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th he_ _wee ek@ @ho rizo onuu u a pu ublication off horizon un nitarian univversalist chu urch

horizo on unitarian universalist church • 16 641 w. hebro n pkwy. • ca arrollton, tx • 75010 633 34 t: 972 2 492 4940 • f: 972 394 4 05 • email : the_week@ @horizonuu.orrg


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Th he So ound ds of Silen nce Reeverend Dennis D Hamilton H • srminisster@horrizonuu.o org Marrch’s theme: “S Silence: the Pracctice of Listeninng”

Youu know the old o country so ong, “How Can C I Miss You Y If You D Don’t Go Aw way.” Well I ccan thin nk of anotherr for this mon nth: “How Can C I Hear You Y If I Don’’t Shut Up.” Silence is pow werful. It leavves room for listening. It leaves room for us to heaar our own vvoices from ddeep inside uus. It leaves room m for peace to come and d settle in. Man ny of you willl remember in Simon and d Garfunkle’’s “Sound off Silence” thee lines: …and in the t naked lightt I saw Ten thousannd people, maybbe more People talk king without sppeaking People hearring without lisstening I’m also remindeed of my mo other’s adage,, “If you can’t say somethhing nice, doon’t say anyth hing at all.” We live in a noissy world. Wee notice it mo ore when we get out into the country.. We notice tthe silence firrst, then we notiice the world d is filled with h sounds, souunds we couuldn’t hear fo r the din of iindustrial lifee—the birds,, the wind in the trees, the criickets and fro ogs, the rain plopping on the tent or sswishing acrooss a silver pond. I go o to the deserrt every year to be silent. Sometimes it i is camping.. Often it is tto a monasteery. This pastt year I went on ttwo campingg trips in the mountains with w a dozen others. Norm mally campinng with a party is anythingg but silent. Peo ople love to taalk, and theyy chatter up and a down thee mountain ttrails, often soo lost in con nversation theey miss the worrld all around d them. I am not in good enough shap pe to hike annd talk, but I like to go on n silent backp packing trips wheere the peoplle don’t chattter even if th hey are in shaape. In fact w we practice beeing silent, evven to the deegree of not lookking into each other’s facces to commuunicate. You may think itt would be sttrange or unffriendly not ttalking with fello ow campers, but it isn’t. In I fact we aree quite awaree of each othher. And we ssomehow end up knowin ng each otheer and caringg for each oth her during th he week. Silen nce can openn avenues of communicattion we havee ignored or forggotten. This month is Lent L for the Christian C worrld, and as go ood UU’s wee are encouraaged to experrience this heealthy aspect of rreligion. It is time for refleection, for em mptying, for listening. It iis a time to rreflect on wh hat we hold ddear, what we n need to chan nge in ourselvves. We are asked a to refleect also on thhe sacrifice of Jesus and o other martyrss for love. Andd perhaps in the silence we w will also hear h the cries of the hungrry, the abuseed, the hopeleess. We needd to be open to th he world’s suuffering, not turn away. Listening L to th he world reqquires us to bbe silent. Willl you pause each e day, set aside a few minutes m to bee silent? If yoou have childdren, perhapss they might be enticed to p participate. A time of silen nce at mealtim me can workk especially ass part of a prrayer, thinkin ng about the food, the beauutiful vegetab bles, the cow ws and pigs iff you eat meaat, the farmerrs and cookss, the hungry people in th he world… andd to give than nks. Faithfully, Den nnis

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W What in Ta arnattion are a Ta ar Sa ands?? Co ome find outt at "T Texas + Tar SSands, the 4111" - an n in nformattion seession and prrotest-p prep w worksho op

