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EDITORIAL Con este trabajo hemos pretendido utilizar el idioma inglés como vehículo de comunicación y aproximación hacia gente de otros lugares y culturas mediante el programa europeo eTwinning, más allá de su utilización en el reducido universo de la clase. Debemos por tanto valorar el esfuerzo, realizado de manera voluntaria por nuestros alumnos de 5º y 6º, la ilusión y el compromiso mostrado por todos ellos para su realización. Esperamos que este sea la primera de muchas participaciones de nuestro centro en Programas Europeos, la dimensión que nos faltaba para completar nuestra aspiración a ser sección bilingüe. Creemos que se han cumplido con creces los objetivos planteados mediante el trabajo cooperativo para la toma de conciencia de la verdadera utilidad del aprendizaje de un idioma: la comunicación. To our partners: we hope you like our work, our aim was to show you where do we live and some facts about us and our culture using the English language. We expect that this is only the first of many other projects that we can make together. To our students: CONGRATULATIONS YOU’VE DONE A GREAT JOB. Andrés Ramos Fernández

More things about us in our website: HORIZON JUNE 2013 Colegio de Educación Infantil y Primaria Santa Ana C/ Escultor Marco Pérez 1 16003 Cuenca—Spain

EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Students in 5th and 6th grade Nieves Martínez Pérez Ángel Ibáñez Mártínez Andrés Ramos Fernández


Andrés Ramos Fernández


INDEX: This is our Team..……...…………… 2 Editorial ………………...………..… 3 Santa Ana, our school ….……..….. 4 Bye bye school.……..………..….… 5 Cuenca: the place we live in...…..... 6 Art museum…….…...…………...……8 School’s hymn……….……..…..…….9 Fuente de las Tablas…..………….. 10 Toledo…………………………....….. 11 Let’s talk about Fashion.……....… 12 We like cooking ……….………...... 14 Let’s have fun ……………………... 16 Sports ………………………………..19

Santa Ana, our school Hi, our names are Fernando, Guillermo and Juan. We are ten years old. We are from Spain so we are Spanish and we live in Cuenca. Our school is old and big and it's next to Santa Ana's park, it has got about four hundred students. There are a lot of classrooms. There is a gym, two playgrounds, many toilets, an assembly room and a lift. There are a lot of levels: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th our level, and 6th. We learn Maths and Language everyday. And we have P.E, Music and English too. Some teachers of our school are Don Antonio, Don Andrés, Dª María, Dª Nieves, Dª María Jesús and Don Carlos. Our class room isn't very big. All the lessons are very funny. We start at nine o´clock and we finish at two o'clock. The lessons aren´t very hard. And we haven't got a lot of homework. Our favourite subject is music. Sometimes we go on a trip. It´s great!

Guillermo, Juan and Fernando

HORIZON page 4

Bye Bye School. A Personal experience Hello, my name is Guillermo Iván Martínez Díaz and I am a student in 6th grade at Santa Ana school. Next year I will study in a High school. I started pre-school in 2004 here. I still remember when we were younger, we went to the park and the teachers in the clasroom: Dª ROSA, Dª NIEVES and Dª ASUN taught us reading, maths, tie our shoes and more things. After that in primary 1st and 2ndour teachers were: D. MIGUEL, D. ANGEL, Dª ASUN, D. JESÚS AND Dª SARA. In 3rd and 4th Dª MARICARMEN, Dª ASUN, D. ANGEL, D. JESÚS and D.MARCO. And now in 5th and 6th D. CARLOS, D.ANDRÉS, D.ANGEL, D. JORGE, D.ASUN, Dª MARIAJE, Dª.ROSA and the headmaster D. VICENTE. We will always remember the teachers who have left, some are retired and the others went to other schools, so they are not here: Dª ROSA, D. IGNACIO, D. MIGUEL, D. JORGE and D. SARA . I remember the walk of faires with D. MIGUEL or drawing with D. MARCO or D. JORGE and using pipo with Dª ROSA to learn maths, language and science. This year I leave, but I will stay here, in my memory

Guillermo Iván Martínez Díaz

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CUENCA: the place we live in Hello we are Oscar, Emma and Esteban. We live in Cuenca. Cuenca is a small and beautiful town. It is between the rivers Júcar and Huécar. Cuenca is about 56 thousand inhabitants. In winter it´s very cold, in summer it´s very hot. In Cuenca there are parks, museums, monuments, restaurants, and hotels. Popular places to visit are the Hanging houses, San Pablo Bridge, the Cathedral, The Mangana Tower and the Main Square. Cuenca is World Heritage. Cereal, grapes, ham and cheese are from Cuenca. “Morteruelo” and “Ajoarriero” are typical food in our town.


