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th he_ _wee ek@ @ho rizo onuu u a pu ublication off horizon un nitarian univversalist chu urch

horizon unitaria an universaliist church • 1641 1 w. hebroon pkwy. • caarrollton, tx • 75010 6334 t: 972 9 492 4940 0 • f: 972 394 05 • email:


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Contemplations * Rev. Denniss Hamilton * ssrminister@h horizonuu.orgg        

Co ome to t the e Lead dership Retreat

A healthy  church  doesn’t  happen  h by  chance.  c   A  church  c that  is  grounded d  in  its  misssion  to  grow w spirituallyy healthy peo ople who promote love and justice  in the world d needs to practice  whaat it claims.  Horizon is ggrounded in that mission and we traain our leadership to keeep the  chu urch healthy..    Each year after the new Bo oard is electe ed, Board, m minister, thee Director of  f Lifespan REE and the inttern if there is one, gather for a weeken nd retreat to o set goals, gget to know  one another and each o other’s leadeership style, share  stories,  and  a practice e  good  lead dership.    The ey  agree  onn  a  covenan nt  of  behavior  that  includes  being resp pectful, show wing up, being prepared d, and listeniing to each oother.    For  some peop ple being on the Board  is their first major lead ership expeerience.  Som me come fro om years of porate or no on‐profit maanagement.   All of them m learn moree about what leadership p is like in a  church, and corp whaat  makes  good  g leaderrs.    They  read  r about  church  sysstems,  confflict  management,  how w  to  avoid miscommunication and how w to be self‐‐differentiatted leaders.   They learn  how to be aa non‐anxiou us presence in the church, h how to keep p the fun in d dysfunctionaal, how to brring joy to th he church and the workk that needs to b be done.  Ab bove all, theyy each grow personally tthrough the work of lead ding the chu urch.    Leadership devvelopment  iss  not  mechaanical.    It  isn n’t  just  to  geet  warm  bo odies  to  do  ssome  work.    It  involves emo otional and  spiritual gro owth.  Whatt our leaderss learn abouut themselvees they can  take home aand to their jobss.  It makes tthem betterr leaders butt it makes them better hhuman beinggs as well.    We  have decide ed to share these leadership tools w with membeers who havee not yet served on the  Board.  We e tools, this w wisdom, and d we believe e the churchh will be stro onger the mo ore people aare exposed beliieve in these to h how the church works, h how it is orgaanized, whatt its goals arre, what plan ns it has for this transition year and succceeding years.     So please consider this opp portunity to understand d more abouut your churcch.  If you arre a long tim me member, com me  refresh  your  y spirits  and  a get  a  clearer  picture  of  how  H Horizon  will  fare  the  neext  five  years.    We  will gath her at 9 am on Saturdayy, August 17.  Lunch willl be served ffor all those  registering  ahead of tim me.  We will con nclude by 4 p pm.    You u  can  register  with  Den nnis  (srminister@horizo  or  revdennish hamilton@m,  Saandy  Steele (San ndy.Steele@ m),  fill  out  the  flyer  in  the  t order  off  service  or  answer  the  all  church  ee‐mail.    We hop pe to have att least thirtyy attendees.    Faitthfully,  


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Ho orizon encourages you to attend w weekly worshhip here witthin your co ommunity,  on Sund days at 10:300AM     

Auggust 4 ‐ “T The War on n Women”” ‐ Rev. Maark Walz  Many of us gre ew up recitin ng a prayer  that include ed the line, H Holy Mary,  Mother of G God. Imagine giving the Sacred Feminin ne credit for birthing God d itself yet d denying them m the equality of person n, privacy, and privilege thatt men take ffor granted.  And now,  in this, the  postmodernn 21st Centu ury, women  are once aggain fighting for their very livves. We are pleased to h have Rev. Mark Walz, thhe minister o of the Oak Clliff UU Churcch, bring his wisd dom, warmtth and humo or to Horizon n while Denn nis is on vacaation.     

Auggust 11 ‐ "Unity, and d 99 Otherr Names fo or God" ‐ C Cynthia Tallbot   Islam is one of  the fastest  growing religions in the world,  an d yet for m most of us in the Western World,  it rem mains one off the least un nderstood, aand mysterio ous. Come aand learn a  bit about th he Muslim viiew of faith, som me of the surprising beliefs that we  UU's share  with our M uslim neighbors, and so ome we don n't, and how the  Muslim  faith  shapes  the  everyd day  landscapes  of  life  in  modern n  North  Africa.  Shared   in  stories, aneecdotes, and occasional quotes from m a Unitarian n Universalisst who lived in the region n."    We are pleased d to have Cyn n Talbot brin ng her insigh hts from her life among tthe Egyptian ns.     

Auggust 18 ‐ SSpiritualityy for Agnosstics ‐ Rev.. Dennis Haamilton  Are  you  “spirittual”?    Do  you  y have  a  spiritual  prractice?    W hen  religion n  gets  out  o of  the  way,  everything beccomes an object of devo otion.  The ordinary beco omes miracuulous.  The w world, once called “proffane” by the “relligious” now w reveals itse elf as sacred d.  The whole universe  dances.  An nd dancing iss wrong?  So omething is amiiss.  Sign up for Wellspring group be egins today.   

