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* Wasp Control Fall is Here – Populations are Peaking!

While many associate wasps with the warm summer months, the onset of fall doesn’t mean you’re likely to get rid of these pests any time soon. They are often just as problematic because the food supply is increasingly scarce. Whether it’s a family picnic or at your apple tree, you’re likely to see very defensive wasps during the fall.

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Late each summer, the queen wasp produces unfertilized eggs that will become the males. The males then fertilize those that will become queens, and those wasps winter under shelter. The rest of the colony dies off when winter hits, and the queen begins laying her eggs in the spring. The eggs become the workers that build the nest and feed any larvae that the queen produces.

*The Wasp Lifecycle

It may be hard to see why these creatures are so important to the ecosystem, they do actually play a role. They can control agricultural pests & also help to keep other insect populations in check. Some species will even pollinate & fertilize other plants. We don’t want to completely eliminate off the planet but keeping them in check near your home, though, is.

*Why do Wasps Even


Make sure you’re actually dealing with wasps. June is the best time of year to deal, as the queen has only just established her colony at that point & nests are quite small. But if that’s not an option, deal with the nest at night, as they tend to be less active then. Those wasp nests you discover during the winter are harmless . The wasps have long since abandoned them, and they won’t be reused in the spring. However, other scavenger may decide to use them.

*Controlling the


Wasps will sting either to defend themselves or their colony. While localized pain is the most common reaction, an allergic reaction is possible in some. You’ll notice massive swelling and itching if you do have an allergy, and you should seek medical treatment immediately. Localized reactions can usually be treated with commercial topical ointments.

*Dealing with Stings

DIY control, especially with serious pests like wasps, probably isn’t a good idea. While you can get an off-the-shelf solution for those nests you can see, if there are lots of wasps or if they’re hiding in a void in your home or have built a ground nest, you have a more serious problem that will require professional help.



With wasps, your best bet is to contact a professional to remove all of the nests. You’ll only want to remove those nests on your property and make sure you get them all.

*A Better Approach

Your best bet is to call a professional pest extermination company immediately if you notice any signs of wasps in or around your home.

*Calling In the Professionals

Wasp control fall is here – populations are peaking! - When you think of fall, wasps may not be the first pest that comes to mind, but wasps are very pro...