Ajoarriero HORIZON page 6

SANTA ANA PARK It´s next to our school and we go there to play. It is very big and there are a lot of trees.

Three of the most important monuments in Cuenca are The Hanging Houses, San Pablo Bridge and the Cathedral.

THE HANGING HOUSES SAN PABLO BRIDGE Over the Huécar river and next to the Hanging Houses

THE CATHEDRAL It is old, beautiful and very big. HORIZON page 7

The Museum of Spanish Abstract Art houses exhibits, permanently, a collection of paintings and sculptures by Spanish artists of abstract generation of the 50s and 60s. The museum opened its doors on July 1st, 1966, because Fernando Zobel donated his collection to the Juan March Foundation in 1980. Located in the Hanging Houses of Cuenca, in a medieval building, the museum has suffered several renovations. It has spaces for temporary exhibitions and develops educational programs for school groups, families, etc.., and includes guided tours of the collection and temporary exhibitions. In the library-museum shop are available several editions of catalogs, books, original artworks and reproductions.

Esther, Paula, Andrea and Marta HORIZON page 8

School’s Hymn In our school we have a hymn that our former music teacher Marco, did. If want to listen to it visit this page: Laura, Marta, Cecilia and Carmen P.

HORIZON page 9

A School trip: La Fuente de las Tablas The students of 5th grade spent a week in october in place named “Fuente de las Tablas” near our town. We did many activities as canoeing in the reservoir of La Toba, archery, hockey on grass, zip-line, guessing song , orientation and we played a lot in a large room of games too. When we went to the dining room we ate: potato salad, veal steak with French fries, Macaroni and, and omeltte...They are not our favorite food, but they were good. Boys and girls were in separate rooms. Each group had a room. There was a spacious bathroom and a bedroom with two bunk beds. We had a great time.

Laura, Marta, Cecilia, Raquel, Andrea M, Irene V, Sofía and Irene M HORIZON page 10

A School trip: Toledo Last November we went to Toledo for the chidren’s rights day. Fifth and sixth levels of primary went to Toledo’s parliament, sat down and listened the 50 laws of the children. Girls of sixth of primary read some of them. We took a photo with the members of the parliament. When we left, they gave us sandwiches, fruit and juice. After that we visited the Army Museum and we saw swords, helmets, a bog room. The armors had bullet holes. When we went into the room, a woman told us a lot of things about wars. The place was incredible, huge and really interesting. When we left the museum, we went to the bus and we came back to Cuenca.

Salma, Nikol and Sara HORIZON page 11

Let’s talk about Fashion We start with the fashion of the Goya prizes 2013. The spanish actress Amaia Salamanca wearing a dress with black strips on the left.

Paula Echevarria wearing a green dress with pearls and earrings by Tous fucshias and golden sandals by Jimmy Choo, but we cannot see them. Manuela Velasco chose a very daring dress in a yellow color and a ruffle at the neckline.

Michelle Jenner has chosen a summery dress of coral color with pearls at the waist.

HORIZON page12

Now, the dresses of the new King and Queen of Holland and their guests. The new Queen of the Netherlands wearing a long blue dress and a layer on the shoulders with a silver clasp. A silver Crown with blue sapphires.

The new King of the Netherlands wearing a tail-coat and the Royal mantle of ermine that her mother used. A black suit jacket and a bow tie.

The Princess of Spain, Letizia, in a gray dress with silver pearls, and touched disk with feathers. And the Prince of Spain with the gala uniform of the Spanish army.

Cecilia, Raquel and Andrea M HORIZON page 13

We like cooking In Spain, we have typical food as: morteruelo, potato omelette, gingerbread, paella or zarajo. They´re all good.