Auggust 25 ‐ ““Good Vibrrations” ‐ R Rev. Dennis Hamilto on  Micchio Kaku the physicist cclaims that aat the subato omic level thhe universe  is insubstan ntial, just vib brations, like a violin string. Q Quarks, elecctrons, and tthe rest are  like notes oon a string,  and, in a waay, we are eeach a song, we look at ho ow science iss far more a mazing and spiritual thaan the imagiinative rings mussic made flesh.  Today w of h heaven and h hell pictured d by Dante.  And we ask the questio n, “Then wh ho am I reallyy?”     

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A No ote from the DLRE * By Lauren Daniell * 

TThis Sund day in C Children’’s and Yo outh Relligious EEducatio on  August 4t A th    Preschool RE:  C Celebrate N NatUUre!  Rh hythmic Rain n, pt. 2      Thiss Sunday the e preschoole ers will do th he second haalf of their leessons aboutt rain. They  will hear sto ories about  rain n and make ttheir own rh hythmic rain sounds by ccreating rain  sticks.    Chilldren’s RE:  Celebrate N NatUUre!  Th he Magnificeent Moon      Thee children wh ho will be en ntering Kinde ergarten‐6th grade in thee fall will be exploring th he role of daarkness and  the moon in wo orld religionss.  Each classs will read a “pourquoi ttale,” a storyy from the ancient past w which  exp plains why th he Moon hass a face. Then they will ccreate 3‐D m moons from p paint, flour aand sand.   

You uth RE: Faith h of our Neig ghbors       Thiss summer yo outh in risingg 9‐12th grad de are learning about annd visiting neeighboring churches.  Th he youth  havve chosen to visit  a Churrch of Scienttology this Sunday.  The Church of Scientology iss located in Irving. We  will leave at 10::30 for an 11 1:00 service..  The service e should lastt one hour.  We should b be back by 1 1:45.   Pleaase rememb ber that a pe ermission slip p must be co ompeted andd to dress ap ppropriatelyy.  No phonees or  cam meras are permitted in th he service so o plan to leaave them at hhome or in tthe cars. http://www.scientology‐    Imp portant inforrmation for ttrip to Churcch of Sciento ology:    ‐Arrrive at Horizon no later tthan 10:15 aam  ‐Depart Horizon n at 10:30 am m  ‐Retturn to Horizon at 1:45 p pm (est.)    ‐If this is teen’s first trip witth the class tthis summerr, signed perrmission slip ps are needeed by 10:15 aam.  Please  emaail Lauren Daaniell, DLRE,, for a slip: d dlre@horizon  ‐Pleease remember to dress appropriate ely (dress is business cassual – no sho orts, tee‐shirrts, sleeveless tops, flip  flop ps, etc.)  ‐No o cellphones or cameras//recording d devices allow wed in the Chhurch of Scieentology. 



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An nnounce ements: Children n’s and Y Youth REE    parents off children n in prescchool‐12tth grade: Atttention p   Reggistration forr the 2013‐2014 church school year is now openn.  On Sundaay you will find paper reggistration  form ms in the san nctuary, in the RE office and with yo our child’s teeachers.  Carre for an electronic form m?  Please  emaail the DLRE,, Lauren, to receive one:    

Registration n for Teacher Training is no ow open until Auggust 4th u until 11:59 pm.    Thee annual teaccher trainingg at the Firstt Unitarian C Church of Daallas is now o open. Even iff you are an   exp perienced teaacher, the to opics covere ed at Teacher Training 20013 will be vvery helpful and will be w worth your  time. The theme is “Creatin ng a Welcom ming and Safe e Classroom m.” The first p part of the d day is a preseentation by  the Rev. Pam W Wat about ho ow to make aall students feel welcom me in our classrooms. Th hen we will d divide up by  de levels and d learn how to keep ourr students saafe in mind aand body. Affter lunch we’ll receive aa blessing  grad and d then meet as a church to plan the school year as a group aand then by teams.    Herre is the important information abou ut Teacher TTraining 20133:     1.  Date: Saaturday, Auggust 17th  (frree breakfasst, lunch andd childcare) 2.  Time: Approximately 9am‐3:30 pm   3.  Who? A All Horizon Te eachers from m preschool‐‐12th  grad de  Location 4.  n: First Unitaarian Church h of Dallas           4015 Normandy Aven nue   exas 75205‐1 1750           Dallas, Te 8‐3990          (214) 528   5.   How? Siign yourself up at   p://www.ntu‐2013.shtml  http   Even if yyou don’t inttend to come to the traiining,  pleaase click on tthe link and RSVP “NO” so we can create a  dataabase of teaachers in North Texas. 

                                 Find d Horizon on n Pinterest!  A paage just for Horizon fam milies has bee en created o on the  pop pular idea exxchange site,, Pinterest.  Categories include  children’s charaacter development, prom moting peacce, books  for families and d spiritual practices.  Please see  http p:// onuu/ to acccess the boaards.    Volunteers stilll needed to staff Summer RE classes for  children  

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Volunteers will be needed throughout the summer to lead the children’s summer RE classes.  Each session  involves a story and a fun craft project.  Please look for the signup sheet in the lobby and volunteer for  August.                                                     

Upcoming dates for Children’s and Youth Religious Education      July 28‐August 11: Bring school supplies for Metrocrest (see article in this newsletter for list of needed  items)    August 1st: Registration opens for children’s and Youth fall religious education    August 4th 11:59 pm:  Deadline for 2013‐14 teachers to register for Teacher Training in Dallas    August 11th: Last day to donate school supplies for Metrocrest    August 24th: Family volunteer opportunity at Metrocrest, 8:45am‐1:00pm    August 17th (Saturday) Teacher training in Dallas, 9:00am‐3:30pm     September 8th:  (tentative date) Water Day after service for children up to 7th grade                      Classes begin for Our Whole Lives (8th graders) and Coming of Age (9th             graders)    September 14th (Saturday): Families can participate in the annual Crop Walk    September 15th: Regular church year RE begins for children in preschool‐7th grade       New Adult Religious Education opportunities this Fall 

