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HEALTHY DIGESTION with Marilyn Glenville

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PLUS: • Nenagh's store in brand new location • Rosanna Davidson's top tips for healthy gut • Keep your joints in shape with ginger and circumin • Eating healthy on the Road with Oliver McCabe TRALEE: ROCK ST. MANOR WEST CLASH THE SQUARE


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Hay Fever Hell?

RELIEF IS AT HAND What’s that? Itchy eyes, sniffling, sinus problems? But it’s only early spring – surely it can’t be hay fever season already?

Unfortunately for some of us the answer is yes. What’s more it’s only the ‘first’ hay fever (allergic rhinitis) season. It turns out there’s three of them – tree, grass and weed. Tree comes first, from early spring to mid-May, and an estimated 25% of hay fever sufferers are susceptible. Next comes grass, which effects the majority of sufferers and delightfully manages to have two peaks, one in May and then later in July. Weed season then runs into September. Fiendishly, they also overlap. Not everyone is affected by every season, but for some, half the year can be one long sniffly nightmare. How does hay fever work? Pollen is the tiny, dry male sex organs of plants. When inhaled, some people’s immune systems react excessively, releasing chemicals including histamine. The result is the swelling and itching of hay fever or the throat and lung tightening of asthma – hay fever and asthma often appear together. Laryngitis – voice loss – is another common reaction. Warm winters mean plants regenerate sooner and hay fever season starts even earlier. Dry, windy days mean there is even more pollen in the air and misery ensures. What about solutions? Reducing exposure is the best bet. You can easily check the daily pollen count on your phone – if it’s over 50, ask yourself if you really need to go out? Chances are you do, so try putting some Vaseline around your nostrils to trap the pollen before it gets into your system. As soon as you get back home, throw your ‘contaminated’ clothing into the washing machine and hop in the shower, after checking that all windows are closed – can’t be too careful with that pesky pollen! Humidifiers are also an enemy of dry pollen.

Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex is available in your local Horans Health Store.

And if you need an extra helping hand - Irish Botanica All Seasons Complex is a herbal tincture that has been specially formulated for this time of year. It contains concentrates of magnolia flower, peppermint leaf, liquorice and of various roots, including Dahurian Angelica. Meanwhile if you wait long enough, relief might come along all by itself. While hayfever can appear at any age, most people suffer most while young. With age, the immune system changes and symptoms ease or even disappear.

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The opinions expressed in Horans Newsletter are not necessarily those of the publisher, but of individual writers. Advice is for information only and should not replace medical care. Check with your GP before trying any remedies. Due to the current legislation in the Republic of Ireland some products mentioned in Horans Newsletter may not be available in all Horans Health Food Stores.




KNOW YOUR MIND... The brain is a pretty amazing organ that needs to be fed right. We only get one brain so it stands to reason that we should be looking after it each and every day. How often do you really consider the impact your food and lifestyle choices have on your brain health? The reality is that living a sedentary lifestyle may play a key role in the health of our mind, both from a cognitive point of view and a mental health aspect – later in life. Of course, family history does play a part, as it may be linked to issues around mind health, but remember good nutrition and lifestyle choices also play a crucial role. Our bodies need a balanced diet in order to function properly. Our brain is a vital organ which produces chemical messengers that influence our mood and behaviour, the thought processes and emotional reactions, and therefore needs optimum nutrition. When in balance, they allow our body to carry out its functions with ease.

ESSENTIAL FATS are important for so many functions in the body and particularly so for the brain. There are various ways you can get an intake of your essential fats, this includes through the diet in the form of nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, milled flaxseed, sunflower, pumpkin and hemp seeds) and eating oily fish at least 3 times a week (salmon, mackerel, herring or sardines). If you are not including enough of these in your diet, you will find a range of omega 3 supplement in your health-store which will ensure you are getting adequate amounts. As well as good nutrition, there are also some fantastic supplements to help support the mind. For those feeling anxious and unable to relax, PASSIFLORA is a good choice. RHODIOLA for its calming properties as well as MAGNESIUM and VITAMIN D. The B-VITAMINS are incredibly important for the memory and central nervous system, brain development and repair. Take part in some exercise. It doesn’t matter what your choice of activity is but doing physical exercise is known to raise your endorphin level, known as your happy chemical, and can also help you have a more restful night’s sleep. If you are concerned about any aspect of your physical or mental health you should always consult your GP for professional medical advice. Until Next Time, Stay Healthy Deirdre

HEALTHY DIGESTION Your overall health depends on the healthy functioning of your digestive system and many people complain about gut problems including indigestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). IBS is the most common problem associated with the digestive system. It can affect up to 20% of people, with women most commonly affected and it ranks as high as the common cold for people needing days off work to cope with it.

