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Greetings from Horizon Artist Magazine and thank you for joining us for another issue. In this Issue you will find some great interviews with up and coming singers/ song writers and a very talented young Actress Victorianna Marinelli. Starting this month you will be getting to know Australia's very own Scarlet Tinkabelle. One of the most amazing people I have had a chance to meet in this business. One note we here at Horizon Artist would like to say is that we are not now nor will we ever be in favor of plastic surgery for models. Each and every person, model or otherwise, in our opinion is beautiful and perfect the way they are. Next month will be an all Halloween Issue everything you can think of scary!!! After the October Issue due to the time restraints with my personal Photography Business we will be going to a bi monthly issue in order to be able to bring you a more high polished look. We here feel you deserve better and will consistently strive to bring you the best out there in New artist each issue. Thank you, Jeff Young Publisher/ Owner Horizon Artist Magazine

LIL HUJO OF HIGH INTELLIGENCE Hi gh In t el li gen ce, s t rai gh t out o f Lou i s vi lle K Y. St art ed 8 years ago wi t h n oth in g b ut a si mp le lap t op and d own load ed b eat s . Now t h ey are maki n g mus i c wi th real i ns t rumen ts an d s u p eri or vocals creat i n g a u n iq ue s ou n d you r ears wou ld lo ve t o h ear.

mu s i c t o i t we got t oget h er and st art ed p la yi n g.

Ho w d i d yo u fi r s t g et i nt er es ted i n m us i c? I g ot i n t erest ed i n mu si c at a you n g age i n t h e s ix th grad e and st art ed wri t i n g p oet ry. M y t each ers th ou gh t I h ad a real gi ft an d en cou raged me t o wri t e more. On ce, I reach ed h i gh s ch ool I t u rn ed it in t o wh at I called fl owi t ry. I h ad a fri en d and we s t art ed p u tt in g

Ho w d i d yo u co m e up wit h the na m e Hi g h I nt ell i g ence? My p rod u cer t h e ot h er vocali st an d mys e l f came u p wi th it b ecau s e we t alk ab ou t real t hi n gs an d real li fe. We t alk ab ou t wh at i s goi n g on everyd a y.

i t all s t art ed act u ally ou t s i d e t h e G AS LIG HT t av ern wh ere we are s it t in g n ow. What do you want people to get from your music? I want them to get the feeling that its really me. I am on the level that not everyone is going to like what I perform. But when they hear my music they realize I am being real and not just singing what someone puts in front of me. What kind of advise would you give someone starting out in the music industry and trying to make it? High Intelligence is Lil Hujo, DJ Highspeed and N8 Ho w d i d yo u g et to g et her ? We s t art ed ou t record i n g s on gs i n my t ru ck. We h ad a lap t op and a comp u t er mi crop h on e d own load ed a few b eat s an d i t was j us t me and my b u dd y j u st free s t yli n g. My p rod u cer t hou gh t we h ad a lot of p ot en t i al an d h e wen t ou t an d s t art ed p i eci n g t oget h er eq u ip men t an d en d ed up wi th wh at we called a p ort ab le s t ud i o. We h ad ou r mi crop h on es an d mix ers and we wou ld go an ywh ere an d meet up p la y mu s i c i t was s omet h in g we all lo ved t o do an d

Never give up you are always going to find those that will try and bring you down. There are those that will tell you that you cant do something or you will not make it. If you have a passion for it no matter what don't every listen to them always follow your dreams always move forward always keep going. You can find High Intelligence at the following places!! highintelligence

VICTORIA MARINELLI She loves to sing, act, model and just be a regular teenager. She is extremely hyperactive and can light up any room with her presents. She loves to volunteer for organizations that help and care for special needs children as well as less fortunate ones. Victorianna wants to be a role model for teens and tell them to stay clean off drugs and alcohol and to live your dreams to the fullest. At 5 Victorianna entered her first natural pageant which she won and then went on to the Nationals of course winning Queen and the talent division. She entered a glitz pageant, wearing no makeup or glitzy outfit and then won that one as well as all the divisions she entered as well. After she decided she wanted to become a vocalist and actress and auditioned for her school plays and then was cast in her very first commercial for YoYo Lip Gloss where she beat out 100's of entries. Victorianna went back to pageants for a while and after being presented Queen again decided to go back into acting, modeling and singing. With this said her

she is today being cast in 3 films Then Comes the Night IMDb credited, A Chance Off! as a mean Cheerleader and The Victorian, as the American Friend of a Hero. She has modeled for Citizen Stock, Forever21 swim wear in Miami and been in a national commercial with Oxygen Channel, Victorianna has also recorded her first label and has a few more on the way.