First Wednesdays    The Rev. Dennis Hamilton and the new DLRE, Lauren Daniell, are happy to announce a new series of  Wednesday night classes this fall beginning September 11th  called,  First Wednesdays.*  As the name  implies, the first Wednesday evening of every month will be a time for us to gather together to explore our  monthly themes in depth.  After a short worship service, we’ll break into groups to discuss how these  themes wend their ways through our lives and our Unitarian Universalist faith.  Please mark your calendars  and check this column in the future for more details.  Proposed First Wednesdays topics include:    September 11, 2013*: RETURNING    As we return from our summer wanderings to the normal church rhythm, we are invited to think  about what we return to: home, companions, church, school…And are there practices that you have  neglected?  Are there things you will abandon?   

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Octtober 2, 201 13: HAUNTIN NG    What haaunts your life?  The deaad?  Memories?  Old expperiences?  O Old beliefs?  Resentmen nts?  We  o befriend our ghosts.  lookk for ways to    November 6, 2 2013: REAPIN NG    What haave you sow wn?  What haave we all so own, and whhat will we reeap?  Have w we sown goo od  seeds/deeds?  H Have we nurrtured them?  Karma.     Deccember 4, 2 2013: PRESER RVING    What is worth prese erving?  In yo our life, this church, ourr nation, thee environment?  What giifts has this  year given you??  What will yyou cherish?? What lesso ons have youu learned?     ote: the Septtember meeting will be o on the SECO OND Wednessday due to a schedulingg conflict  *no


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UUism * Nancy FForeman *       

G Gene eral Asse A emb bly, a Glo oriou us UU U Evvent In June, I attended the larggest group of Unitarian U Universalistss (UU’s) thatt gathers (th his year 3,31 14 people in Lou uisville,  KY)  –  – General  Assembly!  A (G GA)    I  was  lucky  l to  havve  a  great  rroommate  in  Horizon’s  Director  of Lifeespan Religio ous Educatio on (DLRE), Laauren Daniell.    Why do I choosse to go?  First off, it’s  fun—if you  enjoy beingg around Ho orizon UUs, jjust imaginee that times portant, goin ng to GA ben nefits its parrticipants in  many ways. It helps theeir home congregations 10!   Just as imp beccome better churches.  It broadens p participants’’ UU perspe ctive and th his is shared  with others they know.   GA  can be a life e changing e event for an nyone.  Attendees experrience how  a social justtice ethic can be woven thro oughout an entire confe erence.  In ad ddition to th he main proggramming, there is a large, welcomiing group of UU Young Adultts, a spirited d high school group, programs for ellementary agge children, and childcare for those you unger.    As  I  share  my  GA  G experience,  I  hope  you  y will  seee  how  havin ng  people  frrom  Horizon n  attend  GA ben nefits our church.     Thee  Opening  Celebration  C is  an  experience  not  to  be  misssed,  with  reepresentativves  from  almost  every con ngregation parading thro ough the haall with colorful bannerss.  It is a powerful gathering with lively music. Thiss year’s General Assemb bly theme waas “What Do o We Promisse One Anotther?”      Wo orship—is an n uplifting paart of GA every morningg and eveninng.  Some off this year’s  themes included cross‐ culttural worship, bridging ffrom youth  to young ad dult, UUism  in other countries, and d honoring o our religious lead ders.  The sp peakers werre inspiring,  and the outtstanding m usic and thee singing weere some of  my favorite partts.  It is a m moving experrience to sin ng a song yo ou learned inn church, wiith thousand ds of other eenthusiastic singgers!  You caan even be aa part of the magnificentt GA choir!   GA attendeees return wiith a deeperr connection to aand understaanding of the spiritual m meaning of our movemennt and a vision of what w we can be.     Plen nary  Session ns—are  whe ere  our  den nomination’ss  business  iss  conducted d  democratically,  and  in n  a  fun  and inteeresting wayy (no, really!!)  These sesssions are w well‐run by aan expert moderator wh ho brings hu umor to the process.  You ccan walk aro ound the bigg hall, eat lu unch, chargee your cellphone, or knit, among other things, whiile  participating.  Plenarry  sessions  introduce  us  to  leaderss  such  as  th he  youth  an nd  young  adult  caucus man nagers.    The ere  are  repo orts,  singingg  (yes  more singing!),  eelections  of  our  denom mination’s  leeaders,  and bylaaw updates.  These mayy seem daunting, but b by the end o of a well‐led  discussion,  everyone u understands the proposed cchanges.  We e publically recognize UUs who havve made a diifference in o our faith, an nd celebrate mileestones  toggether.    In  one  plenaryy  session,  we  w broke  innto  small  ggroups  to  envision  futu ure  General Assemblies.  Pe erhaps mostt importantly, we consid der and votte on our deenomination n’s position  and actions on  moral  issue es,  for  exam mple  ethical  eating,  divvestment  frrom  the  fosssil  fuel  ind dustry,  corp porations  as persons, and th he incarcerattion, killing, and mistreaatment of peeople of colo or by police.  Plenary sesssions teach us w what Unitarian Universalism is about beyond ou ur local churcch.  GA attendees bring this knowleedge back to our  churches.   I am proud  of what myy religion staands for in thhe wider wo orld and I w want other UUs to share thatt as well.     