You ur Social Ju ustice Enviironmentall Task Forcce is proud d to supportt local orgaanizations p protesting and d blockadin ng the expaansion of th he Keyston ne XL Pipelline by hossting a sem minar and p protest sign n-making workshop w in i Fellowsh hip Hall on n Tuesday, March 19thh at 7:00. Tran nsCanada's Keystone K XL L expansion project p will carry unrefineed "bitumen"" diluted with h natural gas condensate from m the tar san nds mines in Canada C throuugh Oklahom ma and Texa s and to the Gulf of Mexxico. There aare a host of envi vironmental, public p health h, political neegligence and d indigenous rights issues at hand, andd grass-roots orgaanizations haave been strivving to stop this t project for f years now w. What's more, an nother pipelin ne carrying unrefined u diluuted tar sands is about to go through T Texas in closse proximity to L Lake Ray Hub bbard. Heard d of the Enbridge tar sands spill in M arshall, Michhigan? Our ccommunities could be next. This info-ssharing and protest p sign-m making workkshop at Horrizon coinciddes with a “w week of action n to stop tar th rd sandds profiteers� from Marcch 16 to March 23 prom moted by thee Tar Sands B Blockade. Pro otests acrosss the entire con ntinent are exxpected, and bound b to hap ppen in D/F FW--- this woorkshop will show you exxactly why an nd how you can get involved d. Join n the Enviro onmental Ju ustice Task Force F in Felllowship Haall on Tuesd day, March 19th, at 7:00. Forr more inform mation or to let us know you're y comin ng, visit us att the Taste o of Horizon ttable or send a message to:

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A message from your President:

It’s time for F I A S C O ! March 23rd, Saturday, 6:30 to 9:00 Join me for a Fiesta of a good time for our annual spring service auction. Mark your calendars now for FIESTA/FIASCO and go to HorizonUU.Org to fill in the donation form.

~ You can donate ~ a party, or some computer training, or several hours of work around the house, or a week at your vacation condo in Florida, or Spanish lessons, or an afternoon of bridge or poker, or dog sitting, or handmade jewelry, or an evening at the opera, or a group tour of downtown Dallas complete with picnic, or a baseball game at the Frisco stadium, or a theme dinner for 8, or a group donation of a gift basket, or . . . whatever you think would tickle the fancy of Horizon bidders! Donate early, and often! Multiple donations are welcome! Don't miss the fun of competing with your friends to win social events, services, objets d'art, and much, much more! You get to fill in your social calendar for the spring!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And all the winnings will go to support our Horizon! Go now to our website at and send in your donations, and don’t forget to mark your calendar for

FIESTA / FIASCO ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Fro om Horizzon's Mem mbership p Committee:

H How Do UU U Fit F Deear Horizon Visitor, Pleaase join Horiizon's membership comm mittee Saturd day, March 330, from 10:330am - 2:30p pm for our ““How Do UU Fit?” class. We will meeet in the Horiizon library and a lunch wiill be served. In tthis class yo ou will: • Learn th he specifics ab bout how thee church and d its memberrship supportt each other. • Explore ways to beco ome involved d in small gro oup ministryy and how to enrich your life at Horizzon and as a Uniitarian Univeersalist. • Learn ab bout Horizon n’s committeee and task fo orce structuree and how ouur members form the leaadership of our community. • Participaate in an open discussion about how Horizon H is suupported finaancially throuugh pledges, gifts and our service auctiions. • Get to know k others in i the Horizo on communiity, especiallyy those who aare also conssidering mem mbership. Ourr next New to UU classs, which is conducted c by b our Senioor Minister, Rev. Denniis Hamilton n, is sch heduled for Saturday, S Ap pril 6 from 9am 9 to 12pm m. This class is desiigned for peo ople new to our o denomin nation and thhose interesteed in membeership at Horrizon. Durring the classs you will: • • •

Share yo our religious or spiritual jo ourney. Learn ab bout the histo ory and tradiitions of Unittarian Univerrsalism and H Horizon. Expand your circle of o friends at the t church.

To rreserve your spot for these classes, pllease contact membershiip@horizon . Ch hildcare is avvailable upo on request. Please P contacct our childcaare provider Becky B Smithh at childcaree@horizonu . I loo ok forward to t seeing youu at these classses. Please do d not hesitaate to call mee if you have any question ns or inquuiries. Marianna Seato on Direector of Lay Ministry