Marilyn Glenville



The first part of digestion happens in your mouth, so to have a healthy digestion it is really important to chew well. Chewing also signals the other parts of your digestive system to get ready to receive food.

• Magnesium helps to relax muscles in the bowel to prevent cramping and spasm. It is particularly helpful when the main symptom is constipation rather than diarrhoea.


• Marshmallow and Slippery Elm contain mucilage which forms a protective coating over an irritated and inflamed intestinal lining.


Try not to eat on the run or when stressed. When your body thinks it is under stress, the energy necessary for digestion is diverted elsewhere so your body can concentrate on saving your life. If you are eating on the run then you won’t digest the food properly and you’ll feel bloated and uncomfortable.

• Peppermint oil is one of the most effective treatments for IBS, helping to eliminate or reduce spasms, bloating, trapped wind, constipation and diarrhoea.

• Ginger relaxes and soothes the intestinal tract to help prevent indigestion, gas and bloating as it. It is also known to reduce anxiety which can worsen IBS symptoms.

• Liquorice has an anti-spasmodic effect so lessening abdominal cramps. Liquorice has been shown to help with IBS especially when combined with slippery elm. • Turmeric has significant anti-inflammatory effects and has been shown to help two out of three people with IBS. • Chamomile can reduce spasms and control ‘nervous’ reactions in the gut making it less sensitive to food and other triggers. • Fennel relieves flatulence as well as soothing the digestive tract and reducing cramps and spasms. There is a good combination of these herbs I use in my clinics by NHP called IB Support. For information on how to get rid of digestive symptoms see book ‘Natural Solutions to IBS’.



Eczema, in a nutshell, is an inflammation of the skin. It is a condition that plagues millions and one that seems to be becoming more common, especially among teens and young adults. Not be mistaken for contact dermatitis which is closely related but not as complex and chronic. The most common form of eczema is Atopic Eczema which is closely linked to asthma and hay-fever. Eczema affects all ages and often runs in families. Symptoms of atopic eczema may include dry, almost unbearable itchy and inflamed skin. Constant itching can cause open wounds that are prone to infection. If eczema becomes infected the skin may crack and weep – a condition that is known as wet eczema.

TOP ECZEMA FIGHTING NUTRIENTS Essential Fatty Acids; Both Omega 3 and 6 especially Hemp Seed oil; Hemp seed oil is made up of 80 per cent essential fatty acids and contains the ideal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6. B Vitamins; including Biotin. They are among the most important nutrients for the health of the skin. As a group, they may help support the microcirculation to the outer layers of the skin, which helps to ensure adequate delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and also carry away waste products from the skin cells. The B vitamins are also involved in regulating the turnover of skin cells, and can help to reduce flakiness. Probiotics. Maybe beneficial for both infant and adult eczema. Vitamin C. To help reduce histamine levels. Eczema sufferers often produce high levels of this inflammatory chemical.

AVOID CERTAIN FOODS In some cases, avoiding dairy foods especially cow’s milk and cheese may be beneficial. Goat’s milk is often better tolerated then cow’s milk. Wheat and yeast, fried processed foods and refined sugars should also be avoided where possible.


Oily Fish- packed with inflammation-busting omega 3 fatty acids Brown Rice – High in B vitamins Sweet Potatoes - Rich in beta carotene Flax Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds – both rich sources of essential fatty acids

Beauty with Tina

Livana Herbal Fusion contains honey Fusion and a complex blend of honey Livana Herbal contains

elderberry, thyme, eucalyptus, rosehip, mallow, plantain and propolis. andhave a acomplex Its unique formulation may soothing effectblend on colds of and elderberry, may rosehip, mallow, provide relief from the thyme, irritation of aeucalyptus, cough. This soothing liquid also possesses theand added benefits of vitamins plantain propolis. ItsB unique complex, A and E, which may support the immune system and the formulation may have a soothing effect reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

on colds and may provide relief from

The common cold, in conjunction with a cough, can reduce the body’s the irritation a cough. immune system resulting in tiredness and aof lack of energy and vitality; it can also lead to mild respiratory issues.

