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WAYS OF COMMUNICATION AND SOCIAL NETWORKS Survey for English IV Group members: Kris Sandoval, Erick Herrera, Miguel Bravo and Horacio Valdés Teacher: Rosa Seguel

1 Which of these ways to communicate do you use more often?

2 What use you give to social networks?

3 Do you use social networks to inform you?

4 How much time do you spend per day on Facebook?

5 How often do you post on Instagram? (1 star = Never; 5 stars = Very often)

6 How many social networks are you registered?

7 What app do you use to listen to music on Internet?

8 How often do you use WhatsApp a day?

9 Which app do you use most times a day?

10 What application do you use most at work?

11 How often do you use Twitter? (1 star = never; 5 stars = always)

12 Which app is your favorite to communicate with friends?