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Commitment Campaign 2013

THANK YOU TO FAMILIES WHO HAVE MADE PLEDGES AS OF MARCH 3RD We have collected 112 pledge cards for our annual Commitment Campaign! However, if your name is not on the list below, we still need your card—please don’t delay—turn your card in just as soon as possible! Our apologies to Judith Lane, Carol Franzen and Betsy and John Webb for not having their names listed last week—they turned their cards in on time! Pledge cards and bank draft forms are available on Horizon’s website ( under the “Giving” section on the left), at the Welcome Center and in the church office. You can return your card to the church office in the Commitment mailbox or to the box in the fellowship hall or in the box at the Welcome Center. You can fax your card to Mira, our Administrator, at 972-394-0570 or you can scan it in and email it to Or, give it to Cindy Treece or Jan McDowell at church. We’ll give you a big hug! Please make every effort to turn your card in this week—our Board of Trustees must begin building the new budget next month. Every gift makes a difference! Linda Alred Terri Allison Marc Amberson Betty Andrade Robin Anstead Judy and Gordon Aplin Beth Bargar and Randy Lisbona Katie Barnes Erin Beach Ellen Bell and Dale Moon Liz and Mark Bibeau Mary Bittle Kim Bolin Ellen Bratton and Floyd McGlothlin John and Nancy Bryant Patti and Jerry Burns Susan and Peter Campagna Roxanne and David Cassard Kristin and Eric Cummings Andrea Dodds Jocelyn and David Dunham Lisa Casto and Joel Woiton Gay and Ronn Cox Betty and Dan Crane Kay and Kent Darwin Eileen Dashiell Kristin Eoff

Anne-Marie Endres and Charlie Baad Janice and Steven Fetter-Salmon Alice and Drew Ford Nancy and Grant Foreman Carol Franzen Debra and Eric Freeman Lisa Fris Alan Gann Don Gatewood Peggy and John Gill Beth and David Ginez Rebecca Ginez Marga Gordon Elizabeth Gustwick and Diana Bracken Mary Kay and Dennis Hamilton Marie Hansen Jeff Harris Erica Heady and John Mestyanek Peter Hendee Nicole Henderson Lynn Hess Kimberly Hogan Nina Holdridge Rose Huynh-Stolfi and Adam Stolfi Neera and Stephen Jackson

Kimberly and Charlie Jones Sandy and Roger Kaiser Marte and Ed Keller Dianne and Jon Kiser Kim and Pete Koehler Dawn LaGrone Judith Lane Alita and Glen Lichtenwalter Lucy Lockwood Karyn Maynard Carolyn and Bruce McClung Jan McDowell Susie McGee Madira and Michael McKee Judy and M.C. Meador Loraine McNeill Kathy Merrill Carolyn Moore Mary Morris and Rowland Harvey Sandy and Mark Morris Helen Minkes Bobbi and John Myers Kapi Nance B.J. and Paul Nelson Cassandra Nicol Karen and Acie Nobles Nancy and Tony Nori Nelta and Larry Owen

pa age 8 of 20 Tam mmy and Dan n Patterson Susaanne Paul Sandy and Dan Pierce Ann ne Pettit Marrcia Raines Carol Riddle Marrty Robinson n Patssy and Gordo on Roe Janee Roehl Saraah and Dave Roye Pam m Schuman Beth h and Scott Simmons S

the_we eek@horizzonuu v0 03.10.13 Shanna Simss-Bradish andd Steve Bradish Beth and Alaan Sproat Bunny and Bob B Summerrlin Sandy and Guy G Steele Holly and To odd Stout Steven Sturd divant Wendy Sue Bunny and Bob B Summerrlin Christy and Chris Thomppson Anita Thurm mond Lindy Tinnin n Lindsay Tow wnsend

Cindy an nd Alan Treeece Ruth andd Steve Truddeau Jannae T Tunnell Peter Tuurla Tina Ulaakovic Christinaa and Rick U Un Debbie W Wagner John nson and Jeff John nson Winnie W Wat Betsy an nd John Webb b Marty W Wertheim Rachel aand Dan Wilsson Nancy an nd Jim Yankk

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Ladies, Savve the Da ate: Sept. 27 – 29 9, 2013!

Itt's Horrizon’s 25tth Ann nual W Wome en’s R Retrea at! Women of Horrizon, it’s a special yearr! Be sure to o mark your calendars ffor Sept. 27--29 for the 255th Annual Women's Retreeat, which will w be held at the Glen Lake Retreeat Center in n Glen Rosee, TX. The rretreat is opeen to women n members and visitorss who are 21 and older. Visiit with old friiends and maake new ones at our annuual gatheringg. Relax and rread, eat and talk, wade in n the river, singg karaoke, an nd dance...or not! This is your y chance to get away ffrom it all! Glen Lake is a beautiful b retreeat center with wooded areas, a walkingg trails, and aaccess to the Paluxy Riverr. We stay in deluuxe cabins an nd also have access to a liimited number of hotel-sttyle rooms w with two twin n beds in each h. (Hotelstylee rooms costt a bit more and a are first come/first c seerved at regisstration timee.) Thee cost is abouut $115 per person p and in ncludes all meeals on Sat. aand breakfastt on Sun. Forr information n about the retreat center, go o to http://w Plan nning for thee retreat will start in May. If you are in nterested in jooining the Pllanning Com mmittee andd helping to makke this retreat a special on ne, send an email to wom mensretreat@ @horizonuu We only have openings o forr 40 women, so don't miss m out! Wh hether it's yo our first tim me or your 255th, come join n in the fun and camaraaderie! We lo ook forward d to seeing yyou there. R Registration begins Sun nday Aug gust 4 ______________ __________ ___________ __________ ___________________________________________________