This soothing liquid also possesses the added benefits of vitamins B

• Vitamin B complex may assist in the maintenance of a healthy complex, andcolds E, which may support the immune system and the immune system, which can preventA coughs, and infections. of tiredness andmembranes; fatigue. • Vitamin A may help reduction in the maintenance of normal mucus when a cough or cold take hold, these mucus membranes can The to common conjunction with a cough, can reduce the body’s become irritated, leading that feeling cold, of beingin“stuffed up” and giving rise to spasms associated with coughing fits and immune system resulting insinus tiredness and a lack of energy and vitality; problems related to congestion. it can also lead to mild respiratory issues. • Vitamin C may contribute to the proper function of metabolism and may contribute to the reduction of and may fatigue.assist in the maintenance of a healthy immune Vitamin B tiredness complex • Vitamin E may protect the body’s DNA, proteins and lipids from system, which canfunctioning preventof coughs, colds and infections. oxidative damage; this helps with the proper the body’s immune system. Vitamin A may help in the maintenance of normal mucus membranes; • Livana Herbal Fusion is suitable from two years of age and is when a cough take hold, these mucus membranes can become available through your local health store. or It iscold a non-drowsy formulation. irritated, leading to that feeling of being “stuffed up” and giving rise to

Food supplements spasms should notassociated replace a balanced, varied with coughing diet and healthy lifestyle. 4


fits and sinus problems related to



The Hybrid Diet Seminar 6.30-9.15pm, Wed 27 March Manor West Hotel, Tralee

Fat or carbs, plant-based or meat? Everyone’s confused.


Enter the Hybrid Diet. Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne’s new book The Hybrid Diet, based on the latest cutting-edge science, cuts through the controversy. It explains how switching between a high fat ‘ketogenic’ diet and the excellent slow carb, ‘low GL’ diet, is the best of all.

Leading nutrition expert Patrick Holford is coming to Tralee to explain all. In this ground-breaking seminar you’ll learn why eating Hybrid is the best way to:

Lose weight and gain energy Rejuvenate your body cells Cut cancer and dementia risk Prevent & reverse diabetes and heart disease Get the benefits of fasting without hunger The Hybrid Diet mimics the body’s evolutionary design. We are ‘hybrid’ and can run on glucose from carbs and ketones from our body fat. Alternating between the two is the hottest health secret – because something magical happens when we switch between a ‘Slow Carb’ and a ‘High Fat’ diet: it sets up a healthy cycle of new cell growth and repair, and body fat is burnt more efficiently, mimicking the natural cycle of feast and famine. Switching regularly between ‘Slow Carbs’ and ‘High Fat’ is like nutritional yoga. You become ‘carb adapted’ – craving sweet foods less, and ‘fat adapted’ – able to burn and derive energy efficiently from fat.

Variation not moderation is the key to health and slowing down ageing. To book go to:


IN STORE EVENTS ROCK ST. TRALEE }} Aisling from Wild Nutrition will be in store with us on the 20th March at 11 - 2pm. Aisling will be holding mini consultations on women’s health on the day. Contact us on 085 8008837 for further details

LISTOWEL }} Friday 1st March - Feeling bloated? Tired? Run down? You might have a good intolerance or be low on a vitamin or mineral. We have Ray Nolan in store with his comprehensive food test. Book on 068 24356 as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as appointments go fast. }} Friday 15th March - Ray Nolan Food Intolerance Testing, a Comprehensive Food Test with Accompanying Vitamin & Mineral Assessment. Consultation Costs €99. To Book Your Appointment Contact Us On 068 24356. Results available on the day. }} Tuesday 26th March - FREE SKIN ANALYSIS with Beautician Karen using the Opatra Skin Analysis Machine which takes digital images of your facial skin. Identify current or potential skin issues such as Dehydration, Lines, Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Acne and more. Find out if your current skincare products are doing enough to support your skin. Contact us to secure your FREE appointment. Call us on 068 24356. }} Every Wednesday - Has your hair lost it’s shine? Have you dry scalp? Does your colour fade fast? On Wednesdays we have a professional hairdresser in store to help with any hair questions you may have, no need to make an appointment, just drop in.

