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This is Horizon Display’s style guide.

Understand the elements that make up our brand’s image. Have a read & get to know us a just a little better.


our logo.


our do’s and don’ts.


our typeface.


our colors.


our formats.


our logo. Our logo is a very valuable asset. We must treat it nicely. Never abuse our logo - it doesn’t have arms so it can’t fight back.

01 print and documents. This logo is to be use for all printed

collateral including all printed publications, advertising, flyers and product packaging


web and screen. This is our logo to be used for all screen work, including websites, banners and presentations.



do’s and don’ts. You wouldn’t wear one orange sock with a stripped sock. Take a moment to think about how you would dress up our Horizon logo.

01 spacing. Always leave the logo some space to breathe. Try to use white or neutral backgrounds.

02 do’s. - If it’s unavoidable to sit the Horizon Display logo on a

color, or a photo, use the white logo - The Horizon Display logo may have a drop shadow behind if appropriate with the rest of the artwork - In some very rare instances, the Horizon Display logo may change in color



- Do not sit the logo on colors that clash - Do not use the white logo on backgrounds what are too light or cluttered - Do not rotate or distort the logo




our typeface. Our typeface is creative, professional, yet unassuming and humble . . . just like us!


{ header & logo typeface - Helvetica Neue LT Std }

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijlkmnopqrstuvwxyz ( ).,”!?@#$%&-+={}:;’[ ]\ /


{ subhead typeface - Times New Roman Bold Italic }

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijlkmnopqrstuvwxyz ( ).,”!?@#$%&-+={}:;’[ ]\ /

Hh { accent typeface - Chuck Five }

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijlkmnopqrstuvwxyz ( ) . ,”! ? -+= : ; ’

Hh { body typeface - Calibri }

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijlkmnopqrstuvwxyz ( ).,”!?@#$%&-+={}:;’[ ]\ /

our colors. We would never judge a company by the color of it’s logo, but we still see the value in being bold, colorful & confident!

Primary Color Palette

Horizon Blue CMYK: 70-24-0-0 RGB: 59-158-216 Pantone: 299C

Crescent Yellow CMYK: 0-16-77-0 RGB: 255-212-87 Pantone: 116C

Black CMYK: 40-50-50-100 RGB: 0-0-0 Pantone: Black C

100% 50% 25%

100% 50% 25%

100% 50% 25%

Secondary Colors

White CMYK: 0-0-0-0 RGB: 255-255-255 Pantone: White

Mauve Green Dark Blue CMYK: 52-0-90-0 CMYK: 134-197-81 CMYK: 81-65-0-0 RGB: 134-197-81 RGB: 172-82-88 RGB: 134-197-81 Pantone: 376 C Pantone: 2726 C

our logo and image formats. EPS

The preferred file format for the printing industry. This file format provides a scalable vector graphic version regardless of dpi. This format can be placed in a document by a page layout program such as Adobe InDesign or it can be used directly from Adobe Illustrator. This version is transparent but may not be suitable for all programs.


This file format provides a lossless, well compressed version of raster and vector images. This format also contains a transparency layer and is the best format to use with Microsoft Office programs.


This file format uses lossy compression to manage file size, uses RGB color and is best suited for online media. This format is not intended for print material.


This file format provides an exact preview of a document in a device-independent way, regardless of page count or overall size. This means that regardless of what platform, what program, what font was used you will see it exactly how it was intended by the creator.

our video and interactive formats. FLV

FLV video is playble within Flash movie files which are supported by practically every browser on every platform. Flash video is compact.


The AVI format was developed by Microsoft. This format usually uses less compression than some similar formats and is a very popular format amongst internet users. AVI can be played on various players: • Apple QuickTime Player • Microsoft Windows Media Player • VideoLAN VLC media player

QuickTime Format (.mov)

The QuickTime format was developed by Apple and is a very common one. It’s often used on the internet and for saving movie and video files.


Executable files automatically execute code that can set several functions into motion. The exe file is one of the most useful types of files because it runs programs on nearly all operating systems.


Once created, SWF files can be played by the Adobe Flash Player working either as a browser plugin or as a standalone player. SWF files can also be encapsulated with the player, creating a self-running SWF movie called a “projector”

Horizon Display Brand Style Guide  
Horizon Display Brand Style Guide  

This is Horizon Display's brand style guide. Understand the elements that make up our brand's image. Have a read and get to know us just a l...