simple elegance. Our Banquet facility is the perfect place for your next gathering: Wedding Ceremony • Wedding Receptions Anniversary Parties • Corporate Functions Birthday Parties • Bridal Showers Baby Showers

trisha cartwright Event Planner 473 seneca road • hornell, ny 14843 607-324-1735

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“A Tradition Of Trust”

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• Diamond Bridal Jewelry • Wedding Bands • Handmade Jewelry • Hand Engraving • Fast, Competent Repair Service

Buying Gold & Silver

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Bridal Guide 2010

January 31, 2010

Bridal Shops & Accessories Elegance Bridals & Formals 17 Main St., Canisteo.........................(607) 698-2371 Catering Smitty’s Pop & Hops Shop 406 South Lackawanna St., Wayland (585) 728-2360 Flowers & Gifts Bathrick’s Flowers Thacher Street, Hornell...................(607) 324-2531 BK’s Boutique & Florist 26 Greenwood St., Canisteo..............(607) 698-4416 Dogwood Floral Co. 152 Main Street, Dansville...............(585) 335-5170 The Strawberry Basket Gift Shoppe Route 70A, Hornell...........................(607) 324-1500 Way To Gro Route 21, Alfred Station..................(607) 587-8866 Gowns & Tuxedos Bonjulies S. Main Street, Horseheads...............(607) 739-5321 The Wedding Dress & Tux Shop 37 E. South St. (Rte. 20A), Geneseo. .(585) 243-5312 Invitations Hornell/Canisteo Penn•e•Saver 35 Cass St., Hornell..........................(607) 324-1010 Dansville-Wayland Pennysaver 5 Perine St., Dansville......................(585) 335-6330 Jewelers Andersen Jewelers, Inc., 170 Main St., Dansville.....................(585) 335-2530 Hart’s Jewelry Downtown Wellsville.......................(585) 593-2775 McHenry’s Jewelers 17 Main St., Canisteo, NY...................(607) 698-5066 Photographers Adrian R. Morling, 698-4065 Planning Special Event Network, Receptions & Parties Esperanza Mansion .............................................................(866) 927-4400 Hornell Elks Lodge Hornell, NY........................................(607) 324-3121 Hornell Golf Club 473 Seneca Rd., N. Hornell...............(607) 324-1735 Jacks Place Gaslight Grill 110 Main Street, Dansville...............(585) 335-3725 Nugget Hill Event Center Wayland, NY........................................(585) 728-9560 RBI Sports Pub 68 River St., Hornell.........................(607) 324-9883 Valley Oak Event Center Geneseo, NY........................................(585) 243-3500 Tent Rental Jim Testani Tent Rentals 446 Seneca Rd., North Hornell........(607) 324-1324 Travel Adieu Travel 117 Franklin Street, Dansville........(585) 335-2222 Inteva Travel Services 7 Seneca Street, Hornell..................(607) 324-0492 Wedding Cakes Stone Cottage Cakery 13 McLean Ave., Hornell...................(607) 324-4058

Bridal Guide 2010  

For all your bridal needs!!

Bridal Guide 2010  

For all your bridal needs!!