WILLIAM ST. LIMERICK }} Niamh from Holos skin care is going to be in store with us on March 22nd from 12pm until 3pm. Customers will receive a complimentary hand massage on the day. Contact us on 0858067409 for further information today.

HORAN’S CLONMEL }} We will have nutritionist Holly from Viridian Nutrition in store on Friday, March 15th from 11am until 1pm. Why not pop in, Holly will be able to answer any queries you may have about Viridian & their products. Contact us today on 052 6187387

HORAN’S THE SQUARE TRALEE }} March 1st Terra Nova Nutrition will in store from 12pm until 2pm with tastings of their life drink multi. }} March 15th - John from Revive Active will be in store from 12pm until 2pm showcasing their NEW Zest Active, giving adults an energy boost! }} March 22nd - We will have Laura from Optibac in store from 12pm until 2pm. Learn more about your gut health on the day! Contact us on 085 2542471 for further details.

HORAN’S NENAGH }} Feel Good Friday Special offer. Would you like to avail of an aromatherapy treatment in our new therapy rooms? We are introducing our `Feel Good Fridays` Aromatherapy taster sessions in March. A 35 minute treatment in the form of a relaxing hand massage with Majella, our Manager who is also a Holistic Therapist. Avail of our `Feel good Friday offer` for only €25 and take the balance of your oil blend home to continue your treatment. This special offer will run on the following Fridays 8th/15th/22nd/29th of March and there is limited availability so please book your appointment in advance today by phoning 087 6611530 to avoid disappointment. }}Michelle our Health & wellness advisor is also a certified flower essence practitioner and is excited to offer flower essence consultations starting in March. Also available to purchase are Michelle’s new essence range and sprays. Please call 087 103 5532 to book an appointment or for more information.

HORAN’S CLASH TRALEE }}Thursday 7th March is World Book Day. To celebrate this Global Book day we have 5% off all books purchased in our Clash store. A wide variety of books are on offer ranging from guthealth, healthy ageing and Low GI Cookbooks!. #reading takes you to another world! }}Thursday 7th March. Sarah Hyland Specialist with AVogel will be joining us between 12pm & 2pm providing advice and guidance on your Respiratory, Hayfever, Sinus and related illnesses. It's that time of year where we face into milder temperatures. Expert advice provided where NO appointment is needed just call in!! }} Friday 8th March. Have you been experiencing changes in your digestive health? Are you feeling bloated? Do you suffer from constipation? Poor Immunity? Acne? You may have a Food Intolerance. Ray Nolan will be in store with us for Food Intolerance Testing Booking is essential with appointments running from 10am to 4pm. Consultations are €99 where results are provided on the day. }} Thursday 14th March. Holly from Viridian will be here in store offering expert support and advice if you have any health related questions or queries call in store between 12pm and 2pm where no appointment is needed. }} Wednesday 20th March. Kay Fitzgerald Natural Health Practitioner Tralee Based will be in store with us between 9:30am and 1:30pm. Booking is essential. }} Friday 22nd March Paul from Scope Health - Bio-Kult representative will be joining us discussing allergies and IBS with customers. He will be in store between 12pm and 2pm where no appointment is necessary. Just call in.

Mother's Day - Sunday, 31st of March Gorgeous Gift ideas available in store

Rosanna Davison's

Top Tips to get your gut back on track 1. TAKE TIME OUT

Don’t push yourself too quickly. Remember your body needs time to rebuild its reserves and regain strength. Take more rest than usual. If you need to sleep longer, go to bed earlier. Cut back on non-essential activities; they can wait until you are feeling 100%.


Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. Try eating seven to nine portions over the course of each day. Choose different colours so that you nourish your body with a variety of phytonutrients. Eat a portion of complete protein at each meal, such as poultry, fish, eggs, beans, pulses or tofu. Consume essential omega-3 fatty acids daily. Avocados, seeds (flax, chia) and oily fish (mackerel, wild and organic salmon), are naturally rich in anti-inflammatory fats.