On the set of HBO Series Boardwalk Empire. above When I meet Victorianna in New York she filled the room with her energy and had everyone captivated by her presence. She is one of those rare people that can entertain for hours and never get tired I know she was still going strong long after I had been worn down by the days events. She has dreams of being a famous actress and singer and that I truly believe will happen for Victorianna. She has always been one to entertain people even at a very early age.

I really enjoy acting, singing and modeling and if I could find something that could put them all together I would be on top of the World! I think if you can do it all, kind of like a triple threat! you should, you never know where your passions will lead you. Getting to know the right people is so important, being the best you can be is also just as important and just enjoying life never hurts. Another thing I learnt is not to be yourself, but be the character you need to be, put yourself in the role whether its singing, modeling or acting, your playing a part. Don't be embarrassed, act up or down, be crazy full of energy and out going as much as possible and keep your head up high and always have a big smile! I am a

confident young woman now and want to experience all that life has to offer. I have also learned to be careful of those that surround me.

Fixing the Negative You!! When it comes to achieving goals such as losing weight do you start becoming a negative nelly? Has that inner voice ever gotten the best of you? Want to succeed this time? Grab a pen and paper and lets get these thoughts out of your head and onto paper! Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do you see yourself in a negative way? Do you always find yourself saying things derogatory about the way you look? When you look in the mirror do you point out the negative?

you? Answering this question will help you understand why you are letting these negative thoughts and acts block you from accomplishing your goals. Lets start by identifying them and cutting them out of our thoughts and actions to help yourself reach your goals. Are the things you say about yourself true? Are you just making excuses and can these untruths really help you achieve any goal that you have for yourself?

Now for the last step Here's the last step: Go 2. Are you confident in yourself? back and answer the above questions again, Do you ever think that you can not reach and force yourself to use only positive terms. your goals in exercise and or other ways? It can be hard to let go of negative thought Do you always fall back to I can’t do that patterns. Often, they're the result of years of or feel afraid? Do you ever think that I will self-loathing and your internalizing of the never be able to lose weight or complete negative opinions and judgments of others, but you can do it. Remember, knowledge is power. goals that you have set for yourself? The next time one of these negative thoughts 3. Do you feel helpless? Do you crops up, you'll have the awareness to cut it feel like you are not in control? Do you down. find yourself always making excuses for being over weight? 4. Do you find yourself placing negative labels on you? Do you find you are always talking about yourself image in self-deprecating terms like “ tubby” “fat boy” or referring to yourself as a stereo type? Think about how you answered these questions. Was your tone constructive or destructive. To turn your thinking from a negative to a positive, ask yourself the hardest question and be honest and think about it.

How is this negative self imaging helping

A-Z guide of commonly used terminology in the modeling industry If you are going to enter this business that we call modeling it is a good idea to be able to speak and understand the language. Just like many other industries, models and actors have a subset of terms and phrases that are commonly used to communicate with others in the business. The following is a list of commonly used terms: Agency: An agency is a company the model hires to find her work. An agency makes their money through commission. They generally take 20% of the model’s rate and charge an additional 20% to

the client. Agent: An agent generally refers to a person that markets an actor/actress. A model does not need to deal with an agent, but wants to deal with agencies, who may still submit her for some acting work as well as modeling work. Audition: Often called a casting, an audition is an opportunity for an actor/actress to showcase her talents to a client. Auditions may be held for commercials, theatrical performances, films, television shows etc. At an audition, you generally have a short prepared piece to perform or may be asked to do a cold read. Buyout: A buyout is commonly used when an ad or commercial that is shot for local or regional distribution may be picked up for national display. The model or actor is generally paid a lesser fee for the actual work but would receive an additional bonus (buyout) if the ad or commercial goes national. This practice is frequently used for infant and toddler modeling. Companies will hire 4 – 5 children at a rate of between $50 and $75 dollars for the entire shoot. The child who gets used in the finished product (ad, commercial, packaging etc. could receive a buyout of several thousand dollars. Callback: A callback is a follow up after an audition so the client may audition you further. There will be fewer people at this audition. A callback is generally a good sign and means the casting director and client liked your first audition.