Evvery Bunny B Lovess Fair Trade T Choco olate! Celeebrating Eastter and the in nnocence of childhood go o hand in haand. Joyyful children relish the susspense and fun fu of Easter Egg Hunts ffor chocolatee and other ssweet treats. This year, your Easter Egg Hunt can also a bring freedom and joy to childrren living on n small farm ms in the Dom minican Rep public. Fair Trade T Certifieed chocolatee comes from m cocoa farm ms that are iinspected an nnually to ensuure there is no n abusive child c labor. Fair F Trade farrmers also reeceive a morre equitable p price for theeir cocoa, allow wing children to go to scchool, visit th he doctor, an nd have enouugh food to eat. Equal E Exchange cho ocolate is bettter for the prroducer, betteer for the envvironment an nd better forr you!

Chocola C ate bars o on sale n now 3/$$10 Chocola C ate eggs $5/ boxx Easter E special- Free stu uffed animall bunny with h every $20 E Equal Exchange E purrchase! Availlable at Tastee of Horizon n and in the b bookstore.

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Daaylight Savingss Time Begins Sundayy, Maarch 10tth. Remeember to o turn yo our SP PRING FORWA F ARD your clockks on Saaturday, March M 9th. 9 __________ _______ _______ ________ ___________________________________

Ju ustice Task T Force F Pleease join th he reformiing Justicee Task Forrce if you are interessted in anyy of these issues:

GLBT T rights * Women n’s Healtth & Rep productivve Justicee Health Care reeform in Texas * Immigrration * Civil Rig ghts Gun Control C * Economic Justiice ur first meeting m will w be afteer church h on Marrch 10. W We need yyou to maake a Ou diffference in i lives of Texanss. Contact Mary M Morris at forr further informati i ion.

Wo omen in nterested d in exp ploring liife issuees and in n deepen ning rellationsh hips with h one an nother. . . An new Journey Group G will meet m on the 2nd and 4th Suundays of thee month at 8:30 a.m. from m March thro ough Octtober. Sessio ons will be baased on the book, b Soul to Soul, Fourteenn Gatherings fo for Reflection annd Sharing. W We warmly welccome you to delve into to opics such ass compassion n, boundariess, trust, spirittual experien nce, play, resillience, and blesssings with us. Contact Nancy N Forem man at tto join or forr more inform mation.

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4-55th RE R Help H ping g witth

COA C A co ook kbo ook k!

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FUTURE SUNDAYS A wise man once wrote: “Small miracles occur at church every Sunday, and do not depend on the sermon.” Horizon encourages you to attend weekly worship here within your community, on Sundays at 10:30AM.

March 2013 Theme: “Silence, the Practice of Listening” __________________________________________________________________ March 10 * “Learning to Listen” - Rev. Hamilton

Kay Lindahl, founder of The Listening Center says, “One of the most powerful and precious gifts we can give to another person is to really listen to them, to listen with quiet, fascinated attention, with our whole being, fully present. This sounds simple, but if we are honest with ourselves, we do not often listen to each other so completely.” We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and light a candle for the million silent souls who perished in An Gorta Mor, the Great Famine.

March 17 * “Can You Hear Me Now?” – Lyssa Jenkens Can you hear that still, small voice inside, the one that is supposed to be our most authentic guide? Too often, I only hear that voice when it becomes a roiling howl, propelling my body and soul into a kind of spiritual smackdown! Obviously, there are better ways to attend to our inner guidance, intentional spiritual practices, and most of them start with silence. On March 10, we will consider some of the reasons we have lost touch with our inner voice, obstacles to reclaiming that precious resource and practices that give us ears to hear long before the howling begins.

March 24 * “Silence of the Lamb” - Rev. Hamilton

On Palm Sunday we recall Jesus standing before his accusers in silence. His only power was in passive resistence, though he knew well the price. Each day people who have no voice, who have no power are exploited, abused and killed. Out of that silence comes the voice of the prophet, speaking out for justice, for kindness and compassion in the face of cruelty. What message did Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Francis David and Katherine Weigel have for the silenced ones?