Fermented foods are rich in ‘friendly’ bacteria. Sauerkraut is simple to make at home or buy kefir or kimchi in your local health store. You could also take a microbiotic after your main meal as they’re an effective, easy way to get a ‘friendly’ bacteria boost. ‘Super 8’ by Udo’s Choice contains eight strains of ‘friendly’ bacteria which have been clinically proven to enhance gut health. It works for me.

4. REDUCE OR ELIMINATE SUGARY FOODS Processed foods often contain refined sugars to enhance taste. Excess refined sugar and processed foods may encourage the growth of ‘unfriendly’ bacteria, so aim to buy and eat fresh food. If you have a sweet tooth, try eating berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries). They are rich in antioxidants and naturally low in sugar. If you need a sweetener, try Stevia which is extracted from plant leaves and doesn’t impact blood sugar levels.




by Deirdre



I am getting married this summer and I want to make sure my skin and nails are looking their best, what would you recommend?

Firstly, ensure your diet is rich in wholefoods, pleanty of fruit and vegetables and stay away from processed, sugary foods. Supplement with Biotin, Vitamin C and essential fatty acids (omega 3) a cocktail of success for your skin, hair and nails!!! Also, remember the importance of staying hydrated, so plenty of water throughout the day. One very good supplement is SKIN.NY. A blend of key nutrients and trace minerals, consider taking this for a couple of months coming up to the wedding


Work has been very stressful recently and I have trouble switching off and sleeping. Would you have any advice on natural options that may help??

For those stressful moments during the day you could try IRISH BOTANICA PEACE AND CALM, take one 5ml spoonful three times a day with water or juice. To help with sleep simply take one 5ml approx 30mins before bedtime. Magnesium can be very helpful if you are finding it difficult to switch off at night. Take your magnesium supplement about 2 hours before bedtime.

If you have a health question, please feel free to email me on The information contained in this column is not a substitute for medical advice and you should always consult with your GP. 7


Make your Passion Possible with ZinCuFlex! Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast or just venturing to complete your first 5km, the muscle soreness and joint pain in the 12- to 48-hour time frame after a vigorous workout can serve as a major frustration. ZinCuflex® is an innovative food supplement with proven benefits for joint health, immunity, energy and vitality. Combining the power of Ginger, Curcumin and vitamin C, ZinCuflex® may help to protect joints and help maintain joint mobility, overall contributing to recovery after working out.


Ginger is an extract which helps to maintain joint mobility and avoid morning stiffness. The 2016 Mozaffari study demonstrated that use of 500mg ginger a day for 3 months caused a decrease in inflammatory markers. Another study in 2001 found that those taking ginger extract for six weeks experienced significant reduction in knee pain on standing, compared with those taking a placebo. Ginger is filled with immune-boosting benefits, making it a common ingredient in homemade tonics. Ginger offers anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits, so it helps to fight off free radicals, viral and bacterial infections. Ginger has also been shown to have stimulating and tonic properties which may help increase energy and reduce fatigue.

CURCUMIN - THE GOLDEN SPICE OF LIFE Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric. Scientific research indicates that curcumin can be effective in many illnesses due to its ability to switch off inflammation in an unparalleled manner. Benefits to the body are widespread as its effect can benefit your joints, immune system, digestion and brain function. Curcumin contributes to joint health as it helps to protect joints and helps to maintain joint flexibility and helps to control inflammatory responses in the body.

ABSORPTION IS KEY While both turmeric and curcumin offer substantial benefits, absorption has always been an issue - poor absorption reduces the effectiveness of curcumin. Previously, Black pepper which contains Piperine was shown to be the most effective substance to increase absorption and the overall bioavailability of curcumin. Surprisingly, Khajuria et al (2003) found that Gingerols, the active ingredient in ginger were shown to be even more effective than piperine. For the given dose (50 mg/kg) Gingerol was shown to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin by 43% while Piperine showed the same enhancement by 33%. Using a patented process “NPT501TM”, ZinCuflex® combines curcumin with liquefied ginger to achieve more than 65x better absorption compared to ordinary curcumin, making it even more bioavailable and therefore more effective.


• Highly Bioavailable Ginger, Curcumin and Vitamin C • Curcumin is the active component of Turmeric, with numerous health benefits. • Curcumin and ginger may help protect joints and maintain joint mobility. • Ginger may help reduce joint stiffness and inflammation. • Ginger for immunity, energy and vitality.