them her portfolio. Headshot: A headshot is a tight shot that generally shows only the face and sometimes the tops of shoulders. Headshots shows a person as they are but in the best possible way. (Sample Modeling Headshots) MUA: Is simply a make-up artist. Open Call: An open call refers to a posted time during which a model may go to meet an agency or a client. Portfolio: A model’s portfolio is a group of pictures of the model put together in a book that she uses to market herself with. The pictures should show the model’s age range and a variety of different expressions. A great portfolio will show the model’s ability to act and still make her look amazing.

Casting: See audition. A casting may also refer to a model call or go-see. Client: A client is the person or company responsible for hiring the models. It is the company that is using the model for its ad. Cold Read: A cold read is when the model or actor is handed a commercial copy or piece of a script and asked to perform it as an audition without having the opportunity to see and prepare the piece beforehand. Comp Card: A comp card is a model’s business card. The card generally has a headshot on the front and four pictures on the back. It will also list the model’s basic stats. The comp card is an abridged version of the model’s portfolio. Go-See: A go-see is a modeling audition, or when a model goes to see (meet with) a client and show

Sides: A short piece of the script that you will be expected to prepare or do a cold read from at an audition. Knowing how to speak the language is only a small portion of becoming a successful model/actor. As with any industry if you are to succeed it definitely helps knowing how to speak the language. Hopefully this will help you to succeed with your endeavor in the industry.

Rosy cheeks, strawberry lips and a flash of green are what helps put together this pint sized pinup queen. With her heart on her sleeve and lashes in the breeze, Miss Tinkabelle can often be seen posing beside the seven seas. With a passion for vintage, the sweet 50’s and curls. Look out for this toe tapping cutie as she dances and twirls.

Well ‘G’DAY’ from the great Downunder! I’m Scarlet Tinkabelle, aka Tinkz. I’m 27 year old, 5’2 tall, green -eyed and highly ambitious. Currently I reside on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

When I’m not busy getting flown off my feet working as a Property Manager or in Hospitality, you can find me happily sewing, dancing, shopping or at the latest rockabilly meet’n’greet.

As an avid dancer I was looking to broaden my range of dancing styles and took a swing class with a friend. This was my first introduction to the illustrious world of pinup and Rockabilly and instantly I fell in love. Already having a passion for dancing, I immediately fell for the clothes and the rocking lifestyle of this genre, and haven’t looked back. This has inspired me to involve myself actively as a model in the pinup world. So far I have been involved in photo shoots recreating timeless photographs, posters, postcards and scenes from the 40’s & 50’s. I love taking a rare gamble creatively and seeing the pieces of a shoot come together in the final product thrills me.

Not only embarking in the modeling scene, I have recently revisited my passion for creating garments. Tinkabelle Town, is in its first steps of being up and running…. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for some recreated rockabilly radness!

Inspired by the likes of Bettie Page, Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly & Betty Grable to name a small few.

Now that my first installment has given you a snippet of my life…. I’d love to help anyone out by giving tips and other handy hints, and you can help a little green fairy out by adding any suggestions of what you would like to read in my article. Feel free to drop an email in Tinker’s mailbox on

Photography tips for a better Photograph no matter who you are!!!! 1. If you’re like the vast majority of casual photographers, then the #1 reason you bought a camera is to take pictures of family members and friends, and then share them as prints or via social media. Your pictures are meant to preserve memories of events, such as birthdays, weddings, etc., to record images of children as they grow and to capture special moments with friends. While these photos are views of your life and the people with whom you share it, true portraits are meant to show people in the best setting possible and reveal more about their character, personality and lifestyle. When you put into the practice the techniques below, you’ll be able to advance your photography skills and present family members and friends with pictures they will like and cherish. 2. Portrait photography can be divided into two primary types: formal and informal. Formal portraits are typically taken in a studio setting with multiple lights and require more equipment and skills to execute successfully. For the purposes of this article, you’ll find it much easier to tackle informal portraits first , although many of the techniques apply to both types. 3. A benefit of the informal style of portrait photography is that you and your subject tend to be more comforta-

ble and the experience is more enjoyable. Typically, a familiar or pleasant location is better than the sterile environment of a studio. Ask your subject to sit in his or her favorite chair or find an outdoor location under a tree. You can also photograph him or her in a location and/or with objects that help to identify his or her favorite hobby or interest. If Mom is known for her pies and loves to bake, then photograph her in the kitchen with a finished pie in her hands. If a friend is an avid golfer, then shoot the portrait with a golf course background and your friend dressed for the game with a club in hand, or tossing a golf ball in the air.