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Public W Witness—is w when we takke a visible sstand in the communnity in which h GA is held.    At this yeaar’s event, a couple  oof  thousand ds  of  us  waalked  a  few w  blocks  to Belvederre Plaza, where we gath hered with p people from the  locaal  communitty.    We  saang,  carried  signs,  and heard  sppeakers,  including  noteed  poet  Wendell  Berry, urging  tthe  stoppin ng  of  envvironmentally  harmful practicess such as mo ountaintop  removal an nd hydraulic fracturin ng.    Our  public  w witness  refllected  our commitm ment to envvironmental justice for aall.       Worksho ops—are  heeld  through hout  the  w week.    This year’s toopics spanneed: Appalach hian Culture  (remember we  weree  in  Kentuckky),  Civil  Rights,  Rural  FFarming  and Food,  A nti‐racism,  Anti‐oppresssion,  Multiculturalism, Growing  UUism,  Jusstice  Educattion,  Multiggenerational and  Lifellong  Learnin ng,  Organizin ng  for  Justicce,  Practical Arts for C Congregatio ons, Spirituall Growth and Theology, and morre!  As an exxample, one workshop ccovered the transitionn  a  congreggation  makees  when  theeir  minister leaves.    I  was  pleeased  to  fin nd  that  thee  Unitarian Universaalist  Association  has  infformation  aand  help  to offer reggarding “bestt practices” in this situattion.      Reflection  Grou ups—are  sm mall  gatherin ngs  that  met  to  processs  and  furtheer  explore  o our  GA  experiences  and the  promises  of  o our  faith.    I  got  to  know  the  people  p in  m my  group  on n  a  personal  basis,  and d  they  were inteeresting folkks to meet and connect  with. Sharin ng our ideass from our G GA experien nces and sesssions had a synergistic effect, bringing  insights I w wouldn’t havve had otherrwise.  GA iss a good plaace to meet  likeminded peo ople from maany places and to encou unter ideas that can be sshared and aapplied in ou ur own congregations.     Thee  Ware  Lectture—is  a  highlight  of  the  t GA  experience.    A  distinguisheed  guest  is  invited  to  aaddress  the Gen neral Assembly. This yeaar it was autthor Eboo Paatel, founde r of the inteernational In nterfaith You uth Core. He also o  delivered  the  keynote e  speech  at  the  Nobel  Peace  Prize  Forum  with h  President  Jimmy  Cartter. You  can learrn  more  ab bout  Eboo  Patel  and  the  historyy  of  the  W Ware  Lecturre  by  clicking  the  following  link: http p:// ogram/highlights/14600 0.shtml.  Preevious  Warre  Lecturerrs  have  included  the Revverend Martin Luther Kin ng, Jr., Kurt V Vonnegut, and poet Ma ry Oliver.     Eveening Eventss—offer a vaariety of cho oices (as if all the other  events in a  day at Geneeral Assemb bly were not eno ough).  This yyear’s offerin ngs combine ed fun and le earning usin g films, dancce, and live music.    Theere are manyy more things to discovver at GA.  W When we atttend Generaal Assembly, the benefits return to our  congregatio ons in the en nergy of the attendees, tthe knowleddge they shaare, and the connectionss made with our  larger faith organizatio on.   Our vottes as delegates help deetermine thee points of vview our deenomination supports, the th hings we actt upon, witn ness to, and  study.  It gi ves us a voiice in selectiing our deno ominational lead ders.  Anyon ne can attend GA virtually, online (112 people ddid this year)), and you caan vote on the issues of our   denomination  that  way.    While  th his  is  an  exccellent  way  to  participate  in  the  bu usiness  parts  if  you  are unaable to travel there, I hope you will cconsider atte ending this eextraordinarry event in th he future.  

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Upcoming General Assemblies:    2014   Providence, RI   June 25 – 29  2015   Portland, OR     June 24 – 28  2016   Columbus, OH   June 22 – 26  2017   TBD       June 21 – 25  2018   Kansas City, MO   June 20 – 24        2013 General Assembly Sessions attended by Nancy Foreman (  I learned a lot  from the workshops I attended, and would be happy to discuss any them or any other part of GA.      A  Ministry  of  Absence:  When  a  minister  retires,  it  creates  an  absence  for  both  the  minister  and  the  congregation.  This  absence  can  be  a  great  gift  and  it  should  be  the  expectation.  This  session  covers  best  practices for Emerita/Emeritus, retiring ministers and congregations.    From Generation to Generation: Leadership Transitions in Covenant: Generation X and the Millennials are  coming;  they  are  our  new  ministers,  committee  chairs,  and  board  members.  Or  they  could  be...  Are  you  prepared  for  a  different  kind  of  leadership?  This  session  examines  strategies  for  developing  the  next  generation of leaders that honor covenant within our congregations.    Grounded Governance: Panel discussion on how to ground the work of your board in the covenant – with  each other, with the minister and with the congregation. Non‐traditional congregational settings were also  discussed.    The Promise and Practice of Good Governance: This program explores faithful congregational governance  practices from grounding in our covenantal theology. It focuses on how good governance questions help us  to form our covenantal promises. It also considers how governance can help us hold ourselves accountable  to our promises and continually renew them.    Radical  Relationships  II:  The  Theology  of  Covenant:  Our  choice  to  organize  around  our  promises  among  ourselves  and  with  that  which  invokes  our  ultimate  commitment  is  our  greatest  strength.  Using  Process  Theology,  this  session  offers  a  framework,  as  well  as  practical  spiritual  practices,  showing  how  living  in  covenant can create space for sacred conversations and authentic living.    The  Teachable  Heart:  Leadership  Formation:  To  fulfill  its  mission,  a  congregation  needs  skilled  and  well‐ grounded  lay  leaders  to  partner  with  clergy  and  staff.  This  session  shares  two  different  models  of  lay  leadership development and credentialing being used in the UU Central East Region. These frameworks both  emphasize learning, serving and covenantal accountability. 