REOCCURRING CYSTITIS Cystitis can be a painful, unpleasant and even debilitating condition – having to drink glass after glass of water and use the bathroom every 10 minutes makes it difficult to go any further than your living room! For a few days this is manageable, if a bit annoying. For some, however, cystitis is a recurring condition that just keeps coming back. Recurrent cystitis usually means two infections within six months, or three in a year. In some cases, they can occur much more frequently than that.


Cystitis is the term used for the inflammation of the bladder. Some people are naturally just more prone to developing cystitis without any real cause. However, there are also a number of more specific causes that you should look out for, as knowing the cause makes it easier to prevent. 1) Not fully recovering from the previous infection. I’m sure most of us have been there – as soon as the burning sensation and constant need to pee disappears we ditch the cranberry juice, our water intake drops right down and we get on with our usual routine. However, this can be a bit hasty, as at this point there may still be some bacteria left in the bladder that can quickly begin to multiply again if you aren’t careful. 2) Not fully emptying the bladder. There are a number of reasons why you might not be fully emptying your bladder, including obstructions in the urethra. If you often feel like you still need to pee after emptying your bladder, the best course of action would be to consult your doctor, who may refer you for an ultrasound of your bladder. 3) Sex. Yes, that’s right; sex can, unfortunately, cause cystitis. This is a really easy way to spread bacteria into the urethra. As well as this, sex can cause irritation, damage or bruising to the bladder wall and the urethra, causing inflammation. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Honeymoon cystitis’ and often occurs when having sex for the first time, or after having sex for the first time in a while. 4) Poor immune function. If your cystitis is caused by repeated infections, then it might be that your immune system isn’t working to its maximum potential. Some people are unfortunately just naturally more prone to developing cystitis; the good news is that there are still a number of preventative measures you can take regardless of the cause.

TIPS TO REDUCE THE CHANCE OF CYSTITIS RETURNING Here are some top tips for reducing the chances of cystitis returning. It may be worth trying a few, particularly if you aren’t sure what is causing your recurring symptoms. • Make sure to continue treatment, such as drinking plenty of water, for several days after your symptoms have stopped, and always finish any antibiotic treatment your doctor has prescribed. • Increase your daily intake of water. This is possibly the most important prevention method! Drinking more water means that you empty your bladder more frequently, giving bacteria little time to multiply, but it also makes urine less concentrated and so less irritating to the bladder wall • Make sure to urinate soon after sex to flush out any bacteria that have crept up your urethra. It is important to flush these out before they reach the bladder to prevent infection • Be careful to wipe front to back after using the toilet, and insert tampons with clean hands • Avoid washing your intimate area with harsh chemicals and perfumed soaps, as these not only irritate the urethra, but they can also disrupt your balance of bacteria. Stick to warm water, and if you really want to use soap, make sure it is natural and perfume free • Take a good quality Cranberry Juice or Cranberry Complex tablets daily for long-term help in the prevention of cystitis. Cranberry Complex contains fresh cranberries, which help prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall, as well as other bladder-friendly herbs such as Golden Rod. When taken every day this helps to reduce the chances of an infection starting in your bladder • Take Echinacea and vitamin C tablets to strengthen your body’s defences against infection. Other measures such as improving diet and taking probiotics will also benefit your immune system.


How can I eat healthy while travelling? Eating healthy while on the road, in a hotel, or at the airport is a challenge because of limited options at food courts and restaurants. But with some special planning food shopping at your local independent health food store and packing, eating healthy on the road can be done! Try to follow the same basic guidelines of an “everyday” healthy diet — eat breakfast, eat often throughout the day to prevent hunger pangs, and eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can.


Oatcakes, granola, mixed seeds and nuts, hard-boiled eggs, herbal tea bags and hot chocolate all pack easily. Try to get some protein and fibre into each meal to keep you feeling full.


Nutrition bars, crackers, cheese, nut butters, trail mix, granola, baby carrots, sliced apples and dried fruits all travel well. You can pack a lot of healthy calories into your carry-on bag beforehand, to keep you from selecting less healthy (and more expensive) versions of these snacks during your trip.


