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Job Shadowing  Questions     Choose  from  these  questions  to  learn  from  the  person(s)  you  are  job  shadowing.  This   will  help  you  start  a  conversation  and  generate  a  more  complete  picture  of  the  career   path(s)  you  are  considering.  Organize  your  questions  in  PRIORITY  ORDER.    Ask  more   sensitive  questions  after  you  have  established  rapport  and  built  trust.       A. Information  about  the  Company  and  the  Person   1. What  are  your  responsibilities  as                ?   2. What  are  the  five  most  common  tasks  you  perform  on  the  job?   3. What  do  you  like  best  about  your  work?   4. What  do  you  like  least  about  your  work?   5. How  did  you  become  interested  in  your  field?   6. How  did  you  get  started  and  develop  your  career?   7. What  type  of  education  and  training  is  needed  to  get  into  the  field?    About  how   much  does  this  education/training  cost?   8. What  kind  of  equipment,  (software,  machinery…)  do  you  have/use?   9. What  do  you  hope  to  accomplish  in  your  position?  What  is  your  ultimate  career   goal?     10. Who  are  your  customers?       11. What  is  exciting  about  your  position?   12. On  what  kind  of  projects  are  you  currently  working?   13. How  long  have  you  been  with  the  company/in  this  position?   14. How  do  you  promote  your  product  or  service?     C. Information  on  Present/Future  Problems,  Trends,  Implications       1. What  changes  do  you  see  happening  in  this  industry  in  the  next  5-­‐10  years?   2. What  trends  do  you  see  emerging?   3. In  what  areas  do  you  see  expansion  of  this  field  or  industry?   4. What  types  of  companies  have  been  successful  in  this  field/industry?  What  makes   them  successful?   5. What  kinds  of  problems  have  you  seen  other  companies  face  in  the  field?     6. What  problems  do  you  see  the  field/profession  encountering  in  the  future?   7. What  are  the  roles  that  (government,  associations,  etc.)  play  in  dealing  with  these   problems?     D. Advice  Questions   1. What  salary  range  could  I  expect  for  any  entry  level  position?    After  5-­‐10  years  of   experience?       2. What  growth  opportunities  or  upward  job  movement  could  I  expect  with  experience   in  this  field/position?     3. What  obstacles  might  I  anticipate  and  how  could  I  overcome  them?   1

4. At what  type  of  companies  should  I  be  looking?    What  are  the  names  of  some  of   those  companies?   5. Would  you  suggest  any  courses  or  programs  that  would  further  help  me  develop  my   career?     E. Fitting  In   1.   Would  the  work  involve  in  terms  of  lifestyle,  such  as  frequent  travel  or  late-­‐night   business  entertaining?   2.   Considering  all  the  people  you've  met  in  your  line  of  work,  what  personal  attributes   are  essential  for  success?   3.   Taking  into  account  my  skills,  education  and  experience,  what  other  career  paths   would  you  suggest  I  explore  before  making  a  final  decision?   4.   In  your  field,  what  are  the  qualities  that  make  people  successful?     F.    Extending  Your  Network:    Ask  these  questions   1.   What  professional  journals  and  organizations  should  I  be  aware  of?   2.   Who  else  would  you  recommend  I  speak  with?    When  I  call,  may  I  use  your  name?        


Job Shadowing Questionnaire  
Job Shadowing Questionnaire  

This questionnaire helps students or job seekers learn more about jobs they may be considering by asking these questions of someone in the f...