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=== ========== ========== ================== ========== ========== ================== =========

=== ========== ========== ================== ========== ========== ================== =========

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Lay y Ministry Ne ews * Maria anna Seaton *


It’s so much fun n to see the look of disbe elief on som meone’s face  when I expllain that Uniitarian Univeersalism is a covenantal religgion and thaat its membe ers have different theoloogical beliefss.  For some, it’s an entirely new  con ncept.  That p people woulld come toge ether under a church roof and focuss on how wee act out ourr faith  insttead of battling over beliefs is inspirational.    I reccently got to o participate e in a yoga re etreat with aa few colleaggues I had lo ost touch witth.  It was a joyous  reunion.  My friiend Paula w wanted to kn now all abou ut my churchh and my job b.   The last ttime we had talked she  home.  She ssaid to me “YYou love it, ddon’t you?”  Yes, I admittted.  Havingg the  wass looking for a spiritual h opp portunity to work on ourr covenant o of love and compassion, being kind w when I fail, aand rejoicingg when we  succceed feeds m my soul.  Eve en when it’s hard, I love it.  Here aree a few reaso ons why.     Horrizon’s pasto oral caregivers, neighborrhood group p leaders, an d members of the Callin ng Circle worrk in  coo operation to offer caring support and d a healing p presence to members an nd friends off Horizon.     In aaddition to being a healin ng and comp passionate p presence to oour members and visito ors, our pasto oral care  team m offers two o workshopss per year th hat focus on the health aand family isssues we find d present in our  con ngregation.  W We have offfered worksh hops that haave been opeen to the community on n topics such h as Caring  for the Caregive er, Befriendiing Death, Liiving with M Memory Loss,, Building Brridges – Faith h Communitties and  Mental Disorde ers, Quenching Burnout, and The Artt of Listeningg.      Our paastoral care team which is  comprrised of interrn minister LLyssa  Jenkin ns, Mary Bitttle, Carol Fraanzen, John Gill, Tiinker Goggin ns, Carol Rid ddle and I,  is currrently develo oping a presentation on  the maaking of Can ndle Lighterss, Horizon’s  chalicee circle for p people in earrly stages of  demen ntia.  Our inttention is to o help other  church hes and com mmunity orgaanizations  start their own pro ograms.  Thiis workshop  is scheeduled for Saaturday, Sep ptember  28th.      Horizo on’s neighbo orhoods havee one or  more leaders for eeach group.   borhood Gro oup Leaderss help  Neighb organiize neighborrhood memb bers and  port when th here is a fam mily crisis or emergency.  They also w welcome new w members into our  offeer team supp faith communitty.  These gro oups occasio onally engagge in social aand commun nity support activities ass well.   

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Witth your Horizzon Access p password you can conne ect with everry member iin your neigh hborhood grroup.  If you  neeed help with your passwo ord, contactt support@h horizonuu.orrg.    Thee Colony/Litttle Elm/Far North Dallass and the Co oppell/Irvingg Neighborh hood Groupss are seekingg  lead dership.  If you are looking for a simple, feel goo od volunteerr opportunitty that would d help neigh hbors in  neeed in one of tthese neighb borhoods, please contacct me.  In thee meantimee, I’d like to ggive thanks tto the  com mpassionate leaders who o are currently  servving neighbo orhood groups:  Betty  And drade, Ellen Bratton, Ga ay Cox, Beth  Ginez, Rebecca a Ginez, Marrga Gordon,  Kim mberly Joness, Dianne Kisser, Jon Kise er,  Alitta Lichtenwa alter, Lucy Lo ockwood, Lyynn  Schluns, Bunnyy Summerlin n and Anita  Thu urmond.      Thee Calling Circle is a group p of voluntee ers,  trained in the art of listenin ng, who gath her  on tthe second M Monday of e each month to  teleephone mem mbers of the church.  We e  share a dinner ttogether and d then make e  pho one calls to m members and friends of  Horrizon.  This m ministry help ps us maintain  our  covenant off walking life e’s path  togeether, and staying aware of what is happening iin the lives oof the congreegation and the life of th he church.   Pleaase join me in giving thaanks to the C Calling Circle volunteers::  Terri Alliso on, Gay Cox,, Nancy Foreeman, Lucy  Lockwood, and Anita Thurm mond.  If you like to talkk on the phoone and listeen with an op pen heart, th he Calling  Circcle would lovve for you to o join us.  Lett me know iff you’re inteerested in paarticipating.    Thiss commitme ent to creatin ng and sustaaining an envvironment oof love and compassion h helps to makke us whole  and d offers us th he opportunity to practicce staying w with what is ppresent and responding from our heeart center.   I beelieve this is what Rev. H Hamilton is re eferring to w when he sayss that what we do at Ho orizon is grow w souls.   Amen to that!    In this spirit of llove and com mpassion, I invite you to o hold in youur hearts theese memberss who have been  exp periencing pe ersonal strugggles:  Wend dy Sue, Roxaanne Cassarrd, Marian P Pearn, Mary Blow’s mother and  Davvid Blow’s sister, Roy Fe ee, Bobbi Myyers, Tera W Whitten, Nan ncy Bryant, M Marga Gord don, Mary Kaay  Ham milton, and G Ginger and Dutch Uselton.  And let us give a huuge congregaational hug tto Adam Solfi and  Rossie Huynh‐Sttolfi’s son Da anny, who ju ust came ho ome after tw wo tours of duty in Afghaanistan.      FYI – I will be on n a medical leave of absence beginn ning Mondayy, July 29th.  I’m receivin ng cervical spine  o a month to o recover.  In n my absencee, the work of pastoral ccare, neighb borhood  surggery and will need up to groups and calling circle will continue u under great leadership.   Please call tthe church o office, Rev. D Dennis  milton, or an ny of the highlighted volunteers liste ed in this artticle.  I’ll be b back in September, healled and  Ham eagger to continue our workk together.     