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What’ss Going g On At Horizo on? y Mar 10 Sunday 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM Suunday Morning Journey Group G - P2 - Couch 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Adult Religiouus Exploratio ons - E3 - Libbrary 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM CA AYRE - Chilld Care - S1 - Nursery 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Main M Worsh hip - SH - Saanc. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Jusstice Task Fo orce - AD - Admin. A Officce 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM 2n nd Sunday Po otluck EVER RYONE WE ELCOME!! - FH - Fellow wship Hall, K KI - Kitch 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM CO OA Fundraissing Meeting - P1 – Lg

Monday y Mar 11 6:00 PM - 7:00 7 PM Yogga - P1 - Lg 6:00 PM - 8:00 8 PM SMA ART Recoveery - FH - Feellowship Hal all 7:00 PM - 9:00 9 PM Neiighborhood Calling C Circlee - S2 - Classs 7:00 PM - 9:30 9 PM Boaard of Trusteees - E3 - Lib brary, KI – K Kitch

Tuesda ay Mar 12 2 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Po otluck (Seniorrs) Group - E3 E - Library,, KI - Kitch 7:00 PM - 9:00 9 PM Bud ddhist Sanghaa - P1 - Lg, P2 P - Couch 7:30 PM - 9:00 9 PM Tueesday Wisdom m Circle - E33 – Library

Wednes sday Mar 13 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Library Ministrry - E3 - Library 7:00 PM - 9:00 9 PM Bud ddhism 101 Class C - with Rev. R Dennis H Hamilton - F FH - Fellowsship Hall

Thursday Mar 14 1 5:45 PM - 7:00 7 PM Restorative Yogga - P1 - Lg 6:00 PM - 7:15 7 PM Worship Arts Committee Meeting - MO - Minister's Office 7:30 PM - 9:00 9 PM Cho oir Rehearsall - FH - Fello owship Hall

Friday Mar M 15 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Can ndlelighters - FH - Fellow wship Hall, K KI - Kitch 1 PM Gaames Night at a Horizon!!! - FH - Felloowship Hall 7:00 PM - 11:00

Saturda ay Mar 16 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Men's M Supportt Group - E33 - Library 9 PM Horrizon Dinnerrs - Other - Offsite O 5:00 PM - 9:00 6:00 PM - 11:00 1 PM UD DV - Church h Rental - E33 - Library, FH H - Fellowshhip Hall, KI - Kitch, RL - Lobby / Narthex, S55 - Class, S6 – Class

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NEXT WEEK Sunday Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Young Adult Couples Chalice Circle - P2 - Couch 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM Adult Religious Explorations - E3 - Library 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM CAYRE - Child Care - S1 - Nursery 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Main Worship - SH - Sanc. 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM After Church Lunch Bunch -- All Are Welcome! - Other – Offsite

Monday Mar 18 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Yoga - P1 - Lg 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM SMART Recovery - FH - Fellowship Hall

Tuesday Mar 19 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM Social Justice Environment Group - FH - Fellowship Hall 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM Social Justice: Environmental Group - Tar Sands Presentation & Action Workshop FH - Fellowship Hall 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Buddhist Sangha - P1 - Lg, P2 - Couch 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Tuesday Wisdom Circle - E3 – Library

Wednesday Mar 20 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Library Ministry - E3 - Library 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Wonderful Wednesdays - FH - Fellowship Hall 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM WFIG (Women's Friendship in Growth) Chalice Circle - E3 – Library

Thursday Mar 21 5:45 PM - 7:00 PM Restorative Yoga - P1 - Lg 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM Worship Arts Committee Meeting - MO - Minister's Office 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Wellspring 2012/2013 - P2 - Couch 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Choir Rehearsal - FH - Fellowship Hall

Friday Mar 22 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM Candlelighters - FH - Fellowship Hall, KI – Kitch

Saturday Mar 23 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Men's Support Group - E3 - Library 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM Women Alive 55+ Group - E3 - Library 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM FIASCO: Our Spring Service Auction FH - Fellowship Hall, KI - Kitch, RL - Lobby, SH - Sanc.

