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Horace’s Portfolio

Renegade/UP Economics Society September 2011 event poster / countdown posters

Renegade/UP Economics Society July-August 2011 event teasers

branding materials

June-October 2011

Ad Hoc/UP Economics Society

National Youth Congress June-August 2011 logo, publicity materials

Academic Affairs/UP Ecosoc

National Youth Congress

UP Economics Society

Ecosoc Month September 2011 event posters

AIESEC Members Ball March 2010

publicity materials

Echoes Magazine October 2011-October 2012 magazine layout, publicity materials

You can also check out the videos I made on the following sites: UP Ecosoc Youtube UP Ecosoc Vimeo UP Ecosoc Ad Hoc Youtube

Horace Cimafranca's Portfolio  

A sample of Horace's works complied in one engaging portfolio