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Le eadership p Retrreat Comin C ng So oon to o Horrizon Pleaase put August 17, 9:30 to 3:30 pm on your calendar.  We are planningg a wonderful leadership p retreat  for all intereste ed members..  We hope tto get 30 or sso participannts.  The Boaard and Com mmittee on M Ministry  will participate in this sessio on. There is no obligatio on associatedd with the reetreat; we d do hope to encourage  eveeryone to disscover your lleadership sttyle. It will b be packed w ith informattion on the ccoming year,, calendar,  plan ns, ministerial transition ns, Interim M Minister Plans, Strategic  Plans, but w we have also built in the programs  thatt have made e Horizon such a great ch hurch.      It is the healthyy church pracctices that yyour leadersh hip has incorrporated intto their cultu ure that keep us  heaalthy.  Come learn aboutt your Myerss Briggs style e and how yoou fit into th he leadership p picture.  Lu unch will  be p provided.        

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Adult Religious Explorations Contact:

Sunday mornings 9:00 – 10:10 am Horizon Library _____________________________________________________________ August 4, 2013

Christian Chalice Circle will be led by John Myers and will raise questions about what it means to be a Christian.

August 11, 2013

Patti Burns will facilitate the class on Hearing Loss based on Katherine Bouton's memoir “Shouting Won't Help: Why I - and 50 Million Other Americans - Can't Hear You”. It is an excellent book on a widespread and misunderstood disability. Hearing loss is invisible. It is also frustrating, isolating, and at times embarrassing. It also has many causes - not just growing older. We'll discuss hearing loss and share experiences from many different perspectives.

August 18, 2013

Class to be announced

August 25, 2013

Our six sources say we draw from "Jewish and Christian teachings", but UUs tend to spend little time studying Jewish teachings. To correct this in part, join J. P. DeMeritt in exploring the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah to see what we UUs can gain from a deeper knowledge of the Jewish tradition. J. P., a dedicated UU, is a nearly 30-year participant observer of Judaism and is minoring in the Sociology of Religion at TWU.

And… Always check the weekly newsletter for short profiles on classes and late‐breaking  announcements. If you email you will get a quick response from one of  the committee chairs – Kay Darwin and Kent Darwin. 

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After Church h Lunch h Locattions - A Aug 2013 Visitoors and members m w welcomee! Directtions avaailable at thee Welcom me Centerr. Whenn we go tto a restaaurant, we meeet there approxim mately 220 minuttes after the servicee ends. First F oness there pplease gett a table ffor 10+ underr the nam me “Horizzon”. Au ugust 4th: Christin na’s Fine e Mexican Restau urant. 360 E. Ro ound Gro ove Mex food Ro oad, Lew wisville, Texas T 75 5067. Go ood Tex-M d plus au uthentic and tra aditional dishes frrom Mex xico. $$  t Au ugust 11th : All Church Pottluck: Ev veryone welcom me! Horizzon’s pottlucks pro ovide an opportu unity to get to kno ow otherrs and be e with ou ur church h community y. We ap ppreciate e your brringing a bit more e than ne eeded fo or our milies, alllowing us u to offe er this ho ospitality to all me embers, visitors, and fam frie ends. 

t Au ugust 18th : Olive Garden: Italian. 2418 2 SS Stemmons Parkw way, Lew wisville, TX X 75067. Fresh garlic g bre eadsticks s, homem made so oup or sa alad. Atte entive sta aff, pleas sant atmosphere. $$ 

t Au ugust 25th : Secre et Recipe e Asian Bistro: B 1 1404 W H Hebron P Pkwy, Ca arrollton, TX 75010. Exce ellent Pa an-Asian n Cuisine e (Thai, C Chinese, Vie etnames se, and Malaysia M n). Large e varietyy of choicces. Fresh food, good service and d prices.. Casual atmosph here. $  

 ____________ _________ __________ _________ ____________________________________________ 

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What’s W Going On At Horizon H n? S Sunday Aug A 4 99:00 AM - 100:00 AM UU Christian Feellowship / Study S - E3 - L Library 99:00 AM - 122:00 PM CAY YRE - Child Care - S1 - Nursery N 110:15 AM - 12:30 1 PM Lib brary Ministryy - Open forr Browsing - E3 - Libraryy 110:30 AM - 12:00 1 PM Maain Worship - SH - Sanc. 111:30 AM - 12:15 1 PM Siggn up table fo or Leadership p Retreat in A August - TO OH - Table 1 112:30 PM - 1:30 PM Afteer Church Luunch Bunch -- All Are Weelcome! - Othher – Offsitee

