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Hello readers of horizon artist magazine I would like to thank you for taking the time to view our publication. The staff at horizon artists will constantly be on the lookout for new and fresh faces. Each month we will bring you interviews and pictorials with some of the newest talent in the industry, as well as some of the more seasoned veterans giving their advice to the new and up-andcoming artists.. Horizon artist will be for artist, models, photographers, singers, songwriters, designers and artist in all mediums. Future Issues will include Australia's very own Scarlet Tinkabelle. Also we will be bringing you a new Modified doll each month. Look for interviews and pictorials by some of the talented and artic minds in the entertainment and fashion world. Send any comments, concerns, Suggestions, or what you would like to see in future issues to


What every Model needs to Know!!!

Here’s what every model should know before starting out on a career in the modeling industry. First, with all the types of modeling take a good look in the mirror at yourself. Your hair is one of your most valuable assets. In most cases, beautiful hair when brushed for a shoot can become “wispy”.

and enticing. Your first option is plastic surgery or lip injections. However with injections you run the risk of misshapen lips.

This means bits can stick out and strays can go across either forehead or eyes which could cause a lot of photo-shop work after the shoot to remove these wisps of hair. A tip many fashion models use is to rub a little oil on which will do the trick.

As a new fashion model you may not know how to apply your own make-up for photography shoots. Make-up for a photo shoot is different to putting on normal make-up.

Your other option is to use one of the many lip enhancers on the market. Follow the directions and you should have full pouty lips for the next 3-4 hours.

The flashes that are used change the look of ordinary make-up, that’s Second are your teeth white, why there are photographic make-up stained or gapped? It does not matter artists, they know what the lights will how good you look if your teeth are do and what they have to do to fix not white you will find it hard to get that problem. work. It’s important not to use a It's simple - just apply more makeproduct that will ruin your teeth. up than you would normally use. Some products while working great Then, don't blend eye shadows if you may eat away at your enamel. It is can help it because the camera flashhighly recommended to consult your es will tend to burn through the trandentist and ask which brand you sition colors, say from pink to purple should use. Also if you have gaps or on your lids, and they will end up crooked teeth consult your dentist looking like stripes rather than a conabout ways to either remove these tinuous blending between the colors. gaps or straighten your teeth. Third a models lips should look full 4

Voodoo Prophet has appeared on the music scene and made a substantially heavy impact in a relatively short time. The band doesn't rely on gimmicks, ever changing trends, or formulas to deliver their sonically devastating style of music. Instead they have forged their own sound and style while drawing from a wide and varied range of influences.

Guitar driven metal never goes out of style, and Voodoo Prophet builds on that solid foundation with catchy riffs and melodies, heavy grooves, and lyrics that get the masses chanting like a mob driven to the edge of anarchy! I have had the privilege to get to know this group of guys and they are down to earth hard working and truly care about their music and the fans that support them. They describe their music as midgets with buckets of nails on their feet running thru a gravel driveway with a whole lot of metal thrown in. I can say this for the band they are one of the best interviews I have had the privilege to do. Myk started voodoo prophet in high school now at age 24 he feels the group is where they need to be to really make a name for themselves and to take their careers to that next level. When did you realize that Music was what you wanted to do for a living? Fozzy recalls being at a Metallica concert with Godsmack opening and hearing the crowd and feeling the energy.


Malcom says “ Once I surpassed my father at drums and coming home after school and playing every second I could before they got home then I bought my own set and never looked back. Derek remembers Killswitch Engage at rocket town when he was about fifteen. The shock and awe of it all kind of told me that was something I would want to do a bring that experience to others. What can people expect to see at a VOODOO PROPHET show! Raw energy and bringing it at a higher level having a good time on stage and getting the audience into the performance and after the show hanging out with their fans and getting to know the people that come to their shows. What are your songs about? Aggression, brutality, relationships, and real life. We write about a little of everything so that when fans hear our music they can relate in some way to the songs we play.

What was your first experience with music like? Early memories of Pantera cranked being a huge dimebag fan. Being good at Guitar Hero and being challenged to playing a real one to growing up in a family that all played some sort of musical instrument. What has been your biggest challenge so far? Getting everyone on the same page we are all very strong willed people and sometimes its just getting all of us on the same line. But we do and its all the different views that really help us progress as a band and to push each other to reach that next level. Because in the end it is and always be about the music and the fans. 6

Does anyone influence you more than others?

Lady GAGA her stage presence and the way she engages her audience. Also Pantera, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Rush. We all pull from a wide range of influences and that is what helps us as a band become more diverse.

What advice would you give youth today thinking about doing what you do?

Go for it be willing to make sacrifices and be willing to work hard and long hours. You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you are willing to put in the work for it nothing is unattainable.




quire that you sign up exclusively with them; others may allow you to register with them as well as with other agencies in town. 