8. It’s also important to be aware of the angle of your subject’s arms and legs. Make sure they are bent at a pleasing angle, which is any angle other than 90 degrees, or a right angle at the elbow. Check where the framing of your portrait crops the arms and legs. If you don’t plan to show all of the arms or legs, then make the crop point between the joints, and not at the joints. Otherwise, it will look like the arm or leg has been amputated. 9. Unless the background is an essential element of your portrait photo, select the largest aperture, or lens opening, (the smallest f/stop setting), so the background will have a pleasing loss of focus 4. Once you’ve found a good location for and emphasize your subject. This will also your informal portrait , position yourself create a more three-dimensional look, at a slight angle to your subject . You don’t separating your subject from the backwant to photograph a flat face. With the ground. help of your subject, determine the best 10. Focus is also critical to a good porside of his or her face/body, and then ask trait. Select the single-point auto-focus him or her to turn that side toward the setting on your camera, and then place camera. Direct your subject to tilt the that point over the eye that is closest to body slightly forward, as the back rethe camera. mains straight . 11. Informal portraits also allow you 5. Make sure to position the camera, so it is at the same level of the person’s face. and your subject to have some fun. Ask your subject to move slightly within the Don’t shoot from too extreme an angle frame, much the same as a fashion model above or below his or her eye level. would. He or she can turn the head to var6. Turn your camera vertically, so the ious angles, look off camera and show person’s head or body fills that orientavarious emotions, such as joy, sadness, setion. riousness, etc., as you move and shoot a 7. Try various distances from your sub- continuous series of pictures. Try your ject . Move in close to fill most of the camera’s continuous shooting mode and frame with his or her face and also widen you may be surprised to discover you’ve the view, especially if it is a lifestyle por- captured a fabulous portrait that would trait where the setting and other objects have been otherwise impossible with a add to the photo. static pose.

Tiffany Franco is a woman on a Mission!! Growing up in Florida and moving here she has dreams of one day opening her own clothing boutique.

Until she opens her boutique Tiffany is working as a model and learning as much as possible about the fashion Industry.

ANDREA LEA HUNT Andrea comes from Muskegon WI. just south of Milwaukee. She moved here nine years ago to follow her dreams of becoming a country music singer. Andrea has recently pulled a band together and started playing local venues in Nashville, TN. They are currently in the studio working on all original material. When did you first become interested in singing? It all started when I was about fifteen when my mother and I went to a local fair. We started talking to the DJ playing music and he asked if I wanted to come back on Sunday and sing a few tracks of karaoke. After I got off that stage all I wanted was to get back out there and do it again. I started doing karaoke around the area as a showcase type artist with the DJ. Once I graduated from high school I moved to Nashville to follow my dreams.

What have been some of your biggest Challenges so far to date? When I first moved to Nashville I had to spend a lot of my time earning a living so it left me with less time than I wanted to concentrate on my music.

To have a good time and hear a little bit of everything we play a great mix of something for everyone and originals as well. We do our best to engage the audience and to get them into the music. What advice would you give someone starting out in the music business? Learn a musical instrument and always be writing being creative. Don’t be afraid to get out in front of a large crowd or any crowd for that matter and perform your music. Never stop dreaming never give up and always keep improving and One of the biggest challenges has been working hard. It takes a lot of hard work finding a talented group of musicians to to make it and you have to be willing to play with. Its hard in Nashville to get a pay your dues sometimes for years before making it. bunch of musicians together and take a chance with you when your new in town and no one really knows who you are yet. Who has been some of your biggest influences? Reba has always been one of my favorites. Her stage presence and how talented she is with acting and signing. Another one is Dolly Parton not only is she a talented signer, song writer and actress she is also a very smart business woman. Others include the likes of Miranda Lambert and George Strait. What type of show can people expect to see when they come to one of your performances?