M Monday Aug A 5 55:00 PM - 8:330 PM EJTF F // TXACE E Meeting - E3 E - Library, K KI - Kitch 66:00 PM - 7:000 PM Yoga - P1 - Lg 66:00 PM - 8:000 PM SMAR RT Recoveryy - FH - Fello owship Hall 77:30 PM - 9:330 PM Pastoral Caregiverrs Meeting - MO M - Ministter's Office

T Tuesday Aug A 6

77:00 PM - 9:000 PM Buddh hist Sangha - P1 - Lg, P2 - Couch 77:30 PM - 9:000 PM Tuesd day Wisdom Circle - E3 - Library

W Wednesday Aug 7 11:00 PM - 3:000 PM Librarry Ministry - E3 - Libraryy 44:00 PM - 5:330 PM Trailb blazers Educaation and Sup pport Groupp - FH - Felloowship Hall 77:30 PM - 9:330 PM WFIG G (Women's Friendship in n Growth) C Chalice Circlee - E3 - Libraary

T Thursday y Aug 8

55:45 PM - 7:000 PM Resto orative Yoga - P1 - Lg 66:00 PM - 7:115 PM Worsh hip Arts Com mmittee Meeeting - MO - Minister's O Office

F Friday Au ug 9 110:00 AM - 2:00 2 PM C Candlelighterrs - FH - Felllowship Halll 77:00 PM - 100:00 PM W Women's Buunco - FH - Fellowship F Hall H

S Saturday Aug 10

V Volunteer at Metrocrest Social S Servicees Food Panttry - Other - Offsite 88:00 AM - 100:00 AM Men n's Support Group G - E3 - Library 88:30 AM - 1:330 PM Rentaal - Isha Instiitute - FH - Fellowship F H Hall 99:00 AM - 1:000 PM HOR RIZON PLAY YERS - AUG GUST SHOW W REHEAR RSAL - P1 - L Lg, S6 - Classs, SH 112:00 PM - 2:00 2 PM Eartth-Centered Spirituality S Chalice C Circlee - P2 - Coucch 22:30 PM - 4:330 PM Senior Women's Chalice C Circlee - E3 - Libraary

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Horiizon Women W n, Com me Celebrate e!! It’s th he 25thh Annu ual Wo omen’s s Retrreat! Sept. 27 7 – 29, 2013 Glen Lake Retreat R Center - Glen R Rose, TX X

Them me: “Embracing a Whole ehearted d Life w with Courage C e, Comp passion, Connec ction” Horiz zon’s wome en membe ers and vis sitors 21 an nd older a re invited to explore e creativity, inspiratio on, fear, and coura age. Be pre esent. Enjo oy yourself.. Trust tha t your bod dy remembers what itt feels like to play.. Connect and a gain sttrength from one ano other, and w walk forwa ard togethe er with com mpassion. Mate erial for the e retreat will w be take en from the e book The e Gifts of IImperfectio on: Let Go o of Who You Y Think k You're Supposed to o Be and Embrace E Who W You Arre by Bren né Brown. (You are w welcome, but b certa ainly not re equired, to read or pu urchase the e book.) For questio ons about the retreatt, email wo omensretre eat@horizo 214-641-2 2487. or conttact Lisa Krrishnan at 2 etreat is located ou utside of the small historic town of G Glen Rose e and abo out Glen Lakes Re 95 m miles SW off Horizon. The Wome en’s Retrea at has used d this cente er for the last severa al years. It is locatted on the beautiful Paluxy Riv ver, which is great fo or wading (when we’ve had rain)! There is also a hiking trail and a fu ull gymnas sium on the e property. will be stay ying in thrree deluxe cabins, which accom mmodate 1 18 people (nine bunk k beds) ve ery We w comffortably. Ea ach cabin has h a large e lighted va anity area and a bath hroom with h three sho owers, sink ks, and toilets. The ere are als so a limited d number of hotel-sttyle roomss, available e first-come e, first-serrve eck-in begins at 4 p.m m., and Su unday chec ckat a higher cost. Carpooling will be organized. Friday che s at noon. out is 5 per per rson. There is spa ace for 4 43 women n. REGIST TRATION will beg gin Costt is $125 Sun.. Aug. 4 and must be b receive ed by AUG GUST 31st . This is a FIRM DA ATE!!

Unfo ortunately y, no reservations can c be acc cepted aftter this da ate since w we MUST provide the ttotal number to the e retreat center c on Sept. 1.

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Sp pecial Group ps

If yo ou are consid dering atten nding one of these grou ups for the ffirst time, it is a good id dea to conta act them m via email for f more infformation an nd to get an n orientation n of what to o expect in yyour first visit! NEW BEGINNIN NGS A Chalice Circle Ex xploring the Seven Princciples of Uniitarian Univeersalism nd longer-term attendees who are makking any kindd of new starrt in their livees For neewcomers an WHEN N: Sundays 12:15 1 – 1:45 5 pm * DATTE TO BE AN NNOUNCED WHER RE: Porrtable – cou uch room * You’re invited to bring a sack luncch. *Join us any Sundayy. Facilita ated by Marianna Seaton n, Director of Lay Ministryy. For more iinformation e e-mail dlm@horizonuu.orrg. .