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Aftter Ch hurch Lunch h Loccationss March M 2013 Visitors V and meembers w welcom me! Direections available a le at thee Welcoome Cennter. W When wee go to a reestaurant, we meet m thhere appproximaately 20 minutees after af thee servicee ends. First oones theere pleasse get a tablle for 100+ unde der the name n “H Horizonn”. Marcch 10th: All Churchh Potluckk: Everyoone welcoome! Hoorizon’s ppotlucks pprovide an oppoortunity to t get to know othhers and be with our churrch comm munity. W We apprreciate yoour bringiing a bit more than needeed for ourr familiess, allowinng us to offerr this hosspitality to all mem mbers, visitors, annd friendss.  Marcch 17th: Nico’s Coccina Mexiican Grilll: 3065 N Josey LLn, Carrollton, TX 75007. Deliccious andd plentifuul Sundayy buffet with w manyy choicess includinng Belgiann waffless and oomelets made m to order. Fun F atmossphere. A Accommoodating w wait staff.. $$  Marcch 24th: Aw A Shuccks Oysteer Bar: 16 630 S. Steemmons Fwy, Lew wisville, T Texas. Seafoood, Cajuun/Creolee. What’ss on the menu m in addition to oysteers? Shrim mp, crab, craw wfish, scallops, souups, po booy sandw wiches andd salads. $  Marcch 31st: Pho P Bistroo Asian: 3052 Old Dentonn Rd, Carrrollton, T TX 75007. Avoidd the EEaster lunnch crow wd while enjoying e tasty Vieetnamese Cuisine. Good ccustomer service. $ 

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Sp pecial Group ps If yo ou are consid dering atten nding one of these grou ups for the ffirst time, it is a good id dea to conta act them m via email for f more infformation an nd to get an n orientation n of what to o expect in yyour first visit! Thanks! NEW BEGINNIN NGS A Challice Circle Exploring E th he Seven P Principles off Unitarian Universalissm For neewcomers an nd longer-term attendees who are makking any kindd of new starrt in their livees WHEN N: Sundays 12:15 1 – 1:45 5 pm * DATTE TO BE AN NNOUNCED WHER RE: Porrtable – cou uch room * You’re invited to bring a sack luncch. *Join us any Sundayy. Facilita ated by Marianna Seaton n, Director of Lay Ministryy. For more iinformation e e-mail dlm@horizonuu.orrg. .

CUR RIOUS ABO OUT SCHE EDULE? Yo ou can chec ck the calen ndar at Horizon Bo ook Group: 4th Tuesdays 12p. ( ) The Horizo on Book Gro oup meets at 12 Noon onn the fourth T Tuesday of each month in n the church Library. Eveery June and November tthe group deecides on the books for th he following siix months. Bring B a brow wn bag lunch and join in tthis fun group p that is open n to women and a men. You’ll be able too share in ann invigoratingg conversatio on on the session’s bo ook. Current selections arre found in thhe Library in nformation n niche in the lobby/narth hex. For morre info, you m may contact bookclub@h horizonuu.orrg . Buddhist Sangha a: Tuesdays 7 PM -9:00 PM. P (buddhists@horizo ) Buddh hist Sangha (""Sangha" is equivalent e to a covenant group) g is a w weekly gatheriing that studiies the Dharm ma (the teachiings of Budd dhism.) This is an ongoingg explorationn of the Fourr Noble Trutths and the Eigght Fold Path h, the essentiial teachings of Buddhism m. It is particcipatory and although consisttency is enco ouraged, sessiions can be attended a on a drop in bassis. We welcome anyone interessted in a med ditation practiice. If you wish w to come for an orienntation, pleasee arrive by 6:30. If you wiish to view materials, m e-m mail Dennis Hamilton H at srminister@hhorizonuu.orrg or call 972-5298187. Y You may also o contact bud . The U UU Christian n Chalice Circle C (uuchristians@horizonuu.o rg ) The UU Christian Chalice C Circlle provides a forum for enriching ourr spiritual livees through peersonal discovery of the heeart, meaningg, and traditio on of Christiaanity. We gatther monthlyy on the 1st SSunday at 9AM M in the libraary for discusssion, fellowsship, and exp ploration. Alll those seeking to connecct (or re-connect) to the beauty b and wisdom w of Ch hristianity aree welcome too attend. Em mail

The T CineMa at Group (cinemat@ho orizonuu.orrg ) The T CineMat group will be meeting on n the 4th Satuurday every m month. And it’s now a Ch halice Circle!!. Th his Chalice Ciircle gets toggether to see a movie and then goes too a coffee sho op or restaurrant to discusss and comment c on it in a friend dly circle overr a cup of cooffee or drinkk. People sho ould call Megg Reed or Margaa Gordon forr more info, or o email Craft & Chat Cha alice Circle (craftandch hat@horizo )