Business of Modeling What does one need know about the business side of modeling? The popularity of such programs and competitions such as America’s Next Top Model, Make Me A Supermodel, Face of Africa and other such reality TV programs have made modeling one of the most sought after careers for young men and women. It is one thing wanting to be a model and quite another to be a successful model. Modeling agencies often hear new models say, “Well, if you liked me you would pay for everything”. Unfortunately, the hype surrounding modeling agencies paying for

expenses is grossly exaggerated and often wishful thinking on the part of new models who don’t understand how the modeling industry really works. As a model you must expect to invest in your career and will have to spend some money to get started and that is different from investing in your own basic startup costs that don’t involve the agency such as photo shoots, composite cards, etc. These are essential tools that you need as a model. Without these tools you are a bit like a bank with no money. What does it cost to start as a model? As a model you are a selfemployed independent contractor. You are considered a sole trader in your own small business. You are not an employee of the agency you might be signed to. Whether you are a freelance model or signed to a top modeling agency you will incur basic start-up costs and such you will be required to cover all of your own promotional expenses such as composite cards (Z cards), agency books (portfolio) and some agencies will charge you to be on their websites. These promotional expenses can run anywhere from $75 - $500 per year to post photos on an agency website. Anywhere from $125 - $500 per for comp. cards, postage, portfolio updates, legal and accounting fees. Professional models understand that this is simply the cost of doing business. It is standard practice


the industry for the model to cover these promotional expenses. Should one pay for an agency to represent him or her? Models should not pay an agency to represent them. Agencies earn their money from commission and royalties received directly from their clients or via the fees from the work that the model does. Top professional agencies do not charge a joining fee and neither do they insist that you use on of their photographers to do your portfolio, however with the top agencies it is advisable to follow their recommendations that way you are more likely to get the right type of pictures that the agency needs to promote you and get you work. If an agency asks you to pay a fee to join them, insist that you must do an extensive portfolio before you join or pay an administration fee simply say no and walk away.

Many models have signed modeling contracts without reading them properly and then find out later that they cannot get out of them or are effectively being ripped off. It is imperative that you read the contract fully and if you are unsure about anything seek advice. A modeling contract is a legal document that you sign, which as a starter may not be a problem, but if you sign an unfavorable contract and you become famous it could cost you financially and in some cases could affect your career. Ensure that you read contracts very carefully and do not sign an exclusive contract unless within the contract you are guaranteed sufficient amount of income per month or per year. If a business or individual you are thinking about working with does not want to sign a contract then you should be suspicious.

Do not do business with this person or business. They are more likely a scam trying to get your likeness for their benefit. Should I join more than one agency? Even though models can sign with different agencies, unless they are signed on an exclusive contract, it is advisable to sign to only or maximum of two agencies at a time. The only exception to this rule is if the agencies are located in different parts of the country or different countries or are specialist agencies doing different types of modeling from the main agency you are signed to. It is advisable that you only join reputable agencies. Also make sure you inform the new agency of any other agencies you are signed to. No agency can guarantee you work, but reputable agencies will do their best to find work for you as they only make money if you make money. How much should I expect to get paid as a model? That purely depends on the client or product you are working on and

the type of modeling work you do. The fees can vary from TFP (time for print) to thousands of dollars for big national campaigns. When your experience and portfolio grows, your rates grow also. Supermodels now make $15,000 or more a day. How long does it take to get paid for a finished job? Usually it takes 60-90 days from the assignment being completed and it must be understood that even if it gets to 90 days and agency is not paid, neither will you. What is the maximum amount of commission that an agency should charge me? The industry standard is 20% of the gross pay. Be wary of agencies wishing to charge more. What is a test shoot or a mini portfolio? Most new models may be asked to do a test shoot before they are signed to an agency. This is to ensure that they can take good pictures and to see what the true potential may be. It also gives you the opportunity to gain some valuable experience of working under the conditions of a professional photo shoot with a professional photographer. These are just a few things to consider when becoming a model. Please use some common sense when considering work as there are lots of people masquerading as something they are not. Anyone that is promising you that they are going to boost your career, make you famous, introduce you to all the right people etc. is NOT someone you want to be dealing with. This business does not work that way. Essentially if it sounds too good to be true, well it probably is.

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