CUR RIOUS ABO OUT SCHED DULE? You can check th he calendar aat Horizon Bo ook Group: 4th Tuesdays 12p. ( ) The Horizo on Book Gro oup meets at 12 Noon onn the fourth T Tuesday of each month in n the church Library. Eveery June and November tthe group deecides on the books for th he following siix months. Bring B a brow wn bag lunch and join in tthis fun group p that is open n to women and a men. You’ll be able too share in ann invigoratingg conversatio on on the session’s bo ook. Current selections arre found in thhe Library in nformation n niche in the lobby/narth hex. For morre info, you m may contact bookclub@h horizonuu.orrg . Buddh hist Sangha: Tuesdays 7 PM -9:00 PM M. ( ) Buddh hist Sangha (""Sangha" is equivalent e to a covenant group) g is a w weekly gatheriing that studies the Dharm ma (the teachiings of Budd dhism.) This is an ongoingg explorationn of the Fourr Noble Trutths and the Eigght Fold Path h, the essentiial teachings of Buddhism m. It is particcipatory and although consisttency is enco ouraged, sessiions can be attended a on a drop in bassis. We welcome anyone interessted in a med ditation practiice. If you wish w to come for an orienntation, pleasee arrive by 6:30. If you wiish to view materials, m e-m mail Dennis Hamilton H at srminister@hhorizonuu.orrg or call 972-5298187. Y You may also o contact bud . The U UU Christian Chalice Circcle ( ) The UU Christian Chalice C Circlle provides a forum for enriching ourr spiritual livees through peersonal on of Christiaanity. We gatther monthlyy on the 1st SSunday discovery of the heeart, meaningg, and traditio M in the libraary for discusssion, fellowsship, and exp ploration. Alll those seeking to connecct (or at 9AM re-connect) to the beauty b and wisdom w of Ch hristianity aree welcome too attend. Em mail

The T CineMatt Group ( ) The T CineMat group will be meeting on n the 4th Satuurday every m month. And it’s now a Ch halice Circle!!. Th his Chalice Ciircle gets toggether to see a movie and then goes too a coffee sho op or restaurrant to discusss and comment c on it in a friend dly circle overr a cup of cooffee or drinkk. People sho ould call Megg Reed or Margaa Gordon forr more info, or o email Craft & Chat Challice Circle (ccraftandchat@ @horizonuu )

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The Craft and Chat Chalice Circle is an opportunity to share your favorite crafting skills or learn a new one from somebody else, in a warm circle of fellowship! Contact Marga Gordon or Dale Gaskill at . The C & C Chalice Circle meets 2nd and 4th Sundays from 1:30p

Earth Centered Spirituality Chalice Circle ( ) The Earth-Centered Spirituality Chalice Circle is a social/support group for people who are interested in, or already know they are following, an Earth-centered spiritual path. We love visitors, so please, come check us out! They also cohost the monthly Free Movie Night on the last Friday of each month. For questions or more information, e-mail GAMERS: 3rd FRIDAY FUN AT HORIZON! ( ) Come join us for adult level games on the 3rd Friday of every month. We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m. Bring a snack or drink to share.! Healthy Women Chalice Circle ( ) A woman’s support group to help achieve their goals of health and fitness. Sharing of ideas and experiences in nutrition, weight loss, exercise and stress management. Men’s Saturday Support Group ( ) A men’s support group that includes a check-in and informal discussion of men’s issues regarding family, health, workplace, and relationships. Starts at 8AM The 2nd Tuesday Potluck Chalice Circle ( ) This group meets for food, fellowship, and deepening friendships. They meet in the library 2nd Tuesday of most months at 12 noon. Occasionally we take a field trip instead of having a potluck lunch. Tuesday Wisdom Circle ( ) A chalice circle that offers a check-in and discussion of a weekly life issue topic selected by a group member. Parents – Forget Red Bull, WE’LL give you Wings! (every other Mon, 9a) ( )

WINGS Chalice Circle is a fun and friendly group whose purpose is to support the person within each parent by creating friendships and nurturing our intellect and creativity. Each meeting begins with a check-in, and while we listen to each other's stories, we eat breakfast. Then we move on to our topic or event. Popular past topics include Parenting UU Style, Book Swaps and Movie Days.. Child care is provided. For more information, email or call Sandy Morris at 214-952-2243. Women Alive 55+ ( ) - Women Alive 55+ has very recently been renamed “Senior Women’s Chalice Circle”. The group meets on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in the Horizon Library. WFIG WELCOMES WOMEN! ( The WFIG (Women's Friendship in Growth) Chalice Circle is a covenant group dedicated to deepening friendships among and providing support for women of all ages. We meet on the first & third Wed. of each month at 7:30 p.m. Whether you are a new visitor to our group, a returning member, or someone who has been thinking about joining us for some time, we would love to have you. Just email us or call Nancy Foreman at 972-965-0940 or Sarah Roye at 214-228-3397.

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Ourr Mission: Growing G spirritually healtthy people whho promote loove and justicce in the worl rld.


Horizon H Unitaria an Univerrsalist Ch hurch 1641 1 W. Heb bron Parkwaay • Carrollto on, TX • 750010-6334 tel: t (972) 492 2-4940 • fax x: (972) 394--0570 http://www.h h horizonuu.orrg • facebookk: Horizon U UU • twitter: horizonuu submissions s s by 12 Noon n each Wed dnesday. to: the_week@ @horizonuu.oorg

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