How to make a Spanish Omelette Ingredients: 6 eggs 3 potatoes 1 small onion 1 green pepper 2 glasses of olive oil Salt and a parsley leaf Peel and chop the onion. Clean green pepper, remove the stem and seeds and cut into cubes. Clean the potatoes with water. Peel them, cut them in half lengthwise and then cut each slice into thin crescents 1/2 inch. Put all in the pan with olive oil, and fry over low heat for 25-30 minutes. Remove the fried potatoes and wring. Put the oil into a bowl and set aside. Clean the pan with kitchen paper. Break the eggs, put them in a large bowl and whisk them up. Add salt to your liking, add the fried potatoes, onion and pepper and mix well. Place the pan back on the heat, add a splash of the reserved oil and add the mixture. Stir a bit with a wooden spoon and wait (20 seconds) to start curdling. Separate the edges, cover the pan with a dish of larger diameter than the pan and turn it over. Throw it back to curdle on the other side. Noa, Laura and LucĂ­a HORIZON page 14

Karlos Arguiñano is a very famous cook in Spain, one of his most famous recipes is this one:

Squid in its own ink with white rice -2 cuttelfish -200 gr of rice -2 onions -6 cloves of garlic -300 ml of tomatoe sauce -150 ml of white wine. - 2 bags of squid ink. - water. -extra virgin olive oil. -salt. -parsley. How to make squid in its own ink with white rice: Peel and cut sheet 4 garlic cloves and chop onions into large cubes. Put them to cook in the pressure cooker with a little oil until they are well browned. Season. Pour the wine and add the tomato sauce. Clean the cuttlefish and put them in the pot, put some salt and put the lid. Cook everything for 10 minutes until the moment it starts to steam. Open the pot, remove the cuttlefish and cut into pieces. Crush the sauce. Add ink, incorporate the squid, mix well and let it cook for 2 more minutes. Rice: peel the other 2 garlic cloves and sauté them in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Add the rice, sauté it and pour water (average and 2 parts). Add some salt and cook for 16 minutes. Serve the sepia and go with white rice. Garnish with parsley leaves.

Andrea M, Laura and Marta HORIZON page 15

School Things school pencil scissors blackboard sharpener teacher pupil playground table desk notebook book crayonds computer

ruler clasroom schoolbag library


TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America . MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America ? CLASS: Maria. HORIZON page 16

Find five Spanish Rivers. S W O U O P Ă‘ K H V G T J O O R f A D Y U O B K U S U J C E F Y B E A Y A E F Y G F R U R K T O T F D O I R E R U E O T A G U S



- Do you know why the ocean is blue? - Because fish make blue, blue, blue,

- Mum, mum, in school everybody tells me that I'm confused! - Hey, kid, this is not your house... you live opposite the street!

Salma, Nikol and Sara

HORIZON page 17

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickeld peppers .A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked .If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. Where is the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked ? She sells seashells in the seashore RIDDLES What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? What word begins and ends with an ‘e’ but only has one letter? What has a neck but no head? What gets wetter as it dries? What has to be broken before you can use it? Which month has 28 days? [Solutions: 1 a clock; 2 envelope; 3 a bottle; 4 a towel; 5 an egg; 6 all of them, of course!]

Q: “What is white when it's dirty and black when it's clean?” A: “A blackboard.” Q: “What letter of the alphabet is an insect?” A: “B.” (bee) Q: “What letter is a part of the head?” A: “I.” (eye)

Marta Cano Sánchez

Q: “What letter is a body of water?” A: “C.” (sea) Two balloons are floating across the desert. One balloon says to the other: "Look out for the cactussssssssssss!"

Miguel Armando Moreno de Juan HORIZON page 18

Sports The Spanish football team played the match against Ireland in the Confederations Cup on a baseball field. Spain won 2-0, goals from Mata and Soldado.

Rafa Nadal played the final Rolang Garros. He played it against the Spanish Ferrer, and Nadal won, although Ferrer played very well.

Marc Márquez, Spanish motorcycle pilot, won Dani Pedrosa, another Spanish rider and Valentino Rosi. Márquez, is a new pilot in the Moto GP category and we think he is the best. Jose Miguél Pérez, triathlete from Cuenca and former student in Santa Ana School, participated in the Olympic Games in London and was 24, a good position for the first time. He talked in our school about his experience. Raquel and Cecilia HORIZON page 19

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