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The Craft and Chat Chalice Circle is an opportunity to share your favorite crafting skills or learn a new one from somebody else, in a warm circle of fellowship! Contact Marga Gordon or Dale Gaskill at . The C & C Chalice Circle meets 2nd and 4th Sundays from 1:30p Earth Centered Spirituality Chalice Circle ( ) The Earth-Centered Spirituality Chalice Circle is a social/support group for people who are interested in, or already know they are following, an Earth-centered spiritual path. They meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month, at 2:30 p.m. in Fellowship Hall at Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church. We love visitors, so please, come check us out! They also co-host the monthly Free Movie Night on the last Friday of each month. For questions or more information, e-mail GAMERS: 3rd FRIDAY FUN AT HORIZON! ( ) Come join us for adult level games on the 3rd Friday of every month. We meet in the Fellowship Hall at 7:00 p.m. Bring a snack or drink to share.! Healthy Women Chalice Circle ( ) A woman’s support group to help achieve their goals of health and fitness. Sharing of ideas and experiences in nutrition, weight loss, exercise and stress management. Men’s Saturday Support Group ( ) A men’s support group that includes a check-in and informal discussion of men’s issues regarding family, health, workplace, and relationships. Starts at 8AM The 2nd Tuesday Potluck Chalice Circle ( ) This group meets for food, fellowship, and deepening friendships. They meet in the library 2nd Tuesday of most months at 12 noon. Occasionally we take a field trip instead of having a potluck lunch. Tuesday Wisdom Circle ( ) A chalice circle that offers a check-in and discussion of a weekly life issue topic selected by a group member. Parents – Forget Red Bull, WE’LL give you Wings! (every other Mon, 9a) ( )

WINGS Chalice Circle is a fun and friendly group whose purpose is to support the person within each parent by creating friendships and nurturing our intellect and creativity. Each meeting begins with a check-in, and while we listen to each other's stories, we eat breakfast. Then we move on to our topic or event. Popular past topics include Parenting UU Style, Book Swaps and Movie Days.. Child care is provided. For more information, email or call Sandy Morris at 214-952-2243. Women Alive 55+ ( ) The Women Alive 55+ Group meets on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in the Horizon Library. WFIG WELCOMES WOMEN! ( The WFIG (Women's Friendship in Growth) Chalice Circle is a covenant group dedicated to deepening friendships among and providing support for women of all ages. We meet on the first & third Wed. of each month at 7:30 p.m. Whether you are a new visitor to our group, a returning member, or someone who has been thinking about joining us for some time, we would love to have you. Just email us or call Nancy Foreman at 972-965-0940 or Sarah Roye at 214-228-3397.

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Adult Religious Explorations For more information contact Sundays 9 - 10 am Horizon Library March 10

"Greed". Facilitated by guest to Horizon, Ed Sircy. Ed’s comments will support Horizon UU’s goal of free and responsible search for truth, meaning, equality, and compassion in human relations. The intent of the comments and discussion are to give a better understanding of the meaning of greed and how greed can compromise and corrupt individuals, companies, governments, and nations.

March 17

Forum. Facilitated by John Myers, using the Chalice Circle model for interactive learning about Horizon’s “Theme of the Month”. John will lead a discussion on the subject: SILENCE the practice of listening.

March 24

Notes from the Jesus Seminar, February 8 and 9. Facilitated by Kay Darwin. Jesus, orthodoxy, and heresy in the development of the early Christian church.

March 31

Growth in Churches: Facilitated by Horizon guest, Daniel Polk, Executive at NTAUU. Daniel will share the four key causes for growth in churches today as people search for a church home.

Buddhist Sanga Tuesday evenings weekly 7:00-8:30 pm Portable, Rm 8

Buddhist Sangha. Facilitated by Senior Minister, the Rev. Dennis Hamilton. This is an ongoing exploration of the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path, the essential teaching of Buddhism. Rev. Hamilton’s email contact: , in case of changes.

And… Always check the weekly newsletter for short profiles on classes and latebreaking announcements. If you email you will get a quick response from one of the committee chairs – Kay Darwin, Kent Darwin, or Charles Frugé.


