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Maersk Office 1.0 Oncology Clinic 2.0 Flood Relief Unit 3.0 Restaurant Design 4.0



Office Design

Maersk Office



The Project is an office space for the Maersk Office at the Qatar Science and Technology Park(QSTP). The Maersk office here is a Research lab that is engaged in Enhanced Oil Recovery, Improved Oil Recovery and Environmental Protection. There are three major tasks that are to be accomplished here. The first task is to design the parts of the office space such that there is good acoustic balance in the open plan office design and also to design a method that encourages visitors to move towards the hostess table without the need of a physical reception desk. The last task is to redesign the breakout space so that it is more welcoming

and engaging than the current design solution.

Designer goals

My goal as a designer for this project was to create a unique space that would not just be aesthetic but also have functional value for the users of the space. My design solution implements the use of circles that emphasizes the oil drops as the company is doing alot of research on oil. According to me the previous design of the space was clean, but then at the same time it was a very cold space. I wanted to create a sense of warmth and energy within the space. The breakout room on the other hand is designed to be a space of retreat from the

work atmosphere downstairs and thus the colors here are toned down. The special circular seatings provide visual privacy from the conference room that is directly opposite the breakout room. The hidden lighting behind the ceiling panels makes the space dramatic and peaceful space. 1.2

An ofďŹ ce space that is warm and energetic combining the idea of oil drops.

Axonometric View


Huddle Space

Partition Breakout Room

Sound Dome Admin Table



1. Entrance

2. Way to the hostess

3. Sound domes over Workstations

4. Circle Canopy Unit

5. Breakout Room

6. Breakout room side 2


7. View of the breakout Room from outside

8. Circle Seating

9. Circle Canopy Unit detailed view

Oncology Clinic


Healthcare Design

Oncology Clinic



The Project is an oncology clinic for two doctors. The practice employs a receptionist/ secretary, a medical technician, and a parttime bookkeeper for billing and other business functions and two nurses and also a janitor. The clinic mainly deals with outpatients who come here for their chemotherapy, regular examination and their radio therapies. The task is to design a space for the outpatients that is warm, friendly and represents a sense of home for the patients. So, even if a person is coming alone to the place, the space should not be hostile.

Designer goals

The goal of the Oncology clinic was to create an environment that is warm and comfortable to a cancer patient. My design solution implements the plays of light and shadow, and the idea of waves. Waves are a combination of positive and negative spaces that have a sense of harmony. The mute colored walls are coupled with a ceiling full of wooden beams that run across the paths acting as way finder and also make the space seem friendly and more tactile. I have avoided using bright colors and busy

patterns as these cause fatigue to the patients. to design a space that is approachable to the client and the user of the space. I have kept my design sensitive to the needs of the patients that visit this facility.


1. Waiting


2. Reception

3. Resource Space

4. Secondary Waiting

Floorplan 12



1. Reception Space 2. File Storage 3. Toilets


6 4

4. Patient Resource Space 5. Patient waiting Space 2.5




6. Conference Room 7. Nurse Waiting 8. Faculty Lounge 9. Secondary Waiting

7 13


3 4

10. Radiation Room 11. Changing Room



12. Doctor’s Office 13. Chemo/ Exam Room 14. Storage



10 10

2 1

Reception Desk

The reception desk is based on the waves. The desk is made of the materials white corian and glass top and has a glass front on upper part of the desk, The glass on the top of the reception are all

rounded to avoid any user from getting injured by the pointy corners in the glass. The desk conforms to the standard ADA measurements.


Flood Relief Unit


Modular Living Unit

Flood Relief Unit (with Shweta Dey) Bangladesh is a country that faces the problem of flood every year. Flooding is a constant issue, where many people loose their properties, lives and are effected mentally and physically. Flood relief services provided by the Government are not adequate enough for the optimum survival of the local people.



Our concern was to provide a design solution that was simple and relative to the people living in the region. For this reason we invested much of our time trying to find and research on materials that

are readily available in the region and that are also being used in Bangladesh and other countries with similar problems and share a similar demography.

Designer goals

As growing Interior Designers, we thought about introducing temporary, compact housing units that would be constructed through pre-fabricated components. We took into consideration factors like cost, time and replaceablity to come up with solutions for the problem of flood relief. The most important factor for us was to consider locally found materials. The Local materials available in Bangladesh: jute, bamboo, rice/wheat straws, timber, CI (corrugated iron) sheets and mud. Most important material for building is Bamboo here. It is good as basic

structural support for rooms and as pillars/ crossbars to support roofs. PET Bottles could be used for lighting. Research done to prove that water mixed with bleach will allow sunlight to beam through the mixture creating light. They could be installed in roofs, by creating slits/holes in the roof. Solar energy is also another alternative that could be used for lighting but it is expensive, and yet very successful. If it is installed once, doesn’t need to constantly re-installed. Due to abundant sunlight, it can be very useful.



Based upon our research and findings, we came up with several design solutions of which these five seemed the most promising.


The units are all placed on a precast concrete base which would be at a height of approximately 1.3 to 1.5 m that would be just about high enough to be above the flood plain. Concrete being a strong material would also be hard for the water currents to move and thus give the unit stability.

Restaurant Design


Hospitality Design

Restaurant Design The Project is a conceptual restaurant based on the paintings that I created during the first half of the semester in spring 2012. As the semester progressed I had to conceptualize and visualize my painting into a 3D model that could be utilised in a certain context. Then using that 3D model I moved on further to create a design for a restaurant that served finer dining experience.



Design Progression: 2D to 3D



1. Reception

2. The overall space

3. Booth Seating

4. Private room

Floorplan and Reflected Ceiling Plan


1. Reception Space




2. Waiting Zone 3. Booth Seatings 4.5

4. Two person seating 5. Private seating for ten


6. Toilet





7. Stage 8. Changing/ Equipment


9. Emergency Exit 10.Kitchen

3 9


2000 0



ADA Enabled Areas The entire restaurant space has been designed to conform with ADA (American with disabilities Act). Most of the booth seating spaces conform to this act and the toilet spaces too. The passages within the restaurant have been spaced to atleast one metre or more




The light fixtures are created so as to look like glowing blue lights, just like the stalagmites and stalagtites inside a cave when light is reflected on them. These chandeliers are placed over every booth seating by the walls and also in the private seating area within the restaurant.


The Reception Area Sculptural Piece

The light fixture within the reception area is designed using led light strings with red color. The light fixture is designed as such that when light passes through it over time, the fixture tells the story of how the stalagmite and stalagtites are formed.


fa r z a n a hoqu e

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Senior Interior Design Portfolio  

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