Modeling and acting schools claim to provide instruction — for a fee — in poise, posture, diction, skin care, make-up application, the proper walk, and more. Modeling schools do not necessarily act as agents or find work for you — after you take their classes, you may be on your own.

Talent Tips: 

Steer clear of modeling companies that require you to use a specific photographer. Compare fees and the work quality of several photographers.

Be suspicious if a company requires an up-front fee to serve as your agent.

Be cautious if the school has a special referral relationship with a specific modeling agency. The two could be splitting your fees, or the agency may not be suited to your needs.

Pose-itioning Yourself To break into the business, you — the talent — need professional photos. There are two types of standard photographs — a "head shot" and a "composite card." The typical marketing tool for an actor, experienced or not, the head shot usually is an 8" x 10" black and white photo of the face, with your resume printed on the back. 

A "comp card," the typical marketing tool for the experienced model or the wannabe, usually features several shots on the same sheet, showing off the talent in different attire or settings.

Agencies and schools offer separate and distinct services. Make sure you know the difference. 

Modeling (or talent) agencies secure employment for experienced models and actors. Some agents re-


Avoiding a Model Rip-Off Ask yourself, "why me?" Don't let your emotions — and the company's flattery — take control. Think carefully and critically about how you were approached: if it was in a crowded mall, think how many others also may have been approached. 

a smaller city or town. Realize that different parts of the country have different needs. For example, New York is recognized for fashion modeling; the Washington/Baltimore area is known for industrial or training films. 

Ask if the company/school is licensed or bonded, if that's required by your state.  Avoid high-pressure sales tactics. Never Verify this information with the approprisign a document without reading and unate authorities, such as your local conderstanding it first. In fact, ask for a blank sumer protection agency or state Attorney copy of the contract to take home and reGeneral. Make sure the license is current. view with someone you trust. If the company refuses, walk away.  Ask your local Better Business Bureau, Be leery of companies that only accept payment in cash or by money order. Read it as a strong signal that the company is more interested in your money than your career. 

consumer protection agency and state Attorney General if there are any unresolved consumer complaints on file about the company. Get everything in writing, including any promises that have been made orally. 

Be wary of claims about high salaries. Keep copies of all important papers, such Successful models in small markets can earn $75 to $150 an hour, but the work is as your contract and company literature, in a safe place. irregular. 

Ask for the names, addresses and phone numbers of models and actors who have secured successful work — recently — based on the company's training. 

Check out client claims. If an agency says it has placed models and actors in specific jobs, contact the companies to verify that they've hired models and actors from the agency. 

Be skeptical of local companies claiming to be the "biggest" agency or a "major player" in the industry, especially if you live in 


Jinah Kim Jina h is one o f those yo ung wo me n that whe n yo u mee t he r she set yo u at ease and it fee ls like yo u ha ve k now n he r since child hood. An a vid MMA fa n and ring girl J ina h k nows t hat to stay in sha pe for he r mode ling a nd ring girl d ut ies that the proper d iet a nd e xercise ro utine are importa nt.



How did you get into Modeling?


What kind of Modeling are you the most interested in and why?


How do you see yourself progressing in this field? “ To d a y ’s s o c i a l m e d i a a l l o w s y o u t o s h a r e y o u r w o r k w i t h a g r e a t e r a u d i e n c e than in the past. I hope to use the contacts I have made traveling in MMA and m o d e l i n g t o h e l p f u r t h e r m y c a r e e r.”

“ One thing about me that surprises most people when they m ee t me is my Sou the r n a cce nt be i ng Ko r e a n .”

“ I love being around people and meeting new people. I ’m a l o y a l d a u g h t e r and friend. “


“ I h a v e a d e g r e e i n E xe r c i s e S c i e n c e a n d w o r ke d a s a n E xe r cis e Phy s io log ist b efo re I started modeling. I was born i n S o u t h Ko r e a a n d g r e w u p be twee n a s mall farming community there and here is t h e U n i te d S t a t e s w i t h m y p a r e n t s .”

“ I l o v e to t r y n e w f o o d s and different cuisines I love t o c o o k .”

“I am a huge cut up and love t o l a u g h a n d b e g o o f y, being outdoors taking h i ke s a n d f i s h i n g .”




Brittany Clarke Her musical interests as a child varied from the Beatles to Marti na McBride and a little of everything in between. Brittany says that when you come to here shows you can expect to see a very high energy performance and that she is always making the crowd a part of her show. The new music she is working on is more edgy and in your face fun.

Brittany grew up in a small town in Illinois with dreams of being a singer. She recalls at the age of five singing in her room and recording herself on a karaoke machine and telling her mother that she wanted to grow up and perform. Growing up she would always sing in school plays and in church. Her first break came at the age of fifteen for country music legends The Oak Ridge Boys. Brittany say there is an amazing feeling she gets from performing in front of a crowd and wish everyone could feel what she does while on stage doing what she loves. Brittany started out singing country and now at 22 she is poised to release her first rock album.