Dried fruits are easily available, and actually count as double your daily fruit recommendation because they are more concentrated. Think dried cherries, apples, pears, mangos, papaya, pineapples and raisins. Fresh apples and oranges pack well — bananas are good too but need to be eaten quickly. Carrots, celery, radishes, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and fresh peas or beans travel well when pre-cut and placed in zip lock bags. Avocados are a perfect travel food. Cut into one with a knife, season with a little salt and pepper (from the condiments bar at any airport), and then dig in with a spoon for 350 calories of good fats, loads of fibre and tons of potassium.


• Pack your first day’s worth of meals. Bring a sandwich, a quinoa salad, some precut veggies/fruits, and a couple of hard-boiled eggs so that you will be able to stay satisfied without purchasing overpriced, less healthy airplane food. • Bring your thermos. It’s always easy to get hot water from the food bar, and you can use that for a variety of lightweight, easy-to-pack foods. Instant oatmeal makes a quick, nutritious breakfast and miso soup sachets can make a nice lunch or snack while you are waiting for your next flight. • Staying in a hotel? Ask about getting a fridge and/or a microwave in your room to improve the quality of the foods you are eating, and to save you money from eating fewer meals at restaurants. If you are staying with friends/family, offer to prepare dinner one night instead of going out to eat. • Grab and create a seed mix to sprinkle. Seeds such as hemp, sesame, chia, pumpkin and sunflower are lightweight, neutral-tasting and full of protein, good fats and minerals. Toast them for 3 minutes over a low heat on a dry pan with some organic tamari soya sauce, stirring until toasted lightly. Allow to cool and place in a small bottle or reusable container to pack. Sprinkle them on top of restaurant meals, such as salads, rice bowls, and even sandwiches, wraps and pittas to boost the nutritional content.


Nenagh's store in brand new location! Horan's Healthstore Nenagh have moved to a brand new larger location in the town. Manager Majella a Holistic Therapist along with Michelle a certified flower essence practitioner are thrilled with the new store. They are delighted to have the opportunity to offer additional services as the new premises has two therapy rooms also available for local practitioners to rent during the week. To celebrate the opening of the store they have a number of special offers available for you all.


Would you like to avail of an aromatherapy treatment in our new therapy rooms? We are introducing our `Feel Good Fridays` Aromatherapy taster sessions in March. A 35 minute treatment in the form of a relaxing hand massage with Majella, our Manager who is also a Holistic Therapist. Avail of our `Feel good Friday offer` for only €25 and take the balance of your oil blend home to continue your treatment. This special offer will run on the following Fridays 8th/15th/22nd/29th of March and there is limited availability so please book your appointment in advance today by calling 087 6611530 to avoid disappointment.

“Just loved my aromatherapy hand massage with Majella. The blend she made for me smells divine” Ciara B.

eet, Nenagh, No.6 Pearse Str 5 800 2985 08 : Tel • y rar Co. Tippe

“It was without doubt the most relaxed I have ever been! A beautiful experience from start to finish. Can`t wait for my next treatment !” Noreen N. Michelle is a certified flower essence practitioner and is excited to offer flower essence consultations starting in March. Also available to purchase are Michelle’s new essence range and sprays. Please call 087 103 5532 to book an appointment or for more information.

Why not book a "Feel Good Friday" Special Offer today!

Oat Muesli

Our Organic Gluten Free Oat Muesli is made with pure oats, juicy dried fruit, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and roasted buckwheat. It is low in saturated fat and a source of fibre with the added benefit of no added sugar – just naturally occurring sugar in the fruits.

Low in Saturated Fat A Source of Fibre No Added Sugar

Check out our full range of organic gluten free cereals in store today!

*Contains naturally occurring sugars

It’s natural. It’s true.


For further information visit:

true has been created exclusively for independent businesses by Independent Irish Health Foods Ltd., Ballyvourney, Co. Cork, Ireland.