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Sh hare tthe Pllate fo or Su unday y Marrch 17 7

Horizon h has a collecction for a non‐profit organizatiion once a m month durring our wo orship service. T This month h's collectio on plate is ffor the Cou urt Appointted Special Advocate ((CASA)

CA ASA of o Den nton C Countty, Inc c. Court App pointed Speecial Advoccates for Chhildren Last yyear, more th han 75,000 CASA and gguardian ad litem (GAL L) voluntteers helped d 240,000 aabused and neglected children find d safe, p permanent h homes. CASA A volunteerrs are every yday citizenss who h have underg gone screening and traiining with th heir local CASA//GAL prograam. CASA and guardiaan ad litem volunteers advocate w work directlyy with aabused and neglected children and d the peoplee in their liv es: foster parents, so ocial workerrs, attorneyss, teachers, medical provid ders and oth hers. In add dition to traiining and su upporting advocate volunteers, most CA ASA/GAL prrograms benefit from tthe uable contrib butions of n non‐advocatte volunteerrs. invalu uctions) willl go to Sharee the Plate. 1) All undesignateed cash (nott in envelopee with instru 2) Cheecks MUST b be designateed Share‐Thee‐Plate or ST TP to be cou unted towarrd the donattions for the day. 3) Und designated cchecks witho out instructiions are assumed to be donations tto the church h or to fulfilll pledges. 4) Thiis is our prim mary sourcee of funds forr outreach into the worrld. This group provid des full services including g a 24hr Ho otline, Emerggency Shelteer, Transitio onal Housing g, Counselin ng and Th herapy Servvices for Chilldren, Teens, s, and individ dual Adults and groups,, parenting cclasses, and d legal servicees.

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page 20 of 20 2 HOR RIZON JOURNEY GROU UPS Experiencee meaningful connectionss and a sense off belonging inn a Journey Group. Journey Groups G are a type of Chalice Circle (covenantt group) based on availability to meeet at a certain time. They tyypically last fo or a limited time (33-6 months). What ddo Journey Group ups Do? Encouragge spiritual grrowth & help p us develop deeper and more meanin ngful relationsships Listen to o one another without attem mpting to solve each other’s o probleems. Considerr topics such as Listening, Gratitude, Balance, Fo orgiveness, Go od, Loss and Grief, Money, Natture, Success and Failure, Friendship, F Doubt, Makking Peace w/ / Parents, Sustainable Living, End dings, UU Prin nciples, Our Spiritual Journeys, ettc. Currentt Journey Groupps: Every Other Thurrsday evenin ng 6:00 – 7::30 p.m. d 3rd Sunday afternoons 2:00 – 4:0 00 p.m. 1st and Feel frree to sugge est an addittional meeting time! How doo I join a Journey ey Group? Fill outt an interest form f found att or on tthe Chalice Ciircles bulletin n board. Youu may email Marga Gordon & Nancy N Foremaan via W to answerr your We

quesstions and hellp you connecct with the grroup or group ps of yoour choice.


Relloadable Kroger F Fundraise er Cards • Caards are assign gned to customers by Horrizon UU Chuurch and purcchased for juust $1 each. SSupporters can reloaad their card and pay for the reloads w with cash, checck, debit, or ccredit cardds at any timee, at any Krogger store, forr any amoount up to $5500 at Custtomer Servicce or $1000 by cashiers. • Reeloads have too be a sepaarate transacttion from m use. Cardss with $0 balaance are deleeted from thee systeem after 90 ddays and cann not be reactivvated. A new w cardd will have to be assigned and purchassed from Hori rizon for $1. • Caard is accepteed in all Krogger stores andd its affiliatess throoughout the U US. It can bee sent to fam mily and friends out- of-state and still benefits Horizon, as long as the cardd is reloaded aand used. K Keep track off your card balannce: At the bbottom of yo our last receip pt, call 866822--6252 or on-lline using thee PIN on thee back of thee cardd. • Reeload and usee often! Horrizon earns a 5% rebate on yourr purchases! BONUS: N Now used onees don’t go in n the ttrash.

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Horizon n Unitaria an Univerrsalist Ch hurch 1641 W. Heb bron Parkwa ay • Carrolltton, TX • 75 5010-6334 tel: (972) 492-49 940 • fax: (9 972) 394-05 570 htttp://www.ho orizonuu.orgg • facebook:: Horizon UU U • twitter: hhorizonuu • im m: horizonuuu submissio ons by 12 Noon N each Wednesday. W to: the_wee ek@horizonu

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