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An Important Message from

Board Chair  Steven  M.  Friedman  ’72   and

Head of School Thomas M. Kelly

magna est veritas et praevalet

March 13, 2015


March 13, 2015 Dear Friends: It has been a great honor to serve as a member of the Horace Mann School Board of Trustees for the past 16 years, and as its Chair for the last nine years. I am writing to let you know that I have decided not to seek another term in those positions after this school year. It has been exhilarating and at times challenging, however, watching each class graduate on the second Wednesday in June for nearly a decade, so well educated, spirited and prepared for the future, made this effort deeply satisfying and life affirming. What an honor it has been to work with such a dedicated and talented Board of Trustees, Parents Association, and Alumni Council. My deep appreciation for the commitment of so many is further underscored by the work ethic evidenced by our administration and faculty and staff members. With the leadership of my dear friend and colleague, Head of School Dr. Tom Kelly, I believe we  have  “left  it  on  the  field”  in  terms  of  initiatives  in  curriculum  and  program   development, in arts, athletics, diversity, community service, and sustainability, to name but a few, while creating the financial strength to help those in need, including from the recent financial crisis, and to try to help heal the wounds in our community created decades ago. Underpinning my service to this community has been my desire to do my part in what Horace  Mann  said  many  years  ago:  “Education  then,  beyond  all  other  devices  of  human   origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery.”  To  accomplish  this  we  have  tried  to  attract  and  retain  the  finest  teachers  and   administrators, give them the resources to constantly improve our academic offerings, demonstrate our commitment to welcoming students, families, and faculty and staff members of all backgrounds, and to make Horace Mann School a community in which students feel safe and secure in pursuing their many endeavors. We emphasized the importance of citizenship and  service  beyond  one’s  self to our students to ensure the experience they had was relevant to the world in which they were about to work and thrive, and that classroom lessons were often connected to life lessons. Of course, these efforts required a purposeful partnership between our parents and Horace Mann School. As Tom  has  said  many  times,  “we  are  a  family  enterprise.” Much of what we celebrate today is a reflection of the heroic efforts of Tom and the community he continues to shepherd. My admiration for his leadership skills, energy, enthusiasm, sense of fairness, and thoughtfulness is boundless. He was born to be Head

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of School at Horace Mann School and his 24/7 love for the students, institution and community is genuine. Thank you, Tom. Horace Mann School is so special to our family: all of our kids and even a nephew graduated in the last decade, with extraordinary experiences. And one of my children is already involved with the Alumni Council! With my brother graduating Horace Mann School in 1975 and my graduation from Barnard in 1972, our connection spans decades, and will hopefully reach into the future when a next generation of Friedmans arrives. As I prepare to leave the Board room but not the community at large, I do so with the comfort of knowing that my successor, Michael Colacino, will serve the School well. As a member of the class of 1975, and parent of two students in the  class  of  ’22,  Michael   was the unanimous choice of the Board of Trustees to serve as Horace Mann School’s   next Board Chair. Over the past several years, I have come to value his good counsel and thoughtful participation in every aspect of school life. I expect great things from him and this institution as we all move forward. Thank you for all of your support, kindness and sense of school spirit over these years. Your warm greetings at the many events were always meaningful and represent some of my fondest memories. Most importantly, thank you for learning at Horace Mann School, thank you for sending your children to Horace Mann School, thank you for volunteering, teaching and working at Horace Mann School and thank you for being part of this exceptional community. With my best wishes for all good things,

Steven M. Friedman ’72, P ’03, ’04, ’08 Chair, Board of Trustees

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March 13, 2015 Dear Friends, It is with deep appreciation for those who work to maintain and improve our students’   Horace Mann School experience that I express my thanks, on behalf of the HM community, to Mr. Steven M. Friedman ’72, P ’03, ’04, ’08, for his service to the School and its Board of Trustees, and welcome Mr. Michael Colacino ’75, P ’22, ’22 as the HM Board of Trustees Chair-Elect. Steve Friedman has served Horace Mann School tirelessly as a member of the HM Board of Trustees over the last 16 years, and as Board Chair for the last nine years. As an alumnus of the Barnard School and father of three HM alumni, his service to Horace Mann School was informed by his astute understanding of our school and its needs, and matched by his devotion to our mission. I will always cherish the experience I had working with Steve, from the welcome he extended to me when I became Head of School, to the wise counsel he thoughtfully provided, to the deepening of our friendship over the years as, together, we sought the best for Horace Mann School. Our incoming Chair of the HM Board of Trustees, Michael Colacino, brings similar insight to his new role. An alumnus, a member of the Board of Trustees since 2008 and a Vice-Chair since 2013, he is also newly inspired by the education he has seen his daughters  and  their  classmates  experience  in  HM’s  different  divisions, and is energized to ensure that every child at Horace Mann School today, and every student in the future, will share experiences equally profound. Michael is committed to expanding the traditional excellence of a Horace Mann School education as we venture further in science and technological studies, while continuing to pursue the pinnacle of instruction in  the  humanities,  arts  and  athletics.  Like  Steve’s,  another  of  Michael’s  goals  is  to  extend   the  diversity  of  HM’s  student  and  parent  body,  as  well  as  that  of  its  faculty,   administration and staff. At the end of this day, students, faculty, administrators and staff will embark upon a rejuvenating spring break. While the transition we announce today is bittersweet, it is particularly timely, for we will return to school with springtime entering its fullness, and a bright course ahead for a new helmsperson to steer. With best wishes always, Thomas M. Kelly, P ’18 Head of School Page 4 of 4

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