Brittany ’s biggest break so far she believes is the chance she has right now with a new producer and backer that has taken her under their wing and helping her reach that next level. When asked about her biggest challenge she says “I have a big trust issue. When you have dealt with a lot of people over the years who pretend to be something they are not you’re since of trust goes down it takes a lot to trust someone with my music and life.”


Does anyone influence you more than others? Growing up Marti na McBride because she has a powerful voice and although she is a huge success Mar tina is still a down to earth person and someone that I admire for work. Where do you see yourself in five, ten, fifteen years? I hope to be touring and seeing the country getting to connect with my fans and becoming a household name a positive role model for the younger generation and busy doing what it is that I love so much. What is your most embarrassing moment? I am pretty clumsy so if I had to pick one it would be wearing stilettos and tripping over guitar cords and stuff like that on stage.

How would you want to be remembered? Some that has worked very hard for their dreams and who never gave up and as a positive role model for future generations. What sets your music apart from everyone else's out here right now? My music comes from real life experiences it’s a completely different thing with my rock music. I tell stories about breakups and guys that treat girls wrong. I feel in country I was held back from pu0ng all my feelings out there and with my rock music I am pu0ng it all out there and hopefully everyone is going to like it.


What advice would you give to anyone that is thinking about trying to make it as an singer or model? Stick with your dreams it is one of those careers that takes a lot of determination and to have a lot of patience because success does not come over night. Define success? To me it is doing what you love for me it would be touring staying on the road and being able to do what I love. I want to be the person always working to me its not a job its what I love. Over the years, she has perfected her sound and style and the dream of making country music her life has become a reality. From singing the National Anthem at ballgames in 3rd grade to opening for such acts as The Oak Ridge Boys, Jamie O'Neal, Craig Morgan and .38 special, she has grown as

an artist. Brittany has had several songs released to radio. Her recent release, "Tonight I Let You Go," was sent out in April 2010, and has gotten a great response from stations across the country. Her 2009 release, "It's Gonna Turn," hit the Music Row Charts after only 3 weeks. Brittany loves to perform live and travel. In the past couple of years she has played many stages, both large and small, both as an opening act and headlining her own shows. Please look for her at a venue near you very soon.






Times Scare The Crypt Cafe While on a recent trip to New York I came across the most amazing cafĂŠ. The horror fans out there will really enjoy this place. Located in the heart of New York city on the corner of 42nd and 8th Ave. For those with a big appetite then I suggest slaying the Beast. Hands down this is the biggest burger I have ever seen in person.

Also located in the same building is a most excellent haunted house the scenes are some of the most graphic I have viewed in a haunted house. The staff are friendly and very helpful. The door greeter is also the makeup artist for the haunted house.

Times Scare includes a high tech Haunted House that is lurking with psychopathic patients who taunt, chase, and hunt you at every turn, a 300-seat theater featuring nightly performances by Shock Illusionist Dan Sperry in his off-Broadway show entitled "MAGIC SHOW" and much more. The Crypt Cafe inside Times Scare is home to a full menu serving delicacies to die for and two fully stocked themed bars with signature cocktails and a lounge.


Currently the haunted house at times scare is home to the only authorized HALLOWEEN themed haunt of its kind based off the movie franchise. Guest tours begin at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital and are then taken to the childhood home of Michael Myers. Throughout the experience visitors are stalked and chased by Michael Myers guaranteeing a terror filled experience you will never forget.


Don't starve yourself! The first instinct of many dieters is to put themselves on the starvation diet, but although this can help you quickly lose a couple of pounds, its not the right way to lose weight in the long run. When your diet drops below 1000 calories, your body goes into 'starvation mode', which slows down your metabolism. As well as feeling groggy and tired, you will be using far less calories than usual and making it even harder for yourself to lose weight! The answer is to eat a sustainable low -calorie diet, but never to make your body push the 'panic button' like this as it is counterproductive. Also make sure to eat breakfast. If you skip it, your body will enter its 'starve' mode early in the day and it will be hard to break out. To keep your metabolism working all through the day, eat small, low calorie snacks between meals. Spice it up! Spicy food doesn't just taste great, it actually increases your metabolism too. Black Pepper, Ginger, Chilli Peppers and Cinnamon all raise your body temperature and help you burn fat faster! Careful though - the curries you find in restaurants are often oily and fatty, so cooking your own spicy food is always best. Don't Stress If You Blow It! If you fall off the wagon and completely blow your diet one day, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Your body is expecting a certain amount of calories a day, so a good pig -out will rev up that metabolism motor. So if one day a week you lose control, it's ok. Just forget about it and get back on track!

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