DID YOU KNOW? That Kombucha is a living culture fermented with black or green tea, contains live bacteria, esp. Saccharomyces, more probiotics & enzymes, has tremendous health benefits extending to your heart, brain & especially your gut! Clover, The Square Tralee


The tulips are blooming and we're all considering our own looks bouncing back after the winters weather. An underestimated food for thought are dried apricots. They are very high in vitamin A; 94% of the RDA per cup, which will give your skin a much needed lift. Another little known fact is their iron content; 19% of the RDA per cup. When combined with the copper they naturally contain it increases the absorption of iron too! Therefore dried apricots are a sweet and colourful bonus to your Easter baking. Try dicing a cupful and adding them to your favourite scone recipe for a tasty and nutritious Easter breakfast!  Fern, Killarney, Park Road



Did you know that skipping a meal may cause you to gain weight. Your body thinks you are going through a famine, which causes it to work in energy-saving mode and this makes burning calories more difficult. So ensure you have your three meals a day and snack every couple of hours with healthy options such as almonds, fruit such as berries or apple with some natural peanut butter on top. Natural peanut butter is rich in protein which helps promote a feeling of fullness. Start your day with a glass of warm water and a spoon of BRAGGS OR RAINBOW APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to get your metabolism started. Deirdre, Manor West

Cold sores, a common thing to get at this time of the year that can be unsightly and uncomfortable to put up with. The top products we recommend to clear these up are New Vistas HRP and Optibac Probiotics for Daily Immunity. These two products combined can be very powerful in clearing up the cold sore from the inside and can also be applied topically. To start off take 7-10 drops of HRP 3 times a day and also apply the drops to the affected area. As well as this take your Optibac Probiotic daily and you are likely to see a rapid improvement, as well as helping to boost your immune system. Tracy, Listowel


I was recently struck down with a full blown flu and the pains and aches that came with it were extremely unbearable. I went for a bath with Epsom salts I soaked in it for between 20-25 mins and the pains were greatly reduced. It also helped to relax me. We now have Westlab Epsom salts on offer only €3.00.  Joan, New Castle West

With its unique mix of health boosting natural ingredients, Terranova B Complex promotes over all wellbeing. After all, B vitamins are not stored in the body, so we need daily replenishment, especially during times of stress. This means it’s especially important to get adequate amounts through food or supplements if necessary. A major deficiency in any particular B vitamin can cause serious health problems. In fact, the B vitamin range is needed for the proper functioning of just about every process in the human body. What makes Terranova B Complex so special? Synergy is the driving force behind Terranova. Every nutrient is dependent on other compounds to work fully. The key to synergy in supplementation is to ensure, as much as possible, that the product provides all necessary tools to absorb, activate and metabolise every nutrient in that product. Terranova products provide not only the nutrients themselves, but also a Magnifood botanical complex designed to enhance the effect of the nutrients. Many of the plants used in Magnifood are organic and freeze dried. Research shows that fresh freeze drying has the uniqueSynergy ability tooccurs retainwhen a plant’s original between fresh chemistry (as it compounds was when the plant was harvested). interactions two or more produce effects greater the sumwith of their effects when taken individually. Just imagineand two botanicals plus two such The Terranova B Complex with Vitamin C isthan enhanced highly active, whole unadulterated superfoods six instead of four. The key to synergy in supplementation is to ensure,Bas much aswith as Rhodiola Root, Green Oat Seed,equalling Alfalfa Flower & Leaf, Beetroot Juice & Greens to name a few. Terranova Complex possible, that the product provides all the necessary tools to absorb, utilise, activate and Vitamin C is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and is 100% additive free.

What is Synergistic Nutrition?

metabolise every nutrient in that product. Absorption is only one small piece of the puzzle.

It’s true that even a basic multivitamin is, by its very nature, synergistic , at least to a degree. But a nutrient combination can either be a littole synergistic, very synergistic or anywhere in between. To get the greatest effect from a supplement, you need to achieve as high a level of synergy as possible.

T E R R A N OVA ProductManual Manual Product 2017B Complex

Synergy doesn’t occur in a bottle, but in the body. Even the healthiest of bodies are never going to provide the perfect environment for total nutrient synergy. Without question, this has been the main limitation of nutritional supplements over the years. Companies have provided what are often excellent nutrient combinations, but without giving the body the means to generate the necessary synergy to maximise their potential benefits.


Terra Nova products provide not only the nutrients themselves but also a MagniFood botanical complex designed to enhance the absorption, bioavailability, utilisation, activity, metabolism, stability, function and effect of the nutrients in that product, as well as generally making the body itself a more synergistic environment for nutrients.This is the primary reason why people seem to experience an unusually high degree of benefits when they take Terra Nova nutritional products.

with Vitamin C

Terra Nova is a vegan range and excipient free. Excipients are commonly used ingredients that are used as preservatives, bulking agents. flowing agents or to enhance



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